Evening Shadows (2018) - full transcript

Under the 'Evening Shadows', truth often plays hide and seek. Set in South India and Mumbai, 'Evening Shadows' is a tender heartwarming story about a mother-son bond that has to withstand the ravages of time, distance and truths.


-Is this alright?
-No. A little more towards the right.


Lata, come here.

She is my wife.

-What is it?
-You are needed in the kitchen.


Did Ramesh get his coffee yet?

Don't use up all the cashews and almonds.
They are expensive.

-Okay, sir.
-What is it?

Vasu, where were you?

Spare some time for this as well.

I can't be everywhere.

Is he coming?


Will he make it here on time?

I hope he does. Or else, the guests
will arrive before the host shows up.

What are you waiting for?
Go and fetch my new stole.

Why haven't the musicians started
playing the instruments yet?

Someone, please go and check!

Ramesh, please go and
check on the musicians.



-Please set this right.


The stole?

You're taking so much time
for such a simple task.

I'll get it.

I know you are very busy.

But that idiot Chitra
messed up my saree pleats.


You know how to drape a saree really well.





-Make sure everything is alright.

I got into the cab just now.

The flight was delayed, and...


You know how my father is.

I'm going home only for
the sake of my mother.

After four long years.


Hello, Uncle Ramesh.

-You are so--
-Handsome! More than ever!

Where is Mom?

Forget about her. Just come in.

Someone's waiting for you.

-Mom, right?
-Just come.

Who are these people?

Kartik, stop questioning.
Please greet the guests.

Bless you.

The last time I saw you,
you were just a baby.

You are all grown up now.

Oh, no!

Kartik, didn't you recognize her?

Kartik, you used to play with her
at Uncle Velu's house.




My family forced me to dress up.

Especially, for today.

For today?


We both have to...


We want you guys to get
married to each other.

And it seems like you already like Neela.

Better late than never.



You didn't even ask me.

A father doesn't need to
seek permission from his son.




You arrived 20 minutes ago.

And you finally got the time to meet me.

I wanted to meet you right away.

But Dad had something else planned.

What was that all about?
I don't want to get married.

You are here for the religious ceremony.
That's all.

Will Dad spare me?

He hasn't changed a bit.

You are still the same.

Why are you the only one
doing all the housework?

Can't Auntie Lata or Auntie Sarita help?

They help me sometimes.

Let me help you.

You can't touch it before taking a bath.

I won't touch the bucket.
Let me help you with the rope.

All through these years,
I had an image of you in my mind.

Finally, I get to see you in person.

I missed you a lot, Mom!

That's why I called you every day.

Why didn't you come home?

Any career plans for the future?

Dad, I have a job

in Mumbai.


Roaming around all day with a camera.

You call that a job?

I'm a professional photographer.

-Let him be.

He's happy.

He's doing well for himself.

Doing well?

How much does he earn?

Does he have any job security?
Will he ever get a promotion?

I've told him many times.

There's a post of a computer operator
at my office.

He must go there for an interview.
He hasn't done that yet.

-But a computer operator's job--
-If you had a government job...

you could have married a good girl.

You could have led a
secure and happy life.

But, you...

Mom, please make him understand.

I can't do a nine-to-five job like him.

He is up to no good.

He's been living in Mumbai,
away from his hometown.

Make him understand.

I've decided.

We'll marry him off by next year.

-Dad, I--
-Shut up.

I don't want to discuss this any further.

Take the bucket.

Oh, yes.

I need to show you something.

-Come with me.

Look at this.

Remember? I told you over the phone.

-So, this is it!

Yes, the same seeds we
bought from the nursery.

See how well the plants have grown
and flowered.

So soon?

Not that soon, my dear.

After 4 long years!

Sorry, Mom.

-I have to take this call.

Answer the call.

I'll get going.

Answer it.

I used to think that only mothers
could call at the wrong time.

Reached home?

Yes. But you won't believe
what's going on here.

I came here for the religious ceremony.
But my father wants to get me married now.

So, get married.

Yeah, right.

That will never happen.

Suddenly, I'm feeling lost.

A few hours ago, I was with you
at our cozy home in Mumbai.

And now, I'm here.

I'm far away from you,
amidst so many people.

Now go and spend some
time with your family.


I'm not following you.


Actually, I got bored
with the elders inside.

So, I came out for a walk.

What's that?

I have secrets as well.

And a childhood crush.

What about your childhood crush?

-Let me see.

I don't want to hurt you. But...

Arranged marriages...

I'm not interested in arranged marriages.

In fact, I don't even want to get married.

Please stop.

Kartik, have you brought your camera?

Get it here. Click some pictures.

Do I always have to instruct you?

Dad, I thought you didn't...

Please carry on.

It will be presented to God
before you can eat it.

Mom, I didn't do anything.

Really? I think you were about to grab it.

Mom, your eyes are closed.
How did you know?

I know it all.


Vasu, where is the stole that
we need to give to the priest?

-It must be inside. I'll get it--
-Why isn't it here?

It should have been here.


She is very absentminded.

-Brother, I'll get it--
-Stay right there.

Let her get it.

What are you waiting for?

Lata, let's go.

Kartik, we are leaving.

You don't need to do that.

Let's hug.

-You are looking very hot.
-Uncle Ramesh!

Please come home. I live nearby.

-Let's catch up--
-Yes, Ramesh. We'll be there.

Give him a few tips...

for a happy married life like yours.

Spoilt brat!


You must come home.


Lata, let's go.

-See you, Ramesh.


So, what have you decided?


-Auntie Sarita, who is this?

I've asked you a question.

Tell me. Do you like Neela?

Dad, why did you invite her?


A marriage should not
be arranged by force.

One who hasn't been able to manage
her own marriage and home...

should better keep quiet.

This is my house.

I don't need anyone's advice.

Do you like Neela?

You need to think about settling down.

She is beautiful and educated.

She belongs to a good family.

What's the problem?

Dad, you won't understand.

You are too selfish to understand me.

-No, Vasu.

Let him speak.

He thinks that I'm his enemy.

That I have no right to
think about his well-being.

Dad, I didn't mean that.

Marrying at the right age means
having a child at the right time.

By the time a father retires,
his son ought to have a job.

He needs to take on the
family's responsibilities.

Can't you understand such a simple thing?

Sorry, Dad.
Marriage is not a simple thing to me.

It's a lifelong commitment.

-It is possible only with love.

I didn't even meet your mother
before our wedding.

I just saw her photo and gave my consent.

We are happily married.

I fulfilled all my responsibilities.

I got a job.

I helped my siblings with their education.

I got them married.

I married your mother.

I didn't waste my time being
a photographer in Mumbai.

I thought you'll get a little
more responsible with time.

Where are you going?

I'm talking to you.

You won't find a girl like her again.

Neela is a very good girl.

Why don't you marry her?


-Uncle Ramesh.
-Why are you here?

So, what I've heard is true.

Now you are completely into this.

What do you mean?

The fact that I'm gay?

-Why are you here?
-I'm here for a walk.

I'm here for a walk.

Kartik, I am straight.



Kartik, let's spend some time together.

Let's talk.

Uncle, I've got to go.

What! You're still here?

I thought you were angry.

I thought you left for Mumbai.

Mom, my luggage and camera is in there.

I see.

So, you've come to collect that?

Why are you busy with such manly tasks?

Get down, I'll do it.



Dad is supposed to help you with this.

But he won't.

He is self-centered.

Why are you so angry with him?

Because he is always rude.

I'm sure you think he is rude.

But his intentions are good.

Do you know why he is rude to you?

It's because he cares for you.

Of course.

I know your father very well.

What about him?

How well does he know...


That's great.


Have you brought your laptop here?

-Yes. Why?
-You forgot.

You told me about all those pictures
you had clicked for your new job.

I want to see the pictures.
I hope you have them.

Of course, Mom!
You won't believe it...

-Coffee? I'll get it.

No, I don't want coffee.
Come here and sit next to me.

Remember this movie?

We had gone to Bangalore
to watch this movie.

It was raining very heavily that day.


What was the theater's name?


But we could hardly watch the movie.

Kartik was with us.

-Perhaps he was four years old.

He was very naughty.

Yes, he didn't let us watch the movie.

I took him out of the theater
when the movie began--

I took him out during the latter half.

That's how we missed half of the movie.

We bought him chips and chocolates,
but nothing worked.

Please don't go.

Let's watch the movie together.

What about dinner?

Don't worry.

We'll have what's leftover.

Kartik, you can join us.

Dad, I've got some work on my laptop.

Enjoy the movie.

The young ones are always
busy with their laptops.

This song was very popular.

I remember the lyrics.

Rajkumar is a great actor.

The actors these days are
not as talented as him.

There you are.

I was looking for you.

Why aren't you watching the movie?

The movie is not as important
as spending time with you.

But it is definitely more important to
spend quality time with your husband.

Mom, don't miss this chance.

Shut up!

We've been married for 30 years.

-Now, show me those pictures.

So, these kids at the shelter home...

But all of them were very naughty.

This is Chintu. He took my camera.

Kartik, answer the call. Who could it be?

I know who it is.


I already know.

I just know it all!

It's the ringtone, Mom.

I've set a different ringtone
for Aman's calls.

Your roommate, right?

Okay, talk to him.

Let's talk on Skype.

At the moment, I'm with
the world's busiest person.

She is the most important person
in my life.

My dear mother!

Give my regards to her.


I told you I'm with my mother.


How do I open this folder?

No! Don't open it.


It's private.


Sorry, there's some problem
with the network here.

I'll call you later.

There's no issue with the network.

You have an issue with me being here.

Mom, please don't mind.

Later. Speak to him now.

What is it?

-Kuku, tomorrow is D-Day.

The verdict day for Section 377.

The Supreme Court will
deliver its verdict tomorrow.

I hope the judgment is in our favor.

No matter what the verdict...

our relationship will not change.

Please wake up.

I just dozed off.


I'm hungry.

Set the table. I'll get the food.

If I set the table,
I'll miss the interview.

Brother, please switch the channel.

I'm watching a movie.

It's time for the sports news.

The match between India and South Africa
is scheduled for tomorrow.

Indians are obsessed with cricket.


Such people should be arrested.

In fact, they should be shot dead.

Brother, why are you so angry?

It doesn't concern us.

I get angry because they
are ruining our culture.

They are spoiling our moral values.

Dad, they are not criminals.

Keep quiet.

You know nothing about this.

I wonder what kind of families
such people belong to.

-Listen up!

-Dinner is ready.
-Okay, I'll be there.

Come on, Sarita.

Please switch it off.

-You can watch something else.

Kartik, have some tamarind rice.

No, I'm not hungry.

You don't eat well,
that's why you've lost weight.

She is right.

That's enough.

You need to have a strong personality.

Only then will your wife respect you.

You want to marry Neela, don't you?

Please have your dinner.

You can talk to him about this
in the morning.

The future is unpredictable!

-What do you mean?

Will our cricket team win
the match in South Africa?

Oh, no! Just have your dinner.

I'll make you some pancakes
for breakfast tomorrow.

I know you love them.

After breakfast I want to go out
and explore the town.

I want to click a few pictures
for the new project.

Can you recommend some interesting places?


40 kilometers from here.

Our state government
has built a dam there.

You need to think beyond that.

Go to Talkad.

There are temples that are 400 years old
on the banks of the Cauvery river.

They were buried under sand
and excavated recently.

That sounds interesting, Mom.

Please join me. Let's have a picnic.

Some other time.

I'm very busy these days.

Dad, can I take your car?

Okay, take it.

But be careful when you drive.

I hope you are happy.

I am very happy!
You've given me such a sweet surprise.

Sing with me.


I can't sing.

Is there someone special in your life?

Why don't you want to marry Neela?

You can tell me.

What's her name?

How does she look?

Is she educated?

Mom, stop it!

Please don't ask me so many questions!

I won't be able to answer you.

You are an eligible bachelor.

As the mother of an eligible bachelor,

I am helpless, my dear son.


I wish I had come here before.

You were here when you were two years old.

You used to make me run after you
all the time.

Running all over the place.

You were very naughty.

I'm still the same.

I'm into fashion photography.

Sometimes I handle ad shoots
and wildlife photography.

I'm interested in everything.

That's okay.

But you need to think
about settling down.

That's a dangerous topic of discussion.

Just like Dad.

Hold on!

Hold this.

Yes, everything is fine.



Wait a minute.

Auntie Sarita needs to know
where the rice flour is.

Sarita, it's in a container on the
topmost shelf in the storeroom.

Alright. I need to hang up now.

Press here to switch it off.

The kingdom is in shambles
without Her Highness!

The subjects are in trouble!

Every home has one woman
who knows it all.

It doesn't have to be a woman.


Times have changed.
People are getting broad-minded.

Nowadays, a husband and wife
share all their responsibilities.

Not just a husband and wife.

I mean, you know how it is with me
in Mumbai.


I've seen the photos.

At least you have an idea.

I don't think there's
anything missing there.

You are different.

You are unique.

Why do you say so?

You are interested in art.

You love cooking.

You are a photographer.

The most special quality about you
is that you are very sensitive.

And you are always busy on the phone.


What is it?

Where are my blue polka dotted boxers?

Check the drawer on the
right side of your cupboard.

What do you mean by that?

And today we need luck,
more than ever.

Remember, today is the judgment day.


I forgot.

My lucky charm is with me.

You mean, your mother?

She's with you on the trip?

No. Actually, she gave me a surprise.

I hope we get another lovely surprise.

Listen, I've got to drive.

But call me as soon as you get the news.


I wish we were together right now.

What happened, Kartik?

What did your friend say?


Nothing important.

Let's go.


Wow! You remembered!

Of course.

Have some.

I'm on a fast.

You need to eat well for the trek.

I'll manage the trek, don't worry.

Why is there so much of sand here?

It's the result of a curse.

A curse?

A curse that turned Talkad into a desert.

It turned the Malangi river
into a whirlpool.

According to the curse,
the kings of Mysore

will never have a male heir.

Do you think all of this is true?

I think it's just an ancient folklore.

That's possible.

But even today, Mysore's royal family
has to adopt a male child as their heir.


One's fate cannot be changed.

We decide our own fate, Mom.

In life, our purpose and identities

are a result of our actions.


Our views and opinions are different.

How different are our lives?

This is amazing!

I agree.

Imagine how grand it must have been

back in the 12th century.

I'm sure a lot of temples are
still buried under the ground.

From here to there...
I wonder how many.

There could be something buried
right below my feet.



There could be something buried
inside you.

All of us have a secret
buried deep within.


Is it necessary to let that secret out?


Otherwise, the secret
might destroy the person.

What if that secret
ends up hurting others?

Is there a secret you
want to share with me?


But, no.

I'm not sure.

Listen to me.

Don't overthink.

Just say it.


Let it be, Mom. Not right now.

Maybe later.

Let's discuss this at home.

We are here to spend some
quality time together.

Let's make the most of it.

That's right.

-Can I hire a boat?
-Yes, sir.

I'll row the boat. I know how to do it.

Don't worry.

Mom, come! Let's go.

-Are you going to row the boat?

No way!

Trust me, I know how to do it.
Come on.


I promise you it will be the
best boat ride of your life.

Thank you for this picnic.

It's been a long time
since I got some fresh air.

Here. Row the boat.

No, I can't.


Be a little adventurous.

You are extremely talented.

You have a lot of potential.

At least, try!

-Come on.

You are worthy. Please realize that!

All these years, you've focused
on the happiness of others.

Now start focusing
on your own happiness.

You used to love painting.

Your paintings won the first prize
at our district level competitions.

That's all in the past, Kartik.

I was young.

I had dreams.

It's never too late to dream again.

I agree.

I'll focus on my dreams when
I'm done with all my duties.

When you will marry and
bring home a lovely bride.

She will handle all the household chores.

That's when I'll have the free time
to focus on my paintings.

I'll also visit you in Mumbai
and help you out there.

I know

that it is very difficult for a girl
to manage a home all alone.


Mom, I'm...


I am a homosexual.

I am not interested in women.

I like men.

I'm in love with a man.

I'm in love with Aman.

Mom, please calm down.

Can I find a car mechanic, nearby?


Any hotel or guesthouse
where I can check in?

-Right there.


Mom, here...







There's nothing around.

We'll find a car mechanic
only in the morning.

There's a guesthouse.


Can we get a room?


Please come in.



Mom, I didn't want to
hide anything from you.

Kuku, where are you?

My phone had network issues.

I just came out to my mother.

How is she?

I hope she is okay.

Not at all.

She has been crying.

Amu, she doesn't want to speak to me.

Please don't blame yourself.

Give it some time.

It's quite unexpected for her.

Mom and you...

You both are very close to me.

And I had to tell her someday.

About us.

About our love, about our life.


It's not just about you and me.

I don't want to understand
anything right now.

Spend some time with your mother.

Take care of her.

Why is my blue-eyed boy feeling blue?


Kartik came out to his mother today.

His mom is not able to understand him.

Sushant, she is from a small town.

Of course.

My mother is not some
superstar or rock star.

It doesn't matter where she's from.
Be it a small town or a metro.

It is difficult for any
mother to accept this.

Kartik's coming out story.

And the fact that his mother
is not able to accept it.

All the drama in front of the media.

And then someone asked her...

I remember when I
came out to my mother...

she stopped talking to me.

It's been almost a year now.

I'm not sure if she has
told my father about it.

Shall I tell you the truth?

Mothers love to keep such secrets

and cry over them.

Just like us.

Please eat something.

You're not on a fast today.


I'll eat after a bath.

What if you die out of hunger?

Then, so be it.


This is ridiculous.

Whenever you are not at home,
the cooking gas gets exhausted.

The maid doesn't turn up.
And today, there's no electricity.

Sister-in-law, I'm hungry.

Please prepare something for me to eat.

Vinita was here.

She wanted to borrow your recipe diary.

I refused.

Shailaja came to invite you
to the prayer meeting.

I told her that you'll be there.

The milkman was here
asking for money...

Sister-in-law, I'm talking to you!

I heard you.

I need to order a gas cylinder.

But they deliver only after two days.

You have an electric stove, use that.

Don't bother me with all these things.

There's no electricity at home.

When will that be sorted?

You work at the electricity board.


I can't keep track of the power supply.

That's not my job.

That's not what I'm supposed to do.

But the electricity at home...

Okay, I'll find out.

Did he agree?

No... I mean...

I didn't have a word with him.

You couldn't even do
something as simple as that.

Now, please hang up.
Let me work in peace.

But, the electricity...

I'll find out about that. Hang up now.

Mom, please dry your hair.

I'll do that after I finish
my prayer routine.

You'll catch cold.

I've told you this many times.
Why don't you listen to me?

Don't worry, I'm used to it.

Nothing will happen to me.

What if something happens to you?

Mom, why are you so stubborn?

You always have your own way.

Will you ever change?

Will you?

Get done with the cooking.
We'll discuss this later.

There's nothing to discuss about.

That's not how you do it.

Kartik, I'll show you how it's done.

Hold it like this and slice it sideways.

Otherwise, your finger will get cut.

You are training him well.

What will he grow up to be?

A cook?

-But, he...
-You are spoiling him.

He's with you in the kitchen
all the time.

Why doesn't he go out and
play with the other children?

Get up.

Go out and play.

Get me some coffee.


Go outside and play with the boys.

Play with the boys?

You always tell me that you are busy.

So, go and get busy with your work.

Mom, I'm on a holiday.

Just get out of the kitchen!

Okay, I'm leaving.

Sorry, I couldn't tell you about it

The Supreme Court has
reinstated Section 377.

It has further stated that
if the Parliament wishes,

it can change or cancel Section 377.

What are we going to do, Amu?

If my mother comes to know,
she'll worry even more.

Now, it will be all the
more difficult for her.

Kuku, you know that
being gay is not a crime.

Only the sexual act is a crime.

Listen, I got to go.

-But, I am...
-Kuku, I have a presentation.

I'll call you in the evening.

I don't want to talk to you.

Listen to me.

I wish you had hung up on me.

Get on with your presentation. Bye.


Who were you speaking to?

A girlfriend? Or, your roommate?

Yes, it was Aman's call.

Okay. Kartik, I hope you remember,
I need your help with something important.

I need a few pictures clicked
to be sent to my pen friend.

He is settled in Delhi.

He is my pen friend.

He's from abroad.
He belongs to the Iyer community.

In this age of e-mail and WhatsApp?

It's not possible to send
lipstick marked kisses on e-mail.

No more questions now.

-Just keep clicking.
-Turn around.

Oh, no!

From that angle I'll look fat.

Auntie, there's no way you'll
look fat in the pictures.

You look amazing from every angle.

Oh, shut up.

I'm your aunt. Please behave yourself.

You are my sexy aunt.

Kartik, I hope the pictures look good.

Your portfolio is being shot

by an award winning,
talk of the town photographer.

I hardly care about that.

I just want my pen friend to like me.

That's all.

You trust me, right?

Does anyone else know
about your pen friend?

Sister-in-law knows.

She understands me.

But, my brother...

Kartik, shall I tell you something?

Whenever you marry...

do so only because you love that person.

Don't get married under pressure.

Mom told me.

Your husband used to beat you.

I'm glad that you left him.

Who is this?

Uncle Ramesh.

-Tell me.
-When are you coming home?

How about tomorrow?


Don't you know why?

Both of us...


We will have lunch.

Don't you have to go to office tomorrow?

I'll take a leave for you.

Lata has to attend her music class.

No one will disturb us, Kartik.

Just you and me!


I hope you come.

Let's meet.

After I met you the other day,
I started feeling...

Kartik, please come home.

I'll be waiting.

We'll have...

a lot of fun.

Just like we used to. Remember?



Please talk to me.

What's going on in your mind?


Lots of questions.

About me?

Please ask me.

I'll answer all your questions.

That won't be required.

God will answer all my questions.

Okay. Keep waiting.

Don't expect a miracle to happen.

Is he your son?

-The one who lives in Mumbai?


He is extremely busy with work.

He has no time to get married.

I'm sure he is in love with some girl.


I don't think so.

Then, why isn't he getting married?


what happened?

-What happened to her?
-I don't know.

We just asked her why
you aren't married yet.

What's your problem?

Why are you asking her that question?
Ask me.

Since you love being intrusive,
you should've asked me directly.

I would've answered you.

I'm sure there's something fishy.

Sorry, Mom.

Because of me you had to face that.

When I didn't know...

Back then...

It was easier for me to answer people.

Now, that I know...


I don't know how to answer them.

Does this fact change everything
that you liked about me?

Everything that you were proud of?

Has everything changed?

Am I not your son anymore?

But, your sexuality...

How can I ignore it?

Don't ignore it.

Accept it.

If I had plans to hide it,

I wouldn't have told you.

For years, I've fought with myself.

I used to wonder why I am gay.

I used to wonder why
I have these feelings.

Now, I've understood.

I'm not doing anything wrong.

This is not normal.

It is unnatural.

Who decides that?

Those who are right-handed,
consider left-handed people abnormal.

And vice versa.

-So, what is normal, after all?
-I don't know.

But, this...

This is dirty.

It is despicable.

Because this is...


It's related to sex.

Look at this.




All of this belongs to me.

Ever since I was a child.

I've always been attracted to boys.

I didn't want to tell you.

I had my first sexual experience
with a man, right here.

In this very house.

With Uncle Ramesh.

When he used to live with us.

-Did Ramesh molest you--
-No, Mom!

He never molested me.

He never forced me.

It was mutual--




Are you a eunuch?

No, Mom.

I'm not a eunuch.

But what if I was a eunuch?

Would you love me any less?

I'm a man who loves another man.

That's it.

This is not a disorder.

Stop it!






What happened?

A nightmare?

What's the matter?

Please tell me.

Tell me.

Alright, keep crying.

You? Where's your mother?

She is praying. I'm helping her.

So, this is what you are.

Mom's perfect helper.

Listen to me.

Why don't you cancel your ticket
and stay back with us?

You can continue being
your mother's helper.


I'm serious.

Stay here.

You'll save your expenses.

There's nothing out there for you, anyway.

-Why do you want to go back?
-For work!

He's a very famous photographer in Mumbai.

Kartik, I forgot what you told me.

Oh, yes.

He told me that he is an award winning,
talk of the town photographer.

His photographs are featured
in the exhibitions over there.


All of that can be done here.

Opposite the municipal corporation office,

there's a studio called
Jyoti photo studio.

He can work there.

They have a flourishing business.

You can continue being a photographer
and earn money as well.

Dad, I'm not a wedding photographer.

Do as you wish.

But marry a girl and live with us here.

Let him decide...

what he wants to do.

Our son is doing something
good and significant.

We should be happy for him.

After moving out of this small town,

he has accomplished a lot for himself.

I'm sure Kartik is going to
be very successful one day.

When will he get married?

Let him decide when he wants to.

Both of you are hopeless.

Thanks, Mom.

The discussion about your marriage
has been averted.

Not forgotten.

I've given you some time to think.

Even after knowing
everything about me?

Someday, you will change.

That will make everyone happy.

Don't do this!

Don't do this.

If a hair strand falls in the food,
it will be spoilt.

Wet hair will spoil your health.


I know it all!

Then why don't you know
that I can't change?

Or, is that something
you don't wish to accept?

Mom, remember what
you said the other day?

One's fate cannot be changed.

And you told me that
we decide our own fate.

The way we want it.

So, what now?

How will we find a solution?

Please give it a thought.

I'll think about it as well.

Mom, this is just the beginning.

We have a long journey ahead.

There'll be new discoveries.

For you.

For me as well.

But we need to be together
in this journey.

I wonder where this journey will end.

I was just thinking about calling you.

Are you missing me?

Of course not.

I thought, I'll just help you.

-What kind of help?
-Help you to miss me more.

You were missing me, all by yourself.

I don't know what to say.

If you were here,
you would have said something.

You would have been angry

about the ironed clothes that
are still in the living room.

If you were here, you would have asked
why I haven't watered the plants yet.

If you were here,
you would've had tea with me.

If you were here, well...
you would be you.

Bravo! Thank you for
explaining it so well.

Now tell me, how's everything out there?

-Actually, this morning, Mom--
-Kartik, come here!

Yes, Mom. I'm coming.

Mom is calling me.

Shall I call you later?


Give my regards to her.

Speak to her, she is right here.

No... I'm good.

Mom, Aman says hello to you.

Lift this.

Mom is sending you her blessings.

Be careful.

How is she?

Much better.

You know, she defended me
in front of my father.


But she still hopes I'll change.

She will always hope for that.

That you will be happy.

That her dear son will be happy.

Take care of yourself and eat well.

I need to edit Auntie Sarita's pictures.

Kartik, what's the matter?

Kartik, did you take my charger?

Dad, those are my private photos!

Dad! Please don't!

I'll kill you!

Get out of my house!

How dare you...

-What happened?

-How dare you...

-Stop it! Don't hit him.
-Get out of my way.

Get out of my house!

Get out!


Why are you here?


Show me.

How did you get hurt?

Come home with me.

-No, Uncle Ramesh. I'm fine.
-I'll help you with a bandage.

-Don't be stubborn.

-Please come.

Be careful.

You are badly hurt.

Why were you sitting on the road?
I hope you are okay.


-Are you okay?

Kartik, have some juice.

I've made it myself especially for you.
Drink it.

Uncle, why did you take the trouble?

Hardly any trouble.

Lata is not at home.

She has gone to fetch
the kids from school.

She'll be back only after an hour.

Wait, I'll help you.

It's hurting. Let me check.

Where does it hurt?

Please let me check.

-My leg hurts.

-A little below that.

Let me check. Here?

-A little below that.
-Where exactly?


-A little lower.


Where does it hurt?

Uncle, stop it!

I'll apply an ointment.
You'll feel better.

Listen to me, you'll feel much better.

Uncle, stop it!

-Kartik, you'll feel better...

-You'll like it like you used to.
-Stop it!


-Listen to me.
-Let me go.

Let me go!

Let me go!





It has to be done today itself.



Look at what they are doing!

There's a bonfire and two priests
are performing a ritual.

Come and see...

-Oh, Kartik!

Kartik, don't go there.

What are you doing?

What is happening? What's going on?

Tell me!

I'm performing... Kartik's funeral rites.

Kartik's funeral rites?

How dare you?

You are just his father.

He is born out of me.

I nurtured him in my womb.

I've protected him from all odds.

I have sustained his being in my womb...

by giving it my all.

For nine months...

As a child, when he used to fall sick

I held him against my bosom all night.

During his exams...

I helped him study all night.

You didn't.

All these years

I've raised him...

with a lot of care and hardship.

You did not.

How dare you think about
performing the funeral rites

of my son who is still alive?

How dare you?

How dare you!

Who gave you the right to do so?

Whoever Kartik is...

however he is...

he is mine!

I support him.

Remember this! Kartik will not leave.

No one can throw him
out of this house.

As much as this house
belongs to you and me...

it belongs to him.

It belongs to my son!

Kartik, come inside.


Sorry, Kartik.

It is very unfortunate.
This shouldn't have happened.

No, Mom...


-Because of me...
-Don't apologize.

To accept oneself
is a matter of great courage.

But for how long will you
continue to fight alone...

with people, with society?

Mom, I'm not alone.

You are with me.

Aman is with me.

I have faith in Aman.

I have complete faith in our love.

That's great, Kartik.

But you are very young.

You have aspirations.

But what will happen...

What will happen when you grow old?

Will you both be together, even then?

That's our plan, Mom.

We want to grow old together.

I am not sure if I can
understand you completely.

I can't really comprehend any of it.

But I can assure you that I don't
care about the opinion of others.

I'll support you and Aman.



Thanks, Mom.


Will you and Dad be okay?

Don't worry about us.

We have been through many
ups and downs in our lives.

We'll get through this as well.


For you...

and for your partner Aman.

Next time, get him along.







Sister-in-law asked me
to serve you some coffee.

She is busy.

Or tea?





I've run out of dental floss.

The new pack is right there.

Where is it? I can't find it.

Come here and give it to me.

It's in the bathroom cabinet, take it.

I wonder how he became the
Assistant Finance Manager.

This is how!