Everlasting Love (2014) - full transcript

A middle aged teacher meets one of his young students whilst cruising in the local woods. Between them commences a love affair that takes a dark turn.

Mark it.

Let's talk about.

How do you usually hook up?

I think it's the gaze.

Stare at a guy...
or a girl I don't mind.

Eye contact. You look around
and if someone looks back...

I prefer being hit on.


I don't know, I'd rather be seduced.

My friends push me into the guy.
Just like that.

Hitting on someone is very hard.
Chinese people are very shy.

There are many Chinese here.

That's why I like Barcelona.

I'm not looking for something
that's going to last forever.

Maybe you start just being curious,
then it sometimes work, or not.

It's like having a crush
on someone I guess.

The feeling of love at first sight

It can last for hours.
It's not just an instant.

Well, it depends on
how strong the crush is.

It can last, as she said
for days, hours or weeks.

I think it's just a moment
It happens in an instant.

Then comes the rest.

I like everything he does.

I could chase him with a camera
24 hours a day.

Then looking at him saying
"He's so cute!"

But you believe in eternal love
'cause you're really in love now.

- That proves it exists.
- But then it breaks.

She's not obsessed, but in love...

How long you've been dating him?

Two years.

Lovers are fools.


Love can be eternal.
But it evolves. It doesn't stay the same.

The first year of a relationship
is not as after 5, 10, 20 or 40 years.

When you fall in love
you think it's going to be forever.

It is intrinsic to love.

You won't fall in love unless
unless you think it's forever.

Then you're not.

When you fall in love it's because
you think it's going to be eternal.

Then it may change.

But anyone would take for granted
that it will last forever.

I don't think eternal love exists.

I think there are powerful moments
when you think it may be forever.

But then you hurt yourself.

- Miguel wait!
- What the fuck are you doing here?

- Stop following me!
- Leave me alone!

- I came for you.
- You didn't have to!

- Why?
- We can fix this.

There's nothing to talk about.

- I loved you as well.
- Leave me alone!


Open it Miguel!

Open the door!

Don't go.

What's wrong?


There's nothing wrong.

Are you okay?


Are you?
What happened?

My boyfriend left me here.

- He left?
- Who are you?

Mmm... Fresh blood.

- She's like a child.
- She's bleeding a lot.

Where's her boyfriend, Adrián?

He left with the car.

She will be okay now.

Another broken heart for our club.

Toni, bring me a hanky or something,
or she'll bleed to death.

You shouldn't have eaten her then.

Is she going to stay with us?

Of course, Pony.

Means 'to chew'.

This is the first time we're
doing this verb.

Don't forget to pronounce
the words correctly.

Wrong pronunciation docks points
on your oral exam.


Do you remember any other verbs
we make with our...



What other words do you remember?


Very good.

And what do we use our hands for?

To write.

Very good.

Any other words?

How do you say 'to strangle'?

Can I ask you a question?

Does the word tou
mean the same thing as 'boss'?

You can ask me tomorrow in class.
I'll explain it to everyone.


Are groupies chasing you?

Just the typical annoying kid
asking questions right after class.

And how about you?

I'm good.

Marta's parents came for the weekend.

It was quite bustling on Sunday.

There were many girls and couples.



I told you it isn't all about guys
flashing with their cocks out.

Excuse me.


I've lost the bus, cause...

I was asking Samuel
for last week's notes.

And I've run out
of credit for my phone.

Where are you going?

Can you give me a ride to the metro?

Get in.

Where do you live?

No. You don't have to see me home.

I can get out near your place.

It's OK.

I live in Sarrià if it's ok for you.


Are you hungry?


Listen. I can take you
somewhere to eat if you want.

There's a burger joint near here.

I don't eat meat.


Have you ever been to China?

I lived there for a couple of years.

And then I came back twice.

Is it easy to get to meet people there?

People there are quite easygoing.

They like meeting westerners.

Westerners are very popular there.

Are you embarrassed
if we talk about guys?


Do you often go to that forest?


Have you ever met someone there?

No. Just one night stands.

One night stands?

Why repeat if you can always
find something new?

But, haven't you ever met someone
you want to see again after that?

Those kinds of things just
happen on their own.

How come?

I just haven't found the right person yet.

And you? Have you ever
been with an older guy?


What kind of guys do you like?

I don't have a type.

Are you hungry, Joana?

Who's there?

Hi. I live in the 4th floor.
I left this door's keys inside.

Could you open it, please?

It's always scary the first time.

But you're gonna like it later.

You'll get used to it.
You'll see.

You really love him, don't you?

Isn't this his car?

Let's go.

You should tread lightly.

Does he know already that he was
just a one night stand for you?

No way.

He's young though.

You should have more faith
in youngsters.

He'll get over it.

Have you seen this?

This happened in the forest, right?

Yes, it could be.

Did you ever find dogs in there?


It's disgusting.

You can even see his bones.

They even ate his eyes.

We've done verbs and body parts.

This is what you'll have
to study for the final exam.

Who could tell me...

what color is the sky?

Very good.

Any other color?

Why gold?

Because I like gold.

Any other color?

Can I talk to you?

Are you crazy?

What do you want?

I just wanted to talk to you.

I don't think this is
the best place to talk.

Look. I don't know
what do you expect from me.

What we had was good.

But that's it.

And it won't happen again.

I thought we both were clear about this.

Maybe when you finish...

We shouldn't talk about it anymore.

Especially here.

I'll see you tomorrow in class.

What happened?

They make you lose your temper.

I'd be be more discreet if I were you.

You could get in trouble.

It's just this kid. He doesn't
seem to understand a thing.

Hi Toni.

Something wrong?


What's up?

Leave me alone.

What's got into you, Toni?

Talk to me.

Are you OK?

Yup. I think it was the meat.

Fuck, man. There's still
some of my ex's stuff in here.

Do you keep everything in here?


What did you bring?

Presents I didn't want,
old things, mostly.

Cool sax.

Did you play it much?

Yeah. Since I was a kid.

It's very cool.

I'll be right back.

Are you OK?

I can't.

Fuck. I didn't want to do it.

That's 'cause you liked him a lot.



What are you doing here?

Are you alone?


There's no one here today.


It must be because of the news.

Do you want to go somewhere?

Sorry I can't take you home.

Do you mind if I leave you here?



How are you?

Still hurts.

It took me a while to recover as well.


Who can tell me
how to say 'good night'?


Well done, Marc.

Now let's move on
and review lessons 24 and 25.

Sure you don't want to come?

I rather stay out here.

Suit yourself.

I'll be back.





There's nothing worst than seeing
how someone you want slips away.

He leaves you unaware he's still yours.

That he belongs to you.








Is it going to take longer?

Guess who I was thinking about.

Marta from first year.

She dumped me after three weeks
'cause she thought I gave her mono.

Did you?

No way.

How long were you with Miguel?

Four months or so.

It was love at first sight?

I guess.

So Elio,
did you fall in love after that?

No way.

Love is for the weak.

What about you? Are you in love?




I didn't know he was so old.

That's what Toni likes.

I see.

Never seen him before?

Don't think so.

How much longer do you need?

A little bit.

Do you have any plans for Saturday?

I haven't decided yet.

Marta is going on a field trip
with my daughter.

Want to go to the woods?

Why don't you go alone
and fuck a girl for a change.

Are you OK?

You're acting weird.


I didn't expect to see you here.

How've you been?


What is it?

Have you dropped the course?


I've been busy.

Are you done for today?

I was on my way home now.

So you're not going to tell me
what kept you so busy then?

Nothing important.

Did you meet someone?


Nothing like that.


You don't have to tell me.


I didn't know he was so old.

That's what Toni likes.

Never seen him before?

Don't think so.

Bloody road assistance.

They say they can't come now
and to leave it here 'til tomorrow.

And of course
there's no one left around here.

Do you need help?

Our car has broken down.

Do you have jumper cables
to try and start it?

I don't think we have.

We can drop you off somewhere.

No, thanks.


We can drop you.

If you can take us to a taxi stand,
that would be great.

I'll have to come back tomorrow
to get it serviced.

That's too bad.

If you take road
we'll found less traffic.

Once here.


This way. Keep going.

Turn here and straight ahead.
Until you hit a big road.

Will someone take you
to school tomorrow?

Yeah. I don't worry about it.


Toni says he loves your classes.

Does he?

What do you guys study?


I'm in the second year.

With Adam?

I really like his classes.

Only his classes, Joani?

I would bone him as well.

Are you in his class too?

No, I'm not.

Maybe I should have taken Chinese.

Same here.

You are welcome to try if you want.

You can sign up when you want.

It would be my pleasure.

Would we need to fight Toni
to get your attention then?

I could take care of you all.

I don't think it would be a problem
if it were with his friends.


No. I wouldn't mind.

Where were you heading tonight?

We were thinking about
going to grab a bite.

Eternal love.
Eternal love.

I'm sorry about the mess.
I wasn't expecting guests.

It's just like my mum's place.

Elio. Look at this.

Very nice house, Carlos.

Make yourselves at home.
I'll be right back.

He's got many books I want to read.

'In Youth Is Pleasure', by Denton Welch.

This book is really good.

It's mixed up with the essays here.
But I have more novels in my office.

- Did you paint those paintings?
- I did.

A long time ago.

They're beautiful, Carlos.


There you go.

I took your computer.

You don't mind, do you?

Go ahead.

I have wine and vodka.
But I have nothing to mix vodka with.

By the way.

We surf the same on line porn.

Do we?

Which ones?

One with daddies doing twinks.

Look at this one.

He looks like Elio!

Let me see?

Scroll down.

Check this one out.

He's like teacher Carlos.

If he has such a massive dick.

Toni must be utterly satisfied.

What does it look like, Toni?

He only wants it for himself.

Or maybe it is not that big?

Maybe it's bent sideways?

Maybe it's deformed.

If you're so curious.

Maybe I could show it to you.

Go on. Show us.

C'mon. Take off your sweater.

C'mon. You can unbutton that.

Keep going. I can't wait to see it.

Don't stop.

Be quick with your socks, please.
I'm dying to see it.

What now?



Take him to his room.

Are you going to back out now?


Let's go.

I should kick them out.

They're only playing.





What do you want?

What do you want?

We ran out of whiskey, Carlos.

- Easy.
- Get out!

We just wanted to see
how much you missed Toni.

What do you want?

Did he break your heart?

If you come any closer
I'll call the police.

We just want to help you Carlos.

Get out of here!

Get out!


What's wrong Toni?

Now he can be yours
you'll feel sorry for him?

I thought you really liked him.

He should be devoured
a thousand times

So he learns
what true love really means.