Educating Brittney (2005) - full transcript

Sexy and beautiful Brittney becomes the ultimate prize in a seductive wager between the manipulative Andre and Dominique. Brittney, Dominique's young handmaiden is married to the young and ...


Yes, ma'am.

You need to tag that and
insert into your CGI script.

Ma'am, there's no need
to use obscene language.

No, ma'am.

I'm trying to help.

I know your subscription
codes aren't working.

If you'll just insert the code.

Ma'am, you don't have to yell.

I'm just trying to help.

Please don't use
foul language, ma'am.


Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

Jesus, what a bitch.

She's just frustrated.

Yeah, well, now
I'm frustrated too.

Ah, you know better.

Come on, Mark.

OK, Baker.

Why do you get all
the easy calls?

Who says they're easy?

Look, you're customer
support only.

You don't have to
sleep with them.

Tell that to my wife.

Mm, ah.

The true problem surfaces.

I think I've got
the seven-year itch.

Seven years, huh?

So fix it.

It's not bad, it's just--


She's a dead lay, Baker.

Well, familiarity
usually breeds contempt.

So why don't you just
spice it up a little bit?

Got a magic wand?

You ever think about
watching your wife

have sex with another man?


You're a liar.


It's a special place.

It's private.

If you tell anyone,
I'll have to kill you.

What's this?

Consider it a
gift to a friend.

You have to have a mask, and the
rule is it's totally anonymous.


Your wife is here.


Do you think
we're getting old?

Is this about sex?


Why would you ask that?

Have you ever wanted
to do another guy?

You're making
me uncomfortable.

I'm just wondering.


No reason.

You think we're getting dull?

I still think my
wife is hot, but--

But I'm a dead fuck.

It's just the same
thing all the time.

Thanks a lot.

Anna, what are you doing?

Is this what you want?

Am I a dead fuck now?

I never said that.

But you implied it.

That was an excellent
temporary fix.

Temporary, huh?

So what would make it permanent?

I don't know, but
there is this place

that Baker was talking about.

It's like a club or something.

I'm not swinging.

He says it's
nothing like that.

It's like therapy or something.


It's like a spa or something.

Baker isn't exactly
the country club type.

He says it's really unique.

OK, Mark.

Let's go get some therapy.


But we've got to get
some masks first.


For a spa?


What are we
supposed to do now?

I don't know.

You know you don't have to
go directly home tonight.

Is this club going
to become an obsession?

You have to admit
it was enlightening.


You seemed to enjoy it.

It was OK.

It doesn't really seem
to do anything for us.

It could.

What are you suggesting?

I have a little fantasy I've
never really told you about.

Should I be worried?

I think it would
be amazing to see you

making love with another man.


It would be a turn-on.

Me with another man?


Do you think that's strange?

I don't know what to think.

Where would you be while I'm
being fucked by this other guy?


In the same room?


This is really weird.

Not necessarily.


Do you want to do another woman?


You just want me to
have sex with another man.

You just want to be in the same
room watching me get fucked?

Yeah, that'd be the best.

Would you do it?

I don't know.

Would you consider it?



It's getting to
be overwhelming.

Well, that's natural.

That's actually to be expected.

I know.

But it's like I have to see my
wife getting fucked by somebody



She's so beautiful to me.

It's like if I videotape
us, it's not the same.

I mean, I'd be like criticizing
my own fat ass or something.

So you want to see her
having sex with an outsider?

Yeah, that would
be really hot.

Then do it.

You think she's game?

She says she'd consider it.

That means yes.

I know.

It's a lot of pressure.

Doesn't have to be.

Most wives would dream
of this opportunity.

Just find a guy you
want and have him.

It would have to be just
right, nobody we know.

So you would
consider doing it.

I don't want to play
this game anymore.

Why not?

I don't want to talk about it.

I'm not going.

So now that we're making
progress, you're not in?

You're obsessed, Mark.

I'm not obsessed.

You're going to the Hot
Wives Club tonight, aren't you?


Well, I'm not.

So you'd better reconsider.


Andre, you are a
devil, aren't you?

I would say you are the
devil, my dear Dominique.

And you are my
demon, you bad boy.

Since your poor,
departed husband left us,

I need a new hobby.

Two years later
than he should have.

And now that our affair
is no longer secret,

what are we to do?

Oh, I am so sorry, miss.

I didn't know you
were still home.

It's all right, Brittney.

You can go about your chores.

Yes, mum, as you wish.

So then you are the teacher.

Well, then class is in session.

What do you mean by
that, my dearest Dominique?

Oh, come on.

A challenge, please.

There she is,
your next conquest.

You must be joking.

It would take me a whole
five minutes with that one.

Then you accept my challenge?

And the stakes?



Nothing as trivial as those.

Then you'd best
not bet too heavy.

This one will break your bank.



And what do you mean by that?

Anything and everything,
for however long I want,

as long as I want it.



Wherever, whenever, however,
for as long as I demand.

Oh, you are a devil.

But soon I will be in
command of that pleasure.

I am awaiting your
lesson, teacher.

Miss Parker, you didn't
introduce me to your friend.

My apologies.

This is my handmaiden, Brittney.

Brittney, this is--

I'm Andre, a former
associate of Mr. Parker.

Pleased to meet you, Brittney.

Brittney has been in our
services for some five years


Six, mum.

Such great service.

I'm honored to meet you.

Yes, and her husband has been
our driver for equally as long.


A very lucky, lucky man.

We met when I
started working here.

We attended the wedding
before my husband died.

Thank you so much, mum.

Your gift was so much
more than we deserved.

m don't thank me.

Thank my husband.

It was his gift.

I must meet your
husband, Brittney.

Please join us for
dinner, won't you?

Oh, no.

I'm sorry.

I couldn't.


I insist.

I must meet the man
who won the heart

of such a beautiful woman.

I'm not sure--

He must tell me how to
win the heart of a woman.

I would ever be the
richer for his advice.

BRITTNEY: I couldn't impose.

ANDRE: I'm sure Dominique
wouldn't mind company,

would you. mum?

Of course not.

I, too, would like to see how
a man wins a woman these days.

Then it's settled.

6 o'clock.

Oh, OK.

If you will excuse me.


Should have seen your face
when I said the word 'husband.'

Oh, really?

And how was that?

Like you'd seen a ghost.

A trifling matter.

Husband or not has
never been an issue.

But you forget one thing.

What's that?

That she's poor.

That will only make
it 10 times easier.

Not true.

That's what's going
to make you fail.

I am wealthy.

It will lure her quicker.

You're wrong.

Her poverty prevents
her from boredom.

And how is that?

She loves her husband.

Why else would she
marry a limo driver?

You know what?

Save your strength.

You're going to need
it from when I win.

Funny, I was just
about to say the same.

Why don't you go to the maid's
quarters and check on Betty?

Excellent idea.

I could use the practice
for when Brittney gets here.

Oh, Mr. Barrington, I was
just about to get started.

Please, Betty, call me Andre.

Sure, Mr. Andre.

I've been watching
you for weeks.

I've been watching you, too.

When I see you I can't
help but think of us.

I don't know what to say.

Then don't.

Let's not talk now.

Come sit.

Your feet must be
incredibly sore.


Five years of service to
Bill, that's very honorable.

Mr. Parker was a generous man.

I know all too well.

When Brittney and I first told
Bill that we were going to be

married, I offered to resign.


What on Earth for?

Well, both of us
working in the same place,

I thought it would be best.

But Bill would have nothing
to do with breaking them up.

How romantic.

So he let you stay employed?

Yes, he was very kind to us.

If I only had half
the luck as you,

I'd have found love by now, too.

Pardon me, Mr.--

I mean, Andre, I'm sure
there is a million women

who would die to be with you.

If only it were so.

I just can't seem to find
anyone who wants me for me.

But sir, I mean, Andre,
you have money, security--

And you're very
good looking, too.


You think so?

You're not just saying that
to patronize my loneliness,

are you?

No, no.

Not at all.

There's not a woman in the
world that would say otherwise.

Brittney, you're far too
kind to an old romantic.

Tell me, Gregory, how do you
win the affection of such

a perfect woman as Brittney?

Well, with a man as stunningly
as good looking as Gregory,

I see exactly why
she fell for him.

What do you say we play
that game of Truth Or Scandal

you brought?

Let me get it, Brittney.

You're my guest.

Come on, Andre.

Yes, we insist.

You two go enjoy the patio view.

We'll join you later.

I saw the look you gave him.

What gives?

I've upped the stakes.

New game.

The old game isn't finished.

It is now.

You might get Brittney,
but I'll get him first.

No way.

What's wrong?

Afraid I can't do it?

You're making
this easy for me.

But deal, you'd better
win because I'm very

demanding with my pleasures.

I was just about to
say the same thing.

Can you even imagine
having this much money?

It would be the life.

Yeah, a house
for every season.

I never thought of
Dominique as this friendly.

I wonder why the
sudden friendship.

Who cares?

She's a good friend to
have with all that money.

I don't care about the money.

I have you.

Then let's make
love, right here.

What if they come?

They're going to be a while.

We have time.



You see?

Love makes you blind.

It'll make my victory
that much sweeter.

Shall we play partners?

That sounds like fun.

Well, then I get
to choose my partner.

My house, my rules.

Then whom shall
you choose, mum?

I think we should
break it up a bit.

I'll take Gregory.

You may have Brittney.

What a great idea, if
you'll have me, Brittney.

Of course.

I must warn you, I'm
terrible at these games.


Oh, Gregory, you are
a card to be sure.

Well, we are winning, Andre.

One more and it's over.

Love Secrets,
my favorite card.

Would you have an
indiscretion with your employer

if it would be
guaranteed the best

sexual experience of your life?

Come on, old man.

Come clean with the truth.

Well, since my wife and my
employer are both in the room,

the answer is no, of course.

Even if it proved to be the
best experience you've ever had

and no one would
ever know about it?

Not if you loved your wife.

No, I don't think I would.

You don't think,
but you're not sure.


I said no.

Well I would.

I think it would be
incredibly erotic.

Well, any more debate?

Let's vote.

I'll go first.

I believe anyone married
to this jewel would never.

I'll go.

I think it would be
incredibly erotic.

Andre's right.

I would never do
that to my wife.

Your turn, love.

You break the tie.

Do you believe him?

Well, then we win.

Good game.

And your honor remains intact.

I need some fresh air.

Excellent idea.

Winners clean up?

Fair enough.

I'll join you shortly.

Come on, Brittney.

The patio is lovely at sunset.

I sense Gregory's
resolution wasn't

as strong as you expected.

Well, he's a man.

It's to be expected.

I don't think so.

When you own the
world, you don't

throw it away for nothing.

You're going to make me blush.

Let's just enjoy
the sunset, shall we?

As friends.



Shouldn't we be
cleaning up the board?

I think you were really
lying about that last answer.

Well, a man is a man, but I
couldn't do that to my wife.

I love her.

Come with me.

I want to get your
opinion about something.

You've probably never seen
this part of the house.

No, I've never stepped
foot inside the beach

house, only the manor.

This is my private room.

Not even my husband
has been here.


You wanted my
opinion on something?


I bought something and I want to
know what a man thought of it.

What do you think?

It's beautiful.

I'm sorry, but I won't
cheat on my wife.

I didn't think that you would,
but I always get what I want.

Miss, if you want me
to resign, I understand.



I'll pay you $100,000
to make love with me.

I'm sorry, but I can't.

I love Brittney.

I'm not saying that you don't.

It'll be our secret.

I'm sorry, but I can't.


Nobody will know.


No man is worth that.

Look, I married my
husband for $100 million.

$200,000 is nothing to me.

It's a house to you.

And no one would know?

I'll have my lawyers find
a lost provision in the will.

Tell me, dear, how did
Gregory win your heart?

It was easy.

He's a gentleman.

Like you, really.

Now you're patronizing me.

No, really.

You are a gentleman.

Well, I try to be
when I'm around you.

Now you're patronizing me.

Brittney, you
are so beautiful.

I'm sorry for being so forward.

Please, Andre.

I'm married.

If you weren't, would
you find me handsome?

Yes, very.

But I am.

I'm sorry.


Where have you two been?

Oh, we were just
talking about Mr. Parker

and how generous he's been.

Yes, very.

Well, we should be going.

No, not at all.


Let's have coffee.

I don't want to impose.



I could use a bit
of the black myself,

with a shot of rum, of course.

Andre, why don't
you be a good servant

and go get us the coffee?

Your wish is my command,
for no more than one month.





I've been thinking,
Brittney and Gregory.

About what, Dominique?

Oh, please call me miss.

Sounds so much better.

I don't understand.

I thought we were
becoming friends.

Actually, Andre just
wanted you over so that he

could sleep with Brittney.

Why would he think
that I would do that?

It was a bet that we had.

ANDRE: Here we are.

And he just lost.

What bet what was that?

Which one of us could
screw the two of you first.

ANDRE: And I guess
the game has ended.

And I've won.

Right, Gregory?

You had sex with Dominique?

If it makes you feel
any better, honey,

I had to bribe
him with $200,000.

Bribed him?

You bribed him?

That's cheating.

We never made rules
on how to get them.

We just had to get them.


I should've gone that angle.


I still wouldn't have done it.

Well, Gregory wasn't so solid.

He fell like a house of cards.

ANDRE: Now I have to pick up
the pieces, thank you very much.

I knew you wouldn't
pay the money.

Actually, I owe you $5
million, not $200,000.

ANDRE: $5 million?

How so?

My asshole dead husband.

He left it to them.

I fought it for two
years in probate,

but I had to sign yesterday.

Then why all this?

Why the game?

You took $5 million from me.

I wanted your marriage.

Oh, my.

I guess you do win, Dominique.

Mm, yes.

What is so goddamn funny?

I just fucked your husband.


Very good job, Gregory.

Well, thank you, my dear wife.

I thought it was
icing on the cake.

sorry, miss, but we

knew about the $5 million.

What do you mean?

When we met, we knew that Bill
was a sucker for a love story.

We worked him.

But Bill insisted that we
had to be married to get it.

We got married, talked
about love every damn day.

We worked it.

BRITTNEY: He dies and
leaves us $5 million.

GREGORY: You think these
things remained secret?

Your lawyer called us before
the coffin was even closed.

So we kept the charade up
till you finally gave in.

We never even lived together.

We had sex now and then
to make it look good.


$5 million is a
lot of screw about.

Now we can get a divorce
and be done with it.

Hey, I screwed
you twice today.

Oh, and thanks for firing us.

Now we can collect
unemployment, too.

Oh, Andre?

I was going to do
you, but it looks

like I don't need to after all.

Well, so much for
educating Brittney.


They were good.


He's more ruthless than you.

We should have them
over for dinner sometime.

I think it's time that you
start repaying your wager.

You think you won.

And what makes you think
I didn't let you win?

Somehow I think
it doesn't matter.

Six months?

I'm going to hold
you in my debt.