Eesho (2022) - full transcript

The Official Teaser Of Eesho Directed By Nadirshah Director : Nadirshah Producer : Arun Narayan Executive Producers : N.M. Baadusha & Binu Sebastian Script : Suneesh Varanaad Dop : Roby Varghese Raj Music : Nadirshah Background Score : Rahul Raj

♪ O lady firefly, I
shall shine like you ♪

♪ Let's go to the garden
of stars, my dear friend ♪

♪ Come with me, O rainbow
coloured dragonfly ♪

♪ Join me to dance around, O
dear beetle from the clouds ♪

♪ Come and stand by me ♪

♪ What's your desire? To
spread sunshine all around ♪

♪ O lady firefly, I
shall shine like you ♪

♪ Let's go to the garden
of stars, my dear friend ♪

♪ O dove, who came along with me,
O doll, who's always smiling ♪

♪ You can see the grains swaying
in the rains from up above ♪

♪ All over the golden
sky where deer graze, ♪

♪ Let's turn into little fish
Let's turn into pearls ♪

♪ To turn into a
golden rosy lady, ♪

♪ let's travel to far away distances,
let's sing these verses for long ♪

♪ O lady firefly, I
shall shine like you ♪

♪ Let's go to the garden
of stars, my dear friend ♪

♪ Don't disappear in
this rainy night ♪

♪ Don't fall down
in the sudden wind ♪

♪ Don't sew a skirt of lightning in the sky
Don't sting ♪

♪ Don't string tears within me
with the pearls of the sea ♪

♪ Don't tie it around my chest ♪

♪ O lady firefly, I
shall shine like you ♪

♪ Come with me, O rainbow
coloured dragonfly ♪

♪ Join me to dance around, O
dear beetle from the clouds ♪

♪ Come and stand by me ♪

♪ What's your desire? To
spread sunshine all around ♪

♪ O lady firefly, I
shall shine like you ♪

♪ Let's go to the garden
of stars, my dear friend ♪

What happened to you, dear?

You had scored great marks
in the last term exams.

And this time, it's really low.

Is there any problem at home?


Does anyone from the
school scold you?


Then why are you always dull, dear?

Whatever it is,
you can tell me.

While you come to the
school or leave from here,

do any boys... or anyone else,

tease you or disturb you?

No one will know.

Tell us, dear.


You used to sing very well,

draw very well,

and come first
for everything in school.

Then what happened now,
all of a sudden?

- Bye!

Don't cry, dear.

Nothing has happened to you.

I'm telling you.

Don't cry.

How many times did that
teacher do this to you, dear?

Don't be scared, dear.

No one will hurt you.

Three times.

Why didn't you tell
this to your parents?

Are you scared of that teacher?

Or are you scared of your mother?

Not because I am scared.

If I say this to my mother,

my father will come to know.

My father will be really sad.

That's why.

My father loves me a lot.

Don't cry, dear.

Does anyone else in this
school know about this?


Peoun Raveendran knows about this.


The management and staff of this school...

... have been very strict
towards such incidents.

No one has made any allegations
against this school so far.

Such an issue is happening
for the first time.

Shivani, will you
please wait outside?


How long has it been since you started
working in this school, Raveendran?

It's been around 10 years, sir.

Do you know this child
and her family well?

I know them very well, sir.

Vishwambharan sir, who allegedly hurt this
child? I've known him for several years.

He's the secretary of
our association, as well.

Right, sir?

Are you trying to say that Vishwambharan
sir is innocent in this case?

I won't say that, sir.

But this Annie is also
aware of the fact that

Vishwambharan sir has a
wife and two children, right?

What are you trying to imply?


there are such rumours
spreading here.

Our school is a very
reputed institution.

One fine morning, if a child or a family..
- Sir, please..

Let Raveendran speak.

Sir, this Annie and her
husband who's in Dubai,

have not been in good terms
for the past 3-4 years.

He's lying, sir.
That's not the reason.

Shivettan is unable to come
because of many other problems.

Why are you talking like this?

It's been around 7-8 years
since he went to Dubai, right?

Has he come to Kerala even once?

A job which hasn't given
him leave for 7 years?

In the Middle East?
What's that?

Sir, Shivettan is getting only
a meagre salary from his job.

We have so many debts for buying
land and building a house.

Shivettan left to Dubai because we couldn't
bear the torture of the moneylenders.

And he's staying there without
taking leave even once,

to pay off the debts
as soon as he can.

That's not right.

If you make a serious
enquiry in this area,

you can understand that, sirs.

- Yes, sir.

Sir, I had warned Annie when they
were getting close to each other,

'No! This will only lead
to several problems'

She didn't listen to me.

You told us initially

that you saw Vishwambharan sir and
the child in front of the lab, right?

Then why are you saying
such a story now?

Well, when Annie asked me if
I could say so then, I agreed.

Don't ask me the reason for that, sirs.

I have a family too.

They are important to me too.

If this gets solved without any
inconvenience, isn't that better?

The relationship between a teacher and
a student's mother has been uncovered.

Namaste. In the Thiruvalla
school rape case,

the relationship between the teacher and
the student's mother has been uncovered.

These dramatic events unfolded during the
counselling session of the childline workers.

The promiscuous
relationships of the woman

whose husband is working in the Middle
East, have become the talk of the town now.

Apart from a relationship
with her daughter's teacher,

the townspeople have testified that she
has illicit relationships with many men.

The teacher who used to go to the
lady's house to teach her daughter,

was regularly seen suspiciously there
and was questioned by the people.

The facts came to light later.


Mr. Pillai..
- What is it, dear?

Sir is calling you.


Huh! Oh! It was you, sir?

Tell me, sir.

Got the mutton?

Huh? A baby goat?

Nice! 2 kilos, right?

For 2 kilos of mutton,
1 kilo of pearl onion is a must.

Peel the pearl onion,

and saute it in a chinese pan.

Once the saute is over,
the onion will turn yellow in colour.

Add some turmeric powder, some pepper
and some coriander powder to it...

... along with water and mutton.

Also sir, call me when
the curry is ready.

Asking for mutton's recipe
in the morning itself.

It's the Magistrate.

Mr. Pillai...

What have you decided, Mr. Pillai?

Mr. Pillai... Didn't you
hear what sir asked you?

Mr. Pillai is really stressed, sir.

His family said that he hasn't slept
ever since he left from here that day.

Is that so, Mr. Pillai?

I also have two daughters, sir.

How can I sleep?

Like you said,

I'm aware of all
the consequences.

And I have made this decision after
thinking over it several times.

If I have to die for this,
I am ready to die, sir.

I have fasted and climbed the
Sabarimala for around 50 years.

Lord Ayyappa will take
care of my daughters.

I need to say this, sir.

I will say it.

Can I get some water, dear?

I have water here.
I'll give it.

Do you want some tea?

Water is fine, sir.

Here you go.

When my wife died,

my younger daughter was
just six months old, sir.

And my elder daughter
was ten years old.

I know how much I had to struggle
to raise two daughters, sir.

That's why.

Won't it be the same for the
parents of those two little girls?

You also have two daughters, right?

And then your age, health...

I asked you to exempt yourself,
considering all these.

It will be a huge hassle.

That's why.
- No, sir.

My conscience won't
allow me to do that, sir.

Then... as Mr. Pillai said,
let's take it as it comes.

So Mr. Pillai, see
you tomorrow at 11 AM.

Ashwathy will show
you the chamber.

Just be careful.

I didn't say this to scare you.

The times are such, right?

Hey! Where the hell are you going?

Move your vehicle!

Mr. Pillai, don't end up in trouble.

What happened?
Where did you go missing?

I had an urgent meeting.

Don't announce it
to everyone now.

Yeah, right.
Carry on!

What all does he want to know!

Let's ask at this shop.

Stop! Stop!

Let's ask here.
- Sister!

Where is Jamal's house?

Which Jamal?

Jamal, who works as a
security guard at an ATM?

Oh, that? If you go straight,
you'll see a Panchayat well.

Third house, when you
turn right from there.

Hey frog-eyes!

Do you know me?

Huh? It was you?

What's the deal?

It's a business deal.

Don't do your business over here.

This is our area.

Are you the Magistrate here?
Get lost!

Go on!


Hey! Don't quote a
price keeping this.

Try to find a solution
for what I asked you.

I was at Pettitthanam till 3:30 PM.

I just got back here.

That's when we got
this new deal, Jamal.

Ramlath, isn't the fish ready yet?

Well, don't you have
to go for duty tonight?

Don't you remember this Krishnankutty?
- Yes, of course.

Is your wife doing good?

- But how do you know his wife?

We've seen her so many times
while we stayed in Petta.

She was talking about
your old wife Vijayamma.

By the way, where is Vijayamma now?

It's been four years since
she hung herself to death.

We just got here, sir.

This is sorted.

If we give him some money,
Jamal will be with us at night.

Even if the issue
becomes big tomorrow,

it shouldn't be
a problem for us.

No, sir.

We've told him that we have
to seize a vehicle from Pala.

We'll take him to our
rubber sheet godown,

and get him sloshed.

He's a drunkard, sir.

Drunkard or druggard...

Believe only those
who stand with you.

It's a case which
is in court now.

If money is what he needs,

pay it immediately.

Okay, sir.

Hey! Hey kiddo!

Don't get in.
Wait, I have to tell you something.


Can I click a photo of yours?

The camera isn't working.

It's the bank rule.

Okay then.

Jamal, where have you reached?

Seems like I am in trouble.

Ramlath had gone for her cousin's
housewarming yesterday at Valiyakavu.

Some people there had COVID.

And no one told us anything.

Ever since we came back home,

she has been complaining
of chest-pain and fever.

Oh no!
- I also...

I also have breathlessness
and shivering.

I called the health department.

They said they will come
in an ambulance now.

We are waiting for them.

After getting it checked,

if I am not infected
with this damn thing,

I will come there by night.


Everyone says that you'll have to
wait for two days to get its result.

Is it?
- In that case, you needn't come.

- I'll do the night duty too.

What else can be done?

I need to go somewhere
urgently, tomorrow morning.

I told my children that I'll be back
at night, but I'll tell them something.

Can you call the office and
arrange someone for tomorrow?


Hey Jamal!
- Tell me.

There's an ex-military guy
who's from Cheruthoni, right? - Yes.

Do you have his number?

- Can you call him and tell him then?

I will get that done.

Will you actually get me COVID?

Hey Jamal!

Are you happy now?
- Yes.


Can you hear me?
- Tell me.

Jamal is with us, sir.

Even if we send him now,

I don't think he will leave.

I had made Jamal
call that man.

Pillai will be on duty
for the whole night, sir.

Don't call me again.

If there's anything,
I will call you.

Okay, sir.

Where's the other phone?

Which phone, sir? - The phone in
which we put a new SIM yesterday?

Yes. It's here.

Hey! Where will you
go once this job is done?

I'm going straight to Chamampathal.

My brother-in-law is going on a
pilgrimage to Sabarimala tomorrow.

I've made an offering of a ghee
coconut for this job to go well.

I have to send it with them.

Boss, look at this.
- I'm not in a mood to watch it!

It's not that.
- Then?

Check out this vehicle number.


Look at that number.


This is the vehicle number of
Pathanamthitta SP Peter sir's wife.

I copied that and
painted it on this truck.

So that the cops will go there searching
for this number, for the trouble we cause?

Don't put yourself in trouble.

Hey! She won't do that.

She is my Facebook friend.
- She deserves it then!

Have this drink!

I'm surprised that there are people
who won't accept money even today.

This Pillai doesn't
even have a proper home.

But he will speak only the truth.

I tried my maximum to
make him understand.

I don't think he will agree.

Now you do whatever you want.

I have arranged the people
and a truck for that, right?

So what's the plan?
Say that.

First we will finish him,
and leave him for the truck driver.

The truck will come and
destroy the ATM counter.

It will all be clean.

That's good.
There won't be evidence.

So what time should we
tell the truck drivers?

They will call you.

It's all set.


It's me, Xavier.

Which is this number, sir?

This is my new number.

Where the hell were you?

I had left the phone to charge.
We have work in the night, right?

I saw how you did your
work in the morning.

I was this close
to getting it done.

By the time I shifted to second
gear and stepped on the accelerator,

some fu.... loser
landed in front of me.

Or else that security guard
would have been long dead by now.

Don't make tall
claims over the phone.

Sir, it's just a WhatsApp call.
It's okay.

You'll get a call at night.

Be alert.

I won't be calling you.

Another person will call
you from another number.

As soon as you get the call, crash the
truck into the building immediately.

There should be no remains,
even for a postmortem.

Before you crash the truck,

he will be lying dead there.

Get going from there
immediately after that.

Don't get caught.

Sir! Sir!
I had to ask you something!


So half of our
payment will be gone.

We lost sleep and stayed
out in the cold, in vain.

This is such a weird hit job, man.

These bosses can never be trusted.
They change colours like chameleons.

What's the problem, boss?

We are just doing a clean-up job.
The main guy is someone else.

He will kill that man and put
him inside the ATM counter.

Our job is to bring down the building,
driving a truck without a brake and all that.

If there's any issue,
we'll go to jail.

He'll take the money
and escape easily.

So I needn't send the coconut
with my brother-in-law, right?

What the hell, man!

Why is that man being killed?

Mr. Xavier is a wholesale dealer
of fraud jobs and crimes, right?

This poor fellow must have
seen something like that.

And Xavier wouldn't have
been able to handle it.

We just have to do our job.

But who will be that main hitman?

Xavier usually gives such hit jobs to
people who are out on parole from the jail.

If he has hired someone else,
without giving us the job,

he must be no ordinary guy!

He will be a specialist!



What happened?
Dead or what?

Looks like it's dead.

He has given up on me.

What happened?

Don't know why.
It just stopped when I reached here.

Are there any workshops nearby?
- There's a workshop at the foothill.

Mr. Francis' workshop... But
at night, he'll be fully drunk.

Please move a little bit.

Do you work here?

Yes, at that ATM counter.

What's your name?
- Ramachandran Pillai.

Nice name.

Why are they howling like this?

They are always like
that at night, sir.

They will be howling.

Won't give me peace.

If the dogs keep
howling like this,

an unnatural death is confirmed.

See, it's true.
Is it your phone that's ringing?

Don't scare me, sir.

I didn't say that to scare you.

I was serious.

What is it, Achu?
- Mr. Pillai...

What is this? What game are you playing?
- What?

I came to know when I just passed
by your house and asked Ammu.

- You didn't tell me about your night duty.

Well, you know what?
- No! No!

If so, you can do everything
as you please, Mr. Pillai.

I can explain, dear.

Jamal and his wife...

There's this new disease
called Corona or something, right?

They have a doubt
whether they have that.

So, he.. - You know how many times
Joseph sir called me to ask this.

What did he ask?

Why don't you show the
seriousness that we're showing?

It will be like I lied to him now.


You're supposed to give a secret statement
in the Judge's chamber tomorrow in Court.

Don't forget that.

Well... When I give that...

Only you, me and the advocate
know about that, right?

Who told you that, Mr. Pillai?

Joseph sir said that they have
got the information somehow.

Is that true, dear?

It is true. That's why I asked
you to come home directly.


Can you ask someone else
to do the duty tonight?

Hey! I am here because
there are no other options.

Mr. Pillai, I'll just hang
up and do a video call.

Ammu wants to talk to you.

Okay then.

Can you see me?

Can't you see me?


Can you see me now?

How is it now?



Dad will come tomorrow.

Go to sleep, dear.

Go to sleep, my dear.


Dad will come tomorrow, okay?

I'll be there early
morning tomorrow.

I'll bring candies too.


It's in the water tank there.
Take it from there.


Going to sleep?

Go to sleep!

Okay then, dear.

Dad said that he's on his
way until around 6:30 PM.

He changed his plans suddenly.

He said he'll be late.

If I don't keep him scared,

he'll play all sorts of games.

So I scared him, just like that.

What happened to it?

What was it?
The call is over?

Who was it?
- It's my younger daughter.

We usually talk with our hands
like this at this time every night.

Aren't there any late-night
buses on this route?

They used to, earlier.

It has become rare nowadays.

But a police jeep will come.

Oh! Police?

When will they come?

They will come before 2:30 AM.
They come to sign the beat book.

I can send you to Kattappana
in that jeep, sir.

I know those police officers.

There are workshops in Kattappana.
- Okay.

Can you hold this?


What was your name again?
I forgot it.

Ramachandran Pillai.

Can you please push it, Mr. Pillai?

Will this move if I push it?

It will.
Just try pushing.

Just try!

I don't think it will
move if I push it.

Push only when I tell you to.

Shall I push?
- Okay.

Come on!



Go on!!

It's not moving.


It's not working.
You don't have to push.

I think the clutch is faulty.
- Is it?

Sambar Powder..
- Such a rotten day!

Why are you smoking alone?

You won't share it or what?

Here you go.

Do you smoke Beedis?

I thought you smoke
only cigarettes.

I can smoke anything.

Do you sell Sambar powder, sir?

It's written 'Sambar
Powder' on your van.


I sell Sambar and


What's that?
- Don't you know what's Pathimugham?

What's this, man?

It's a...


It's mixed in water..
What's that called?

Water purifier!

Haven't you drunk it?

If you drink it, your kidneys
will be sparkling clean!


We don't drink that at home.

My elder daughter boils some
leaves along with the water.

If you have Pathimugham,

you'll be as strong as a horse!

What's the point, sir?

I'm serious!

What's your real name, son?

What's your name?
My name?

- Eesho?

Why? Does my face
look like I'm Judas?

That name is good.
Eeshwaran (God).


It got extended when I said it, sir.

I forgot your name again.

I said it twice.

Yeah, but I still forgot.

That's because you
have Pathimugham.

You're not like what I thought.

You're quite impressive.

Liked me?
- Why?

To get married to you?

You are too much, sir.
- Mr. Pillai...

What is it?
- Mr. Pillai..

I forgot to take my card back
from the machine in the morning.

What is this, man?

So forgetful!

How many times have you
forgotten it like this?

Since it's me,
I kept it safe.

If it was Jamal,
he'd have thrown it into the canal.

This has become regular ever
since this new machine came, sir.

All the people are like this.

Once they withdraw the cash,
they forget the card.

They will leave with the money,

and leave the card behind, here.

I keep so many such cards
safe to give it back, daily.

What's your name?
- Mangaleshwar.

- Mangal.

- Yes.

Where do you stay?
- I stay nearby, sir.

Which company do you work for?

It's a big company, sir.

He knows Hindi, huh?

What do you work as?

I am a labourer, sir.

Your parents are all here?

My parents are here, sir.

But my grandparents
are in Bangladesh.

- Yes.

Mr. Pillai!
- Yes, got it.

Mr. Pillai, his grandparents
are in Bangladesh.

They had migrated from
Bangladesh to Bengal.

Both are the same, right?

Wow! This is it!

You know Indira Gandhi?

Yes, sir.

In 1971,

who asked millions of refugees
from Bangladesh to come to India?

It was Indira Gandhi.
Do you know that?

I don't know that, sir.

Ask your grandparents.
They will tell you.

Hey! Handle it carefully at least from now.
Don't forget it anywhere.

- Only you are depositing cash.

We are all withdrawing all the time.

Don't tease me, brother.

I wasn't teasing.
I'm serious.

There's no point explaining
this to these migrant workers.

They will do the same..
- Mr. Pillai!

So, have you learned Hindi?


If they ask me something, I'll just
say 'Tumhara naam Ramachandran Pillai'.

Their letters are like clothes left to dry.

Come on.

Bring it here.

Bring it forward.

Come on.

Stop! Stop!


Using the phone, huh?

No, sir.
- Step out!

You can pay the fine and talk.
Step out.

It's a huge traffic
block out here.

I'll take care of that, sir.

It's alright.

Okay, sir.

Okay, sir.
- Sir...

It's section 184.

Using the phone?
- Yes, sir. - Okay.

Pay 2000 Rupees and go.

What's the problem, sir?

Were you using the phone
while driving, sir?

Is that the problem?

I was talking to the legislator, sir.

I'm coming back from a
function hosted by him.

We were discussing about it.
- Oh!

So you have consumed
alcohol too?

Now you can pay 10,000
Rupees in Court.

Make him blow.
- Come on, blow into this.

Not this one, sir.

I'll pay that fine
of 2000 Rupees.

Pay it.

Sir, do you accept cards?

What are you doing, Mr. Pillai?

I am here, dear.
- Be careful.

Don't worry, Achu.

I'm not alone here.

There's a 'Sir' here
whom I'm talking to.


Which 'Sir'?

He is into 'Pathimugham' business.

Whoever it is,
don't trust him blindly.

Okay, dear.

Okay then. I'll call you in sometime.
- Okay.


Before you withdraw money,
let me please click a photo of yours.

For what?
- It's the bank rule.

I must click a photo.
That's why.

No! No!

Go, man!

Go out!

No photo! No video!
- Sir...

The CCTV here is
not working, sir.

So the bank has asked me to
click photos of the customers.

I asked him several times, but he isn't
allowing me. Please tell him, sir.

Hey! Hey!

Let him click a photo.
What's wrong in that?

What, sir?

See, I am a gentleman.

What kind of gentleman are you?

You were driving under
the influence of alcohol!

He's not going to publish it
in a newspaper.

Let him click the photo.

Okay, sir.
Why not!

Go ahead. Please click it.

Is it okay?

Okay, sir.


You can sit in front, sir.

What a nuisance!

Am I clicking his photo to get
my daughter married to him?

Mr. Pillai!


Where were you, all this while?

Don't know what. My stomach feels..
- What happened?

Why is the bucket inside
full of holes, Mr. Pillai?

The water is leaking
from everywhere.

I thought I can get out
only in the morning.

Which public toilet has
new buckets now, sir?

All these places will have
broken and half-broken stuff.

Who came here now?

The police.
- And you didn't call me?

No, they are cops
from a different area.

Our cops are yet to come.

They came with a drunkard.
He was such a nuisance.

Whom have you come to take?
- What is it, sir?

There's something wrong, Mr. Pillai.

You know what?

What we can't see...

They can see!

That's how it is.

I don't stay here for
night duty everyday, sir.

Now, because your van broke down exactly
at this point, I have company now.

There's a reason for
everything, Mr. Pillai.

What, sir?

There's a reason for everything.

Hello sir?

Hey Ashwathy!

Why doesn't he understand?

Do you think the man we're
cornering is an ordinary guy?

They don't know that the
two of us are behind this.

If they come to know,

the game will change.

This won't be the situation.

Sorry, sir.

I had told you when you presented
this topic to me initially itself,

that this is a great task,

and that you should
really think about it.

Sir, I told you, right?

The person who was in charge of
night duty has COVID apparently.

Is this even an excuse?

Pillai's two daughters
are alone at home, right?

Did you think about that?

Sorry sir.

Who are you?

What are you doing here?
- We're here to inform about a death.

Whose death?

Who died?

One Mr. Vasu.

He writes property deeds.

We were told that his house
is somewhere in this area.

There's no such
person in this area.

Where are you coming from?

We were told that
it is in this area, right?


Didn't I tell you that it won't be here?

We'll go check there.

What is it, sister?
Who's that?

They lost their way.

Did your father call after that?
- Yes.

Now I'm in a fix.

What happened? - When we scared
Mr. Pillai saying that he's alone there,

Mr. Pillai was pestering me saying
that you both were alone here.

That's why I came here.

Has Ammu slept?
- No.

Tell me the truth.

Is there any problem?

What problem?

Your father has found someone
there to chat away to glory.

A 'Pathimugham' seller.

He doesn't even have time to
talk to me when I call him.

His fear is all gone and
now he's all charged up.


He was such a great man, right?

He was innocent too.

But he was shot dead!

One shouldn't be too innocent, Mr. Pillai.

Sir, isn't Bangladesh and
Bengal the same actually?

You're still stuck there?

Well, I wanted to clear my doubt.

Is it?

It is, right?

Mr. Pillai, I had met a boy recently.

His name is Abdu.
I met him in Hooghly.

Just a minute.

What is it, Achu?

Mr. Pillai...

Is someone with you now?


Move away from there.
I need to tell you something.

Sir has moved forward.
You can tell me.

Mr. Pillai, send me a photo
of his, without him noticing.

Why, dear?

He's such a nice man.

Didn't I tell you
some time back?

Just do what I say.

I want to know who he is.

Joseph sir asked me to find out.

Sir asked you?

I'll send it.

Send it without fail.

Yes! Yes!


Haven't you slept?


Yes. Did you have food?

I called some time back.
You didn't answer, Sura.

Didn't I tell you not to call me?

You hadn't informed me
about the police patrolling.

No, I did.

Both Michael and I said that
the cops will do one round.

You must have forgotten, Sura.

Don't call me again.
I will call you.

Well, I...


Now tell me.
What happened then?


We cleared those 2.5 acres of
forest and planted Pathimugham.

Planted Pathimugham?

Not that. You were telling me
about something in Hooghly, right?


What's in Hooghly?

We were talking about
Pathimugham, right?

No. When I got a call, you were
talking about Anthu in Hooghly...

Some story about that?

Oh yeah! Abdu!
- Yeah. What happened then?

His story!

This story happened
before he was born.

You know that Bangladesh and Pakistan
were part of one country earlier, right?

Yes, earlier.

So, his parents were coming to
India from Bangladesh, as refugees.

Just before they reached the Indian border,

they were caught by the Pakistan Army.

- Then what?

They finished off his dad immediately.

His mom was 18 years old then.

And all of them vented out
their frustration on her.

When his mother opened her eyes,

she was in a Government
hospital in Bengal.

Our Indian Army brought her there.

That's how Abdu was born as an Indian.

Where is Abdu's mother from?


Where was he born?

In India.

And his father is some
random Pakistani soldier.

So tell me, Mr. Pillai.

Which country does he belong to?

That's a tricky question, sir.

That's what I said.
The boy who came earlier?

They have suffered a lot.

We shouldn't mess with them.

They have even forgotten
their own lives.

What's an ATM card?

You're just playing dumb, Mr. Pillai.

How do you know
these stories, sir?

We are all vagabonds, Mr. Pillai.

And each person will
have his own story.

Don't you have a story
to say, Mr. Pillai?

So, tell me.
Tell me your story.

Let me hear that.
- My story is like...

It's a long story, sir.

I'll say it when I get time.

Sir, someone has come there.
Let me check.

Sir, I'll be right back.


Hey! What are you doing?

I said it because the camera is not
working. Why do I need your photo otherwise?

So? Will you click my photo?

It's the bank's rule.
- Did you ask me before clicking?

Delete the photo!

Why are you keeping it? - She has
withdrawn money from here, right?

Just because she withdrew money,
you'll click her photo? Delete it!

You better delete that photo.
- Let go of me!

I know what to do.
- We'll complain to the police.

What is it?
- He clicked her photo.

Who are you?
Move away!

Didn't I ask you to
delete the photo?

What are you doing?
What's the matter?

He clicked my photo when
I came to withdraw cash.

Who gave you permission for that?
Delete the photo!

It's his job!

He is an old man, right?
- Just get lost.

You better delete my photo.
- Didn't I ask you to delete it?

- Are you going to give the phone or not?

Oh no, brother! Please don't hurt him.
Please, brother.

Let him go, please.

If you try to act smart,
I'll finish you off.

Please, brother.
- Sir, let him go.

Please don't hurt him.
Let him go.

If you don't want me to bury
him here, take him away!

Come, Tony!


Kids these days are so brave, right?

He is eloping with her.
I am sure.

What happened?

Would something have happened?

No. Nothing happened.

I meant, for the guy who just left.

What can happen to him?

But, you know what?

If something happens to that girl,

you'll be in a fix, Mr. Pillai.


You are the prime witness, right?


What happened?

What is this?

His watch must have hit you.

Mr. Pillai, show me your hand.

Show me your hand.
- No.

Don't act like a child.

It will sting, sir.

If it was his nail that wounded
you, it will cause an infection!

It will sting!

Yes, it will.

How is it now?


Show me your hand.

- Not this one.

Show me this hand.

You know this too, sir?

This is trouble, Mr. Pillai.

What is it, sir?

I can see that you will
have to go to Court.

The saying, 'what has to happen,
will happen' is very true.

It will come, even if
it has to hire an Uber.

Why should I go to Court, sir?

Didn't I tell you earlier?

If that girl commits
suicide in a pond like this,

you'll have to appear in Court.

You'll have to give
your statement too.

O Lord Ayyappa!

Don't say such cursed words, sir.

That girl is just like my elder daughter.

These are not cursed words.

This is reality.

That's what your hand says.
It will definitely get you to Court.


This palm line's validity is over, sir.


Since you have told me so much,

tell me the end of it as well, sir.

Will you be sad, Mr. Pillai?

- You can even have an unnatural death.

There's something wrong, Mr. Pillai.

Something is out of control.

What's the problem?

There's nothing like that, sir.

Say it only if you want to say it.

Are you scared?
- Yes.

Show me.

If we vent out certain things in our mind,
we can feel peaceful. That's why I said so.

I'm not going to gain
anything else by hearing...

.. your story.


If I tell you something,
will you tell anyone else, sir?

Mr. Pillai, the validity of what's
between us, is only this one night.

And it will be over tonight.

Whom will I say it to?

You can tell me.

I saw it, sir.

I saw it!

Those images are not
leaving my eyes, sir.

I'm unable to sleep.

Till some time back,

I was working in Xavier sir's factory.

One day,

Ganapathi sir gave me some
couriers and letters...

and asked me to drop it
at Xavier sir's office.

I went there with it, sir.

Open the door!

Let me go!

I have to go!
- Sir! Sir!


Oh no!
- Please don't hurt me!


Please don't hurt me!

Someone please open the door!

Open the door!

Open it!

Open the door!

Open the door!

Open the door!

Uncle! Please save me!

- Uncle, please don't go!

The next day,

he called me to his office.

He offered me some money, asking me
to keep quiet about the whole thing.

I took that money from him.

Not because I was greedy for money.

If I hadn't accepted that money,

I would have lost my life.

But it wasn't just me who
saw that sight there, sir.

That girl's younger sister
was also there then.

And that girl was also...

I never imagined that those kids
will take such a decision, sir.

The money I got that day,

was the commission of letting
that girls hang to death!

After those kids died,

I made up my mind, and told
everything to the police.

But they weren't even
ready to listen to me, sir.

And he was acquitted
in that case.

No! No! No!

What are you saying, Mr. Pillai?

The Court never acquits someone
without checking everything.

The cops are saying that this girl
and her family were quite notorious.

The Court can make a judgement only based
on the evidence from the cops, right?

No, sir.

The cops said that after taking a bribe.

I know those children really well, sir.

The cops and media are lying.

I know this Xavier and the
other culprits very well.

I saw it with my own eyes, sir.

Those kids were...

Mr. Pillai...

The police and Court won't
say something without proof.

Haven't you heard that the
law will take its course?

Will you feel bad if I say something?

This is a disease you have, Mr. Pillai.

You know what this is?

We just imagine that
we have seen something.

And then we believe
that we've seen it.

It's a medical condition.

This condition had a good name.

What was it?

- I don't have any condition, sir.

They hurt little children who're
younger than their grandchildren...

This is a symptom of this condition.

It's all your imagination, Mr. Pillai.

You know why I'm saying this?

I had a friend.

Shyamalan, from Thalassery.

He was with us in
Dubai for some time.

You know what his main job is?

He has a daughter.

He used to bore us by showing us her
dances and songs on phones and CD's.

These are sisters, right?

It was a mother
and daughter there.

This girl...

... had an illicit
relation with her teacher.

She was caught in her school.

What's the actual truth?

The mother was also
involved with the teacher.

When Shyamalan came back home,

the mother and daughter
had committed suicide.

He saw them at the mortuary.

He was in a mental asylum
after that for a while.

Just like you,

he was saying imaginary stories.

I'm not saying an
imaginary story, sir.

Then.. what happened?

Did you give the statement?

I'll give it tomorrow.

'When in Rome, be a Roman', Mr. Pillai.

You haven't learned how to live.

Call that guy.

What was his name?

Solachan or Paulachan?

It was some lousy name.

What was his name?
- Xavier.

Just try calling him, Mr. Pillai.


ask him to give you Rs. 10 Lakhs.

And live a good life, saving
that in a fixed deposit.

That's better.

Aren't you hungry, sir?

You're an expert in
changing subjects, huh?

"Knock and it shall open"

Isn't that what Jesus has said?

Just try knocking!

Some people are here to see you.

Who is it?
- I don't know.

Praise be to Lord, Father.
- Now and always.

Do you know this boy, Father?

What's the matter?

Just tell us if you know him.
Do you?

Are you conducting a quiz
competition at midnight, Alex?

What do you want to know now?

We are gentlemen. Otherwise we'd have
conducted a competition at the Church!

Got it?

Calm down.

Even if you don't know him,
I know him well, Father.

Isn't he from Uppoott?

When Mrs. Baby had died,

his father was the leader of
the crowd that created a ruckus,

saying that she shouldn't be
buried in the Church cemetery.

Uppoodan Mathew.

Achaya, found the tower location.
- Where is it?

The phone was switched
off near the ATM counter.

The place is Gandhi square.

Brother, had this girl come here?
- Oh! This girl!

They left immediately, sir.

Where did they go?

They went that way, sir.

When I said that I have to take her photo,
there was a small ruckus, sir.

Look, my hand was wounded.
- Let's go to Thiruvalla.

He has an aunt who stays there.

They must have gone there.
- The boy is a Jacobite, right?

Come, brother. Let's go.

Don't leave yet.

The bike that they came on?

I know its number.
- Tell me.

KL 05 AB 1314.

Say it again.
- KL 05 AB 1314.

Search for that number.

Come, let's go.

Mr. Pillai!


Have you eaten?

No. Not yet.

Let's eat then.


Can we sit inside and eat?

If someone sees us sitting
inside, it will be a...

Shall we sit there then?

We can.

Do you have glasses?

No, sir.

There's a bottle inside.
I can get that.

Bring the bottle then.
- Shall I get it? - Okay.

It's herbal water.

Mr. Pillai...

Didn't you say that bike
number from your memory?

- How do you do that?

You heard that, right?
- Yes.

It's a hobby of mine, sir.

I'm sitting idle here, right?

So... I memorize all this.

Now, your van's number is 7330.

Hey! That's correct.

Yes. 7 plus 3 is 10.
10 plus 3 is 13.

It's Satan's number, sir.
It's really bad.

So you know all that.

I've been like this from childhood, sir.

I learn math problems and poems
by-heart, when the teacher teaches them.

You're great in calculations.

But the calculations in
your life are all wrong.

Hey... Mr. Pillai...

Have you ever felt like
stealing money from this ATM?

Stop it, sir.

Don't say blasphemous things.

Is it because it's blasphemous,

or is it because there's a CCTV?

Well, it went faulty the
day after the inauguration.

Don't say these secrets
to anyone, Mr. Pillai.

They will steal the money!

Well, it might work once in a while.

You are so naive.
Do you think I'll steal money from here?

I didn't think so, sir.

It's good not to have
such thoughts, Mr. Pillai.

When I stabbed this bottle,
and twisted the knife,


The bottle became two glasses.


Why are you carrying a knife, sir?

This one?

I bought this knife while
I was into farming.

When the crops are harvested,

a bunch of pigs will come
and ruin all the crops.

You know what I'll do then?

I lay traps for the pigs.

Then I keep this knife at its throat,

find its vein,

and make one slash!

It will be dead in a jiffy.

Come, Mr. Pillai.

Why are you standing there?

I have a special item.


Have it, Mr. Pillai.

Arrack steam cake and crab!

Arrack steam cake?

Haven't you heard of it?

This rice cake is
made from the steam,

after pouring arrack
into the steam cake pot.

It's really tasty.

Try it.

Have it, Mr. Pillai.


The gravy is too good!

Mr. Pillai...

After you left that factory,

did they come to meet you?

Which factory?

The factory where you used to work.

The place where
those girls were...

Did they come to
meet you after that?


Oh yeah! You're going to give
the statement tomorrow, right?

I forgot that.

Why are you staring at me like this?
Eat it.

Oops. I forgot to have this.

How do you prefer
it, Mr. Pillai?

Mixed with water...

... or dry?

No. Have it with water.

I like it dry.


I don't drink, sir.

You never drink or what?

I don't drink during duty.
That's why.

Then why did you say that
you don't drink at all?

Well, out of respect...

So, you know how to lie as well.

Take it, Mr. Pillai.


We usually have a couple
of drinks around this time,

and go straight to the fields.

Didn't I tell you about the pigs?
They are such a nuisance.

Once the pigs start coming,
we lay traps for them.

But if elephants come,

what can we do?

You're an expert in calculations, right?
Tell me.

What will we do if elephants
enter the Pathimugham farm?

"It's German, right?"

Remember MG Soman's dialogue
from the movie 'Lelam'?

This is the same item.



Sir, my children!

If I shoot you right here,

the bullet will reach your house.

It can travel as far as 3 miles.


You thought this was a toy gun?

It's not a toy gun.

Oh no!


I was just playing around.

Have your drink.

Drink it, man!

You didn't have any of this, Mr. Pillai.

The crab is really good.

Heard that, sir?

The police jeep is coming.

I'll check.


Brother! Please stop!

Please stop!


Brother! Can you drop this
gentleman to a nearby workshop?

His van broke down here
and he's stuck here.

He will pay you some money,
or I'll pay you when you come back.

Can you take him?
- Call him.

Sir! You can go in that vehicle.

They are going to the town. There's no
point waiting for the police jeep now, sir.

Is there place in it, Mr. Pillai?
- Yes.

Is it?
I'll go then.

I don't know when
we will meet next.

Please have the food.
- Okay.

Well, by the time I come
back in the morning,

you would have left after
your duty, right? - Yeah.

Just give a good
thought to what I said.

You might get much
more than 10 Lakhs.

Okay then.
I'm leaving.


See you if we're
meant to meet again.

Okay, thank you.

Don't forget what I said.

Just keep an eye on my van!


What is it, dear?

Mr. Pillai, what's happening?

I'm going to sleep, dear.

I'm in your house.

Let me know if there's anything.

And, dear...

I sent him...

Hey! The police are
here for patrolling.

I'll call you later, dear.


The cops are there for patrolling.

Mr. Pillai, are you going to sleep?
- Hi sir.

No. I was just getting
ready to go to bed.

How come you're on
night duty today?

Jamal didn't turn up, sir.

What happened?
- He's in the hospital or something.

- Okay.

Sir, there's a vehicle lying here.

Mr. Pillai.
- Yes, sir.

Come here.

What is it, sir?

Whose van is this?

It had a break-down, sir.

That sir has gone to get
someone from a workshop.

Do you know him?

I'm seeing him for
the first time.

Vehicles breaking down in front
of the ATM has become regular now.

That's not such a nice thing.

Tell Jamal as well, okay?

And Mr. Pillai, let him go only after
noting down his name and phone number.

Got it?
- I'll do that.

Okay, sir.



Mr. Pillai!

Wake up, Mr. Pillai.

Oh my God!

Oh no!

You got scared, Mr. Pillai.

You got scared, Mr. Pillai!

Didn't you get scared?

Why are you panting then?

Do you hold any
grudge against me?

Mr. Pillai, I'm asking you. Do
you hold any grudge against me?

You know what godforsaken
vehicle you sent me in?

What is it, sir?

You sent me in a marijuana truck.

Here you go!
Top class pot!

What if the cops had caught me?

I didn't know, sir.

You didn't know?

Do one thing.
Don't you know how to drive?

- Then you try starting my vehicle.

I will push it.

Or... did you deliberately
try to put me in trouble?

Come on!


I have diabetes, sir.

If I stay awake for too long,
what if the disease aggravates?

Will it aggravate like that?

I will leave only after putting
you to sleep, Mr. Pillai.


Start the vehicle, Mr. Pillai.

Take your foot off
the brake.

Now step on the clutch!

Try once again, Mr. Pillai.

Can you hear me?

Oh no! It's raining.


It's raining so heavily!


When will the police
jeep come again?

Don't expect the police again, sir.

Is it?
- Yes.

I was thinking...

Shall we...

... ask for 25 Lakhs?


To Xavier!

Once you get the money,
you should give me 10%.

Just try asking.
You'll get it.

If you don't pay me
after getting the money,

you'll see my true
colours, Mr. Pillai.

Police! Police jeep!

Sir! Sir!



Please stop, sir!

Sir! This is Pillai!

Sir! I have to tell you something.
Please stop, sir!





What will we do now?
- Let's send him a voice note.

Why are you disconnecting
the call, Mr. Pillai?

He's not what he appears to be.
He's a murderer.

Joseph sir had called me
from Thiruvananthapuram now.

Why are you disconnecting
the call, Mr. Pillai?

He's not what he appears to be.
He's a murderer.

Joseph sir had called me
from Thiruvananthapuram now.

Sister, look!

Mr. Pillai!


The presence of a suspicious person has
been reported at Gandhi Square area.

Please be alert.

Sir, I just passed through that area.

I didn't spot anything
particular over there.

I'll check anyway, sir.

Start the car.

You had forgotten your phone, Mr. Pillai.

Can I get a Beedi and
a matchbox, Mr. Pillai?

Sir, my Beedi is in the ATM counter.

I'll go get it.

Why aren't you answering my calls?

Didn't you listen
to my voice message?

I didn't, dear.

But I saw a blue tick!

I haven't seen it, dear.
Let me check.

No. You wait there, Mr. Pillai.

Where is he?
- He is outside.

Don't step out now.
Beware of him.

He's an accused
in a murder case.

From what Joseph sir told me,

Oh no! It got switched off.

It got disconnected.

Oh no! The power is gone!



You know everything about
me now, right Mr. Pillai?

Shall we go?

Mr. Pillai...

Call for you.


Yes, we are ready.


Why did you stop, Boss?

Look over there.

Why did you stop the car here?

It was this ATM's security guard
who gave me Tony's bike number.

He's also a reason why our
families are united now.

So I thought I'll thank him.

Shall we leave then?
- See you at the Church on Sunday then.

- Hey Tony!

Don't put up the photo on
Facebook and create an issue now.

I had a hard time convincing Achayan.

Okay then!
Okay! Get going!

See you soon then.
- Bye.






He's fast asleep.

Shouldn't we give him something?

Oh! What can we
give him for this?

If it wasn't for him, our family
would be broken apart now.

Give me the money.
- Here you go.

There's 2000 Rupees.

2000 Rupees?

We should give him
at least 5000 Rupees.

Even 2000 is more than enough
for giving us a bike number.

Go and give this to him now.

Then, write down my number over there.

If he has any complaints,
he will call me.

Get going!
- You are such a miser!

'We got the girl.

Back! Back! Back!

Come on! Quick!
Turn it!


Suresh, an unknown vehicle crashed into an
ATM at Gandhi square, killing one person.

It is suspected that the deceased
is the security guard of the ATM.

The mystery around the
incident still remains.

The initial inference is that
it wasn't a burglary attempt.

You can see the visuals of the local
police conducting the investigation now.

Higher officials are on
the way to the crime spot.

The details of the vehicle that crashed or
any other evidence are not available yet.

There's a huge crowd
at the crime spot.

The policemen are having a tough
time trying to control them.

Now, the fire force and police,

are trying to take the
dead man's body outside.

From the remains of the building
which is now completely demolished,

taking the dead body out,

is an extremely difficult
task for the police officials.

The Gandhiji square ATM
accident has shocked everyone.

No one in the vicinity heard the noise.

Moreover, the mystery still remains
as to how the accident happened.

We're hoping that the truth will come
out soon, moving the veil of mystery.

You didn't have the bun
and tea, Mr. Pillai.

Tell me the truth, sir.

You're a cop, right?

I am an ordinary man
like you, Mr. Pillai.

Last night,

didn't I tell you a story?

About Shyamalan from Thalassery,
who works in Dubai?


I didn't create it out of thin air.

It's the truth.


the actual guy's name is Shivan.

His wife's name is Annie.

And his daughter's name is Shivani.

His actual place is at
Mallappilly near Thiruvalla.

Didn't I tell you that his
daughter sings really well?

You're thinking that I am lying, right?

Here you go.

♪ O lady firefly, I
shall shine like you ♪

♪ Let's go to the garden
of stars, my dear friend ♪

♪ Come with me, O rainbow
coloured dragonfly ♪

♪ Join me to dance around, O
dear beetle from the clouds ♪

♪ Come and stand by me ♪

♪ What's your desire? To
spread sunshine all around ♪

♪ O lady firefly, I
shall shine like you ♪

♪ Let's go to the garden
of stars, my dear friend ♪


Just a minute.
Come with me.

Hey! You should go back to
your hometown immediately.

What happened?
Is there anything wrong?

There's nothing wrong.

I've arranged your ticket.

Has it been long since
you came, Salimkka?

There was a long queue
for the immigration.

What happened, actually?

So you weren't told about it?

What is it?

Yes. He has arrived.
He is with me.

Come on!

Salimkka, is there any problem?


She was lying there
covered in a sheet, Mr. Pillai.

And she asked me like a big girl,

'When did you come?'

'What have you brought for me?'

'Don't talk to us again',
and so on.

Dead people talk, Mr. Pillai.

It's really nice
to listen to that.

She was only...

... four years old,

when I left for Dubai.

And she was saying such big words.

Ours was a love marriage, Mr. Pillai.

When we decided to live together,
you know how much cash I had in hand?

350 Rupees.

I was a medical representative.

But my pocket was empty.

And once we got married,

her family disowned her.

And I didn't have
anyone to call family.

After my wife and daughter died...

around sixteen... not sixteen...

17 days after they died,

one of her relatives,

came to meet me.



I am Varghese.

I am a distant relative of Annie's.

I have to tell you something.

We haven't met
each other earlier.

I have a grand-daughter, Sara.

Shivani was her classmate.

They were really good friends.

Ever since Shivani died,

Sara has been crying non-stop.

And she stopped
going to school too.

She always shuts
herself up in some room.

She keeps muttering
something in her sleep.

Only when I prodded
her with questions,

did she tell me everything.

I cannot hide it from you.

That's why I came here now.

Counselling sessions by the childline
workers are held in schools, right?

Must be because
someone complained.

One of those counselling sessions
had happened around a month back.

Nothing has happened to you.

Please don't cry.

How many times did that
teacher do this to you, dear?

- Why didn't you tell this to your parents?
- Not because I am scared.

If I say this to my mother,
my father will come to know.

My father will be really sad.

That's why.

My father loves me a lot.

Children won't say everything
clearly, Mr. Pillai.

You know why?

They don't want people
who love them to feel sad.

Why? When such a furore
happened back home,

Annamma didn't tell me anything,
even after 4-5 days passed.

I can imagine my
child's plight then.


Why do you sound dull?

It's nothing.


What happened?
Tell me.

Are you crying?

No, it's nothing.

I just have a slight headache.

That's all.

You've been having a headache
for the past few days.

Why don't you consult a doctor?

I'll call you later.

Let me lie down for a while.

After a few days,

it had come on
Facebook and WhatsApp.

About an illicit relationship between
a teacher and a student's mother.

The news had reached
our labour camp too.

The others were enjoying the news.

I had also read about it.

But little did I know then,

that they were talking
about my wife and daughter.

I've heard that the people
who create such online news,

make a lot of money.

But they don't know the plight that
the affected family is going through.

We are just fools...

... who enjoy reading this.

Didn't I tell you, Mr. Pillai?

On the 17th day after my
Annamma and child died,

a relative of hers
had come to meet me.

Four days after that,

Peoun Raveendran...

... went missing.


... the guy who
assaulted my daughter.

Do you think I'll
spare him, Mr. Pillai?

Let me go!

Untie me!

Untie me!

You don't know who I am!

Untie me!

Untie me!

Oh no!
Oh no!


Untie me!

Oh no!

Don't do this!
Untie me!

Untie me!

Oh no!

The police arrested me after that.

Life imprisonment.

But I got special
consideration in the jail.

For good conduct.

Whenever I got a newspaper,
the first thing I used to look for,

were such cases.

I didn't want the culprits.

I wanted the witnesses.

Those who had seen it,
but lied that they did not.

Ones who lie, covering up
the what they had seen.

False witnesses.

I got out on parole, three times.

I finished such people,
one by one.

Three people, whom I had
never seen before in my life.

It must have been 1.5 years back.

Sura who was sentenced
for six years in prison,

came to my cell.

He got a parole, just three
months after he came in.

1.5 months before that,

a couple of this Xavier's assistants
came to the jail, to meet him.

They fixed the deal.

Rs. 10 Lakhs.

To kill the witness of the
Sholayar case, Mr. Pillai.

Hey! When is your parole due?

I'm asking you.
When is your parole due?

From the 15th of next month.

How many days?

Twenty days.

There's a hit job.

I'll give you Rs. 2.5 Lakhs.

Want to join me?


I have some other work.

Most witnesses change sides after
taking money from the criminals.

Like that,

if you had accepted 10 Lakhs from
Xavier and changed your statement,

I'd have been attending
your funeral today.

How can I do such a
god-forbidden act, sir?

How did he end up
at the ATM, sir?



Am I speaking to Sethu?

I can't reach Xavier's phone.

Did you try his new number, sir?

I tried that number too.
I couldn't reach him.

By the way, I'm calling
from the accident spot.

The body found from the ATM
is not Ramachandran Pillai's.

- It is Sura's body.

Ambi Sura's body.


What is he saying?

Wasn't it Sura who went
to kill him yesterday?

What happened to him after that?

Hello, Sura!


Is it Ambi Sura?

Ambi Sura?

What's that?

Am I speaking to Ambi Sura?

I am Sethu.

I think you've dialled
a wrong number.

Check the number and call again.

I am Eenashu.

From Kallattinkara.

Car broker.

Hello? Sura, I am Sethu.

Didn't I tell you that you've
dialled a wrong number?

Check the number you dialled.
Don't disturb me.

I've asked Achu and my
children to come here, sir.

Joseph sir will also be there.

Go, Mr. Pillai.

Go and say everything,

My work here is over.

Before noon,

I'll go down the hill.


If you hadn't come,

my children would have
lost their father.

We will meet, Mr. Pillai.

The next time I am out on parole,
I'll come and meet you.

Go ahead.

Mr. Pillai...

Do you have a
Beedi to spare?

I'm not supposed to smoke here.

Let this be with me.

Hey! Where the hell are you going?

Move your car!

You are a good man, Mr. Pillai.


Uncle, please save me!

- Hello?
- Hello, who is it?

- Sir, I am Sethu.
- What is it?

Sir, I can't reach Xavier sir.


His phone is switched off.

If you could tell
me where he is...

Oh! Why not!

I'll tell you the place.

You go there directly.

It's good to give him company.

Yes. Just tell me where he is.
I'll go there.

So much commitment.
Goons should be like this!

You do one thing.

Catch the Thekkady-Thiruvananthapuram
superfast bus.

Get down at Thambanoor bus stand.

You'll have to board
one more bus from there.

To Poojappura.

When you get down at Poojappura,

you can see a huge
building with a board.

Go there and ask,

'Where is Xavier sir, who was
recently sentenced for murder?'

You needn't go right away. You
can go after 5-6 months too.

He will still be there.

Didn't I tell you a hundred times
that this plan was not practical?

Is this a 60's movie or what?


Killing the witness?

Forget that you called me now.
If you call me ever again...

As if he's going to save Xavier!

Start the car!

Right in the morning...

A huge sex racket is behind the ATM murder
at Gandhi square, according to sources.

From the ATM at Gandhi square, where the
infamous goon Ambi Sura was found murdered,

police had found a note
saying 'Got the girl'.

In the investigation that focused on
the phone number mentioned in the note,

police is looking for a man called
Philippose, also known as Kottayam Achayan,

who is allegedly the culprit.

Police will issue a
look-out notice against him.

In many sex racket cases
that were registered recently,

this Kottayam
Achayan was involved.

A special investigation team will be
formed to investigate his involvement,

said the higher
officials of the police.


I got it from the floor.
It's yours, right?