Even the Wind Is afraid (1968) - full transcript

Claudia is a young girl who's suffering from horrible and terrifying nightmares at her all girl boarding school. They involve the voice of a mysterious girl calling her name at all hours of the night. When Claudia and her friends break the rules by trespassing a tower that was forbidden to go into, the harsh Head Mistress, Miss Bernarda punishes them by making them stay at the school during Spring Break. Miss Lucia, a good teacher feels the punishment has been too severe since a similar incident happened 5 years before when a student received the same punishment with horrendous and tragic consequences, and she is afraid it might happen again. But the tragedy from 5 years ago will reap the consequences now, as a tormented and restless spirit will enact her revenge.






There's no need to worry.

It was just a nervous breakdown
caused by that awful nightmare.

- And this is all she needs?
- Yes, it's a sedative pill.

She needs to rest, mostly.

- Vacations start on Monday.
- Great then.

- Can I see the headmistress?
- Yes, she's waiting for you, Dr.

Don't worry, it's us.

How are you?

Fine, but the doctor says I
have t0 stay in bed.

Oh, lucky you!
We have algebra today.

Hey, be careful with my novel.
If they find it, good bye diploma.

No, I'm almost done with it.

I'm reading the part in which
she goes to her boss's place.

Anything happens there?

Are you serious?
Why do you think I hide it?

- I only wish I was her.
- You only think about obscenitiesl.

Tell me about your
nightmare, Claudia.

It was horrible.

I was in a dark place and there
was a really long staircase.

Someone was calling
me from up upstairs.

I went up and I reached
some kind of attic...

there she was...

swinging around in the air...


Why don't we ask Silvia?
She can interpret dreams.

- She read Freud.
- That's why she's crazy!

She told me I had
a sexual frustration!

And you don't?


What are you doing here?

Miss Bernard says
you can't be here.

Yeah, right! "Miss Bernard says"

If you go and tell her, you'll be sorry!

If you think you can scare me,
you are awfully mistaken.

No, I'm not trying to scare you.
I'm just warning you.

And now we're going t0
discuss a few things, honey!

Miss Bernard
Miss Bernard

Leave her alone.
It's better not t0 mess with her.

We have to go. She went t0 spread her
gossip and the witch will be here soon.

How does she say, Kitty?

"Young ladies...

discipline is unequivocal here and
misbehavior won't be accepted...

I hope that's clear"

I hope that's clear, Doctor!

There are no privileges
for anyone in this school.

Yes, yes, I know.
But believe me...

that girl is on the verge
of nervous crisis.

Nonsense! We all have nightmares,
but we don't miss our duties.

I think skipping a few classes
wouldn't be so bad for Claudia.

That is exactly what she wants.

Sometimes you are too... naive.

All right, I'll be going now.

- It was a real pleasure.
- Good bye, Doctor.

I'll go with you, Doctor.

Miss Lucia...

I'd like to talk to you.

Don't worry, I know the way out.

Excuse me.

I'm listening.

I advice you not t0 question my
orders in front of strangers again.

It won't happen again.

And one more thing...

I want to see Claudia in the
class room in half an hour.

I bet the witch is the one
who sent you back to classes.

She's always coming up
with new cruelties.

That's all right.
I was bored anyway.

Don't take notes if you want.
I'll give you mines later.

Hey come on! It's not
like I'm dying or...


You don't want to
go inside, do you?

- Why not?
- It's forbidden!

I don't care. I want t0
know what's up there.

Go ahead, we'll wait outside.

What are you afraid of?

I don't know.
This place freaks me out.

Girls! Come here, quick!

- What's going on?
- Look, it's open!

What are we waiting for?
Let's go inside!

No, no!
They could see us.

The witch is never here.
Let's go, quick!

You go first.

What's wrong with you?
It's not a tomb!

See? There's nothing here.

But what about up there?

What's wrong?

This is the place I dreamed.

- She was up there.
- Oh, don't say that!

Don't listen to her!
She's just trying to scare us.

No, I remember very well.

The walls, the stairs,
the handrails...

So what?
We can also see it.

Girls, you have to believe me!

I went upstairs and the steps made
an awful squeaking sound...

and then I reached the attic.

Now, that's convincing enough.
What's the door like?

It's painted in red and it's all wormy.
It has a metal bar outside.

Let's go and see, come on!

No, wait! Don't go up there.
It could be dangerous.

- I believe you, Claudia.
- But you're going anyway!

You go first. After all,
you know the way.

You see? It's the same
squeaking sound!

What's so weird about an old
staircase making noises like this?

Keep walking.

Let me go, would you?!

There it is.

It's red!

She's inside.


Come down immediately!

Going to the tower is forbidden
and that was perfectly clear...

theref0re, I will not
accept apologies.

- I encouraged the girls, Miss.
- I'll keep that in mind.

But each one of you is
responsible for your own acts.

You will receive a
severe punishment.

I decided that you're all
going to stay here for vacations.

But my parents are picking me
up the day after tomorrow.

I'll explain them and
they will understand.

- But, Miss Bernard
- I don't argue with the students.

That would be all.
You may leave now.


Be kind enough to stay for a moment.

What did you expect
to find in that attic?

Nothing, Miss.

- But the door was open...
- That's impossible!

I have the key to that padlock

Well, I don't understand,
but that's what happened.

So, we went inside and it was exactly
like my dream about that girl...

That's enough!

I know your story.

You should use that fantasy
for literature class instead.

I didn't make it up!
I swear.

I warn you, if you keep scaring your
class mates with morbid visions...

I'm going t0 ask your parents t0
put you under psychiatric surveillance.

I'm not crazy!

I'm sure of that, Claudia.

Don't make me change my mind.

Yvette, is it true that you're all
staying here for vacations?

Yes, that's what she said.

But... no!
She can't do that.

That's right, Miss.
It's unfair.

And she won't get away with it.
My parents are taking me to New York.

Yeah right! And I had a
date with a Maharajah.

Even if you don't believe
me... you witch!

Please, don't argue now.
I'm very worried about all of you.

- Are you going to help us, Miss?
- I'll try.

Well, I have t0 see my boyfriend!
It's too much abstinence already.

Kitty... what are you talking about?

Come on, Miss, you know
what I'm talking about.

No, I don't!
For crying out loud!

Look Miss! This is Armando.
Isn't he sexy?

Kitty, pictures are forbidden here and
I should take that away from you.

I think you liked him.

Enough with the jokes!

It's my fault for being so nice.
That's why nobody respects me.

Don't say that Miss.
You're our only confidant.

That's all right.

I'll talk to Miss Bernard

She's an angel.

I hope the witch dies and she
takes over as a headmistress.

Oh honey, those are
really high hopes!

That hag will never die.
She's a nightmare!

Please, don't make
them stay here!

You're way too kind
with those girls.

No, I'm only afraid to repeat
the same story again.

That was a disgrace, an accident.

That's not true! We were
responsible for what happened.

Lucia, don't make a scene!
My orders will be strictly obeyed.


It will to be your way.

And hopefully, we won't
have t0 regret it.

- Are they gone?
- Yes.

The Abeligas Gutierrez are leaving.
They came for them.

- We're all alone, right?
- But why you?

You're not punished.

I never go out. My only relative is
an old aunt and I'd rather stay.

At least Miss Bernard treats me well.

She didn't even let me see them!

God knows what that
damn witch told them!

This is my last year
in this filthy school!

I'm sorry but your
father is a real wimp!

If I was him, I'd have taken you
out of here at any price!

I'm going to see Armando
no matter what!

- How are you going t0 do that?
- I'll tell you later...

when the GESTAPO
leaves the room.

Don't be like that... poor girl.
She doesn't have a family.

Of course! Because snakes
are born out of an egg!

Is she staying with us the
whole vacation period?

I think so.

Oh, no!

That's extra punishment.

Keep an eye on me girls, because
someone is going to die here!

Don't say that!

Enough with this nonsense
and put on your uniforms!

But Miss, we just took it off.

- I'm sorry, but we have classes.
- Classes? Aren't we on vacations?

Miss Bernard ordered
and intensive course.

But, aren't all
the teachers gone?

I'll help you out.

One more thing: Your relatives
have been already informed.

You uncle left this
for you, Silvia.

Miss, you promised you
were going to talk to her.

I couldn't do anything. Please, don't
motivate another punishment.

And bring all your clothes to this bedroom.

No, don't cry, Silvia.
Ten days go quickly.

I'll see you in the class
room in half an hour.

Classes! Exactly
what we needed!




Where is she going?

I don't know.
I think she's sleepwalking.

She's going to
catch a pneumonia.

And me too.

- We better wake her up.
- Yes, but carefully.

Sleepwalkers can die
if you wake them up.

Claudia, Claudia!


What are you doing here?
Are you crazy?

Why did you leave the bedroom?

I don't know. I heard
someone calling me.

You were dreaming!

No, I can still hear it.

It's the wind.

No, it's a voice.

I heard it very clear.

It was calling me from up there.

It was just a nightmare.
There's nobody there.

Besides, it's closed

You see? Someone opened
the door for me.

Let's see who it is, then.

Shut up!
It's just the wind.

No, there's someone here.

Look, over there.

Let's go! Run!

And when we looked up,
we saw her by the window.

She was staring at us
in a strange way.

Was she really ugly?

No... all the opposite.
And her hair is down to her waist.

And... what if it was
your imagination?

The three of us imagined
the same thing?

We have to do something.

I think we should tell
the headmistress.

You and your gossips!

Well, she could spread some
holy water around the place.

- It must be a soul in pain.
- Those are superstitions!

There has to be an explanation!

There's only one.
She's trying to tell me something.

Something that Miss Bernard
doesn't want us to know.

What's all this?!

- It's just that... I had a nightmare.
- She yelled and woke us up.

We got up t0 see if
we could help her out.

All right.
Go back to your beds!


Why don't you wear the same
nightdress as your class mates?

Well, it was hot and...

That's no excuse t0 wear
a nightdress like that.

It's indecent!

Don't wear it again!

The same nightmare
you had before?

No, it wasn't that one.

Get some sleep, Claudia. I want to
see you in the class room tomorrow.

Good night, ladies.

Way before uncle Tom
convalesced from his wounds.

Legree forced him to go
back to work.

And a life of sorrows
started for him.

'Several weeks, the black man spent...

repressing inside of him the
suggestions of the evil force.

He remembered the letter
to his old masters in Kentucky.

And he was praying t0
be taken out of that Hell.

Day after day, he kept holding onto
the vague hope of being rescued.

But the days were passing and
desperation took over his soul again.



I'd like to know what's
keeping you so distracted.

Nothing... I wasn't distracted.

Give me that thing you
keep under the napkin.

- It's nothing, really.
- Do you want me t0 take it myself?

It seems like you have
your very own novel.

I'll keep this with myself
until your parents come to visit.

Damn witch!
I just wanted to slap her!

And your parents will
be terribly mad!

That's not a problem. They already
suspect about me and Armando.

Hey, quite a scene, huh?

When you gave her the picture,
I felt shivers down my spine.

She won't have it for long,
because I'm going to steal it!

- What?! this girl is crazy in love.
- I'm not crazy!

I know she'll put it inside her desk
and I'm going to get it tonight.

To the witch's office?
Oh, my!

Oh, really? I totally believe you!
And when will that be?

At midnight.

Look how brave she is!
During the witches' hour.

Just to make sure
you're awake... sweetie.

Girls! It's almost twelve.

She was very convinced this morning.

And I still am!

Anybody wants t0 come with me?

She's everywhere.
Don't go.

Take care of yourselves
until I get back.

I hope nothing
happens to anyone.

We shouldn't have let her go.

She's dangerous.

Don't make us more
nervous, would you?

- What if Miss Bernard finds out?
- Shut up!

We have to admit
that she's very brave.

Or that she's
very much in love.

I wouldn't have left this room
for a picture of Tony Curtis.

Listen to the wind out there.

- What happened?
- Did you find it?


I found something else too!

Have you ever seen this face?

It's her.

Kitty, I don't know what
t0 say about all this.

I just wanted to take
my boyfriend's picture.

No, that's no excuse.
This is almost a misdemeanor.

I don't even want t0
imagine what she could do.

Are you going to tell her?!

No, but only because you had
the decency to tell me.

I'm going to put these
pictures where they belong.

Promise me, that you will
never do such a thing again.

I'm sorry, Miss.
I'm sorry!

Let's forget about it.
We'll pretend it never happened.

And I don't want any
gossips Josefina, is that clear?

You know who she is, right?

Of course.
She is a former student.

Andrea Ferrone.

But she's dead.


How do you know that?

It's the girl I saw in my dreams...
hanged in the tower.

Nonsense! I don't want t0
talk about it anymore.

Ten minutes to go to class.

Now I know it's true.

Andrea... is back.

Lucia, what are you
doing here?

I'm sorry, I left the
exams here this morning.

Isn't it a little bit
late to pick them up?

It's just that... I was afraid I had
left them elsewhere and...

if the girls find it...

- You are very nervous.
- Yes.

I got scared when I saw you.
Good night.

Come in.

Miss, you wanted to see me?

Yes, Josefina. Are the other
girls in the class room?

They just went.

Come here, Josefina.
I'd like to ask you a favor.

Yes, Miss.

Whatever you say.

There's a dinner tonight to
honor a model teacher.

Miss Lucla and I have to attend
and we'll be back a little bit late.

- Do you understand?
- Yes, Miss.

You will be taking my place.

When I get back, I want to
know everything in detail.

I will inform you
about everything.

The students must have dinner
and go t0 bed at the usual time.

Make sure they don't talk about
forbidden subjects or other things.

- Did you understand?
- Yes, Miss.

I'm sure you will be
able to follow my orders.

You can go now.

Excuse me.


Thank you.

- I can't do it.
- You don't have to say it.

As long as I pass, it's all right.

Why did you sign up for
music? You're crazy.

My mom's idea. She
wants me to be a pianist.

She never heard you!

- Nice reunion!
- At least invite us!

Where's Josefina?

Doing her homework. She's
a model student, remember?

You were playing? Keep doing it,
it sounded really nice.

You must be from Claudia's family.

Yes, sure! Keep laughing, but
I'm doomed to fail anyway.

Who can learn with that?
They should have taught you like me.

- You studied piano?
- With a friend.

And what did he 'play' for you, honey?

- And did you learn?
- A different style, yes. Move over.

I didn't know you could play like that!

Now we're talking!

Come on, Kitty, dance!

- Yes, yes! Dance Kitty!
- Come on, dance Kitty!


What are you doing here?

I knew this wouldn't last.

- I'll tell Miss Bernard
- I have permission to study piano.

But they don't!
Especially to dance like that.

Why do you bother?
She's going to tell anyway.

I was asked to report everything
and make sure you all behave.

Oh, how nice!
You'll have a lot to inform now.

We're going to fix our issues, which are
pretty much overdue, don't you think?

Slap her hard, that'll teach her!

No, no girls! I promise I won't
say anything... if you go to bed.

Go to bed?
The party is just beginning.

We were even going to invite you.

- You can dance too, right Jose?
- No! I don't know.

That's a great idea! If she
dances, she won't tell anyone.

Dance or we'll kick your ass!
You decide!

Dance, dance, dance, dance!

No girls! Don't be like that.

Play Yvette!


Very well, Jose!
Very well!

Striptease, striptease!

- Yay! That's a great idea!
- No, no girls! Please.

You prude! We need to learn
all kinds of things in this life.

We never know what's waiting
for us. No more clothes!

No, no!

- Don't be barbarians!
- Leave me alone!

- Help me out, girls!
- Please, girls...

Leave me alone!


Leave her alone, now!
Don't be mean.

Oh, all right.

You can't have fun with this girl.

And I was going to
see my first striptease.

This one's for you!
I'm an expert.

Oh, no Kitty!

Why not? Watch and learn.
Music, maestro!

No, Kitty, no!

Baby, this is like Paris!

Kitty, don't be cynical!

No, it's not possible. It must
have been your imagination.

No Miss, it was the
girl of the picture.

Josefina, I know you don't lie.
Is it true what they are saying?

Yes, Miss, I saw her too! And I think
I'm going to see her until the day I die.

But you said she was dead.

It will be better if
I tell you the truth.


- She killed herself.
- Here?

It was crazy. Five years ago, she was
grounded for vacations just like you.

I knew it was the witch's fault!

Kitty! I don't want to hear
that nickname again!

It's a shame that girls like you...

She killed herselfjust
because she was grounded?

Andrea had gone through a lot.
Her mother was all she had...

a woman who worked
really hard so she could study.

Her father had abandoned them.

During those vacations, her
mother became very ill.

And she still wasn't
allowed to leave?

We didn't believe her.
We thought she was lying.

And one day they told us that
her mother had passed away.

Poor girl...
and what did she do?

She spent the whole day
crying desperately.

The very next day, we found
her in the tower... dead.

Tell us... how was she?

She was the best
student I've ever had.

Intelligent and nice.

She was wonderful playing the piano
and she had an amazing memory.

She loved heliotropes.


what does she want from me?

Diego! Diego!

Who? Who is it?

It's me, Lucia.
Open the door.

Miss Lucia, what's wrong?

I need to talk to you.
Can I come in?

Yes, certainly... come on in.

You shouldn't be out,
it's too cold out there.

- We could have talked tomorrow.
- No, this couldn't wait.

Promise me that you won't
tell Miss Bernard about this.

I promise.
But, sit down.

Diego... do you remember Andrea?

Yes, that poor girl.
How can I forget her?

Something inexplicable happened.

The girls think they have seen her.

One of them says she heard her voice!

You don't look very surprised.

No, Miss.

Who knows what happens after
death that make them come back...

and wander
around in this world?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Oh, no! How can that poor
thing be a ghost?

So pretty and with those
eyes full of sorrow...

Have you seen her?


Haven't you?

How could I possibly see her?
She is dead.

But she's still with us.
Maybe she's looking for something.

No, that is not possible.

Let me ask you...

do you remember how hard the wind
was blowing the night we found her dead?

Yes, of course.

Every time I hear it whistling
like that... I know she's back.

It's like the wind can
feel her presence.

Like tonight.

Yes, like tonight.

Go to bed, Diego.
I'm sorry I bothered you!

Miss Lucia, don't be mad at me.
I told you the truth.

It's all right, Diego...
thank you.

I saw her, do you understand?
I saw her!

Of course, of course. And if I keep
listening to you, I will also see her!

Why don't you ask Diego,
the gardener?

Have you lost your mind? Do you think
I would talk to that superstitious old man?

Fine, you don't believe me.

But please, take the girls out
of here before it's too late.

Lucia, I can't treat
you like a student...

but if you want to take
your vacations, go ahead.

I can run this school by myself!

The witch is going to regret it!
I'll my parents about everything.

- They won't believe you, Yvette.
- Why not? They can ask around.

All the other girls are 'witnesses'.

- Witnesses!
- Yeah, whatever!

They saw her, right?

- I think we should let it go...
- What?

We can't even take a shower.
One of these days...

- What's the matter?
- Look there.

Do you think he's dead?

Don't go! Wait.

Who are you?

Please don't yell! Someone could come.
I'm not gonna hurt you.

How did you get in?

Ijumped the wall.
I'd like to see Miss Penny.

You're Armando, aren't you?
Awesome! You can't be here.

Yes, but I told her I was going t0
come. Couldn't you just tell her?

I've been here for three hours!

- Wait here.
- Don't move.

What's the deal with those two?

I don't know.

They're just goofing
around to distract us.

Don't pay any attention.

- She didn't get it
- What a moron!

Let's go.

Hey Kitty!

Come here.

Don't start! I'm with this 'junction of
the spleens' stuff and I don't get it.

Exactly! We are here
t0 talk about 'junction'

- What a hassle! What do you want?
- I'll ask the same thing.

Me? I'd like to be far away
from this filthy school.

What for?

It's pretty obvious! To dress
like a normal person and see...


Keep her busy.
Don't let her follow us.

Where are they going?

They want to play
a trick on Marina.

Hey, Jose! Can you help me out
with this chemistry exercise?

How come? I thought
you knew everything.


- Come on, just tell me!
- Surprise.

- Armando!
- Hi.

All right, we're going now.
Don't take too long.

Won't you introduce us?

Oh yes, those are Claudia... and Yvette.

We heard so much about you.

Nice to meet you.

Well, excuse us.

Good bye.

- Good bye.
- Thanks girls!


- Oh, boy!
- Come on! It's none of your business!

Now, that's a real boyfriend.
Not like that hippie who's after me.

Come on!, let's go.

I hope they didn't see you, Armando.
They could kick me out.

No, but if they see me, just pretend
that you don't know me.

Don't be silly. You're more
popular than our books around here.

- I'm so glad you came.
- I made a promise, didn't I?

But for how long now?
Are you coming again later?

No, Kitty.
Getting inside is too difficulti.

- I'll hide until the night comes...
- Yes, but...

here? They're cleaning all this
and the gardener could see you.

- What's over there?
- Nothing.

- I'll stay there and when...
- No! Not there.

Why not?

Because they say it's haunted and...

What? You don't believe in
those things, do you?

No, but it scares me.

Even if I'm here?

No, not if you are here.

Here I am.

Oh, I'm sorry, I thought...
Don't be afraid, I'm Kitty's boyfriend.

She's coming later.
Please, don't tell anyone.

Lady, wait a second.

Lady, listen...



- Kitty!
- Armando!

What are you doing here?
Are you crazy?

One of your class mates saw me.
She was up there in the tower.

That's impossible.
They're all asleep.

Let's get out of here.
I'm afraid.

Of what?

If you saw one of my class mates, she
could tell the headmistress. Come with me!

Andrea, is that you?

What do you want?

Andrea, are you there?

Andrea, what do you want?

Here I am.

What was that?!

In the tower...

Get out! Get out now!
Get out!

- Miss Bernard did you hear that?
- Yes, it came from the tower. Let's go.

Miss, what...

What happened?!

It's Claudia!
It's Claudia!

What are you waiting for Lucia?
Call Dr. Olivera.

That won't be necessary, Miss.

She's dead.

She was the best class
mate I've ever had.

I still can't believe she is...

No! Don't say it.
It's awful.

Why did she have to go to the tower?
She knew Andrea was there.

Why did she do that to Claudia?
She hadn't done anything.

What did Andrea get?

You never know what the dead want.

I'm leaving tomorrow!
I'm terrified!

Yes, this place is haunted.
There's something around...

and it's threatening us.

And the wind hasn't stopped
whistling for a second!

I've never heard it like this.

Tonight... even the wind is afraid.

Have you called Claudia's parents?

I called three times, but there was
no answer. Maybe they went out.

Keep calling.

Are you going inside?

- I would like to pray next to her.
- You are tormenting yourself.


Thank you for not saying anything, but
that doesn't change what happened.

You tried to warn me
but I didn't listen.

- I'm the only one to blame.
- Don't say that!

It was an accident.

Like the other one, right?

Gp with the girls and
try to calm them.

Whatever you say.

Claudia, I'm sorry.

What happened?



You're alive!

Claudia, you're alive!

Wait, I am going t0 tell the others.

Alive! You're alive!


It was a miracle.
A real miracle!

Maybe, but I don't share
that theory. I'm more realistic.

Or more skeptical.

I have to be skeptical if we're
talking about resurrection!

And how do you explain
what happened?

It was a mistake. You thought she was
dead, but she was only unconscious.

Diego, the gardener said that...

Well, I wouldn't diagnose anything
about his flowers and grafts.

The doctor is right, Lucia.
We were all mistaken.

We were so nervous...

I'm confused about the
other thing, however.

A fall from that height and
no fractures or dislocations?

I don't understand.

- Have a good afternoon.
- You too, Dr.

Doctor, I'm worried about something.

Claudia seems very affected.
Like... distant.

Sometimes she doesn't even
listen to us. She's always gone.

My dear lady, let's be thankful
because she is alive.

And believe rne, there's no
such thing as resurrection.

Let's go.

Claudia, Claudia.

I was looking for you...

- What are you staring at?
- Nothing.

Yes, we have class with the witch now.
I made you the questionnaire, here.

Thank you, I already have it.

According to these two poets,
literature and particularly poetry...

have a mission to accomplish
as orientor of the social thinking.

Marina, do you remember the other aspects
of the Romanticism that we discussed?

Yes, Miss. They are the rebirth
of the popular and the exoticism.

Very well. Those characteristics
might be the most interesting ones.

Although, Claudia
doesn't seem to care.

I'm listening, Miss.

Then share your understanding
about these two manifestations.

The height of the popular literature is
a reaction of opposition to the classical.

Primitive texts are edited and in some
cases, they are invented, like Ossian.

Linda's Czech manuscripts, Merimee's
poetry and lyrics and Glimka's Slavs.

As for the exoticism, it is known for a
special predilection towards the oriental...

particularly, Egypt-

And the Alhambrist trend is originated
by the hand of Washington Irving.

Excellent, I see that you are
ahead of our classes.

Where did you read that?

In Elmar's work.
It's in the library.

Good for you. I wish you had
done the same all year long.

Well, let's go back to our class now.

Claudia went to the library?

She got the wrong door, I guess.

Good morning, Diego.

Good morning, Miss.

What are you doing?

I'm fixing this padlock, so
no one can go inside again.

Are you talking about me?


If anyone goes there again,
Miss Bernard will kick me out of here.

There. Closed until the end of the days.

You said the same
thing the last time.

Yes, but back then...

What last time?

The first time you put the padlock.
Right after... what happened.

And how do you know?

You weren't in this
school back then.

That's true.
I wasn't here.

I don't know.
Someone must have told me.


What are you doing?

Studying chemistry.
I don't understand anything!

Hey, who was here a while ago?

Nobody, why?

No... no reason.

I hope you finish soon!

Over there!

Don't scream.
You're scaring it!

' Qot it!

- It's hurt, isn't it?
- Yes, in one of the wings.

Let me see!

It's nothing. I think we can heal it
we some cauterizing cream.

I'll take care of it.

- What's goin on?
- We caught a pigeon!

It's so cute.

- Are we going to keep it?
- Only as long as it can't fly.

I hated caged birds.

- I'm afraid to squeeze it.
- Give it t0 me.

Miss Lucia.

It's dead.

Who's there?!

It's me Lucia.

- What are you doing up so late?
- The piano woke me up.

Can you hear it t0o?

Of course. S0meone's at the
music classroom. Come with me

DOfTt go!

It's her! Don't you recognize that music?
Andrea used t0 play it all the time.

Would you stop with
that nonsense? Let's go

It's Andrea!


What are you doing here?

Nothing, Miss.
I just couldn't sleep...

And you decided to
wake the others.

I didn't think they
could hear me.

Go back to your room immediately!
I'll see you in my office tomorrow.

Yes, Miss.

Wait, where did you learn that?
You never played it before.

I've been practicing lately.

It's no time to talk about music.
Go back to your bed.

Can't you see what's happening?

Yes, there is no discipline
at all in this school.

No! I'm talking about Claudia
and her strange return to life.

This strange ability to play the
piano that she never had before.

Lucia, that was Chopin's piece
and it didn't belong to Andrea.

The same thing applies for her
traditions and behavior.

- You really think so?
- Those are simple coincidences.

And if Claudia suddenly got a fondness
for heliotropes, I wouldn't be worried.

I'm glad you brought it up, because
I was afraid to show you...


- Claudia.
- Good morning, Miss Lucia.

What can I do for y0u?

Miss Bernard wants to see me.
She said so last night.

Claudia, I'd like to talk to you.
Come with me.

That cat never liked me.

Claudia, what's the matter?
You have changed a lot.

Everything has changed
around here, Miss.

- It's her fault.
- Why does everyone hate her?

Bernard is tough sometimes, but
that's the only way to run a school.

She's evil and cruel.

Maybe, but she didn't
have much luck in her life.

Neither had you and yet,
everyone likes you.

If it wasn't for her, you'd be married
t0 that boyfriend you had.

Who told you that?

You did.

You told me about a man who liked
you and she pushed him away.

Don't you remember?


I told one of my students
about it, but it wasn't you.

It was her... Andrea!

Claudia, tell me!

How can you possibly know about
all this if you never even met her?

Tell me.
For God's Sake, tell me!

What's going on?!

Nothing, Miss. I was reprimanding
Claudia for what happened last night.

I was waiting for you, Claudia.

Go inside.


The things that have been happening lately,
have forced me to make a drastic decision.

I'll ask your parents
t0 pick you up tomorrow.


You have the day off
t0 pack your belongings.

And my last advice...

d0n't leave the bedroom after
dinner, for any reason at all.

- Is that clear?
- Yes, Miss.

I don't want troubles. Besides, your
health is delicate and the nights are cold.

Yes, horribly cold.

I'll see you tomorrow.
You can go now.


Thank you giving me
one last night here.

- Who's there?
- It's me, Lucia.

- What's the matter?
- The lights went out.

Yes, but that's no reason t0 be
nervous. It happens very often.

- And the students?
- They're all asleep.

- I need to talk t0 you.
- Now?

I'd like to ask you to let me stay
with you until the sun rises.

Are you afraid?

Very much.

So afraid that...

I don't even know
how I'm standing it.

But it's not because of me.

It's because of you.

Come on.
Calm down, Lucia.

You're too nervous.

Can you hear it?

It's her.

It's her!

Like the night...

It's just someone crying!
And I'm going to see who it is.

Don't go out!
You're in danger!

I have to put an
end to this nonsense.

Go to the girl's bedroom.
Don't let anyone out!

And take that candle.

- Miss!
- Do as I say!


Miss Lucia.
Did you hear that?

- Where's Claudia?
- I don't know.

We woke up because of that
crying, but she wasn't here.

Come with me, quick!

Help me out!



Where are you going?

To the tower, quick!


What's all this?



Claudia, dear.

What's the matter?

Tell me!
Talk to me!

Miss Lucia.

Don't talk now.

You'll get worse.

I'm with you.

Come in, Doctor.

Can you announce me, please?

That won't be necessary.
You can go inside.

Thank you.

Come in.

Good morning.

Oh, good morning!
Come in, Doctor.

I'm so glad you came.

I knew the directive board
had rectified your position.

So I came to give you
my congratulations.

Thank you very much, Doctor.
Take a sit.

And how is everything going?

Fine, in a way. Those Police Agents
were here yesterday.

- Everything's settled.
- What's the final verdict?


And what else did you expect?


They would have never believed
what actually happened.

Lucia, Lucia...
you're a rational woman.

You can't believe in the
existence of a ghost...

who takes possession of a
body to consummate a revenge.

It's childish!

Then why doesn't Claudia remember
anything after her fall?

And how did she recover her personality
after all that time of mental absence?

There are certain things that
science cannot explain yet.

And it will never be
able to explain this.

And your students?

They all stayed here.

I had troubles with some parents who
wanted to take the girls out of here...

but I convinced them to stay.

It makes sense. They like you
very much... even Josefina.

Yes, she's changed now.
She's no longer a gossipy.

A clever work you did.

I tried to be understanding.
This school needed some happiness.

I noticed.

This school looks nothing
like the one it used to be.

And he's coming back tonight
after what happened?

Armando really does
have a lot of guts.

Men should be like that
or do something else.

Like what?

Never mind.

Is there anything wrong?

You forgot to put the padlock, Diego.

What for?
It wont be necessary.

Nobody is going inside and
nobody is coming out of there.

Diego... you saw her too, right?
It wasn'tjust a dream I had.

Forget about it now and
pretend it never happened.

It will be very difficult.

Every time I walk near that tower,
I feel like I'm going to see her.


Don't be afraid.

She's gone.

Gone for good.