Eent Ka Jawab Patthar (1982) - full transcript

Eent Ka Jawaab Patthar (stone is the response to brick or when someone throws a brick at you, the best response is to throw a stone at him) is a Hindi maxim used for the expression of Tit for Tat or to pay back in the same coin.Eent Ka Jawaab Patthar is a revenge saga with nothing extra-ordinary about it but this Bollywood potboiler has a taut script which consists of an engrossing courtroom drama and is duly supported by some admirable performances. I had watched it first when it was used to be telecast very frequently on Sony TV under the Cine Matinée time slot and recently I watched it on internet. Sadly, I found the internet version as moth-eaten with several scenes missing or shortened. And that's why continuity jerks appear before the viewer watching this version.The movie starts with the love story of Lakshmi (Neeta Mehta) who is the sister of a corrupt lawyer who is also the Deewaan (a senior official working for the state, taking care of mainly the financial affairs) of the king of a princely state and Maadho Singh (Surendra Paal) who is a naval officer. Deewaan loots the treasure of the princely state by keeping the king unmindful of the happenings around through alcohol and the charms of a courtesan named as Rajni. Deewaan and his criminal associates work with a smuggler named as Sevak Raam (Premnaath) and a corrupt cop (Raza Muraad) helps them. Finally, Deewaan and his associates not only kill the king by poisoning him through Rajni but also trap Maadho Singh who is after their smuggling activities, in a false murder case. Maadho Singh is sentenced to life imprisonment whereas Deewaan arranges the marriage of Lakshmi to the corrupt cop who is hand-in-glove with him in all his wrongdoings.Maadho Singh flees from jail after ten years and then destiny makes him wealthy and capable to settle scores with his wrongdoers after further ten years. He re-enters their lives with a new identity and starts seeking his revenge. Nobody identifies him in his present get-up except his ex-flame Lakshmi who is now the mother of a grown-up daughter (Nameeta Chandra). Situation takes such a turn that her beau who is a fake prince (Aadil Amaan) is trapped in the charge of a murder. Maadho Singh seeks the services of an honest cop (Amjad Khan) who was earlier a lawyer to fight the case as the defense counsel of that innocent youth and during the hearing of this case, the twenty years old case in which Maadho Singh was the accused also gets reopened. After a brilliant courtroom drama, Maadho Singh completes his revenge but gets killed in the hands of his ex-flame Lakshmi only.The script of this revenge saga is studded with all the regular Bollywood formulae but still it is well-knitted and admirable, capable of keeping the audience engrossed. Plot-holes which are a specialty of all the Bollywood crime-thrillers are there but skilfully written script keeps the viewer glued to the screen except for some useless songs which interrupt the flow of the narrative. The start-cast is B grade but the movie renders A class entertainment if we ignore its minuses including the songs, plot-holes and untied loose ends. Director Paachhi has handled the script well. The best part of the movie is undoubtedly the courtroom drama in the final 30 minutes.Technically the movie is okay. I found continuity jerks but it's because the full version of the movie is not available on the internet (and the Shemaroo CD through which it's been uploaded). Those who are able to watch the full version aren't likely to find the continuity problems in the movie.Shankar-Jaikishan (Shankar only because Jaikishan had passed away long back) has delivered completely forgettable music and it is hard to believe that this is Shankar-Jaikishan's music. It would have been better had many of the songs been removed from the movie.Surendra Paal has done well in the lead role of Maadho Singh. He is not only charming but also a good actor. He got famous by playing Dronachaarya in B.R. Chopra's serial Mahabhaarat in later years and then became a character actor. He is one of those talented ones who don't get the right break at the right time. Neeta Mehta has always been labelled as a B grade heroine but I never found her acting badly. Here also, she has done pretty well. Amjad Khan in a positive role is very impressive especially in the final phase of the movie. Legendary actor Om Prakaash is also very effective in a meaty role. All the other supporting cast members as well as the villains including Premnaath are okay.The ending scene of the movie in which Maadho Singh, in his dying moment, fills the hair-parting of Lakshmi, now a widow, with his blood, touched me like anything and left an indelible imprint on my heart.With my rating of 2.5 stars, I recommend this movie to the regular entertainment-seekers as a one time watch.



- Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Oh! Be away!

"Whom did I see?"

"Killed me by being scared."

"Asked me of love,
Killed by being shy."

"Peeped at me."

"The deception of love."

"Killed me and peeped at me."

"If asked the truth, love shied and
Killed me."

"Peeped at me, Killed by being shy."

"I am your lover, sit beside me
Don't take my life like this."

"By going away from me."

"I know your eyes gestures."

"My own life."

"I asked of love."

"Killed me by being shied away."

"Peeped at me and killed me by
Being afraid."

Hey! Hey! Hey
What are you thinking?

"I am thinking that if you were
in my life."

"My life was useless and there was no."


"The world happiness is in you."

"If anyone asks me."

"Asked of love, it got
shied and killed me."

"Peeped at and killed me."

"Don't see with that indifference
Would die of being afraid"

"I am scared of myself that
I would die by consuming something."

"If you love me then embrace me."

"Our love is true, you can test it."

"Asked what is love, shied away
And killed me."

"Peeped at me and killed me by being

"Asked what is love, shied away
And killed me."

"Peeped at me and killed me by being

Deewan Sir.

The engagement of Lakshmi and Madhav.

Was fixed since your late father
Was alive.

Now we want...

...that before my son goes to London.

Their marriage gets fixed.

When is your son going to London?

It's just a matter of three months.

It'll paas away.

Three months, for me is.

Like three years.

But my love is always with you.

My thoughts are with you.

Take care of yourself.

Shall I go?

Good luck.



Tears in such beautiful eyes.

And that too for a sailor, Madhav Singh.

You are quite naive, Lakshmi.

You don't know.

That these sailors keep a lover
At every port.

Do you know what are you speaking of,
With whom and about whom?

I ain't telling about anyone

I am just telling about myself.

I am a noble, respectable and wealthy...

- And now a Lakshmipati also...
- Hold on your tongue.

Is this your nobility?

Besides being noble and respectable,
I am...

- A virgin too, Lakhsmi.
- DOn't try to talk to me again.

Else it won't be good?

She is tremendous, but leave her.

You have found such a myna...

...Who will be happy with a parrot like you

About whom are you speaking?


Your thirteenth would be wife!



Hey, stop! May god bless you.

It's a different thing to distribute holy
Offerings in a temple.

And solemnise a marriage.

Why are you interrupting in the Marriage?

I am not interfering in the marriage

I am not obstructing, You are not
reciting the mantras of marriage...

...But of death.

Nawab Sir. - As a witness of marriage,
God's idol must present.

No idol is there of God, so this is

Nawab Sir.

The husband is the God for a women.

Make him wear the garland.

And you too.

And now touch father-in-law's feet.

"A hundred times the heart said."


"Look here."

"A hundred times the heart said."


"Look here."

"With love."

"Just have a look."

"Once look here."

"Only a fragrance in the eyelids."

"Modesty in the eyes."

"Only a fragrance..."

" the eyelids."

"Modesty in the eyes."

"Where saw the mirror."

"Started stretching the body."

"Want to meet the lover."

"Want to dress."

"Up more."

"A hundred times the heart said."

"Once look here."

"The habits have awakened by."

"The charm of the anklets."

"The habits have awakened."

"The charm of the anklets."

"The wind by the cloth."

"Was intoxicating."

"The gathering started fluttering."

"Did you see the influence of the."


"The heart told a hundred times."

"To look here once."

"There are desires in the heart."

"To live and love for you."

"There are desires in the heart."

"To live and love for you"

"I am very precious in the eyes of the

"I would be sold witout a penny."

"If you laugh."

"And see."

"The heart told a hundred times."

"To look here once."

"You see me with love."

"You see me with love."

"Just once."


Chowdhary Sir.

Take this.

The king's signature on a Blank paper.

And make the papers to keep the Shahadbagh
Palace in mortgage.

- On which you had an eye since beginning.
- Oh! Wow Deewan Sir, wow!

Firstly you are dominion's Deewan and
Then an advocate.

Until your Rajni Bai is fine...

...Signatures will always be there in
Blank papers.

Hey! Nawab Sir, leave all this.

And hear the good news.

Smuggler Sevakram has sent a message.

That Dilip Kundan has taken our jewellery
Worth of lakhs.

My arrangement is fine.

"The ones who make the heart go crazy."

"For the light of love."

"The ones who make the heart go crazy."

"For the light of love."

"The one that becomes the destiny."

"Of dreams and thoughts."

"I have seen that morning."

"You also see that morning."

"The heart said a hundred of times."

"Look here but once."

"You look at me with love."

"You look at me With love."

"You look at me with love
Just once."

"The heart said a hundred times..."

This is the one.

That the Queen has sent.

To the King through Madhav.

From London.

And in this letter, the queen has.

Asked for the permission to return
To the dominion.

So that she can Crown the legal heir.

As the Prince.

This letter hasn't been read by King.

But if the Queen sends another letter,
Then what?

She may send a thousand letters.

But who will read?

The King won't be able to see the Sun
of tomorrow.

Oh! A traitor behind affection.

- What a mind??
- What do you mean?

I mean we all are traitors Nawab Sir...

...I apologise but this Not the time to joke

I never joke but

I am asking this to you that it's okay
That the Prince couldn't come but.

What if Kundan opens up in the court?

Don't worry Nawab Sir.

- No, I wouldn't do this work.
- Rajni!

What has happened that you are denying to
Do the work, today?

Sorry Ram Singh, I did whatever you
Told me till today.

I made the king my puppet.

And fulfilled all your motive.

Don't know in which papers you made him

And you all usurped his whole property.

- What will you get by taking his life?
- Stop your nonsense.

My darling.

You've to do this.

- Now, at the moment.
- No.

- Rajni, this is my order.
- No.

Not even if you kill me...

- ...Would I ever do this job.
- Your father'll also do, hold her.

- No.
- Hold.


I won't do this work, no.



Hey! Rajni what are you doing now
Go away.

- Hey Rajni.

- Nawab Sir, I.
- This is not the time to talk.

These beasts who love you will
Execute you.

- Their love for you is fake,
- No.

Go away.


Be quiet.

Darsindon's citizens.

Lal Singh and Bhupa Singh've Given poison.

To our King.

Our King has left us.

For his heavenly abode.

Lal Singh has been arrested.

But Bhupa Singh has absconded with
The wealth of the king.

- Deewan Sir?
- What happened?

I think Lal Singh is innocent.

What you've to do with this?

Just think deeply.

Kundan absconded and and was Found dead.

And the King was poisoned that very night.

And the dancer girl who was with the
King that night was not arrested.

Go and ask the poilce.

I have many work at the dominion.

- Don't waste my time and go away.
- Fine Deewan Sir.

I will ask the Police now.

He now knows a lot, start operation.

Kill him.

Madhav Madhav.

- What happened Sarala?
- They have taken away Lakshmi.

And went towards the bungalow.

- What?
- Yes.

Come with me.

Stop bastards.


Well done, Nirmala.


Ramu and Jappu.


Where is the gun?

Inspector Sir, Nitraj Singh has forcibly
Taken Lakshmi towards the bungalow.

Go search.

Why did you take the Law in Your hand?


In that time the girl would've been raped.

Inspector Sir, he has killed two of my men.

This is a lie.

Sir, there are two dead bodies in
The pond.

Heard Inspector Sir, now do you believe me?

- He is a liar, I never killed anyone.
- Don't shout.

All your allegation has been proved Wrong.

I arrest you now.

Hold him.

Whatever you want to say...

...Tell it in the court.

In the evening of 6th of October.

The accused, Madhav Singh,
Because of a personal grudge.

Held a gun in his hand and.

Went to the bungalow of Chowdhary.

Nitraj Singh and very cruelly killed.

Two of the men of Nitraj Singh.

It a such a serious crime when.

A person takes the life of.

Another person.

Humanity is absent there.

So I would make an appeal to the court.

That according to article 302...

...Such a dangerous criminal should be.

Given death sentence.

This advocate must know that.

Until the crime isn't proved...

...He can't accuse anyone at the court.

Objection sustained.

- Thank you, My Lord.
- Next.

- The first witness.
- Mr. Sevak Mewalal.

Mr. Sevakada.

The court wants to know from you That.

How the accused, Madhav Singh has killed
Ramu and Jappu.

Your honour,
in the evening of 6th October...

...I was passing by the bungalow.

In my Pope Paul's

Lincoln Continental Car.

What do I see...

That, Madhav Singh.

Is aiming his gun.

So I stopped my car.

And just on seeing, he shot.

Two pellets from his gun.

And Ramu and Jaggu died at the spot.

My Lord, if I am to say the truth
Then I have seen it from my eyes that.

Madhav Singh killed Ramu and Jabbu.

Sir, I tried to stop him a lot.

But he shot twice in a second
And both of them.

Died, Sir.

I was praying to God.

I heard the sound of a gunshot.

When I came out, I saw.

That Madhav Singh has killed Ramu and

In the evening of 6th October.

After being informed by Chowdary Mitra

That Madhav Singh has attacked in the

With some dangerous motive.

I reached there with some of my
Men and saw that.

That Madhav Singh has.

Killed Ramu and Jaggu.

Don't lie with the police uniform


- Chowdhary Nitra Singh.
- Your Honour, Madhav Singh was.

Seen murdering those.

Two by me.


But keeping my client's emotion In mind

I can't stop telling this My Honour.

That whatever is going on.

Is a framed story.

This is such a conspiracy that.

An innocent is being.



To uncover this conspiracy.

I want permission to bring up
Two witnesses.

Lakshmi Devi and Sarala Devi, My Lord.

Permission granted.

Thank you, My Lord.

Tomorrow you are going to.

Give testimony before the court
This certificate'll help you.

And the baby that is in your womb.

Can easily be blamed on Madhav Singh.

And what about our marriage?

Why are you worrying about it?

I am in a hurry more than you.

Here this case would end and.

There we would get married.


That your fiance was risking his life
Because he wanted to protect your dignity.

I myself know how to protect my dignity.

Be truthful in front of the court
Lakshmi Devi.

This is not about your dignity.

But the life and death of your fiance.

My fiance is my feeling, Lawyer.

And my dignity is my modesty.

And modesty is always higher than feeling.

Do you want.

That I would murder the truth in the court
And tell a lie.


Lakshmi, you also favour these people.

- [THUD]
- Order! Order!

Mr. Ram Singh, your witness.

No questions, your Honour.

Next witness please.

Miss Sarala.

In the evening of 6th October.

You went to Madhav Singh and said.

That Chowdhary Nitra Singh.

Has kidnapped Lakshmi.

And on hearing this, he went with you
Is it right?


I never went to his home.

So, was he mad?

To take the gun and go to Chowdhary
Nitraj Singh's bungalow.

There must be some reason.

Yes, of course.

And that was.

Because he didn't want his secret to be

Which secret, tell clearly Miss Sarala.

Madhav loved me since long.

And this secret was only known by
Nitraj Singh.

I was about to be the mother of
Madhav's child.

But when Madhav dumped me for Lakshmi.

Then Nitraj Singh.

Threatened to tell this secret to Lakshmi's

So that a women's life doesn't get ruined.

This is totally a lie, Judge.

- What wrong have I done, Sarala?
- Order order.

Mr. Krishna Ram.

Do you have to ask anything else
From Sarala?

Nothing, Your Honour.

According to the case's progress and the
Witness's statements.

The court has decided.

That accused Madhav Singh, be declared
A convict.

In the murder of Ramu and Jabbu.

According to the article 302 of the

He is given a sentence of Life

Convict number 410.

Madhav Singh has absconded from.


The jail. You bastard.

It is easy to escape from jail.

But it's very difficult to get out from the
Clutches of Inspector Sher Singh.

I ran from the jail to drink your
Blood, Sher Singh.

Do you remember the day when you gave false
Testimony against me.

You told a lie wearing the police Uniform.

- Remembered?
- Don't shout.

The one who break the law,
Gets killed like a dog

I also have a hot blood, you Coward.

One day it will also brighten.

I have already wrapped myself in
A cerecloth.

You also wait for me for twenty years.

Who will wait till twenty years?

I will kill you today.

- What is this, Inspector Sir?
- Go away all, Inspector Man Singh.

If a convict rebels, it's better.

To kill him.

No! We don't have that permission.

Shut up.

Do you know to whom are you speaking to?

- Yes officer.
- So, be away from here.

Both of us have the same path, Sir.

The Law doesn't give you this Permission.

That we take someone's life.

Our only responsibility is to.

Hand over the convict to The law.

To punish him or.

Take away his life...

- ...Is the work of the court.
- Don't teach me Man Singh.

- I understand the law very nicely.
- Not more than me Sir.

Before becoming a Police...

...I was an advocate.

You go to the hell.

And your advocacy.

If you even take a step forward.

Then I will hesitatingly shoot you in the.

Name of Law.

Take him.

Sub-Inspector Man Singh has challenged our

- Okay. Zaalim Singh.
- Yes Sir.

Kill Man Singh today.

Sir, I will finish him today.

Today itself.

Welcome my friend.

Thank God!

I find a companion over here too.

Since very long

I was so alone here.

There was no way to talk about.

My name.

To be Marshal.

What is your name?

Myself Captain Madhav Sing.

O' a ship captain?


It seems you belongs from a reputed family.

Which crime brought you here?

- Nothing!
- Nothing?


But how did you come here friend?

Here like us.

Dangerous people used to come.

You must have done a crime My dear friend.

My crime is only.

That I have never done any crime.

I am being targetted by my enemy.

Till I get out of here and take
Revenge against each one of them.

The fire of my heart will not cool.

- Cheers.

There has been a problem
And the drink is in thunder.

Oh my lips I obey you.

Do meet me at your leisure O' my darling.

- You do have some work, and even I.
- Dear Sir.

Leave behind this useless poetry.

Tell me what happened of the marriage
Of Lakshmi with me.

- Why in a hurry?
- Lakshmi is sister of Ram Singh.

So the decision should also be taken
By Ram Singh.


I want my sister Lakshmi get married.

With Jay Singh and I agree.

No, it can't be done.

You promised to marry me.

You forced me to give false claims
Against Madhav Singh.


You betrayed me.

And I'll expose your every secret.

Why did you insult me?


Only those who have any respect...

...Can be insulted.

- Bastard, dog.
- Jay Singh.

What are you, characterless!


Hanging others by doing scams
By your selfishness and cheats.

Stop nonsense!

You want to ruin your sister's life
By making a deal?

Ram Singh.

You didn't even spare your blood?

Shut up.

No way brother.

I don't agree with this marriage.

It would be better.

I remain a virgin for the rest of my life.

So the thought of that useless fellow
Has not yet gone from your heart.

You want to entrust my life
With the tramp and badass.

Is he a gentleman?

- I don't like him anymore.
- I also don't like such talks.

I only know that when sister is grown up.

- Until when'll you be in brother's house?
- You want me to leave the house for this.

It's better that you strangle me.

- Why don't you cut my neck?
- Don't talk rubbish

I've seen more world than you

I also recognise good and bad.

Haven't revealed his truth to you yet?

You better know.

On one hand he used to play
The drama of love with you.

And on the other side Sarla had
A sign of her sin in her belly


Your tears can't change my mind.

Now this house will have what I want.


You must agree with this marriage.



It's a great tribute to Sher Singh on us.

Even knowing everything
Between Madhav and you.

He is ready to accept you.

Lakshmi, you must agree to this marriage.


It's now completed whole 10 years father.

And how long will we keep rotting
In this four walls.

Where is your Jesus Christ?

He is always with us.

It's late in His house.

But it's not dark.






Catch them!






Father, father, what
happened to you father.

Nothing more.

Injured a bit.

You get escape.

- Leave me here and you get going.
- No never father.

Change my number with yours.

Make it fast and run away.

We cross this also.

Put this too around your neck.

When you face difficulties in life.

Then you open this.

All the sorrows will run away.

Police, police, run fast and
Don't stay here.

Go fast.

May Jesus Christ help you.

Prisoner number 410.

It's good...

...prisoner number 89 also finished.

Let's move back.

Be victorious Syndicate.


We have seen big and big
Diamonds in the world...

...but this is also not bad.

That's why this Sevak Ram can serve
You people from two million.


Rajratan is not such a small diamond,
Sevak Ram ji.

Rather, it won't be wrong to say it as
The younger brother of Kohinoor.

And you're pricing it so low.

It is only due to friendship we have priced
It so low, otherwise.

Where does anyone ask in today's time,
Nawab Sahab?

What did you say gentleman?

May God grant heaven to my elders, they had
A same diamod but little smaller than it.

Nawab Sirajuddaula gifted him.

At that time a foreigner father asked
Tem million for that piece of diamond.

And you are bidding two million for this!

Red colored diamond is the only one
In the world, Servant Ram ji.

Just look at it, your eyes might deceived.

Hey old man!

- Your father will be old.
- Okey my father, I used to do the same.

Seeing is a far off thing,
I could tell by smelling.

That which stone has what power.

God must be praised and may grant heaven
To my ancestors.

Why do you repeatedly trouble God for the
Paradise of your ancestors?

I am getting disturbed from tis word and
The price is getting down from the top.

Please don't use those words Nawab sahab.

And give Seventh Ram ji a chance to
Test the diamnd again.

Ok I put the word in my pocket this time.

- Thank you,
- and God bless you.

Now you test it again.

Come on, will you even remember that
From which rich person you were delt!

For the sake of our friendship

I raise price more half a million.

- Means 2.5 million?
- There is no state or powers to God.

In today's inflation.

Even such a big piece of
glass can't found In 2.5 million...

...and this is Rajratan diamond.

- May God grant heaven to my ancestors.
- Again you fetch your ancestors in between

I said as much as I wanted.

And I don't want it
Go and sell it to someone else.

Like tis I need to warm the fists of
Many more people.

Today you'll take that from us,
What will we be left.

What we would have left,
They are dragging and eating it.

You old man.

- Your father is old.
- Do not go to father, hold on your tongue.

Well I won't say anything but
You also be genuine.

Am I being dishonest or stealing someone.

This is not theft but robbery.

Yes, you are right.

- I won't sell diamond to a dacoit.
- Are you telling me a dacoit?

It is now a question of my respect,
Now I will offer 5 million for it.

Yes that's it,
May God grand paradise to my ancesors.

You again bring ancestors in between.

Now 5 million is reversed to 2 million.

When the decision have mbeen made
In between the children.

Then what is the need to bring the elderly
In the middle.

"We don't give punishment to."

"A painful heart in love."

"You should have told earlier."

"That you are so oppressed."

"We don't give punishment to."

"A painful heart in love."

"You should have told earlier."

"That you are so oppressed.
We don't give punishment to."

"A painful heart in love."

"The jolly gathering was made."

"To be colourful."

"The jolly gathering was made."

"To be colourful."

"The flowers have their own place."

"The flowers have their own place."

"It decorates the injury."

"The painful heart..."

"You did it right."

"That you yourself broke the relation."

"You did it right."

"That you yourself broke the relation."

"Besides pain, what could you..."

"Besides pain, what could you."

"Have given me."

"The painful love..."

"If I would have not participated."

"If I would have not participated."

"Without you."

"If I would have not participated."

"I would have unveiled my face."

"I would have unveiled my face."

"In the gathering."



So you got leasure to come home

I am not a servant of anybody's father.

I am the master of my own.

Who are you to tell me about it.

This is a cry that
I myself do not know who I am.

There are seven hoists in the
Marriage pavilion with you.

Also I am a mother o a child.

It's now completed 10 years.

I never felt even once.

- That you are my husband.
- Nowadays you are talking a lot.

Take this letter.

It has come from the Headquarters.

Convict number 410, Madhav Singh has been
Killed in a police encounter while he was.

Trying to escape from the jail.


You must be very sad on.

Reading this.

You must be quite happy, right?

Many Firons have come and returned from
This world.


One day your sins'll come in front of you.

Shut up.

- Hey! Listen it appears he is alive.
- Okay come on. Hold him.

- John hasn't come yet.
- He must be coming.

Here he is.

What news have you brought?

Why don't you say?

Lakshmi Devi has married DSP Sher Singh.

- They have an eight year old child.
- And my parents?

Where are my parents?

They are no more.

They longed for drops of water And died.


Oh god!

What crime did I do that nothing remains
Of my family?

What mistake did I do that I was alive but
Couldn't be alive.

If you are truly there, then show me a way
In this darkness.

Tell me what should I do and
Where should I go.


'When you will be extremely troubled... '

'...Then open this, all your trouble will.'

'Be eased.'

Now I can challenge the whole world.

Madhav Singh.

Because of your efforts and dedication.

You have all that features in you.

That must be there in a natural Prince.

This is just because of you, Queen mom.

Ten year is not less for Protocol

And now sometimes, I get.


If I am the real Prince or...

Who can say that you are not my son?

If my son had been alive...

...He would be of your age.

But when he was 21 years old.

He died in a plane crash.

And my dream to return to the dominion.

Was completely broken

I will fulfill your dream Queen mom

I have again got a mom in your form.

I will also cool this fire of revenge.

That is burning in me for twenty years.

The day has come.

For the fullfillment of this feeling.

I am handing this work to you.

These documents belongs to my.


These are the certificates.

Here the king's signature is also there.

And the family's stamp also.

According to it, you.

Are my son from today.

Bless me Queen mom.

My blessings are with you.

But remember one thing.

That you can rely on only one man.

In the dominion.

And his name is.

Nawab Jagir Hussain.

- Hello King.
- Come come, Nawab Sir

I was waiting for you Be seated.

Thank you Thank you so much

I am congratulating you on your
Return in the dominion.

The Queen should be rightly Congratulated.

And she had also sent a letter for you
Take this.

Madhav Singh.

Yes Nawab Sir.

The work for which the
Queen has sent me here.

It can't be done without you.

Even I can't let go the Queen's order.

The secret'll remain in my heart
That you're Madhav Singh.

- Thank you somuch Nawab Sir.
- What for?

Now tell.

What should I do for you?

I want to throw a party for my

Where I want to see all those people.

Who stirred poison in my life 20 years ago.


Come come King.


King, he is Sher Singh
The Superintendent Police.

He is also a lawyer.

And he is the magnifico of here
The Magnificient, Nitraj singh.

And she is his thirteenth wife.

And he is the priest, Ram Dayal Ji.

- Your Highness,
- Hmm.

Miss Sarala.

- Hello young lady.
- Your Highness.

My companion, Miss Rozy.

- Hello.
- We are at your service.

Oh! I see.

- Vistaak. They are a special guest.
- Yes Sir.

Arrange their stay at the palace.

- Okay, Your Highness.
- Your Welcome.

Come, King come.

She is Mrs. ram Singh.


And King, she is Mrs. Lakshmi.

- Madhav.
- Madhav!

My name is Deep Rai Singh, Lakshmi Devi.

And I have come here for the first time.

She is my daughter, Ramola.

- Hello young lady.
- Hello, Your Highness.

Hi uncle.

Hi Prince.


Meet my nephew.

He is Bhupe.

And she is Mrs. Lakshmi Devi.

Hello. - And she is her lovely daughter,
Miss Ramola.

- Hi beautiful.
- Hi.

Can we?

- Enjoy yourself.
- Come on.

Darling, come on sweetheart

I have fallen in love with you.

It appears that we love each other since
Many days, true.

But we have met today.

- For the first time.
- So what, it is love at first sight.

Oh! No Prince.

The relation of love.

Gradually develops.

Come on baby, this is jet age
Everything happens fast.


Come near me.

Let us make this relation.

Not so fast.



"Let it be gradual."

"With me."

"Let it be gradual."

"With me."

"Both of us have a crush on each other."

"Let love as there is no other way."

"Let it be gradual With me."

"Both of us have a crush on each other."

"Let love as there is no other way."

"Let it be gradual With me."

"With me."

"What to deny?
What to scare?"

"What ever is going on,
The heart knows."

"Don't go away by making excuses."

"Now I am crazy for you."

"Whatever happened, has happened."

"What's wrong if it had happened?"

"Whatever happened, has happened."

"What's wrong if it had happened?"

"There is no way out."

"Let it be gradual."

"With me."

"Let it be gradual With me."

"Yesterday's story is now
An old one."

"Today, the youth has taken it's form."

"Good intentions, full
of love has come from."

"The heart came out
in this lovely evening."

"By staying apart."

"Nothing will be gained."

"By staying apart,
Nothing will be gained."

"There's no way out except love..."

"...let it be gradual."

"With me..."

"...let it be gradual."

"With me."

"The hopes have awakened,
The thirst has awakened."

"The flames are growing stronger."

"No one is there is the eyes of the heart."

"Some are your mistakes."

"And some are mine."

"Some are your mistakes,
And some are mine."

"There is no way out except love."

"Let it be a gradual relation."

"Let it be a gradual relation."

"Let it be a gradual relation"

"I am crazy for you."

"You are crazy for me,
Now there is no other way except love."

"Let it be a gradual relation with me."

"Let it be a gradual relation with me."

And our family diamond Rajratan
Is missing from that day.

Who has captured that Rajratan?

This secret has been hidden in the
Police files?

Due to time and circumstances, sometimes
Police also gets helpless.

Like I.

Can't revive Madhav Singh.

No way of Madhav Singh, Mr. Man

According to the Police reports, he has
Died long ago.

You are right, Sir.

But don't know why, I really believe.

That the King is not the King.

But Madhav Singh.

Now we can neither be lied nor.

Nor can we point out at the King's

So, I want your permission to.

Reopen this case.


I believe in your efficiency and honesty.

I will be happy if you get to the root and
Expose the truth that is hidden.

Thank you sir.

- Oh! What about the Big Daddy?
- The investigation is going on for it.

But Police hasn't get to any conclusion.

As far as I think.

Sevak Ram Mevalal is.

The biggest smuggler of this area.

Your Highness

Mr. Sevakram and his secretary Vijaya.

Oh! I am delighted. You are most welcome
My friend.

- Your Highness.
- Hello.


Respect highness.

Of course.

- Today I have called you for a discussion.
- At your command, your Highness.

What can be more delightful for me
Than this?

Thank you.

You have a very charming secretary.

Thank you, Your Highness.

Of my choice, Your Highness.

And she is not just a secretary but also
A business partner.

My confidante.

Very good.

So, you.

Have a secret also.

Desire and secret are like skirt and blouse
They are together in a business.

Without it, nothing can work.

You appear as an expert player.

I mean.

- Businessman.
- Yes.

But we didn't know that.

Ms. Vidya also has a contribution in your

- ...50-50, your Highness.
- Not 50-50, Your Highness...

- ...60 and 40, Your Highness.
- Wonderful.

It is happy to know of it.

That Ms. Vijaya is beautiful and.

Smart too.

- I congratulate you, Young Lady.
- Thank you king.

Whatever will be said in your behaviour's
Praise, is less.

Not only behaviour, Darling.

But also of his dominion's splendour.

- That he has revived again.
- Yes, of course, I have revived again.

But without your support we can't
Go ahead.


- What do you mean?
- There no income in the dominion.

But we can't let go the royality
Of the ancestors.

So, I have thought to start a
Business with you.

What kind of business, King?

That you do.

What do.

I do?


- Smuggling?
- Why did you get a shock, Big Daddy?


Big Daddy


I got your point.

Then why to delay.

- Let's join hands.
- It's a great honour to me. Most welcome.

But tell me why have you stopped this
Good work, recently.

Two problems are there in the path.

One, this bandit Bhuvar Singh.

He will be killed.

- And the second?
- The rest are in our hand.

Because DSP Man Singh is.

Too honest, more than what is needed.

There is nothing in this world that can't
Be purchased.

Where money doesn't work.

The biggest rocks melt at a women's Smile.


Start the suspended operation.

And leave her here.

After all, when will Ms. Vijaya's beauty

DSP Man Singh will be at my home Tomorrow.

She is all yours, Your Highness.

- Thank you Big Daddy.
- God bless you.

"Now, Shame shame."

"I will never be influenced by your words."

"Shame Shame"

"I will never be influenced by your words."

"You will play with my."

"Hair that is like silk."

"You will kiss. My cheeks."

"Play in my arms."


"I will never be influenced by your words."

"Shame shame"

"I will never be influenced by your words."

"Let the hearts unite."

"Let go of everything else."

"Let the season of physical.
Intimacy come."


"Shame shame."

"I will never be influenced by your words."

"Shame shame"

"I will never be influenced by your words."

"Leave me, you crazy."

"Else I will cry."

"You will say me a yes."

"And I will say you a yes."

"Shame shame."

Good evening King.

DSP Man Singh is at your service.

Welcome DSP.

Well done Ms. Vijaya.

- Thank you King.
- You showed mustard seeds on a palm.

If you ask the truth.

She is the one who brought me here.

Don't worry DSP sir.

If you support us.

Then I will hand over this beauty To you.

Now tell what more can I.

Do for you.

For me it's really a big thing that
Your Highness, you remembered me.

It's my duty to serve.

That will now go on Man Singh.

But it is a rule in life.

First the price.

Then the work.

Jalal Singh.

Yes, your Highness.

Give DSP Man Singh's bestowment to him.

There is five lakhs in this bag.

Your gift.

Take this.

There is no need to count DSP Sir.

There is always honesty among thieves.

Thank you very much for the compliment

Tell me the job first.

You must have heard the name of Big Daddy.

To distract the Police, this is the.

Other name of Sevak Ramji.

I am his partner.

So, I want.

That Police doesn't interfere in any
Of his Operation.

Okay, it will be as you say.

I will try to be the most advantageous.

For you.

As such that loading and unloading of
Stocks'll be.

Done under my supervision.

Do it fast Be fast, quick.

Come, quick.

There Up, up.

Keep in there, up Up.

Enough enough.

Where is the son of Thakur Dharam Singh?

DSP Man Singh.


Why are you challenging your father?

Do as I say.

Keep your weapons aside and Surrender

I spit on you.





Sir Sir, there is an issue.

Our whole goods are ceased.

DSP Rahul Singh also came under his circle.

What are you saying, Big Daddy?

Just now our ship's wireless informed that
Ubar Singh was caught.

And in the presence of Maan Singh all
our wealth has been loaded in our ship.


- General Singh.
- Yes Sir.

Take Big Daddy with yourself and
make the full payment.

Thank ou so much your highness,
tha's full treat.

- This is all sweat's earning.
- After you, sir.

Meet Noorani Singh.


King, these are my precious gems.

But they are more determined in their
thoughts like a king.

King he is.

Mr Damani.

Super King of Calcutta, whenever his voice
is heard the rate of silver increases.

And meet him.

Puran Lal Singh, he's a native of Kutch.

- But he's like a crocodile.
- Splendid, gentleman.

Come here majesty.

He is Shri Maganrez.

His locality is Delhi, U.P.

But being in the hands of main
marketing areas.

He's a very famous personality.

- My compliment Sir Rangrez.
- Thank you.

Your highness, meet them.


- They are full of compliments.
- I too.

They are Choudhary brothers, Mr Hans
and Mr Kans.

And we from syndicate, call them
lovingly as smugglers.

And your highness, he is Mr Kutty.

- Greetings to you sir.
- Let me meet also.

He is very smart.

- Sir he is a naughty guy.
- Mr Kutty.

- Swami...
- Kutty Swami.

Kuti or Kutty.

Go away, your majesty please meet me.

My name is Habeeb, my teacher is Kurdeep.

From every location.

In every police station
my picture is there.

Your members of syndicate are all

Jai ho, syndicate. But your highness.

From when you have been a part of this.

Our motivation has increased.

That's why I called all of them.

Told them about you.

That because of you, here's police
has become our friend.

And Dacoit Gubbar Singh's threat
has increased.

But I want to tell my friends one thing.

That I'm not interested in small business.


If you have to take
profit from my presence.

We can get lot of money at one game.

Truly Your highness.

You understand?

We had thought about this.

That King will do our payment.

- To be cleared, king.
- You all will be under Big Daddy.

You all will bring your wealth from
international waters.

Will bring to our ship.

And take away your part of money.

- Big Dadddy.
- Ok Your highness.

You send me the money, I'll do
their tuning accordingly.

- Is that clear to everyone?
- Yes your majesty.

So let's celebrate the big deal.



You have earned so much

I feel proud.

No big daddy.

- Till the wealth reaches our ship.
- If it has not reached, it will reach.

Everything is yours till then.

Come on.

Our wealth has been caught.

Our wealth has been caught and DSP
Maan Singh has played game with us.

He played with us.

Everyone is caught.


Common Big Daddy.

Tell the King.

Wealth has reached his ship.

And take away all his money.

Everthing is fair in this business.

You are right...

...Hail Syndicate.

Everthing has reached your ship,
your highness, now it's your turn.

Not now Big Daddy.

Till DSP Maan Singh doesn't confirm this.

This money is main.

- What do you thing we're lying?
- You know this better.


Don't forget that you're in our house.

And I would like to see.

Who will stop me from taking this money.




Miss Vijya is our agent, Sevagram.

And you had that relation.

Which a snake has with his master.

Tell me the real news?

Before reaching the ship.

Ports has been caught up.

But the loss.

Has been occured to you.

And no one else's.

I have been trapped.

This is what I wanted.

But what have I done to you.

You are destroying a poor man.

Poor man.

Look at me.

Look at me Sevakram.

Can't you see Madhav Singh's face
in my face?


You had given false accusation
against him in court.


- Recognise me?
- Madhav.

Madhav, you were dead

- I'm his ghost.



Oh god!


Leave me alone.

- Ramdayal.
- Leave me brother.


Mehboob brother.

Leave me alone.

Mehboob brother.


Oh god!



Forgive me.

Forgive me.


Number two.

May God grant him heaven.

And the person giving debt, Ramchand.

Sevakgram's death has not been forgotten.

That one of our friends died again.

Bhupat got cought.

But Sevakram and the debtor's death.

Is it connecting to each other?

Whose help.

By taking all his weath.

Handed him over to king.

Choudhary Sher Singh should have more
knowledge about this.

Nawab, Sher singh is a police officer.

I'm suprised that a police offier like me,
commands are not not taken.

My lord, you also don't know that.

That for knowing who gave poison to
his father, king.

Has given so much to Maan Singh.

- What are you saying?
- I'm telling the truth.

And the remaining secret will also
be revealed to you.

- What?
- Yes.

It's been a long time since I met him,

Where is he nowadays?

May God grant him heaven, he is here today.

But she will sent to Bombay to cure
her disease by the king.

By night's train.



Your highness, I have a bad news for you.


In bombay Train, Rajni Brother has
been murdered.


He was pushed from moving train.


- General Singh/
- Yes Sir.

What all appointments do I have for today?

According to command, Nathu Singh.

- Very good.
- Lakshmi is also coming to meet you.

- Lakshmi.
- Yes sir.

My daughter and Raghulal, both love
each other dearly.

Raghulal is also mad for her.

She is my only daughter.

And I want her to be happy.

Can I ask the biggest happiness of her life
from you?

Do you believe that completely that
your daughter and that boy.

- Will stay happy?
- Why not?

- I'm grateful to you.
- You're welcome.

Nathu Singh.

Your highness


I welcome you will all my heart.

Nathu Singh's fortune will shine now,
as you have come here.

Tell me what I have to do.


- Yes your highness.
- Do you have the picture?

So much can be made from Bhutto Bhavindar
kaur, bhupathi rao, bhupath singh.

Tell me is it a male or female? I can tell
the rest by seeing the picture

I can say.

This is my prince, Bhutto's picture.


He is the famous pocketpicker, Revello
from Mumbai.

- Pocketpicker?
- Yes he pickpockets.

- What are you saying?
- I'm telling the truth

I have met him many times in jail.

- Are yo sure?
- You tell me

I believe that.

If there is mistake in piture, then I
don't know

I'll tell you with accuracy if I see
him face to face, You an cut my head then.


Prince Bhupi will be billard room.

Good shot.


Balveer? Get out!

Bye bye.

My love.

After getting you

I have got the entire world.


And me?

After I come in your embrace

I forget everything.

I feel like.

That in entire world.

That you and me are there.

- Truth.
- Yes.

And you.


Not so soon.

Our happiness each moment.

Can destroy my life.


'I have done bad things in my life.'

'And today I'm going destroy a nice
girl's life.'


Go away.

Are you upset with me?

Leave me in my state.

Go away.


Please go.


Hey you prince pickpocket.

I'm your old friend.

You have not given my part of
share in your quest.

Shut up you bastard.


When one's death comes, he gets stucked
up in all ways.

Even if I wish

I was thirsty of someone's blood.

- Understood?
- Stop.


He doesn't have connection with our

But with our emotions.

You command.

I will serve you.

Let it be your emotion.

Or your business.

You should try once

I'll try my best.

Not only trying, Maan Singh.

This is about respect.

King, are you hinting at.

- Prince Bhupi?
- Yes you understod it correctly.

In this entire world.

You can understand the delicacy of this

Because you have seen the past.

And today's situation as well.

In the past, Madhav Singh named man...

...was a victim.

And in today's.

Prince Bhupi is accused of killing.


Why are you so interested
in Madhav Singh? I like it.

Is Madhav Singh dead or alive?

It doesn't bother you.

I am not borthered.

I want to know what is the reason
behind these motives.

It will be easier to understand.

I will tell you that.

In Madhav Singh case.

Madhav loved Lakshmi.

But his brother Devanand Singh and his
other friends.

Who wanted to remove him from their path.

Because he knew about their weakness.

Making him the target.

He was sentenced for lifetime because of
their false accusations.

Nathu Singh was also involved.

In Bhupi's case, that Nathu Singh was

And in it the same people are supporting.

Who had trapped Madhav Singh.

And by coincidence Prince is loving
the daughter of one of them.

Both the case have the same motive.

This is our signed cheque.

You can put any amount you want.

But you have to resign from your job.

And you have to give statement in Bhupi's

Your majesty.

I have no interest in money.

My rules are more important to me.

How did you think.

I will break my rules.

I will give statement in such a case.

In which Nathu Singh is really killed.

How can you say Prince has killed
Nathu Singh?

Do you have any witness?


Reason for crime.

He can change his face like he did in
Madhav Singh case.

An innocent was given trial.

Your majesty, are you completely aware
that Madhav Singh was innocent?

He was innocent, DSP.

He has been given trial
for the crime he did not do.

Yes he didn't.

He even did not know the people whose
killing accusations were on him.

- Can you say that with accuracy?
- 100% accuracy.

But how King?


You are saying as if you knew Madhav
Singh closely.

But the truth is that, King.

When this Madhav Sing case happened.

You were not there

I was here only, DSP.


Because I'm not a king.

But Madhav Singh.

Thank you Madhav Singh.

Thank you very much.

I will give resignation now.

I will give statement.


Not for Bhupi.

But for Madhav Singh.

He did not get proved innocent.

According to this case.

Accused Prince Bhupi.

Urf John Revellon.

He shot Nathu Singh.

He killed him.

To prove this, billard attender

I want to ask some questions to
Balveer Singh Jaswir.

Why are two standing instead of one?

We are twins

Jay Jay Shankar, Jay Kishan.

Lakshmikant Pyaarelal.

Kalyan Anandi.

Balveer and Jasmeer.


Mr Balveer Singh, Jasveer Singh.

The day Nathu Singh was killed.

Who was on duty?

I was there.

So you say did Prince shoot Nathu
in front of you?

He had killed Chaurasia.


Why are saying us to say that forcefully?

I was not there.

I was not there, sir.

No cross-examination, my lord.


Ms Ramulasher.

Come Ramulasher.

You have told him nicely?

My lord.

In this world, what is gold and what
is rust.

To know about the person.

- Should have maturity.
- Yes.

In the adolescent stage, the eyes of

Was attracted by the fake prince.

- Yes.
- And.

She was walking in a path where she could
not see anything.

- Yes absolutely.
- But the truth my lord is.

She did not have any love for the prince.

- Neither was there, nor will it occur.
- Ohh stop it Kashi mama.

How would you know what is love?

I love you prince.




That's emough, your honour.

I don't want to ask any questions to
Ms Ramula.

- Next witness.
- Amrit Singh, son of Hazura Singh.

Amrit Singh, son of Hazura Singh come.

Amrit Singh, son of Hazura Singh come.


Suman, son of Prakash Agarwal.

Suman, son of Prakash Agarwal come.

Suman, son of Prakash Agarwal come.

My lord

I think King has bought my witnesses
by giving them money.

In this situation the court's proceedings
cannot proceed.

In view of governmnet lawyer if the
witnesses are important.

Then summon them at first.

It will not affect anything.

Because I believe that.

Behind this court proceedings, the
wealth of king.

Is trying to deviate it.

The obstruction in the path of of justice.

Is a crime.

I am forced to say that.

That King is a bad man.

Selfish and tricky man.

Thank you very much for the compliment
my friend.

Some selfishness and trickiness.

Is a such thing.

Whose profit has been taken by you people.

SP SherSingh.

And Choudhary Nikplat Singh's past is
taken out.

Then one thing is known.

These people.

Have taken the misuse of power.

Have corrected their back.

Parsuram Singh.

In this justice court.

The keepers of law and order.

Did you always...

...have not given support to these
selfish people?

This treachory.

- Selfishness is evil.
- Objection my lord.

Oppostion Lawyer has bought false

Has no connection with this case.

My lord.

It has connection with this present case.

Because earlier.

Such proceedings has already happened.

Let there be accused or not.

They play games with justice.


Before 20 years.

In Madhav Singh's.

You have no right to say such
things in court.

My lord, I appeal to court.

That the oppposition lawyer is stopped
from crossing it's limits.

Because all his exams are fake.

Lie and hollow.

Mr Maan Singh.

The court supports the government lawyer
and wants you know.

If your acusations are false and
without any witness.

- Then hard step will be taken against you.
- Sure.

I am well aware of the court rules.

I can say that.

Whatever I have said.

Is truth.

Before 20 years.

Like this a murder case.

These two...

...had accused an innocent.

In which inspector SherSingh.

And Mr Ram singh.

Who at that time.

Was a government lawyer.

He with Mr Choudhary.

Had acused a young innocent man.

Was sentenced for lifetime.

My lord.

That court proceeding.

Would be fresh in your mind.

Because the judge.

Was your first court proceeding.


- Yes, yes.
- But the evilness of that.

Till now it calls again and again.

Was Ship capt. Madhav Singh innocent?

Was innocent. These people were
the accused.

Whose evil eyes had.

- Trapped him.
- I strongly object my lord.

Is this a justice court or a market?

That such a bad thing.

Why is one not given its due respect?

Opposition lawyer if he takes
the responsibilty.

That with the help of Madhav Singh case.

We can reach the final for this case.

- Then the defence can proceed.
- Thank you.

Young Ship captain Madhav singh.

Dewanram Singh's younger sister, Lakshmi.

- Loved her.
- This is wrong.

Lakshmi never loved Madhav Singh.

Lakshmi Devi.

Is present in this court.

I request the court.

That we call her in trial box.

And we should know the truth.

Objection my lord

I request.

That a married women's dignity should not
be destroyed.

To know the truth, the court allows it.

Mrs Lakshmi Devi.

Please ome in trial box.

Lakshmi Devi...

...before 20 years.

Were you engaged with Madhav Singh?

You were going to marry each other.


That means.

You loved Madhav Singh.

Look at me, Lakshmi Devi.

Tell me the answer in yes or no.

Did you love Madhav Singh.

Your silence.

Is the witness of.

Your love for Madhav singh.

But your love was not approved
by your brother. Ram Singh.

Because he wanted you to marry Sher Singh.

Strengthen his friendship.

Behind their friendship was their lavish

Young against Madhav Singh.

Made such a case...

...that in which not only in one...

...but there were two muder accusations.

- Objection my lord.
- Objection overruled.

This was your love's sacrifice
which Madhav singh had to give.

And you.

Mrs Lakshmi Sher singh.

You threw away love for Madhav Singh.

Like changing a dirty cloth... be the wife of accused policeman.

You have ditched him.

And you also.

Gave statement along with them.

So that the thorn of your path goes away.

Stop it, lawyer.

I loved Madhav Singh.

But I have not said any lies.

My lord

I cannot understand Mr Maan Singh.

Is making the court a drama stage.


Take this gun, wheneve the king's car tuns

I will signal you with my lighter.

Your target is not missable and I
don't want the king to be alive.





Well done.

It's already evening.

Who is he.

Forgive me

I trusted you.

Whatever you did with my friend.

Was good one.

Give me money.

Take out money quietly.

Bring one more.




- Good evening sir.
- Good evening.

You here at this time and at this place.


I came to know that accused Sadhuram
has fled from lockup.

- Ohh.
- I followed him.

I heard some gun noises...

...and saw a burning car beside that tunnel.

This accused was also hiding there.

Before he could fire me.

I shooted him.

Self defence is your responsibilty.

You were spared.

- Good decision.
- Thank you.

Inspetor Mohan.

Sent the body for post mortem.

And tell me about the details about the
burnt car in the morning.

Right sir.

- Sir.
- Yes.

This acused.

Has so much money.

What do you think I
have given him the money?


I cannot doubt you.

See you.

- Good night sir.
- Good night.

Look at Sher singh's drama.

Thank you very much Mr Bhagwan Singh.

You saved me.

I did it for humanity.

I should thank you.

Who has done everything with.


But that driver?

Don't worry about him.

He is our expert driver.

Before the fire, he would have
jumped from the car.

Look there.

There has been not such a big doubt on
the police before neither will it happen.

I am upset that.

That it will remain in police record.

Will remain like a bad spot.

You should die, Sher singh.

Do you have anything to say for your

This is a false accusation.

I have never taken any misuse of my power.

Shut up!

You have tried to elope a criminal
from the jail to kill the King.

You would have been successful in your

If Sarala would have reached first.

Because you are badly involved in
this court case.

Till the inal verdict is not given for
this case.

You are suspended...

...and till the enquiry committee.

Till it finds everything out.

You have to remain confined in your house.

Come SP.

Why do you look so upset?

Nothing Lakshmi.

Lakshmi has known you for many years.

If she doesn't know this
much about her husband...

I said nothing.

Go to your room and don't disurb me

I understood everything.

How big reward your department has given?

People have become DIG fro SP.

- They are given medals of respect but you.
- Don't disturb me.

Don't interfere in my things.

When did I interfere?

We have never become one also by living
under the same roof.

But whenever tries to reduce the
dignity of my husband.

- Will also affect wife's dignity.
- Shut up.

Go away.

You are making fun of me.

I have not given you pains.

But I have sold my dignity and innocence
for you.

Look at your heart.

Which house is there which you
have not destroyed?

You have destroyed many lives.

And even Madhav Singh.

Was trapped.

Destroyed his entire family.

Madhav Singh has got his punishment.

Till now you support him.

- I know the reason.
- I'm not supporting him.

His name got in your crime list.

- Because he was innocent.
- Stop this nonsense.

Why can't you say that his love is
still there in your heart?

Because he was your lover.

- Shut up.
- You shut up.

What happened mumma?


- How did you raise your hand?
- Shut up.

Who the hell are you.

I'm ashamed to call you father.

Then get out. Who is stopping you?

Take away your mother as well.

- Go away both of you.
- Dont shout.

I have suffered many things.

I will not stoop any more.

I know how to deal with you.


Such an innocent guy should not
raise his hand on his wife.

And it doesn't look good on you either to
come in anyone's house.

This is our personal matter.

- Who the hell are you to interfere?
- I will not interfere.

But I have come here to help your husband

I don't require anyone's help.

My husband is a man.

He can handle every situation.

Why don't you understand?

I can be saved from the jail.

Why should we not serve him?

The life from anyone's favour.

- Is to die peacefully.
- You should know the consequence.

Your life can also be destroyed.

Dont worry about my life.

I was never alive that I would be afraid of

Go away.

Dont come in her talks

I beg you please save me. I request you

I will never forget that.

SP do you know who is this person?


Madhav Singh.


Madhav Singh.


Why are you standing here?

Go away.

Why have you come here to see our bad

GO away.




Number four.

I say this with much regret.

Disrespect and degradation has led SP
Sher singh to suicide.

Mr Maan Singh.

You may proceed with Choudhary.


Can you tell the court about operation
Madhav Singh.

I don't know.

I know everything.

My lordship.

Operation Madhav Singh trap was.

In which Madhav Singh was forcefully

Sarala named girl was trapped...

...and inform Madhav Singh that.

Choudhary Mutwar Singh forcefully.

Has taken his fiancee Lakshmi forcefully.

When Madhav Singh heard this news.

He was hurt.

And to save fiancee's respect.

He went in that direction.

Objection my lord.

Why are you wasting court's time by
telling such stories?

I request the court to continue Nathu
Singh murder case.

Objection overruled.

Thank you, my lord.

Government lawyer should know...

...that according to the
undertaken of Opposition lawyer.

This case is a part of Nathu Singh murder

So that we reach the final verdict.

Mr Maan Singh.

Can you get the witness.

Ms Sarala.


Ms Sarala is summoned.

If Sarala comes in court.

Then no one will be able to save you.

So we have to finish Sarala.



Where is Sarala?

Hey you idiot.

You have killed ayah Rosie in place
of Sarala.

Now this is death for you.




Don't worry.

I'm Inspector Mohan.

Your life is in danger.

If you have anyone.

Or near to you have telephonebooth.

Then from there.

Call at 111.

And tell us.

Where you are.



Ohh I see.

You are right sir, thank you very much.

King you go to the right.

- Okay.
- There is a telephone booth there.

I will call.

- Okay.
- Right.

I will kill him with Sarala.


Common get up Choudhary.

You legends don't look good at our feet.

Forgive me.

Look at me Mitraj.

And remember Operation Madhav Singh.

Madhav Singh!



Number Five.

Ms Sarala is here.

Who was attaked to kill her.

Even after this.

She is at the court.

And Choudhary Mitraj Singh.

Is wounded.

In police hospital.

His full report.

Is given in court.

- You can proceed Mmaan Singh.
- My lord.

This proceeding which has changed so
many times.

Has come in such a position.


The last curtain is to be raised.

When the curtain is raised.

Then from behind it.

This proceedings most dangerous accused.

Will be known.

And he is.

- Dewa Ram Singh.
- Objection my lord.

Opposition lawyer has taken misuse of

Wants to do everything.

He is forgetting government lawyer.

Is a government officer.

You have destroyed the same justice.

Because there was money in your locker and
in your head.

There was proud for power.

This is absolutely wrong.

You don't have right to put such a false

You should have proof for that.

I have much proof.

Your honour.

In this case

I want to call Nawab Jagir Hussain.

As a witness.

- In this court.
- I allow.


You remember.

In the era of Narsingh.

When late Sher Singh was there.

Then Mr Ram Singh.

Was a government lawyer.

And In King's dewan.


He is a government lawyer...

...and Officer dewan.

Then you must be remembering that.

In King's.

He had full freedom to do money

Even more than King.

He had more hand in the wealth.

His hand was not in wealth but wealth in
his hand.

And what was there.

He being the dewn, he made false papers.

My lord.

It is correct that all the king papers were
made by me.

But was signed.

By king.


There is no doubt.

That the king had faith on his dewan.

For which he signed even before the papers
were made.


His interest and disinterest.

His legal and illegal things were also
approved by you.

In which everyone was involved.

All this.

Tell me in detail.

May god grant my ancestors heaven.

The kings have very good life.

Take birth by giving precious gems.

And in this world.

Liquor and girls were their main interest.

You mean to say.

That Ram singh also did such work.

There is no surprise even if his doing
such works.

He has take the commands of King.

Objection my lord.

Ask defence lawyer to behave nicely.

Who doesn't know that the Kings of
those days.

Had bad character.

Then you.

How can you give your character

You were.

Also there in that environment throughout.

Your honour.

Those people were not of poor character.

People like lawyer.

Due to their desires.

Had destroyed them.

Mr Maan Singh.

You are trying the ruin the image
of Dewan Ram Singh?

You have to answer this.

The answer for this.

His actions are enough.

In the king's desires.

Mr Ram Singh's life.

Was filled with lavish.

When the person becomes lavish.

He becomes desirous.



It doesn't take much time.

Who doesn't know.

That in King's palace dancer Rajni Bai.

Was abused... Dewan Ram Singh.

Don't try to make a
mountain out of nothing.

Mr Raam Singh.

Don't interfere much.

Proceed Mr Maan Singh.


You tell me.

Dewan Ram Singh with Dancer Rajni Bai.

What all he gained from her?

May God grant my ancestors, Deewan Ram

Is moody person.

And being a Deewan.

He always played double game.

And being an intelligent lawyer, that was
his part.

He trapped innocent girl named Rajni.

And he bought her in front of king.

Objection my lord.

These are false accusations.

And they are being said by Nawab Jagir

Because he has been sold.

Nawab Jagir Hussain cannot be bought
Deewan Ram Singh.

Neither anyone is born who can buy him.

Can you deny from the fact taht you
and Sher Singh.

Forced Rajni Bai to
give poison to the King.

Can you deny from this?

Can you deny that the moment King died
you and Sher Singh took away everything.

You can say that very easily Nawab.

Do you witness that I
have taken royal wealth?


To prove the truth.

Only one witness is required.

Who was present there.

Bring her to the court.

So that everything becomes clear.

Deewan Ram Singh.

Why are you proud of yourself?

Because you think the main witness Rajni
Bai is dead.

But don't forget this.

For truth to come out, her soul can come.


- Request the court and call Rajni Bai.
- My lordship.

I request.

That Rajni Bai is allowed

I allow.

Rajni Bai please come.

My lord.

There are making fun of court.

They are bringing fake Rajni Bai.

By bringing her in the court.

Your honour.

I can say that with belief.

That in trial box.

This lady.

Is not Rajni Bai.

Because according to police reports.

Rajni Bai is dead.

Rajni Bai is alive Dewwan Ram singh.

And she is standing in front of you.

If you're brave enough.

Then tell me.

That Rajni Bai is not alive.


Mr Maan Singh.

According to police report.

If Rajni bai is dead.

Then how is she alive?

This is also a mystery.

Rajni named another woman.

Was a victim of this incident.

Nawab Jagir Hussain.

He uncovered this woman's mask.

By making her wear.

Everyone believed the
death of this Rajni Bai.


Dewan Ram Singh, Sher Singh.

And Mitraj Singh was also involved.

And all this.

In the supervision of IG Police.


Now in camel's back.

Only one thing is left.

Look at King.

Try to save yourself

Singh has murdered Madhav Singh.

Not the King.

He is Madhav Singh.

Ship capt. Madhav Singh.



Number six.


Madhav Singh.

Come here Madhav.

Come here Madhav Singh.

Lakshmi Devi you?

And in this time.

Yes me.

I have come here to take the last
decision of my love.

- Which misunderstanding?
- Dont try to act smart.

You have put me in many problems after
your heart's poison.

And I have suffered.

But today is my turn.

I will not return from here.

- Or else you'll go in the next world.
- But what have I done.

What have you left for me?

You have killed me for your revenge.

Took away my brother

I was sad.

My husband was forced to suicide.

I suffered that.

You have made me suffer every time.

I din't say anything.

But what did my daughter do?

That you have destroyed her life.

I have nothing with tha girl.

I have no such intentions.

Why did you do the drama of prince?

So that.

So that he take her far from me.

You have seen only one side of the picture.

And this has one way only.

Either you will remain alive or me

I'll not shoot you.

Take this gun

I'll not fire you.

But you have taken revenge from women.

Take this gun and make me the target.

One has to die today.

And the one who is alive.

His revenge is done.

I say you to pick up the gun.

Don't shout Lakshmi.

I am more louder than you.

If you have Rajputi blood.

Pick up the gun.

Pick up.

If you want this, I accept your challenge.

In the count of three, we will fire.






You have not done anything.

I am happy that you fired.

My red blood.

Has bought you near me.

I loved you.

And hated you.

But the victory.

Is yours.

No Madhav.

Madhav free me in the court.

And my entire property.

Has put in the name of Ramula.


I want to give something to you as well.

Which will support you for life.