Eegah (1962) - full transcript

While driving through the desert, a teenage girl is frightened by a seven-foot giant which appears in her path. After escaping, she returns to the site with her boyfriend and her father in an attempt to find the giant. They do, and it proceeds to terrorize them and the rest of Palm Springs, California.

[music playing]


Hi, Roxy!

What are you doing in town?

Thought I was supposed to
meet you up at the club?

Well, you still are.

I just bought myself a
new swimming suit tonight.

TOM: Oh?





Well, I get off
work in 10 minutes.

Follow me out then.

Follow you?

Listen, I can change clothes
and beat you out there.


That's my girl.

Her father's Robert I. Miller.

Writes all those
adventure books.

You oughta see her swim.


Gee, I sure am sorry, sir.

I guess I was thinking about
having dinner with my girl.

She lives up at the club.

[non-english speech]




Roxy, it's me, Tom.

Oh, Tommy!

What's a matter?

What happened?

Is he gone?


Is he!

I don't see anybody.

Just take it easy and
tell me what happened.

ROXY: I saw a giant.


Well, I did.

Honest, I saw a giant.

No, it was right in
the middle of the road.

Not a half an hour from here.

He doesn't believe me.

You didn't really expect
anyone to, did you, Miss Miller?

Why not?

It's the truth.

Honey, a prehistoric monster
is a rather large order

to swallow.

Dad, I didn't say
he was a monster.

He was a giant.

You know, a caveman.

Club and all, eh?


What my daughter saw she saw.

Now let's just
let it go at that.


But if you see your
giant again, let me know

in time to take some pictures?

MR. MILLER: She will.

Dad, you don't
believe me either.

Roxy, of course I do.

I believe you saw something.

Well, I saw a giant.

A prehistoric giant.

How about it, Tom?

What'd you see?

Like I told you, Mr. Miller, I
wasn't there until afterwards.

Tommy Nelson, I
know what I saw.

Sure, Roxy, but I mean, giant?

There were giants.

The bible says so.

MR. MILLER: Yes, it does.

In the book of Genesis.

Something about in those
days, giants walked the Earth.

Well then?

Maybe we can get
some flashlights

and go out and take
a look for ourselves.


No, this thing can
wait until morning.

Now you kids go and take your
swim before the pool closes.

ROXY: In the morning, now.

It's a promise.

Dad still doesn't believe me.

Sure he does.

And neither do you.

I swear on my Elvis Presley LP.

How big did you say he was?

Oh, he was bigger than
anybody you ever saw.

I bet you were scared, huh?

A little, but I had
the funniest feeling

he wouldn't hurt me.


In fact, I thought
it was kind of cute.


MR. MILLER: [inaudible]
imagined the whole thing?


Well, let's be
realistic about this.

You said yourself
that you think.

Isn't it possible that you
dreamed this whole idea?

No, Dad, I didn't.

There was a giant.

Now I don't want
to call this story

of yours a lot of foolishness,
and I haven't so far, have I?


But if there were a
giant, if anyone at all--

TOM: Mr. Miller, come here!

What you find?

TOM: I don't know.

It sure looks like
a footprint, though.

Let me see.

Dad, look.

There's the heel,
and there's the toes.

Look at the size of that.

It must've been made by a--

Say it.

A giant.

What did I tell you?

And that's for finding it.

I'll find the big boy
himself [inaudible]

if you feel like that.

He left the road right here.

Watch out for snakes.


You better go back to the car.

No, he's my giant.

Holy God, he was standing
right here watching us.

And then he turned
and took off, or--

Shadow Mountain.

You suppose that's
where he lives?

It's possible.

That would account for his
never having been seen before.

It's too bad we
didn't bring the dune

buggy and go after him.

What for?

I can get some pictures.

Maybe even to bring him back.

A lot of people aren't going
to believe this giant jazz.

No, we're not saying anything
about this, you understand?

Why not?

As for the way
everyone laughed at me.

Your turn will come.

I'm going up on Shadow
Mountain with a camera.

Are you going to write a book
about the giant, Mr. Miller?

That's the idea, Tommy.

I'll take you up there.

My dune buggy's all ready to go.

-No thanks.
-It is!

I just gave it the works.

There's no offense,
son, but I'd

like to take this trip in
something a little bit safer.

I'll see you in about
two days at the most.

Well, please take
care of yourself.

Now my credit cards
are in the desk drawer.

You make sure you
leave them there.

This thing's supposed to
be safer than my dune buggy?

MR. MILLER: All right, Kruger.

Let's go.

Now don't you forget.

I want you to meet me at the
mouth of Deep Canyon tomorrow

at 4:00.

[music playing]



Wait, wait.

No, no.

No, no!



[music playing]

love you, Vicky.

You know I do.

My whole life has changed,
for the first day we

met was my last day with you.

Vicky, oh, Vicky!

What have I done?

Why can't we make up?

We can have so much fun.

If you don't want to
love me, I was a fool!

Oh, Vicky.

You are my love.

Vicky, oh, Vicky!

I'm so alone.

If you could just talk
to me--

If I could just call you on the

would you give one more
chance to a fool?

Oh, Vicky, you are my love.

You are my love.




Dad will understand.

It's just one of those things.

Just a minute, please.

Do you know where
Deep Canyon is?


Are you sure?

Sure I'm sure.
I've been there lots of times.


Don't worry, Mr. Kruger.

I'll take care of it.


Thanks for calling.


What's up?

That was Kruger
from the airport.

The helicopter blew a
gasket or something.

He won't be able to pick Dad up.

At Deep Canyon?


No problem.

We'll get the dune buggy and
we'll whiz right out there.

This is whizzing?

Wait till we get
off the highway.

Hang on to your [inaudible]

But there's no road here.

That's what the
buggy was made for.

[music playing]

We sure bounce.

My tires are filled with water.

To keep you cool?

No, for weight.

It gives me traction
in the sand.

Watch this.



Come on, Dad's waiting.



[music playing]

There you are.

Deep Canyon.

I don't see Dad anyplace.

Maybe we're early.

ROXY: It's past 4:30.

Hey, take it easy
on that water.

Well, I don't want it to dry
out before Dad gets here.

And don't you eat anymore!


It's 9:00.

What do you supposed happened?

Oh, nothing happened.

He's not coming on
a bus, you know?

You can't expect him
to be right on the dot.

I know, but he should
have made it before dark.

Don't worry about it.

He'll see the campfire and come
walking in on us any minute


That's what you
said two hours ago.

Well, he will.

Well if you
believe that, what's

the idea of the bedrolls?

TOM: Look, I carry all this
junk in the buggy anyways,

so you might as well
get some use out of it.

I'm not sleeping.

Lie down, take a
rest for a while.

I'll keep the fire going.

[gun cocks]

Hey, what are you
doing with that?

I always carry a
gun in the desert.

There's coyotes around the camp.

Put it away.

We're not playing cowboy.

You know, there's mountain
lions around here too.

But they won't come near
a fire, I know that much.

And I'm not going to have
you take a shot at something

that turns out to be Dad.


I'll put it away on one
condition-- that you crawl in

and get some rest.


[music playing]

[SINGING] If I had a thousand
paintings in a marble gallery.

Every single picture
would be of Valerie.

The vitamins are
good, they say, and so

the calories, but I feel like a
tiger on one kiss from Valerie.

I couldn't stand
tomorrow and they

can have today if someone took
my Valerie a half a mile away.

If I had a billion dollars
and a banker's salary,

I'd spend it all on
flowers to give to Valerie.


Now who's Valerie?

Well, now wouldn't
you like to know?



TOM: Yeah?

Do you suppose Dad found the
giant, or the giant found him?

TOM: No.

The giant found him
way up in the mountain.

Your dad wasn't going that far.

I guess not.

[music playing]

Oh, it's my transistor.

Something's wrong with it.

No kidding.


Sometimes a bump
starts it off and you

got to hit it again to stop it.

[loud gulping]

[music playing]

Oh, I must have bumped it again.

You must have!

Hey, have you been at this?

Those things were Dad's.


The food.

I didn't touch it.

Well, I sure didn't.

And look at--

[music playing]

What'd you do that for?

Listen, if he comes
back for that club,

we don't want to be
anywhere around here.


ROXY: Tom, look!

TOM: What?

It's Dad's camera.

Are you sure it is?

Well, I borrowed it enough.


Well, he couldn't
have dropped it.

Well, then why
didn't he pick it up?

Well, it's broken.

It's no good to him.

Oh, well, it's also insured.

Let's not kid ourselves.

Let's not jump to
conclusions either.

Come on, let's try
that next ravine.

One way or the other.

What do you say?

I don't know.

I'll climb up
there aways and see

if the buggy can get through.

No, you'd better stay here.


There's no reason
for both of us going.

We got to come back
to the buggy anyway.

Well, then we'll come back.

I'm not going to sit
here doing nothing.

Oh, women.

Look, you stay here
with the buggy--


And drive it to meet me
when I give you the signal.

That'll save us both a trip.

Come on.

Oh, OK.

Ah, the gun.

Toss it.

[gun cocks]

Give me a blast on that
horn if you see anything.

Don't worry about that.

[music playing]

[wind howling]






Roxy, where are ya?







Oh, Dad!


Oh, are you hurt?

I think my collarbone's broken.

Here, let me help you.

How did you get here?

Well, we came looking for
you, and we're both so worried

that we didn't know what to do.

No, no.


No, no.

No, no, no.

She's mine.

She mine.

He understands you.

Oh, we got a beautiful
friendship going.

Take it easy.

Ah, Dad!

Don't do anything to scare him.

Me scare him?



He likes your perfume.

Smell all you want.

Go ahead.

What became of the others?

What others?

Keep smiling.

You didn't come out
here alone, did you?


Tom's with me.

I mean, he's out
there some-- place.

Hold still.

He's just curious.

Hold still.

It's real.


He's looking.

What's he doing?

Looking for lice, I believe.

Be careful, honey.

Take it easy.

He won't hurt you.

He hurt you!


I did that myself when
I fell on the camera.

Dad, I think you better
break this up before I scream.

Tell him you're hungry.

I'm not.

Well, think of the alternative.

I'm hungry.




What are those?

Those are his relatives.

They're dead.


Apparently for some time.

Come on, Dad.

Let's make a run for it.

That won't work.

The entrance is blocked.

What are we to do?

I don't know, but we'll
think of something.

He's telling his
family all about you.

He told them about
me last night.

Think how lonely he must be.

I know whatever he
is, he's a human being.

What'll I do?

It'll be all right.

Play it by ear.

Don't upset him.


MR. MILLER: He's telling them
he has guests for dinner.

How do you do?

that one looked

like a very important ancestor.

Shake hands with him, Roxy.

ROXY: Oh, Dad!

Oh, pleased to meet you.

Doesn't he know they're dead?

I think so.

He just can't think
himself to accept it.

I'm not having any trouble.

And how are you feeling today?

Oh, that's fine.

I can't eat anymore of this.

Fake it.

That's what I've been doing.

Now I'm getting sick.


Is that his name?

It might be.

That's the word he
says most of the time.


Oh, Dad, no.

That's all I need now is
a drink of sulfur water.

Ew, I don't see how anybody
can drink that horrible stuff.

I guess it can't hurt me.

Make it last as
long as you can.

He won't hurt you if
you're doing something.

A prehistoric gentleman, huh?

Thank you.

Well, here's to you.

Blech, this water
doesn't make you strong.

You have to be strong to
drink it in the first place.

No, no.

I'm still thirsty.

Thank you.


What is it?

Believe it or not, Dad, I'm
going to look at his etchings.

Oh, this is nice.

No, no, this.

I see what you mean.


What is it?

ROXY: Look at this drawing.

It's me in my car.

This one-- it's me!



ROXY: If Eegah makes me drink
any of this sulfur water,

I'll die.

We've got to keep him busy.

I know.

And it's not so bad,
as a matter of fact.

A bit bitter.

It seems to have a certain
quality that's good for you.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised
if the sulfur in these walls

isn't what's kept these
giants alive all these years.

You mean these giants
have always been here?

Where have you
seen those before?

In that cave in France.



Same style, same everything.

Definitely prehistoric.

Yes, I'd say that he and his
tribe have always been here.

Are there others?

No, he's the last one.

How can you be sure?

I took a good
look at his family.

From the condition
of the shrouds,

I'd say the last one
died 50, 100 years ago.

How old does that make him?

Oh, I wouldn't--


Here it comes.


[birds chirping]

[music playing]





It's you, Dad.

Go see if the rocks
in place are gone.

Now's our chance.

It's there.

What are we going to do?

What can I do?

Help me back.

I got to sit down.


Don't touch it.

It's got to be tied up
or something, doesn't it?

There's some aspirin
in my gear bag.

I don't see it.

He brought it here.

It must be around someplace.

Keep looking.

He probably hid it somewhere.

Oh, here it is.

The aspirin's in
that small pocket.


Give me two.

Drink a lot of water.

It'll give you strength.

[inaudible] bones, honey.

It's got to be tied up
or something, doesn't it?

It feels pretty good--


That's no way to
talk to your father.

The trouble with
you is I spoiled you.

You sure did.

What can I do?


I'll just sit here.

How about if I watched your
face or gave you a shave?

It'll make you feel better.

You've got all your junk here.


Shave down!


Look, before he has a chance
to block the entrance,

I'll get his
attention, you run out.

And leave you?

Do as I tell you.

Not this time, Dad.

You were lucky last night.

He's had time to think about it.

I'm not going to leave you
to get your head bashed in.

My father didn't
raise me that way.

[music playing]

He brought me flowers.

We've got to get his
mind on something else.

Make a production out of it.

Sing, hum, whistle, come on.


Keep busy.

Here he comes.

He's interested.

He almost forgot
to shut the door.

Well, that doesn't say
much for my sex appeal.


MR. MILLER: Uh-huh.

Now I suppose he wants a shave.


Give it to him.

Anything to please
the customer.

MR. MILLER: Try these.


Roxy, where are you?


MR. MILLER: Better watch
it with that shaving barb.




MR. MILLER: You did a better
job of shaving him, Roxy.


MR. MILLER: There's no way of
telling how old that fella is.

You're handsome.


MR. MILLER: I warned you, Roxy.

Don't upset him.

Tell me some more
about your etchings.

You like the pretty smell?

Here, this is
loaded with perfume.

I'm going to try and get
him to move the rocks.

Mmm, these smell pretty too.

Where did you get them?

Out there?

Yep, I really think you
should put them in water.

I guess you're right.

There are plenty more out there.

Hey, look at this.

Look, look.


Take it.

I'll bet you haven't seen
anything like that before.

Don't you think it's pretty?

Do you like it?


Give him something else.



I haven't got anything else.

Wait, here.


That was a mistake.

Don't get the idea
I don't like you,

but my father-- he can see us.


Yeah, that's the idea.

You move the rock,
we can go outside.

Oh, no!


No, Eegah.

Outside, you and me.


MR. MILLER: No, save yourself!


you're outside, run!

Come on.



Eegah, no.







Go after them.

The dune buggy's
just down the canyon.

I can do it.

Go on.



Cool it, Roxy.

Everything's all right.


He's OK.

He's waiting for us.

Hi, kids.

ROXY: Dad!

Run, kids!


[engine revving]

Take off!

It won't start.

Let me.


What's wrong with it?

I rigged it so
nobody could steal it.

Out here?

Dead end.



Which way?

That way.


Everybody OK?

And you?

Just fine, Dad.

Wowee, there he is.

So long, high pockets.





George, you're drunk!

Give me the keys to the car.

Now, baby, I just had one.

That's all, just one, baby.

That's all.

I just had one.

One bottle.

Hey, baby!

You've had enough!

Well, I'll show you
when I've had enough.

You do me a great injustice.

The keys.

I've had enough.


ROXY: I'm ready, Dad.

Well, I'm not.

You're going to have to help me.

I can't manage the tie.

Here, I'll do it.

Ugh, does it have
to be this one?

Young lady, that happens to
be one of my favorite ties.

But the color.

You gave it to
me four years ago.

Oh, why, it's lovely.

Are you sure you're feeling
well enough to go out tonight?

Honey, we've got to go out.

Well it's not anything special.

It's just a party.

Your whole gang will be there.


You can't avoid them forever.


Some of them laugh a little.

Well, find old Agnes Henderson.

She'll laugh a lot.

What'll happen to him?

I don't know, but I'm certain
we're doing the right thing.

If we were to reveal that
a giant actually exists,

there'd be a whole
army out there tracking

him down like an animal.

No, they wouldn't.

We wouldn't let them.

Honey, he's from another age.

Another eon.


Come in.

Hello, Mr. Miller.

MR. MILLER: Hello, Tom.

Wowdee, wow, wow!

You sure look swell, Roxy.

Thank you.

I'll only be a minute.

Is something wrong, Mr. Miller?

MR. MILLER: We're just talking
about our little adventure.

Oh, I see.

MR. MILLER: You do?


A girl like Roxy don't get over
a thing like that right away.

MR. MILLER: Doesn't?

That's what I say!

She's got to get
her mind off it.

And this hop tonight will help.


Yeah, Mike Homlin's
going to be there.

Man, they swing.

Oh, I understand.

I'm ready.

Well, let's split then.

Ah, Mr. Miller, I got
my dad's wheels tonight.


Do they fit on your car?

You're funny, Mr. Miller.

Real funny.





What's he doing here?

Call the police!


Call the police!


Say, wait a minute, friend.

What is this, a masquerade?

That [inaudible]
giant, darling.

Oh, come on, you can
talk plainer than that.

Look out, [inaudible].

He's real.

What did he say?

He's real.

Of course-- he's real?


[whistle blows]

Jerry, quick, call police.

There's an enormous giant here.


DISPATCH: 4900 block.

Large man or a giant
creating disturbance.

Proceed with extreme caution.

[siren wailing]

[music playing]

[music playing]

[music playing]

[music playing]

[music playing]

I don't blame you in the least.

Oh, it's you, Dad.

No, I don't.

I agree with you 100%.

Perhaps we should be a little
more discreet about it.

What on Earth are
you talking about?

Getting as far away as
possible from that music.

It's a good idea, but
we're guests here.

No, the music's wonderful.

I can listen to Tom
sing by the hour.

MR. MILLER: And you have.

I just wanted some
fresh air, that's all.

Is it, honey?


Dad, I got the funniest feeling.

What is it?

I can't describe
it, but I just know

something's happened to him.


Eegah, the giant.

Or whatever it is.

Something's happened to him.

Roxy, look at me.

I love you very much.

You're more like your
mother every day.

Every little thing was
her personal concern,

and she worried about it.

That's just it, Dad.

But you see, worry isn't
the feeling that I have.

I don't know what it is.

He's a creature.

Well, you just have to
look at him to see that.

He even tried to kill us.

But, just-- but--

You can't get him
out of your mind.

That's my job for
about two more years,

if I can hold onto
you that long.

Then it'll be up
to somebody else.

Maybe him, huh?

TOM: Hey!

Where you been?

I was belting out a tune
just for you in there.

I look up and you're gone.

We can hear every word, Tom.

I said "hear,"
not understand it.

[siren wailing]

You're funny, Mr. Miller.

Really funny.

Come on, Roxy, let's dance.

Wait a minute.

What's a matter?

I thought I heard sirens.

Oh, that's [inaudible].

[siren wailing]


No, no, mister.

Go on.

[siren wailing]


Charlie, look out!


Don't shoot, Charlie!

[music playing]

If I didn't know
they were dancing,

I'd swear this was a fight.


I say, it looks like a fight.

My boy is a good dancer.

I'm gonna get you!

Knock it off, she's my girl!

I'm gonna smash--


Go get him!

Come on, you guys.

All right!



No, no, stop, Eegah!

Come on, let's go!

No, no!



There he is!


Halt or I fire.


Don't shoot!

He doesn't understand!

OFFICER: [inaudible]!


Oh, no!


MR. MILLER: Poor devil.

Remember, I love you.

GIRL: Where did he come from?

BOY: Is he real?

GIRL: Who is he?

MR. MILLER: Yes, he was real.

It says so in the
book of Genesis.

"There were giants on
the Earth in those days."

Chapter 4, verse 32.