Eega (2012) - full transcript

Sudeep is a high profile industrialist who gets whatever he wants and he has a special eye for beautiful women. To get them, he will not hesitate to do anything. That desire gets triggered when Sudeep sees Bindu, a micro artist who runs a non-profit organization. However, Bindu is loved by Nani who keeps following her everywhere. Though Bindu loves him, she doesn't express it to him and enjoys the attention. The story takes a turn when Sudeep discovers the feelings of Bindu for Nani and is unable to digest his defeat. He kills Nani. But Nani is born again as 'Eega'(fly) and he wants to take vengeance on Sudeep.


'Father! Father!'

'Tell me a story.
- It's late. Get to sleep.'

'Please, father! Tell one story.
- Tomorrow. Go to sleep.'

you said the same thing.'

'Tell me now, please.'

'Father! Father!
Father! Please! Tell me.'

'Father's sleeping. So,
you get some sleep as well.'

'Father! Father! Please!'

'Go and watch cartoons
on TV.'

'No need to see TV.
Father will tell you a story..'

'Father! Tell me a story.
- Okay.'

'There was a once a king.'

'That king had a queen
and a daughter.'

'I'm bored of hearing'

'it again and again.'

Tell me some other story.'

'Father! Tell me a new story.
Father! Tell me a new story.'

'Why are you buzzing
like fly inside the ear?'

'Fly? Wait.
I'll tell you a new story.'

'Long ago,
there lived a fly in a city.'

'Fly? Tell me, tell me.'

'In the city,
there also lived a bad boy.'

'Bad boy? What was his name?
- Sudeep.'


What is this? The
Board meeting is on

and you..
- Boring, man.

Even after trying so much
that officer is not agreeing.

Shall we kill him?

What is the need
for violence always?

As if we have never done it.


Two weeks is all we have.

We have to go there and
get it done immediately.


We have 2 weeks.


You want any help?

Pull. Fire.


Do you come every day?
- Yes.

What time?
- Your time.


What are you trying now?
- See for yourself.

It is good. What is this?
- What is good?

I'm trying to attach
two beams to this heart.

But there is no satisfaction.

Instead of this try to unite
me and your brother.

Then you'll get satisfaction.

I'm here and
he is suffering in Dubai.

Go to sleep soon.
It is getting late.

Sister-in-law! The power
has gone only for 4-5 houses.

Phone the electricity Board
people. - Okay.

Only those who pay on time
they'll cut the current.

Hey! What's up?

Aye! What is this?
Why did you pour that down?

Have you lost your mind, Jani?
What are you doing? Wait.

What are you doing?

I'm going on asking you.
What are you doing?

Hey.. What's happening man?

Are you mad?

"A girl in that house."

"Slowly, covertly, a girl came
in that house." - What's this?

"Though she knows everything."

"But she doesn't say anything."

"But she will someday." Come on.
- It's okay.

- Yes.

Go to sleep. It is getting late.
- Okay, sister-in-law!

"She never utters a word, but
I can understand her feelings.."

Jani.. How can you smile? Since
2 years you're crazy about her.

You are roaming behind her like
mad. Did she respond even once?

Did she even say thanks to you?
Curtain closed.

She did that because she is
concerned about me. - What?

Yes. If she had
left the curtain open

till morning,
I'd stand here.

That she knows.
Breeze, mist and cold.

If I fall ill,
she won't be able to bear it.

That's why she closed the window
though she didn't want to.

Hi. How are you?
- Fine. Cheers!

How are you?

Hi, Sudeep!
- Hi!

Happy 10th anniversary
of your concern.

Thanks! Please! Take him inside.
- Okay, sir! Please! Come.

Lot of guests. - I'll be there
for sure. Is 2 pm okay with you?

Rascal? He said he won't sign
but he has come to the party.

Welcome, sir!
Thanks for coming.

Happy Anniversary!
- Thank you!

A small gift on this occasion.
- Thank you!

It is completely approved.
- Thank you! Thank you, sir!

Without you the party
would've felt incomplete.

By the way my wife has
also come. Shashi Kala!

Meet, Mr. Sudeep!
- Hello!


You've a nice collection
of guns. - Thank you!

My wife is also very fond
of shooting. - Really?

You should teach her sometime.
- Darling! He must be very busy.

We shouldn't trouble him.

No, ma'am! Not at all.
It'll be my pleasure.

Will you take them inside?
- Sure.

"My name is Sheela.
Sheila's youth."

Come with me.

Two large.
How was it possible?

We could not persuade him
and were breaking our heads.

You got his wife..
You connected with her?

Isn't there any girl in this
world who won't fall for you?

There was.

My wife.

At first sight I wanted her.

Then I noticed her wealth.

I married her.

I asked for wealth. She said she
will die but won't part with it.

Apart from that, I can
get any dame in this world.


In Poyampalli govt. school,
the benches have been supplied.

In Pathabasti govt. school we
have sent books for 50 people.

In Balnagar govt.
school black boards.

English text books
for fourth grade.

This has to be given
this week.

Their exams are nearing.
- Karthikeyan!

How much balance is there
in the bank? - Rs 15,600.

That is overdrawn.

Shut up. Okay.

Sindhu! Didn't Agarwal Sweets
say that he'll give cheque?

Their cheque amount is way
lesser than our conveyance.

And, so I have come.

Like always this month too
to get rid of your problem.

This money was earned
with hardship by me.

A cheque of Rs 15.

Thank you!
- By the way

no one should
know about my donation.

I don't like this publicity.
- Is it humbleness? - It's true.

That is why I have not
signed my cheque too.

If you don't sign, the
cheque won't get passed.

Excuse me! By the way, then
as a donor I'm asking this.

How was my last month's
fund used?

For your Rs. 15 do you
expect a bank balance sheet?

She is unnecessarily

Don't let your hair loose.
Tie it up.

You'll look very nice.
- I like it loose.

You are loose. But tie
your hair up. - Stupid.

Thank you!
You continue.

Last month for books and
slates we spent Rs 90,000.

For getting more details
I need to search. I'll try.

Excuse me.

You look beautiful.

"The language of love
isn't that difficult.."

Even if you don't smile,
you look beautiful.

Bunty says
he'll come in the evening.

"It's such a simple..
- Hi. - Hi.

Hi, Bindu. - Sister-in-law.
What brings you here?

I came to tell
an important matter.

Sudeep constructions are
giving a big amount as charity.

You go and meet their MD.
- How to meet him?

Don't worry.
- Excuse me, sir!

Yes. - To meet
you from project five eleven..

Arrange meeting with investors.

And make sure you have top
class presentation, and..

Sir is in an important meeting.
Excuse me! Sir!

- Send that girl inside.

Let's meet later.

Get out.

"Lava, there's lava
in my heart."

My name is Bindu.
I run a charity organization.

"Your beauty enthralls me."

"It's making me restless."

If you give some donation,
it'll be useful for children.

"Lava, there's lava
in my heart."

Oh, my god! Rs 15,00,000?
- Thank you, sir!

I have given donation,
so can I join too. - Sir!

I liked your thought.

Wish to work closely with you.

I can't believe it, sir! It is
our pleasure. - Thanks a lot.

Sir! Please take this.
A small token of gratitude.

What is this?
- Micro art. I made it myself.


'Om Shivaya Namaha!'

'Om Karhikeyaya Namaha!
Om Parvati Namaha!'

You seem to be very happy.

I have got a big cheque
for our Project Five Eleven.

Swami! Do prayer.
- Okay.

Did you see? She has come
to pray keeping my cheque.

Prayer for Rs 15? The prayer
ticket itself costs Rs. 20.

Yes. Isn't it superb?

15 Lakhs?

Who gave you? - Director
of Sudeep constructions.

He has given 15 only once.
I give 15 every month.


God's blessings are always
with those with good intentions.

Take the offering.
Distribute it to all.

First change
that idiotic expression.

She gave sacrament to everyone
other than you. Even to me.

After giving all of you
she didn't give me

that means I'm so special.

- Aye!

What is he saying?
- He is saying thanks.

See you.

You are doing so much for kids.
I must do something for you.

- Lunch?

It's been long since I spent
time like this with a friend.


If you don't mind,
can I place the order?

Yeah. - Come here.
- Sir.

Jani! Next where?
- It is there.

Come and show me. - For
everything you are asking me.

Then what for are you for?

Sir! It is not comfortable here.
Shall we go there?

- Thank you!

The dish that I ordered now
its name is Folio Dissuade.

In Greek it means dish of love.

Leave us.
- Okay, sir.

There's an interesting
story behind it.

This dish was made for
Julius Caesar and Cleopatra.

Any two people who eat this
together.. I mean if we both eat

then our friendship
will turn into

a beautiful relationship.

So, you feed me a spoon

and I'll feed a spoon to you.

Shall we start?

Don't worry, sir.
Our crackers are fantastic.

From a long time I wanted
to tell you a thing. - Yes.

You're really smart, sir.

Your clothes, your dress. Then
I take leave. - Thank you!

See you.
- Okay. Bye, bye!

Eat well and be energetic.
You look too slim.

Sir! Dish was very nice.


Hey, stop, stop, stop.

Sir! Please stop.
- What happened?

I'll get down here.
- Here? For what?

I have to buy vegetables.
- Okay. I'll also come.

You are a person who must
be going to share market.

What will you do in these kinds
of markets? - What I'm..

Aye! Aye!

You leave, sir.
Thank you!

Is it Rs 15? It is too much.
Can you make it Rs 5?

I can't give. - Okay, no need.
We'll go to another shop.

Hello! Sister-in-law!
- Bindu! Why are you so late?

What are you
still doing in office?

Is it 10 o'clock?
- No. It is just 7 o'clock.

Sorry! Sorry! Today there
was lot of work in office.

Did it have to
run out of petrol now?

Tell me how much is the
cost for all this together?

We won't take money
from you Father.

You bless me. That's enough.
- God bless you my child.

Father! Your blessing was
very powerful. Thank you!

Thank you! - Take care.
- What happened?

Bindu has sent text.
First time a positive response.

It is blank text.

Blank text is like blank
cheque. It is very powerful.

From there she can write
whatever she wants.

From here I can imagine
whatever I want. - Is it?

What does this mean?

Don't waste time idiot.
Come quickly. - Is it?

You texted.
- What text?

You sent blank text.
That is why.

Instead of deleting my mistake
I pressed reply. Sorry!

It is very late.
You were scared.

You texted me so that
I could accompany you.

Don't imagine it all.

It is very late.
I am so scared

Shall I also come with you?
- Okay.

"Smile for me."

"Call me closer."

"Talk to me."

"Show me some love."

"Show me some dreams."

"Make me yours."

"No matter what you say."

"I know that."

"My name resonates
in your silence."

"No matter what you say."
"I know that."

"My name resonates
in your silence."

"Take a look here."

"Look into my eyes."

"Express your feelings."

"Open up your heart."

"For a single smile."

"I can cross the seven oceans."

"No matter what the heart says."

"But I belong only to you."

"You're my happiness."

"No matter what the heart says."

"But I belong only to you."

"You're my happiness."

"Think about me."

"And, I'll come flying to you."

"Shower me with your love."

"And, the world
will be at your feet."

"I promise you."

"I'll love you forever."

"No matter what you say."

"But hear me."

"But my heart dwells in you."

What did you just say?

"No matter what you say."

"But hear me."

"But my heart"

"dwells in you."

"No matter what you say."

"But hear me."

"But my heart dwells in you."

Sir! Why are you hitting me?

I don't even know you.

Please let me go, please.

Every girl is crazy after me.

It is because of you
that I'm not getting her.


Who sir? Who are you
talking about? - Bindu!

Go closer to Bindu and..

I'll kill you.

You will kill me?
You will kill me?

You'll kill Sudeep!

'Where are you?'

Where are you?

My Bindu is asking
where you are.

Tell her..

Tell her that you are getting
stamped under my leg and dying.

Sir! - Take off my shoe.
Remove the socks.

I want to feel your life
slip away.

I love you.

I love you..

I love you.

It must look like an accident.

Jani! This is Bindu.
I love you.

Why are you not talking?

I teased you for 2 years.

Are you taking revenge
for that?

Come back soon.

Did you call me?
- Yes, sir I did.

What time you saw the body?
- 6 o'clock in the morning.

Did you enquire any one
about his name or address?

What have you done
since morning? Go ask..

Find out about him.

Come on, everyone
get back to your work.

Don't crowd the place.

"He is back. He is back."

"Jani is back."

"Jani is back. He is back.
He is back."

"Jani is back."

Off side.

Catch it.


Tell me.

Excuse me, sir!

Ya! Ya! Ya!
I got it.

I'll be there.

No. Don't worry.
It'll be taken care of.

Sir! Breakfast.

"Your silence will
keep everything in heart."

"How do I say I still love you?"

"Bindu. Bindu."

"My Bindu."

"Do not go away
from me."

Why did you get ready so soon?
- To office.

Your office is at 10 o'clock.
It's 7.

Why are you cleaning vessels?

The maid would do.
You go and sit.

What happened, Bindu?

You used to give thousand
excuses to escape from work.

Now you don't remain
idle even for a minute.

I'm talking to you...

What happened?
- I'm trying to forget somehow.

What? Who?

- Jani?

When he was alive I ignored him.

Made him chase me.

Now he is at a place

where I can't reach him.

They say it is easier
to forget by crying.

But when I cry I
remember him all the more.

That is why I'm not crying.

- Sit, sit. Please! Sit down.

Are you missing Nani?

How do you know? - Come on,
Bindu. We are friends.

I still remember
my wife's death.

When she was in death bed

she held my hand
and made me promise.

"You must forget me
once I'm dead."

She said only when I forget her
she'll get happiness.

If you really loved Jani,
you must forget him.



Relax now.

Come on!

Sir! What happened?

Nothing. Nothing.

Is there any problem, sir?
- No, no. No. Not at all.

Are you okay?
- Yeah!

I am perfect.
I'm just standing here.

What's up?

Sir, what happened?

I did like this
to make you smile.

Thank you, sir!

I thought something had
happened to you. - No, no.

Did you get scared?
- No, no. Nothing like that.

Sir has come.
- Sudeep, sir! Come, come.

Sir! What a surprise? - Sir!
- Please! Take your seat sir.

I must go. - Would you
like to have biscuit?

He says he wants
go to office, right?

Go to your places.

Bye, sir!
- Bye!

Sorry about that.
- That's okay.

Did they have to come now?
- Sir! - Yes.

I'll remember
what you said.

I'll try to forget Jani.

Close it.

For half an hour no one should
disturb me. - Okay, sir!

Keep it.

Always check before?
- Sorry, sir!

Is there anyone?

Sir! Why did you come here, sir?

Open it. - Sir!
Open it.

Open it fast.

Can't you hear?
- You said not to disturbed.

Sir! What are you doing?
- No, sir!

No, sir! Don't beat me, sir.
- Don't move.

In Ganapati chemical scam
MD was fully exposed.

As far as I know
he'll be stripped.

What is there to hide?
It is naked truth.

you told me to come.

I met Education Minister
in Delhi last week.

If you meet him and
explain the details,

we'll get national recognition.

National level.

I'm going to Delhi.

If one of you comes with me,
I'll introduce to him.

So who is gonna come?
- I'll come, sir.

Presentation isn't as
easy as eating a pizza.

Bindu! You go.
- Me?

Last time collector sir also
said your presentation was good.

Yes, correct. - What are you
thinking so much? You go.

Sir! Bindu will be coming.
- Yes, sir! Bindu is coming.

Yes. Bindu will come. - Bindu
we are all saying. Say okay.

Say it. - Say. - Okay, sir!
I will go.

That's great. Well, Bindu.
Let's meet at airport tomorrow.

What the...

Sir! - Did you forget
to clean the house?

The room is full of flies.
Everywhere it is fly.

'Only pigs come in herds.'

'Lion comes alone.'

'Comes alone. Comes alone.
Comes alone.'

'Comes alone. Comes alone.
Comes alone.'

'Comes alone.'

- It is me Bindu.

Sir! It is Bindu speaking.

Yes, Bindu!
- I'm at the airport.

There is only half an hour
for boarding.

I'm on the way, Bindu.
I'll be there in 10 minutes.

What the?

Shit man!

Hello! - Bindu!
There is traffic jam here.

Oh no! - Nothing to worry.
Do one thing.

You take the boarding
pass. I'll be there on time.

I'll come. Okay?
- Okay, sir!

Go back!


What is he doing?

Move back!

Did you have to stop here?

What are you looking at?

Wipe it clean.
- Yes, sir! - Hello, sir!

Sir, you're here? - My car got
stuck in traffic. I need a car.

You take my car, sir.
Give the key to him.

Hello! - Bindu, I'll just reach
in 10 minutes, so..

It is okay, sir.

Flight is delayed.
You can make it. - I'm coming.

"Fly! Fly! Fly!
Search me with your eyes."

"Fly! Fly! Fly!

"Come out. Come out.
Come out."

"Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!"

Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!"

I will kill you.

I will kill you.

You are really lucky.

Though met with
a serious accident

you escaped with minor injuries.

Give me your hand,
I'll check your BP.

What is this?
- Hit.

You take it. - Give me.
- Not this. Take the BP.


I'll give sedation to sleep.

Give him Diazepam 2ml.

Take care. Bye!


Do animals take revenge?

Didn't you hear
what I asked you?

Do animals take revenge?

They do take.
In Barjatiya films.

Not in cinema. In real life.

It happens in
real life too, sir.

My grandma said!

It seems a King Cobra
took revenge on my grandpa.

Not that smaller ones!
- Smaller ones too take revenge.

Others... - Smaller snakes
too take revenge.

Not snakes!
Smaller ones...

Like sparrow!


- Fly? It'll take.

If snakes can, why not flies?

Such fools.

With whom should I share this
problem? How am I to tell?

Sir, Bindu madam is here.


Sir! Are you alright?

Yes, Bindu I am fine. Sit down.

And, thanks for coming.

What's in your hand?

This fly is troubling me.

"Bindu! Bindu!"

"My Bindu."

'Don't go away from me."

Good morning, Mr. Sudeep!
What a pleasant surprise?

Hi, sir! - Hi! Tell me.
How can I help you?

I have a small doubt.

Do flies target
humans specifically?

I mean remember humans
and attack with a plan.

Sir! Are you writing some
science fiction story?

It is not science
fiction. It is a fact.

A fly is not letting me to
eat, sleep or live peacefully.

This accident too
is its handiwork!

It wrote 'I will kill
you' on the windshield.

Is it science fiction?

You said you didn't
sleep all the night.

You are in stress.

In that stress and sleepiness
you have done the accident.

In this you are
disturbed by fly too.

So your brain has registered
it as if it has happened.

You need a psychiatrist's help.

You won't find what
you're looking for there.

- Go away.

You won't come.

Fire in iron box.

Your face is fully black.

That time you'll come to
this 'tantra' yourself.


Who is he?
Is this my imagination?

Bindu! Come have food.

What happened, Bindu?

Jani's locket got broken.

You know Jani won't
come back again.

For how many days are you going
to keep thinking about him?

Along with this locket, I want
you to break that bond as well.

"It's not possible
to forget you?"

"I'm always with you."

Jani! Are you Jani?

Are you really Jani?

I can't believe it.
Jani's rebirth.

You died in accident.

Wasn't it an accident?


Sudeep sir.

What Sudeep sir?

Did Sudeep sir

kill you?

Why would he kill you?

For me?

For my sake he killed you?

What should we do now?

How to kill him?

"What's this fire burning
in me?."

"There's just one hope
in this despair."

"The name's Jani."

"I'll have you begging
for your life."

"The name's Jani"

"I'll have you begging
for your life."

"I'm soaring through
the skies now"

"now I'll write this story
with your blood."

"I am a fly, don't misjudge me."

"I'm the messenger
of your death."

"I am a fly, don't misjudge me."

"I'm the messenger
of your death."

"I am a fly.."

"I am a fly."

"I am a fly.."

"I am a fly."

"You cannot stop me."

"With a single spark,
you can go up in flames."

"A single drop of poison,
can do its job."

"A single bullet can take life."

"This is the universal
matter before the big bang."

"I'm no ordinary fly
that you can get rid of."

"I will rest only when you die."

"Look into my eyes,
I can kill you in a snap."

Douse it right now.

"I am a fly, don't misjudge me."

"I'm the messenger
of your death."

"I am a fly, don't misjudge me."

"I'm the messenger
of your death."

"There are 10 things that
I need to do immediately."

"1. I must kill you.
2. I must kill you."

"3. I must kill you.
4. I must kill you."

'5. I must kill you.
6. I must kill you.'

"7. I must kill you.
8. I must kill you."

"9. I must kill you."

"10. I must make you cry,
frustrated, excited."

"I must scatter you. I must
cut you to pieces and kill you."

"Can you hear the
music of these two wings?"

"Is death message
entering through your ears?"

"Even a fly's feet
will change into spear."

"Only after killing you
my anger will subside."

"Jani is the one who after dying
was reborn and smiled."

"I'm not a fly to just fly
around butter."

"To pierce thorn in your chest"

"I'm a nuisance who has
come as a ghost."

"I'm the villain who has come
to kill you in your territory."

So that's where you hide.

It is caught. It is caught.

Die. Die. Die.

You cannot escape today.

What happened?

Very good.

Excuse me!
- Yes, ma'am!

Cappuccino to me.
For you?

Do you also like that only?

One cappuccino please.

Sorry, ma'am!
There is a fly in the coffee.

No, no. No.
It is drinking coffee.

What is the next plan?

Come here.
- Sir.

Did you order the bullet proof
glasses? - I have done it, sir.

Not just a fly..

even air shouldn't enter without
our knowledge. - Yes, sir.

I want the entire house

Yes. Now I'll see how it enters.

Please! Sit madam.
- Thanks!


Hi, sir!
- Hi.

These antiques are very nice.

Do you like it?
- Yes.

This is my personal collection.

The place you are standing
is wife's favourite spot.

What happened, sir?
- Nothing.

- Yes.

I like your wife's
favourite spot very much.


Shall we sit and talk?

No. Yes. Sorry! Come.


Sir! Our project.
- Urgent.

I forgot. I have to
urgently go to office.

This way. I am..

I thought
I'll spend some time with you.

Can't you go later?

What timing?

I won't take much
of your time.

I think you should
leave now. Come.

Open the door.

I'll see you later.
- Okay, sir!

"Fly! Fly! Fly!
In both my eyes there is fire."

"I'll change your house into
hell. You wait and see."

"Fly! Fly! Fly!
In both my eyes there is fire."

"I'll change your house into
hell. You wait and see."

I beg you.
Don't spoil this meeting.

They have come to invest
two thousand crores.

If you spoil this,
we'll lose two thousand crores.

Not only that we'll have to
return the 500 crores with

interest which they
have given as advance.

Of course.
Don't I know all this?

I'm sure you'll like it
after our presentation, sir.

Sir! This is the latest design.
- Have you sent this?

Sir! - Yes.
- No. It is okay.

We are ready.

Will you please welcome our
managing director Mr. Sudeep?

Don't be surprised. We all
know how fond he is of racing.

He has symbolically worn
this helmet to show that our

project would also be
completed with that speed.

- All the best. All the best.

Don't put us to shame.
It is two thousand crores.

Switch it on.

Sudeep's space city.

This is going to be the biggest
residential township in India.

With your investment we
have bought 5000 ton steel.

10,000 ton cement. 50,000
ton medicine to kill flies.

Over that.. - What?
Flies killing medicine?

Jelly stone.

Why fly killing medicine?
Am I scared of fly?

Jelly stone.

Of course, they
can kill flies too.


If someone has to buy our flats

each person should kill
5000 flies. How is that?

Next, next.

After all the flies are dead

Sudeep township will be
very peaceful.

Peaceful, happiness
and silent it'll be.

Mr. Sudeep! What nonsense?
That's enough I say.

Is this board meeting
or class room to teach

how to kill
flies and mosquitoes?

It is ridiculous I say.

- I missed it.

Mr. Sudeep! Why are you hitting?
- Hit won't work.

I have used hit. The fly is
not dying with that. I know.

Have you gone mad?

What is he doing?

Somebody stop him.
- This guy is really...

He's a nutcase.
- Don't move. Don't move.

Wait there.

What is he going to do?
No, no. Stop it. No.

Please, sir! Please, sir!
- Sorry, sir!

Please sir, listen to me. Please
sit, I'll explain everything.

Put commissioner on the line.

I'll give you a tip.
Immediately raid...

We are caught.

That Mukesh Duggal phoned
income tax officer.

He has told him to raid
our office. He tipped him.

The entire cash is
in the office.



Open up.


Fire in iron box.

There will be black stain
all over your face.

That time you'll come
searching for this Tantra.



Tantra! I lost everything.
It happened as you said.

The seed to kill you
has been sown here.

Here's where I killed Jani.


It is he who has
been born as fly.

Don't go close to
Bindu. I'll kill you.

What you said is true.

It is Jani.

Now what to do?

Immediately veneration
has to be done.

It's stuck. See there.

Don't go near Bindu.
Else I'll kill you.

I'll kill you.


Sudeep! Sudeep!.

What is this?

Pot, skeleton, skull.
What is happening here?

Okay. Whose dead body is that?


Why did he come here?
- He came to kill fly.

Fly, fly. Fly.

After all it's a small fly. Will
you be scared of it like this?

Small fly?
Do you know what it can do?

You bear it. If you are a man,
you bear it and show me.

You show it to me.
- Get lost.

You have gone crazy.
- What I'm saying is true.

That fly is Jani.
The one I killed.

He has been reborn.

That fly made me suffer an
accident. It burnt our money.

I made many arrangements so that
it must not enter this house.

So that even air
doesn't enter this house.

From where does that fly come?

What happened?

What is this?

Mask, weapons for a fly.

Bindu is removing the screw.

That means what you said
is true. Jani is that fly.

Oh my God!

Sorry! Even after you told me
I didn't believe you.

Now we know that
Bindu is behind this fly.

It is not a big thing to
finish her. That I'll manage.

But before that the investors
have said that they'll finish us

If we don't pay money by
tomorrow, they'll go to court.

First we must stop that.

If one of the partners die,
the contract will get cancelled.

Not only that.

We'll get 700 crores
insurance money too.

What are you saying? For that
are you going to commit suicide?

Jani! Jani! Where are you?


Where are you?

Are you playing hide and seek?

Bindu! Why did you get shocked?

Is it because I came upstairs?

The door was open downstairs.
That is why I came..

Sorry, I scared you.
- It is okay, sir.

I need to tell an
important thing.

Will you come with me?
- I have to go somewhere else.


I hope you won't consider
me mad on hearing what I say.

A fly is trying to kill me.

You don't believe me?

And what's more
shocking is that..

Someone is helping
that fly in killing me.

Do you believe it?

If you say so..

I'm sorry.

When I say this
everyone says I'm mad.

Come on.
Sit down.


It's a close circuit
camera footage.

While zooming in.

There is glass,
mask on its face.

Did you see? Look.

But how can a fly do all this?

Someone must have made
it and made him wear this.

Hey, don't cry.
Silly girl.

Nothing will happen to me.

These tiny things

can be made only by
micro artists.

Who could be the micro
artist who is trying to kill me?

I mean

you are also a micro artist.

Do you know anyone who
wants to kill me, Bindu?

Sudeep makes
girls dance to his tunes.

You made me run
behind a fly like a fool.

Jani! Come out. Come.

I know you are here.

Like always you come in
zig zag way

making buzzing sounds.

Come and face me.

I'll cut her throat.

Come, Jani! Come.

You don't know how I
killed him in previous birth.

Remove my shoe.

I must feel the life
going out of your body.

Sir! What happened?

Go and catch her.

You're dead for sure today.

He escaped.

Where are the bullets?
- That was all we had.

Drag her here.
- I couldn't find her.

Did she escape?
- No, sir!

The doors are closed.
Security is also there.

The back door is also closed.
There is no chance to escape.

Find her.

He is caught. He is caught.
Yes, yes.

You made my life
miserable for 20 days.

And now that you are caught..

That too here.

Do you want to believe this?


I'm coming.

Please, sir! Please!

See how nicely it is flying now.

Catch it. Catch it.

Prick here. Here.
- No, sir!

Prick there.
- Please, sir! I beg you.

Leave us, sir.
Please, sir! Please!

The game has started.

You are telling me to
stop it so soon.

You both made my life miserable.

You asked me to stop.


Where did we stop?

I was laughing.

Bindu! You are missing him.

You prick in such a way that
his heart must be pierced open.

Did you think
I'll prick him, Bindu?


Okay, okay.

Do you communicate
to each other?

What did he say?

What the hell did he say?

Don't worry about him.

I will kill him before I die.


Burn him and smash him.

Will you kill me?

Even while dying he can't
let go off his arrogance.

I'll show him what is burning.

Give me the matches.

'My death and my life
are for you.'

'I'll give my life and save you.
My love!'

You'll die.


Hi, Babe! What's up?
You are looking hot.

Oh my God.

Let's go. - Don't go near

I'll kill you.

'I am a fly.'

'I am a fly, don't misjudge me.'

'I am a fly.'

'The name's Jani.'

'I'll have you begging
for your life.'

'The name's Jani.'

'I'll have you begging
for your life.'

'I'm soaring through
the skies now.'

'Now I'll write this story
with your blood.'

'I am a fly, don't misjudge me.'

'I'm the messenger
of your death.'

'I am a fly, don't misjudge me.'

'I'm the messenger
of your death.'

'I am a fly, don't misjudge me.'

'I'm the messenger
of your death.'

'I am a fly, don't misjudge me.'

'I'm the messenger
of your death.'

'Now I've lost my cool.'

'Whoever dares to challenge me,
won't live to tell the tale.'