Everlasting Love (1984) - full transcript

Lau's character (Eric) played an intern doctor who met briefly PK by chance in a tourist district when they took pictures for a German tourist. PK, an unwed teen mother, was a hostess at a night club who supported her younger brother and sister as well as his 1 y.o. son. PK ended in prison for 6 months for attacking the father of her son. PK met Eric after her release in prison at a restaurant. They really hit it off. PK planned to spend 3 months with Eric and to leave him afterwards, knowing that her real identity would prevent them from being together. Eventually, she revealed to Eric her real job. The climax of the movie resulted in Eric confronting PK at the club.

Hey, stop!

Please stop!

Are you alright?

Sis, are you alright?

It really hurts

Sis, please don't scare me



- What is it, sir?
- Give me some cigarettes

Sai Hung

- Sai Hung
- Hurry up

Sai Hung

You jerk

Sis, can I borrow your dress?

Not again

You always wear my jeans

Who paid for them?

But you bought them for me

as you said

Where on earth are you going?

Just some classmate's party

What about school?

No school today

What about your homework

No homework

I'm going to wear it anyway

Hello, whom am I talking to?

Give it to me

Lulu is busy studying right now

You didn't have to do that

Shouldn't date while you're still at school

No wonder you flunked

in every subject

Play is play, work is work

Dear dad, how are you?

All of us are well

We celebrated

Don-don's birthday last week

Too bad you're still in jail...

Ching, you're writing to that jerk again

Why did you hit him?

Why did he write to that jerk?

Sis, dad is not a jerk

I won't call him dad

He never fed us

And he's always in jail

Shut up

Don-don, be good, don't cry

or mummy will hit you too

I'm off to work

Lulu, get them

some decent dinner

Don't feed them with noodles everytime


You're early today

Who did this?

Let me take care of them

P.K., table 31 is waiting for you

Mommy, I haven't gone out yet

But they're asking for P.K.

Now go with P.K.

Don't say I'm playing favorites

Popular girls always

attract cockroaches

This is P.K. and this is Wendy

Sit down

Be nice to the gentlemen

Say hello to my brother, P.K.

This is my brother's first time

You know what to do

Let's wait and see

What are you writing?

Writing names

What for?

For scoring

The more names they write,
the more money they make

You should learn about it

You're the one who's scoring plenty

That would depend on your cooperation

Drop dead

What about tonight?
Where should we go?

You're the boss

Is this really your first time?


Do you smoke?

No, thank you, I don't

You're drinking Coke

The smell of liquor makes me sick

Then do you know how to dance?

Only some dance

Does you last name begin with an I?


I for idiot

You know nothing at all!

The tie is so wide!
From your girlfriend?

I have no girlfriend

Do you want me to be your girlfriend

That is very flattering

Mr King, I'm sorry

Have to borrow P.K.

You're kidding

She'll be back soon

Now, don't you go away

Brother Bob


This is P.K.

Hi, are you asking for me?

You're the prettiest

Of course I am asking for you

You should be a compere or something

Don't you know he is a compere

Just in a funeral home

Bob, can I ask you something?


Are you police?

How do you know? Recognize me?

No! Just by the way you dance

Like marching

Are you scared of this iron?

Let's see

You devil

Where are we going?

For a snack

or straight to the motel

Hold it, I never said so

Take me home

But Mommy said you'd go

Why don't you go with Mommy

Are you two taking me as a fool?

Who dares?

What about some other night?

Don't fool me

What about tonight?

I really am not feeling well

A kiss for free

Don't fool me

You have to go no matter what

This is rape

What do you think I would feel?

Alright...what about a compromise

Decide by "guessing"

Okay, let's guess

Come on

One frog

Two eyes

Four legs

In a pond


Two frogs

Four legs...

It should be two wins out of three games

Come on, you lose

Pay in advance

How do I know if you got dough?

Getting mad?

Okay, don't get mad

Give me a kiss first...

Hey, buddy

How about moving on

I am just about to leave

Bite me...

Bite me hard...



Bite me hard...


What is it?

I can't help it if my period comes

Good timing!

I'll make it up to you

some other night

How dare you

take my money!

You just watch it!
Playing tricks on me!

I have to make a living too

Go back to your seats, sir is coming!

Who cares

Mr Wong is just a jerk

Girls, it's class

Back to your seats

Take your books out

Who's on duty today?

Great! Lulu wins...


What's going on? What is it?

Sir, she's killing herself

Why are you burning yourself?

Yeah, why?

It hurts

Show me your hands

Trying to take advantage of her, sir?

Yeah, what are you trying to do?

Your dirty mind shows

It's rape! Dial 119

Dial 119...

Excuse me, miss

Could you take a photograph for me, please?

I would like a close-up

Thank you. You're so nice and pretty

No, thank you

Excuse me, would you mind

taking a photograph for me
and this young lady please?

Okay, it's my pleasure

Thank you.
Now it's my turn to take one for you two

Stand over there please


Okay, thank you

Why don't you give me your name and address

and I'll send you the photograph

Okay, thank you

Where do you come from?

Germany...and how about the young girl?

The young lady? Where did she go?

Thank you

Let's go in

Thank you

Hello, Mommy! Switched to a bigger club!

Sai Hung, haven't seen you for a long time

Why don't you return to my call?

Call me?

Anything good for me?

I am saving

the best for you


- No more
- Come on, have more...

I have to go solo tonight if I'm drunk

What? Who? Me?

You're so big!

Hey, come on

It's fun...

Why are you so happy?

Mommy, the fat guy has such big breasts

Excuse me, Mr Ho

I have to talk to her

Your tummy must be in your way

Sai Hung is here

Don't make a scene

Got it?

I'm warning you

Listen, it's money you're asking for



Hi, come sit down

Who are you?

Honey, where have you been?

Are you avoiding me?

I was in Holland for a while

Sightseeing? Or on the run?

No wonder you've gained weight

You don't know me now!

Come on, cheers

Get lost

I saw you in my dream last night...dead!

Do you miss me?

I'm really sorry, Sai Hung

P.K., here

P.K., cool it

Make a scene somewhere else

None of your business

Shall we talk outside?

Go out, come on

Don't cry

You know how men are

What a silly girl


You know how nice I was to him

Of course I do

But he doesn't want you now

So what can you do? Kill yourself?

But at least he should care

about his son

Stupid girl

how can you find love in such place

If I were you

I would forget him

He's not worth it

Listen, don't cry. Go home and take a shower

Get some sleep and everything will be over

Driver, take her to Kai Yip Estate

Stop the car! I want to get off

- Don't! Stop it!
- You...

Let go of me!

Please don't! Cool it!

Leung Pui Kwun, P.K. Leung

Born March 9, 1966

17, Unwed mother

Son 14 months old

Father Leung Tai Yau

Serving five-year sentence

Now in Prison

Mother Chan Lai King, re-married

At 3:48 a.m.


in a Kimberley Road restaurant

Stabbed Poon Sai Hung

with a knife

Now sentenced to six months in reformatory

Is this information correct?

Then sign here

Miss Li will help you change downstairs

Let me see

Miss Lee...

This is your bed

Listen! Time to sleep!

No talking! No reading!

Or you'll be punished!

What are you in here for?

For stabbing my guy

What's this?


What's it for, I mean

None of your business


I own casinos and brothels

You're less capable and you can't even fight me

What a waste

Go to bed now!

Look forward. Arms on your back

Legs straight. Facing 90 degree

You're too noisy

this morning

You don't want to get

in isolation block?

I'll give you a chance to think it over

Now you can start eating

Let's eat...

Leung Pui Kwun, stop it

Throw her on the ground

Someone's coming!

Let's go!

It's tough here in the reformatory

We have no way out

We are watched everywhere

Who will care for us

We are crying behind bars in jail

Now only sweet memories are left with me

I am thinking hard in remembrance

of my handsome husband

Only the dream can deliver
my sweetest thought now

With sorrow, I can hardly understand

why I would be trapped in such an awful place

and in such a lonely ward

What a misfortunate on me

For the freedom I lost

and for the liberty that I have no more

I wail with my broken heart

I have done nothing wrong

Yet they just set all things up

Though they call it an early night in jail

I can hardly fall asleep because
the light is up at all times

It is no use to complain

for all the complains are in vain

I was fated to this end

Farewell my love

In my deepest thought,
I cry for all my misfortunes

I can bear the loneliness in jail no more

In my song, it tells my sorrow

sighing that you are too cruel

Let's listen to no more sad song

From now on, I hide myself in jail

The reformatory

is just a warning for you

Be good when you get out

It really depends on yourself

I don't expect to see you in here again

Thank you

Your family meeting you outside?

I think so

Remember to report to the Social Welfare


Getting off, please!


Don-don is here!
Come give mom a kiss

Sis, do you know what these are?

Your favorite pomegranates

You're a good boy

Miss Leung is a good girl

She supports her family

But her salary is hardly enough

She wants to work for me

but she's too young

It would be a pity if

she really worked for me

What's your line, Miss Leung?

I'm a sales girl

Oh yeah, where?

At the President shopping Centre

P.K. rarely meets strange people

She's so shy


What do you think?

Live with your family?

Yes. My father is a retired civil servant

No wonder you have to

support your family

I got to go

Mommy, why don't you eat something first?

No thanks. Got to go to work

Enjoy your dinner


Excuse me

Are you kidding?

Young and handsome?

He is an old guy

Don't be silly

He's a fur merchant

So what! I'm leaving

Hey, old guy is rich

I'm not asking you to marry him

Don't ever think of young guys

they don't have money

Don't make me look bad

Come on, go back! I'm leaving


You...who are you?


in front of the Peninsula?

A foreigner took a picture for us

I think so

Good! I thought I talked to the wrong person

Having dinner with your parents?

No, just my uncle and aunt

That guy really sent me the picture

How can I give it to you?


Give me your address

and I'll mail it to you

How do I know you're a good person?

Any name card?

Haven't got one

I give you my phone number


Do you have a pen?

Just tell me. Don't have to write it down

Can you remember?

Forget it

Wait...it's 5215435

Call me evenings

What about...are you free tomorrow?

Sure! Sure!

See you at 5:00p.m. at the lobby of Holiday Inn



Mr Chang, want some birds nest soup?

No, it's okay

Still waiting for someone?


What about that young lady?

She...she got stomachache

Want me to cover up the dishes?

No. Just bring me some rice


The picture is pretty good

You've got to be kidding

Don't you think so? it's sharp

You must be showing this around

Telling your friends

I'm your girlfriend

I did not! I just showed it to myself

No show anymore

Why are you smiling

like an idiot?

What do you do for living?

Make a guess

I don't care

What do I look like?

You look like a refugee

I am a houseman at Queen Mary Hospital

What? Outman?

Someone who watch the door?


Houseman means apprentice doctor


You'll be a doctor someday?


You, a doctor?

Don't I look like one?

I heard all doctors are sex maniacs

And you...?

But not me

I don't think you look like one, Docalino

What did you call me?

A kid doctor

You talk strange

You talk weird

Now let me guess your profession

Eat! Don't try to play smart!

There's no present

I know. You're a secretary in Central

I never go to Central

I know now

A kindergarten teacher

Are you suggesting

I'm infantile?

Why don't you tell me?

I'm a make-up girl in Watson's

No wonder you're so pretty

Which Watson's?

Why ask?

You don't need to make-up

Want to meet me after work?

But I'm quitting next month

How come?

There's no future!
And I couldn't get along

I know. Since you're so pretty

your folks won't

let you work

Please don't talk about them

They're dead

I'm sorry...I didn't mean it

Can you take one more picture for us?

One for each

Your sister's grades

are very low

She's using her wisdom

in things destructive

Last Wednesday

the day before mid-term examination

She was waiting for me

after school...


Just tell as it was

She made me

a shameless proposition...

What proposition?

She asked me to give her the mid-term papers

And she would go to bed with me

I didn't say that, Mr Wong

I am going to sue you libel

Shut up

Every student knows

he's a dirty old man

Shut up

No! It's a lie! It's a lie!

Excuse me, Headmaster

I know my sister

Of course there is a bad side of her

But I don't think she could be that bad

There are always two sides

to a story

No judge can make

a fair trial in this case

I promise I'll beat her up good

Miss Leung

we teachers have our dignities

We have to clarify this no matter what

Then did you or didn't you?

Of course I didn't

Then everything's fine and rosy

Miss Leung, I want to see your guardian

I am her guardian

I feed the whole family

I mean...

I want to see your parents

My mom re-married.
My dad's in jail


Miss Leung

you are not properly

educating your sister

It might have to do with your age

Age is not a problem

I believe I am no less worldly

than you

I pay for my sister's study

I never owed you

any tuition

We didn't think money

is that important to us

We are in education

That's enough

Are you picking on me?

Money not important?

Why exploit us?

Be careful

You're damaging our reputation

Your reputation? What about mine?

Blaming us for your incompetence

What else can you do

besides charging tuition?

Can't you do anything?

Is that wrong?

Miss Leung, mind what you speak

You are just laying

everything on me

And look at this nerd you call a teacher

If you are so dissatisfied

why don't you leave?

Mr Wong, take them to the register's office

You bet I am going to bad-mouth you

You can count on it

Are you crazy?

Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose

Sorry? What's the use?

Do you know

I just bought this dress

from Lane-Crawford?

Even my underwear is wet

My bra is wet too

What are you talking about?

You are rich

So what?

I'll buy you a new dress

Okay. Get in the car

Take us there

Do you know

I just did my hair at the salon

With treatment and highlight

Here's two hundred bucks

Two hundred lousy bucks?

Let's knock him fifty four cents

How much is that?

Five thousand

four hundred dollars

That much?

Too much for you?

Then I'll have to scratch your car

Miss, be sensible

If you want to be sensible, you go to church

Let me handle this

It's better for woman deal with woman

How much do you really want?
Why don't we talk?

What's she up to?

Don't you ever let me see you again

What happened?


Let's go

P.K., where have you been?

How come you're always late?

My son is not feeling well

Your son

or your guy?

Don't you lie to me

Can't I even have a boyfriend?

That's right

Pearl is now working for me

Now you are sisters

Let bygones be bygones

You're friends now

Don't let people look down upon you

Remember, your goal is to make lots of money

Long time no see, P.K. You're prettier

So are you

Right! A new beginning

Be nice to each other

And make more money

Bob is here

He's been waiting for an hour

He's disgusting

Everybody is disgusting to you

He's so rude

Honey, long time no see

You're prettier than Miss Universe tonight

Or she won't be good enough for you

I have to kiss you

No way


It has to be mouth-to-mouth


Bob, ask for the check

We go some place else


Go change and fetch your purse

Hurry up...

She can't

Why did you tell me earlier?

What is this?

Don't get mad

After P.K. had snack with that guy

She'll come over

to wherever you are

It would only take an hour

I won't lie to you


Trust me

Remember to go to Lukyitao

after snack

Don't make me look bad

Whom am I going to have snack with?

I'm sorry, Mr Chang, I kept you waiting

Mr Chang

Let's dance

Thank you

Like it?

It's beautiful

Need a fur coat?

Pick one up at my shop

Thank you

Let's have snack at the Watermill

I can't

My dad's in hospital

I have to go home to take care
of my brother and sister

What a coincidence

What about some other time?

What about Saturday?

I'll have dinner with you

No problem

Are you mad?

No. Not mad

Doesn't work. How come?

Sis, you're scaring me

How come there's no blood?

Sis, don't scare me

What are you doing?
Lulu, what are you doing?


I want to play the violin

How many LSD did she take?

I don't know, sis

I'm just doing homework

Bring me a glass of lemonade, hurry

One after another...I took four

I know, Lulu

You listen to me

I want "Eagle"

I'll find him for you...

You listen to me

He really loves me


He said he'll buy a house for me

Yes, I know

Sis, here's the lemonade

This is lemonade...drink up

I won't

Drink up...drink...

I won't

Lulu, drink...

They're all alike

Taking my guy away...
I want to kill you


Please don't take me to hospital

I don't want to go

Nobody's taking you to hospital

Nobody loves me

There are, Lulu

Nobody loves me

We all love you

Is P.K. here?

Hello, who's calling please?


Bob? What's your last name?

Tell her to come here


If she stands me up again, I'll kill her

Sir, are you threatening us?

Tell her right now

or I'll chop your head off

You don't even know me

Stop boasting!

I am warning you...

Sorry, Doc, hold on


Hello, it's you

He's playing with his friend

I just came back from a movie...

How about you? What're you doing?

Do you know who I am?

What's wrong?

I am only half an hour late

Now I understand

why you came home late

What do you mean?

Don't fool me. I saw everything

Saw what?

Who's that guy?

Which guy

are you talking about?

I saw you

You kissed him


Last night

You lied to me

You told me you were on duty

But you were peeping at me

I didn't make it up, did I?
You admitted it

Yes, he's my boyfriend

Why didn't you tell me?

Why should I tell you?

Who are you?

You know

I've known him for 3 years

He's leaving Hong Kong today

and asked me to go along

But how can I love someone

that much older?

He's really good to me

I don't want to hurt him

I just kissed his cheek

for politeness' sake

I guess I'm in love with you

You must be so mad last night
you couldn't sleep

I'm sorry

Sorry is all you can say?

I ought to punish you

Whatever you ask, I'll promise


I'm all yours

Alright, I want to make it with you

Make what with me?

Make love

You are getting bolder and bolder

And you are getting timid and timid

Give you another chance

Stop joking

Who's joking?

You mean you can't?

Who says I can't? I'm a doctor

Then what's the problem?

I'm afraid you might get pregnant

Get an abortion

You're a doctor

Your first time in places like this?

Yeah, how about you?

How can you ask me that?

Did anyone

see us in?

Why don't we go now?

Want to chicken out?

What do we do now?

You must make me happy

You said you're an expert

I never said that

Are you impotent?

Of course not...I'm just average

I am not demanding either

See what's in the frige



You're so beautiful

Let's go

Don't be nervous

My parents are very easy

Who says I'm nervous

My parents

met in the States

lived there for 20 years

So they are half-half, you know what I mean

Their temper are quite
American, I think

They must be dazzled

by your beauty

Do you speak English at home?

Not all the time

Young master, you're back


Thank you Ah Hoi

Such a big house! Just your family lives here?

Why? Want to chicken out?


Young master

This young lady is...

This is Miss Leung.
And this is Samantha


Miss Leung

Sam, want me to look

into your arthritis?

Are you kidding?
I only believe in herbal doctor

Your folks are waiting

Please go in

Let's go in

Mom! Dad!

I thought you said you'd be back by five

Your mom and I've been waiting for 2 hours,
you know?

I'm sorry. Something in the hospital held me up

Mom, dad, this is Pauline

my girlfriend

Hello, uncle, auntie

Eric talked about you a lot

Eric got such a beauty for girlfriend

I'm really proud

You ought to put on a few pounds

Yes uncle. Hello, auntie

Pauline, this is 1978

Chateau Latour. Good stuff

Pauline is not like you

You're a wino

I like wine, she likes vinegar

Have some

Sorry, uncle, I really can't drink

This isn't wine

Just water tasting like wine

Pauline, how old are you?

Almost nineteen

Living with your family?

I live with my brother, sister, and...

Mommy, let's talk after dinner, shall we?

Pauline, go ahead

Help yourself

Come on, use your hands

Thank you


Do you want some liquor?

Daddy, she really can't drink

How about a cup of coffee?

Thanks mom

Like the food you just ate?

Sure. I like western food

Pauline, you just finished school?

Yes, Form 6

My family is not well off

I work for a couple of years

before college

Where for college?


Oh yeah? Which one?


London University

Pauline is an ambitious girl

If you're young, you don't mind being poor

You only have to be ambitious

hardworking and clean

Eric's dad and I

used to work our ways into college

Eric is really lucky

compared to us

I've seen girls dazed

by material comfort

and ended up

as hostess and prostitute

What are you talking about?

You're drunk

We have a house in Vermont

Well, after Eric becomes a medical officer

we can all go there

The leaves will be red then...
so pretty...

Don't forget to get your visa

Should there be problems, tell me

Going to the disco this late at night?

It's not too late


Your mom and I will go too next time

Bye uncle, bye auntie

Thank you

Bye, Samantha

Come here anytime you want


don't just spend your time
at the hospital and girlfriend

but forget your mother

I won't, mom. Bye, dad


This is a good girl

Not bad.
Just that she hasn't seen much of the world

Only have to be ambitious

hardworking and clean

And ended up as hostess and prostitute

I shall be a medical doctor

in 3 months

Where would you like to go

for my 2 weeks vacation?

Doesn't matter

I know mom wants to look

at the house in Vermont

She got an excuse this time

But you have to come with us

Or, we can just go

to the West Coast

You decide

My folks really liked you


they won't invite you to go with us


I told you not to be nervous


You were so nervous when eating quails

And all those noises you made

Don't you dare leave me from now on


Going to college in U.K.

You sure fooled dad

We really don't mind

your background

I love you

because I'm most happy with you

And you are a decent girl

You're rich and educated

So what?

P.K., what's wrong?

What are you suggesting?

I'm no good for you

P.K., if I said something wrong

I apologize. P.K.

Why do you have to rest for 3 months?

He'll go back to U.S. after 3 months

What does he do?

He's a doctor. Practicing in Hong Kong


You're kidding

You know I don't speak English

Where can I find 30 grands?

It's a big sum

I will give it back to you

by installment

Or you don't trust me?

I've heard of rich guys

supporting mistresses

But never

the other way round

Mommy, no one can help me

besides you

I'll congratulate you

if you're

getting married

But does he know

what you do now

for a living?

No, he doesn't

I won't dare let him know

I see

I've seen plenty such cases

What if he suddenly finds out?

It'll be worse if

he finds out about your baby

I just want to have a good time

for 3 months

How romantic! But for 30 grands?

What you're talking doesn't make any sense

But I know what you are thinking

Let's face it

once a hostess, always a hostess

And you want to get married?

I didn't say that

I'm not good enough

Are you going to lend me the money or not?

Why don't you

escort Mr Chang to Bangkok

He's loaded

and he's generous

It's me

P.K., where have you been?

You never called

I couldn't find you.
Please forgive me

I'm still mad

at least for a couple more days

Can you let me see you?

I'm at the airport

leaving for Bangkok soon

Don't look for me this week

So long

It's boarding time. Heavy?

Not at all

(Can't forget)

(your green uniform)

Trying to play dirty tricks on me?


Go to Hilton with me

and kill them

Where were you yesterday?

Why didn't you call?


Don't worry

I'm sure your father will be cure


Sorry, my friend's here

Rest a while


Has he paid?

Yes. Just go

Sir, can I get in?


You're welcome here.
I'll massage your head first

You want me to do your back next?

No need...I want something else



I'll pay you more

Let go of me

Come on...

I'm quitting

You quit? What about my debt?

I beg you

Are you trying to give me trouble?

I have to teach you

a lesson


Please don't

Don't worry. I'll take good care of you


I still want you to make money for me

Do you like fish?

A lot of people find fish the most
inter-resting creatures of all

It's "interesting"

That's the way I said it


Harriet, yes. I'm her brother

Sis just went next door

You're welcome

Harriet reminded you

your 3 months is up

Sis, can you answer yourself?

I don't want to lie twice

Sis, is it sis?

Who are you?

It's Lulu

What happened to your voice?

Why haven't you come home?

Where are you?

Please come help me!
I'm in trouble

Where are you?

The Flower Massage Parlor, Shanghai Street

Why haven't you come home?

They'll kill me if I do...

Come help me...

Sis, is she alright?

It's nothing. Go back to your homework

We don't serve woman here

I'm looking for a friend

Have you come to the wrong place?

Isn't this the Flower Massage?

You're Eagle

Hey, you look familiar

Where's my sister?

You lost your sister and you ask me?

What a joke

I lost a sow yesterday, whom should I ask?

You lost a hen?

Just bring her inside

Don't be so arrogant

Do whatever you want

Shut up

She's just a hooker

Stop it. Darn

What's she doing here if she's not a hooker

Forget it. I'll look elsewhere


everything's ready for the party?

I shall be late

Have to see a friend off

Bob? This is P.K.

I want to ask a favor

You got character

You fooled me thrice though

You have to make up to me

Bob, my sister is in your hands

I said I would save her

Don't worry

You would only play tricks on me

Don't I say

He won't be so stupid to have surgery

two hours after anesthesia



What's keeping Pauline?

She'll be late

I've sent Al to fetch her

Your girlfriend has ditched you

Pretty girl must have lots of suitors

You still owe me two times

I'll phone you

if I want

Don't you dare let me down

That's a good girl



Thank you

Young men, this is your world

We're leaving

Uncle, where are you going?

We two are disco-hopping tonight

We won't back until tomorrow

Just have fun

Pauline, have you applied for the visa yet?

Buy her some pretty clothes

We can buy them in the States

I'll teach you riding there

It's fun!

Thank you

Are you going to keep on talking?

Okay. Bye!

- Bye...
- We will see you to the door



Hi, I'm Francis.
How are you doing?

Hello, she's Pauline

Eric, you got to clarify this...

Where on earth did you get this tuxedo?
It's so pretty


I think it's so chic for girls to wear tux...

Don't you think?

Thank you. Goodbye


I've seen you somewhere before

I must have seen you

somewhere before

Have you been to Europe? Pauline


Oh where?

Rome? Berlin? Paris? London?

- London
- London? That's where I came from

Pauline, have you got another name?

I remember I've seen you somewhere before

Hey, come take a picture

Let's take one like this

Hooray for St John's

Girls...come over here

All the ladies

Ladies and gentlemen

please look here

Wait, another one




Where does this twenty-five come from?

The best from my dad's collection

What year?

I don't know. I am not into it

But it must be the best

P.K. have some too

Now I remember


Pauline is so vibrant

when she dances

Eric made a right choice

You won't see me anymore

I won't go to the States with you


I'm sorry, I've been holding the truth

I am a hostess at a nightclub

You won't understand people like us

Sleep. Talk tomorrow

Thank you very much

for giving me

the best times of my life

I'll remember forever

Hope you'll find a good

and matching girl as your wife

P.K., dad's having breakfast
at the Hilton with us

Let's sleep

Eric, please forgive me

for holding the truth

I'm not a salesgirl

My dad is not a civil servant neither

I am a hostess at Chinese Palace

We live in two different worlds

It is impossible for us to live together

It was most happy with you

the past 3 months

I am forever grateful

I love you, Eric. Goodbye

My boss and my guys

were all very helpful

You should show

your gratitude tonight

Thanks Bob

I'll wait for you tonight

And...bring your sister along

She...she's not used to it

Don't be stupid

She is the one who caused this

Just have some drinks with us


I'll bring her

And...I feel like it tonight

I've made reservation

for a hotel room



It's Pearl's birthday today

We wish her

a happy birthday

(Happy birthday to you)

(Happy birthday to Pearl)

(Happy birthday to you)

Happy birthday...

Thank you


Have some cake

Happy birthday

Thank you...come

meet my hubby

He's my real husband

Not the one we just call

We're getting married next month



I'm sorry, we're late

That's okay. Forget it

- Have some
- No

What's you name?


Give our boss a toast?


Better than her sister

Young girls are more fun

I drink to your health

She's going to be drunk soon

Mr Robinson, cheers


It's great

Mommy, Table 4 is asking for P.K.


Someone I've never seen before

She can't switch

tables tonight

Tell him to ask for someone else


Sorry, sir

That lady is booked

Shall I ask for someone else?

She pinched me

Let's guess

Come on, let's guess


Why are you so cheap?

Brother, where are you from?

None of your business

What's your name, sir?
I'm her Mommy

You can talk to me

Don't make a scene here.
We're in business


Let him

I know his father

Mommy, what is it?

Could we be sensible?

We can talk outside





I won't let you be so unkind, you hear?

Yes, I understand

That's better

- Go
- I don't want to see you

I don't want to go...

- Get in the car
- Let go of me


Now you have to explain to me

Are you coming for pleasure or for a fight?

Listen carefully. I, Harriet

am well known around here

Pay me if you want to take her out

What do you take me for?

Shut up!


Tell them

P.K. is quitting

You'd better watch out

Ming! Don't let him go


Call Sharky immediately

I am not scared of you!

Don't you dare go!

Mommy, please let us go

We'll talk tomorrow

And put everything on your account?

Yes! Everything's on me

Get in the car! Get in

You idiot!

If you don't show up tomorrow, you're dead

Go to the U.S. with me

I'm not educated

I stood out

among your friends

I am not good enough for you

This is the 1980s

for god's sake

I don't mind

who you were

I am not class conscious at all

You understand?

You'd say this because you're not sober

You won't say so

when you cool down

I don't want you to regret in the future

You're more educated

You're older

But I am more worldly

you are more naive

Yes, I'm naive

I know now

you have never loved me

You fooled me!

Do you have enough?

I fooled you?

I had been daydreaming

Trying to make myself match you

I quit my job...

I went to Bangkok...

I learn English...

All because

I love you

If you love me, you marry me

You never knew

how much I did for you...

You don't understand me at all

Let me get off! I want to get off!

Let go!




Promise me

I promise...

Swear you won't be a hostess anymore

I won't do it anymore, I swear

Don't lie to me

Tell me...have I improved in bed?

Yes, a lot


I'm cold. Hold me...

Kiss me...kiss me...