Everglow (2022) - full transcript

What took you so long?

Let's make haste
when the weather is nice.

With the weather this nice,

we should sweep up
conches and abalones.

The weather is just great!

And the sea is calm.

It's a perfect day for diving.


I arrived.

You really should make it.

Just keep smiling and be nice.

You hear me?

I'm counting on you.

Right on time for their break.

You heard about her, right?


No one argues
that she is the number one here,

in diving and losing temper.

They're coming out.

Let me take that for you.

Useless prick.

What took you so long?

Where did you screw around?

Take it.

Hello, ma'am.

Who is this loggerhead?

Our program
The Portrait of a Lady’ shows

the cultural documentaries
of high quality.

I don't know shit
about culture or quality.

I will accommodate
whatever you want, ma'am.

i So please listen to me,
just for a minute.

If you really want to persuade me,

give me 10 million.

10 million?

Let me take this for you.

I will shoot you real pretty,
just like a movie star.

Who do you want to be?

Just name it!

What's the use of looking pretty
at this age, I won't do Iff

I'll get fired
if I go back empty-handed.

Please, think of me
as a grandson of yours...

Don't be so clingy, I said no!
Go away!

You are really wifty-wafty!

HAN Kyung-hoon?

Why can't you leave me alone?

I told you to tell them I'm dead!

What did you get for this?

How dare I...

When you're very much alive?

It's all because you're too good.

And it'd also
make our village famous.

Some would die to be on TV.

Please stop being so uptight.

Care for the pricing
at joint market

if you have time to sell me out.

What's use of working our asses off

when we get paid peanuts for it?

That young man came

all the way to make a living.

Let's be helpful.

To those from the mainland?

To assholes working for TV?

Eat my shit.

Go load this, quick!

Do you remember
the school thing tomorrow?

Don't change your mind.

Not again, really!

I know, I know.

We'll be in a big trouble.

I won't change my mind this time.

Will be right back.

You take a rest.

We're late, hurry up!

Let's go.

Please find someone to live with.

Stop nagging. Let's go.

My name is GOH Jin-ok,
I'm a female diver in Jeju, 'haenyeo'.

Nice to see you all.

Breathing is everything
to a haenyeo like me.

You are a real haenyeo

only when you can hold
and control your breath.

You should rise to
the surface right away

when the breath gets short

even if you have the precious things
in front of you.

Shouldn't breathe underwater
being greedy.

If it's too wistful,

like this,

just exhale 'sumbisori'.

Will you be able to do it,
not being greedy?


Are you sure?

Good, I'm proud of you.

Gather lots of shells

and make your parents happy.


You can talk her into it
as she's in a good mood today.

Push her even if
she keeps saying no.


Come here.

Come on!

She's my daughter.

She studied
and worked in Seoul.

But now works in
'haenyeo' school.

She helps me and divers
whenever she can.

Not saying this as
she's my daughter

but she's very smart
and diligent.

You two make friends.

What is it?

Did you eat something?

Get to your point, I'm busy.

Here, say hello to him.

TV producer from Seoul.

Right, that loggerhead...



Help him with everything.

Especially to persuade her.

She does listen to you.

I have to go.

I'll join in the photo, too.
See you later.

Wait, wait!

Didn't know
there's a 'haenyeo' school.


Your life must be hard.


Stop snooping around.

What I hate the most
is to be shot on camera.

I'm not interested.
Want me to introduce another one?

I don't need anyone else.
I want the best one, right here.

Best at diving,

best at beauty,

best at...

being a nasty old one?

Trust me just once.

Screw asking for trust.

Take care of your face
instead of following me around.

My face?


Look at your empty smile

and a deep pain

that you're hiding behind.

Must be thirsty.

Just a second.

Teaching Certificate


Mommy made a teacher.

What are you doing?

What is she like?


You mean Jin-ok 'samchon'?

Samchon'? Why uncle?

In Jeju,
we call any senior 'samchon'

Men or women.

I see.

Anyway, to answer the question,

Jin-ok samchon is...

Yeoungdeung Halmang.'


Yeoungdeung Halmang.'

You really are a loggerhead.

Yeoungdeung Halmang' is

a goddess who protects
the fishermen and haenyeos.

Goddess of wind and sea.

You must be joking.

But it explains
why she's so cold.


What if...

Jin-ok never agrees to do it?



What is he doing here?

He's shooting the school promo.

For free.

Whatever it is,

tell him not to shoot me.

I already did.
Don't worry.

Guys, don't get too far!

Our teacher is the best haenyeo
in the world, right?


Raise your hand
if you know why.


She's best swimmer.

That can be it.

Because her voice is loud!

Her voice is loud?

Let's hear the answer from her.


I can...

hold the breath really long

in the sea

She really can.

Shall we see now
if that's true?


Attention everyone!


Come out!

What's wrong with you?

What are you doing?


You hear me?
Open your eyes!

Eun joo...

Eun joo...

God, you're safe now.

God, you're safe now...

You're safe now.

God, you're safe now.

It's okay now.

God, thank you.

God, you're safe now.

Why are you 'herein

I came to thank you.

Go away, don't bother me


teach me howto make 'sumbisori.'


Just kidding.

I'll bey our PA from today.
Personal assistant.


Come on!

You should hurry!

Hey, PA! Do your work!

Yes, ma'am!

Men are useless here.

Where is your husband goofing off?

He's having an affair
with Soon-duk.

I'm lovey-dovy with my new hubbie.

I envy you.

Hey, PA.

Come join us.

Why are you so surprised?

Come out.
Let's drink coffee.

How are you holding up?

Can't you tell it seeing my face?

It's killing me.
Diving and farming...

They are all so energetic.

They're more like

sea buffaloes than divers.

There's an old Jeju saying.

Better be born as cow
than as woman."

I totally relate.


You're now a Jeju woman
after staying together with Jin-ok.

There was something...

I could feel...

only by spending time with them.

Something I can't find in
people from the mainland.

That's right.

I feel sad
whenever I see them.

As just few of them are left now.

Sort of endangered species.

My mom was also a haenyeo.

I knew it!

She died in the sea.

Now I realized...

I never understood her.

I blamed her a lot.

The reason why she never stopped
diving even though it was so hard.

The reason why she
kept going back to the sea.

I think I understand why.

Hey, PA!
What are you doing?

You're not leaving now?
See you in a bit.

Coming right away!

Wow, you harvested a lot!


How many are you?


Sit here please.

We have this kind of place
at our neighborhood.

Why are we here?

This guy from the mainland
craves for some landfood.

Pick whatever you want,
it's on me.

How do you like the food?

Good, right?

Nothing so different.

Taewak', your equipment...

I thought it was made of
some high-tech material

but it's just a chunk of styroform.

Aren't you afraid of
going out into the sea

relying on that chunk?

It's just a chunk to you,

but it's the only thing
I've got in the sea.

I'm afraid of nothing
as long as I'm on it.

Then I'll have to call it
Lord taewak.

Excuse me for a sec.

Hey when are you
going to start shooting?

Boss got mad saying
you’re only wasting expenses.

He could cancel
the project any minute.

I can't talk right now.
Let me call you back.


What are you up to?

Does that granny keep refusing?

Do something.

Get close to her!

Damn frustrating.

Just trust me.

Give me some time, okay?

More time?

Screw you.

Come to Seoul this week.
We have a meeting.

What was that?


Your ringtone...

It's nice.

It's my favorite song.

Go on, have some.

We're here.

What are you doing?

Take these.

For the nice food
you treated me.

No way.
This is too precious.

It's okay, take them.

You should work hard tomorrow.

Stop bugging me.

I'll take it from here.

PA should
take care of you all the way.

Watch out, your legs.

I said it's fine.

Wow, the path is pretty.

I'm so happy coming out
to work nowadays.

That's what I'm saying.

He's a real eye candy

after all these dull guys here.

We only felt the diving
was so hard

because we had no men
like him around.

All you talk about is men.
Stop it.

I envy you the most, boss.

Having a young man
attending you so carefully.

You'll grow fond of him!

How about some romance?

Watch out what you're talking!

They'll say I went senile.

Better than being lonely.

With a man even
as young as your grandson?

At my age?

I know my place.

Age is just a number.

Diving our whole life is like spending half of it in the great beyond.

So it'll be only fair

if we cut our age in half.

Then you would be in your 20s...
and me in my 30s.

But he really seems to like you.

He only takes your net.

Right, I'm so jealous.

Don't go anywhe ie else,
straight to the joint market!


See you tomorrow, young man.
See you.

Your PA is good.

Should've been careful!

Go wash!

In there?


N o body'shere, right?

Gosh, where is my mobile?
I must be out of my mind.

Who let the tap open?
So prodigal.



I'm exhausted.

Let's call it a day.
It's raining.

Why doesn't your PA come back?


Is he ever coming back?

I guess not.

He should've said good-bye at least!

No need to be nice to those
from the mainland.

That ruthless prick!

We should not trust those
from the mainland.

Are you mad that
I came late?

You miss me that much?

I don't need you.
Don't ever come here.


I don't need you.

I hate a guy from the mainland
fooling around in the sea

and following me around.

Above all,
I hate that smile of yours!

What are you talking about?

You want me to repeat?

I hate you!

I want you to go away!

Leave them and go away!

I can't.

I know how long you had to
hold your breath to harvest these.

I don't know what is with you...

but ease yourself.

We have high seas today.

Was good that
you didn't go out to the sea.

Is something concerning you?

What's to concern...

By the way,
you are not going back...

To Seoul?

Not sure.
Maybe I live here diving with you.

No, you must not.

You jive freely as your heart wishes.

Don't be tied up here.

You can't leave the sea...

once you become a haenyeo.


Heard your PA is sick.
Why don't you check on him?

Jin-ok samchon?

You should've told me
if you were sick.

It's bomal-juk,
top shell porridge.

Eat up.
It'll charge you up.


Never heard of it.

It's delicious.

What are the drawings on the wall?

You drew them?

Since I'm not allowed to shoot
so I drew them myself.

You know
I studied arts at college.

I didn't finish it though.

Oh, it's me...

I look like a foreigner
with blue eyes.

You said I'm a star.
When will I be on TV?

It’s PA's job to handle that.


Let's do it.

Your program.


My name is GOH Jin-ok.

I'm the Jeju haenyeo.

Wow, you are natural!

Relax and keep going like this

At first...

I was so excited.

You know
everything from the sea was free.

I didn't know holding my breath
underwater was so hard

that I could die

as I was thinking
everything could be mine.

I risked my life
for all those marine life I harvested...

That's how I've held up.

I lived holding up like that.

and here I am.
So old.

Is something wrong?

Something must've been
wrong with the earplugs.

I am getting waters
in my ears.

Let me take a look.

It's okay.

Come on.

Don't be alarmed.

You're not answering it?

It's okay.

What is the title of this song?

Through the Night"

Through the Night...

It's pretty.

Reminds me of the starry night.

The lyrics are even more beautiful.

It's a song about longing
for someone.

Longing for someone...

It's done.

Oh, gosh!

Got a haenyeo meeting!

You asked me...

I found one picture.


It's that I love you...


Feel free to take a look.

Why the forest not the sea?

I don't have to wear
that rubber suit here

It's so tightening.

I hate that.

I always like this place
since I was a little girl.

The Jeju surprise lilies.

What a name.

Looks as peculiar as its name.

Doesit have a story?

Yes, it has a
story of a foolish monk.

A very poor monk.

He loved a woman so much
but kept it to himself.

He became this flower,

after groaning inwardly for long.

There's no leaf
when the flower is in bloom.

And when the leaves are out,
the flowers are gone.

So pitiful.

Let's go.

Let me ask you
a personal question.

You kept refusing to be
in front of the camera.

Any special reason?

I'm so ugly to be on TV.

No one would watch it.

I have the conscience at least.

Why do you think you're ugly?

You are the pride of your village.

Pride my ass.

I just...

hate my face.

It's ugly.

Why do you think that?

My mother and father...

If not for me...

That day...

on that spring...

It was so brutal.

We were hiding in the mountain

and I cried.

I was a baby

and babies always cry.

But my parents...

they were shot to death

because I cried out loud.

The bullets were

flying everywhere

and people were gunned down

all over the place.

A total chaos.

My mother got shot on her chest,

and dropped me

with her blood gushing out.

The warm blood of hers...

poured on my lace.

The villagers ran here and there

to save me.

And my Young-mok.

She is my daughter

My beautiful daughter lying...

deep in the sea.

Why did I bring...

that little girl to the sea?

I had to survive

and wanted to survive...

making her a haenyeo like me.

My greed took her there.

I lost her just like that.

She must be blaming me.

If I had
held my breath little longer...

Just a little bit longer...

Then I could've saved her.

Salam si min sala ji mae"

Salam si min sala ji mae"

Life will bring you to live.

We haenyeos live with the words.

engraved in our hearts.

The words make us

endure everything.

From holding our breath

in the deep sea

to overcoming our tough lives.

That helps us to survive.

I guess...

I've gone senile.

Life will bring you to live.

Life will bring you...

to live.

Salam si min...

Sala ji mae.


Jin-ok samchon!

Here... Everything seems to
disappear at night.


Even all the stars
are hiding tonight.

Frankly, before I came here,

I thought myself
as the loneliest in this world.

I whined a lot.

But I feel ashamed seeing you.

Everyone is lonely
in their own way.

They just grow used to
the feeling.

Jin-ok samchon...

The truth is...

My girlfriend...

Eun joo...

is also lying deep
in the sea here.

From the accident 3 years ago...

We couldn't find her.

That's why...

I hate the sea.

But the sea understands...

Our sorrows...

You can cry if you wish.

When we are born...

the first thing we do is crying.

Nothing to feel ashamed of.

Cry out loud.

As much as you wish.

Tonight, I send
the glow of a firefly

to somewhere near your window...

just like letters on the sand

where waves were

I feel you'll disappear
I always miss you...

Hold on a sec.

What's this?
It's embarrassing.

You don't like it?

Are you okay?

What is with you?

Why are you so happy?

Jeju surprise lily...

I think it is...

the most beautiful
flower in this world.

There should be
a short yet glowing moment

when the flowers and the leaves
are out together.

The secret moment...

that only two share.

The dearest and

affectionate moment.

You're right.

It's special not peculiar.

First time ever in my life.

To go in there
without the rubber suit.

With a man.

Are you still afraid of water?

You don't have to try
if you don't want to.

It's so nice here.

Look at you.
You almost look like a local.

Good job.

The broadcaster signed the contract
watching your footage.

Boss is tickled pink.

Let's wrap it up fast
and hurry home.

You didn't have to come.

Of course, I have to.
It's our project!

I arrived in Jeju sir.

Of course, we'll finish it
within next week.

Yes, he's right beside me.

Don't worry.
We'll finish it up.


Yes, bye.

Why do you like...

someone like me?

Won't you regret this?

I saw something in you.


How do you say...

I love you"
in Jeju dialect?

Our hard days are over!

I can feel your affection all over.

Did you two go out or something?

How about some drink?

I'd like that!

It's on me.
Let's celebrate.

You're drinking too fast.
Slow down.


I don't want to go back to Seoul.

What are you talking about?

We need you in the post.

What is it?
You've got a girl here?



Who is it?

The one from haenyeo school?

What is it?

No way.

Tell me it's not.

No way!

Why not?

It's disgusting.


Jin-ok samchon.


Jin-ok samchon.

You lied.

You're so pretty.

What is it?

Let's go.

You look so absent-minded lately.

Are you agitated as your PA
will leave soon?

Get in.

Will take you to Seoul.

Oh, yes.


Let's go!

Straight to Gimpo Airport!


breathed underwater.


I'll leave here...

with him.


Damn it!

I'm going to scold him right away!

Let go!


The words...

I've never heard,

something I imagined

to hear only after I die...

something nobody ever said to me.

He said that to me.

He said I'm pretty.


Are you absolutely sure?


I'm on your side.

I'll pick you up.

I'll meet you at the airport.

You dived whole your life..

What does it mean to you?

The sea?

That wicked one.

Honestly, I'm sick of it.

But even when
I turn my back against it,

It keeps waving at me
Alluring me into it.

I hear the waves whispering
to my ears,

then I have an itch to dive.

A haenyeo belongs to the sea.

It's our fate.

So excited.

Will I look pretty?

Of course.

I hope I look fine.

Can't wait to watch it.

Which channel is it?

Channel no. 7.


Please tell me about it.

When I first made that sound,
I cried a lot.

The faces I wanted to meet

appeared along
that breathing sound.

It's natural.

As there's nobody under the sea.

I'm all alone there.

To me...

Sumbisori is

more like the longing for someone.

That's right.

The longing it is.

Tanned and wrinkled faces
of Haenyeo...

That beautiful face is...

Jeju island and the blue sea.

Also the glowing Jove itself.

You, loggerhead.

How do you say...

"I love you" in Jeju dialect?


sorang haemsuda."