Even Money (2006) - full transcript

Gambling: Carolyn, a novelist, is losing her family's savings at the slots; she's befriended by a close-up magician who dreams of making it big. A murdered bookie has the cops focused on Victor, who fronts for the mysterious, never-seen Ivan. Augie and Murph, two other bookies ply their partnership, which is endangered by an offer from Victor to Augie and by Murph's girlfriend's rejection of his violent vocation. A mechanic, in debt to his bookies, asks his basketball-playing brother to shave some points. A paraplegic cop sees all. Will anyone reach their dream? The odds are against it.

If you want to
know the truth about someone,

find their dream
and work backwards.

We're all chasing something.

More money, more love.

I don't know, maybe
just one more chance.

What we're really
looking for is more life.

Yes, sir.

More of this beautiful life.

But if you're not careful,
you might go looking for more

and wind up with less.

- Come on, come on.

This time.

I know, I know.

I know.

I know, we'll talk
about it later.

Half an hour, I'll be home.

- Good evening, basketball fans

- Love you too. Bye.

And welcome to
basketball action.

One of the better games
you will see all season.

The Eagles of Saint Francis

taking on the
Matadors of Loyola.


- Here we go!

Here we go!

Here we go!

Matadors, Matadors.

What, what, what?

All right.

Bring it on in here.

match up featuring

two of the premier
guards in the league,

Godfrey Snow and Darius Jackson.

St. Francis on the breakaway.

- There you go, God!

Godfrey Snow!

What a jump!

- Godfrey!

- You ain't shit.

Darius Jackson
manhandles through the lane.

No one can stop him.

Up for the lay-up.

It's good.

Godfrey Snow working
two defenders.

- Come on, Godfrey,
make it look easy.

open in the corner.

For three.

It's good.

- That's right, that's right.

That's my little brother.

- Careful, it's hot.

- It needs more salt.

- A little.

- Dad, I eat salt
with everything.

- I know.

- Mom's finally home.

- You know, I never
liked him anyway.

Dad, you
told me you did.

You're too good for him, Nicole.

He told me he likes this
Rebecca Simons girl.

She's such a slut.

She's got pierced nipples.

- What?

Why would someone
do that to herself?

- Pain's pleasure.

Haven't you ever
heard that, dad?

- No, I have not.

- Dad, do you think I'm pretty?

Tell the truth.

- Nicole Carver,
you are beautiful.

- You have to say that.

- I absolutely do not.

- Hey, guys.

I'm sorry, I'm late.


- Thanks for waiting.

I'm starving, mom.

I feel like an Ethiopian.

- I know, baby, I know.

- Please tell me you finished

the great American
novel already.

- Almost, almost.

What are you doing?

It smells delicious.

- It's African groundnut stew.

It's the recipe from
the magazine section.

- Oh yeah.

- I'm the best, aren't I?

- I'll say.

- Mom, do you want my advice?

- What?

- Put a lot of sex
into it so that people

actually want to read it.

Not like the last one.


- What?

Aren't we supposed to be honest

in this house all the time?

That's the rule, right?

- Uh, that's the rule.

I'm just trying to help, mom.

- And I love you for it.

- Ew, you smell like smoke.

- Oh, that's the coffee shop.

- Hey, come on, come
on, come on, come on.

finding room behind

the three-point arc.

It's good.

No one can stop Darius Jackson
from getting to the hole.

- Do something with the ball.

Back up.

- What?

- Back up.

on, do something.

What, what?

Whatcha got?

nice through the defense.

Another dunk.

The Matadors down one.

Fifty-eight, fifty-seven.

Jackson, all the
way to the basket.

Loyola takes the lead!

- That's what I'm talking about.

You know
they say big time players

make big time plays.

Who's going to
make the play now?

- All right, all right, G.

- I see your ass all day.

Like that?

Look at me when
I'm talking to you.

Roberts on the inbound

over to Snow.

He can't find anything.

Gives it up.

Snow working up the baseline.

Off the corner for
the three and the win.

It's no good, it's no good.

Loyola wins it.

A heartbreaking
loss for St. Francis

and more specifically
for Godfrey Snow.

- That's a nice shot.

Rookies always choke
under pressure, punk.


- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

- Damn.

- All right, Clyde

- How could you have
missed that shot?

You've been doing that shot
a hundred times everyday.

This ain't no game.

You got scouts looking at you.

That's what you've
been working for.

What's going on?

- I don't know, man.

- You're going to hit that
shot next time, right?

- I choked in there, Clyde.

- I don't care about that game.

That game's over.

We can't get that back.

You're going to run
against these boys

again in the next tournament.

And you know what's
going to happen?

It's going to be about you.

It's going to be about you.

Ain't nobody in this world
can stop Godfrey Snow

but Godfrey Snow.


And you got to own that.

Can I hear it?

Let me hear it.

Let me hear it.

Where's Godfrey Snow?

I'm sorry, did
anybody see Godfrey?

Where is he, where's
Godfrey Snow?


Come on.

You see that boy Jackson?

He got pro scouts
looking at him.

And you held your own.

What's that say about you?

You're going to
have say something

or I'm gonna slap
you upside your head.

- I own it.

- I'm sorry.

I didn't hear that.

- I own it!

- Can I just get a
little bit of noise?

- I own it.

- One more time.

- I own it!

- And you own it.

That's what I'm talking about.

You own it.

You're Godfrey Snow.

You're Godfrey Snow.

All right?

Cool, cool.

Here, why don't you go get
yourself something to eat

with your friends.

I gotta roll because I got
a call about a busted pipe.

- They got you working
overtime again?

- I'm a black man.

I work all the time.

- Clyde, you know
there ain't going to be

no more working once
I get to the NBA.

- That's what I'm talking about.

There he is.

- I own it.

- You own it!

That's my man.


Godfrey Snow!

- Mmm.

Hit him hard this time, Murph,

so he finally understands, huh?

You know what the
fucking doctor said?

The doctor said I
suffer from stress.


I don't feel any stress.

I hate doctors.

Maybe I have stress and I
don't even know I have stress.

Is that even possible?

Is he here?


- This guy.

We never should have taken
this guy's action, man.

He's a pain in my ass.

- Oh, he's all right, man.

I know him from way back.

- We're trying to run
a business here, Murph.


- She's something, Aug.

I can't stop thinking
about her, man.

- Murph, what did I say?

- It's not going away.

I really love her, man.

No shit.

- It'll pass.

It always passes, Murph.

- But this is different.

It's like,

it's like in here, you know.

- In here, you mean.

- Oh, fuck you!

- Fuck me.

You'll see, Murph.

It'll pass.

It always does.

Hey, hey,
hey, he's here.

- We'll both hit him.

- Oh shit.

- I told you I'll get
you the money, Murph!

- I don't get it, Clyde.

I pay plumbers a lot of money.

So, what's the fucking problem?

- Murph, what you
hitting me for?

You're my boy!

- Oh, you're his boy?

- Shut up, Clyde.

- Hey, hey!
- What is this?

We got history!

- I think what Murph is
trying to explain to you

is that we are running
a fucking business here.

What do we look
like, the Red Cross?

You people.

Fuck you.

- Fuck you, fuck you!

- Enough!

Listen to me, Clyde.

Just get the money.

You got 'til the
first of the month.

Don't make things harder
on yourself, Clyde.

- Come on, get off me.

Is that the way it's gonna be?

Is that the way
this is gonna be?

You're supposed to be my friend!

We go way back!

And you were supposed
to be my friend!

- You already did that, baby.

- No, this is something else.

I don't want to get wrinkles.

- Wrinkles?

I don't see any wrinkles.

I just see a
beautiful sexy woman.

Come here.

- Tom?


- I'm sorry.

It's just the book.

I can't think of anything else.

- Okay.

- I'm consumed by it.

I'm sorry.

- It's okay.

- No.

- Dr. Carver, Dr. Carver?

Can I talk to you for a sec?

Sure, Jill.


- I can't fail your
class, Dr. Carver.

Will you promise me
that I won't fail?

- Jill, I can't pass you
if you don't do the work.

You're not doing anything.

- Look, my parents
will kill me if I fail.

Isn't there anything I can do?

- Do the work.

That's all you could do.

Do your best and you'll be fine.

But you have to do something.

- Isn't there anything
else I can do?

- Jill, just do the work.

- That a boy.

There you go.

Double jabs, double
jabs, double jabs.


Ow, who wants my man?

He's ready.

Hey, babe, Brunner's here.

- Murph, you better be careful.

You're gonna hurt yourself.

- He doesn't care, he's in love.

- Congratulations.

You guys hear?

Wing Loh is dead.

- Shit.

- We didn't do it.

- I know you didn't
do it, Murph.

I'm just wondering.

A nothing bookie, dead.

How does that happen?

- Maybe somebody owed
him a lot of money

and wanted to clean the slate.

- Yeah, maybe.

- Any other ideas?

- What about Ivan?

- Is Ivan worried about
a fellow like Wing Loh?

I don't think so.

Ivan's sitting someplace
nice and warm right now,

counting his gold.

Trust me.

- King fucking Ivan.

- You should pay his
boy, Victor, a visit.

- I might just do that.

Be in touch you
hear anything, okay?


you guys watch yourselves, okay?

You especially, Murph.

Being in love and all.

- Try one, Sticks?

- Pass.

Wing Loh is dead.

You hear anything, Victor?

- When I stand
outside alone at night

I hear voices.

But I think that's just
the boys in the harbor.

Are you accusing
Ivan of involvement

in the death of Wing Loh?

- Ivan's smart
enough not to bother.

- Why you here then?

- Just a hunch.

- There's something for
you on the coffee table.

- No, thanks.

- Well, I want you to know
that's always there for you,

my friend.

Give it to charity.

- Why don't you
give it to charity?

Why don't you give it to one

of those heartwarming

that support war heroes
such as yourself?

- I'm no hero.

This was friendly fire.

I think you killed Wing Loh.

- You're a lousy
detective, Sticks.

Ivan would never bother with
a nothing like Wing Loh.

- Ivan wouldn't.

But you're not Ivan.

It's game time, Murph.

Let's make some money.

- Murph.

You got it.

Barry G., one hundred on Utah

minus three and a half.

One-ten wins one, Bar.



Hey, Jimmy!

How the hell are you, man?

No shit!

- Enough with the chit chat.

- What color?

- Murph, please, please,
who cares what color?

Come on, get his money.

- What do ya got?

Three hundred on the Red Wings

minus two goals.

That's three to win in three.

No juice, split line.


Hey, Aug.


- You know what she
said to me this morning?

- Murph, come on, not now.

- She said I am the
best she's ever had.

- What is she supposed to say?

You're still in the room.

- The best.

The best, Aug.

- You're the best.

Fuck me, please.

Do me the favor,

after we're done
making all this money.

- You're just jealous.


- What's the matter?

- It's Victor.

He wants you.

- Give me the 20, give
me the 20, $20, okay.

Here we go, right?

Here's the magic marker.

Here's your 20.

I'm gonna make a nice,
big X on that 20.


I am starving.

Thank you, sir.

I have very expensive tastes.

Here we go.

Like that and mmmm, thank you.

- Hey, buddy.

I want that 20 back.

- Oh, that was a loan?

- Not funny, buddy.

- You want it back?

- No.

- Ma'am, could you
please give the kind,

generous gentleman
his money back?

- Me?

- In your purse.

Right there in your wallet.

That's it, yeah.

- Ah, there you go.

There you go, sir.

Here's a five for you, sir.

- Ooh.

Remember, I have very
expensive tastes.

- All right, here's a 10.

Now get the heck out of here.

- Thank you.

You're a good sport.

Thank you very
much, appreciate it.

All right.

- There you go.


- Detective, what brings
you to this glorious

part of the world?

Certainly not the cuisine.

- Walter.

- Well, I'm
absolutely fantastic.

Thanks for asking.

I couldn't ask for anything
more out of this life.

- You ever hear of a
guy named Wing Loh?

- Never.

But I love Chinese food.

- You hear any
mention of that name,

Wing Loh,

I want you to listen
real closely, okay?

- For you, anything, detective.

- Whoa, cowboy.

It's the best thing
here, the ice cream.

- Mm-hmm.

- You got a little little
schmutz right there.

Just a teeny bit.

- Did I get it?

- No, not yet.

It's, its...

Just a little.

- Now?

- Just missed.

It's like, do you mind if I,

allow me to...

Ooh, oooh,

oh, there's a lot of it.

Feel better?

- That was cute.

That was really cute.

- My name's Walter.

- I'm married, Walter.

- What's the point?

- No point.

- Oh, what do you think?

That I want to make love to you?

You're not my type.

- Ditto.

- I was just in the mood
for a little conversation.

I thought you might
be in the mood

for a little entertainment.

But if you don't
want it, I'm gone.

I'm out of here.

Invisible man, whoo!

You hear about the
one where the horse

goes in the bar and
the bartender says...

- "What's with the long face."

That's old.

And I'd really appreciate it
if you just leave me alone.

- Two cannibals eating a clown.

One cannibal says
to the other one,

"This taste funny to you?"

I saw you at the slots.

You don't want to
play the slots.

- No, I do.

I have fun.

- Fun how?

- It's just fun for me.

I like it.

- You got to get
the human element

involved to win.

See, the more human element
the more chance you got to win.

These are for you.

Oooh, looks like you
need a breath mint.

That's hilarious.

- Where you going?

of your business.

- Hey, my name is
Walter Markowitz.

I'm a magician.

Bye, Walter.

- Mmmm.

- I can't eat while you're
looking at me like that.

- I can't help it.

I need to.

- No, no, no, no, no, no.

Not again, please, I can't.

- Amigos, something nice
and romantic this time.

Cielito Lindo?

- Hey, Victor.

How are you doing, buddy?

- You never give up, do you?

- I want to talk to Ivan.

He owes me.

Come on, Victor.

Throw me a bone.

Just a little something
to tie me over.

Times are tough.

I did his kid's birthday
party three years in a row.

I was working with Ivan
when he was nothing.

I know all the guys on the take.

All those cops, I give
him that information.

I can help you guys.

- Is that so?

- I know there are people
trying to take Ivan down,

coming after Ivan.

- Now that's important
information, Walter.

- Yeah.

- Take a seat.

No, no,

no, really.

No, I won't bite.

Sit down.

This steak,

it's a wonderful piece of meat.


like eating butter.

See the marbling?

It's dry-aged for six weeks.

And these fries,

they're perfect.

They're thin and they're crispy.

You know, I think I'm
going to have them

put it in a doggy bag.

It's your lucky day, Walter.

They're all yours.

- Fuck you, Victor.

- It's a wonderful
steak, Walter.

It's just the way
it should be cooked.

It's medium rare.

- Fuck you, Victor.

- Hey, Walter.

Will you show me a magic trick?

Let me see a bunny wabbit.

Can you can you make
a bunny wabbit appear?

Where's my wabbit?

- Go to hell.

- Wait a minute.

It is you.

- Claudia.

- Veronica Cruz.

Oh, my God, it's been
a long time, girl.

- Only 12 years.

Oh, my God, you look
exactly the same.

- And I have two kids.

- Wow.

- So, tell me about you.

What's going on with you?

- Still stuck on zero.

I just haven't found
the right guy yet.

- Who's the guy you're
having dinner with?

- He may be the right guy.

We're going on six months.

Got my fingers crossed.

- I hate to tell you this,

but the guy's an
asshole, Veronica.

He broke my husband's
jaw last year.

I'm sorry, I,

I'll see you around, okay?

- Shit.

- Baby, he owed
us a lot of money.

- It's sick.

- It had to be done.

- That is bullshit.

Normal people don't
beat people up

because they owe them money!

- Yeah, they do.

Where I'm from, yes they do.

- No they don't!

- Yes, they do.

Listen, wait, wait.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, listen.

I love you, Cruz.

I want to be with you forever.

- Don't touch me!

- Fuck!

Wait, Veronica, wait!


- Carolyn.

- Jesus, you scared me.

- Carol, it's one
o'clock in the morning.

Where were you?

- The coffee shop.

- Coffee shops are
open this late?

- No.

After it closed, I
wrote in the car.

- What?

- I don't know, it's amazing.

I write really well in the car.

- I was worried about you.

All you had to do was call me.

- I'm sorry.

I'm, I'm sorry.

I didn't want to wake you.

I promise next time.

- Just call.

- Okay, okay.

Hey, you.

- Writing in the car.

- Goodnight.

I promise.

Yeah, Let me hear it.

- We got to add tennis courts.

Hey, we got to add a
putting green at the crib.

All that, heliports.

Swimming pool.

- What's up with the pool?

- Olympic size one.

I'm gonna put some fish in it.

Can you put fish in a pool?

- Yeah, you could
put fish in the pool.

How about a Jacuzzi?

I mean 'cause I'm not
going to visit you

if you don't got a Jacuzzi.

That's what I do.

I'm a Jacuzzi swimmer.

- What do you mean visit?

You going to be
there all the time.

They going to put a Jacuzzi
in your room for you.

We got to have our own chef.

- Now you're
talking my language.

A white guy, right?

Hell, yeah.

- What, French?

- French?

I don't know 'cause I
don't know if French people

can make collard greens.

- What you got?

Come on, one more.

One more, come on.

All right, let's get
out of here, man.

Western College

Thursday night.

You feel it?

Oh, yeah.

- 'Cause the line's got
you guys up by eight.

You boys getting
some respect now.

- About damn time.

- What if you win
by less than eight?

win's a win, right?

- Yeah, yeah.

That's what I'm saying.

What I'm saying Godfrey is

what if you win by
less than eight?

A win's a win, right?

- Clyde, man, don't
tell me you got

money riding on the game.

- You always
accusing me of stuff.

Come on, man.

Don't worry about me.

You need to focus on the game.

You need to concentrate.

- Clyde.

- I believe in you, G.

Who else am I gonna bet on?

I got to bet on you.

- You said you was done.

I thought you was
supposed to be clean.

- I'm trying to get there.

That's what this is all about.

- I'm not doing it.

- You see this?

Do you see this?

I didn't get this from hitting
my head on some fucking pipe.

These guys, they
want their money.

And I'm in the hole.

I'm going to get hurt really bad

if I can't figure
my way out of this.

Come on, Godfrey.

Come on.

- Look, we'll borrow the money.

- Who the fuck going
to lend us the money?

- I don't know.


- I'm down 12,000, all right?

- $12,000?

How you down $12,000?

- I don't know, I
don't know, man.

Just got out of control.

Just got out of
control, you know?

- You said you was done.

- I'm trying, all right?

I'm trying.

- You swore to me.

I guess your word don't
mean shit, then, huh?

- You know what,
fuck it, Godfrey!

Fuck it, all right, fuck it!

I'm not perfect!

Look at me, I'm not perfect!

Who is, who's perfect?

You perfect?

You make every
shot you ever take?

Did you make that shot
against Loyola the other day?


You didn't hit that shot.

You fucked up.

You lost the game.


you're not perfect.

I'm not perfect either.

Got me all messed up, man.

This is all messed up.

I'm sorry.

That's not right.

I shouldn't have said that.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, all right?

I'm sorry, I'm just,

I'm just trying to get straight.

I'm just trying not to get hurt.

That's it.

- What you need me to do?

- Forget it, all right?

Come on, come on, forget it.

No, no, no, let's go.

Let's go home, let's
get out of here.

- Clyde, man, what
you need me to do?

- I just need you to
win by less than eight.

- Move your feet,
move your feet.

Come on, come on.

All right, it's all right.

It's all right.

Let's go, let's go.

- It's all right.

- Oh!

Oh, God damn it.

- What's the matter?

- I got this indigestion,
this acid reflux.

It burns.

It hurts like a son of a bitch.

- That's stress.

- Yeah, I know.

That's what all the genius
doctors keep telling me.

- You know,


the reason I invited
you here tonight

is because I think
you're an astute guy.

And I like the way
you do business.

- I'm just trying
to make a living.

- Well, I think we
should work together.

Pull our resources, so to speak.

- Wow, that's quite
an offer, Victor.

But, you know, Murph
and I, you know,

we got a good thing going now.

- Murph's a liability.

You work with me,

you'll retire before you're 40.

- Did you offer
anybody else this deal?

- What do you mean?

- Like Wing Loh.

- Now, why would
you ask me that?

- If we're gonna work together,

I should know about the
operation, don't you think?

- Wing Loh was
offering better lines.

He was stealing from both of us.

- I heard something about that,

but it didn't really bother me.

I figured there was enough
action for all of us.

Didn't you?

- What do you think of my offer?

- I think Murph and I

are pretty happy as we are.

- Well, I think you
should think about it.

I think you should think
about where you want to be

in five years.

- Man.

- Have a good night, Augustine.

- You too, Victor.

Thanks for the game.

How's my boy, Ivan, doing?

- Would you like me
to say hello for you?

- Actually I don't know him.

I never met him.

I didn't
think you did.

- You know what?

I have a theory
about Ivan, Victor.

Just hear me out.

There is no Ivan.

It's like the Wizard of Oz.

You're Ivan.

- Good night, Augustine.

- Walter, the magician.

pretty loud, huh?

Oh, yeah.

- Cute again.

- Aha, that's for you.

- Thank you.

- And you are?

- Carolyn.

- Carolyn.

Do you play, Carolyn?

No, come on, sit down.

This is my game.

I'll teach you.

Oh, blackjack!

What are you gonna do?

- Yeah, more.

- You want more?

Let it ride?

- Let it ride.


Come on, come on,
come on, come on!

- Blackjack!

It's her first time playing.

It's her first time!

All right.

What, what, what?

- Again.

- Enough, again?

- Going again.

- Okay, going again.

- Okay, okay.

- Remember what I told
you about the odds.

Let the dealer bust,
let the dealer bust.

- I feel lucky, I feel lucky.

- You gotta play the odds.

- One more.

- You want a hit?

- One more.

- She wants a hit.

- Hit it.

- Oh, oh, medic!


- Hey, Nicole, is
your mom there?

She's not here.

- All right.

Well, I'll see you in
a little while, okay?


- Yes, yes, yes!





- Hey, baby, where are you?

- Hi, honey.

The coffee shop.

- Are you gonna be home soon?

Yeah, soon.

- Well, I miss you.

- I miss you too.


- You're very good
under pressure.

- Hey, lady luck, are
you in or you out?

Are you gonna play
this game or what?

- No, I'm in, I'm, I'm in.

That was so fantastic.

Thank you so very much.

- Come on.

- Did I give you enough?

- Oh, yeah.

I'm a simple guy.

You sure you want to quit?

Because, you know, when
you're on a roll like that...

- No, I really have to go home.

- Home is where the heart is.

Okay, well, I'll be here,
Carolyn Carver, okay?

I'm here!

- Hey, you.

Are you my lover?

Are you my angel man?

- Did you finish?

- Almost.

I'm just happy.

Can't I be happy?

- Carolyn.

- Mm-hmm?

- I decided on the
way home from the game

to get a Starbucks.

You weren't at the Starbucks.

- I don't always
go to Starbucks.

Portfolio on Main?

Did you try there?

- No.

I'm sorry.

- I cannot work at the
same place everyday.

It would drive me crazy.

Where did you think I was?

- I don't know.

It's just that we
don't get to see

much of you around
here these days.

- I'm almost finished.

I really am.

- We just miss you, baby.

That's all.

- How about the other guy?

Does he miss me too?

Yeah, does he?

- I don't know, let me ask him.

- Oh, no, no.

Let me ask him.

How are you doing?

- All right.

Let's finish strong,
finish strong.

Come on, finish strong.

Push it out, push it out.


All right, all right.

Good work, men.

Good work.

All right, you all go
and hit the showers.

Get back to your dorms.

Hit the books.

Yeah, all right.

- Fill your brains
with knowledge

and you will succeed
on this planet.

- There he is, Godfrey Snow!

Madison Square
Garden, one free throw

from the World Championship.

And the crowd screams.

And he shoots!

And it's in!

He hits it!

Godfrey Snow!

The man!

- You know, I be doing my thing.

- The man!
- Doing my thing.

- I'm gonna need a little
more help from you, all right?

Just a little bit, okay?

- How much more?

- I don't know, you know.

I can't

get it all back at
one time, right?

I mean,

they be all over
me for that, right?

You know that, right?

Come on.

- Hit me.


I'm out.


Hit me.

Fuck it.

Oh, God.

- Mrs. Snyder, doctor
will be right with you.

- Cruz, hey, I
got you something.

- I don't want it.

- Hey, hey, hey,

how come you didn't
call me back last night?

Excuse me.

- Let's not do this here, okay?

- But how come you
didn't call me?

How come?

- I want to slow things down.

- Why?

- Because, because, Murph,

I need some time alone.

- Look, what I got you.


This is going to look
beautiful on you.


- I can't.

I don't want it.

- You love me, Veronica.

You said so yourself.

- You're a bookie.

You hurt people.

- I love you.

- I don't want to
be with a bookie

for the rest of
my life, you know.

I want more.

- Oh, all right, I'll quit.

You tell me to
quit and I'll quit.

- Okay, then quit.

- Exactly.

- Wait, wait, wait.

I want to hear you say
that you don't love me.

- I don't love you.

- Yes, you do.

- No, I don't.

Cover up, Murph.

Come on, Murph.

You want a
piece of me, come on.

Stop dancing.

Get out of there.

There you go.

- Come on, bitch.

Let's go, let's go.

- Oh, nice.

Come on, huh?

You want me, huh?

- All right, easy,
let's be nice.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Murph, Murph,
Murph, Murph, Murph!

Calm down, man.

Break it off.

Over to Henson,

he goes behind his back.

Ray opens on the course.

And it's on the mark.

Shot is up.

Scrambles for the loose ball.

- It hurts like hell, Murph.

I've been there.

You'll be all right.

You'll get through it, man.

Pretty soon, you won't
even remember her name.

- I'll always remember.

- You'll see.

- I want out.

I'm done with booking, Aug.

- No, you don't.

And no, you're not.

- I made a decision.

I don't want to do it anymore.

- That's Veronica Cruz talking.

Fuck you.

- Fuck me?


- Fuck you, man.

You know what?

This has gone on long enough.

This is crazy.

What are you gonna do, Murph?

Join a band?

Med school?

- I love her.

- She doesn't love you back.

- What, you got to say that?

- Yeah, I do have
to say it, man.

This is getting crazy now.

I'm tired of it.

You're my best friend.

You're my business partner.

Look, man we got a really
good thing going here.

We're on the rise, man.

We're on the rise.

And it is only
going to get better

and better and
better, I promise.

- It doesn't feel right anymore.

- You love booking, Murph.

Tell me you don't.

- It's not good what we do, Aug.

- I'm talking to
Veronica Cruz's puppet.

"It's not good what we do, Aug."

How could you say that, man?

Look at what these
other guys do.

These bigwig, these hotshot
businessmen and politicians.

They screw people over
for billions of dollars.

And then they go run behind
their million dollar lawyers.

And you got the balls to
tell me that what we do,

that what we're doing is wrong?

Come on, Murph.


oh fuck.

- You all right?

- Yeah, just...


Let me tell you something,

oh, motherfucker.

What we do is good.


Following me?

It's good.

We provide a service.

People like to bet.

We let them bet.

It's good.

It's good, it's good, it's good.

It's good.

I'll tell you
something else, okay?

Ready for this?

Ivan's going down.

- Ivan's never going
down, you told me.

- No, Ivan told Victor
to kill Wing Loh.

That's conspiracy
to commit murder.

Bye, bye, Ivan.

- Wait, wait, wait.

How do you know Ivan did it?

- 'Cause I know.

That's how I know
because I know.

All right?

Now you envision a world
with me and you booking.

No Ivan, no Victor.

Wing Loh's already out.

Pah, forget about it.

Out of the park.

Nothing can stop us.

Undisputed heavyweight
champions of the world.

Put your hand up,
put your hands up.

All right?

Let me get in that
robe, big boy.

- Get the fuck away from me.

- Now you're in a good
mood, when I act gay?

- Yeah.

- Here it is!

- That's great.

- Wonderful

- Oh, thank you, thank you.

Thank, oh, that's so generous.

Thank you very much.

That's very nice of you.

Oh, thank you so much.

Have a good night.

- Walter.


- Oh, Carolyn.

My lucky lady.

Are you hungry?

I'm buying.

- Walter.

- I'm listening.

- I lost everything
we won last night.

- I don't believe it.

- No, I did, I did.

I should have stayed
like you said,

when I was on a roll.

- You're only a beginner once.

- Over the last six months,
I lost my family savings.

- All of it?

- Almost.

- Don't worry,
you'll get it back.

- No, I don't...

- You'll get it back if you
believe you'll get it back.

- It's so much money, Walter.

You want to make some of
that money back today?

- No.

No, Walter, I don't
feel lucky today.

- You don't have to
be lucky for this.

This is guaranteed.

You like to step into my office?

I know it's not much,
but I call it home.

We're going to play a
little game of hanky poo.

One for me and two for you.

Here's the game.

Watch the lady.

Find the Queen.

Okay, two black cards.

One red.


There she is.

Simple as that.

Easy game.


Who's in?



I'll tell you what, two for one.

- Two for one?

What do you mean?

- Well, madam, that
means if you bet 20,

you tell me where the
Queen is, I give you 40.

You bet 40, you get 80.

80, you get 160.

And so on, and so forth.

You in or out?

Yes or no?


Play or go.

I see green.

- Okay.

The end.


Put it down.

Okay, is that your choice?

- That's it.

- Any other takers?


Congratulations, Madam.

I think I owe you $40.

There you are.

I think I've had enough.

I think I...

No, no, no.

- No, I, no, I
know when to quit.

- Come on.

- Nah, all right.

Okay, one more time.

Here we go.

Keep your eye on the lady.

There she is.

Just keep your eyes on her.

All right, okay.

All right, make your bet.



All right, fine.

All right, everybody.


- Do you miss mom?

She's your wife, you know.

- Yeah, of course I miss her.

Your mother's an artist.

You know artists are inspired.

They must force the rest of
the world out of their lives.

- The way I see it if
Mom were so inspired,

she'd be able to write at home.

- There's too many
distractions here.

- Like us?

- Yeah, like us.

- I wouldn't want
to take it anywhere.

I wouldn't want to
take it on the road

or anything like that.

It's kind of stable.

It stays in one spot.

It is a mobile home,
but it doesn't move.

- Thanks.

- Home sweet home.

You were a natural.

You were great.

You were really something
out there, Carolyn.

I mean it.

This is yours.

- No, no, no.

No, I can't.

- You earned it.

- No, no, no, keep it, really.

- We were partners out there.

And I couldn't have
done it without you.

Come on, we were a team.

- Okay, thanks.

- The maid comes on Tuesday.

- Oh, my gosh.

Walter, is that you?

The Amazing Abraham?

- That's me in the
Catskills back in the day.

I did two shows a night,
seven nights a week.

I packed them in with five
hundred people in a show.

- Wow.

- I came this close
to being a big star.

- What happened?

- Magic changed.

I'm a slight of hand guy.

Everybody wanted bigger.

They wanted elephants

I don't make
elephants disappear.

- That's good!

- Thank you.

That's really good.

- Yeah, I don't
think that's magic,

but the Amazing Abraham's
day will come again.

- Mmm.

- The amazing Abraham's
time will come.

It's hardware store, you know.

That thing
gave me a rash last time.

- Stay cool.

You start getting nervy just
think of a beach in Hawaii

and a pretty brown woman.

- I can do that.

- You do this right, Augie,

you're off the hook.

- Why the sudden
change of heart?

- Well, I thought
it over, Victor.

Retire in a few years,

that sounds awfully good, man.

Besides, Murph wants out,

so I'm gonna play ball with you.

Well, that's
wonderful news, Augie.

I knew you'd come around.

You're a very smart man.

Victor, I need to
know what you have in mind.

I need details about what
I'm getting myself into here.

- Of course.

Let's talk in the steam room.

It'll do wonders
for your health.

- Okay, guys.

This thing's about
to get a bath.

- You and I, we work together.

We carve out a business.

Ivan's not involved.

- He'll kill us.

He never
needs to know.

A year together, the two of us,

you'll be a millionaire.

- That's an attractive offer.

Did you whack Wing Loh?

I'd understand if you did.

I mean, me and Murph, we
couldn't stand the guy.

You did, right?

- Somebody had to do it.

- Got you, motherfucker.


Okay, I'm ready.

Say something.


Introduce me.

- Introduce you.

What do you want me to say?

You're the writer.

- Ladies and gentlemen,

let's give a warm welcome
to this next performer.

The one,

the only,

the mystical, the magical,

The Amazing


- Ah, Carolyn, my
captive audience.

Ready for a shower of cards?

Hearts for you.

A heart, yes.

There you are, my dear.

- I love it!

- Pan of fire.

Hold that please.

- All right.

- I got to toast
it a little bit.


put the lid on.

Say the magic words.

- Oh, my gosh!


they beautiful?

- Oh, they're beautiful.

- Pretty babies.

Yes, I think they are.

Go eat lunch, look.


Go, go.

They're beautiful.

- Thank you, thank you.

Look, Carolyn,

I'm gonna need an assistant.

- Not me.

- You would be perfect.

- Oh, Walter, no, no.

I am no magician's assistant.

I mean, they're,

they're alive and
bubbly and happy and

have big hair and big boobs.

And, you know,
well, they do, okay?

- Wait, time out.

Have you looked in
the mirror lately?

You are gorgeous.

You are a knockout!

- Walter, thank you so much.

Really, thank you.

But I am not that, okay?

- Look, look, Carolyn,

I'm planning on
being on top again.

And I am extending
the offer to you.

- And I'm very honored,
Walter, really I am.

But I am no
magician's assistant.

- Here.

is so embarrassing.

I'm mortified.

- Just come out.

Oh, come on.

Come into the light.

- I look like a moron.

- You look spectacular.

- This dress makes me look fat.

- No.

No, you look great.

I mean, the two of us,

we're gonna be some team.

- You're crazy.

- I'll tell you something else.

I'm gonna get you
your money back.

His name is Ivan.

He's big, Carolyn.


And he's an old friend of mine.

And he's gonna help us.

- The money, how
do I get it back?

- I have to find Ivan first.

But he owes me big.

- Oh, God.


Mom, it's me.

Can you come home?

- No, honey.

I can't right now.


- Is your dad at home?

Can you talk with him?

Mom, I
don't want dad to know.

- Know what?

I'm asking
you to come home, mother.

- I can't just come home

at the drop of a hat, Nicole.

It doesn't work like that.



13-year-old daughter.

She's impossible.

- Teenagers.

God's punishment for having sex.

- Ivan, what about him?

- We're gonna find him.

He's gonna help us.

- I just want to
get the money back.

And then I'm finished, I'm done.

- We'll get your money back.

I promise.

Carolyn, I'm taking
Nicole to the emergency room.

It's 10 o'clock.

- Hello?

Where you been?

- I'm at home.

Where are you?

What happened to Nicole?

We're pulling into
the driveway right now.

What happened?

- Just leave me alone!

- What happened?

Is she okay?

- She's fine.

- What the hell happened?

- Nichole's nipple is infected.

- What?

- Carolyn, just leave her alone!

She doesn't want to talk to you.

Trust me.

Melanie pierced
her nipple for her.

She did it because of Jeff.

- Did it because of Jeff who?

What are you talking about?

- Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff!

The boy she's got
a huge crush on!

The boy she talks
about incessantly.


- No, she doesn't.

- Yes, she does, Carolyn.

You're just not listening.

Your daughter asked you
to come home tonight.

Why didn't you?

- She didn't mention anything.

She didn't say
anything to me at all.

- You know what?

I'm tired of it.

I'm tired of this
bullshit, Carolyn.

I'm tired of it.

- And what the hell
does that mean?

What does that mean, Tom?

- Are you having an affair?

Are you having an affair?

- No.

Why would you ask me that?

I love you.

I love you and Nicole more
than anything in the world.

You know that.



Hi, you've
reached Carolyn.

Please leave me a
message after the...

- Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

- She's right over here.

She waited.

She waited for me to leave.

She watched me.

She watched me and
she took my machine.

- I don't think
she'd do that, honey.

- You don't think she'd do that?

Of course she'd do that!

I've been working that
machine all day long.

And it's a winner, I know.

I just know it's gonna win.

- I don't think she's gonna win.

- How do you know that?

- All right, look.

Just take it easy, all right?

Calm down.

- I don't want to calm down,
I don't want to calm down!

- I'm gonna set you
up with a nice meal.

- I don't want a meal!

- A bottle of wine...

- I don't want any wine!
- A steak.

- I want that woman
off the machine.

- Doesn't that sound good?


- Where are you!


- Where?

The coffee shop.

- Which one?


- Bullshit, I'm coming over.

Nicole, I'll be right back.

- Dad, wait.

Where are you going?

- I got to get a coffee.

I'll be back in a jiffy.

- Well, can I come?

- Nicole, actually I got
to talk to some colleagues

about some students, okay?

- Wait.

- Nicole, I'm late!

What, what?

- Is mom having an affair?

- No.

- Come on!

Come on, come on!

- You're here.

- Where did you think I'd be?

- Could you stop
typing for a minute?

- Tom, I'm working.

- Stop!

- Don't shout at me.

- I followed you today,
Carolyn, to the casino.

- Really?

You followed me, really?

- I followed you to the casino.

What were you doing
in the casino?

What were you doing
in the casino?

- Well, Tom, I like
to play the slots.

It's fun.

It's an adventure.

So what, shoot me.

I'm not perfect.

Nobody's perfect,
except you, of course.

- This has nothing
to do with me.

- Oh, he cooks, he's
a fabulous husband.

A distinguished professor.

And he tells his wife he
loves her every single day.

Oh, yes, you are perfect.

And you know what, Tom?

It's boring.

- I think you've got
a gambling problem.

And I think you gambled
away all of our money.

- I loaned it to a friend.


- He's an artist.

- Yeah, are you fucking him?

- Well, Tom, you'll meet
him and then you can tell me

if I'm fucking him.

- You're kidding?

Who is this guy?


What's this artist's name?

What's his name?

- Abraham.

The Amazing Abraham.

He's a magician.

He's going to be
a really big star.

- What did you say?

He's a fucking magician.

Well, maybe he'll make
our money reappear.

- You're so cynical.

So critical.

No imagination.

Well, what's
that supposed to mean?

- You don't have a
creative bone in your body.

And you wouldn't
know a real artist

if he bit you in the ass.

Literary fucking criticism.

It's a crock of shit.

- Just watch it, Carolyn.

- You sit around and analyze
Shakespeare to death.

Don't you...

- Nobody cares.

- Don't you dare try to tell me

that what I do is worthless.

I'm a teacher and
I'm proud of it.

- Those kids could care less
about Milton and Shakespeare

and fucking Dante.

It doesn't help
them in this world.

It doesn't help them at all.

- In this world they
need it more than ever.

What the hell has
happened to you, Carolyn?

- I woke up, Tom.

And I realized I don't want
our perfect little life.

It's mind numbing.

I want a life, my life.

- Let me remind
you of something.

Your life is
intertwined with my life

and with your daughter's life.

Don't do this to our daughter.

I won't allow it.

A year together,

the two of us, you'll
be a millionaire.

That's an
attractive offer.

Did you whack Wing Loh?

I'd understand if you did.

I mean, me and Murph, we
couldn't stand the guy.

- Somebody had to do it.

Is this the only copy?

- Yeah.

- Promise?

- Absolutely.

Where's my money?

- How about if I
double your money?

- What do I have to do?

Just take
Augustine to dinner.

I know a lovely
little restaurant

where the food won't
upset his stomach.

- What are you doing here?



- Augie's dead.

He died in his sleep.

- Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.

You okay?

- I got to know.

Yes or no, are you
with me or not?

- Let's not do this
right now, okay?

You don't want to
do this right now.

- Please, I need to know.

- No, no.

- Why not?

I'm going inside.

Why not!

- Because you hurt people.

- No, Veronica,

without me they got nothing.

At least with me they
got, maybe a dream.

Yeah, I give them dreams.

- No, Murph.

You take their dreams away.

That's what you do.

- It's all right,
it's all right.

Let's go, let's go.

Come on, Godfrey!

- Yeah.

- It's all you, baby.

Let's go, let's go.

Push that, push that.

It's all you, push that.

That's what I'm talking 'bout.

- Hit the showers.

- All right.



I need you to get it.

- I figured it out, boy.

All on my own.

Something was bothering
me, itching at me.

Now I know.

See, I'm a wise old man.

And you're not.

See, you are a
stupid little boy.

Now do we agree on
that point, huh?

Do we agree on that point?


Yeah, yeah.

See, listen,

I have seen it all in this life.

More than you will ever
know or could even imagine.

But the one thing I've
seen more than anything

is men fucking up their
lives all by themselves.

And I tell you
that's the one thing

that really makes me angry.


- Just shut the fuck up!

Now listen, boy!

You listen to me!

Now you shaving points.

If you ever get it in
your stupid little head

to do something like that again,

I am not your coach no more!

I'm not your friend!

I am your enemy!

And boy, so help me God,

don't make me your enemy.

- What?

What's going on, man?

- Your brother's going to lose

the Conference
Championship game, Clyde.

It doesn't matter by how much.

The line's even.

But he's going to lose.

- Come on, I mean, just leave
my little brother out of this.

It's the championship game.

It's everything
he's ever lived for.

- Do I need to pay a personal
visit to your brother, Clyde?

- No.

- Maybe I should just pop in.

Say hello, wish him luck.

- No.

- Just so we
understand each other,

what's your brother
doing on Sunday?

- Losing.

- Say it again.

- He's losing.

- Good boy.

- Beautiful day out, huh?

You know, I know who you are.

You're Carolyn Carver.

I read your book.

- You're the one.

- No, it was terrific.

Yeah, you're very talented.

You have a gift.

- Well, thank you.

- Tell me if, like,
I'm out of line here,

but could you like just
give me a little hint

about what your next
book's gonna be about?

- I don't have a next book.

- Okay, I understand.

- It's a about a magician.

It's about a magician,

a washed up magician.

He's a, he's a big dreamer.

And he's searching for this
mysterious man named Ivan

because he believes that Ivan
holds the key to his future.

He's a really, really
talented magician.

It's his story.

The Amazing Abraham.

- You're unbelievable.

- I want to be in
business with Ivan.

It's the first door.

Now watch your step.

You can
trust me, Victor.

I promise.

- Well, this is very
important to me, Walter.

- You won't be disappointed.

- All right.

Well, the rags are in here.

And I want this car spotless.

Walter, I want it to shine.

I want to see my, quite frankly,

beautiful face reflected
in every surface.

Now do you think you
can handle this, Walter?

I mean, who knows?

It may lead to bigger things?

Perhaps the SUV.

- You think you're funny.

You're a fucking asshole.

- I'm offering you work,
Walter, and you're declining,

in this economic climate?

- You're a piece of shit!

You're nothing like Ivan.

- Ow.

You're such a pain
in the ass, Walter.

Look what you made me do.

Get up.

Come on.



St. Francis versus Loyola.

The championship game.

St. Francis is losing.

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

- Wait.

You don't speak fucking English?

St. Francis is losing.

Get it?

Sunday, bet on Loyola.

Or don't.

Your choice.

Now get up and fuck off.

- What are you doing here?

You shouldn't be here.

- I came to tell you something.

Something you're going
to find out anyway,

but before I tell you,

I need you to promise me
that you will do nothing.

- What the fuck you looking at?

- Promise me.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, promise.

- Can you do that?

Can you do nothing for me?

- Yeah.

- Promise.

- I promise.

- It's in the paper.

Augie didn't die
of natural causes.

He was poisoned.

- What the fuck
you talking about?

- He was poisoned.

That's what happened.



- Carolyn.

- Tom, I've got it.

I've got the novel.

You were right.

There never was a novel.

But I've got it now.

I really do have it.

It will be the best
thing I've ever done

by far.

It will be.

- Feels like we've spent
our whole lives together,

doesn't it?

- Yes.

And it hasn't
always been perfect.

- No.

No, it hasn't.

- Sometimes we can't
stand each other.

But the one thing we always
had, Carolyn, was trust.


- Right.

- We don't have
that trust anymore.

- Yes, we do.
- No, we don't.

- Yes, we do.

That's not true.

You spent
all of our savings.

- I know, I did that.

- You lost Nicole's
college fund.

- I know, but...

Her college fund.

- But you're right,
I have a problem.

I'm a gambling addict.

I'm an addict, Tom.

You were right, I need help.

And I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.

- Stop, stop, stop, stop.

- No, Tom, Look, I
need, I need you.

I need, I need your help.

I do, I need your help.


- Help me.

- Carolyn, I want a divorce.

- No, no, you don't.

Yeah, I do.

- No, Tom, you don't.

No, you don't.

No, you don't.

You don't want a divorce.

Tom, where are you going?

I don't know.

- Oh, God.


- Get over here as
soon as possible.

I've got the answer.

Come on, come on in.

- What happened?

- Oh, nothing.

What happened to your hand?

- Oh, I burned it cooking.

Talk to me.

- Who am I, Carolyn?

Tell me who I am.

- Don't fuck with me, Walter.

- I am the Amazing Abraham.

And you're gonna get every
penny of your money back.

You like sports?

- What?

- There is a basketball game

between St. Francis and Loyola.

And the game is fixed.

St. Francis is gonna lose.

- How do you know?

- I got a tip.

I got a very reliable tip
from an outstanding source.

- And you're betting?

- Everything,
totally, everything.

- No.
- Yes.

- No.

- Everything.

My camper, my equipment, my
costumes, my magic, everything.

- Walter, no.

- You got to spend
money to make money.

- I don't know.

Maybe I can borrow
from my agent.

I just want my savings back.

- Yes, Carolyn.

You got to get even.

That's it.

We should all be even in life.

What a world that would be.

- I don't know.


- I don't know!

- This is it.

I feel it.

We could make a fortune.

- Maybe, okay.


- So he let you off?

- Didn't I just say that?

Ivan set me free.

I got nothing riding
on tonight's game.

All bets are off.

I'm out of it.

- I don't know, it just,

why would he set you free?

- Godfrey, truth,

I don't mean nothing to him.

I'm out of it.

I'm free.

How you feeling?

You nervous?

- Yeah, a little bit.

- That's a good thing.

It's good to be nervous.

I mean, only fools
aren't nervous.

But the question is
are you gonna own it?

- Hell, yeah!

- Exactly.

- I'm Godfrey Snow!

- You Godfrey Snow.

"Godfrey, Godfrey, this
is God, you are bad."

- You sure you're free?

- What did I say to you?

I'm free, all right?

I'm free.

- All right.

- Listen to me.

I'm trying to figure
out how to say this.

You know what?

I don't really say it
enough to you, all right?

So I'm gonna say it.

I love you.

You're my brother.

You know, it doesn't matter
what happens tonight.

I don't give a shit if you win.

I don't give a shit if you lose.

I love you.

I need you to know that.

I love you.

You're the man.

Although I know you're
gonna win, right?

- Yeah, I love you too, bro.

I'm telling you,

I ain't gonna win, we gonna win.

Me and you, Clyde, we're
going to the big game!

- Going to the big game!

Godfrey Snow!

- College basketball
at its very best.

Welcome everybody
to Pearson arena.

I'm Larry Burnett.

We've got Loyola and
we've got St. Francis

battling for the Conference
Championship here today.

These two teams
battled tooth and nail

all through the regular season.

And now the season has
come down to this one game.

Relax, Carolyn.

Who wins
tonight will go on

to the NCAA tournament.

We've got a great
match-up for you too.

Two of the top young guards
in college basketball.

Talking about Darius
Jackson for Loyola

and Godfrey Snow
for St. Francis.

Two top players to keep an eye
on in our game here tonight.

- Stay on your
side of the court.

- Championship game.

Don't choke.
- The losers' side.

Yeah, okay.

Matadors, Matadors,
Matadors, Matadors!

oooh, oooh, oooh.

Francis on three!

One, two three!


And here we go.

Loyola controls the tip.

Peterson'll bring it
up for the Matadors.

They're in the maroon uniforms.

The St. Francis
Eagles in the black.

Jackson's got it.

Over the free throw line.

Watch out.

- Oh, two.

getting first blood.

Miller will bring it up.

He's across the time line.

Takes it down the right side.

He's picked up by Washington.

Pass goes to Snow.

- Show me.

Do something!

Parks on the pick.

Speeds in the paint!

It's up in the air.

- Godfrey!

got the ball.

The inside move and the
sweet shot for the bucket!

- Let's go!

A pass to Snow
and he scores inside.

- You can't stop Godfrey Snow!


The slamdunk!

There's the catch, the turn.

All tied!

All tied with time running out
at the end of the first half!

- Whoo.

Ralph, make them cold.

- Walter, it's so close.

- They got to make
it look close.

Come on, let's go.

It's in the bag.

- Second half action here

in the Conference
Championship game.

- Take it to 'em, Godfrey.

He takes it
down into the left corner.

Looks on top.

Gets it to Snow.

- You think you're strong?

That Snow
and Jackson match-up

has just been intense
throughout this game.

Snow finds a seam!

Gets inside, scores!

- Godfrey!

- Jackson going against Snow,

finds some room into the paint.

The dish and down by Washington!

Wow, what a pass by Jackson!

I got you.

Snow from
three-point range.

And St. Francis fired him
up and nailed him down.

Tie game in the final seconds.

Who's gonna get it?

Who's gonna win it?

Jackson wants it.

Battle going on now with Snow.

He's inside, gets it.

Oh, the fake, the move
inside and the easy bucket.

And that puts Loyola up by two.

- Time out, time out, hey.

Coach Washington
wants a timeout.

And he needs one.

It's 85, 83, Matadors with
less than ten seconds to play.

- It's done, Carolyn.

We're in the clear.

- They have the ball, Walter.

- He's not hitting it.

It's a sure thing.

- Now we going
for the win, okay?

We're going for the win.

Now Godfrey, come
off the single double

and hit the shot, all right?

Listen, we worked all
year for this, all right?

All right, now look, set,
guard, screens, okay?

All right, win on three.

One, two, three.

Let's win!

Let's go, let's go, let's do it.

Hey Godfrey, come here.


Take the three, okay?

It's all right.

- Own it.

What are you doing?

Come on now.

Snow comes
back out on the court.

You know St. Francis wants
to get the ball to him.

But they've got to get
the ball in bounds.

- I think I remember
this from before.

They're down by two
with 9.4 seconds

remaining in this game.

The Conference Championship
is on the line.

Snow tries to free up,
still battling with Jackson.

They've got to get him in!

They've got to get the ball in!

Godfrey Snow,
Godfrey Snow, Godfrey Snow.

- Yes, Snow hit the shot!

He hit the shot!

St. Francis wins the game!

St. Francis, the
Eagles win it, 86 to 85

and win the Conference

- Yes, yes, yes, yes!

St. Francis is
hysteric about the win.

Carolyn, Carolyn!

- You pathetic little man!

I believed you!

I believed everything you said!

Eagle Fans,
we're here by the hero

on the court right now.

It is a mob scene indeed
and all centered on Snow.

Godfrey Snow, the highest
flying eagle tonight.

He went to the
bank and deposited

St. Francis into
the NCAA tournament.

- That's right,
that's right, baby.

That's my little brother.

Godfrey Snow!

You owned it, G.

You owned it.

Big Clyde going to
catch him some rays,

some love in the sunshine.

Oh yeah, oh yeah.

I know!

- Francis!




- Hi, Sticks.

What a pleasant surprise.

- I just got a call.

Clyde Snow is dead.

- Really?

That's my bird.

- You're under arrest.

- You got nothing on me.

- You killed Wing Loh.

You killed Augustine.

And now you've
killed Clyde Snow.

- I'll be out of
jail in two hours.

- Turn around.

- First one to the
gun's a winner.

I'm winning, Brunner.

What the fuck are
you doing here?

You do this, you're dead.

Ivan will hunt you...

- Go on, get out
of here, Walter,

before I change my mind.

Stupid motherfucker.

Like I said, we're
all chasing something.

More money, more love.

What we're really
looking for is more life.

But sometimes you
go looking for more

and you wind up with less.

It's a beautiful world.

We ought to be satisfied.

But the truth is
we all want more.

Ivan, it's Elliot.

- Hello?

Ivan knows this.

He knows that if you
give a man his dream,

he might just do
anything for you.

- My angel,

I'll be with you in a moment.

- I'll be waiting
on the terrace.

But hurry.

- Victor's replacement
is working out, huh?

So far.

- That's wonderful.

Well, it's time for my nap.

- Chess at four?


- I'm gonna beat your ass.

- You probably will, Ivan.

Why do I work for Ivan?

'Cause I want more,
like everyone else.

Some take a chance for
the rush of winning.


- Sorry.

I'm just gonna get my stuff.

For love.

- Where are we gonna eat?

- How about Chinese?

- Sounds great.

I'm starving.


- What?

But you
can't have your dream

without laying
something on the line.

- Who do I make this out to?

- Me.

I can't promise anything.

- Okay.

key is not to risk

what you can't afford to lose.

You might think
you're different.

But someday

you're going to want more too.

The question is

what are you willing
to lay on the line?