Ever Since We Love (2015) - full transcript

Ever Since We Loved, a story of a group of students in medical college in the 1990s, is an adapted screenplay based on Feng Tang's novel, Everything Goes.

It was an accident

It shouldn't have happened

But we were very glad it did

His name's Xin Yi

He loved singing in corridors

and listening to his own echo

He wasn't interested in girls of his age

but fell in love with a 40-year-old
woman from his dad's plant

He says when he was outraged

he looked like a fat butcher

Huang Qi was very smart

But not for academics

He wasn't cut out to be a doctor

He fainted in the very first anatomy class

All he thought about was

his bimbo girlfriend

Hou Pu was from a small
village near Beijing

He desperately wanted to be successful

He often studied alone
in the lab after class

He was enamored with the human body

Unfortunately he was still a virgin

The accident was caused by Hou Pu

That unusually warm early spring

Hou Pu was obsessed with Wei Yan
who didn't care much about him

In the anatomy exam he
first saw Wei Yan's...

- The virgin Hou Pu probably had the strongest
knee-jerk reaction in his life - Don't move.

Don't move.

Professor Bai, you're wet

Hou Pu, you're doomed

Don't blame me, Professor Bai
It was an involuntary reaction

What a coincidence! Your penis is soaked
with formalin and may never be normal

Change your pants now!


Don't throw it to me. Find a jar!

Don't steal anything

If things go missing

I will replace them with
parts from your own bodies

You're cruel, Professor Bai

- Mandarin Duck Tea
- Jasmine

What're you doing? Clean up the mess

What the fuck? Get to work

- Professor Bai
- What?

How many skulls are there?

17, including yours Better find them all

00:03:39,000 --> 00:03:42,298
Listen Don't cheat or
you will be in trouble

I'm watching you. Any
cheating will be caught

- Understand?
- Yes, sir!

What just happened must not
spread outside this class

Professor Bai, it smells so bad.
Let's take the exam tomorrow

Shut up, take your seats!

I'll give you 20 minutes more

What are you doing there?

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

The girl with big boobs was
Huang Qi's girlfriend, Juan

The girl without a smile
was my girlfriend, Bai Lu

fThey were our reserve troops for exams

- What are you doing!
- I'm sorry

You're not liberal arts students

If you fool around
patients will be mistreated

I'm telling you, Huang Qi If
you become a doctor one day

I would never let you
treat me even I had a wart

Ok, time's up Time's up

I'm Qiu Shui

Five years after I started medical school

I could simultaneously write
four martial arts novels

All of them were unoriginal

They looked like other masterpieces

Average readers can't tell the difference

- Xin Yi
- What?

Remember that prodigal swordsman's move?

What's it called?

Nine-Heaven Claw Subdued Devil

You're fudging it, right?

I misused it last time and
got blamed by the publisher

That bastard didn't pay me

I'm not surprised

Your books get more and more exotic

- That's my style!
- You have style?

You're an airhead and a retard!

Why am I helping you?

- I'm not paid
- Get out!

Are we brothers if I pay you?

Brothers? What are brothers?

What are buddies?

Okay Don't bring out your precious wine

It's my wine!

I'll move out tomorrow I tell you
Hou Pu is not my friend anymore

Okay. Stop by

There's no time to see you off

He's learning calligraphy? Pretentious!

Give us a break


I helped everyone today

But only you got the answers Sit in
the boat, girl I walk along the river

"Great King Kong Foot" is
back "National Soccer Player"

Sweet couple tied together
with a swinging rope

It's Scotch? Don't give him any, Xin Yi

Don't give him any, Xin Yi

Give it to me!


You can't cheat on the operating table

Don't cut the seminiferous
tubule as connective tissue

It'll be too late by then

I cheated, so what!

You fucking hypocrites

Huang Qi, come here-Come here
- Get away

Come here, Hou Pu

He's killing me Get off

I didn't get the exam
answers and you're beating me

Quiet You asshole

Quiet We are fucking studying, basterds


Thanks, dude


Don't hit me. Give me the scissors

You are my everything

I am breathless because of you

- Get down
- Get up

Cut it

Come down! Come down and get it!

Come down

Come down if you have balls

Come down

Sit in the boat, girl
I walk along the river

I know nothing about music

All folksongs without
lyrics are erotic to me.

Likewise, I see obscenity in
every contemporary painting

But Tchaikovsky's Symphony No.
6 "Pathetique" is meaningful to me

A love token ends in a relic

Time flies

I take the symphony as an artifact,

a poem and a diary

because it is related with a girl

She is the first girl I embraced

Grandpa Hu, didn't I have a call?

- Brat, you're late
- She hung up

International call will
be redialed in 5 minutes

Drink it slowly

It tastes strange It's Scotch

I'll never like it

The girl has a sweet voice

like Teresa Teng's

It's my sister

Hu lived here for many years

Half of all A-list Chinese doctors completed
their studies during his term of service

We all think that if they
have sexual problems,

such as asynodia or premature
ejaculation, it's because of Hu

Hu's a big fan of martial arts novels

So am I

Every book I wrote was read by him first

Work harder and write more

You're talented and smart

You're better than the masters

Much better

Much, much better

Hello, sister

Another new boyfriend?

Another foreigner? What a taste!

Don't you like Chinese men?

Try one

Appearance and behavior match

As far as I know, Bai Lu was

the most typical Virgo in the world

Her dormitory was like a lab

She catalogued everything

and controlled the whole shebang

including me

You didn't close the door

I took this yesterday

I forgot to give it to you

Put it up

This wall is full of love

and oppression

Take back the word oppression

The wall is full of...

- selfies
- Come on

Where were you yesterday?

At my relative's

- My uncle's house
- Was there a woman there?

Of course

- Who is she?
- My aunt

You are bad!

Why did your sister ask
you to meet her boyfriend?

I can't let those foreign
scrumbags hurt her

Anyone going with you?

A guy or a girl?

From which class?

No one

Aren't I someone?

Didn't you say you have a class?

I forgot

What are you doing?

According to Tai-Chi theory

this is the easiest moment to blend us

Come on, baby!

Sorry, I'm in the wrong room again


Shut the door!


She's always like that!

I'm going to Jian Wai street

My sister sent me the
Polaroid from the States

She said it was great for picking up girls

But now it's Bai Lu's tracking device


Can I help you?

I'm looking for Dick

- Dick Jones?
- Yes

He's not in his room

He left 10 minutes ago

He said he'll be back soon

Hello there

It is very nice to meet you

Let me tell you about myself. I am a...

how do you say a wild and crazy guy

Are you a... you know...

a wild and crazy girl?

I got to pay before or you know...

Fuck you!

May I?

Of course

Are you waiting for someone?

- Yes
- Me too

What can I get for you?

- Two cappuccinos, please
- Okay

Just now...

What did that guy say?

He asked me

if he should pay me before or after


Nothing strange

In a place like this

a woman of my age

idles all day

No wonder people judge us

You lounge around

and smoke

Is that what you saw?

Paying attention to me?

Everyone enjoys looking at beautiful women

Tell me...

What do you do?

I'm a student

A medical student

Don't you believe me? Do I look too old?

We study for eight years

so we're older when we graduate

Wrinkles multiply exponentially with age

- Please
- Thanks

You said you're a medical student.
I'm impressed

- Is it hard to get into a medical school?
- Of course

Very few get admitted

You have to be smart

You should quit smoking

It's harmful.
I can take you to the anatomy lab

and show you people who've died of smoking

and what their lungs look like

Are they dummies?

No, real corpses

Take me there sometime


Where do you live?

Why are you asking that?

Don't you know how to drink coffee?

Let me teach you

It's my first cappuccino
in a five-star hotel

It's too expensive

Coffee is like girls


Some people like

adding sugar to it

to make it sweeter

The girl would be sweeter

I think

girls're like alcohol

The more you drink, the hotter you feel

The more you drink, the higher you feel

Girls're like that

You are Qiu Shui, yes?

- Dick?
- Your sister's Dick

My sister's boyfriend?

Ah, come on, we're family

Big hug! Big hug!

It is good to see you

Can you take a photo for me?

I'm going to teach him a lesson

00:16:53,000 --> 00:16:53,999
Later, I talked all afternoon

to this foreign jerk

I scared him

He'll never want to see me

and my sister again



"Prince's Monologue", Louis Cha's new novel

Buddy, do you want one?

Louis Cha's new novel "Prince's Monologue"

It's great

It's written by Louis Zha

How about this one?
"Prodigal Swordsman's Blade"

Gu Long's masterpiece

It's very good

It's Gu Longs'

brother, I wrote all of them

Hey, kid

It's you!

Come down, where do you want to go?

- I'll give you a ride
- Wait a second

Did you get that foreigner

to leave your sister?

That Dick?

He won't bother my sister again

What if your sister likes him?

I'd do the same

What about the guy you were waiting for?

He didn't come

If I get sick

will you help me?

Don't put a curse on yourself

Earn more money. Don't get sick

It's not up to me

What's your name again?


I heard that guy

call you Chou Shui

Are you Chou Shui?

No, no, no

My name's Qiu Shui

not Chou Shui

What's your name?

Liu Qing

Liu Qing

Good name

See you, Qiu Shui

Cerebral hemorrhage is
also called hematencephalon

Hou Pu, what are the clinical symptoms?

Different hemorrhage
regions, speed and volume

will lead to different clinical symptoms

Intracranial pressure increases

Eyeball movement slows down

It can cause hemiplegia, even death

Intracranial pressure increases

Dizziness causes membrane damage

I've seen many patients vomit violently

- Why vomiting?
- Because of the hemorrhage

You're going to treat real
patients after graduation

people who are alive

Cautiousness is very important

Is frolicking being cautious?

Studying medicine must be serious

One false step could be a tragedy

If you make mistakes or cause accidents

Can you take responsibility?

Who will be able to take responsibility?

Thanks, grandpa Hu

Yours again!

It's a girl


Qiu Shui

It's Xiao Mann


I want to see you


I just want to see you

Aren't you marrying your
department's official?

I heard you were

I just want to see you

Is it okay?

We can chat over the phone

As long as you ask

I can...

What are you talking about?
It is too late. Understand?

Is this fun?

He's a good man and has a Mercedes

Don't overthink. Just marry him

I just want you to say something to me

I wish you happy!

My memories of Xiao Mann

started vividly

that summer

I was holding her in my arms

like holding a fantasy

I think

If our fingers touched
there would be lighting

If we spat, a rainbow flower
would grow out of the dirt

If we made love in a wild field

She would be carrying a saint

But in front of fantasy

men should never take off their pants


What's inside a body?


Adrenal glands

Stealing things from the anatomy lab again?

It's for self-defense

Who's going to attack you?

Pervert women

If you bring one back to our dorm

you'll be my hero

The lamb skewers are ready

Add some cumin and pepper


Give me a dozen

Qiu Shui

Hey, what's up?

- What a coincidence
- Yes, you're right

- Hanging out?
- Trying street snack with my brother-in-law?

Don't bullshit

Let me introduce...

- Who's this?
- My younger brother

He's a medical...

Medical school student

Never heard of him

He's a great guy

A medical student

- Mr. Ma, a government official
- Oh!


You know?

I admire officials so much!

Here's my business card

Ma Zhifei

It's obviously the name of an official


See that table?

That bald guy

Yes, that guy

He's also admirable

Also an official?

An official virgin

What are you talking about?

The truth

He's drunk

Next time

I'll buy you dinner

Thanks. No need

No need to do that

See you later

Let's go

I didn't know

you had a brother

You didn't ask

I've got to pee


Pee on the Mercedes

On the sexy Mercedes butt

Me first! Me first!

Stand still!

If you go, I go

The Plough is guiding us

Hey, hey, yo, hey, hey


Shh. It's shaking

Shaking, shaking

Did we pee too much?



What the hell?

Keep going

Don't let us disturb you

Get away!


Need help?

Hey, hey, yo, hey, hey

Pervert! Don't run


How many times have you
gone to the bathroom?

From last night to now...

more than 5 times

Even morons know that small
restaurants aren't clean

I couldn't test the food before I ate it

Take this

I'm sick. Help me drink it

Get up now! Hurry up!

You dominate every thing of
me, from eating to sleeping

Do you think

you can control me because of sex?

You're an idiot. Asshole!

You don't study, but waste
time writing nonsense

If I didn't write this stuff

where would your skirts,

perfume and health foods

come from?

I hope you study hard

and become a good doctor

Sometimes I feel you love me

but sometimes not

I want to hug you

Got a condom?

None left

Absolutely not

Your brain functions like this:

parts of the brain, like the
cingulate cortex, in charge of emotion

and the insula are activated

Then your temperature

sense of hunger and sleepy
hypothalamus become active

Nucleus accumbens, in charge of joy

and caudate nucleus, in
charge of memory, are ready

Is it fun being so analytical?

Using my brain as a specimen?

Donate my organs first

Where's my underwear?

Qiu Shui

Feeling better?

Better, I'm taking care of him

Why didn't you go to class?

I took a sick leave

Don't throw your manuscripts around

I'll clean up later

Let me help you

Please leave

Where should I go?

I brought porridge for you

Not now

You're not sickļ¼Ÿ

Not now

I need a toilet. It's coming

What ah?

What's that?


Talk to you later

Play this with me?

Don't kid me

Don't play with the skull. Do your homework

It's none of your business

It's none of your business

I planted my seed

Over those years

I couldn't touch your body

In my dream

when it rains for the first time...

Hou Pu

Watch your boy water

Hou Pu

I'm so sorry


How did you find me?

It's none of your business

I'll kick your ass later

I asked the janitor

He was drunk last night

He was rude and forced me to have sex

After he became sober

he asked me if I had used any protection

I said that he was in such a hurry

I didn't have time to use protection

No protection

He was more scared than me

I asked him

why he was acting like a wimp

As a woman I'm not scared

I could marry him if I'm pregnant

Then the asshole told me

He is married

and has a child

The official Ma?

Yes, I've been seeing him for a year


How come I knew nothing

He's scum

I may be pregnant

You just had sex yesterday

It can't be that quick

The possibility of pregnancy is very small

I'm pregnant. I'm sure

Trust me. I'm a woman. I can feel it.

You have to trust science

You're a medical student. What should I do?

- Maybe it's just your imagination?
- No, I mean it

What are you going to do now?

Leave him?

You guys suck

Men tell sweet lies to seduce women

But actually

you're all assholes

Don't say that

Men aren't all the same

Men aren't all the same

I'm not saying you're like this

Who am I?

Am I a mistress?

I am treated as a mistress. Do you know?

Don't be upset

Don't cry

Help me

Help me figure out what to do

No problem. You'll be okay

I mean it. Trust me

Why do you smell so nasty?

What's that smell?

Never mind

Do me a favor

Calm down

I'll take a shower. Come on

Come on

That's too much


Take this pill now

Take the second in 12 hours

Don't forget

I don't know what's wrong with me

What am I doing here?

I was out of my mind

I left home at 4 am

got in my car

and drove straight to your school

What the hell!

Why are you laughing?

Wait here

I need berberine for my stomach

Mrs. Zhang

can I get some berberine?

Diarrhea again?

I ate some bad food



What are you doing here?

I'm getting medicine

Why are you here?

Who are you looking for?

Are you pregnant too?

What does that mean?

Who else is pregnant?

No one

Follow me

Who else is pregnant?

Nobody. I told you I came to get medicine

- Who else?
- Don't kid me

Is it true?

It's all your fault

You screwed me even when you were sick

My period should have
started three days ago

It still hasn't come

My periods are always on time

What a coincidence

You smell nasty!

I have a good idea

Qiu Shui

Come out

Qiu Shui!

Come out!

Let's go running

No, I'm going to play basketball

I want to fall off

You fall off, not me

I have to go through this because of you

Fuck off


Hold this for me

I am going to run intensively

to let the wall of the uterus fall off

and get my periods back

Can you run somewhere else?

Weirdos! How annoying!

You're the clinical surgery guy.
I remember you!

Qiu Shui

- Qiu Shui, lift your legs higher
- I'm trying

Qiu Shui

From this time on

I think of the uterus as being

like a house which needs maintenance

Plaster is torn down

and falls off when the wall shakes

Zi xia

My Mr. Right is a hero

He would sail on a cloud to marry me

I can predict the beginning of the story

not the ending

Come in. Sit down

Sit down

Don't drink so fast

Sip it slowly

I'm thirsty

You're flushed

Am I?

- Do you have a girlfriend?
- Yes

Tell me about her

Let me tell you about my first love

I was young and very shy

For 3 years

I was too scared to
confess my feelings for her

She didn't know until after
the college entrance exam

We were only together for a summer

During that summer

I would bicycle 2 miles to see her

and talk to her

after her parents went to work

We would listen to her favorite

Tchaikovsky's "Pathetique"

Was I naive?

We received our admission letters

She was admitted to a
college far away from home

A young official escorted her there

She told me

I was the last person
she embraced that summer

She left me the "Pathetique" cassette

She said

I could listen to it when I missed her

I listened to it every day

Every night

I decided that in the future

at my wedding or funeral

I would use this symphony

as background music

I will tell everyone

that if they don't use this music

I won't go to the wedding

and if they don't use this music

I won't rest in peace

Xiao Mann's getting married

To her official?

I think of him as being like

the butt of his Mercedes

To me

that man's face is his Mercedes' butt

What about you?

Are you still with (that official)...

We broke up

I've been looking for

a man who really loves me

But I haven't found him

When I was very little

my parents divorced

Life's hard for my mom

She's been alone

ever since

Since they divorced

I've made all my decisions by myself

A girl always says that when she grows up

the first boyfriend she meets

must be like

her father

I think

I could never love a man like my dad

Absolutely not

I'll stay and drink with you

Qiu Shui

Let's go

What's the matter?

Congratulate me!


My period...

- What?
- My period

It started

Screw the pregnancy test kit!

Screw you

Screw you



Why the hell have you been treating me

like that?

I'm exhausted

Even in my dreams

I'm running and lifting my legs

Were you really pregnant?

What's wrong with you?

What the hell!

You're also a medical student

Don't you even have
basic medical knowledge?

Implantation. How was it possible?

Where are you going?

Come back. Wait for me

You're as skinny as a rail

You eat too little and study too hard

You exercised too much

What if you get sick?

You should listen to me


What are you doing?

The beginning of birth

is like the end of death

They are our fate

The first light in the dawn

is like the last cloud before the sunset

They both brighten the world

One day in the future

we will save lives

Patients will be cured

A corpse's spirit is reborn

after the cycle of birth to death

We follow the corpse's instruction

We never give up the hope of living

Let's thank our teachers

Okay, begin

- What?
- Aren't Qiu Shui and Wei Yan operating today?

What are you doing, Hou Pu?

Wait a second

He looks like my neighbor

It must be him

Hou Pu said it's his neighbor


Are you kidding me?

Check his file

His name was Chen Fu

54 years old from Da Xing, Beijing

He died of a myocardial infarction

Is it him?

It's him!

Oh my god!

How's this possible!

I saw him at the spring festival this year

He was planning his son's wedding

You're in class. Keep working

It's normal for people to die

We can use a different corpse if you want

Don't do it, Hou Pu

Your neighbor is our teacher now

He's doing his job

You can do it, Hou Pu

Hou Pu

Qiu Shui

We can change corpses if
you can't do it, Hou Pu

- Where's your camera?
- What?

I want a photo of me with my neighbor

Get the water

This is a man's dorm

Hurry up, Hou Pu

Huang Qi and Juan were
grounded by Hu yesterday

We want revenge

- Hurry up!
- Revenge?


I'm ready. No mercy



Let's do it

What's this? A Thai water festival?

Sorry, we didn't mean to do it

What were you doing?

Hu's getting prettier

From head to toe

Here you go

- Whose shirt is this?
- Qiu Shui's

Where is he?

He was summoned to the student union

Keep it closed. Don't peek

Even if you ask us, we won't

I wouldn't peek

I'm a gentleman


It's all your fault

I didn't do it

- It's a martial arts novel
- He wrote it?

- His style of writing is pretty good
- He writes martial arts novels?

Yeah, about smart perverts, villains, etc

- Smart what?
- Smart perverts

Sister, we are around the same age, right?

- One or two years older
- At least 5 years

Even 8 years' difference isn't a big deal

No, no, you such a...


Grandapa Hu

Everyone's here

You've confiscated a lot!

We don't have anything that's banned

Grandpa Hu


Let me look at this

Grandpa Hu

Grandapa Hu, it's... It...

This is public property

I bought it

It wasn't cheap

Don't lie to me

See the serial number?

No, I bought it for studying

Grandapa Hu
Would you like a copy of my new book?

- Come here
- Okay, business is business

I'll take it

Whose hairdryer is this?

Hairdryers aren't allowed at dorms

My clothes aren't dry yet


Thank you

for being the fall guy and getting soaked

Shut up

Your pants are unzipped

Fuck off!

I shouldn't have let you guys come

It's too crowded

Everyone has to jump

Absolutely. No problem

Huang Qi

I love you

I love you too


Okay, take a photo. Hurry up!

- Come here
- You know Bai Lu's best friend is Juan

What should I do if she tells Bai Lu?

Shut up. Smile

She's a bimbo

Take it easy

- Do you jump?
- I can't. I'm terrified

We're waiting

- Even Juan jumped. Hurry up
- I can't do it. It's too high!

- He chickened out
- We are waiting!

- Are you all going to be doctors?
- Sure

We've spent half of our youth at school

What about you? Are you
going to be a doctor too?

Yes, even if I'm not like Xin Yi who dreams

of being distinguished

I will try my best to be a doctor

who doesn't accept graft

but serves society with all his heart

I didn't realize you have such aspirations

Yes, I do

- Don't you want to be a writer?
- Who said that?

I write only for money

I would like to read one of your books

to see what is in your mind

Don't. Please don't

Please don't

like Cinderella's tale isn't for guys

Hurry up!

I'm coming down

Are you a man?

Jack jumped

Rose jumped too

You jump. I jump

- Ready? I'm afraid I can't hold you tight
- Hold me tight

3... 2...

- 1
- Hold me tight!

Hold me tight!

I'm a coward!

I'm a fucking coward!

My eyes were tearing up


You cried?

I was also nervous. I almost blacked out

I'm afraid I can't hold you tight

Hold me tight

Your voice had an echo

Hold me tight

Let's come back again

Bring Bai Lu

Okay I'll bring her next time


I would have gone with you
if I hadn't had an exam

Let's go

Hurry up, Hou Pu

1, 2, 3 go,

My clothes

You guys keep quiet

Are we from the same village?

Professor Bai, what if we don't have necks?

If you don't have necks

I'll make you into specimens

There could be a lot of blood

It could be risky

Xin Yi, it may cause an
amniotic fluid embolism

I care about you

as I care about everyone else in the class

Wei Yan

Turn on the light

Professor Bai, candles should
be blown out in darkness

Please turn on the light

I know you have sort of...

Professor Bai



Yes, professor. I do admire you

I know

Happy birthday to you

He's even singing

Happy birthday to you

Do you want a bite?

No, no. Wei Yan

I'll do it myself

Let me


Who's there?

Who's there?

In past years

doing a gynecological examination

did not include checking external genitals

It's different now

Female students and
male students in a class

treat male and female corpses

the same way

We should always love and be passionate

about medical science

It's true at school

It's even true when you begin your career

Stay hungry, keep exploring. Correct?

Got it, Wei Yan?

Professor Bai

Where's the claustrum?



Between the external and
outer-external capsules

there is flat gray
matter about 1-2 mm thick

Not exactly

French scientists' studies demonstrate

that the claustrum

activates the male sex impulse

It controls man's sexual desire

I understand this

but it's still being studied

and isn't completely proved

The study and verification
are in an early stage

Right, Professor Bai, I want to ask you

why someone can't control his claustrum

Why can't someone control it?

Professor Bai is teaching
us about gynecology

not male sexual impulses

I think the ultimate goal of gynecology

is to

eliminate impetuosity

Impetuosity is harmful

Impetuosity is like the devil

Did you break my window last night?

Your window was broken?


What have you done for
someone to break your window?

Your claustrum is congested

Your head is full of filth

Your claustrum is fucking congested

Once congested it will...

Once congested it will...

Can you stop embarrassing Professor Bai?


Did you break the window?

Happy birthday

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

I can sing that song too

- Is this okay?
- Yes

Come down

- Okay?
- Yes

Take it easy, baby

Mr. Mao

He calls every girl



I'm a decent man

- I only call you baby
- He's my business partner

We have a medical equipment business

Mr. Mao
Qiu Shui

Mao! Mr. Mao

Dorm 617

- What's 617?
- I sleep on your bunk now

The dorm 617!

Same school!


We're brothers

Qiu Shui

He's my classmate

Mao was three years ahead of us

He's a legend

He began in business after dropping out

and is the richest alumni from our school

He has three Mercedes

- He has three Mercedes
- Your camera, Qiu Shui?

I want to be photographed with him

I don't have it

Xin Yi


Hurry up

I'm going to photo...


Be cool

Don't screw up

- No!
- What?

Here's the thing

I'll cook you dinner tonight

I need you do me a favor

Did you really read my book?

Yes, I had nothing better to do

But I have to admit

that you're talented

Do you always copy
original authors' styles?

Your book's almost the same.
How do you know?

- Are you into literature?
- Me?

I'm culturally unrefined

I started working after high school

The earlier, the better, I think

You were right

I need to translate some

professional medical articles

I need someone who knows English

and medical terminology

It's complicated

- I'm the right person
- Really?

- I need it soon
- I owe you a favor

Let me help you

Qiu Shu

Two people often can love each other

but two people don't often help each other

For me

nothing is more important than being happy

I would be happy to do it only for you

- Deal?
- Deal

- Here's the offer.1000 RMB for 1000 words
- It's a deal

Qiu Shui

- Sorry, She's my best friend. I have to...
- Okay. Go home now

Something smells good!

There's so much food!

What are you doing here?

- I'm hungry. I've come for dinner
- What are you doing here?

Is this your friend, Qiu Shui?


Bai Lu



Who is Bai Lu?

My girlfriend

Stop it. Let's go back

Qiu Shui, leave her alone

Qiu Shui, will you introduce her?

Liu Qing

Qiu Shui always talks about you

Where's the bathroom?

I know who you are

You know?

It's not what you think it is, young lady

Qiu Shui came here for work

- Let's go. Please, we're guests
- Okay

- Can we go?
- Sure

- Come over again
- We've been together for 4 years

- He's told me
- Okay

- I'll finish the translation
as soon as possible - Okay

It's too late for public transportation

I heard you have a car

Can you drive us back?

Sister, your shrimp was good

but over-cooked

Bad for teeth

Should I call you sister or aunt?

Someone just braked in front

Bai Lu

What are you doing?

Stop the car


Sorry, Liu Qing. Pull over please

You'll walk back?

We'll walk back

Thank you, aunt

You cheated on me

Are you crazy?

Are you fucking crazy?

I fucking caught you at her home

You cheat on me

- How did I cheat on you?
- Who took that photo?

- You think I am a moron?
- There was a big group of friends

It could have been any one of them

- Who took that photo at bungee jumping?
- It's none of your business

What about the bungee jumping?

I finished work and she
invited me for dinner

- What's wrong with that?
- I don't want to talk about this anymore

Can you stop seeing her?


It was just a dinner

I'm asking you to stop

Just a dinner!


What else did you two do at dinner?

Are you upset because I was rude to her?

Quiet, I'm trying to sleep!

Screw you!

Our love is falling apart

What have I done wrong?

I can try to change

Did you kiss her like that?


Because of you!

My overreaction

only shows there's

something I don't want to face up to

Bai Lu's distraught

I'm sad too

What making me upset is that

I don't know who to blame

and how to get out of this mess

Qiu Shui, please leave

I don't want you in my life anymore


Grandpa Hu

Good boy

- This is Qiu Shui
- It's me

- Xiao Mann
- What's up?

- Do you still want me?
- Don't be fucking disillusioned

It's you!

I'm here to give her something

Where's Liu Qing?

The translated material?

She's in her office


That guy...

Qiu Shui?

Good timing. You're here

This office is messy

We're installing new equipment

We need your translation

We need to use it now

What a mess

- 10000 RMB. Count it
- There's no need

- Count it!
- Don't friends trust each other?

The other day...

It's fine. Forget about it

I'm fine. I mean it


if I didn't have to
give you the translation

I wouldn't have dared to see you

Sorry about that

I suddenly feel

I hate myself

I think I'm

an asshole

It's all my fault

Do you agree?

There are many dimensions to the world

None is right or wrong

Only true or false

This is right

What you feel here

is real in your life

Nothing else counts. Understand?

You are so pessimistic

Not completely

That's why I'm divisive

Let's get out of here

Let me take you somewhere else

I bet you've never seen this before

- Is it real?
- It is real

After an artery's injected
with liquid plastic

and it solidifies

everything else dissolves

and this is what's left

Pretty, isn't it?

Why is it red?

Like red coral, right?

Sort of

You're brave

They once



and had a first time

to fall in love,

fall out of love,

become parents,

and experience loss

But now

these people have ended up like this

I've decided that

I will donate my body when I die

I want to do the same

What are you doing?

Why are you doing that?

You're like Gargamel in the Smurfs

Try this

Alcohol's magic

At that moment

if she's a plant

my eyes are water

I will nourish her and illuminate her

With my gaze

But at that moment

I'm so afraid she will disappear

because my tears are icy

and my embrace is cold

This is paradise


That man...


Official Ma

It's him

Don't think that you and me have this...

so you can judge me

You know?



if he owns a Mercedes

with a sexy butt

Why are you asking this?



I just...

I just wanted to ask...

I just wanted to ask if he has...


The other day

when I came to see you

I thought I was pregnant

But believe it or not

I'm not even sure if it was his

or another guy's

I don't know...

I don't even know...

I need their help!

This world is

fucking ridiculous

You know?

Who can you trust?

Tell me

I don't trust anyone

It's how I live

We're not the same

Like a hooker

Like a hooker

Do you understand?

Like a hooker


I can't understand


I am

Let me show you

what a hooker is

Fuck you

That night

we parted ways unhappily

I know I was stuck in my mind

and my irrational self-esteem hurted her

Maybe in my subconscious

I couldn't accept the way she lived

I fell in love with someone
who I couldn't accept

An old saying pops up in my mind:

I don't want unreachable stars,

I want reachable happiness

So we can't watch movie today?

Next time

I'll go with you




Who's that?

A guy from another school

Who the fuck is he?

A graduate student at HQ University

A computer science major

Do you know him?

Is it because of Liu Qing?

We had a fling

but I've moved on

Who is Liu Qing?

This might be hard for you to accept

I'll be okay

Everything will be alright

Eat healthy

Don't drown your sorrows in drink

You've got a weak stomach

Don't have casual sex

Fundamentally you're a weak person

You need to know, Qiu Shui

The reason I left you

is because I love you

What are you doing? Stop it

Sit over there. I'll sit here

Stop it

Fuck off

- Screw you!
- Qiu Shui's here

- Steamed crabs
- Good

Hurry up!

Redeem sins by good deeds

We all think

you should break up with Bai Lu


She's like the Monkey King's golden hoop

God shuts a door for you...

Then bangs your head against it

I'm telling you... Whose head?

Luck isn't always on your side

Don't drink alone

He's right

Let's drink together

Thank you

Thank you, brothers!

We've been friends for 8 years

Optic nerve, olfactory
nerve, oculomotor nerve,

trochlear nerve, trigeminal
nerve, abducent nerve,

facial nerve, vestibulocochlear
nerve, glossopharyngeal nerve...

They are really get on my nerves

Fuck off

I'll kill you with these crabs


Vagus, accessory nerve,

and the twelfth, hypoglossal nerve!

What are we talking about?

The 12 cranial nerves

Our medical school

expects us to be masters in the future

But masters

must have many setbacks

to accomplish

their goals

After our predecessors

got dumped

they thought that love was


and boring

No women can be trusted

The only solution

is to study

and become famous doctors


Mother fucker

stole my girl

I think he...

You know?


Did me a favor

To our youth


01:14:49,000 --> 01:14:51,000

01:15:08,000 --> 01:15:08,999



Come on!

Come on!

Let's beat up that IT guy

Let's do it!

01:15:24,000 --> 01:15:26,000

01:15:31,000 --> 01:15:32,999
Okay. See you


Liu Qing

Liu Qing

I know you're here

Leave my boyfriend out of this

Why don't you beat me up?


Still acting as if you don't know?

Man up

Afraid to admit it, Qiu Shui?

This isn't like you

I'm disappointed

When did it happen?

Last night

Good job!

The IT guy and I

finally had a big fight

It's the season of love

The air is full of the smell of couples

Lonely men

are shameful

It's the season of love

Everyone should smile and hug

It's the thing to do

I love flowers

There should be flowers in the city

Even if they are picked

they will grow

We fought all day

At the end

the reason why we fought

wasn't important anymore

Everyone recalled sadness in their past

Our youth

Seemed to arrive at its end

Along with the fight

It's a season of love

Everyone should be friendly

Lonely men are shameful

Life blooms like flowers

We cannot wither

There's no choice

Wei Yan's left

Why are you still here?

Wei Yan has left

She was preparing for the GRE
exam, but she dropped it out

On my way back here

I saw

the announcement of
Professor Bai's resignation

Did they elope?

I guess so

I'm not sure

Why am I so miserable?

My first love never even began

It ended


How do you know I feel no pain?

I think

I'm going to date tons of girls

My dating history will
be in chronological order

Like the year of Cui
Fang VI, House of Norman

Chun Hua IV, House of York

Wei Yan I, House of Windsor

Fine, fine

You're the best

Hou Pu's break up is ridiculous

But it's not stopping him from

being happy in his internship

We became

male interns in the obstetrics department

We're a teaching hospital

We have teaching responsibilities

If our graduates

can't have any clinical expierence on women

wouldn't it be absurd?

We're entering the 21st century

Attitudes need to be changed

Spread your legs

Come out

Good. Very good

Very good

Do what I tell you

This scares me

- Failed again
- Hey, your shoes!

We've been here all day

Don't talk. Quiet


Hand hemp

Doctor Qiu

Someone called and asked you
to return to school immediately

It's urgent



It was diagnosed 6 months ago

It was terminal

Ovarian cancer, late stage

She didn't want to have surgery

She wanted to remain a woman

Look at her

She's as pretty as before

She died yesterday

Xiao Mann told me that you're a doctor

She asked to leave her body to you

I agreed

Xiao Mann called you many times

Why didn't you come to see her?

I've fulfilled her last wish

I'm leaving now

Talk to her

At that moment, I realized

how selfish and arrogant I am

I thought I understood life

Life slapped me cruelly

I took her love as being false

even as carnal

I didn't deserve to have Xiao Mann

What hurts me most is

that I always feel I'm loyal

but the most unloyal
person has always been me

Knowing this makes me hate myself

The summer

has passed by quickly

Too quickly

Xiao Mann

Please forgive me

Xiao Mann has died

When I feel the world is against me,

even abandons me

Liu Qing comes to me

Aren't you curious about this story?

Our birth and death

Aren't decided by ourselves

Wait a moment

This summer you were

the last person I embraced

Do you believe me?

I do

Liu Qing?

Liu Qing?

Liu Qing?

- Hello, sir
- Hello

Have you seen that girl who was with me?

- That tall long haired girl?
- Yes

She left

She ordered this breakfast for you

I have a bad feeling

I'm scared

I need to be comforted like a child

She's playing a game

But this joke isn't funny

I can't take it

This is Liu Qing's house

Who are you?

Liu Qing

During that time

I was like a lunatic

I searched everywhere

Five years later

I thought I wouldn't see
you unless I became a father

What are you busy with recently?

I'm a bookseller now

You're not writing anymore?

Where's Xin Yi?

Please move out of my way

Xin Yi

Xin Yi, the passionate singer,

is now a famous doctor

and married to a head
nurse who is 8 years older

Who sent this?

Hou Pu

Hou Pu

got a trouble for bribery

He went abroad after being fired

It's said he cleaned up his act

and opened a dental clinic

He accomplished his goal
earlier than planned

The bastard even cried over when he called

Come on

He's not like that

Put the flowers by the coffin

Huang Qi married the bimbo, Juan

He didn't wanna be a doctor and
got a job in a public agency

He was politically astute

and got promoted as VP in 2 years

Grandpa Hu is gone

I feel I'm in a dream

We're getting older

Hu wanted us to get together more often

Bai Lu

You didn't live in the same dorm building

My restaurant, Five Petal
Cuisine, caters to the school

I was close to Hu

After graduation

Bai Lu opened a restaurant near the school

She married that IT guy

and had a baby boy

who looks like her when he pouts

The whole family's here

Big boy

- How old is he?
- 2 years

Attention, please

The memorial is about to start

Please come closer

As for me

I quit being a doctor in a year


witnessing a ovarian cancer patient

die like a stack of
slowly smothering firewood

When the firewood had extinguished

her shadow reappeared in the room

From then on

I could not bear it

Those years of studying medicine
taught me about birth and death

But the more I witnessed

the more hopeless I felt

Want some?

Just a sip

Just a sip?


That's fine

You were always strong

I thought you were immortal


We live in the world

Life is a circle

Birth is death

Death becomes birth

Otherwise I wouldn't be here

chatting to you


How have you been?

Are you a famous writer now?

- No
- Why not?

I've let you down

I don't write anymore

I'm a publisher

- You sell books?
- Yes

I know you're not proud of me

Don't say that

Your being alive

makes me proud


My life will be pleasant

He's decided to donate his body

For our teaching,

medical research and study

he's giving his best

Let us

pray for this old man

with our most genuine

and greatest respect

Are you okay?


it's just a stomachache


You went to a funeral parlor for that?

- What?
- Bro

I'm Mao, from dorm 617

Mao? Yes, it's you

I didn't recognize you

You're a taxi driver now?

It's a long story

Didn't you have a medical
equipment business?

You were our school's legend

I quit

After the accident

I quit

Medical equipment business without licence

ruined me

I was in prison for 3 years

Liu Qing and I

imported equipment from abroad

We did well at first

but not long after that

there was a medical accident

We were reported

Haven't you seen her?


She was released before me

She served just a year

She wanted to see you before
we turned ourselves in

This summer you were

the last person embraced

They said we were killing not healing

But I think

They were just jealous we made money

Did you see her that day?


Didn't she tell you this?

Well, that makes sense

She didn't want to tell you

I still

remember what she told me

She said

She's only fallen for one man in her life

I've only fallen for one man in my life

I want him to see all my beauty

so that whenever

he's not with me

he will be restless

It's indeed.

I really don't want to hold him back

I want him to have a better life and future

But sometimes I have that dream

that I really...

I really don't care

I just want to be with him

I want to watch him far from a distance

But a dream is a dream

I have to wake up

Mr. Lu do me a favor

19 years old

She's a pretty female writer

Her writing style's unique

You know

She has many fans on the internet

Please criticize her
as much as you possible

Understood. A little division
draws a lot of attention.

Master Lu


Counting on you

The book...

Please take a good look

Don't worry. See you later

- Next time, my treat
- Okay

See you later

Keep in touch. See you

I always blame myself I
shouldn't have done that

I always regret I haven't held you back

We love each other

but part at last

If we always hover outside the happiness

Who can tell I encounter you again

There is a reason for destiny
to arrange us like this

I've been living not bad these years

I only know someone I need is not here

I'm getting to know

I'm still caring about you as always

How much love that can start over

How many people who're willing to wait

I return after knowing how to cherish you

but don't know if love still exists

How much love that can start over

How many people who deserve waiting

When passions have already cooled down

Do we still have courage to love

Who can tell I encounter you again

There is a reason for destiny
to arrange us like this

I've been living not bad these years

I only know someone I need is not here

I'm getting to know

I'm still caring about you as always

How much love that can start over

How many people who're willing to wait

I return after knowing how to cherish you

but don't know if love still exists

How much love that can start over

How many people who deserve waiting

When passions have already cooled down

Do we still have courage to love