Ee Maaya Peremito (2018) - full transcript

Sri Ramachandra Murthy (Rahul Vijay) aka Chandu is a happy-go-lucky 'rebel' with no ambition in life. Sheetal Jain (Kavya Thapar) is the precious daughter of Pramod Jain (Murli Sharma). She...

[water splashing]

'The flower of a creeper and
the pollen of another branch'

'I wonder which strange
bond that has united them'

Wasn't that awesomely written?
A wonderful love story in 1978.

It's the same Vishakapatnam again in 2018!

Though the times change, all love stories
leave you with a same question.


What's the name of this magic?

Let's go back to 15 years
ago to get to know that

Sheetu! come soon, school bus is coming.

[anklets clinking]

[water splashes]


You are not careful, look at the water
on the floor? She must have slipped.

You must have stopped her,
if you felt she might fall?

I felt why to stop her when she is joyful.
It's enough if we are careful.

Please be careful.

-Careful dear!

-Kanchan one minute.
-Kids: Hi uncle!

-Did you booze last night?
-No sir.

What else would you say?
Come closer. Are the brakes working?

-It stopped because they are working.
-Ok! Drive carefully.

Come my dear.

-Bye mummy!

-You must be careful, Ok.


This father Pramod Jain is orthodox
and a man of principles.

If he is so careful about sending
his daughter in a school bus?

How careful would he be,
to get her married in the future?

Sister in law!

Sheetu! be careful.

Dear! it's a sin to keep animals and birds
captive, and it's not our tradition.

It's alone out there father,
it's scared.

But we all are there here,
it will feel better.

Sheetal! Listen to your father or else?

Please don't cry, from today on
he is your friend ok?

Look papa! Happy is ignoring me.

She imagines a beautiful world
in what ever she does.

She loves things to be same
forever or even people.

And she likes them more,
who remain the same.

She's our Sheetal Jain.

This guy runs a marble business
in Jaipur, he is good looking.

-He is well educated too!
-Is it?

-His family is settled abroad.
-Jai Jinendra!

-Jai Jinendra!
-Hey my girl!

-Bye papa!
-Bye My dear!

-Bye mummy!
-Be careful...

If my girl has to be given
the happiest life?

Among this top five,
one has to be the groom for her.

-IAS, IPS, CA, Doctor..

Every father has a list of his own
like this for his daughter.

But would the idiots outside keep calm?
They come mid way and disturb every thing.

Crowd: Rohan! Rohan!

Hey where is he? Give him a call.

I'm doing it.


-Will you?
-My brother.

This fellows name is
Sri Rama Chandra Murthy.

He shrunk his name as his deeds
would disrepute the gods name.

Hey! give him the bottle.


You don't stop, keep going.

-All this money is ours.
-You won't get paid for that.

Build up shots then?

How many times should I say
not to come here to this idoits?

Uncle! why are you beating him?

I'm telling him to be sucessful,
but he wants to be a failure like you.

-What did you say?
-But he sees you as an inspiration.

I made your brother a scientist,
I will make you a doctor or an engineer.

"If I soar high blazing into the sky!"

"They just look at me amazed."

"If I fall down to the ground bleeding!"

"They ruthlessly?"

"If I'm called a good boy,
my mother says it's her brought up."

"If I make a good name,
my dad says I'm like him."

"If I'm a genius? They say it's the genes
of my maternal uncle."

"If we are a failure,
no one says we are like them."

"You say the positives are your's and
stick the negatives on our faces."

"Is all good your's and
all the bad is our's?"

"Dude don't scream or shout."

"End of the day you look back
to them for bed and food."

"Is all good your's and
all the bad is our's?"

"Dude don't scream or shout."

"You passed in first division,
why are you sad then?"

"No one is caring for me though."

-They say because of college I passed."

"Din't I pass because of my hard work?"

"Though we get 1st rank
and gain a repute."

"You credit it to the college."

"If we roam idol or win a card game"

"You won't stop your sarcasm
in praising us."

"You turn out to be pandits
and make fools of us."

"You gift us bald heads
and feel about them as a gold medal."

"You claim our sucess to be your's
and call us failure?"

"Is all good your's and
all the bad is our's?"

"Dude don't scream or shout."

"But in the morning for pocket money,
we look at them again."

"Is all good your's and
all the bad is our's?"

"Dude don't scream or shout."

"What are our like's and dislike's"

"You won't care for it,
and do as you like."

"If we are caught in a bar
or found dancing in a pub"

"You blame it on our friends circle."

"You want us to say yes papa,
when you say johnie! johnie?"

"You were johnie's in this
sugar poem in our age."

"Our hard earned memories are labled
as a waste of time by you."

"Is all good your's and
all the bad is our's?"

"Dude don't scream or shout."

"Finally in the evening we must depend
on them for movies and joy."

"Is all good your's and
all the bad is our's?"

"Dude don't scream or shout."

Did he start again? He won't change.

Thanks a lot sir, you have helped us.

It's ok make the payments on time,
orelse you know about me.

You releived our tension,
thank you brother...

Why thank me for such a small thing?

How much for a kilo of green chilli?

-Brother in law... Please stop.
-What is it?

Is this right? Because of your son
we are scared at nights.

-He breaks our glass after having beer...

If you wont control him
he will break everything here.

-Shall I give you a information.
-Tell me brother in law.

Because he is out at nights
our colony is safe from thefts.

People must have a father like him!
How would that fellow change?

[song playing in radio]

Wait! I'm coming.

[song playing in radio]

-Did Alekya come?
-No she did not.

Why din't she come yet?

Did you sign as a witness again?

That Varahala Rao's daughter...

You keep signing as a witness for the
entire villages children.

We will beg for our daughters marriage.

-That's not it..
-Do as you like.

He considers others problems as his own,
his name is Babu Rao.

His heart melts for the needy
and his left thumb swings into action.

You all are killing me together.

Mom! can you shut that radio and
your mouth both. Won't you let me sleep?

If there is no sleep for eight hours
a day, health will deteriorate.

Don't you know that much,
you even watch TV!

Early morning fuss!

Rascal! This is not a lodge to sleep
as long as you want

-This is a family house, getup...

No one listens to me in this house,
don't know when would they understand me.

She won't let me sleep in peace
but want's us to understand her instead.

Dad you are great

For bearing with mom for so long, you must
get an oscar. I'll make sure you get it.

What have you seen now?

In our early days of marriage,
to come from her place to ours

She would not board a bus without a
tape recorder. She used to mkae a mess.

-What! my mom?
-Yes your mom.

How many times did I tell you drink
properly from a bottle. I'll hit you!

Drinking like a kid.

Did you start again? Catch this.

What's there for breakfast?

It's idly again! Sick of having it daily.

What a timing by you bro?
You are having breakfast at lunch time.

I was supposed to be born in a rich
family, unfortunately I fell here

Does any one in this house
match my timing or complexion?

I feel the same, that nurse must have
changed my boy and left you with me.

Brother the call is for you.

-Who else, it must be them?
-The idiots have started calling already?

-Tell me dude?
-We are waiting at the spot.

-Be there on the street, I'm coming..

-Yes! I'm coming.

Love you Lalamma!

He say's he is rich, Idiot! A day
won't pass without me giving him money.

Thanks for encouraging our wall
of kindness and helping us aunty.

-It's ok.
-Please tell your relatives and friends

-It will be helpful for the poor.

Uncle please tell your colleagues
about wall of kindness.


Chandu! don't let him go, he is sending
wrong messages to colony girls.

Don't you have respect for woman?
Don't you have sisters?

-You disrespect women?
-Stand still!

Brother, he even sent wrong messages
to Saroja sister

She was very upset about that.

If you parents come to know about this,
you know what they might go trough?

Elder bro! Doesn't Chandu have any
thing else to do other than tiffs?

What's this torture for us daily?

-You know what the matter is?
-Why do I care?

Elder bro! what is it?

-Damn you!
-What happened?

-Is it wrong to blackmail a girl or not?
-That's not it?

What will you do if you
get a wrong message?

-I will bash him up!
-Isn't it? Thanks!

Your parent's must have brought you
a phone as soon as you asked?

If you love and respect them
would you do this thing?

-Sorry brother.
-Not to me, go tell her.

Hey! come here, say sorry to sister.

Sorry sister!

Thank you brother!

Why thank me, it's my responsibility
as a brother.

-One caramel macchiato and one cappuccino.

Take it easy bro!

What madam! is it for swach bharat?

No it will be scared alone here

But in there it will have friends
and feel safe.

Here take it.

-Thank you!
-It's ok.

Hi! I liked your concept and even you.

What! did he snatch my cup?

Yes! see this is my 10th marks list,
school 1st.

This is intermidiate, district 1st.

This say's I'm state 1st in EAMCET.

This is the company I work for, salary is
monthly five lakh's.

This is my passport and my American visa.

Now I'm going to settle in the U.S
with full package.

Have this water first.

-I did'nt like your proposal.

I can understand why
you are saying all this

But life is not just about growth,
It's about how you live it.

I don't see your life in this folder.

Let's go.

-Maam! adjust your shirt.
-Thank you.

-Sorry! I'm late.
-Where were you yesterday, were you busy?

I saw a guy in the colony two days ago.

Some guy sent a wrong message to some girl
so he started beating him.

-Is it?

I saw him again today,
you know what he did?

He was enjoying by seeing a girls hip
who was going a scooty.

Is it? Idiot.

Idiot! but a good guy,
he told her to adjust her shirt later.

You don't think much about such guys.

I found him intresting some how.

Brother! brother...

Brother! brother...

Don't worry brother.

This is the guy I told you about.

Thanks! Thank you...

Thank you...

Thank you! Thank you so much..

Thank you! Thank you so much..

-Thanks brother!
-You will walk for sure my dear.

-Take care bro.
-Thanks bro.

See you then.

-Thank you.
-You are welcome.

-Come! come! Surya Narayana.
-Come Brother, How are you?

-I'm fine.
-How are kids and sister in law?

-All are fine.
-Hi! Uncle.

-Hi! How are you?
-I'm fine.

It's my elder sons marriage.

What brother,
is it our scientists marriage?

Yes you all must come a week before.

Then when will you marry off
your little daughter?

Should'nt we find a good man for her?

You go and get a coffee first.

Come man sit, finally you are
getting your son married.

25 lakhs cash, 10 acres land
and they are even giving a car.

What Uncle! I heard it's
our scientists marriage?

Yes, what about you?

Nothing much uncle, every thing is normal.

Why did you leave him like that
brother in law?

We must let him know
his responsibilities right?

How many days would you struggle alone,
and are'nt we supposed to get her married?

If he is so irresponsible,
how is it going to be?

Shall I give you some information.

We never waited for a gas cylinder

We never stood in que for ration

Never paid fine for a power bill

You know why?
Because he has friends every where.

And for that matter, no love letter fell
in our compoud for my daughter.

You know why? As you said there is
a useless fellow in our home.

His comunication skills are high
brother in law

-He can manage any one in a jiffy.
-I didn't mean that way, brother in law.

You are speaking as if a Govt.. job
is as must for a home

A useless fellow is as necessary,
It's like that.

Brother ignore his words,
you have coffee first.

She speaks like that but she loves our son
more than me.

I'm sorry if I hurted you brother in law.

I like my son for what
he is brother in law.

[phone rings]

-Tell me Elder bro?
-Not Elder bro, it's Kanaka Rao speaking.

Uncle tell me.

Elder one is inabrieted and is making a
mess, please come and take him my boy.

I'm coming uncle, I'm coming.

Wall of kindness? Leave what you
don't need and take what you want.

This is something new!

Don't know whose concept is this?
But it's wonderful.

-Where is my scarf?
-Don't know, I din't see it.

Let's ask this drunkard and see.

do you know Chandu from this colony?

One minute, who doesn't know Chandu here?
Great guy!

If ask him for water, he gives me drinks

He is like a wines shop for me, you know?

Mind it!

Uncle! What kind of a person is Chandu?

Chandu? He is a very good guy

If there is a problem in this colony,
he is the first to stand.

Did he fall in your house as well?

He boozes all night and roams the streets,
he is a waste, chi! chi!

-You know Chandu?
-He hits huge sixes.

He is very close to me.

If you have any work tell me,
I will reccomend.

-No! No! No!
-Ask her she will know better.

Hey girl!
What work do you have with Chandu?

Before marriage,
we usually enquire about the groom

I'm doing the same before loving him.

Love! Do you know who am I?

Chandu is her son madam.

What sort of girls are they?

Give it here.

-See you.
-Ok Madam.

It's under repair all he time,
you won't sell it anyways after saying so.

These many days we were quite, though
you were idol.

Now has sir,started going behind girls?

Did you step on something bad
in the market Mrs.Lalamma?

What girls are you talking about?
It's just your affection.

What girl am I talking about?
She enquired about you in the whole market

She came to me at last and asked me,
how is Chandu?

Is our Chandu the only one here,
there are a lot of them.

Lalamma listen. Is she good looking?
Is her complexion good?

I don't understand,
what's happening with girls these days?

They are enquiring
to go behind idiots these days.

Not you, I must yell at your grandma
as she named you after her great husband.

You solve it among yourselves,
why dragging my mother in between?

My mother is a godess!

Are you bothered that,
I'm blaming your mother?

-Uncle! give me a cigarette.
-Take it my boy.

Chandu! some girl came to the colony
and enquired about you.

-Yes a girl!

You don't drive ever again,
you will get caught in drunk and drive.

Brother! stop! stop!

-One minute brother.
-What is it brother?

-Godavari fish, I will cook it and send.
-Ok! ok! send it.

I know you will catch me.

-What is it?

This for tonight.


A girl was asking about you,
she is like a scoth bottle.

She just needs some manners.
Ok! right.

Come! come front, why did you stop there?
Go straight.

-Chandu! drop me at the mosque center.
-God! did he see me or what? Ok! dad.

Which girl is your mom talking about?

I don't know dad it's confusing.

Confused! you should'nt be,
not when it come's to a girl, sort it out.

-What did you say?
-Sort it out immediately.

I will! I will!

-Ok Chandu bye!
-Bye dad.

-Akbar give me a clutch wire of this sort.
-Ok sir.

Not all these, speak about girls.

That's it! you like girls.
What were we talking about?

-About girls and their beauty..
-Beautiful girls...

Lets have a peg and talk.

Who is Chandu here?

I understood sir,
I got a parcel for you.

How did you come here
without knowing Chandu?

-Elder bro!
-Get out.

This parcel is for you.

No one cares us in the day,
what's this parcel at night?

Fans! dude, Fans...

-Open it quickly dude.

Dude if we have fans like this we will get
ten bottles a day.

The girl searching for you!

Who is this girl,
showing such intrest on me?

Who is this girl?
She is like this scotch itseems

How do we find her dude?

Brother in law! it's my responsibility
to find my sister for you.

I love you dude, I love you.

Dude! There's an other courier enroute,
She is pretty, I will go sign it and come.

That's wrong, wrong, wrong.

-How's the step?
-It's amazing!

You fix a drink for me,

This is where rascals roam,
we drink calmly and live recpectfully.

If any thing goes wrong,
we could be blamed.

We are security for this colony you see.

-Brother in law! You want me to come?
-You drink what you fixed for me first.

Are you the one enquiring about me?

I don't think it's you

-What are you doing here at this time?
-Actually my friend...

Friend! Where, I don't see her?

-Are you new to the colony?

-Which block?
-'C' block, 45.

Did 'C' block 45 Mr.Murthy leave?
Why did he leave without saying?

But 'C' block is that way,
why going this way?

-What Chandu is all ok?

Din't I tell you,
this is were idiots roam?

Hey dude...

Let's go, all are idiots in this colony
except me.

-What are you studying?

-Pass or fail?
-Passed out.

My sister is in 2nd year degree,
she is a good student, unlike me.

One minute...

Is any one following us?

Did you feel anything?
You are not getting confused right?

-What do you mean?
-Nothing, come I'll tell you.

I came to know that a girl is enquiring
about me, it's very confusing

If she came directly to me
there will be no confusion, right?

Here we are, this is 'C' block 45, go.

-One minute, what's your name?

Come here give me your phone.

I gave a missed call to my phone,
call me if you have any problem, go.

Well, that girl...

Nothing go, why to confuse you.

"Did this dawn wake up in the form of you"

"My heart is filled with thought's of you
this morning."

"My age has bloomed in your thoughts"

"It's enchanted in your smiles"

"In me.."


"There's some, Uh'la la.."

"Are you a picture,
not found in any art?"

"I became your doll, will you see?"

"Are you a moon,
that's not found in a mirror?

"Did you hide me in your heart's mirror?"

"I'll come behind you, as your shadow"

"I'll see your world, like your eyes"

"I'll surround you, as a gentle breeze."

'I'll keep my life for you"


"Or may be today?"

"I'll be in your lap."

"How long will you hide teasing me?"

"This is an unknown hide n seek game."

"Do I have to kill the time,
searching for you?"

"You think falling in love is easy?"

He's got no other work other than
teasing everyone.Damn you.

Chandu please stop.

"I'm searching the whole earth for you."

"I'm searching for you
with an eagle's eye."

"I'm imagining your form."

"Would I sleep untill I land in your lap?"



"It's filling me.."

"With joy."

"How long will you hide teasing me?"

"This is an unknown hide n seek game."

"Do I have to kill the time,
searching for you?"

"You think falling in love is easy?"

What should I mix with a soda or
what should I mix with water

-You know what to have neat, than me?
-Hi dude!

What dude our Peddodu is high already,
he is talking non sense?

Because the drink did not get him high,
he called the customer care to warn.

He's great to have got to idea of calling
the customer care number on the bottle

-Elder one is invincible.
-Bro sister gave this letter for you.

Who is this girl, what is she upto?

-Bye brother.
-1st time our batchmate got a love letter.

Yes dude.

He said it's a love letter
but looks like a rangoli?

That's called as hindi you idiot,
we can't even read hindi.

Brother in law, let's go to Mufti.
50% off.

-Do you know Hindi?
-Hindi? Actually..

-This is my address, hello.
-Cut it dude cut it.


Dude do people here know hindi?

Yes they will be inside, come.

Hey! Here dude!

Can you give it here,
look at this shirt it's awesome.

-You know Hindi?
-No sir.

We will ask about hindi with a lecturer

-First try this shirt, super brand.
-Ok! oK.

Brother give it here, is this Mufti?

-Sheetu where are you?
-Yes mummy, I'm in shopping mall.

-Papa is waiting for you.
-I will be there, bye.

Maam! maam, I'm talking to you.

-Who is it?
-Need some help madam.

I have a letter, can you read it for me?

-Is it a Hindi letter?
-Yes maam, please.

-Are you Chandu?
-Yes maam.

Though these words are close to my heart,
I can't understand them, please read them.

Dear Chandu!

"Like you stole my heart"

"Don't steal the stare my dear."

Oh my god! This feeling is amazing

I will go mad if I knew the meaning.

You are not with me but
you are making me move.

"Between you and me"

"What sort of an unknown bond is this?"

"-Maam! maam! can you repeat again?

"Between you and me"

"What sort of an unknown bond is this?"

Oh my god!

"Neither I know, neither do you."

Enough maam, it's wonderful
even if I don't understand the meaning.

I still want to write more about you

But for my feelings..

The words are not sufficient
in this world, but for now.


Oh damn!

Brother in law!

That girl, she kissed, teased me and left.

-Which girl?
-One minute I'll be back.

Where is the shirt?

I got connected to him almost.

Why do you think you got connected to him?

For two people to fall in love,
five senses should be connected.

I was very exited when I was
reading the letter I wrote.

Forget about the letter,
what are those five senses?

1st sense are the looks.

2nd sense is taste.

3rd sense fragrance.

4th sense is voice.

I want to write more about you.

Enough maam, it's wonderful
even if I don't understand the meaning.

Wow! it's so trilling.
What's the 5th sense then?

It's touch, I'm so excited
how's it going to be.

Hey! stop.
-Yes bro..

Come here.

-Will you have milk?
-I'll have boost.

Brother give him one boost.

Can you recognise who gave this letter?

-Get on the bike. boost.
-You have it later, hop on.

-I should go to the ground.
-I will drop you come.

Ok! then.

-Wait here.

You are looking so cute
while searching for me.

Brother it's her!

"Shall I spray some light
straight on the sun"

"Right here, right now."

"Shall I wash the sky?"

"And write our names?"

"Right here, right now."

"The clouds have turned
as love symbols and started flying."

"Every flower is blooming
like our pictures"


"Would you come, lets fly away?"

"Let's forget this world."

"Let's go past the star's"

"And fufill our million dreams."

"I will come, let's fly away"

"Let's remain as one."

"Let's be there for ever"

"And set a new meaning for love."

"Mandaara! Mandaara! "

Lalamma I will call you back, ok.

Super hit song, you like it?

My mom like's it more than me,

"Did I find a full moon,
with all seven colours?"

"It's true, here's the proof"

"Is this moment enough,
for a hundred year's"

"It's true, here's the proof"

"I walked on the edge's of the lightning"

"In every drop of rain"

"I've seen you and got drenched in them."

"I've missed you till now"

"I've missed you since ages."

"Showers of love in my life."

"Sweet dreams because of you."

"I've missed you till now"

"I've missed you since ages."

"Showers of love in my life."

"Sweet dreams because of you."

"Let my eyes keep looking at your beauty"

"Right here, right now."

"Let me keep telling you
that my love is your's"

"Right here, right now."

"I asked the five elements"

"You are the man of my dreams,
do you know?"

"I've missed you till now"

"I've missed you since ages."

"Showers of love in my life."

"Sweet dreams because of you."

"I've missed you till now"

"I've missed you since ages."

"Showers of love in my life."

"Sweet dreams because of you."

Ok, let's plan our wall of kindness
next program in MVP.

You take care of all the permissions.

Hello! What, Chandu, in hospital?

Omni RK, nothing happened to him right?


You will walk for sure my dear.


Have chapathi and chicken
combination will be good. try it.

Lot's of leaves and greens
are waiting for me.

Nobody can change you guys.

Is it why you are so tender?

-Isn't it wrong?
-What's wrong in this?

Huh! what's wrong?

When we comment, why can't you
take it as a compliment bro?

What's a compliment?

Chandu! They should know the difference
between comment and compliment.


-They won't ever comment anyone again.
-You think so?

-Hey brand?
-Brother in law?

The colony is glowing, talking about
Chandu and Sheetal, isn't it?

That's not it Elder bro, why did sister
connect to only him, when there are many?

Everyone being in colony is diffrent and
being the one for colony is different.

If he is there, I beleive I will be happy

Not just me the world around him
would be happy.

If he is along I feel so safe.

Shall I tell you one thing?

He doesn't want to grow in life,
he just want's to live it.

If you love me so much,
I don't have anything to give back to you.

You don't have to give me anything,
be with me for life, that's enough.

What happened, why are you like this?

Sunil Jain's daughter eloped with someone.

-Our Sunil's daughter?
-Yes! Our Sunil's daughter.

Knowing this they boycotted him
from his village.

Depressed by that he attempted suicide.


These daughter's! when would they know
about their parents feelings and emotions?

You don't get tensed.

Your daughter knows your love for her.

Please sleep.

You go ahead I will sleep.

Why did you grow your nail so long?

Not a nail it's my granny, this nail is
same as my grannies

That's why my father keeps saying
that I'm his mom.

Hi! granny this is Chandu, like you I'll
be with your grand daughter for life.

It will go if you take a shower.

This is the sort of alliance you dreamt of

The guy looks like a spotless moon.

I found this thing upstairs sir.

Didn't sleep yet my girl?

Papa I'm just about to.

-This is Sheetal Jain's father Pramod Jain

I need to talk to you,
can you come to the nursery?

I'm coming.

Jai Jinendra! Nursery looks great uncle,
tell me uncle you wanted to talk?

You think it's heroism to come
home after the girl's parents sleep?

Your daughter asked for
an ice cream at that time!

As I love her, I didn't have another go.

You know the first thing idol fellows
do in this world first? They fall in love.

If that love has some eligibility
has a ticket, no one would buy it.

Look, this guy is going to be a collector,
his dad is a retired professor

Respectable family, good property,
every thing is perfect.

I believe my daughter would be
happy at their home.

That's not it uncle, she will be happy
only with Chandu.

You are a drunkard who wakes up
with a hangover

On which beleif I should give my
daughters hand to you?

I'm six feet, my complexion matches your's

I have lots of love,
what else do you need?

You think so?

Is this nursery our's uncle?

Will tell you everything wait.

Hello who is this?

Hello sir! is this Mr.Babu Rao?

Yes sir, hello!

I'm a marriage consultant

I came to know that you
have a daughter for marriage

There is a good alliance for her,
what do you think?

Sure! Why would we miss out on such
good alliance, is it a nice family?

Oh it's a very good family!
His father is a hard working man.

That's fine, what about the boy,
how are his habits?

Is he working or doing any business?

As of now he isn't working. He is idle.

You mean to say he is still irresponsible!

But the boy is very good looking,
he is six feet.

What do we have to do with the looks?
Would the feed us?

He should be eligible

She is like my mom,
We've raised her so well

How can I give her to a nobody?

I must trust him first.

No! no! That's not it, there's nothing
you don't know

He will change after marriage,
responsibility will come automatically.

Stop it now Mr., a jobless fellow

Who is living on his fathers earnings,
that idiot might be ready for a marriage

But being an elder you must have
the sense to bring such proposal.

Would you give your
daughter to such a fellow?

Enough, disconnect the call now!

Hang up!

That's it!

To fall in love it's ok to be like you

But to get married you must be eligible,
your father said that didn't you hear?

You people try hard to
make a girl fall for you

Put half the efforts, for her family too.

Is it wrong for me or your dad, to think
his daughter must get a good husband?

As my daughter trusted in you, I must too.

I hope you understood what to do
for me to trust you.

One minute, you know when will you know
you changed?

Someone will come to you
to offer his daughter

Then you come,
I will give my daughter to you.

Till then Sheetal must
not know about this.

Younger bro, your ego is high.

Her father is a good man any way,
he offered his daughters hand to Chandu.

Her father meant to offer to
a sensible man, not to Chandu.

It's not so hard he will change.

He was trying to quit boozing
since ten years

Though his bones ache,
he bandages them and drinks.

It's tough to quit these
bad habbits Younger bro.

What does the boy do?
Hope he doesn't have any bad habits?

As of now he is Idol.

Would you give your
daughter to such fellow?

Someone will come to you to offer
his daughter.Then come to me.

-Did he get hurt or what?
-Would'nt he?

Younger bro! Hey?

See you.

-Are you going?

-Good night!
-Good night!

scold me how much ever you want to

From tomorrow on you wont get a chance,
I'm going to change.

Wonder if this alarm is working!

Lalamma give me a glass of milk.


Good night!

You think your brother woke up?

Lalamma give me breakfast.

What, what's that look?

What, are you shocked?
Good morning.

Good morning!

Won't you make anything else
other than idly?

-Make poori for me tomorrow.
-Ok my boy.

-Sambar is there?
-No my boy.

Here have bombay chutney.

-Take another idly my boy?
-No mom enough.

Mom it's been a long time I had breakfast
with brother.

Mom! my certificates should be here,
did you keep them else where?

They must be there

-They should be here some where?
-No they are not.

Did you take them or what?

No brother I did not.

Here are your certificates

I knew some day they would be useful

These are the life line for
middle class people like us.

Thanks dad!

-Brother I'm coming to you

-Are you in offfice?
-No wait

My boss is not in a mood today,
I will tell you when to come, don't mind.

Ok brother.

God! why are you here?

Hi aunty, hi uncle!

She is Sheetal my friend.


These are for you.

Take them.

Actually this girl doesn't know..

-So you guy's understood?
-Chandu! phone?

Give it.

Come stand.

Now we will take a family photo.

This is our family, isn't it super?

-This is me Kalyani

Here it's Kalyani.

-Sheetal where are you?

-At the light house, come.


After you came into my life,
I'm having a dream every day.

What else?

You are the groom I'm the bride

You come on a horse to take me itseems.

The dream is good right?

What's that?

Spot's beautify the moon,
Chandu beautifies me.

I don't have any thing to give back to you
If you love me so.

Aren't you there to
make my dream come true?


I didn't think this would happen.

If he doesn't pay what to do,
what's your intension?

Don't you know when you
signed the document?

How did you think you'd
repay five lakh rupees?

-If you can give some time?
-If I give you time?

Will you repay? How would you?

It would be repayed
only by auctioning this house. That's it.


-How dare you?

You hold my father's shirt?


Would you hold an elders shirt?

-That's not it mom?
-Shut up!

I thought you would change to be
a gentleman, but not as a goon.

Brother! Forgive us

He is a very good man,
that's why we are facing this.

Give us some time,
till then take these as an interest.


If you were responsible,
do we have to face this?

Being a son is not enough,
you must think of the family too.

Why did you hit him when I did wrong?

All this happened because of that
Varahala Rao

What do I do?

Like heart is on the left side

If any one asks for a help
my left thumb goes forward.

Being good too will
some time make you cry.

Mr.Rama Rao! I want your house.

Without my notice or permission

You can't move just a tile
from top of your house.

Look sir! That's not just a house

It's a memory bought by my wife
from her metarnal home.

I'm asking you to sell those memories
to me Rama Rao sir.

I will pay you higher
than the market price.

I will keep that memory with me
as long as I live, see you.

Grandpa don't sell your house to sir
because he said so.

Don't sell it or give it away to anyone.

-Who is this fellow?
-My cousin, he came for a job.

We will give it for devolopment.
That too we will give it to sir.

Granny's name won't be lost, infact
there will be a complex on her name.

Memories are good, but they'll
be more good if they are useful.

If people benifit from it
grannie will be happy up there.

That too if you have trust in us.

My Nookalu used to say, some times
trust can be seen in the eyes of a person.

Tell me where to sign,
din't you hear the boy?

-My boy?

If you are outside lot of my transactions
will be stalled.

If you are in here, I will be huge.
Come and join tomorrow itself.

-God bless you.

-Thank you sir!
-No formalities.

-You are my golden boy.

-I loved you as you are.

Now your good time has started.

God save you from evil eyes!

Here is your ID card.

-Congrats dude!
-Thanks brother.

It's your turn.

-Come on play.
-Hey you!

Oh me?

-Watch now.
-Oh crap!

Her father meant to offer to
a sensible man not to Chandu.

No big deal, he will change.

Look it's Chandu.

-Din't I say he would change?
-Yes dude.

Elder bro! din't I say
brother in law would change?

-Super Younger bro!
-Thanks dude!

-Brother in law, congrat's!

-Congrat's dude!

What's this brother in law, like a kid,
stop it.

Brother in law I'm so proud of you.

Did you meet my sister?

Happiness or sorrow I share it with
you guys first, ain't it?

Most of the letter's today are
pink in colour.

-Hold the glass.

For Lalithamma R/O Sitammapeta from her
daughter in law, name Chatpathi?

It's different!

She has asked to dedicate this
song for her mother in law

Lalitha Devi maam, we are playing this
song on behalf of your daughter in law

Keep listening to mirchi
98.5.It's very hot.

[song playing in radio]

[song playing in radio]

Hi aunty! Hello uncle!

Hi Alekhya.

Come dear, live 100 years,
how do you know I like this song?

Chandu told me aunty.

Aunty... Chandu?

Chandu is inside, go! go.


I wanted to surprise you but you came
and gave me a surprise.

One minute.
Sir.. tell me.

Chandu sir, where are you?

-Sir I'm in the cafe.
-How long will it take for you come?

-Will be there in 10 minutes sir.

Excuse me, how long will it take
for the order?

-15 minutes sir.
-15 minutes?

Sheetu don't mind can you take a cab?
There is an urgency.

"To find a way to bring my love
much close to me."

I will speak to my boss.

-Sri Raama!

I like people who do smart work like you.

-I love you Sri Ram...
-Thank you sir...

Sir I spoke to Mr.Krishna Rao,
every thing is ok now.

Do you have sense?

-You cut the phone, was it a mistake?

Sorry sir, I lost the signal

Sir every thing is positive,
they will say by evening.

Love you my boy, again I love you.

Sorry dear!

"I've started painting new colours"

"Rain of flower's fell in my heart"

"Out of no way on the way,
the turns have glown"

-Tell me Chapathi?
-We thought of going to temple today?

You go I've got some work.

"There used to be a couple like us"

"I will love you so, that every heart
will show us to the world."

-Hello Chandu it's Kalyani.
-I will call you in five minutes.

He told he will call back in five minutes.

Nice property sir, thanks for consulting

Sorry sir.

He is cutting the call.

Ok sir I will talk, you can leave.

-Chandu! it's Sheetal.

Sheetal! which number do you want?

9391554567 is it?

Yes but this is not Chandu's,
it's Sri Rama Chandra Murthy's number.

Sri Rama Chandra Murthy?

-Who is it brother?
-Some Sheetal

She asked for Chandu, I said
Sri Rama Chandra Murthy, she hung up.

-Sri Rama!

After you came, my company and my business

Are cruising like a car on a highway.

Frankly speaking

Lord Rama is in Ayodhya,
this Rama is in my heart.

Sir thank you...

That's why, this disciple is offering you
a small gift.

Why are you looking at me like that?

-You've changed a lot.
-What! did I change, why do you say so?

One minute.

Hello sir, tell me?

Sri Rama my golden boy where are you?

-I'm waiting for you
-On my way sir, will be there in 10mins..

Love you!

I'm sorry!

You've changed really.

Here eat first.

Chapathi is looking awesome!

She is beautiful!

What! what's your problem?

You think women are easy?

Tell us what your problem is?

Boss...don't mind please.
You come.

He commented on me,
why are you saying please?

He only commented, just leave it?

Sorry boss...

You know what you are doing?
You changed a lot.

I din't change you come, I will tell you.

-Today is Peddodu's birthday

-Did you forget?
-No I'm on my way.

Come soon.

Don't mind about what has happened.

-Where are you?

-Sir I'm coming.
-I love you..


Ramesh sir went to his son in America.

Venkat Rao will make an agreement
in a couple of days.

If you check this file of 1000 sq. yrds,
we will go for registration on Monday.

Rest of them are in line, they will
be finalised by this month end.

I see only your efforts in my companies

-Sri Ram!

You are sweetest, you are hottest,
you are latest

You are greatest,
nothing but Everest!

-Thank you sir.
-God bless you Sri Ram.

Thanks sir!

-Tie it properly.
-Hey Chandu...

Elder bro! happy birthday dude.

Give that cake here.

Happy birthday Elder bro.

My man...

-My man!
-What is it?

Look here.

Keep them as intrest.

I'm your son after all.

My son you were not born in a hospital,
you were born at your grandmas place.

Did you see, my boy is such gold?

Yes! yes! if the son is useless
he's his father's son

If he changes into a gentle man
they are mom's son.

Isn't it then?

-Bother in law!
-Bother in law!

What, is it a good news again?

Yes this time good news is
for both our families brother in law.

I under estimated my nephew,
brother in law

Marry my daughter,
though she is dark she is good looking.

Someone will come to your house
asking to marry his daughter

Come to me then,
I will give you my daughter.

Uncle! what did you say?

Marry my daughter Bujji.

-You come I will tell.

-Brother! where?
-Where are you taking him?

-Why did you bring me here?
-Come, I will tell you.

Uncle! tell him what you just said.

I told him I will give him my daughter,
so he brought me here hurriedly.

You must have understood by now uncle,
then Sheetal?

Every father wishes about this

I will come to your home on an
auspicious day, you carry on.

Tell me my boy.

Lalamma you are lucky,
you stole a beautiful daughter in law.

My man!

-There's a surprise for you.

-My marriage is fixed.

Congrats! why are'nt you asking me
who is the bride?

Chicken weds Chapathi, isn't it wonderful?

Excuse me who do you think I am?
I'm Sheetal Jain.

I came here to surprise you,
you are giving me a shock instead.

What happened to you?
I'm Chandu.

Earlier Chandu was my strength,
but now I'm scared.

You left to be like you.

I loved and wanted to marry Chandu.

Not Sri Rama Chandra Murthy.

Why would there be tears in my eyes
if you were Chandu?

Is it hard to be the same always?

How do people change so easily?

How could you talk so easily Sheetu?

You know how hard I worked to reach here?

Life is not about growing,
it's about living it.

Shall I tell you one thing.

He doesn't want to grow in his life,
he want's to live it.

If you find Chandu somewhere tell him
that Sheetal is waiting for him.

Sheetu! who is it?

Some Sri Rama Chandra Murthy,
a real estate agent.

I will tell you a story.

Sheetal got a dog home to play
when she was young.

I said it's a road side dog
but she refused. [reverberates]

She said she wanted that only.

Few days later that pup turned lazy
and stopped playing with her.

Look papa Happy is ignoring me.

She left the pup from where she got it.

For the pup to get silent and for you to
become a gentleman, reason is me.

Some body came to give his daughter
to you, marry her and settle down.

If you disturb me again

As I got you out of my daughters life,

I will send you out of your life
the same way.

Sri Rama Chandra Murthy! out.

-Sri Rama!

Madhurawada Krishna Rao's son is waiting
in the Minerva coffee shop

-Go collect the documents.
-Ok sir.

-Clean the kitchen too.
-Ok maam.

Look's the power is back.

-Laxmi! switch on the motor.
-Ok maam.

Who's name is this?
I'm asking you.


To protect your scriblings from
fading away for ever

Your father never got this room painted.

But you left his heart with
permanent scratches.

You are not worthy of his affection.


What happened my girl?

For me to be happy,
I will do what ever you say papa.


Thank you sir.

Have you gone blind?

-Sorry sir.
-What sorry?

Where's your chick?

Are you showing off, I'm talking to you?

Tell me Kalyani...

Is Chandu with you,
he is not taking my call?

-What happened?
-Well, Sheetal and Chandu...

Realising responsibilities
I got closer to my parents.

Changing my habbits distanced me
from my love.

Elder bro! Lets talk to sister once?

No dude,
they don't understand us like we do

Don't know these girls?

"I'm not in me, neither am I like me,
you said, my love"

"If you are not you,
what will happen to me my love?"

"You've erased our love my love"

-What's this?
-Spots beautify moon!

Chandu beautifies me!

I have nothing to give you back,
if you love me so much?

Aren't you there for me?

"Life of the world around me."

"Don't make us apart and leave."

"I'm not in me, neither am I like me,
you said, my love"

I must see my brother happy again. Mom!

"If you are not you,
what will happen to me my love?"

Check carefully.

Hello! come sir.
Krishna see what sir want's.

My name is Babu Rao, sir.

-You go take of the work.
-Ok sir.

Reason behind my son to get on track.

I felt happy that you were the reason.

Knowing that you were the one
again who took his happiness away

I was devastated.

I have a daughter too.

"The time can't change,
the love in my heart."

"It told me to change the way,
for your love."

"I can't see you in tears."

"My efforts are to see you smile."

"You were the one who wanted me,
you were the one who came to me."

"This heart ache is
being imparted by you."

"Life of the world around me."

"Don't make us apart and leave."

-Chandu! Sheetal's marriage is fixed.

"If you want to be a butterfly,
learn to fly, my love."

"If you want to catch that rainbow,
you must grow my love."

He brought my brother in law to tears,
I won't leave him today.

He's finished today.

Stop dude! stop.

Younger bro! Move aside.

For me to be called my mother's son,
it took me 23 years.

How can I become Sheetals husband
in two months?

Sorry uncle, my friends could'nt bear it,
you please go.

You are so beautiful,
my evil eye might fall on you!

Nothing like that, you are beautiful too.

I was happy that you became succesful

But I never thought, that happiness
was followed by tears.

What about that girl?

Women are like that,
we can't understand them.

Look at your mom

She will feel happy if the dal is good

But if I say that salt was high in it,
she feels sad.

We are happiness and sorrow for them.

I was so happy to see him and her together

But nothing happens as we want.

Wait! one minute

Just one minute,
I should speak to my daughter once.

You know what we call you
as soon as you are born?

Mother! you are our mothers.

To change my thought to give you an IAS
as your husband

I've been suffering from two days.

Tell me about Chandu, atleast now.

Now that Chandu is not there papa.

Trust me.

I thought to change Chandu to
Sri Rama Chandra Murthy

And kick him off your life.


But I never thought that I was taking away
your happiness, other than him.

One minute uncle.

You wanted to give your daughter
a perfect guy

But no one is perfect here.

You, me, IAS groom
even Sheetal is not perfect.

Consideration is, are each other
a perfect match.That's it?

Uncle! You know when do you fail
as a father?

Your daughter must not be in tears
in the happiest moment of her life

After seeing her tears you will realise
that you failed.

A girl should be smiling when
she is being tied the holy thread

And will be in tears while leaving
to her in-laws home.

But that my daughter would have tears in
her eyes even when she is tied holy thread

was only told by him to me.

He is loved by all

Listen to me, I misunderstood him.

If Chandu would'nt have changed
to Sri Rama Chandra Murthy

I might not have thought to stop
this marriage.

When a man changes,
his way of loving might change

Love won't change.

It's him!
That Chandu is the right person for you.

Go! Go my girl.

My daughters happiness is more
important than the community and all.

I'm asking an apology from you all.

You please sit, please. I'm sorry.

Go my child, go.

Thank you papa!

I was confused back then, but found you
when frustated.

She says I'm not Chandu
and she doesn't like me.

Her father wants me to be
Sri Rama Chandra Murthy

And compared me with a pup.

You guys keep commenting,
what's your problem actually?

Bro! take the comment as a compliment.

What! A compliment?

They should know the difference
between comment and compliment.

You said I'm not Chandu but
Sri Rama Chandra Murthy?

What are you doing here now?

I like you however you are.


What's the name of this magic?

Some questions remain unanswered

Correct, but life is not about growing
it's about living it.

But to live happily in life we need
a bit of growth na bro?

But don't forget the ones
who think you are their life.

Why this tie?

Assistant manager must be this dignified.