Ever After (2018) - full transcript

It has been two years since a zombie virus epidemic infected all but two German cities. Vivi and Eva flee the struggling community in Weimar for the one other safe-haven: Jena.

A plague has descended upon Earth.

In only two cities have people survived.

In Weimar,
they kill the infected immediately.

In Jena, they are looking for a cure.

Nobody is allowed to leave the cities.



A brook a-burbling in my ears.
There is no room for you.

The grass a-growing in my eyes.
There is no room for you.

A woodpecker's nest within my heart.
There is no room for you.

I am a rock. I have seen life and death.

Know, you evil spirits, I don't sleep.

I am a rock, a rock.

Know, you evil spirits, I don't sleep.

No, I don't sleep.

Aren't they thriving inside
just as beautifully as outside?

They keep asking for people
to help at the fence.


Look what I found.

Try it.
It might take your mind off things.

I'm not sure.

We could use a little colour in here.


Renata! Get out! Come here now!


Renata, where are you?

Are you here?

You are an angel.

Why are you still here?

You must leave!


I'm not crazy. I heard you.

Let's go, everyone!

Isabelle. Hi.

And you are?



- I like your hair colour, by the way.
- Do your eyes hurt, too?

How long haven't you been out?

Two years. From since it began.

Has it really only been two years?

Seems like half my life.

You wanted to see the thing
with the shovel?


First, cover the body with a cloth.

You'll manage when the time comes.

The new ones.


We're down to the weaklings now.

Any news on my transfer application?

You've got three more hours
of your shift. Or can't you cope?

I always cope.


The train to Jena.

I wonder that it's like there now.

You won't ever take that train.

Supplies only.
Any other transport is forbidden.

It would be too creepy anyway.
No driver. All automatic.

Who was responsible?

Who let this novice work on the fence?

The arm is off.
The infection can't reach her brain.

No exceptions!

Why do you think only two cities survived?

Those are the rules.

Anyone else get hurt?

Renata, come out!

Come here now!

You'll be needed tomorrow.

No exceptions!

Those are the rules.

We don't have any time.

Soon the weeds will grow in our veins.

Go out and bury what haunts you.

I know you're out there.

I'll find you.

I want to leave.

Shut up.

What's going on?


Don't you have a weapon?

Very funny.

- I'll take a look outside.
- What?


We're really up shit creek.

A broken-down train in the middle
of nowhere. And no one knows we're here.

They'll send people.
The train is valuable.

It's broken. Has been for a few months.

There were always
water tanks in the bathrooms.

You do know the story
about the toilet zombie, right?

It's not locked.

Those creatures seldom lock the door,


I couldn't find the keys.

Would you have left without me?

Without you
I wouldn't stand a chance out there.

To calm me down.

Why did you want to leave Weimar?

You didn't like it in
the loony bin either, did you?

A brook a-burbling in my ears.
There is no room for you.

The grass a-growing in my eyes.
There is no room for you.

A woodpecker's nest within my heart.
There is no room for you.

Know, you evil spirits...

Go away!

What do you see?

I don't know.

You lured them here.

- What will we do now?
- That's your problem.


It's over.

It was meant to be.

I want to go back.

I never wanted out. There's nothing here.
I can't even run fast.

Pull yourself together!

I have to reach Jena.

Take me with you!

Why should I?

For you.

- Don't touch my stuff!
- I repaired it.

The shutter wasn't releasing.
The contacts tend to get rusty.

How do you know that stuff?

Put some decent shoes on.


You don't need those anymore.

Aren't there tricks to finding water?
Like with a divining rod?

What did you do before this whole mess?

I fixed stolen cameras for eBay.



Haven't heard that for a while.

Bad girl.

- What did you do when it all started?
- What everyone did.

I saved myself.

Leave it open!

Open up!

And you?

I spent three days on a roof
and couldn't move.

I was basically dead.

Then the warden rescued me
and lost her two friends in the process.

That was our rescue team.

- They'll get up again in a minute.
- They're not getting up.

They shot themselves.

We have to keep going.

- Get up!
- Go!

Where are we?

No idea. But Jena can't be far.

This way.

Can't we just go back?

And do you know where that is?

They must have escaped from Erfurt zoo.

Safe travels, my friends.

I'll catch you again someday.

Come on, let's do something cheesy.


I always wanted to become a photographer.

Before the outbreak,
I'd just won a scholarship in the States.

My flight never took off.

My sister is still out there.

Did you love her?

Most of the time, I hated her.

Come on, swim with me.

Let's have a competition.
Who can hold their breath the longest.

Okay, I lose.

Renata was always our sunshine.

She had everyone
wrapped around her finger.

But at night, she was always scared.

She invented her own gods,
gods of the sun, of the mountains

so they would take her fear away.

She would lie in the dark
and talk to herself.

And pray.

My family is still out there too.
Bashing each other's heads in.

Pretty much what they used to do before.

Screw that.

We're here.

It looks ancient.

Still works though.

Do you think we're being tested?

I think...

Earth is a wise old lady

and humans haven't paid her
any rent for a long time.

And out there, that's our eviction order.

There are some good things
about this apocalypse.

You don't get it, do you?

Well, eventually.

Smash your sister's head in
if you find her.

What's wrong with her?

I've never seen anything like that.

Something's growing from her face.


Want to practise?

- Leave her.
- What are you so afraid of?

You think it'll make you a bad person?

The people we once were are dead.

We shouldn't mourn them.

No, let's leave.
We don't know who's in there.

We have to drink.

They can't be more broken than you.

Come on. I'll protect you.

Is something there?



Where are they?

They just left everything.


There's someone in there.


Vivi, you don't know who's in there.

They might have killed all the others.

Hey! Stop it!


Hit it!

Do you know why you didn't strike?
Because you pity them.

And I know why.


Because you're like them.

- You have no goal. You're nothing.
- That's not true.

I know what I want.

I want us to be friends.

I know exactly what you want.

To save your poor sister
from rotting out there.

- But you can't.
- Yes, I can.

What you can do is die.
You don't want to live anyway.

Do you get it now?

Best we split up.

It didn't go the way you expected.

No, it didn't.

Where did you want to go now?

I don't know anymore.

You won't get far on your own.

Help me.

I don't need humans around me anymore.

Maybe I'll make an exception.

What is your favourite colour?


Do you prefer sweet or savoury foods?

Who are you?

I'm the gardener.

What's happening is necessary.
It should have happened a long time ago.

The unwelcome guests must leave.

But our cities have fences.
We can live on.

You refuse to understand.

We're still here. People help each other.

Is that so?

Where do you think
your place is in this world?

There is no place for me.

Rest now.


Run for cover!
The basement or the roof. Quick!

Renata, please get out.

- Hey!
- No!

If you have enough courage for that,
you might as well try living.

When will it end?

When will it end?

The day an angel appears
in the company of a beast.

You want to bury your sister,
but don't know where she is.

I'll protect you.

You'll never have
to set foot out there again.

Go ahead, eat.

- Are you human?
- I am what you see.

Humankind is disappearing from Earth.

Only just arrived and already finished.

The blink of an eye in nature's history.

What destroyed humankind...

we have been carrying with us
for millions of years.

The virus was lying in wait.

Now it is time to take the chance
this downfall is giving us.

But what are you doing here?

I'm opening unexpected doors.

Everything is changing.
There is peace in chaos.

Neither destruction
nor pills will save people.

Something new will arise.

They seemed perfect.

And yet...

their greed was never under control.

And that was their downfall?


Humankind could have lived in paradise.

They missed their chance.

Now they might become paradise themselves.

Creatures without rage or hate.

Or fear.

I don't want to feel afraid anymore.


Just stop.

It's too late for her.

I'll give her an extension.

If you stay with me.

I cannot save her.

She just has to reach Jena.

I'll stay.


We are leaving.

In the city...

everyone always wanted me around.

Eva can do it.

Eva can do anything.

She's the best.

But in reality, they all despised me.

I can't get rid of them.


All those whose lives I ended.

They follow me around.

They eat with me...

and they never sleep.

Do you see them?

It's my fault my sister's dead.

It's my fault.

No one is to blame for what happened.

What's important is we're still here.

Right, only the arseholes survived.

You saved my life.

You're the best person I ever met.

Shut up.

Arseholes have to stick together.

Okay, we have to go back down. Come on.

Are you alright?


Come on.

Come on. Careful.

There are lots.


Make something out of your shitty life!


Do you want to come with me?


You came this far all by yourself.

You called me, but I didn't want to hear.

Were you teasing me or did you want
to see me one more time?

I always laughed at you,
but I still know your prayer.

Believing in your gods
was the only thing that kept me alive.

You know the good thing
about our apocalypse?

You can see all the stars again.

I can't stay with you.

I don't think they'd
particularly like you there.

Are you coming?

I am a rock. I have seen life and death.

Know, you evil spirits, I do not sleep.

We will not disappear from Earth.

We will live.

Without rage.

Without greed.

Without fear.

With nature.

With what is growing in our veins.

This is not the end.

This is the beginning.