Ee Kannikoodi (1990) - full transcript

Investigation story of a prostitutes murder and path leading to it.

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I came to report something.

Tell me.

A woman I've known
is lying dead in her house.

Was she killed
or did she die on her own?

I don't know.

It looks like a murder.

Where does she live?

The street is called 'Tatta Kudil'.

The house is on the left side
of the main road.

In the middle of the compound.

Hey, write an FIR.

What was the dead lady's name?
- Kumudam.

How do you know her?
- She's just a friend.

What's your name?


Where do you live?
- Ernakulam.

Do you work here?
- No, I work in Ernakulam.

What do you do?
- I'm a manager in a hotel.

When did you come here?
- This morning.

Sir, this man came
to report an accident.

- On 'Tatta Kudil' lane.

Did you prepare an FIR?
- We are doing it, sir.

When did you go to her house?

About 20 minutes ago.


Don't allow anyone inside.
- Yes, sir.


This is the room she is in, sir.

Please stand aside.

Sir, do not step here.
Please go that way.

Move it.

Bring him to the station.

We'll have to investigate
the surrounding area. - Yes, sir.

Come with me.

- Yes.

You are here right now

as a prime suspect in this case.

If you want to be free,
speak only the truth.

Do you understand?

Who was this woman?


Was she a prostitute?

Yes, I believe so.

That means you have been
visiting her often.

I've just visited her twice,
before this.

How did you come to know
about this woman?

She visited the hotel
where I worked

a long time ago
- What is your hotel's name?

Hotel Delight.

When did she visit your hotel?

The third week of February.

Was she staying
alone in the hotel?

No, she was with a businessman.

Do you know his name?

N.S. Swami.
He's an exporter.

She often visited my hotel
with this man.

In February, one night,
there was an incident.

Four friends of that businessman
joined him in his room.

After seeing that woman,
they decided not to leave.

That woman was very stubborn.

She told him that she won't
entertain his friends.

But the businessman
didn't like that.

And those men were drunk,
they started forcing her.

I was staying on the same
floor that night. - Okay.

When I went to enquire,
I saw these men attacking her.

She was trying to
run away from them.

I got involved.

But they were adamant and tough.

When they came to know that
I'm the manager, they left.

I took that woman to my room.

She was crying the entire night.

In the morning, she left.

So, that's how you know her.

She was grateful to me
for what I did that night.

She gave me her address
and invited me home.

I get three holidays
at the end of every month.

At the end of February,
I visited her home.

She was very happy.

She asked me to visit her often.

I visited her last month, too.

Did you have
a physical relationship with her?

No, sir.
To be honest, at first

I did have the desire.

But after getting to knowing her

I didn't feel like
taking advantage of her.

I trust you.

You can, sir.

Where did she belong?

I don't know.
She never told me.

Didn't you ever ask her?

I did, but she
refused to tell me.

So, what kind of conversation
did you have with her?

She was a well-educated woman.

She liked talking about
art and the world.

She told me that
she enjoyed my company.

How many times have you
visited her house?

I visited her in March
and then again, this morning.

Did you notice anything
about her behaviour or conversation

which could be
the reason for her death?

- Have you seen anyone

visit her when
you were at her home?

The last time I was with her,
a 30-year-old man visited her home.

They talked secretly for a while.

Did he see you?

Yes, he was a friendly guy.

He talked to me before he left.

What was his name?

Mani, if I am not mistaken.

I guessed his profession
by his behaviour.

- Yes.

Do you know about this guy?

Yes, sir.
He's already on our list.

Do you want me to bring him here?
- Yes.

Okay, sir.

Until we find that killer

you will face many inconveniences.

You cannot leave as yet.
You have to wait.

Mani lives here, right?
- Yes, sir.

Which room?
- Room number 16.

I can call him here.

No, I'll go and meet him.

Ramu, take the officer to room 16.

Please come.

This is his room.

He's not here.

He must be in the shower.
- Where is it?

Do you want me to call him?

No, you may go.
Don't stick around.

Are you trying to flash me?
Put your clothes back on!

Sir, why are you here?
I can send you my dues.

It's not even the 30th yet.
If you wish, I can pay now.


How much do you have?

I have around Rs. 350, sir.

Keep that money back
in your wallet.

Sir, I can give more.
- Just keep it in your wallet.

Do you know Kumudam
who lives in 'Tatta Kudil'?

Yes, but how do you know her?

Sir, she's a high-level escort.

If you wish, I can arrange her..
- Did you go there yesterday?

Yes, I did.

Did you kill her?

Why would I kill her, sir?
I don't know anything.

Really? Come with me!

But let me get dressed first.

Get dressed!

What happened to Kumudam?

Stop acting smart with me.

Yes, I wrote this letter.

'Sultan is here'.
Who is Sultan?

He is a client
from Kozhikode, sir.

People call him Sultan.

'At 1900, Breeze 115, Bell.'
What does this mean?

It means, Hotel Breeze.

115 is the client's
hotel room number.

1900 means, 7 p.m.

The time she was supposed
to reach the hotel.

'Bell' means Mani. That's me.
That's my name.

Your business
is like a military operation.

So, you used to contact her
using code language.

Not always.

When she's not home,
I drop letters like this.

How long have you known her?

I've known her for seven months.

Where did you first meet her?

I met her at Malanar Motel.

How? Tell me!

There was a manager named
Anthony at Malanar Motel.

When he opened this motel

business wasn't going too well.

So, he turned
to the prostitution business.

He hired a few prostitutes.

Kumudam was one of them.

That's how I got involved
in this business with her.

Is it Anirudh who owns
Malanar motel? - Yes, sir.

Did he have a relationship
with Kumudam?

What do you mean by relationship?

Yes, I know what you are thinking.
I mean a physical relationship.

He's not that kind of person, sir.

He's just a businessman.
He doesn't smoke

drink or engage with women
for that manner.

But he makes others do such things
and runs his business, right?

Does her house belong to Anirudh?

No, it's on rent.

I found that house for Kumudam.

And when was that?

Probably, around three months ago.

These prostitutes were first
accommodated in the motel.

But the sub-inspector
who worked here earlier

was very strict.

He used to conduct
raids at our hotel.

So, Mr. Anirudh asked me to find
houses for these prostitutes

and we shifted them
out of the motel.

Where did the other prostitutes go?

Like I said, because of
the former sub-inspector

we couldn't run the business well.

As a result, those women started
leaving the area, except Kumudam.

Because of her beauty and decency

she had a steady flow of clients.

How can she be decent if she
was involved in this business?

She was a decent lady by nature.

She was probably
from a good family.

Do you know where she is from?

No, but I did ask her about that.

She did not tell me.

She told me
that it is none of my business.

Sir, there are a few limitations
between a prostitute

and people like us.

So, we don't get
very personal with them.

That is just how it is.

You said you visited
her often, right?

Not daily, but I would go
at least four days a week.

You used to be her pimp,
didn't you?

So, tell me.

Do you suspect anyone?

No one that I know of.

Of late,
did you notice any changes

or differences in her behaviour?

Now that I think about it

I believe something
went wrong in her life.

Why do you think so?

Ten days ago,
a man visited Malanar Motel.

- A businessman from Ernakulam.

He used to contact Kumudam often.

But I don't suspect that man.

One night,
I was taking Kumudam to a hotel.

When we reached the hotel

we met Mr. Anirudh
at the counter.

Hello, yes. The conference
is in Ernakulam, right?

Okay, I'll come to the airport.

I'll come there and meet you.

I'll be at the airport.

Yes, sure.

Sure, we can do that.

All right.

Just a minute.

Hey, Mani!

Come here.

I have to talk to her.

Tell her to wait near my room.
- Okay, sir.


Mr. Anirudh wants to talk to you.

He wants you to wait outside
his room. - Okay.

Come in.

Don't you understand?

I told you to end
that relationship.

What's wrong?

His brother called me.

He wants to know where you live.

Look, I don't want any trouble.

Go and stay somewhere else.

Or else, just go away from here.

Don't try to threaten me.
I don't depend on anyone to live.

I didn't force him to come to me.
That's his choice.

I don't decline my clients.

You are ruining someone's family.

That's his concern, not mine.

Which room?
- Room number three.

Who was Anirudh talking about?

I have no idea, sir.

This happened ten days ago, right?

Yes, sir.

When was the last time you saw her?

The evening before she died.

There was a customer
at Malanar Motel.

I told her about this client.

So, I went to pick
Kumudam up in a taxi.

Hey, aren't you ready yet?

I told you to be ready by 7.30 p.m.

I'm not coming tonight.
You may go, Mani.

Why not? Are you not well?

Yes, I'm not feeling well.

It's okay.
He's your old client.

Just spend some time with him
and come back soon.

We can't disappoint this client.

He asked me to arrange you,
a week ago.

I gave him my word.
I cannot disappoint him.

Come on, get dressed.
I'll wait.

No, Mani.
I can't come tonight.

How can you say that?

My promises have value.

At least meet him, please.

I won't come.
Don't wait here.

What's wrong?

Is someone here with you?

I'll give you some privacy

or I can come back
after half an hour.

No, just leave.

This is not good.

I'll have to find another girl now.

Your other client from Kozhikode
will be here tomorrow.

I will call you
as soon as he is here.

I'm very positive that someone
was with her that night.

Did Kumudam allow
customers into her home too?

Not usually, sir.

She was very firm
about things like that.

But I can't guarantee that, though.

I saw this man
at Kumudam's house once.

When was that?

A month ago,
on the 20th or 30th, or so.

Did you see anyone else?
- Well..

I used to see a jeep in front
of her house on weekends.

If I thought she was with someone,
I would not disturb them.

Or I would wait till they leave.

Apart from this,
do you remember anything unusual

or recollect meeting
an unknown person?


Yes, sir.
Two days before she died

I saw a blue ambassador car
leaving in a hurry.

I saw someone lying
in the back seat.

In the front seat, there was
one more man along with the driver.

Can you recognise those people?

I don't think so, sir.

I couldn't see their faces.
- Okay.

Take his fingerprints
and leave him. - Okay, sir.

Come on. Your fingerprints
are in our files.

So next time, be careful.

Don't get into trouble.

And stop your business for a while.

Okay, sir.

Do some decent work,
or else you'll be in trouble.

Good evening, sir.
- Is Mr. Anirudh here?

Yes, sir. I'll call him.
- Okay.

Good evening, sir.

Greetings, sir.

If you had informed me,
I would have come to the station.

Can I get you anything to drink?


I want some information.

Sure, sir.
You may ask me.

That's my house on rent.

So, you're not
only running a hotel

you are into human trafficking too.

No, sir.
This was just a mistake.

Where did she belong?

I don't know.
But she came here from Kollam.


You know, sir.

To run my hotel, I had to get
into this illegal business.

My manager brought
a few girls here.

Kumudam was one of them.

Does the manager still work here?

No, he got a job in the gulf
last month. He has gone there.

What is his name?
- Anthony.

When was the first time
she was here?

Last October.

From that day,
she was in your custody, right?

What do you mean?

She was undertaking her businesses
under your watchful eye

and you were getting
a commission for it, right?

Sir, I'm not so cheap.

Things weren't like that.

she used to stay in my hotel.

Later, she shifted into
that rented house.

Sir, my manager used to
deal with these things.

I didn't have
any direct contact with her.

But I ignored these things
to save my business.

So, did you not go to her house?
- No, sir.

You never used to meet her either.
Is that so?

I used to meet her
when she came to the hotel.

I heard that she not only
visited your hotel

but other hotels too.

Didn't you protest that?

Not at all. I never interfered
in her personal life.

It's true that she lived
in my hotel

and moved into
the rented house I gave her.

Did she pay the rent herself?
- Yes, sir.

Was she earning well?

Yes. She was a beautiful lady
and was active in this profession.

So, isn't it obvious, sir?

So, she must have had
a good bank balance too, right?

I don't know about that, sir.

You say your manager
brought her here.

Didn't he mention anything
about her history?

I don't think
he knew much about her.

We heard that she was a widow

and was working
in a finance company.

After losing her job, due to
the dissolution of the company

she got into this business.

That's all my manager
told me about her.

Do you think she had any enemies?

No, sir. - Recently, you told her
to leave this place, didn't you?

I was..

You better be honest.

You can't fool me.

Which family was having
trouble with this woman?

How do you know?

I know about it.
Now, just answer my question.

It was Mr. Simon, T.P. Simon.

The owner of Alapit Timbers.


This woman became his weakness.

I hope you don't take this
the wrong way.

They met in my hotel.

After that,
he continued visiting her.

Simon owns a big farmhouse.

He used to spend time
with her over there.

But his family found out,
and his wife got really angry.

His wife's brother told me

to warn Kumudam,
or else things would get ugly.

So, I told Kumudam about this

and tried to warn her.

But, I don't think
she took it seriously.

What is Simon's
brother-in-law's name?


Did Francis contact you
after you warned Kumudam? - No.

You had a connection
with the woman who was murdered.

Hence, you are a suspect too.

Therefore, you'll have to
co-operate with us.

And you must visit the station
whenever we need you.

Sure, sir. I'll be there
whenever you need me.

Oh, I remember something.

A few days ago,
I believe it was a Thursday.

S.I. Abbas called me on the phone

and asked me about
Kumudam's whereabouts.

I don't know why.

Mr. Abbas.

Did you phone Malanar hotel,
last Thursday

and ask for Kumudam's address?

No, I didn't.

We didn't have information
about them. Yes.

I think it's someone else.
Okay, sir.

Is anyone there?

Is anyone there?

Who is it?

I'm from Pakala.
Are there no men in the house?

Yes. My husband is sleeping.

What's your husband's name?
- Kuttappan.

Okay, go and get him.

Who are you?
- I'm here for an enquiry.

Come here.

Do you know this guy?

Yes, he works in a wine shop
next to the bus stand.

Prince Wines, right?
- Yes.

Is he the same man?
- Yes, sir.

You'll have to come
to the police station with me.

I have to question you.
- Who are you?

I'm a poor old policeman.

You can ask me your questions here.

So, you are refusing to come
to the station, aren't you?

Sir, please. Let him go.
Don't hurt him.

Take him.
- I'll come with you.

I won't run away.
Leave me.

What? - Let me get dressed.
- What is it, Kuttappan?

Don't bother.
Let's go!

What's going on, Kuttappan?

Don't worry.
No one will touch me.

Keep walking!
Come on.

She died between 9:00 p.m.
and 9:30 p.m.

There's a bruise on her forehead.
It's not deep.

It seems like she hit her head
with great force.

There was minor bleeding,
not enough to cause death.

There are strangulation marks
on her neck.

But it remains only an attempt.

The main reason
for her death is poisoning.

It was consumed orally.

She absorbed potassium cyanide
in its powder form.

And it was a speedy death.

her forehead injury

strangulation marks
and consumption of poison

all happened at the same time,
within a span of 2 or 3 minutes.

That means, there could have been
more than one culprit.

We can say that.

What if one person
tried to strangle her

and the other one poisoned her?

- And their motive?

Sex is ruled out.

There is no evidence
of rape or molestation.

Most importantly,
these are my findings.

Yes, Mr. Nainan.

The poison which we found
on the floor of her room

is the same that
the victim had consumed.

As per the analysis,
the poison was

in that same bottle
for two to three years.

That means someone stored the
poison in the bottle on purpose.

We can assume that
the injury on the victim's head

was caused by the sharp wall

next to the dining hall.

There are some blood marks too.

The victim struggled a lot
near the dining area.

And the alcohol? - That was whisky
with a brand name.

Those drinks and glasses
have no sign of poison in it.

The food on the table
was not touched.

Two glasses have been used
for the drinks.

One glass was left
broken on the floor.

And the other one
was kept on the teapoy.

Both these glasses had
different fingerprints on them.

Both did not belong to the victim.
I believe it belonged to men.

The same fingerprints were
found on the alcohol bottles too.

It's clear that the two suspects
touched the bottles.

Only two persons?

A flower vase on the floor had
the victim's fingerprints on it.

Around the doorbell, there are
blood marks and some fuzzy prints.

This indicates there were many
visitors at the victim's house.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Ravindran, how are you
planning to proceed?

Let's assume that the fingerprints
on the glasses

and bottles belonged
to the culprits.

Outside the house, there are tyre
marks of a jeep and a motorcycle.

And we are trying to trace it.

If it wasn't rape, then what
could be the culprits' motive?

Her ornaments were not stolen.

That means
it was not a case of robbery.

There was an old leather box
lying open in her bedroom.

I'm not sure what that indicates.

That box didn't look like it
could protect anything expensive.

In the box,
I found a man's spectacle

a few old diaries, notebooks
and certificates.

We are investigating
in detail about it.

The cap of the poison bottle
was in that box.

This case seems really complicated.

Anyway, I wish you all the best.

Sir, he's the one who bought
alcohol bottles from Prince Wines.

And he ordered food
from Hotel Ansar that day.

He answered a few questions.
You may ask the rest. Come out.

Stand here!

What's your profession?
- I'm jobless.

He's jobless,
but he likes expensive drinks

and good delicacies.

Give him a tight slap!
- Hey.

How do you know that woman?

I don't know any woman, sir.

Then, who bought
the drinks and food?

I bought it for someone else.

Oh, I see.

Whom did you buy it for?

Tell me!


I'll tell you, sir.
- For whom did you buy it?

For Mr. Simon.
- How do you know him?

I'm Mr. Simon's driver.

She's my only daughter. So, I want
this wedding to be a grand one.

I hope we are not late.
- Not at all.

Please come.
- Yes.

You were supposed to
reach yesterday. - Yes, sorry.

We had relatives at home.
- I see.

- That's right.

I thought he left to America.
- He'll leave day after tomorrow.

That's why we couldn't come here.
- I understand.

Where is grandmother?

Everyone's inside.

Everything happened in a jiffy.

Your daughter is lucky.
- Hey, look who's here.

We were expecting you yesterday.

Sorry, Sally and Johnny
had come to visit us.

Where's Lissy?
- She's inside.

They will arrive
by 11.30 a.m., right?

Lissy, look who's here.

Good morning, ma'am.
- We are here, just like you said.

You got an MBA graduate.
- Get ready fast. They'll be here.

Looks like
there is an occasion here.

Mr. Simon's daughter
is getting engaged today.

Where were you, Kuttappan?

Simon has been looking for you
from morning.

What's the matter, sir?
What did he do?

Where is Mr. Simon?
- He's inside, sir.

Should we talk to him now?
- Yes, I think so.

What's wrong, Kuttappan?

Mr. Abbas, what did he do?

Why did you bring him here?
You could've called me.

This is Inspector Ravindran.

I have not met you before.
Why are you here?

I want to talk to you in private.

Not now. My daughter
is getting engaged today.

We can wait.
- No, please leave.

I'm not comfortable
with you being here, right now.

The police department doesn't work
as per your convenience.

Don't get smart with me.
I know your superiors.

Now leave. I'll meet you
at the station when I'm free.

We are not leaving
unless you co-operate.

Inspector, what do you want?

What crime did the driver commit?

He didn't commit the crime.
- Was it me?

- What crime?

Do you want me to say that
in front of all these people?

I'll speak to you.
Come in.

It's okay, we can wait.

Let's talk now.
Please come.

Prabhakaran Pillai.
- Yes.

Keep an eye on him.
- Okay.

Come here!

What's the matter, sir?

You'll be shocked.
- Do you remember me?


What's going on here?

Simon is accused
of Kumudam's murder.

- Yes.

Oh, my God!

Hey, there's a problem here.

Mr. Simon is a suspect

in the recent murder case.

Come on.
The police just informed me.

What's up, Lucas?
- There's a problem, sir.

I'll answer all your questions.
But please leave now.

Please do not humiliate me.

Sir, they are here.

Mr. Simon is coming.

Why did you stop here?
Please come in.

We need to talk.
- Come in, we'll talk.

I don't think we're ready
for this engagement.

Sorry, but the engagement is off.

Come, let's go.

Keep it there.

Take the car
and go to the farmhouse. - Okay.

I'll be there in an hour.
- Okay.

Close these windows.

I wasn't sure if you were here.

We had planned to meet tomorrow.

But tomorrow, I have some
very important work.

Are you all right?

Get ready.
Let's go to the farmhouse.

I'm sorry, I can't.
- Are you expecting someone else?

No. I am..

Then let's spend the night here.
Get the glass and water.

What is wrong with you today,

I got some food. Serve it.

Would you like a drink?

It's fun to have a drink.

I hope you don't mind,
but I'm not well tonight.

Can we do this tomorrow?

I told you I'm busy tomorrow.

You look fine.
I won't stay long. Come on.

Please, not tonight.
I want you to leave.

That's not fair.
Come on.

I told you, not tonight.

What's wrong with you? Do you want
more money? I'll pay you more.

Just leave!

Do you know who you are talking to?

I do.
And I don't care.

Tomorrow, I will humiliate you
in front of everyone.

Are you threatening me?
- Assume as you wish.


You were scared that Kumudam
will humiliate you.

So, you and your driver
came back and killed her.

To make it look like a suicide

you forced her to drink poison.
Isn't this what happened?

I won't blame you for saying that.

But that's not true.

Why don't you explain it to me?

Maybe you didn't go back.

But you could've hired
someone to kill her.

Inspector, I know I shouldn't
have gotten into this relationship.

We are humans
and we make mistakes.

But don't believe killing someone
is a solution

to any problem.

But Bala, the cops couldn't find
a clue about Kumudam's murder yet.

It seems like Mr. Simon
is going to be in trouble now.

No, he'll pay the cops and get
out of it. He is a millionaire.

I think Simon hired someone
to kill Kumudam.

That's what everyone thinks.

It's just his bad luck,
nothing else.

I also heard that

Simon's family found
about his affair.

So, his wife's brother had hired
someone to kill the woman.

Are you sure that's him, Pappan?

I saw his jeep
in our area many times.

Did you tell the cops about this?

Ali, they asked me many times.

But I just told them that
I don't know anything.

If we answer the cops,
they will harass us even more.

Who do you suspect, Pappan?
- I suspect two young boys.

Young boys?
- Yes, college boys.

- After the murder

I saw these boys near her house.

You won't answer the cops, right?

How do you know
they are college students?

I saw one of the boys at her place,
many times.

On two occasions,
they have come to the shop

taken soda and glasses
and poured drinks for themselves.

His name was Vishwan.

He is an ex-minister's son
and a student.

Can you recognise
the other guy who was with him?

I don't think so.

How long were they
at the victim's house, that night?

Yes, this is what confuses me.

The boy I mentioned, first

would spend more than
two hours at her house.

But that night,
these boys visited her house

and vanished within 10 minutes.

Can you recognise their motorcycle?
- Yes, sir.

The number is easy to remember.

Why are the cops here?

What's going on?

What's the matter, sir?

Nothing much.

Just came to meet you guys.

Something is wrong.

Not seeing you upsets us.

That's right.
Even cops are human, right?

They have a heart too.

Oh, you seem to be a writer.

Do you write stories or poems?

Looks like you are
in a good mood today.

What did you call me?

Don't you have any
lectures to attend?

I see. I'll call them.

Should I inform the parents?
- Not yet.

Who is Vishwan?
He travels on a bike.

He's in the second year.
His name is Vishwanath.

Do you know someone
who travels with him?

That must be Gopakumar.
He's in the same class.

Call both of them.
- Okay, sir.

It is very unfortunate.
We'll definitely help you.

Thanks, sir.

What's going on?

Looks like they're in trouble.


The principal called you.
- Hey, catch him!

Hey, stop!

Come with us!

- What did Vishwan do?

Hey, come on.

Silence, please!

We can go to that room and talk.

- I request you all to be calm.

The cops are here to investigate.

Please keep silence!

What's happening?

Were you at Kumudam's house
on Saturday night?

No, we were not.

But people saw you
going to her house.

We didn't go there, sir.

Don't lie!

We did go there, sir.
- Be quiet, Vishwan.

- Why did you kill her?

We didn't kill anyone!

Stand there!

Why did you kill her?

We didn't kill her, sir.

Then why did you go to her house?
- I've been there before too.

But I didn't go there, sir.
- Be quiet!

Be quiet!

How do you know her?

A friend introduced me to her.

What's his name?
- Ramdas.

Where does he live?
- At Kollam.

What does he do?
- He's into politics.

His dad is a minister, right?

Is his father also involved?

Did your friend
from Kollam visit her often?

No. He met her once in a hotel,
two months ago.

She invited Ramdas to her house
since they were acquaintances.

Ramdas asked me to join him.
That's how I know her.

Did your friend not visit
that woman again?

No, sir. How many times
have you visited her?

About four or five times.
- You've been there many times.

She refused you, right?

That's why you killed her
along with your friend.

I'll be in trouble if my dad
finds out. - You deserve it.

No, sir. Trust us.
We didn't kill her.

I don't believe you.
- Sir, please.

Why were you at her house
with him on Saturday night?

Gopan wanted to join me that night.

He's lying, sir.
- Be quiet!


I knew what she was like, so,
I didn't allow him to come with me.

Last Saturday evening,
we drank together.

I asked him to join me
at her place.

What happened there?

We were there around 8:45 p.m.

It's me, Vishwan.
Open the door.

I don't think she's home.

But the lights are switched on.

Kumudam, open the door.
It's Vishwan.


Why isn't she opening the door?
- I don't know.

Let's sing her a song.
Maybe then she'll answer.


"How long have I waited for you"

"I haven't heard
any news of my beloved."

"I have faith that
she is not unfaithful."

"The limit of.."

What took you so long
to open the door?

Just leave!

Why are you behaving
like a stranger?

Hey, meet my friend, Gopan.
- I said, leave!

Please don't disappoint us.
- Leave!

She will say that.
But it's okay, come in.

I said, leave!

No, not yet.

Get out! Now!

That's all that happened, sir.
- This is what happened at first.

But after that, you got more drunk.

And came back for revenge
and killed her.

No, sir. That's not true.
- I don't believe you.

Bring them to the station.
- My dad will come to know, sir.

Not just your dad, everyone
will come to know. Come on!

I don't think these students
are involved in murder.

Me too, sir.

There are loopholes
in Simon's version of the story.

Since the drink that Simon brought
was shared by two people

then, it must be his friend
or someone he hired to kill her.

It is with these suspicions
that I questioned Simon again.

But he keeps saying
that he was alone with her.

Anyway, whoever was there
that night, apart from Simon

must be behind this murder.
And you must find that man.

Yes, sir.

I found these papers
in her bedroom.

These certificates
belonged to the victim.

But this certificate has
a different name, Susan Philip.

Sir, these greetings are from 1982
by someone named Harshan.

Women do change
their names in this profession.

I found out the address
mentioned on this certificate.

It's somewhere in Trivandrum.
I'll visit that place tomorrow.

On the way, I have to stop
at Kayamkulam for an enquiry.

This certificate is from
St. Mary's school in Kayamkulam.

This is Susan Philip's fee receipt.

May I come in?
- Come in.

Take a seat. Who are you?
- I'm Inspector Ravindran.

Oh, your visit does
not come as a surprise.

I know you are here to investigate
about that woman who was murdered.

Today, after reading the newspaper

I realised that I knew this woman.

I was writing a letter

to the inspector of the Alappuzha
South Police Station.

How do you know this woman, Father?

Her son is studying here.

How long has he been here?

She admitted him here

two years ago,
in the year 1988.

How old is her son?

He's seven years old and studies
in the 2nd grade. His name is Gopi.

Do you know where she is from?
Did she give you an address?

She was from Kollam, where she
was working as a receptionist.

She told me that her husband died

and they had no relatives
to look after them.

That's why
she admitted her son here.

Do you know her husband's name?

No. Since she said he was no more,
we did not ask.

She didn't tell us either.

Did she visit her son often?

When she was in Kollam,
she used to visit him once a month.

When she visited, last August

she said she found
a job in Alappuzha.

Following that,
she would visit us every Saturday.

Was she here last Saturday too?
- Yes.

That is the day she died.

I know.
But she was here to meet her son.

Susan arrived around 11:00 a.m.
and took her son out for a drive.

They probably had
their lunch outside.

They were back by 3:30 p.m.

Wow, you got so many goodies.

Susan, he's a very good artist.

His room is full of drawings.

I want you to encourage him
and make him a great artist.

We encourage talents.

Gopi, go and attend the prayer.

Study well, Son.

Next time,
I'll get your favourite comics.

Go on.

Susan, how's your work?

I hope you are doing well,
by the grace of God.

Goodbye, Father.

Her son is not aware
that she's dead, right?

Right. Because like I said,
I got to know the news

this morning,
while reading the papers.

I don't know
how to break the news to her son.

As a police officer,
why don't you do it?

I want to see him.
- Come.

Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon, Father.

Please sit.
Gopi, please come here.

Come on.

This man is here to see you.

What happened, sir?
- Nothing.

I just came to meet you.
You may go now.

Don't tell him anything now,

Tell him before her funeral.

Nobody has claimed the body yet.

I'll let you know
before her funeral.

Father, let me know
if you get any information.

Especially, if anyone
arrives to see Gopi.

- Thank you.

Is anybody home?

Is somebody home?

Is this Susan Philip's house?

She's not here. We don't know
where she is. Please leave.

I'm not here for Susan.
You are her father, aren't you?

I need to talk to you
about something important.

I don't want to hear anything.
She's not my daughter anymore.

Who is it?

Who are you?
What do you want?

I'm a police officer.

I am here regarding
an investigation from Alappuzha.

Oh, my God.
Even the cops are here to find her.

Sir, she left our house
eight years ago.

We don't even know where she is.
So, please don't bother us.

We are not responsible
for what she does.

Open the door.

Take a seat.

Is she in jail?

I'm here to give you some sad news.

Your daughter, Susan, is dead.

We suspect she was murdered.

God punished her

for abandoning us.

She disappointed everyone.

We are not sad that she's dead.

We don't even want to see
her dead body.

My daughter!

Where are you going
so early in the morning?

There is an exhibition
of art at Fine Arts.

Yesterday was the inauguration.
It's fantastic, Dad.

This is the first exhibition
in our city.

If you can,
you must come and see it.

It is probably too modern for me.
I wouldn't understand.

There are many famous
painters in Trivandrum.

I'm meeting them.

There's a demonstration at 8:00 a.m
by my boss from Calcutta.

I don't want to miss that.

Didn't your mom tell you?
- No. Tell me what, Dad?

We are having guests over tomorrow.
You'll have to be at home.

I'm sorry, Dad. Tomorrow is
the last day of this camp.

And I have to attend that.
But who are the guests?

They are coming to see you.

What? Why do you decide
such things without asking me?

This was a sudden proposal.

The boy works in a bank in Madras.

He took leave
from his work just to meet you.

He has to leave day after tomorrow.
That's why.

Let's meet them some other day.
I can't miss the camp.

I gave them my word, dear.

Why are you begging?
You have spoiled her.

That's why she never listen to us.

Just do as we say. You're not
going anywhere tomorrow.

This is a good opportunity for you.

I don't want to meet
or get married to anyone.

This is all your fault.
You've never been strict with her.

You give her too much freedom
to go anywhere.

Think about our society too.

Thankamma, no one has said
anything negative about her.

She's educated and smart.

She won't do anything
that'll hurt us.

She can take care of herself.
I'm positive about that.

Fine. Give her more freedom
and let her stay unmarried.

We should've asked her

before inviting those people.

Kids these days
have opinions of their own.

All right. Tell them not to
come here. What else can be done?

We don't have to do that.

We should give Susan
some time to think about it.

Let's wait for her to get back.
You will see.

When we spoke to her about marriage

her replies were similar
to that of all girls her age.

That's all I believed it was.

But that's not how things were.

I told you a million times,
I don't want to get married.

What do you want then?

You are almost 22 years old.
You are getting old.

Sit down, dear.
Do you love someone?

Tell me.

Are you happy now?
I knew this would happen.

Oh, God.

Why are you overreacting?

Are you saying she can live
with whoever she wants?

If the guy and his family are good

then what's the problem?

But we don't know
anything about him.

We will find out and decide.

Oh, God.
I don't know what will happen.

Dear, tell me everything.

You don't have to hide anything.
Who's the boy?

The both of you
will not accept him.

How can you say that
without telling us, first?

He's not a Christian.

Isn't he? - He's a Hindu.
- Oh, my Lord.

What am I listening to?

You witch!

I will never allow this to happen!

I'll kill you!
- Hey, stop it!

Sit down.

This is the result of giving her
too much freedom.

Please calm down.
Nothing has happened.

I didn't expect this from you.

You misused the freedom I gave you.

You betrayed me today.

No, I can't allow this.

You are our only daughter.

What happened
to your modern values?

You used to say man created
religions and castes.

You deserve this.
This is all your fault.

Where does he work?
- He doesn't work. He's a painter.

What's his qualification?
- I haven't asked him that.

Why do you care? Are you
planning to get them married?

What about his parents?

He's an orphan.

If you allow this,
I will commit suicide.

No, Annamma.
I cannot allow this.

Sorry, dear.
I can't let you ruin your life.

You must forget him.

I know it's not easy.

But you'll be fine.
From now on, you'll stay at home.

And yes, those people
will be here tomorrow.

If you like him,
we'll finalise the alliance.

Or else, we'll look for another.

Tomorrow night,
we'll leave to Kozhencherry.

To my home.
Let Susan live there for a month.

But we couldn't.
Because she left in the morning.

She left a note.

'I'm leaving. I thought
about it the entire night.'

'I had to leave,
or I'd have to kill myself.'

'And I do not want to die now'

'because I'm pregnant.'

'I want to spend my life
with the father of my child.'

'Please allow me to do so.'

'I know the world will blame me'

'but I'm just following my heart.'

That's the last time we saw her.

When she left, did she take
her certificates along?

Yes, she took her clothes

and some important
documents with her.

Did she take anything
expensive with her?

She just had a gold chain.

It was about one and a half
sovereigns of gold.

Is this your daughter's

Isn't it?
- Yes.

Didn't you look for her
when she left?

We decided to believe
she didn't exist.

But we heard from people
and relatives

that she had registered
her marriage

and that she lives in
Kollam with her son.

Then, one day, someone told us
that her husband died

and that she's living
with some other guy.

When did you hear that news?

About four years ago.
- That means, in 1986.

I am not so sure.
- Didn't you get any other news?

I did.

When she got arrested
in the case of prostitution.

When was that?

Around two years ago, I believe.

From where?

From a hotel in Kollam.

Who told you about this?

I read it in the newspaper.

People started
hating us after that.

We lost our friends and family.

Now, we are living here in shame.

Everyone broke all ties with us.

Out of fear of reading
about her again

I stopped reading the newspaper.

We are very unlucky and cursed.

I want to know something
very important.

It's been five days
since her death.

Her body is in the Alappuzha
medical college mortuary.

You can claim it and
bury wherever you want. - No.

No, we don't want to see her.
Bury her anywhere.

Think about it. Don't you want
to see her for the last time?

Ask your wife.
I want her opinion too.

Ask her.

He is asking us whether
we want to see her.

I don't want to see her.

I don't want to see her.

As per law, the body will remain
in the mortuary for two days.

We will bury her after that.


Who killed her and why?

That's what we are investigating.

Sir, where is Susan's dead body?


Yes, it was in the papers.

It's not Kumudam who died.
It's Susan.

I recognise the photograph.

Go straight, take a right turn
and ask someone there.

The mortuary is over there.
- Okay.

We will have to bury her ourselves.

When she was alive,
she was in high demand.

But when she died,
nobody is here for her.

It's tomorrow, right?
- Yes. - Sir.

I am here to find Susan's
dead body. Where is she?

Who are you talking about?

The woman in this newspaper.

Give me that.

Where are you from?

I'm from Kottarakkara.

How are you related
to this dead woman?

She's not my relative.

But she was very close to me.

I heard that nobody
has come to claim her body.

I don't have much cash in my purse.

I need your help.

Where is her body?
I want to see her.

Just calm down.
We'll take you to her.

But first, answer our questions.
What's your name?

I'm Akkamma.

How do you know her?

I've been with her for many years.

Were you her maid?
- Yes.

And when was that?

During the time we were in Kollam.

We have to show her the body.


Go with him.
- Come.

See how lucky I am.

Her timing couldn't
have been better.

Even if you weren't here

I wouldn't have sent her
to the police station.

That's not what I mean.

Taking her to the inspector
is a win for me.

Is this the same woman?

Nobody's going to harm you.
Just tell us what you know.

You said you were with this woman
for four years, right? - Yes, sir.

How did you meet her?

I was working in a hospital
in Kollam.

I was the janitor there.

Susan delivered her son there.

She didn't have anyone
to look after her.

She told me that she doesn't have
her family's support either.

So, I decided to look after her.

When she was discharged
from the hospital

she asked me to join her,
so I went with her.

Don't you have a family?

My husband left to sail
through the sea

I have not seen him since.

Was your husband a fisherman?
- Yes.

Was Susan's husband's name,
Harshan? - Yes.

Was he a painter?
- Yes.

Were they happy together?

Even though they had
financial problems

they were happy together.

Harshan was always busy painting.

Susan supported him.

Now I understand

a mother's affection.

I never got to experience
a mother's love.

She never cared for me.

She abandoned me after birth.

My father was probably an artist.

That's how I got this talent.

I used to draw on the walls
of my orphanage.

They punished me to end.

When I was ten years old

I was punished for stealing
coloured chalks.

They starved me for three days.

Forget what has happened, Harshan.

I am just glad

I can give my son

everything I could not get.

He'll be a great artist,
like his father.

I'll give him everything.
He'll not be deprived of anything.

He doesn't like this apparently.
- He must be hungry.

I'll take him.

Sit there.

Susan, the day I met you

was the most precious
moment of my life.

Your love made me realise

that I'm not an orphan.

I'm the happiest man in the world.

You can't imagine.

I know everything, Harshan.

Nobody knows you better than me.

The most precious moment of my life

was when I met you.

Only death can part us.

You made a huge sacrifice for me.

His paintings were not selling.

They started to have
financial problems.

They lived by mortgaging things,
and taking loans.

His friends would
help him with money.

I must also mention

that his friends were responsible
for his death.

They would drink endlessly.

His friends used to bring
alcohol over, all the time.

There were five or six men,
being loud and brash.

Absolutely meaningless.

That's why I say, don't be upset.

An artist should never be upset.

You must keep writing.

No, I'm stopping.

I won't write poems
till the day I die.

We won't let that happen.

Why do you harass him?

If he doesn't want to write,
don't force him.

Keep our food on the table.

Have your dinner and go to sleep.

It's 12:00 a.m.
They will not leave soon.

Akkamma, this pickle is great.

Can I get some more?

It's over.

Harshan, it's very late.
Don't you want to sleep?

She's right.
We should get going.

They have to sleep.

Can't we eat whatever is there?

We don't have enough food.

Don't be so formal with us,

We'll go out and eat.

Hey, come on.
Let's go.

Is your wife asleep?

I'll call her.


Sorry for the disturbance.
We're leaving.

- Bye.

- See you tomorrow.

Let's eat?
- Sure.

I didn't realise the time.
You must be hungry.

Please take all the glasses
to the kitchen.

You can start eating.
I want a few more drinks.

You are so drunk.

You started drinking
in the evening.

They are my friends.

We were having fun.

I'm not that drunk.

Do you think I'm drunk?

There are no tea leaves left
for tea in the morning.

Will black coffee do?

We'll manage with that.

We are out of baby food too.

There's enough for one more meal.

I'll buy it.

If I'd known this, I would have
borrowed some money from my friend.

For how long do you intend
to borrow money like this?

How are we going to
survive like this?

These are the common
problems in every house.

We're not going to be poor forever.

I abandoned my parents

to be with you.

I don't regret anything

but we can't just wait
for an opportunity.

I understand what you are saying.

I can't just go and ask people
to buy my paintings.

They should come to me.
And that will happen.

You will see.

I've been thinking
of finding a job.

At least we'll be able
to run this house.

Susan was in search
of a job for months.

But she didn't find any.
Their debts increased.

Harshan's friends
started avoiding him.

They sold all their ornaments.

Susan told me to leave

and lead a good life
somewhere else.

But I couldn't leave Susan alone.

I was very fond of her.

What happened next?

They were contemplating
leaving the town.

That's when they met Mr. Charlie.

Is this Harshan's house?
- Yes.

Someone is here to see you.

- Hello.

I'm Charlie,
the MD of Eastern Finance.

Please sit.

Mr. Darpan was your friend, right?

Yes, he told me about you.

He told me about your work.

So, I came to see it.

I liked it.
- Thank you.

Harshan, I want to talk
business with you.

Sit down.

My company is undergoing
a huge expansion.

I saw the ad.

Every week, we open a new branch.

You haven't seen my offices yet,
have you?

I've styled them personally

with modern and
expensive decorations.

I want your paintings in my office.

How many paintings
do you have here?

Almost 20 to 22
completed paintings.

I need at least 68 paintings.

I'm very fast.

Take your own time.
But I want quality.

This is Mr. Charlie.
This is Susan.

Charlie is the managing director
of Eastern Finance.

In simple words,
a blade company owner. Please sit.

Darpan told me that you both
belong to different castes.

Are you Catholic?

Excuse me, can you ask
my driver to get my suitcase?

Along with a packet.

Harshan, I adore beauty.

If I want something,
I'm ready to pay any amount for it.

I spend a lot of money for art.

I'm also investing in movies.

I own a publishing company in
Kottayam named Delta Publishing.

Next year, I'm getting
into film production

in a big way.

Pack the paintings that are ready.

I'll send my man
to pick it up tomorrow.

This is just an advance.

Let me know when you
need more cash. - Thanks.

This is a small gift from me.
I will visit again. Bye.

Their financial difficulties
began to decrease.

Do you know who Charlie is, sir?

I do, he's a famous man.

Oh, I just realised who he is.

Do you remember
how long his sentence was?

Is he out of jail now?
- It's not likely.

He was convicted in 1988.
He has to serve at least four years

for his offence.

He must be in the central jail.

Is Mr. Charlie in jail?

People who ran blade
companies are now in jail.

Hello, 2968 here.

Thiruvananthapuram, 65238.

Not necessary,
an ordinary would do.

Yes, I'm the CI speaking.

I was asking if he's still in jail.

Just in case we need to see him

Anirudh told me that he was working

in a blade company at Kollam.

So, Charlie offered Susan a job

in his company, right?

That was after her husband's death.

When did he die?

A year ago.

When he started earning,
he started drinking more.

It wasn't just alcohol.

He would consume all kinds
of things that got him high.

That started affecting his work.

That's when they moved
to another house.

Mr. Charlie gave them that house.
A big house.

After moving in there,
his old friends disappeared.

But Harshan didn't quit drinking.

Sometimes, he would stay away
from home for two or three days.

Cut the cake.

I think he's here.

It's Mr. Charlie.

Hello, Susan. I got late
due to a call from Bombay.

Happy birthday to you.
- Thank you, sir.

Where is Harshan?
This is for him.

He left yesterday, sir.

We don't know where he is.

Have a piece.
- Thank you.

This is happening daily now.

He must be with his friends.
Don't worry, he'll be back.

He has been drinking a lot lately.

Even his behaviour is changing.

He seems to be
completely different.

He fights with me
for negligible issues.

I've seen people who drink,
but he is going overboard.

I've been thinking

of getting some
medical help for him.

I don't think it's that serious.
He's an artist.

I hope you don't take this
the wrong way.

Please don't bring any drinks here.

Do not encourage him.

Please help me save him.

I'm sorry, I didn't know
it was that serious.

It's okay. I'm fine.

Do you want me to join you?
- Sure.

Let's go now.
- Come on.

He's very drunk again.

When did you arrive?
- Just a minute ago.

Dad, Mr. Charlie gave me this gift.

Oh, I forgot about your birthday.

Let's celebrate, Charlie.

It's my son's birthday.

Sorry, I got to go now.

Susan, why didn't you tell me
about his birthday?

As if you'd remember.

Darn. I completely forgot.

It looks like you live
for alcohol alone.

Susan, to be honest

I really want to stop drinking

but I can't.

You can quit drinking,
if you really want to.

I will try, Susan.
I will try.

Who's there?
- There was a bottle here.

Harshan, it's you.
What bottle?

A bottle of brandy.

You have finished it all.

No, I didn't.
There was a little left.

What are you doing?

Where's my bottle?

Oh, my God!


I'm going out.
- At this hour?

I want a drink.

The shops must be closed.
- No, I want a drink.

Let me go.
- Harshan, please don't go.

Harshan, listen to me.
- Leave me!

I want a drink or I'll die.

Please leave me, Susan. You
don't know, I'm helpless. Please!

Relax, dear.

After that,
it started getting worse.

He started to lose his mind.

Mr. Charlie took him to a doctor.

But he wouldn't take his medicines.

Alcohol was his medicine.

Sometimes, he'd leave the house
and return after many days.

One day, he left the house.

And this time he didn't return
home even after a week.

Do you have any information,
my dear?

Nobody knows where he went.

I've asked almost everyone,
but nobody saw him.

Why don't you tell Mr. Charlie?

He has a lot of contacts.
He'll find him.

He's out of town.

I'm sorry, I was in Mumbai. I came
to know about Harshan this morning.

So, I took the next flight here.

Due to the heavy rains, I got late.
Is there no news from him?

We've searched for him everywhere.

Did you inform the police?
Don't worry, he'll be back.

I'll do my best to find him.

I'll try to find him through
all my contacts. Don't worry.

Give me just 24 hours.

Mr. Charlie searched
for him almost everywhere.

Even the police searched for him.
They didn't find him.

I cursed the day Susan decided
to marry a man like this.

We can't fight destiny.

That's just her fate.

After a month, somebody found
a dead body on a railway track.

The papers described it
as an unknown person.

So, Mr. Charlie went there
to identify the dead body.

The railway police
waited for four days.

I reached just in time
for the cremation.

Susan lived only
for her son, Bobby.

I somehow managed
to handle her grief.

If I go back,
my parents won't accept me.

What if they are waiting
for you, dear?

You don't know my mom and dad.

It's Mr. Charlie.

Hey, dear.

I didn't forget about you.
I wasn't here for a while.

Please come in.
- No, it's okay.

You must learn to overcome
your pain, Susan.

It's not that easy.

Sorry. I know you must
be strapped for cash.

Please don't hesitate to tell me
if you need anything.

If you don't mind

you can work in my company.
I'll pay you well.

I'll always be grateful to you.

He not only gave her a job but also
provided her with all requirements.

He loved Bobby like his own son.

He married Susan soon after,
didn't he?

I don't know about that, sir.

It did look like
they would get married.

They were getting close.

Why did you leave Susan's house?

My younger sister in Kottarakkara

had met with an accident.

She had three little kids.
I went there to look after them.

Didn't you return to Kollam?

I did, a year ago.
I went to enquire about her.

But the house was locked.
They had moved out.

I need to talk to the jailer.

I'm Inspector Ravindran,
from Alappuzha.

We'll need the court's permission
to question him, right?

Yes, we need some information
about a convict.

Charlie. Blade. What?

Oh, I see.
For how many days?


He's out on parole for 2 weeks.

He was out the day
she was murdered too.

I see, that's why he was out.
He must have run away, sir.

The blue ambassador car?
- Exactly.

He must have gone back there.

We need to proceed with
the case from here.

We must trace
the places that he went to.

Let's begin at Kollam.
- I'll make the arrangements, sir.

There's no doubt.
He's the one who murdered her.

What are they saying?

Did Mr. Charlie kill Susan?
Oh, Lord.

My dear!

My daughter.

I want to see my daughter.

My baby!

What about this child?
- Let him stay with me.

That's what the police suggested.

You know what to do.
- Yes.

They shouldn't find the blue
documents, at any cost.

Hide it somewhere else if you want.

Sir, what about the other property?

Meet Advocate Aiyyar.
- Okay.

- 5860.

- Charlie Jacob.

Father's name?
- K.C. Jacob.

House name?
- Manthopil.

- Cheating.

- Two and a half years.

When did you get the parole?
- On April 20th.

This is the circle inspector
from Alappuzha.

He's here to question you.

He has permission from the court.
Go and change your clothes.

I know what you plan to ask me.

The fellow is tough.

My alibi is perfect.

From April 20th till yesterday

I have all details about the places
I went to and the things I did

in this diary.
Here, take a look.

Do you write in your dairy often?

Or is it only
when you are out on parole?

I've been writing in my diary
for many years.

So, if I ask you
something from the past

you might have to refer
to your diary. Am I right?

No, I have a sharp memory.
- Good.

So tell me, did you marry
Susan after Harshan's death?

No. - Does that mean you were
just living together?

Sir, I can explain that.

Go ahead.
But tell me the truth.

I know what exactly
to tell the police.

I have nothing to hide.

I'm glad. Let's hear it.

To be honest, from the day
I met Susan, I have wanted her.

But after Harshan's death

I offered her a job in my company

I know.

But things weren't that easy.
I tried to approach her

but in a polite manner.

Good afternoon, sir.

Good afternoon, sir.
- Good afternoon.

Which one?
Fine, let them withdraw it.

Look, he's a perpetual nuisance.

We don't have to entertain
such depositors.

Good afternoon.
Please come here.

What is new with you?

Nothing much.
- Please sit.

I never buy anything
while going on tour.

I have no one to give it to.

But this time, I felt
the need to purchase something.

This is for you.

I'll be happy if you accept it.

Greetings. You didn't
inform me about your arrival.

It was a sudden program.
The minister is in Trivandrum.

He is on his way to Ernakulam.

He has come here just to meet you.

She is with us.

There's a situation.
They want one packet now.

An entire packet?

Only the ornaments
from the K locker.

They also need the legal
documents of 'Kunnamkulam'.

No problem.

K Locker ornaments.

Do you know where
the documents are? - Yes.

It's in the VIP locker.
There are initials on the cover.

CCM, be careful.
- Okay.

Who is she? The one you mentioned..
- No, not her.

You've been busy lately.
What's up?

Don't you know?
The elections are in January.

I heard.
Can I get you anything to drink?

No, thanks.

Convey my regards to the minister.
- Sure.


Meet me before you go home.
- Okay.

Please sit.

Are you still afraid of people?

Don't you think I should be?

You were fearless
when you were in love.

That was all because of Harshan.

He was my courage,
trust and confidence.

Today, I don't even feel I exist.

But only because of my son..

Your life isn't over yet.

I've always wanted to ask you this

but I didn't have the guts.

Haven't you ever
thought about marriage?

The circumstances
in which I had grown up

my attitude towards life,
a wife and kids

never got me thinking
about marriage.

Maybe I just wanted
to earn and be successful.

That's why I couldn't
focus on other things.

But now I feel like

I have changed a lot.

It's okay.

I did think about getting married
and having a family.

But everything went wrong.

My plans started to foil.

I gave you the money I saved
for my daughter's marriage.

That was my hard work.

Now, you refuse to return
my money nor interest.

I've been waiting
for eight to nine weeks.

We're not leaving without our cash.

You think you could fool me

with your big office and expensive
car. - Please wait. Let me explain.

I'm not paying you
because I don't have the money.

There are some new restrictions
by the government.

This problem will be solved
in two weeks.

They say they will close down
all blade companies.

Politicians will say
anything to get votes.

What do you want us to do?

Please don't worry.
Your money is safe with me.

We will wait for another two weeks.

I'll have to deal with this problem
for a few more days.

Yes, Charlie speaking.

Oh, Mr. Vidhyadharan,
I'm stuck in a big problem here.

If you withdraw that much,
I won't be able to survive here.

Eastern Finance will be destroyed.

All my employees
are threatening me.

What do you want me to do?
Should I leave the country?

You know my predicament.

We talked about this last time.

Okay. I'll meet you in person.

At your convenience, okay?

I'll have to leave for
Thiruvananthapuram tonight.

Are you joining me, Susan? You can
take Bobby along, for a change.

Which room is
Mr. Vidhyadharan staying in? - 127.

What about my room?
- It's ready, sir.

Please sign here.

I am the right hand
of the minister.

I'll do anything for this man.

Mr. Vidhyadharan,
I can't argue with you.

But think about
my company's condition.

Everyone wants to take back
their shares.

I will have to pay back
the small shareholders

and prove my company's credibility.

In the process,
if we withdraw huge amounts

it'll be a veritable shipwreck.
My company will be finished.

Right now, only you can
save me from this crisis.

Please help me.

The minister already has
enough of his issues.

The opposition party tried to slap
allegation charges on us.

But we somehow handled them
and settled everything.

Now, we can face them.

I feel like going away
from all this stress for a while.

I wanted some peace
and a relaxing nap.

I told you to go on a vacation.

We have guest houses
in Ooty and Bangalore.

No. The elections are coming up
and I'm busy with that.

We might win or lose.
Although, I'm not scared of losing.

Politicians never lose.
Businessmen like us fail.

If you move wisely,
you won't lose either, Charlie.

This is all the wisdom I have.
- No.

You have enough wisdom,
more than required.

You just need to understand things.

Come here.

Come on.

The minister is leaving tonight,
so if you want, you can meet him.

Following that,
even I'll talk to him.

If you try, he can help me out.

Let me see.
But you also need to help me.

What did he say?

Everything will be fine.

When are we going to the zoo?

We will go, dear.

Why are you drinking tonight?

Just for a change. Sit down.

Please tell my driver to come here.

You look upset, Charlie.

Yes, Susan.
I'm just worried about my company.

All my hard work
is at stake right now.


Ananda, take Bobby
to the zoo and the beach.

Mom, come with us.

Go and have fun, Son.

- What is it, Susan?

How can we live like this?

Let me deal with this problem.
We'll go on a trip to Nepal.

I just need to solve
this matter, first.

Your friend will help you,
won't he?

He's a good friend, a well-wisher.

He's the reason
for my successful business.

And now only he can help me
out of this mess.


My problems will be solved
if you can help.

What do you want me to do?

I'm going out
to speak to the minister.

He won't allow me.

I'll be gone for two hours.

Those two hours are very precious.
Only you can handle it.

This man can save
our company's future.

We must be cautious about that.

Susan, this will stay
between the three of us.

Now I get it.

It's just a matter of 2 hours.

I know you now.

No, you don't know me yet.
- I don't have to.

I'm leaving.
- Where to?

Go away.
- You have to wait for your kid.

If you want him back,
you'll have to obey me.

Or else, you'll lose your son.
Got it?

I am on the brink of destruction.

I'll do anything
to save my business.

You haven't seen the real Charlie.
And your son..

I will kill him.
So, just obey me.

Vidhyadharan was only
one of the first, right?

To save your company, you asked
Susan to compromise again.

Like I said, I don't want to lie.

You are right, I was using Susan
to save my business.

She was really upset
with what she had done.

She even told me
that she will commit suicide.

It's not easy to live
in this world. Learn to survive.

Now, get up and get dressed.
We have to leave. - No!

Look, I can do anything

to get what I want.

But nobody could save my company.

After the elections,
the new government had been set up.

That's when things got worse.

At first, I tried to manage.

But later on,
I was not able to pay my employees.

One by one,
my branches started winding up.

I had to accept defeat.

I had to hide somewhere.

I'm in trouble.

The police can arrest me
at any time. Please keep this safe.

What's this?

Some of my property papers
and secret accounts details.

Nobody should know about this.

Even if I go to jail,
I won't be there for long.

When I come back,
I'll start a new business.

This is the investment for that.
I can trust only you right now.

The police will be here too.
But don't let them get it.

I'm leaving.

How is life?

I'm just learning to live my life.

See you later.

So, on 28th, you reach Alappuzha
and ask her for the property papers

and she refuses to give it to you.

but I went to meet her on the 26th.

How did you know
that she was in Alappuzha?

My friends informed me.

I came to know that
she was into prostitution

at Malanar Hotel in Alappuzha.

But I didn't have her address.

So, I had to trick
the hotel manager.

You made a phone call
as a police inspector, right?

So, you found out.

You went there in a blue
ambassador car, right? - Yes.

You didn't expect me, right?

I knew you would come.

I didn't know your address.
My documents and..

Don't worry, it's safe with me.

I must show my gratitude
where it is due.

You may go now, Charlie.

Where is your son?
- That's none of your business.

Let's go.

Charlie, you lied about something.

She didn't give
those documents to you.

On 28th, you went
to her house again.

I killed her and ran away
with my documents.

That's what you mean, right?
- Yes.

Anyone would have thought
the same thing.

But what I have stated
is the truth.

But you are still hiding something,

The story about you recognising
a dead body as Harshan..

In reality, you killed Harshan
and left him on the railway track.

Then you made Susan believe
that her husband is dead

by telling her
he died in an accident.

But Harshan isn't dead, sir.

What? - There's a mental asylum
in Mysore.

Dr. Koshi's mental clinic.

Harshan is admitted there.

When he lost
his mental balance completely

I admitted him to that hospital.

It would have been useless to take
him back home in that condition.

Like I said,
I was interested in Susan.

Dr. Koshi's mental clinic?
- Yes.


I'm from
the Kerala Police Department.

Take your seat.
- Thank you.

How can I help you?

You have a patient named Prasad.

The painter?
- Yes. - He's gone.

- About a week ago.

Rema, get Prasad's medical file.

Why are you looking for him?

His wife is dead.
It's a murder.

Oh, God! Do you think he did it?
He can't be.

He's a gentleman.

Last month, on 20th,
he had gone to Kollam.

Then, he returned on the 1st.

After two days, he left again.

Then I came to know

whatever cash he had
in his account

was taken with him.

Where did he get this money from?

He earned it
by selling his paintings.

His work was much
appreciated in Mysore.

Was he mentally stable
when he left the institution?

We wouldn't let him go otherwise.

He was brought here
in a terrible condition.

He was admitted here in June, 1986.

A man named Ramachandran
brought him here.

He had a French beard.

He sent us money regularly
for about two years.

But then it stopped.

His brain was affected due to
the intake of alcohol and drugs.

So, he needed almost three years
of treatment to get better.

One day, he asked me
for some colours and a brush.

We gave it to him.

He started painting.
They were fantastic.

He signed them as Harshan.

I believe that was his real name.

I see.

He must have killed her

and absconded with
the money in his bank.

He could be anywhere.

I don't think it's easy to find him
now. What are you going to do?

I believe he is here, in Kerala.

He will definitely
be here to meet his son.

Yes. He's here. Just a minute.

It's S.I. Abbas.

Hello? When?

Okay, I'll be there.

I was right.

Where is he, Father? - Come.

For the past three days,
Harshan has been coming here

to meet his son, Bobby.

My staff told me about it.
- Okay.

This morning,
at around 10 a.m., he told me

that he wants to adopt Bobby.

I said I'm fine with it.

For further formalities,
I asked him to be here at noon.

That's when I informed you.

He came half an hour back.

I asked him to prepare
an application.

What did he say his name was?
- Prasad.


You didn't expect us here, right?

You are Susan Philip's husband,
Harshan, right?

You are under arrest
for killing your wife.

Even though we just met,
we know everything about you.

I can also understand the reason
that you killed your wife.

Do not try to hide anything.

Last month, on 20th

you travelled from Mysore
went to Kollam, right?

Am I right?



There is no Susan here.
What a nuisance!

What do you want?
- A lady who lived here..

We have been living here
for the past year.

We don't know anything
about the previous family.

People are always
harassing us about her.

I told you we should
move out of here.

I don't think it'll
be profitable for us.

We won't get anything
more than Rs. 650 for it. - Okay.

Hey, take a seat.

Where was the depository?
- There wasn't a depository.

Have you seen Mr. Charlie?

Do you know the MD of the company?
- Yes.

You haven't heard.
He's in jail.

Do you know where Susan Philip is?
She used to work here.

She was his mistress.

When Charlie was arrested,
she got into prostitution.

She was here, in Kollam,
a year or two ago.

Now, she lives in Alappuzha.

A man who was here told me that.

With that information,
I travelled to Alappuzha.

I was relieved that
nobody could recognise me.

I stayed in many places
with different names.

I tried to find her.
But I couldn't.

Finally, one Saturday morning..

Do you know where she lives?

I don't know her address.

I have heard she was living
near the church junction.

Where is that?

It's towards the highway,
one kilometre ahead.

I asked around and finally,
found the house.

With the hope of meeting her

I waited there.

It was about 7 p.m.

I was sure that it was Susan,
so I followed her.

Who is it?

Please leave. I'm going out.



Is it really you?

Where were you all these years?
Where did you go?

What happened to you?

It was Charlie.
He betrayed us.

Really? What did he do?

I went insane.
I couldn't think straight.

He trapped me, far away from here.

He admitted me into
a mental asylum in Mysore.


I never thought I'd see you again.

I missed you so much.


I'm not your Susan anymore.

I know. Don't tell me anything.

I don't want to hear it.
Where is our son?

He's good.
- Where is he?

He's in a hostel.
I met him today.

You, please sit.
I'll get you tea.

Please sit.

Don't sit here, Harshan.
Go to that room.

Go on, please.

Aren't you ready yet?
I told you to be ready by 7.30 p.m.

I'm not coming tonight.
You may go, Mani.

What's wrong? Are you unwell?

Yes, I am unwell.

It's okay.
He's your old client.

Just spend some time with him
and be back soon.

We can't disappoint this client.

He asked me to arrange you,
a week ago.

I gave him my word.

Come on, get dressed.
I'll wait.

No, Mani.
I can't come tonight.

How can you say that?
My promises have value.

Just meet him and come back.

I'm not coming.
Please leave.

What's wrong?
Is someone here with you?

I'll give you some privacy.
I can come back after half an hour.

No, just leave.

This is not good. I'll have to find
another girl now.

Your other client from Kozhikode
will be here tomorrow.

Harshan, go away.
Don't stay here.

What are you saying?
I want to be with you.

Let's take our son and move
somewhere else. Please, Susan.

No, I can't live with you now.

No, don't say that. Forgive me.
Give me one more chance.

I should be apologizing to you.
I am the one who's ruined.

I am the reason all this
happened to you. - Don't say that.

I don't care what happened.
You are my Susan.

No, I am not the same
Susan anymore. She's dead.

I'm Kumudam now, a prostitute.

I told you I don't want to hear it.

You shouldn't have come here,
Harshan. Leave!

I can't live without you, Susan.

I can't think of a life with you.

I don't care about your past.
Let's forget everything.

Let's forget everything the past
and raise our son together.

I wasn't sure
if I would meet you here.

I told you I would
meet you tomorrow.

But tomorrow, I have some
very important work.

Are you okay?

Get ready.
Let's go to the farmhouse.

I'm sorry, I can't.
- Are you expecting someone else?

No, I am..

Fine. Let's spend the night here.
Get the glass and water.

What happened to you today,

Didn't you hear me?

I brought food.
Serve this on a plate.

Would you like a drink?

it's fun to have a drink.

I hope you don't mind,
but I'm not well tonight.

Can we do this tomorrow?

I told you I'm busy tomorrow.

You look fine.

I won't stay long.
Come on.

Please, not tonight.
I want you to leave.

That's not fair.
Come on.

I told you, not tonight.

What's wrong with you?
Do you want more money?

I'll pay you more.

Just leave! - Do you know
who you are talking to?

I do. And I don't care.

Tomorrow, I'll humiliate you
in front of everyone.

Are you threatening me?
- Think whatever you want.


No! Harshan.
- Stay away!

- Let go!

I will drink.
I want to forget everything.

I don't want these memories.

Please don't, Harshan.
- Who are you to stop me?

You are nobody to me now.
I know that now.


I thought I could forget everything
and start all over again.

I thought I'll get
my old Susan back.

But I'm a fool.
I don't have a life now.

I am the one with no life.

But you have a life.
You have to raise Bobby.

You must live together.

Our son shouldn't know
that I was a prostitute.

Don't drink, Harshan.
For our son's sake.

He's at St. Anthony school
in Kayamkulam.

You must go and meet him.

You must live together,
somewhere far away.

And I..

It's me, Vishwan.
Open the door.

I think she's not home.

But the lights are switched on.

Kumudam, open the door.

It's me, Vishwan.

Why isn't she opening the door?

Let's sing a song for her.
Maybe then she'll open it.

"How long have I been
waiting for you?"

"I haven't heard any news
of my beloved" - No.

"I have faith that
she is not unfaithful."

"Then what is the reason.."

"I have faith that
she is not unfaithful."

"Then what is the reason.."

Where were you?

Go away!
- Don't be like this.

Don't behave like a stranger.

Meet my friend, Gopan.
- I said, leave!

Please don't disappoint us.
- Go away!

Hey, let's get in.

Go away!

We are not leaving.

Get out!

I want to die.

Don't do this, Harshan.

Leave me!

I will kill you!
You must die!

You must save yourself
from this hell.

I'll die too. Let our son
grow as an orphan, like me.

Open the door, Susan!

Open the door, Susan!

Open the door, Susan!

Forgive me.
Open the door!

Let's go somewhere else.

Forgive me, Susan.

I'm not mad at you anymore.
Let's go somewhere.

I can't go with you, Harshan.

You will have to go alone.



I lost my soul a long time ago.

The moment I was betrayed

I have wanted to die.

But I lived only for my son.

But when I saw you alive..

Oh, my God!
- Susan.


I love you, Harshan.

Please don't forget me.


Don't stay here.

Go away.
- No, Susan.

This is a prostitute's house.

You shouldn't be here.

Please go.
- No, Susan.

Take care of Bobby.

Take him far from..


Believe it or not

this is what happened.

I hope this is the truth

but we still need to
prove it in the court.

Until then, I can't release you.
Come on.

I want to see my son.

Bring Bobby here.

What happened to you, Mr. Prasad?

I'm not Prasad, dear.

I'm your father.

Yes, your father.


I want to come with you.

I'll come and take you
with me some other time.


After a few days,
I promise, I'll be back.