Estranho Encontro (1958) - full transcript

Strange Encounter

Wake up.

Come on.

Feeling better?

- I need to get out of here.
- Calm down.

Was it some sort of

I need to get out of here
right away.

What? Wait!

What's wrong after all?

You can't stay on the road,
you'll be run over!

I need to get out
of this place!

All right, I'll take you away.

Come on, don't cry.

Don't cry anymore.

Are you feeling ill?

Wanna go home?

Where do you live?

You need to go somewhere.

I want to go
away from here.


Don't take this the wrong way...

but I was invited over for dinner
and I'm about to be late.

Tell me where you wanna go,
and I'll take you there.

This road only gets further
away from the city,

no use in going on.

It's okay,
I'll get off here.

You can't do that.
It's deserted.

Where's your house?

You must live some place.

I don't want to go back home.

- I want to get off right here.
- Not here.

It's dangerous.

Don't you have a family?

Where do you sleep every night, then?

Let me go.

Here's what we'll do.

I'll take you where I'm going.
It's near here.

There's a telephone there.

We can't spend the rest
of the night here.

It's the caretaker!

We need an excuse.

Think of something.

I thought he'd be sleeping.

There's no more time. Hide!

- Good evening.
- Good evening. I've been waiting since seven o'clock.

- What about the gardener?
- He's been fired.

- Fired?

And my wife is away.
I'm alone at home.

- The missus only arrives Saturday afternoon.
- I know.

Dinner is served.

Thank you.

- Wait there, I'll be right back.
- I'd rather go away.

Now it's too late.

Want me to take your things
up to your room?

No, I'll do it later.
I'll have dinner first.

- Want some coffee as well?
- There's coffee?

I'll make it.
The rest is on the table.

I'll drink something in the meantime.

Let's go.


This is what I had ready.

While Lucia's not back,
I can only serve cold dishes.

It doesn't matter.
Anything's good.

Why was the gardener fired?

It was an useless expense.
I can do his job myself.

Poor man.

I liked him.

- What about Lucia?
- She's gone to a hot springs clinic.

Hot springs?

I know that going to hot springs
isn't common for the help.

That's not what I meant.

She didn't look sick the last time
I saw her.

No one notices when people like us are sick.

The first time she leaves for a while
in the nine years we've been here.

It's fair, isn't it?

Stop it. I never said otherwise.

I've been here since I was seventeen.

Nine years of getting tired, running around,
scrubbing, cleaning.

Listen, I only asked where
your wife was.

It's not my fault if she's sick.

Why don't you just leave this job?

- It's much better than whining!
- Leave, how?

Didn't you say you were going
to buy some land?

I can't risk it just yet.
I need money.

Of course, you want a house
like this one!

Is the coffee ready?

I'll take it.

I think I'm stepping out for a while.

- Is the gate open?
- No, I thought you were staying.

No, I'm going to the club.

- Do you have the key?
- Yes.

- Don't forget to lock it coming in and out.
- Sure.

- Don't worry.
- Then leave it in the vase. It's the only key.

- I'm taking this. I'll have coffee in bed.
- Aren't you going out?

I am.

But I'm resting first.

If the gardener were still around,
I wouldn't mind you showing up.

But this caretaker...

He always thinks the worst.

And he doesn't like me.

But it's okay. Soon he'll go to sleep
and we'll leave.

I already have the gate key.

- But don't you really have anywhere to go?
- No, I don't.

Where do you eat, where do you sleep,
where do you get dressed?

You're running away from home...

Is your father that bad?

Daddy's been dead a long time.

Let's stop playing games.

Don't you wanna tell me
everything that happened?

You're hiding something.


Can I stay over until tomorrow?

I'll leave really early, still dark.

But why?

I need to stay.

Look... This house isn't mine.

If it was, you could stay
as long as you wanted.

The caretaker thinks I'm trouble.

The house is...

It's my cousin's.

I only come to spend weekends.

If someone saw us...

Don't you understand?

My cousin is kind of a prude,

It would be trouble.

I'm sorry. I spoke without thinking.

I'll go get you a new one.

Who are you running away from?

From Hugo.


Who is he?

He's the person I live with.

But why are you running away?

Because I can't stand it any longer.

Is he that bad?

Are you married?


Now that you've begun, it gets much easier.

Tell me everything.

Who's this Hugo?

Where does he come from?

It's hard to explain.

I was always very poor.

Not very, I'm exaggerating.

But my life was always very hard.
I never had what I wanted.

My father died when I was eighteen.

Then it was me and my brother.

Our whole house was smaller than this room.

With wood partitions. it was horrible.

But believe me...

I never complained.

Neither did I envy anyone.

But being poor isn't fun.

Especially for a woman.

Go on.

I worked at a perfume store.

2000 cruzeiros a month

Less than you'd get in a factory.

But I liked it better.

I always liked clean, pretty places.

Then the store closed.

I went to a clock store.

500 cruzeiros more.

Today, any clock frightens me.

But not back then.

You can't imagine how many kinds there are.

Some as big as a grain,
others could play music for fifteen minutes.

It was in that store I met Hugo.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

May I help you?

I would like an old clock.

Very old.

We have one that plays a whole nocturne.

One with the Largo by...

- Haendel?
- That's right.

No. I want one with a very loud tick-tack.

Well, I've never noticed that.

I couldn't tell which one is the strongest.

One can only notice
the ticking of a clock...

When in an empty house.

Or when spending nights without getting any sleep.


They come from inside the body.
A human clock.

I guess so.
I've never thought about that.

Especially among so many clocks...

I understand.

That one...

What is it?

It's an old French clock.

But it doesn't work very well.

Besides, its gong is broken.

I'll take it.

But it doesn't work properly.

I don't care.
I don't need it to tell the time.

- Want me to fix the gong?
- No.

Leave it like that.
I'll fix it.

- It's my favourite distraction.
- Fine.

Do you like clocks?

I do, but I'm getting sick of them.

I prefer music boxes.

Do you want to see this one?

I think I'll take it too.

What is it?
Isn't it for sale?

That's not it.

I've been hiding it,

so no one would buy it.

- But I was going to give it to you as a gift.
- For me?

I'm sorry I'm so bold,

but I noticed you liked it so much, that...

- But I can't accept it.
- Why not?

Thank you, but I can't.

It will keep waiting under
the counter then.
00:16:43,354 --> 00:16:45,633
- I'll take only the clock.
- Thank you.

I'll wrap it. Is it a gift?

I don't have anyone to
give gifts to.


I hope you don't take this the wrong way...

Don't get offended.

But in these three minutes I've known you,
I've grown very fond of you.

And I don't usually get fond of people.

Could I invite you for tea?

But I don't know you.

Nobody knows anybody until they meet.

There's always a first time.

The same grenade killed four men.

And left 36 wrecks in me.

25 only in the leg.

And this was the result.

First the gangrene.


I had never met anyone
as gentle and polite as Hugo.

No one had ever treated me so nicely.

Slowly, he won my fondness,
and even, due the impairment, a certain pity.

We went out very often.

He liked empty places,
where no one could see him.

Little by little, I got used to him,
even thought I understood him.

One day, suddenly,

He proposed we got together.

And I said yes. For pity, loneliness.

Without illusions of love.

Expecting, at least, a life of dignity.

Everything would be different, though.

It's hard to explain how it all happened.

In few days, I started feeling trapped.

Hugo changed completely.

He turned into a rough, rude person.

He acted as though I didn't exist.

And on account of the shame he
felt of himself,

any relationship between us was impossible.

He eluded me.

But, at the same time, forced me to
lead an unbearable life.

Have you ever imagined what
36 burning objects inside you feel like?

It hurts in so many places,
you can't even tell.

It's like they threw burning oil on you.

You've told me that a thousand times already.

Even if I did it a million times,
you couldn't imagine.

You know what having a member
chopped off feels like, without sedatives?

They use a butcher saw.

You lie down with two legs
and get up with one.

For a long time, you can't believe it.

And it's like the leg is there.

Even today, I feel
as if it had grown back.

But it's only a cold piece of
inanimate matter.

Oh, here you are.

Always listening to these songs.

Taste is something one must nurture.

You must stop with this
at once.

I want to see you civilized.

I have selected what you must listen to.

At first, it sounds confusing.

But once you see through that,

it turns into wonders.




Come get me a towel.

- There's a clean one there.
- No, it's wet.

It's not possible. Nobody used it.

It's wet, I tell you.

Bring me a new one.

All right.

Don't go so fast, Hugo,
I'm afraid.

Don't worry.

I don't need my left leg to pull the brake.

It's the only thing
a cripple can do like others.

Driving a car.

- Where are we going?
- To the lake.


I like seeing water at night.

To be frank, I'd like to die on water.

Sink lower and lower.


But dying is the last thing I want.

Cripples don't commit suicide.

They want to keep suffering,
in spite of everything.

- Must we go so fast?
- No.

Could you please get my cane?






When you found me, I could
only think of getting away from there.

Not knowing where to.

I'd like to be able to help you.

But I don't know how.

I have some friends in the police,
maybe they can do something.


Against him, it's no good.

It's useless.

Useless how?
This man cannot be invulnerable!

I don't want to do anything.

I just want to stay away from him.

But he'll haunt me.

It's like I can hear his steps.

His eyes always shining before me.

You better sleep a little.

I'll get you something to wear.

Put this on,
it's cold here at night.

- I'll make your bed.
- It's ok, I'll sleep on the couch.

But it's small.
You'll be uncomfortable.

I prefer it.

- If you need anything else, ask me.
- Thank you.

- Good night.
- Good night.


What is it?

Leave it on, please.
I'm afraid.

Ok. I'll wake you up at five.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.

The newspapers.

How much was it?

I'll settle it with the missus later.

Take it.

I don't know exactly how much it was.
I'll settle it later.

All right, don't forget it.

Are you coming for lunch?

Missing. Julia Kramer, 23, blond, wearing blue.
The girl suffers of insanity, any information will be rewarded.

- Will you be back?
- What?

Will you have lunch?

I don't know.

I'll read this later.

Let's go?

What is it?

- How old are you?
- 23.

- Where were you born?
- Here.

What year is this?

'57. Friday, June 14.

What's your name?

Julia Salles.

- Isn't it Kramer?
- No!

That's his name.

How did you know?

He put an ad in the paper.

Just yesterday.

He didn't even wait to see
if you'd be back.

He knew very well I wouldn't.

He says you suffer of...

That's why you asked all those questions?

I was joking.


You were checking if I was crazy.


I swear I wasn't.

You've been saying only reasonable things.

I understood it all
when I saw that ad.

You still wanted to check if I were
really crazy.


I confess that yesterday I thought
you were exaggerating.

But now I understand that man is dangerous.

But don't worry.

Everything will end well.

Forgive me...

All these stupid questions.

I'll be right back.

- But aren't we going?
- Yes, right away.

I just have to get something first.
I'll be right back.

Already going?

In a little while.


Do you have any money?

How much?

About 5000.

5000? If only I had that kind of money...

I was even gonna ask the missus
to give me a raise

Now that I'm doing the gardener's job.

We'll see about that later.

Now do you have it or not?

I'd like to lend it to you, but...

My money's invested.

Why don't you ask the missus?
She'll be here tomorrow afternoon.

I don't want her to know about this.

- Are you coming for lunch?
- No

What happened?

I have to go to the city quickly.

You wait for me here.


- I have to, I'll explain later.
- I don't want to be alone.

I'll be right back.
Don't leave until I do.

- What if someone shows up?
- No one will. See you.



- What happened?
- He showed up.

He saw the sweater I was wearing.

He put it away...

and locked me there.

- But he didn't notice anything?
- I don't think so.

What took you so long?

I need to explain something to you.

I intended to take you
to a hotel room,

for you to stay there
for as long as you needed.

But, for that...

you need something...

I haven't got.


She's not my cousin.

I understand.

If she were your cousin,
the rooms wouldn't be connected.

You know how hard our
problems are to explain.

My family was once rich...

And today...

I live with my aunt.

You know how aunts are.

If it wasn't for Wanda,
my life would be even worse.

But that's another story.

I went to the city to see
if I could get some money.

I talked to all of them.

My credit isn't good.

- I owe everybody.
- As if you didn't have enough problems...

I come into your life.

I'm to blame for my problems.

Hey... you didn't eat anything since I left.

I'm starved.

I'll get you something to eat.

What's this?

It must be him fixing something.

He's always fixing things.

Suddenly I'm sleepy.

My body aches all over.

I stood in that closet for four hours.

I better go to sleep.

Sleep in the bed today.

I guess I better.

The light will have to stay out.

All right, switch it off.

- Sleep tight.
- Thank you.

- Good night.
- Good night.

And, once again, I'm sorry.

What is it?

Inside the closet...
There's something.


It's just the buttons.

You need to calm down.


We'll get it all solved.

You don't need to be afraid

I know.

Beside you, I feel at ease.

I remember when I was a child.

When there were no problems.

I'd never felt like this before.

I'm still dizzy from that wine.

You better go to bed.

Come on.

We have to be up early tomorrow.

Don't worry.

I'll stay on the armchair
until you're asleep.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Come on, wake up,
we have to leave.

- What is it?
- She's coming.

Come on, quick.

- Wait, my shoes.
- Leave them, I'll get them later.

- Here they are.
- Come on.

Take that upstairs and
make me some really strong coffee.

Yes, ma'am.

Stay here.

I'll get this settled.

- No, I'm afraid.
- Afraid of what?

It's a storehouse for old things.

I'll leave the car parked
next to the stairs.

You go up and we'll leave.

Get in and close the door.

- Be back soon.
- All right.

Up already?

Yes, I went to bed early.

The music was to wake you up.

I thought you'd arrive this afternoon.

I came straight here from a party.

And you? Off to see
the sunrise?

No. I woke up early and
went out for some air.

Remember the first time we came here?

We went to see the sunrise
every day.

Near the water.

Sitting on the rocks.

Your recollections don't seem exciting.
What is it?

- The cold morning?
- No. I slept badly.

I've been kind of strange lately.

Well, I'm better than ever.

I won't get mad at you.

How about a boat ride?

I'm not in the mood.

Get the boat ready, Ruy.
I'll change.

All right.

Is your mattress bad?


The missus' bed is also unmade.

I thought maybe you weren't enjoying yours.

Yeah, mine's kind of hard.

- Want coffee in bed now?
- What's it to you?

- Less work for me.
- And less of a pain in my ass, not seeing you.

Be careful when you open the door,
they might see you.

I wanted some air.

I brought some hot coffee.

I don't want to be alone any longer.

We're going before lunch.

Now I need to go boating.


I need to go.

I don't have an excuse to leave now.

I'm afraid to stay here.

Just a little more.


I brought a can of peaches.

By the time you finish eating, I'll be back.

I need to go.

Stay calm.
I'll be right back.

-Please don't take long.
- Go check if they're looking.

No. You can go.

Information... call 34-0975

I'm sorry.

I know I'm unbearable today.

You could pick another day
to be like that.

These thing always happen when I come.

Lunch is ready, want me to
serve it on the terrace?

I don't want lunch.
I lost my appetite.

- What about you, sir?
- No, thank you. I'll eat when I'm back later.

You're going out?

I have to go to the city. The
mother of a friend died.

- Do you want anything else, ma'am?
- No.

What about you, sir?

No! I told you already!

- Sorry. You had just said you were hungry.
- I'll eat later.

All right. I'll leave the table set.

What time will you be back?

At three.

I know it's unpleasant, but I must go.

- She died yesterday?
- Yes.

You weren't here yesterday.

- I was.
- How did you find out then?

I knew she wasn't well.
I gave him a call.

Don't be a liar.

If you want to, go.
But don't make things up.

Especially at other people's
mother's expense.

If you're sick of us,
we'd better end it.

I told you I'm not well.
Everybody has days like that.

Yeah. But you're only like that
when I'm around.

We didn't come here to fight.

You're the one who's fighting.

I arrived well.
I didn't sleep so I'd enjoy the day.

And since I arrived,
you did nothing but annoy me.

I said I was sorry!
Let's stop it!

Stop it now?
There's no stopping me once I'm started.

Do you need me?

I'm out of cigarettes.

I want you to go get me
a new pack.

- Does it have to be now?
- I have none, I didn't see it coming.

I'm in the middle of a paint job,
it will be ruined!

Leave it, I'll paint it.

No, it's like a cake,
only one hand must do it.

It's an old boat, anything's good!

Forget it, I'll leave quickly
and finish it later.

It's gonna rain.

I better put the paint
in the storehouse.

Leave it.
I'll just take the car and go.

Thank you. That's a huge favor.

I don't like leaving things
half done.

When you're through,
Wanda wants to see you.

I have to finish it
before it rains.

Forgot about the funeral?

I'm waiting for the rain to stop.

This rain won't stop so soon.

I'll go in the rain, then.

What's going on with you?


I'm just a little upset.

Don't lie to me.
What's the problem?

They are many.

Start with the worst then.

It's all one thing.

I need to change my environment.

To stay away from me, right?

That's not it.

I have to escape my creditors.

My situation is beyond compromise.

Why didn't you tell me that before?

It's my problem.

Don't talk like that.

You know you can count on me.

I can't accept help in these matters.

It's a pleasure for me to help.

I don't want to see you like that.

Tell me everything.

Let me handle this on my own.

No. I want to see you happy again.

We can't go on with this crisis.

- I'll loan you what you need.
- No.

This matter is settled.
Not another word about it.

This rain just won't stop...

- I'll leave anyway.
- No.

Today, you won't leave.

I won't let you.

Waiting for someone?

- Did I scare you?
- No

- I'm nervous. I'm sorry.
- Still that?


I don't know what's wrong with me today.

There's a medicine for that here.

And make me a martini, while you're at it.

- Marcos.
- Yes?

If we go to bed now,
we can get up at five...

to see the sunrise...

like we used to.

- Isn't it a good idea?
- It is.

- Agreed?
- Yes.

Dry or sweet?



What are you having?

The same.

- Aren't you coming?
- No.

I'm waiting for you to bring it up here.

I'm not decent.

- What difference does it make?
- A lot.

Dressed like this, I can only
go to the bedroom.

I'd have to change to go downstairs.

It's how I like it.

Very dry, very sweet.

Calm down.

It's all right now.

Right after sunrise, we'll leave.

- Only in the morning? You said...
- It took them long to fix it.

Now I don't have an excuse to leave.

Not even the gate key.

Everything's against us.

It's like it's on purpose.

This way, we'll never leave.

Take me somewhere else.

I don't want to stay here.

It's three o'clock already.

Soon the sun will rise.

I'll stay with you.

Wear this.

Look at what I brought.

Tomorrow I'll take you to a restaurant,
and you can have a ball.

What about the opener?


I couldn't eat the peaches.

I have a Swiss Army knife here.

There you go.

Why are you doing so much for me?

I didn't know why myself.

Until yesterday.

And why did you bring me here instead
of leaving me on the road?

Would you have preferred that?

I would be lost.

I'd have thrown myself
under the first car.

For me, it was salvation.

For you, it was only trouble.

You know it's not like that.



It's almost time.

The sun rises early in the summer.

And the water's so warm we could swim in it.



Since the moment the headlights hit you,

I felt I'd like you.

That's why I didn't let you leave the car.

I'll be so glad when we finally leave.

Me too.

When I read that paper,
I understood everything.

You're everything I've ever wanted.

From now on, let's always be together.

- I have to go.
- No. Not yet.

Stay a little longer with me.

Until the sun appears.

With you, I fear nothing. Nothing at all.

It's been two days,
but I feel as if I'd known you forever.

I couldn't explain.

It's like we were always together.

You understand?

I loved you before I was born.

- We're out of peaches.
- I'm going up now.

Get out only when you're
sure nobody's looking.

And get in the back seat of the car.

Stay with me a little longer.

I can't, my darling. It's 5:10.

It's only a few hours.

See you shortly.


I have to go now.

Up already?

Where have you been?

I went for a walk.

I couldn't sleep.

You've been sleepless lately.

It's hard to wake you up.

What do you mean by that?

Since when do I have a schedule?

You fake!

And here I was worrying
about your problems...


You don't need to explain anything.

What I saw was enough.

We're out of peaches.

What happened, Julia?

Why did you do that to me?

I couldn't sleep until today.

The house seems dead without you.

Everything's unbearable.

Don't be so evil.

I came to get you.

Com with me.

Let's go home.

Come on.

Insomnia... nervousness... creditors.

For three years, I've been a fool.

I've always a convenience for you.

- Because I have a car, a boat, money.
- Enough!

You listen to me!

I'm sick of you! Sick!




Don't hurry.
There's no way out.

- It's okay, I'll get her.
- Just a moment.

Let's settle that matter.

When I'm back.

How do I know if you'll pay me later?

- What's this?
- A check, can't you see?

I don't like these things.
I prefer cash.

It's all I've got now.

Fine. I'll be waiting for you.

Maybe some of what you said
is true.

But that's not how it started.

Your money doesn't matter to me.

I expected to find something
much more important.

Me too.

So it's better like this.

You found me here today by chance.
I should have left yesterday.

I only didn't say anything before
so I wouldn't hurt you.

I wish you had said it sooner.

I'm leaving you now.

Your car keys.



Stay calm. Act like
you know nothing.

It's better if they don't see me.

How did she get here?

I don't know. I found her
husband through the newspaper.

It can't be recent.

People don't run away together
just like that.

I should have be suspicious.

There were too many coincidences.

Where is she?

- They took the road.
- They?

Her husband's with her.

I'll settle things with you later.

- Where are the car keys?
- I don't know.

How? I just gave them to you!

I must have left them somewhere.

I have a spare key.

You'll pay for what you've done.

Why did you give him the key?

Don't worry, he won't find anything.

Where are they?


In the bamboo grove.

Doing what?

She didn't want to leave.

Oh, so she liked my hospitality.

I want to see what she looks like.

You'd better not.

I want to check if
she's an upgrade on me.

Quit running away, Julia.

You know I want you very much.

You just didn't get me right.

You didn't get my whims.

You think they're something else.

I admit I'm a bit eccentric.

But I'm not evil.

Much the opposite.

I'll do anything for you.

From now on, I'll change.

I'll do everything you like.


You'll give the orders.

Let's go back home, Julia.


I don't want to go back.
Never again.

You'll come back with me.


You want to drive me mad.
I won't go back.

You're coming back.

You have to come, Julia.

- No! I don't want to!
- Don't fight me!

- Let's go!
- No!

Let her go.

Who are you?


She's coming with me now.

She's not going anywhere.

She's my wife.

- Leave her alone.
- I told you she's my wife and I'll take her.

I don't care. I saw what you were doing
to her.

Get out of here. This place
is my property.

I'll take her because I have
responsibilities towards her.

That's not what it looks like.

She suffers of insanity.

She's mad.

She needs care.

Get out.

Don't meddle.

The road is that way.

It's enough. You better go.

Let's go home, Julia.

Don't do this to me.

I won't stand being away from you.

Let's go home.

- Come on.
- No. I don't want to go.

You have to go.
Let's go

Please leave. It's useless.
She doesn't want to go.

I can't go without my cane.

This will get you to the road.

There's a path between those bamboos.

Just go past the fence.

I'll be back.

As you wish.
The police will be waiting.


Don't worry.
He won't be back.

If he does, he'll regret it.

- What happened?
- None of your business.

- But I thought...
- You're forbidden from thinking.

- Make coffee.
- Sure...

Come here...

- Did you get any money to do that?
- No, I...

Don't lie.
Let me see it.

Make the coffee really strong.

Where's Ruy?

Calm down.

Don't go thinking you succeeded.
I'll find her.

- Even if I have to look in hell.
- That's too far.


- Wanda, I...
- You don't need to say anything.

She explained everything.

You better leave before he
shows up again.

Car keys.

Keep the car until Thursday.

Then leave it in the same garage
you used to leave it in.

Wait for me outside.

I didn't expect for this to happen.

I didn't know her when we arrived.

Leave me alone.



Open up, Julia!

You might have told me...

I wouldn't have looked so stup-

Go. She's in a hurry.

You two better go.
Leave it to me.

I don't think he'll be back.

The End.