El agua (2022) - full transcript

In a small village in south-eastern Spain a popular old belief claims that some women are predestined to disappear with each flood where a storm threatens to cause the river in the village that runs through it to overflow again.

Subtitling the Way (2020)
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That's it?

Thank you.

Come on. Come on come on!

When the summer
ends, I would be cool

start a new life.
Catch what escapes.

Get away from
all this, find my job,

start doing things
that really cool me.

I do not know.
This is fucking shit.

For that you need money.

Well, I have a small mattress
to throw away for a month.

And from there, we see.

But I'm getting out of
here. This is bullshit.

- Whoever stays here is doomed.
- I want to go study.

Because I...

- Let's see, to study like... Damn.
- To study dicks.

- Or cunts?
- Or cunts. As it catches me

No but...

I want to go to Madrid and...

And not return to
my house, at least.

Nothing fits me anymore.

But I can't laugh, I'm drowning.

Oh, let's see. But what
is the worst thing here?

- You. - I?

- Drink it all in one gulp.
- It's good.

- Yuck, man. - Hmm.

- It's good. -He's loaded.


How orange smells.

Look, if you potas,
please, to one side.


Go on, son.

It is very obvious that
you are a foreigner, José.

In summer there are no oranges.

- I'm more from here than the host.
- And you eat an orange.

Also, oranges now all year round.
What happens is that it is bad.

What a coincidence!

That's not his scent.
- It doesn't itch either.

Come on man.

Could you give me a cigarette?

Of course I do, Moorish queen.

I give you whatever you want.


Be careful with this
one, she's a devil.

careful -Sissy Lover's key.

Do not listen to them. They get
bored and you are the novelty.

- Oh, I'm very bored.
- Peaceful.

She has taken out her claws.

Come on man!

- That's why the river smells like death.
- The goats.

When my grandmother tells
me that they bathed in the river,

i freak out -I don't bathe
even if they pay me.

He is cursed. That's
why he's full of shit.

Shut up, shut up. Do not start.
-Be quiet.

I don't see it as a joke. Gross.

My grandmother always
tells me that when I was little,

a girl from the village

He disappeared

and it began to rain heavily.

And they spent a whole week
without being able to leave the house,

no light, no water.

And they never heard
from the girl again.

- You are crazy? - Be quiet.

I swear I'm going
to stay eating roof.

Those things piss
me off. I believe them.

Are you an asshole or what?

What are you doing here?

I'm sorry. Sorry.

I'm old enough to piss alone.

I don't need a watchman.

It was in case you
got lost. Not calm.

A cigarette?

Another one? Yeah.

That? That.


Go, come The last
cigarette and pa bed.

- I'm dead. - And you?

What roll are you going with the foreigner?

What foreigner? What an
hour, right? Hello gorgeous.

what a smell Where have you
been? Can you give me a cigarette?

How are you?

How are you? What's happening?

Where have you been? Ow mom.

Don't give the pain in
the ass, we're busted.

Don't talk to your mother like that either.



What have you done? And you?

That? Tonight?

Didn't you bring anyone?

That I nothing Where
have you been? Ana?

I go inside, the bar is alone
and people are waiting.

What a scratch we got. Yeah,
I don't know who it's out with.

Well, I don't know, but not you.

Leave it, if you do not
see that it is for quality.

That she has linked!

Goes, see?

The arrival of a new
cold drop is confirmed,

about 500 liters per square meter
that can fall, according to the neighbors.

In any case, experts
say that we cannot trust

of this weather forecast model

because it is one of many.

It is not clear when or how it
will rain, but you have to prepare.

It seems that the water is coming,
grandmother. I know, daughter.

Last night the air was
filled with that smell of sulfur.

the water comes

because the river falls in love.

And he falls in love with a woman.

And since he can't get
her, he drags her away.

Down with her, down with him.

My grandmother told me when
I was little. We were in her room

in her bed, enormous,

and she told me that...

there is something that gets
inside the woman that is water.

And I asked him how he
is going to get inside you

and he said that if he falls in
love with you, he gets involved.

And I told him how can that be.

"If she gets into you, you'll know."

Yes, precious.

You are, you are

She takes a gift.


I eat it.

Look how cute. Ay ay ay.

Sit down. Yes because...

Why are you bitter?

She is crying all day. I
don't know what to do with it.

He hardly eats, he
does nothing but cry.

The pediatrician told me that they
are streaks, that nothing happens.

But he doesn't gain weight or
anything and he's crying all day.

He hates me.

Here you have. Thank you.

The boy has an evil eye.

Bring me the oil and
salt. He's going to care.

Non-stop, non-stop.

Little thing.

He is already.

hmm? Very fast.

Now you have it for a while
and when you get home,

You will see how he is calmer.

what a thing I take it from you?
So that the anger goes away

and give me a joy to the
body. You are breastfeeding.

I've been ten months without drinking.
That I am a mother, but I am a person.

I'm telling you too. Yeah?

Let her, don't be
so... Well, nothing.

You act like a nun. Nun, no.

What, fat what? Yes.
We have been closed.

Ana, do you want a little?

What's up, I don't like
mistela. You do not want?

It's more Cuban.

What about you?

Don't you say anything
to your favorite aunt?

Here I am spending
the summer. Summer.

She has gotten a
boyfriend. Really, mom.

Really, mom. He
keeps going in and out.

Do I remember your
17, sweetie? Needless.

I tell you everything.

Don't you remember what you were like at his age?

Look at him, how
comfortable he is with aunty.

Grab it now.

No, I kept it from you. I'll
give it to you for a while.

Leave me alone, that's it.

If he has forgotten you, aunt.
Not now. Baby girl there it is.

I'm going to put this,
let's see. It seems that...

That's it.

Come eat.

Like this all day.

You see it? It's not hooked.

She gets hooked, she lets go.

Come on!

Give me a cigarette, Ahmed.

A cigar? Because
of how well you do it?

Give me a cigarette,
host. Come on, take.

- Let him smoke.
- He's the boss's son.

give it to him

What an asshole.

What bastards are they, huh?

If you haven't worked

And he looks how tired he is.

The same as you.

We've been all
morning. You just came.



I have beaten you.

What a pity not to stand.

And this was drunk
with some colleagues

that they didn't have a tattoo
machine and I said: "I want to get one".

We went to another
house of a colleague

and we're done there...

"But we do it in English."

And in the end they put it wrong and everything.

It's misspelled.

I see now.

And yours?

Well, I did this one for my mother
and this one, for my grandmother.

When I did them,
they told me off,

but deep down they are proud.

And this? Well, a
scorpion for the story.

A story? You don't know.

No. I don't know.

It is a scorpion
that asks a frog

to help you cross a river.

The frog does not
trust him, but in the end,

Well, she ends up
riding it on her back.

And when they carry half a
river, well, the scorpion stings it.

The frog asks why
she has bitten him.

The scorpion answers

that because he is like this,
he cannot escape his fate.


And you are the scorpion,
right? That is up to you.

What character.

Hey, and that scar?

A war wound.

Yes of course.

Come on, man.
Don't play mysterious.

Yes, Julia. Look, come,
give me your hand.


But she touches it without
fear. You're scare of it?

Do you think I'm
afraid of a scar?

If you don't want
to tell me, don't.

I'm not afraid of that.

I'm afraid of something else.

What thing?

See every day the same road.

That does scare me.

But, well, I don't
want to talk about it.

And how is the foreigner?

The truth, motherfucker.

And London the best he's got

is that people go to their fucking
ball and nobody pays attention to you.

And there are people out
there playing in the streets,

there are a lot of parties.

What I liked the most
was on the river walk,

at the end there is like a fair,

with a piece of giant ferris wheel

that they put lights at night
and some colored spotlights

and the city, the river, lights up.

The truth is spectacular.

And don't you feel down having come back?

I do not know.

I try not to think about it

It's my turn to be here and that's it.

There are people who say that
you did not go abroad to work.

That you made it all up.


And do you believe it?

I do not care to.

Total, whatever you do,

They always find
something to criticize you.

Put your head here.

Here? Yeah.

do you hear?

The fact that?


No, I don't hear anything.

If you listen. focus.

You don't hear like a...

No, no, I can't hear anything.

A stream of water passes
through here. It's called an aquifer.

Yeah? Yeah.

I saw it on internet.
And what did he tell you?

Well that?

I've heard them since I was little.

Take it off now, seriously.

You are there all day with
the Savana in your head,

the other is messing with Mar.

She spoke to me the other day on Instagram

and you there that you do not take it
off. I've been talking to her all summer.

The little messages of "I
love you" and all this shit...


I go to the guys,
they are dumber.

It seems that you do it on purpose.

You need a good powder.

Do you advise her now? Listen to me.

Like you don't look
for them on purpose.

That José fucks well, he
is the only thing I tell you.

Let's see, we
still fuck a little.

I would like to repeat the
dust with that of Tongue.

With the Language?
-Yes, in the fitting rooms.

What are you saying?
-And with my cousin.

If she is 30 years
older than you. And?


Yes, in the changing room
of the Pool that was like...

With the clothes she was trying on.

What if this skirt suits me?

And well, with
those things I get hot.

She's making it up.

I swear, aunt.

my goodness

-With this she marries.
- Did you know?

You have to sing him
that song that's like...

So, so it is.

# I already found what
will be my future wife.

# The mother of my three children,
Sevillian, pretty and beautiful.

# When dancing she seems that
she flies. Her feet are pure gold.

# Marry me, flamenco, what
an eternal love I swear to you. #

Oh, that she is in love.

It is the final one! What final?

She runs with the one
20 years older than you.

do you get angry? Do you get angry?

Yes, I get angry.
Get angry, get angry.

get angry

I follow. See you.

And they don't give it back.

They keep the
pigeons and the device.

The problem is that they
advance with the pigeon.

- Buenas tardes.
- Buenas tardes.

Very good. Waiting
to present the pigeons.

What good males it brings.
-That kills me.

I like it now.

Are there many so far?
-At the moment we have 25 palomicos.

Some people are missing. It's still early.

Now the people will come and nothing.

Let's take the registration.
It's alright, huh?

We have it under
control. Don't run away

Buenas tardes. One
minute to shoot the pigeons.

The pigeons of the
release of Magaña de la E,

fifty, 22, 77.

Dove in the air
and dove with dove.

Come on.

We go there. It's going to be
your father's turn to invite you.

Come on, let's go.

The dove is falling.
-Your pigeon is worth nothing.

José, I found out that you flirted
with the woman from the bar.

Pedro, has your son fucked
the woman from the bar?

are you funny

José, you don't waste
time as soon as you arrive.

Are we where we are?

Brother, as he is the
same as the mother,

he's going to leave you
drier than the mojama.

What the fuck is going on?

What are we up to, shit?

We are watching the release.
- Don't be angry, cousin.

I'm telling you because if
she's hot, we'll all fuck her.

It's just that she's still
going on, I shit on God.

We are with the
pigeon. Still there.

Do not be angry. With
the fucking assholes.

I give you the information of
the town. Information of what?

What the fuck are you talking?
In the end you get a fucking host.

She is a crybaby.

A crybaby Crying about
what? I shit on God.

I shit on your fucking
mother. Come on, let's go.

Jose, go This is
not the time, please.

- Your son is a crybaby.
- Look, Ramon.

The last one, huh?
Don't fuck with me.

Easy, man. -OK?

No. You pass an egg.

Fucking maniacs.

He runs to comfort the princess.

"Oh, Lord, let it be...

whatever you want,
but make it quick."

And then your grandfather arrived

with his shirt open and...

that plaster chest he had and...

that meat that I had never seen.


he covered me with kisses and...

The thing is...

the grandfather had to
go to France the next day

with the truck full
of oranges and...

"I don't want him to go alone."

And we were doing
it the whole time

in the back of the truck.

And I liked it.

Come on, grandma.
I soap your back

that in the end you're going to make me red.

But then things changed.

Later, in marriage.

And those hands...

they were used for something else.



God forgive me,
but when he died,

I rested.

and to grandfather,

Have you seen him since he died?

Yes of course.

The dead always stay with us.

And I remember when my
grandmother used to tell me,

on summer nights,

to go out to the
door of the street

to tell stories and to talk,

that she told us the story of
a girl from here in my town,

that she was the most beautiful


her when she was going to get married,

she was already dressed as a bride...

The girl was gorgeous,
dark-haired, tall,

black eyes, she wore a
beautiful wedding dress,

the white veil of her.
She was spectacular.

But suddenly, she began
to have a strange feeling.

She began to feel bad.

That feeling of water
inside, very nervous.

The rain started. She started to go further.

The girl started to run.

She disappeared.

People were looking
for her for months.

And no one knows what happened to her.

And they say that those who
lived that during that moment,

during those days, they knew

that there was something there.

And they all knew it,
but they didn't say it.

But she was carried away by the water.

The water was not going to consent
to her getting married. She was his.

She tried. But what's up?

Hello. How are you?

How are you?

How are you? Brilliant. Come on.

Do you know how I imagine you when you grow up?


With some gray hair here.

Such a line going down.

The wrinkle on the forehead.


Also wrinkles around
the eyes, around here.

you're going too far

The cheeks with more mola.

Split lips.

A little more chin.

And always gorgeous.

Do you want to know
how I imagine you? As?

Without beard.

With the same shave.

With the same smile.

Living in a flat with two cats.

You will have quit
smoking. Sure.

We'll see about that.

You'll be a bit of a mess.

But very happy.

I'm missing one thing.

What thing?

You. Yeah?

Won't you be?

Don't know. What do you think?

Yes. Yeah?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

I think so.

I do want to.

I want to be with you always.


Here do not throw because they are two.

The two machine works
differently. It is finer.

I only do the three.
-Nothing else.

Equal. This is for two.

You see it? Two wires. -OK.

This is three. Three and here.

This one too.

Everyone on the beach
doing what they want

and we in the town
died of disgust.

If we all get a taxi together,

We can go to Torrevieja
one night, right?

Or to the beach, because
if not, what a summer.

Maria, are you high?

-Damn, the last one was missing.

Where do we get the
money for the taxi?

From wherever.

We'll have to hook up
with someone with a car.

And call more people,
because the girl is horny

and she goes through
everything. What do you say, freak?

You go through everything.

Let's see, a little yes that is true.

I'm not pissed off. How heavy.

That you're not... Oh my gosh.

- Well. - If that...

You are going to freak out
with what your horoscope says.

- Let's see. - Look.

I don't know how you don't
believe the things I tell you

and you swallow that
bullshit about the horoscope.

I don't understand.
-Because it's not the same.

The horoscope is
an ancient science...

Can you hear me? Yes, come on.

Who studies the
stars, the planets

that studies a handful of people.

An ancient science.

Who studies the
stars and planets.

Don't believe it if you don't
want to, but it helps me a lot.

Besides, not only
to know your future,

which is to be more aware
of the decisions you make.

For my decision to tell
Maria to do my nails.

Please seriously.
Well, rip them off.

They are cool.
Look at them better.

Of choni, total. Oh really?

Those nails are ugly.
I can't stand them.

See you later.

I eat it!

Aunt! -Yes aunt.

- You bastard.
- What's the matter?

"I refuse."


the girl told me that she could
see if she had water inside her.

And if you have it, she
takes it out with prayer.

She's going to the pot.

Well, I do not know.

Same, but my grandmother
won't stop talking about it, man.

In my house, nobody pays
any fucking attention to him.

And every time my grandmother
tells me something like that,

she makes my body stand on end.

The same. They don't pay
any attention to my grandmother.

But I love listening to it.

my goodness

If we continue like this,
we will not leave this town.

When I thought that all the shit of
the floods happens because of her.

They fill everything with shit,
they fill everything with lumps.

And the best,
tell ghost stories.

That's true, but
be that as it may,

I think the story of the river
that falls in love is more beautiful.

Do you think you're going
to get away from me?


Do not be angry.

If I want, you will see my
face until the day you die.

Yeah? Yes. No matter
how much you run

and that you fuck others.

And now that? Hey?

Now what? Let's
see if the spell...

Let's see if I throw it
to you. No, you can not.

And who says that?
That is so and that's it.

Either you can or you can't.

I tell you that I can. Yeah?

Yes. I am a witch. Or
have you not heard?

You're a witch? Yeah.

I hope nothing bad happens.

Why is it going to happen?

I don't know, don't listen to me.

Everything good that
happens to me lasts very little.

Why do you have
that shit in your head?

I don't know.

Lately I feel like I'm drowning.

As if I lacked air.

Here everyone drowns.

Well let's get out of here.

If you already did it,
you can do it, right?


Someday we will go together.

the night has been long

and from Guardamar to Orihuela

people measure river levels.

In Orihuela the night
waters poured in.

Today they have dropped somewhat,
but, in the absence of a better channel,

Segura has opened up
to its streets and squares

and proudly reflects
the old monuments.

it rains inside

And the news is still alarming.

The worst has yet to come for
this long-suffering Valencian region.

Many only have to wait for help,

airborne from the
roofs of their houses.

Helicopter pilots multiply.

Lost by farmhouses and districts,

there are 10,000 isolated people.

Your only hope is in heaven.

The land, their land,
is already Segura's.

Sorry, mom, I was
with Elena and Virgi...

...and I'm late. We
had not agreed on that.

Damn, mom, it's summer.

You said it. Summer for all.

Do you hear me?

Hey, you be careful.


Don't get hooked. First
love leaves you shit.

What do you know about love?

Well look,

I don't know much, but I do know what
it's like to lose everything for someone.

No no?

It's not the same,
because I'm not like you.


I shouldn't tell you these things.

Do you know what's up? Even if it pisses you off

We look alike
more than you like.

Oh mom, don't worry.

Because I know very well what I'm doing.

Go to sleep, go.

Good night.

Good night.

Anyway, you don't
understand anything.

Yes Yes?

I understand everything.

You are the one who does not want to understand.

I am also 17 years old. Oh yeah?


Seventeen years.

For the 17. For the 17.

I was going along the
river bank and so was I,

and I saw her coming in white.

And I asked her what was wrong with
her because she was crying and she says:

"I don't know what's wrong with
me or what's happened to me.

I don't know where I am. I don't
know na I don't know what I am."

When it rains, I remember
a lot about the bride

that she took the river.

And I always tell my daughter,
when she starts to rain,

she that she come to my house,

She scares me and I don't
want the river to take her away.

I want her to be in my
house to protect her from her.


If the river... If the
water gets inside her,

I do not care anymore.

But she that she is in my house.

Look, take these.

Take her there.

Come on, Jose.

With a little desire.

Are you dead or alive?

Ok Jose Antonio.
Let José do it himself.

Let him learn.

How's it going here?

It is going well.

Does he reach the top or not?

- He's going there. - Manolo.

How's it going there?

What a shitty water
they threw us out.

And that we have to pay for it.


She's been here, Grandma.

I promise she was
like she was here.



Have a drink.

Look, son.

I'm not the one to tell you
who you go in and out with.

But that baby is not going
to bring you anything good.

Whoever enters that
house ends up scalded.

No good woman comes from there.

She has always been like this.

It's up to me and no one else.

I already know it.

But that you are
focused is my business.

I told you clearly.

Once she opened the doors for you.

But not two.

Sometimes I think I'll open my
eyes and you won't be here anymore.

And I wonder if it is possible
to have hot black water inside.

If what they say
about us is true

or from repeating it so much
we have ended up believing it.

# I can't explain what happened.

# I can only tell you
that it didn't work.

# It wasn't your
fault, it was both of us.

# For being so whimsical.

# We hold on so tightly
that we get tired. #

One moment. Hello.

Come on, come help me.

Let's cut the artichokes.
Take. Let's see.

Get to peeling them.

Come on.

Someday, when I'm
gone, who's going to do it?

Grandma, don't start,
you're not going to die.

We all die, Ana.

You will have to
wake up and take over.

I have to go.

OK? But I'm not long.

Do you prepare everything for
the rice? That pretty. See you later.

Do not take it into account, daughter.

It's not that it happens to you.

That's what, well...

Today you need to
give your body joy.

Shall we smoke a cigarette?


That you don't smoke, grandma.

With you.


Is it true what they say
about having the water inside?

Everything is going to be fine.

Hello isbael.

Can you get me a drink?

Long time no see.

The usual, right? Yeah.

Thank you.

What do you want?

I have come to ask you for help.


Get your kid off my kid's head.

Who do you think you are?

I have nothing against her.


But I need you to focus.

I don't want to spoil it.

Finish that and air.

Hello. Hello.

Is everything alright. Goes up.

Goes up.

# The cat that is sad and blue

# you never forget that you were mine.

# But I know that he will know of my suffering

# because in my eyes

# there is a tear.

# Dear dear,

# my life.

# Reflection of the moon that laughed.

# If loving is closed,

# my fault.

# I loved you.

# In the background

# what is life.

# Don't know.

# The cat that is

# in our sky. #

We're going to have shots, come on.

Give me six shots, please.

- Aunt, what a rule. - Daughter.

And more than he knows me.

Why do we toast?

For us. For us.


- I've gone too far, haven't I?
- Gross!

Can you give me fire? Yeah.

And you, what are you?
My mother's new friend?

More or less.

You are Ana, right?


And what have they come for?

Here you come to do
something or you don't come.

I come to work.

And what do you work?
Water management.

I am "witty".

Well, I'm an expert.

Very good.

But I don't know why I ask you.

If you will also go

Haven't they told you that
in this house we are cursed?

Well no. I haven't heard anything.

How odd.

But why do people say that?

Don't know.

They've been saying it since I was little.

But it's silly, isn't it?

Could be.


fuck it Fuck everyone.

Well yes.

Fuck everyone.

When the water was
drunk, she found herself

that she was missing something,
she had anxiety, and she understood

that the river attracted her, attracted
her, and always more each day.

She went every day to visit the river

because she was attracted
to her. then she understood

that there was someone
who wanted her.

Then she surrendered to the river.

Because she had that
strength that called her.

And she surrendered to the river.

And I want to notice it.

I'd love to.

They say it can be good or bad.

But I do not care.
I want to notice it.

I want to know
what it is and face it.

I'd love to.

When the river gets inside you,

you have two options:

or go with him

so that there is no
disaster and calm down,

or stand up to him.

And let it be what God wants.

Hello good.

How are you?


That I put you?

A little bitch, please.

Like your father?

You tell me. Okay.

There it goes.

What are you doing here?

Take me a carajillo.

I stay.

What do I owe you?

I invite you. Thank you.

It looks to be very
bad. No Uncle.

Of course. They
are the best, for

Zombies. Come on zombies.

What else?

Good stuff please.

What do you fancy? Burgers.

Burgers. Burgers.

I want a strawberry.
For one that I like.

A strawberry.

This is good? Yes.
Better than nothing.

Where do you see the 50?

Come on, let's go. Alright.

What's happening?
Come, let's go in.

# You looked me in the eye.

# Smiling

# you said my name.

# In the sand

# I have left my boat.

# Next to you

# I will look for another sea.

# You know well what I have.

# in my boat

# there is no gold or swords.

# Just networks

# and my work.

# Mister,

# you looked me in the eye.

# Smiling... #

I didn't know you were a believer.

And I am not.

But she is not just any saint.

Which is she? She
is called Santa Rita.

Do you see the thorn in the forehead?

They say the Lord threw
it at him from heaven.

Really? Yeah.

And that she became a nun
while married with two children.

And then she did a
bunch of miracles. Already.

He hadn't come for a long time.

Well, you're here.

What's happening?

Come here, go.

What's happening?

Why don't you look at
me? What's happening?


Come on.


You don't need to say anything.

I already know everything.

Now it depends only on you.

She is already.

Didn't you love me?

So here I am.

I know, my love.

I already know it.

Holy shit, tell me something.

That I want to go

Where to?

I have to go.

I am afraid of the water.

But what are you saying?

Are you crazy or what?
Because Im crazy?

You should know better than
me that sometimes you have to go.


I just don't know what it's like to leave.

I already know it. Do
you think I'm stupid?

I know you haven't been abroad

and that you lied to me

I'm just asking you for time.

I'm not going to screw it all
up because you're out of luck.

What will you know?

What bothers me the most
is that my mother was right.

She can't trust anyone.

OK. You're putting
plaster on it until...

The cigarette always in the mouth.

Check out, check out more.

More more more.
Until I tell you.

So? Further.

If it is missing, there is
water. check out Further?


Give it a little more.

Plaster or water? Of plaster.

But little now, okay?
There already the hand.

Give me the hardest first.

Give me a little more.

Well come on.

She takes it like this and
drains it like a doughnut.

Come on.

Look. Drain it like this.
You put it in your hand.

Okay, give me a strong hand.

That's OK? Yeah.

Give me more.

Here she fucks him.

OK. At this height, I don't
think the water will reach it.

Once we light it up,

that's it. Give me
what you have left.

Repel there. We
have to plaster a bit.

Does something come out?

Yes. Yes it comes out.

This is plaster.

Look, son.

What's coming is very fucked up.

I don't know what I would do if we lose everything.

What's wrong, dad?

I'm very proud of you.

That you are with me
and I love you very much.

1545, flood of San Lucas.

1651, flood of San Calixto.

1664, flood of San Miguel Arcángel.

1665, flood of San Crisóstomo.

1683, Santo Tomás flood.

1704, flood of San Leovigildo.

1731, flood of San Nicomedes.

1769, flood of San
Simón and San Judas.

1834, flood of Santa Brígida.

1877, flood of San
Cosme and San Damian.

1879, flood of Santa Teresa.

1894, flood of San Amos.

1906, flood of San Julián.

1923, flood of San Quentin.

1947, flood of Santa María.

1979, flood of San Jerónimo.

1987, flood of Monserrate.


A crane on that side
collecting what is happening

it would have been more effective.

Oh well,

the ending will be the same.

The water will come out.

Here we go.

He takes the car.

Holy God.

What a mess! Call your mom
and tell her what's going on.

We are not leaving
here today. Oh my gosh!

The water covers the wheel.

my goodness


Marco's cars have been
carried away by the flood.

They are at the entrance of Orihuela.

This is overkill, man.

No one believes this.

my goodness

Well this is what it looks like

from the Sierra de Orihuela.

That is the palm grove.

Completely flooded.

I am my mother.

I am my grandmother.

I am that woman from 1670.

from 1850.

From 1987.

I also have the water inside.

Although now I only see her.

All filled with water.

All full of shit.

The water full of shit.

I am my mother.

I am my grandmother.

I am that woman.

Always the same woman who returns.

I am that woman.

You didn't have to
count on me to be afraid.

Because now I will tell my story.


Subtitling the Camino (2020)
exclusively for CINEMAZ.