Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada (2016) - full transcript

Arjun(Nikhil) is a visual effect supervisor with a bad love failure. One fine day, he takes his friend(Vennela Kishore) for treatment as the latter is possessed by an evil spirit. There he meets Nithya(Hebah Patel) and falls in love with her. The twist in the tale arises when Arjun comes to know that Hebah is also possessed and someone inside her body is making her do all these things. Things become ever worst for Arjun when yet another character called Amala(Nanditha Swetha) approaches him as the one who is behind all this. What is all this confusion ? Who is this Amala ? Why is she behind Arjun ? Is there a back story behind all this ?

No animals or bird were harmed
during film shoot

Characters and incidents in the film
are pure imaginary not intentional

00:02:25,000 --> 00:02:26,626
Hey, Arjun!
- Hello, mom!

Good morning.
- What happened to you?

Are you fine?
- Fine, why did you get that doubt?

Finding you awake so early
in the morning.

If you're shocked for this,

how much more you'd get shocked
what I'm going to tell you now?

Hello boy!

Exam starts at 10 am, right?
You've come so early by 7.30 am.

If I stay in home,
tension will increase, uncle.

That's why I'm in college.

God! Help me pass this exam.

Why are you so excited?

Already have backlog
of 9 papers, right?

If you fail this paper,
it'll be 10, that's all.

Anyway, you must be like me.

From yesterday morning to night,
I studied thermodynamics all day.

Hey, we finished thermodynamics
last year, man.

Today, it is pure mechanics.
- Eh?

Without studying all through year,
if you study 10 minutes before exam,

will you score good marks?

Please come in, students.

Good morning, madam.

Madam... good morning.

Good morning.

Time is up, if you give
question paper, madam...

He never attends class on time, but
how come he has come early for exam?

Oh God! Last year too
it happened just like this.

I was studying and you were eating.

We forgot to take exam.

Let's take exam at least this year.

Okay, I can't do it now.

What happened to you?

Take it easy, madam.

Even if I write, waste of paper.

You always tell us, right?

Save paper, save trees,
something like that, right?

I'm going to follow your advice.

As a responsible citizen of this planet,
I'm quitting this exam.

My fate!

- Eh?

Additional, madam.
- Eh?


Are you writing answers of questions
or writing imposition of question paper?




Already finished?
- Done, madam.

Good, sit there.

I need to go urgently.

Still 40 minutes time left,
go and sit.

Madam, I need to attend a marriage.

If you miss marriage,
you can attend reception.

Oh, if I don't go, marriage would
get cancelled, madam.


I'm the bridegroom, madam!

I got doubt when you tied three knots.

That was for practice...

You look just like my elder sister.

Bless me.
- Enough... get up.

Okay, go.

All the best.

Guys, today evening at 7 pm,
let's party in Tabla Restaurant.

All you join me.
Madam, you too join us.

With your boyfriend.
- Hey...

Bless me too.
- Why you?

Are you also getting married?

He's getting married,
I've to go to sign as witness.

Why do you need blessings for that?

I mean if things turn upside down there,
to get out of the trouble.

Okay, go.
- Thank you, madam.

Eh! Anyone else needs my blessings?


Dhoti groom style is super...

Silk shirt is super...

Dot on cheek is super...

May I take a selfie in groom's finery...

Already I'm always hyper...

Moreover this is happy occasion...

My speedometer is refusing to stop...

I'm unable to catch up myself
going at jet speed...

This day will not come again in life...

That's why I'm so crazy about it...

At full throttle,
racing away like a horse...

I'll catch with you, baby...

I'm coming at 100 kilometers speed...

I'm bringing marriage garland for you...

Heart is playing marriage band,
with crazy celebrations all around...

May I marry the full moon like you...

It's festivities of song and dance...
Rock the show...

Thrilling as if had a full bottle...
Everyone is thrilled..

Filling up the life with happiness,
may I share it with you...

Dhoti groom style is super...

Silk shirt is super...

Dot on cheek is super...

May I take a selfie in groom's finery...

It seems Gabbar Singh film is excellent.

But traffic too heavy.

Film may start.
- Already watched it few times, right?

Newly married?

Yes, boss.

I'm also getting married
in an hour, you know?

Boss, you say there's an hour,
why don't you think over it again?

Look at the hands of the wrist watch...

It is running fast like
a speeding bike wheel...

Rushing to meet you...

The mood is refusing to cool...
Going at breakneck speed...

I'll board super flight to
land near you, my darling...

Completing the formalities, I'll take you
on honeymoon in the same flight...

Hundred kilometers speed...

Hundred kilometers speed...

Hundred kilometers speed...

Hundred kilometers speed...


I'm coming at 100 kilometers speed...

I'm bringing marriage garland for you...

Heart is playing marriage band,
with crazy celebrations all around...

May I marry the full moon like you...

It's festivities of song and dance...
Rock the show...

Thrilling as if had a full bottle...
Everyone is thrilled..

Filling up the life with happiness,
may I share it with you...

Dhoti groom style is super...

Silk shirt is super...

Dot on cheek is super...

May I take a selfie in groom's finery...

Hey you there!
- Good afternoon, sir.

Greetings, sir.

A marriage is going on inside,

next is yours,
be ready with arrangements.

Okay, sir.
- Thanks, sir.

Would you like to eat?

Yuck! Who is he?
- My friend.

For auspicious function,
they bring holy cow not buffalo.

Bloody foodie! We always get
the stick because of you.

By the way, where's the girl?

- Oh! Yes, Ayesha!

I'm asking, why hasn't she come yet?

She'll be on the way.

Would marriage get over before lunch
or want me to order lunch also?

Hey, Ayesha is here!


Thanks, son.


Son, please give me hand.
- Ah... okay, come.

Please come.

Thanks, son.

It's ringing but she's not picking it.

She'll be driving,
she'll be here any moment.

Come, let's have tea.

Hey, where's the garland?

Forgot and left it there.


Those are mine.
- Yes, yours only.

What would I do with it?

I got married with Sidhu
50 years ago.

Wow! Feeling shy?

Go, do your work, grandma.

- Eh?

I've a thought.

I'll tell if you don't scold me.
- Come out.

He's so anxious about her,
but I feel she'll not come.

- Thank you, sir.

The number you've dialed is busy,
please call after sometime.

The number you've dialed is busy,
please call after sometime.

Hey, has bride come?

She'll come.
- Will she come?

How long should we wait for you?


Rain has stopped.

It'll not rain again,
why are you still holding umbrella?

Sir... sir... one minute, sir.
- What's it?

The girl may come now in a minute, sir.

If not today, come tomorrow,
why this haste?- Tell him.

Am I right, Anantham?
- Right sir, you can go, sir.

Sir... sir... marriage...
- You take care of them.

Okay, I'll take care of it, sir.

Still didn't get it?

Girls are reachable till you love them.

If you say marriage,
they become unreachable.

That's it.

Ignorant of this fact,

many boys wait for many months,
wasting their precious time.

To marry, the girl must cheat
her own parents,

what's the guaranty that she'll
not cheat lover also?

Please take care of your friend.

If not he may go mad.


Buddy, don't worry.
I'm with you.

You stay here, I'll go and see.

Hey, don't get tensed.

May have failed in love
but not in life.

00:13:31,209 --> 00:13:33,125
Excuse me, you go inside.
- Hello.

I've an appointment at 9!

Sir, he has some urgent work,
so, you please wait.


I understood it 4 years ago,

there nothing more valuable
than waiting,

I hate waiting!

Anyway I fixed an appointment early
to avoid waiting here, right?

Am I mad?

I'll go first.

Excuse me, doctor.
- Yes.

Who is this boy?

Hi, I'm Arjun.

I'll tell you what your problem is!

It job, purse is full of money,

not unable to sleep peacefully.

You'll not find a girl to fall in love.

Even if you find a girl,
you don't have time to marry.

You've hundreds of friends'
numbers in your phone,

But you don't get time to talk to them.

Though you're in a group,
you want to be alone.

Unable to tolerate it,
you feel like killing yourself.

Am I right?
- Wrong!

I'm not the patient.
- Then?

Name is Kishore.

My friend's elder brother.

Why is like a mad man?

Crap... deep crap!

What's up, brother?
Where are you going?

Trust me, I'm not mad.

Hey, I'm also not mad, am I not here?

Shut up and sit here.

How can I be compared with you?
You idiot!

Why not?

You're not mad, I'm not mad.

But both are in mental hospital.

Give it to me.

Why you want two?
- I'll tell you later.

He lost both parents when he was a kid.

Recently his brother too...
- Died?

No, went away to America.

Since then...
- No need to tell me anything else.

You too don't tell me anything.

Hey mad boy, look at me.

What's the girl's name?

Wow! You're great, sir.

Hit the bulls eye directly.

Ummm... tell me.
What's her name?


With Ileana's waist.

Nose like Tamannah.

Smile like Samantha's.

Kajol Agarwal's complexion.

What beauty!
- Isn't she?

Hey... sister.

Sorry, brother.

It's okay.

We both worked in the same office, sir.

Opposite cubicles too.

May be you don't know what cubicle is!

We opposite to each other.

Do you know how much our
personalities sync!

I don't know.

Know it.



What's the problem then?

Why not say I love you?

I invited her to dinner
to express my love.

Eh... excuse me.
- Umm..

Will you come out for lunch
and dinner?

Sure, uncle.


Will you become like this
if a girl calls you uncle?

Right sir, it is wrong to become
like this if one calls him uncle.

But few said elder brother, uncle,
5 girls called him paternal uncle.

Called him elder brother.

But one girl told him...
- Did she say okay?

No, she told him to see
his face in mirror.


Since then, he started drinking.

Stopped going to office,
went to pubs, got used to drugs,

stopped answering our phone calls,
no response from him,

so, one fine day...

What is it dark?
- Power cut?

Switch on the light.

No! Don't switch on light.

What happened, man?
- Ssshhh!

He'll wake up.
- Who?

The man who is inside.

There's no one inside.

Hey idiot bro!
Inside means not the room.

Inside me... aah!

He's sleeping tight inside.

Not in sync with outside.

At times he comes out.

What does he say?

It seems he doesn't like this life.

He says he gets enraged.

He asks me to eat poison,

He asks me to stab myself with knife.

He asks me to cut with blade.

Is he telling you to do all this?


Don't know when he entered my body?

I feel like I'm stuffed bunny, bro.

Do you know he's a big problem to me?

That's okay but how do you know
he has entered your body?

What stupid question you ask, man?

Look there!

Son, be careful!

There's a man inside you!

Inside? No one's here, go away.

Not in your home
but in your body, son!

Inside me? How?

You'll hear the voice,
your body will shiver,

you'll wither!

There's someone inside you!

Invoking Goddess Jagadamba!

Invoking Goddess Kanchi Kamakshi!

Invoking Goddess Madura Meenakshi!

Invoking Goddess Jagadamba!
Invoking Goddess Kanchi Kamakshi!

It means you're not one person.

- Umm...

Will you believe if a foreteller says?

Don't they believe if you say anything?

How can you compare him with me?

We both are in mental hospital, right?
Mad man!

Who is talking to me now?
You or the other guy?

It's me the other guy.
- Then, original?

That's me, right.

You said other guy now.
- He would've told that.

Who is he?
- The other guy, who is inside me.

You mean you're the original?

Take a wild guess,
who do you think I'm?

I feel like making a call to find
address of mental hospital.

This is mental hospital, right?
Mad man!

Oh God, he'll send me to asylum.

What's this fan for?
Portable, rechargeable.

For the other guy inside.

Poor man! Do you know he's
getting suffocated inside?

Will you help me, brother?
- Umm...

Shut the other guy inside.
Will you please go out?

Sure, with pleasure.

My fan?
- Ah!

You got confused for this trivial thing.

Are you really a doctor?

Hey, don't say like that, it is wrong.

Says 10 years in industry.

He looks like a mad doctor.

He looks like a mad man.

That's what I'm saying.
Why are you repeating it?

What's his condition, doctor?

He's beyond redemption.

He's like a terrorist
with live belt bomb,

hello, he may press the
button any moment.

If you write some medicines
for him quickly.

If you pay fee.
- We already paid outside, right?

That was for the outside man.

There's a man inside him,
who will pay for the other guy?

Swamy, you're not supposed
to come here.

You must go to Kerala's
Mahishasuramardhani temple.



Go to Mahishasuramardhani temple.

You're not supposed to come here.


Go... go to Kerala!

Go to Kerala's
Mahishasuramardhani temple.

Hey brother! Where are you going?
- To Kerala.

Amulet fell... forgive me God!

Brother... brother... don't pay.

Don't waste money here.
I want cash back.

I mustn't come here,
I must go to Kerala.

I must go to Kerala's
Mahishasuramardhani temple.

Mahishasuramardhani temple?

If you want see this, brother.

Seen it?

Sorry, other guy inside is naughty.

This is it.

Just now I googled it.

It's a cave temple in Kerala.

It seems they treat spirits there.

Very cheap, 100% guaranty,
with lifelong warranty too.

Who told you this?
- Just now a Swamy told me.

- Yes.

Where is he?

They took him away saying
he's mad, idiots.

You're mad man!
You get the medicines.


I'll not go to Mahishasuramardhani temple!

I don't want medicines, man!

Give me a blade, I'll cut myself.


Did he come out now?

Did he say anything?

On uttering temple's name,
I felt shiver inside.

I could feel it.

Let's go, brother.

Let's go to Kerala, brother.

Hey! I'm very patient because
you called us friend.

We're tolerating all your lousy actions.

If you cross the limit,
we'll not keep quiet.

Doctor prescribed medicines,
I'm buying it.

Use it or not, get out.

I'm going to Mahishasuramardhani temple.

Hey... brother...
- Go, man.

Train leaves tomorrow at 12,
you'll come.

I'll not come,

You'll definitely come, I know it.

I'll not come.

Excuse me, that's my brother's seat.

Let him come, I'll get up,
I'll not take it with me.

Why not get up now then? Please.

Please... please...

Oh sir! That seat for the
other guy inside.

Is he in bathroom?
- No, he's inside me, sir.

Please, get up.



Looks like he's mad,
better to take another train.



Sorry, sir.

One is you, who is the second passenger?

He's outside, he'll come in later.

Third passenger?
- He's inside, he'll come out later.

- Umm..

Going to Mahishasuramardhani temple?

Exactly, sir!

You're super!

Take it.

Come son, let's catch a bus.




Please... please... move away.


Come... come... come...

Hey, hands off!

Brother... brother...

I knew you'll come for me, brother.

Hey, stop it.

Not for you, I'm coming for my friend.

I know if you go there,
it'll work out well for for you.

But after coming back from there,
you must take medical treatment.

- Okay?

Invoking Goddess Jagadamba!

Invoking Goddess Kanchi Kamakshi!

Invoking Goddess Madura Meenakshi!

Are you going, son?
- Yes, I'm going, Swami.

Go... go... your problem would get solved.

Another problem will start.
- Another problem?

For me, Swami?
- Not for you, but for your friend.

For me?

Pull the chain, I'll finish him.

Invoking Goddess Jagadamba!

Invoking Goddess Kanchi Kamakshi!

Wait there, man.
- We'll get into trouble, man.

I'm excited, brother.






Why is the place like this?

How do I know?
I'm also coming for the first time.

Death is for body only not for spirit

Death is for body only not for spirit.


Death is for body only not for spirit

It is in Malayalam!

Umm... umm...

Come... come... Come.

Greetings, Swami.

Thank you, Swami.

Your deeds have become curses for you.

You must stay here for 3 days.

3 days? Impossible.

3 days only, brother.
Why don't you stay?

He'll stay.

4 stage treatment.

Sukha bhogam, enjoying the bliss,

Siksha mardanam, punishing massage,

Bahirgatham, bringing it out,

Samprokshanam, cleansing.

Isn't there any short cut?

Like amulets, lemons or
anything like that.


If rivers find short cuts to join sea,

there will be floods and
lives will be in danger,

this is also like that only.

3 days is compulsory.

Okay, tell me, when will you start it?

It starts right now

Don't know what his madness is
and what this treatment is!

How am I to spend 3 days here?

Umm... who is this guy?


I'm coming.

Ram, Ghanta Ram.

I'm like Google for this settlement area.

Do you want room to stay, brother?

Who is your brother?
- Eh?

Broker? I don't need it.

Hello... hello...

I'm local man.

I'm from city, I trust technology only.

Everything is online.

Make My trip, Oyo, Ibibo,
apps are there for rooms.

You don't know that.

I've seen many people, go on.

- Ugh! How can I be your brother?

I'm lowly broker, right?

There are Apps in my phone
but no signals.

Won't Apps work without signals?

- Eh?


- Gucci.

Give it.

I think you use only branded things,
I too like only branded things.

Even the bell in neck is branded?

What are you looking at?


I'm unable to see a bird's face.

City birds, right? We must see
when they turn their faces.

If you disturb, they fly away.

Keep watching patiently.

I hate waiting.

I'm also from city,
my pulse is racing.

Hello... excuse me!

Thank you... thanks.



You called me but going away.

I hate waiting.
- What waiting?

I saw only back from the window,
couldn't see your face.

If I don't see it immediately,
curiosity and BP, both will raise.

So, if I see your face instantly,
no health problems.

You won't get disturbed too.
- Eh?

That's the matter.

Thank you.

Thank you?

What's this, Ghanta?

I'm not that experienced, sir.

Just now you saw her, right?
Why are you pounding?

It's not your heart that is pounding.
Someone is knocking on door.

Who is it?

You please step aside.

Hey, Ghanta.
- Tell me, madam.

You brought guest to his room, right?
- Yes, madam.

Why are you still here then?

I'm leaving.
- Hey...

What if my grandma asks about me?

Can I tell her you're here?

Slipper would get ripped.

Tell her, you don't know.

Isn't it wrong to tell lies, madam?

It's not wrong to tell lies
for Axe perfume.

He wanted to see her instantly,
why did she come here immediately?

My foot!

Tell me.
- What should I tell?


You came, you saw,
you went away silently.

Who will tell me how do I look then?

If you ask like that what can I say?

Tell me I boy!
- Boy?

Tell me, man.

Boy is better.

How am I to tell you directly on face?

Why do you talking like that, buddy?

You discuss about girls with
friends quite easily, right?

Take me as your friend and tell me.

How is the figure?

She is very beautiful like...

Say it in Telugu, man.

Buddy, she's no ordinary figure, you know?

Her eyes, it'll be talking with us,

her lips drip honey,

her neck... wow...

Why are you listing out items?

Just say in one, how is the figure?

Sensational! Killing me.



Don't deliver dialogues, man.

Stand on the words.

You stand by it and show.

Take it easy and leave silently.

If not... get out!

This is my room.

What? Repartees?

Don't I know this is your room?

Don't act over smart, man.

I told you not to look at me!
- Eh?

How does she know I'm looking at her?

Don't I watch films?

Hey boy! Did you see
my granddaughter here?

No, madam.

She's pain in my neck!

Mad girl! Don't know where she is?

Grandma! What are you searching there?

I'm right here.

I went inside and searched,
you weren't there, so I came out for you.

You've grown old, right?
May be losing sight, come in.

Old people seeing things very well,
only young are not able to see properly.

Crazy girl.

Wow, nice fragrance.

Banana leaf bed!

It is very nice.

You served a very good meal.

Will you put me to sleep now?

Please remove your shirt.

What are you saying?
I'm not wearing vest also.

Hey, I'll hit you.

Please remove your shirt.


Is it treatment?

Okay, close your eyes.

I feel cold.

Please remove your pant.

Have you gone mad?
Do you've any sense?

This is not pant but short.

Please remove your pant.

Oh no!

My family is searching bride for me.

Anyone must be virgin
till marriage, right?

This is wrong.

Please remove your pant.

Oh God! Okay... okay...

But keep this secret.
Umm... okay?

Make sure nobody comes here. Okay?

Lie down!

Hey, what are you doing, baby?

Oh... yours is violent!


Good night.

Where are you going?

Why are you leaving me tied?

Hey girl... hey jasmine baby...


Hello, brother.

Will you please call those 5 girls?

I've little work.

Why are you bowing at my feet?
I'm embarrassed.

Swami, it wasn't my mistake at all.

They made me remove my clothes.

I didn't even touch them.

Just smelled a girl's jasmine flowers.

Should we eat it raw?
- It's like this here.

You've eat raw.

Eat this also raw?
- This isn't in our menu.

Catch it... catch it...

Hey, I'm telling you.
- Buddy!

I think she has decided.

Buddy, please catch the hen.

Should I catch the hen?

She's calling you closely
as uncle, right? Catch it.

It won't take much time.

I don't know what you do,
I want the hen.

I love it, Dot.

Hen? I'll catch it.

Hey... ummm... come... come...


If you get it,
I'll give you surprise gift.

- Best brand.

- Promise.

Excuse me, aunty.
- Eh? What?

If you lift your dress,
I'll take out the rooster.


I'll take out the rooster.

I told her to co-operate
but she thrashed me.

But I did try sincerely, right?

If you give the surprise gift.

Zandu balm?

From pain to relief!

Is it brand?

That is also a brand, right?

Buddy! Can you catch it or not?

Ghanta, I want that hen.

I'll give you extraordinary brand.

Every time he's trapping with brands.

Can't you do this for me?

You can do it, you will do it.



Take it.
- Thank you.

Sir... sir...

My surprise extraordinary branded gift.

Promised, right?

Take it.



I've been fooled.

Take it, your hen.


Did you see how it is?

It is healthy like fighter cock raised
on cashews and almonds.

Waxed thighs.

Just a look is mouth watering.

Are you raising it as pet?
- Pet?

What's this, buddy?

Country chicken gravy will
be mind blowing.

Moreover organic hen grown
in forest.

Legs for tandoor and
body for gravy.

Hot rice, freshly cut onion.

A squeeze of lemon.

Even while telling it,
it's mouth watering.

You said I love it.
- I love chicken.

Buddy, you wait for an hour.

I'll get you chicken curry,
you can never forget in life.

Wait for food? I can't.


Ghanta, I'm hungry.

Yes, food is ready.

Have you come back?

Why do you hate to wait, buddy?

Forget it.


A pet dog you raise as kid
ran away from home.

You waited years for its return,

when it didn't come back,

you started hating to wait in life.

Am I right?

I told you to forget it, right?

- No.


Yes, you would've asked
your dad for bike in your teens.

You waited years for it.

When he failed to buy it,
you started hated waiting, right?


Not this also?

Not dog or bike...
What else could it be?

Yes, when you asked your lover
to marry you,

she cheated and ditched you,

you would've be waiting like a
mad man with garland in your neck,


Shut up!

I'm sorry.

So, my last guess was right.

Your slap was very tight, I can
understand how strong your love was!

Sister, thanks.

You saved my hen from my father, sister.

If not it would've ended up
on dining table.

Bye, sister.
- Bye..

It wasn't for curry then!

Hi, I'm Amala.

Pure vegetarian from Vijayawada.

I'm Arjun, only non-vegetarian
from Hyderabad.

My friend's elder brother
has problem, so I'm here.

But I don't believe any of this.

My sister is possessed by a ghost,
so we're here.

My father is principal of
Patamata school, he's very strict.

Never allowed me to enter forest.

I thought of going around the forest,
but grandma is not allowing me.

We don't know when we'll die.

What if I die suddenly
without seeing anything?

You think too much,
can't you speak normally?

Okay, shall we go on trekking?
- Eh?

Tomorrow morning at 7 am, okay?


Shall we go?

What happened?

Unless grandma drinks herbal concoction,
we can't go on trekking.

What if grandma drink or not?
Come, let's go.

She's not your grandma, right?
That's why, you could say it so easily.

Grandma... herbal concoction.

I'll take care of it.

A rhythm where sacred monosyllable
reverberates in raga Sankarabharanam...

Sharada! What's that song and raga?

Song is from film Sankarabharanam
and raga is also Sankarabharanam.

Sankarabharanam didn't work out for me.

Change the song.

Another song...?

Come... come... Swamy, come...

Scion of Yadhu clan... come...
Swamy, come...

Swamy, come...


Is she dead?

No, dozed off.

That wasn't herbal concoction,
it was medicine to put her to sleep.

Isn't it wrong?

Then, what? Can I get such
a golden opportunity again?

That too with you.

Isn't little too much?

Take it as much as you like,
let's go.


Sorry, grandma.

When I'm with you...
Time flies away...

Heart is engulfed by
fragrance of happiness...

When I'm with you...
Wishes never take a back step...

There begins the stories
of new experiences...

Wherever you're going,
it's enough if I'm with you...

How many births I may have in future,
I wish to be with you always...

Though there's no air to breathe,
it's enough if I'm with you...

Though I'm not with myself,
it's enough if I'm with you...

When I'm with you...
Time flies away...

Heart is engulfed by
fragrance of happiness...

Won't I rush to you,
wherever you may be...

Would I go away from you
even if you tell me to leave...

If you're not seen for a minute,
it's never ending anxiety...

If I'm with you next moment,
it's symphony of delight in my heart...

When I'm with you...

When I'm with you...
Time flies away...

Heart is engulfed by
fragrance of happiness...

Arjun, tomorrow morning at 7 am.

- Okay.


Let's go away from here, brother.

I'm better with other guy inside,
they whipped me like hell, brother.

Too painful on backside.

Let's go away, brother.
- Okay... okay.

I'll go out and arrange boat,
you stay here.

- Okay.

Swamy, your brother ran away.

Did he come here?
- No, he didn't come here.

Tomorrow morning waterfalls.

- Umm..

Were you asking about
my brother Kishore?


My brother Kishore is here.

Why did you do like this, bro?

Didn't you hear the painful moans
from my body?

You're talking philosophy,
I'm sure you're not Kishore.

You're the other guy inside, right?

Swamy, take him away.
- Brother, I'm the original outside one.

Treatment impact has made me
use those words.

Didn't you recognise me, bro?

I acted like a monkey
in single act plays.

He's mad, take him away immediately.

Brother, he's acting.
- Take him away.

Brother, I'll take you to task.
- I'm not your brother, why threaten me?

Earth that rotates,
let it go anywhere...

I'm enchanted by you,
let me see only you...

No hunger or no thirst...

Though days change...

I'm lost in your thoughts...
My eye fails to find the difference...

When I'm with you...

When I'm with you...
Time flies away...

Heart is engulfed by
fragrance of happiness...

Hey, hello... hello... boat!



Can't avoid, we've to walk 3 kilometers.

I can't walk anymore, no way.

You wait here, I'll find if there's
any other boat.


Hey kid... kiddo... what happened?

Did you see my granddaughter?

She went outside early morning,
she hasn't come back yet.

- Umm?

Thank God! Are you back?

Shall we go?

Are you mad?

Can't you walk back?
You know the route, right?

You told me to wait here, right?

If I say... will you believe
whatever I say?

If I don't trust you,
why would I come out with you?

Alone in a place like this at night!

Don't you've any fear?

There are wild animals and snakes here.

What will they do with me?

They scare only people who fear death.

Whay if I hadn't come back?

Never thought about it.

Anyway, so late night,
to such a place,

without bothering about your own safety,

you've come running fearing
for my safety, right?


I mean...

Come, let's go.

When I'm with you...
Wishes never take a back step...

When I'm with you...
Wishes never take a back step...

There begins the stories
of new experiences...

Wherever you're going,
it's enough if I'm with you...

Though there's no air to breathe,
it's enough if I'm with you...

Good night.
- Good night.


Hey, buddy!

Tomorrow I'll tell you something,

though you hate to wait,
please wait for me.

For my sake. Okay?
- Okay.

- Bye.

Swamiji has called you.

You go, I'll come.

He has been cleansed.

You can take him now.

You mean other spirit has left him.

No other spirit entered his body.

Spirits can enter only
if they exist, right?

Even after science has developed,
why still talk about spirits, Swami?

I told you no other spirit
entered his body, right?

I didn't say there are no spirits.

Any person's weight decreases by 21 grams
after death, science has proved it.

Why that 21 grams weight loss, Swami?

Spirit that leaves the body
after death.

Don't I know how people
possessed by ghosts behave?

He never behaved like that, right?


To tell you the truth, even possessed
people behave normally among us.

They behave normally like us only.

Look at the boy!

Hey, cute boy!

Kiddo! Isn't he handsome?

Is he your son, Guruji?


King Bhupathi Vikramarka of Jayapalli
is having his breakfast,

how dare you disturb me!

Mischievous kids!

Had it been my court,
heads would've rolled down.


Normally, he doesn't know
his grandpa's name also.

But he's narrating their
entire clan's history.

What do you say?

After hearing King's base voice,
what can we say, Guruji?

We'll go, I miss you, Guruji.

Let's go, brother.

What about fee?

Eternal law of Hindu has not yet stopped
down to do business on human weakness.

You can go now.

May you be blessed by the best!

I surrender to you God!

Brother, I told you about a girl, right?

Come, I'll introduce her to you.
- Okay, brother.

do you call it as dance?

Fantastic job, guys.

You won't be late tomorrow, okay?

See you.
- Bye.

Why did you lie to me?
Do I look like a mad man?

Hello! Who are you?


Who are you?!

You went around me in Kerala
for 4 days calling me as buddy.

You said you've good memories with me.

Now, asking me, who are you?

For boys, if we see a girl on road,
it'll take a week for us to forget her.

But, how come you forget
boys so easily?

What rubbish!

Who the hell are you, man?



What happened, Nithya?
What's the problem?


Is that your real name?

Look at him! He talks about Kerala
and roaming with him there.

You carry on, I'll talk to him.
- No, he is...

He says we were together.
- I told you to go, right? Go.

Hey... hey... excuse me.

Hello... hello... talk to me.

Problem is between me and her,
who the hell are you between us?

Her sister.

So, you're the sister.

You were possessed by ghost,
so she had come to Kerala with you.

Was I possessed by ghost? Who told you?

The girl who is going there,
your sister Nithya.

She told me.

Infact Nithya is the one
who is possessed by ghost.

Nithya possessed by ghost?

Is your entire family like this?

Compulsive liars!

I'm telling you the truth.

She had come there with grandma
for her treatment only.

I never went to Kerala.

Don't confuse me.

She was completely with me for 3 days.

When did she get treated then?

Each patient has different treatment.

Nithya's treatment happened
at night with herbal concoction.

What's this?

One day you gave the
concoction to grandma, right?

Treatment concoction?

Grandma told me everything
that happened there on phone.

After the possessed ghost left her,
she doesn't remember anything.

She just got back to normal life.

But Nithya was very close to me.

We both together...

The girl who was with you,

the girl who went out with you,

the girl who shared happiness with you,

that wasn't Nithya,

it was the spirit that possessed her.

Don't ever try to meet her or try to
make her remember about Kerala,

she may get totally disturbed.

Please forget Nithya.

Excuse me.

The spirit which possessed her...

It was some girl from Vijayawada.

I think she died years ago in accident.

Her name is... Amala!


Hi, I'm Amala.

Pure vegetarian from Vijayawada.

How do we know when we would die?

What if I die without seeing anything?

Do we get such chances again?

That too with you.

How can it harm me?

It'll harm only those who fear death.

I though I've fallen in love
after many years.

Did I fall in love with a spirit?

Where did she find me?

Leaving out all the men of this world.

Why did she fall in love with me?

Why not you?

Why do I need this bumper offer?


- Who is it?

I'm Amala here!


Sorry Arjun, I left Kerala,
I didn't get chance to tell you.

I didn't know we would be
leaving so early in the morning.

Do you know how difficult it is
to stay without seeing you?

But I didn't get a vehicle
to come to you.

Now, I found one.

I'm coming, Arjun,

I'm coming for you only.

Arjun! I love you.

Rasipuram, Tamil Nadu

Where can you go, O boy?

Bloody hell! Yuck!

What do they think this is?
Graphics Company or beauty parlor?

Remove pimples on face,
cover carry bags under eyes.

Someone please tell them
this is Graphics Company.

Bloody tension.
- Why are you tensed, man?

He's tensed there,
why are you getting tensed?

The girl is coming in a new vehicle.

Don't know if she's coming
in Audi or Ambassador Car.

Hey you... vehicle doesn't
mean car or van.

It means she's coming in a new body.

You mean?

How am I to explain this dullard?

It's like same SIM card in
new mobile phone.

Oh... what if it is dual SIM?

I beg you, don't add to my woes.

Stop it, boys.

She'll come, I'll meet her.

I'll explain her,
I'll tell I don't like her.

She'll go away.

Hello, innocent boy!

Is she your aunt's daughter?

If you ask her to go, she would say,
good bye my beau.

Generally if you reject normal girls
in love, they behave madly.

But now, a ghost is coming for you.

If you say no, she'll kill you.

If you run away, she'll find you
wherever you may hide in this world,

and take you to task.

What do you want me to do now?

Nice question.

The girl knows only your phone number.

Moreover she doesn't know anyone
in this city other than you.

So, if you switch off your phone,

even if she comes to city,
she can't meet you so easily.

But before that happens,

how the girl is now?
Which vehicle she's using now?

Arjun, a girl is here to meet you.


Oh God! It's that girl!
Switch off your phone.

She has come directly to office,
what's the use of switching off my phone?

- Hey, shall we go?

Why are you rushing, man?

I love ghost films, man.

What's this I expected SIM in new phone
but still using the old phone?

May be charging is down
in new phone.

Go and check who she is!





- Yes.


I want to talk to you personally.
- Sure.


Order, madam?

1 espresso.
Okay, madam.

For you?



My sister told me everything
that happened there.

But she told me not to tell.

She told me that also.

That whatever you told was true.

But that is...
- It is not you, I know it.


I mean... you said we both stayed
a night together, right?

That was also not you, I know it.

But body is mine.

He didn't tell about this
night out, right?


Why are you hitting me?

That night... anything... between us...


I mean... something between us...

Oh no, you're decent
and I'm more decent.

Decent is okay, but nothing
happened between us, right?

What will happen if we behave decently?


- Umm.

Why are you so tensed?

When we went to waterfalls,
you wanted to take bath,

to be decent, I stayed away.
- What?

Did I take bath in waterfalls?

No way.
- True!

You did take bath.

If you want I can show photos.
- Pho...

You said decent!

Got trapped.

I mean photos are also decent.


What's this?
My phone number.

WhatsApp the photos. Immediately.
- Okay.


After that...?

After that delete the photos
from your phone.

You're decent, right?
- Yeah.

Nice meeting you, bye.


It seems she's not Amala but Nithya.

We did see it.

Decently, we eavesdropped on you.

Why is he like this?
- Hello!

Hello Arjun!



I'll there with you in 5 hours.

I'm so happy, you know?

By the way, where should I come there?

She's asking, where she should come?

Tell her not to come,
say you're going to America.

May be it'll not be nice.

How about calling her to hotel?

She's not a figure but ghost.


Where do you want me to come?

Wait near clock tower outside
Secunderabad station.

I'll come and pick you up.

Okay. Bye.
- Bye.

Will you go to pick her up?

I told her, right?
- Getting late, go... go...

Today being good or hesitation
is considered as incapable.

Stop lecturing and come to the point.

You go home and sleep under rug.

Will you go and pick her up?
- I'll get her photo.

Buddy, I like such thrillers...
- Hey! I'll kill you. Come.

How to find the girl in a
crowded place like this?

Hey, finding humans is difficult
but finding ghosts is easy.- How?

Smoke effect will be there,
heavy winds would be blowing.

She'll be in white sari.

It'll be very good.
- Watch!

Sister! You want anything, sister?

Last order, we're closing the shop.

No, thank you, brother.
I'm going home, I'll eat in home.

Hey dude!

Give good fried things there,
give the bill to me.

Did Arjun send you?

Who is he?

Hey, she said Arjun.
- May be she's Amala.

What, dude?
Who knows?

Hey, may be the guy
who booked her for tonight.

Hey, you can go with him tomorrow.

Come with us for tonight.

Hey, order country chicken gravy.

I mustn't get tired tonight, right?

Sir, I've come to meet my love
after many days.

Please, sir... don't disturb me.

Brother, order cancelled.

Hey! Are you playing drama?

I've seen many like this.
Come I say!

I told you, right?
Not to disturb me.

Why did she hit him so tightly?

He's finished.

I can't see anymore.

Brother... brother... how was it?
Did she hit with force?


Hey, take a photo.

What are you going, man?
- Selfie with ghost!

Bloody rascal, selfie in this situation!


India is my country.

All Indians are brothers and sisters.

You're also like my sister.

Why am I not getting the focus?

No focus in this, just click it.

Girls in India make fun of good boys.

If we do anything wrong,
they're ripping out skins.

I got sense, sister.

See now!

Please forgive me, sister.

Why did you switch on flash?

To get good photos.
- Ghost too will come.

Goons are teasing a girl here,
instead of helping her,

are you taking photos?

Escape, buddy!


Hey, she's very nice.
Let's stay for some more time.

Wait, please...
- Get on now.

Hey... hey...

She's very nice, man.

You? What happened?

That... girl... ghost...

How she thrashed them?

My heart stopped watching it.

Hey, tell me clearly.

Hey useless bugger, show him the photo.

See, how beautiful she is!

- Umm..

See at least one snap properly.

Recognise wherever you may see her.

Hey, I want Zandu balm for headache.

I want liquor to get sleep.

I want leave tomorrow to stay in bed.

Arrange it immediately.

He's finished.

You start selfie.

I'll sleep here for 15 minutes.
Don't disturb me.

837 bike is yours, right?
Go inside.

Do you know who am I?

Do you know who am I in CG office?

Do you know how many films of
star heroes are waiting for me?

Do you know a girl has
lodged complaint on you?

Do you know she charged you
with chain snatching case?

Who? Who is she?
I'll finish her, sir.

Oh that ghost!

Where can you go, O boy?


Sir! She's not a girl but ghost.

How dare you call my Vijayawada
girl a ghost?

Forget your sub regionalism, sir.
She's a real ghost, sir.

Repeating same words.

Will you say again?

Without changing the topic, tell me
where did you hide her chain?


Oh chain, sir!
- Yes.

It is in car, I'll bring it, sir.
- Go.

I'll escape!


Didn't I tell you?
Door closed on its own, sir.

It would've got closed due to wind.

Who gave you Govt. Job?

- Sorry, sir.

Door closed due to wind,
who put the bolts, sir?

- Yes.

Thank you, sir.

You're in shock now, take rest, sir.

I'll inquire them myself.

Where is Arjun?

I've a small doubt.

You mustn't harm me.


Instead of hand, placed it on my cheek.

No problem.

How did you know we're Arjun's friends?

You told me.
- Me?

Ghost! Come... come...

I got doubt after you said that.

Now, after you asked this doubt,
it got confirmed.

Very intelligent ghost.

Hats off!

Tell me now, where is Arjun?

Arjun... eh...

Where is my Arjun?

Oh poor boy... oh poor boy...

Oh poor boy...

Oh poor boy...
- Nithya!

- Hi!

Photos and videos were
excellent, you know?


Don't get tensed.
I've deleted all photos.


I wanted to ask help on seeing you.
- What's it?

You saw it, right?
That's my dance school.

Just born baby types.

To take them to public, need to do
a show reel and advertise it.

Good idea.
How may I help you in it?

You must shoot the film for us.
- Me?


You've to be professional or else, how
can you take such beautiful photos?

Can't you take video while dancing?

I'm not a professional, right?

Look Arjun, I do what I feel like doing.

I don't think and do.

I felt you could do it better.

Can't you do this for me?

I'm not an expert...

You're doing it, okay, bye.

Oh poor boy...

Oh poor boy...

It seems poor boy!

Don't know if he's singing knowing
about the situation or not.

I don't know.

Why did you come unannounced?

Come, I'm terribly hungry,
let's go out and eat.

She fed us a lot.

Come, let's have biryani.

Will you bring a girl in my absence?

Do you think it is girl after seeing
the wounds on us?

She's not a girl but the ghost
who has come for you.

She's inside.

She's no ordinary ghost
but criminal ghost.

She charged us with
chain snatching case.



How are you doing, Arjun?

Are you fine?

What? Didn't recognise me?

Hey, did you take my photos properly?

It was fight scene, I missed the focus.

- Don't mistake me.

Arjun, it's me... Amala!

One minute.


Umm... ummm..

I told you that this is wrong.

If you don't like, say it directly.

How wrong it is to call and send away?

He suggested to cut your calls
and switch off my phone.

Why are you accusing me
for everything?

That day, you...
- Hey... shut up.

His plan was to separate us both.
- Mine?


You both go out.
Get out... go!

I'm going away really.

Go away.
Wait outside.

- Come.

Amala, I'm really sorry.


You said you're hungry, right?

Would you like to eat dosa?
- Sure.


I'm not like all other girls, Arjun.

Soul and body are different.

Love is not connected with bodies.

But body is necessary to meet you.

That's why I saved this body
which was trying to commit suicide.

I'm not here for marriage
or live with you.

I don't know why!

When I open my eyes,
I feel like seeing only you.

I feel like sleeping only
after seeing you.

I want to share all my thoughts
with you.

I wish to be with you always.

How long I'm in this world,
I want you to be with me.

Is it wrong?

Oh no... not at all.

Infact normally, the word love is wrong.


Look Amala,

I'm also a lover like you.

But if there's a necessity
to prove your true love,

it is a black mark on love, you know?

Look, this is not Kerala House.
My house.

There are two bedrooms upstairs.

One is yours and one is mine.

You can stay here happily as long as
you want and however you want!

I can understand your feelings. Okay?

Can I make one more dosa?
- Okay.

Umm... finished eating?

Ate well?

Is it your soul inside
or Emraan Hasmi's soul?

Stop it.

What's this bloody life!

A ghost saying I love you to me!

Coming to my home directly
in another girl's body.

Is it my fate to live her?

Hey, don't scold those who feed you.

I'll hit you with slippers
if you make fun of me, bloody

How did this happen?

Call Krishna on phone.
Call him on phone.

Hey, take it.

Eat shamelessly.
Eat... eat.

Eat, man.

Why are you giving sweets?

The girl who is dating me
has called me for dinner.

- If not you?

Look, how crazy you appear!

Look there!


Shall we go out for dinner?

Calling me as Kishore?

Sure, aunty!
- Eh?

Revenge, man!

My life is in doldrums because of you.

Informal call!
Just now said brother on phone.

Brother? My foot!

Boy is too much for you.

Why did you take this violent
decision, bro?

I told you about meeting
a girl in Kerala, right- Yes.

She has come directly to my home now.

She says she loves me
and wants only me.

She's sitting in my house.

How many girls will love me, man?
Reject her.

Not you, me.
- You?


If she loves you,
should she stay in your house?

Wait a minute, I'll throw her
out of the house.

Brother, she's not a normal girl.
Please listen to me...

I'm also not a normal man.

You're very innocent, I'm bad boy.
I'll take care of her.

Brother, please listen to me.
- Hey... gone mad?

I'll do it.
- Hey, stop.

You go ahead.

He doesn't know anything,
you go inside.

Please explain him.

Do you want to come with me?
- No, I'll not come.

I've already had enough.
You go.

I'll hit with sweets.

Biryani for us only,
shouldn't he also get it?

That's Kabali, man!


Hello girl! Who are you?

If you love someone,
will you barge into his house?

Bloody love.

I don't like all this,
you please go out.

You don't know about me.

If lovers face me or if I face lovers,
risk is for lovers only.

Without risk like is just rusk, you can
dip in tea to eat, come out first.

Are you mad?
Your may get neck problem.

Who are you trying to scare?
Get out!

Oh God! Come out.

1... 2...3... 4...5!

I think there's someone inside her.

By the way, whom did you fall
in love with?

The one inside.

There are two people inside, you know?

He said about the girl inside
the girl who is inside.

What the girl he met in Kerala?

She's not here.

The girl who is here?
- We don't know who she is!

Is the Kerala girl dead?
- No, she's alive.

But, how come the girl inside
has come with inside her?

She's not the girl who is here.

Then, who?
- The girl who loves him.

How could she fall in love with him?

She met me in Kerala.

Do you really have head?

Why did you go to Kerala, mad man?

You can't button it, she tore my shirt.

Why did you go to Kerala?
Don't you've any work?

Train leaves tomorrow at 12,
you're coming.

What to do now?

Go to Kerala immediately.

Ask what to be done, request them.


Are you mad or what?
You\re Arjun, stay here.

He's coming with us, mad man.



Good morning.

Life is roller coaster...

Financially safe...

Full of girls friends and
power star hairstyle...

It's Katrina Kaif in my dreams...

Knowing that boyfriend is romancing
someone else on WhatsApp,

it seems a girl tried to commit suicide,

if it had been me,

I would've murdered him
and gone to jail.

I'm right, isn't it Arjun?
- Right, you're right.

This is nothing like that,
from my office.

This is from office.

Where are you coming with me?

I want to see your office,
your cubicle and your colleagues.

Started to have brain off due to love...

Brandished knife on my neck...

Hi guys!
- Hi!

Buddy, she's great!

Where did they find such girls?

Go to Secunderabad clock tower
at midnight, you'll find them.

- Yes.

She'll kill you, she's a ghost.

Anyone girl who doesn't fall
for him is a ghost.

What am I to do?
What am I to do?

How am I to tell share pain
in my heart?

How much may I drink?
How much may I blabber?

Not getting the kick, what to do?

My father and mother,
doctors in Apollo Hospital.

Not here but in Delhi.

They built house here
but settled in Delhi.

I'm living in this big house and
playing marbles alone.

Don't feel bad, I'm here, right?

Let's play marbles together.

It's Katrina Kaif in my dreams...

Excuse me!

What's happening, brother?

Did you meet the priest?
- Not yet, bro.

I'm dying with her here, bro.
- Brother, too much here.

Hey... the girl is coming.

What else, Arjun?

I've to complete project work.

And my mother would be
waiting in home.

I'll go now, bye.

Come, buddy.

If you've any program, tell me,
why are you shutting doors?

I'll sit there only,
if necessary call me.

Don't behave like a ghost.

He told me ghosts torture humans.

But this is too much torture, man.

She's sick.

She's not Sikh but Hindu.

She's sick... sick.

Turn this side.

She's crazy about me...

But I'm crazy about someone else...

The one I like is showing airs...

But the one I hate says please...

I'm scared of ghost films
from childhood days.


Change channel.

Even ghosts are fans of Power star?

The one who wants me
is country girl...

It's non-stop fight with her...

But the girl I like is hot and sultry...

Her complexion is fairer than milk...

One is naughty like Savithri...

Another beauty is tall like Sridevi...

Both are in the competition...

Don't know who will win
to become my life partner...

What am I to do?
What am I to do?

How am I to live like
a rudderless boat?

If there's competition between
home food and fast food...

How am I to endure it?

No need to prolong sad song
more than this.


I want to tell you important matter,
come home quickly today evening.

Rasipuram, Tamil Nadu

If a girl runs away from marriage
because she doesn't like me.

Won't you consider me as a man?

When asked to give the farm,
it seems you said no arrogantly.

- Brother.

Bring his wife.

Take my farm, I'll give it, brother.

It seems you listen to your wife only.

You give the farm after she
acknowledges that I'm a man.

Brother, Manickam's phone.

Switch on the speaker.

Brother, Parvathi is not dead,
she's still alive.

She made us fools,

she's enjoying life with someone
in Hyderabad, brother.

Did you laugh at me?
- No, sir.

You laughed at me!

Hello Nithya!

Arjun, come immediately
to Venito restaurant.

Venito restaurant? Why?

I want to tell you important matter.

Like Mother's Day and Father's Day,
is today Important Day?

Everyone wants to tell
important matter today only.

I don't know about all that,
you're coming to restaurant now.

That's all, bye.
- Nithya... Nithya...

Venito restaurant!

Chicken leg pieces are excellent there.

If Amala comes to know this,
your legs will become pieces.

Oh God! Amala...

Arjun! Have you left office?

No, I've an important meeting in office.

I may come home little late.

Is it that important?

I mean that... meeting with
Rajamouli is very important, right?

With Rajamouli?

Yes, we're doing Bahubali 2 graphics.

He's in office to explain concept.

He's right in my office.

May take an hour.
- No problem, come.

How long it may be,
finish the meeting and then come?

I'll wait for you.

Hey, no need...

Hi Nithya.
- Hi.

What's up? You said important matter.



I read newspaper today morning itself.

Not sports page or cinéma pages.

See matrimony page.

My father gave an ad
for marriage proposal.

Is he marrying again at this age?

Arjun, please...
read it properly.

Oh sorry.

He gave me one year's time.

To find a boy myself.

But I didn't find any suitable boy then.

Now I told him about a boy in my life
but he's refusing to accept.

Boy in your life? Who?

It's your, Arjun.
- Me?

Instinctively I feel I'll be happy
with you all my life.

That's why I'm asking you,
shall we get married?

Hello Arjun!

Hey, I'm talking to you.

What do you say?


Two minutes.

Sorry, sir.

Boss! Shall we get married?

What does it mean?

Don't you know the meaning?

To get some clarity in this confusion,
I need a small confirmation.

You stop it.
Shall we get married?

Sorry, sir.
You carry on.

Yuck! You asked and
meaning is changing totally.

Don't know whose face I saw
after waking up?

Sathya, I was about to call you.
But you called me.

Nithya called me for dinner,
I'm in Venito restaurant.

Suddenly, she proposed
saying shall we get married?

Hello! Are you still there?


Nithya asked me, why is he dumbstruck?

Useless fellow.

Arjun, chicken leg pieces are
excellent here.

No need to rush, eat first,
we can talk later.- Thanks.

Give me Rs.100.
No change for Rs.500.

Very tasty, right?


Why are so silent?

Don't you like me?

Nothing like that,
actually I really like you.

I like you so much that
I can do anything for you.

With you...


Huh... I'm safe, right?

Okay... cool.


Sorry, I'm too late, right?

Rajamouli didn't let me go.

He went on repeating till he got
the graphic shot he wanted.

His dedication level is peaks.

Do you know why Kattappa killed Bahubali?

I know the answer.

He told me.

- Umm..?

I mean... dinner.

Had dinner?

No... no... Rajamouli forced me
to have dinner.

He asked me to have biryani.

I said meeting with a special person.

He understood it.

Leg piece again?

Aren't you eating?

You finish eating.

I'll eat later.

You wanted to tell me something
important matter.

What's it?


We do have many tensions
in working place.

At times we may come home late.

Why are you getting so serious for that?
- Umm...

What do modern boys see
in girls to fall in love?

Just being girl is enough
to fall in love.

No jokes please. Tell me.

Well, character, attitude, behaviour.

- Eh?

What do you see to fall in love?

Me too the same.

Character, attitude. Behaviour.

Tell me the truth, Arjun.

I'm telling you the truth, Amala.

You're telling lies.

You're telling lies.

You loved me in Kerala
when I was in Nithya's body.

But I'm the same person,
who has come in another girl's body.

You don't love me anymore.

Character and attitude in the girl
you saw in Kerala was mine.

Though the same girl doesn't have
the same character and attitude,

you kissed her, why?

So, you don't love the soul.

Only beauty!

Where is she?




Amala, please listen to me.

You listen to me.

I met you in Kerala, I fell for you.

I went around with you for
couple of days.

I've come this far in search
of your love.

Do you think I'm mad for coming here?

Do you know who am I?

Do you know?

I'm the same girl whom you
loved so much, 4 years ago.

I'm the girl you loved and wanted
to marry, and bought silk sari also.

I'm Ayesha!



4 years back...

You don't have money to pay
school fee also.

They've thrown out our kids from school.

What's this torture?
- What to do now?

Will you please stop it?

Or else I'll thrash you now?

What? Thrash me?

Are you threatening me?

Anyway it's your habit, right?

I can't tolerate you anymore.

I'm going.
I'll live life on my own.

Hey, what's this?

You're doing too much!




- Careful.

Glass piece may hurt her.
- Aah!



Careful... hold her head.


Don't worry... don't worry.

Please bear it for some time.

It's over.


Now, she's okay.

- Thanks.

OHey, you're bleeding.


Crowded place indeed!

Come on, men!
Steel vessels... steel vessels...

Small vessel free for big vessel,
spoon free for small vessel.

No guaranty, no warranty.

Come... come...

Hey, stop it, man.

Who will buy steel vessels in a signal?

If you shout again,
I'll shove the loudspeaker into you.

- Hey!

Bloody rascal!

Hey, African wild boar!

That girl is calling the boy
sitting infront of you.


- Hi!

How is your hand?

How is your hand now?


How is your hand?

Has it healed or not?
The girl is asking you.

Oh, I'm fine now. Better.
- Eh?

Boy says he's better after
applying butter.

Did I say like that?
- Creativity, sir.

Don't trample talent.

Your hand is bandaged,
why not ask your friend to drive?- Eh?

He looks like a baby elephant and pig,
she's asking why not ask him to drive?

Hey, who are you calling cross breed?
What do you think of yourself?

You won't get it normally.

Why are you getting so serious?
It could be so.

Sure... sure... next time.

- I got it.

Girl is sharper than this,
it seem she has understood it.

Bye, take care.
- Bye.

Mine and yours... yours and mine...

Our love story is great...

You're my life...

Beauty of your dreamy eyes...

When I toast it,
love fills up my heart...


Address... her address...
I forgot...

Left... left her sweet smile with me...

Butterfly don't show lock anger...

Don't cover up your colours...

Don't vanish like lightning...

Remove your veil and
show your face, baby...

When will the moon hiding behind
the clouds come out in open?

When will I see the beauty
of painting not yet drawn?

God created you for me...

Sent to me as an angel...

I've lost myself in her love and
intoxication of her beauty...

I never knew what imagination is...

I'm totally lost in imagining
myself with you...

I found fault with flying in air
all these days...

Today I find myself not
grounded anymore...

The path without you is unimaginable...

The air you breathe is my lifeline...

I can't see you like imagination
and wind...

I'm searching for you like
imaginary wind...

Address... her address...
I forgot...

Left... left her sweet smile with me...

Butterfly don't show lock anger...

Don't cover up your colours...

Don't vanish like lightning...

Remove your veil and
show your face, baby...

When will the moon hiding behind
the clouds come out in open?

When will I see the beauty
of painting not yet drawn?

What's the matter?

Nothing, a small doubt.

You come here every Friday to feed
the pigeons, any sentiment?

Birds are epitome of peace and love.

If we make a wish with them,
I've faith that it'll be fulfilled.

People who love and
affectionate on us,

how far they me or in any situation,

we wish for their happiness,
- Wow, super.

How do you know I come
here every Friday?

What? Are you following me?
- No.


Thank God!

Do you know how tensed I was
for a week to tell you this?

You decided it.

Yes, I love you.

Hey you... excuse me.

What do you know about me
to express your love?

You haven't seen my face also.

Just my eyes are good.

My nose is big like Mysore bonda.

I've bucktooth!

If I lift my veil, you'll not dare
to see my face again in next life also.

Get lost.

Hello, I don't care about all that.

I like you, that's all.


You too love me.

Oh God!

Why are you looking that side?

I've proof with me.

Look, you're waiting for my arrival.

If I don't come, your eyes are
searching for me.

You're waiting for me
at traffic signal.

What do you want?
- Love.

What will you do if I love you?

You'll take me to a flop film
and select corner seats.

Or else you'll take me to Botanical
gardens and try to see my face.

If it is nice, you'll continue
or else escape.

Oh no, nothing like that.

May I suggest a plan?
- Umm...

First marry.
- Marry?

Not marry? Marry!

You can love life long.

Marriage now... it means...

Did you see how anxious you've become?
- Eh?

This is not love but infatuation.


Grandpa, ward off evil on him.
- Okay.

May Allah protect!

What happened?
He was after me saying love.

Has he run away?

Excuse me.

A boy known as Arjun,
he was chasing me like hell.

He's not seen for the past 2 days.

Have you seen him, sir?

Hey Arjun! Is it you?

I thought you left this city for good.

Have you gone dumb
after I told about marriage?

That's why I said.

Love doesn't suit me.

At least let's be good friends.


Ayesha! Shall we marry?

Here's silk sari for you
and silk dhoti for me.

Marriage is once in
a life time event, right?

So, it took time to arrange
photographer and videographer.

Whether you wear sari
removing veil or veil over sari,

as you wish,

but I'll wait for you.


This is my phone number.

Call me if you've any doubt.

Remember it, right?

Tomorrow at 12.30 pm,
we're getting married.

My life...

My life...


Amala! What's this?

Why are you wearing veil?

Father, that is...

No need to worry, man.

Your daughter didn't convert to Islam.


Father, a small problem.

That's why...
- Problem?

What happened, dear?

What's this? Though foreign girls
are stripping naked.

No kick at all.

Even though desi girls are fully covered,
how come they're so attractive?

What's this, madam?

You were so slim, how come
you've become like a drum?




Get me some water.

You gave him water, right?

I did give him, father.

Is this enough? Or you want more?

Do you know my father is
Don of this area?

Do you know which my native place is?


Vijayawada is the birthplace
of Rowdyism.

It seems he's some goon.

Your friend was very scared
that he may hurt me.

How many such things had
happened in Vijayawada, father?

Your friend told me to
leave this place.

We paid Rs.25000 for the course.

How can we leave it?

I didn't agree.

So, Ayesha gave her veil to wear.

I want to take you home
since you finished the course.

How come you've given me
such a big shock?

If you're shocked for this,
what I'm now going to tell,

how much more you'd get shocked?

There she is!

I've been searching her
for a month now.

Take out the acid bottle.

Go faster!


Go faster, man!

Take right... take right.

Hey, girl! Stop.... stop...

Everything changed in a moment.

I wanted to tell you that
I'm not Ayesha but Amala.

Not just my eyes,
you showed myself to me,

I wanted to show you to my father,

for the love you've shown on me,

I left home determined to walk
all my life with you,

but just in a minute...

As a soul I didn't know
how to reach you.

It took me 4 years to enter
another body.

You don't know how excited
I was on seeing you in Kerala.

I wanted to come running and
tell you that I'm your Ayesha.

But suddenly I had a doubt.

If you still remember me or not?

Before I could ask you about it.

They took me away from you.

I understood today when you
were feeding pigeons.

I'm still alive in your heart.

That's why I wanted to tell you
who I am at any cost!

But you're not my Arjun,
I realised it just now.

Amala, please listen to me.

No, Arjun.

It is not wrong to love another person.

It is selfishness to expect them
to reciprocate.

There's no love in selfishness.

Why should I be in a place of no love?

I'm going away.

Please listen to me, Amala.


Look at me.



Where am I?

Who are you?

How did I come here?

How did I come here?

My life...

Please listen to me.

Tell me, who are you?
- I'll explain you.



What? Why are you acting innocence?

Rejecting me, are you enjoying
life with him?

Is he a macho man?


I don't know who he is!

Wow! Great act like Sridevi
in the film 'Moondram Pirai'.

You were hugging him right before my eyes,
then say you don't know who he is!

Sir, nothing happened as you imagine.

What you just saw was not true?

Tell me... tell me...

Let's sit and talk, sir.
- Let's talk, sir.

What's there to sit and talk, man?


Sir, please listen to me.

Sir, this is life, it very easy
to separate life from body.

But very difficult to save a life, sir.

Oh no, I kicked you in anxiety, sir.

You didn't get hurt, right?

She's Sridevi of 'Vasantha Kokila' and
you're Kamalahassan in 'Swathi Muthyam'.

Boys, kill him.

Hey... hey...


What, man?
Do you want to sit and talk to me?

Come, let's talk.
Get up!

Sit... sit..sit...

If you dare touch my Arjun,
I'll kill you.

How? How?

My Arjun?

Just now, you said you
don't know who he is, right?

Why are you giving so many
twists in a minute?

Hey, I'll kill him before your eyes.

Then, I'll kill you too.

Parvathi hates you.

Leave her!

Why are you saying as if
Parvathi is different girl?

You're Parvathi, aren't you?

I'm not Parvathi, leave her!

If I come to know you're near Parvathi,


Arjun has been admitted in
Continental Hospital.


Come immediately.

Who are you?

Unnecessary to you.



Excuse me... Mr.Arjun.

Room no:305.
- Thank you.

Sister, Arjun.
- There, he is.

Don't worry, madam.

He'll be in conscious in few hours.

Thank you, madam.


The soul that entered your body is Amala.

She was madly in love with Arjun.


Have you come?

Your Arjun is there, go.

When he got wounded,
I felt like leaving him there.

But I loved him, right?

But unable to see him die.

Arjun loves you.

Take care of him.

Amala, nothing as you think.

I saw you both kissing, I saw it.

Had you waited for a minute more,
you'd have seen what happened then!

Nithya, please...

I'm sorry.
- What?

Nithya, I like you,
I like you very much.

- But, what?

The feeling I got on seeing you
in Kerala,

just a while ago when you
proposed marriage,

I didn't get that feeling, Nithya.

I really can't explain why
I felt like that!

May be... I once loved Ayesha...

May be I'm unable to forget her.

In Kerala I saw Ayesha's character in you.

May be that's why I was close to you.

But I don't see that in you now.

I think I still love Ayesha.

I'm sorry.

He loved Ayesha which he saw in me.

He loves only you.

Not me.

Arjun loves me!

Arjun loves me!

How is it possible?

To love someone so sincerely!

Did you love me without seeing my face?

Though I didn't come for our marriage,

though you don't know
if I would come or not,

though a girl who is beautiful
than me says she loves you,

you still love me,

how is it possible, Arjun?


Oh no!

I'm looking very small to myself.

I'm mad.

Like possessed by ghost.

Sorry, Arjun.
- Sister.

Brother, Arjun loves me.
- Yes, sister.

He loves you... he loves you.

Sister, better to go home
and freshen up.

I'll stay with him.

No problem.
- No, sister.

When he gets up, you must look fresh
and also get something to eat.

- Yes.

You'll stay here, right?
- Sure.

Take care.
- Okay... okay.

Oh my God!

Hey Arjun...



Oh God!

What happened, brother?

Where is Amala?
- I sent her to home.

She'll never come back again.

Hey, do you know who she is?

She's Ayesha, whom I loved 4 years ago.

I want to talk to her.

I want to see her now.

Please take me to her immediately.

In this condition?

Take me I say!

Take me to her.

For one body, one soul only.

It is wrong to enter
another body by force.

What's wrong in it?

What was my mistake?

Was it my mistake to fall in love?

Was it my mistake to marry
the man I love?

What was my mistake?

It was your mistake to change
God written fate.

Call God then!

I'll ask him, why was I killed so young?

I want to unite with my love,
why is he creating so many hurdles?

Call God!

Tell your God,

tell him to make my love succeed.

What you're doing is against nature?

It'll pave way for destroying your soul.

I didn't enter another body by force.

Parvathi was committing suicide,
I entered body to save her.

This body is mine.

But Nithya didn't try to commit suicide.

When humans lose self-confidence.

When they lose self-confidence
and courage.

When they lose faith in God!

They become very weak.

Just a momentary weakness is enough,

for another soul to enter that body,

It is your innocence to think Nithya
didn't have such weak moments.

It is stupidity to think about gaining
strength using other's weakness.

So, leave this body.

Leave Arjun!

No, I'll not leave my Arjun at any cost.

Let the mantra and divine power
decide your destination!


Looks like ran out of gas.


I said I can't leave my Arjun!
Can't you understand that?

I'll be with Arjun!

I love him!

You cannot trap me.


Look... look into the mirror!


Why did you come here, Arjun?

You should be resting.



I'm not here to break your love.

If she stays here for love,
her soul will never rest in peace.

It is against nature too.

Love must have peace.

Not gore of battlefield.

I think you'll understand this.

I'm taking away this soul
from you to merge it with
supreme at an opportune time.


Shall we get married?


You can love all your life long.

May God bless you!

Going to dance class?
- Umm..

I'm going that side,
can I drop you there?

Are you sure?
- Sure.

I've been following you for 11 days,
you're ignoring me totally,

anyway what does Benz circle Bobji lacks?

Except Benz car.

Just say yes, I'll do it.

Say I love you... come on say!

Let's live as man and wife in
a state that went separate.

Do you think I'm a comedian
for doing comedy scenes?

Say I love you!
If not I'll stab you.

- What?

Look there!


Should she tell you?

Do you want her to say I love you?

Do you know which my native place is?

Do you know Benz circle Bobji
is the most feared goon?

I'm also from Vijayawada,
you know that?

People in Vijayawada are more
powerful than goons, you know that?

If you tease girls again...

Let's go, buddy.


Why are you talking like that, buddy?

Shall we get married?

Brother, Parvathi is back.

Kill her, brother.

She's not Parvathi.

Leave her.
- No, she's Parvathi, brother.

Please marry the man you like.

If you want, stay in this house.

I'll vacate this place.

Not to Andhra or Telangana,

I'll go to Mahishasuramardhani temple
in Kerala.

I'll make this fool a coconut seller.

I'll make that idiot to sell flowers.

I'll safe keep devotees' slippers.

Come, boys.

Bye, dear.