Edo Porn (1981) - full transcript

(Japanese with English subtitles) Widowed woodblock artist Hokusai meets Onao and falls madly in love with her, but she disappears suddenly. One day, his daughter brings home a young girl who looks exactly like Onao. Using the girl as his muse, he reconnects to his youth when he painted his masterpiece, the gigantic octopus and the beauty seduced.


Hello. Changed your professional name?

Ikku Juppensha.

I've written a death poem.

Already? What poem?

Now it is time...

To bid farewell... To this world...

What's next?

I'll be happy to become ashes.


You'll be glad to become ashes? When?

I won't die

I just want to get rid of my past.


You just scribble for sake.

I enjoy writing novels.

You go ahead, too.

Why not? I'm ready to write
a great masterpiece.

One much better than your latest.

I heard you'd changed your name
to Sanba Shikitei.

Written a dead poem too?

Life is like a fart.

I fade away, nothing left behind.

My next work is named.

Public Bath.

Public bath for women?

I'll write about men too.

When naked, there's no difference

between the Shogun and us.

That's good.

Tetsuzo, what on earth are you doing?

Look at Utamaro.

He thinks he's the only
woodblock artist now.

Have you seen his pictures?

Damn Utamaro.

They just look beautiful.

They're not alive.

Who are you?

Oei, Some food?

That's rude.

Are you a samurai's daughter?

Go downstairs.

Did you bring me here for that?

What's he doing?

You said you preferred old men right?



Who's he? Another of your like?

Utamaro I don't like him.

The famous Utamaro?

Shogunate Mirror-Polisher Ise Nakajima.

This is where I live.

Are you teasing me?

I'm the Shogunate mirror-polisher's son.

Then why do you live in that place?

You'll see.

Hello. Where is my father?

Taking a bath.

You're his son?

Why not just go in?

He's disowned me.


Shogunate mirror-polishers are very rich.

He has lots of money.

What do you do?

I'm a painter.

What's funny?

All you do is doodle.

When a shower comes

there are some who
just wait until it stops.

They're cowards.

I don't care. I start walking.

I start running.

Nobody knows where I'm running to.

How should they know?

I don't know, myself.

All I know is I must start all over
forgetting everything.

Don't look like that.

You mean nothing to me.

I'll mean something one of these days.

Is Oei really your daughter?

She was born when I was nineteen.

Then I divorced my wife
because of a shower?


Yes. A shower in my mind.

How many showers since then?

Such a long time, Father.

What brings you?

I'd like some money.

Who is she?

I wondered if you'd like her.

So I brought her.

Slight trouble with your eyes?

About money, this is the last time.

Why? I brought her for you...

Think well.

You left home to become a painter.

I disowned you then.

I had no children.

I adopted you because

I wanted you to succeed to me as the
Shogunate mirror-polisher.

I will. I can study painting
while working.

Thinking like that, you'll never succeed.

I hear you're studying...

Under Yusen Kano the Shogunate painter.

You're studying many styles all at once.

What's on your mind?

Because sometimes a shower falls...

A shower? What's that?


He was raised at Honjo
the worst place in Edo.

His father was a day-laborer.

He was poverty itself.

Tetsuzo's mother left him.

His uncle was a clam vendor and...

He often bought Tetsuzo
when he came to sell clams.

Unlike now, he looked bright.
So I adopted him.

Go to Shunsho Katsukawa and
study painting under him.

That advice and this money,

that's the last.

Pick them up.

Do you want me to act like a beggar?

I shouldn't get angry.

Thank you very much.

About her... do you like her?

She's interesting. I'll leave her here.

I don't understand him.

He has some nerve.

I believe my father will like you.

You took me to your house
because you were plotting this?

See you again.


I'll come again to get money.

What else do you want?

Don't you mind if I leave?

How old are you?


You may have me.

What did you say?

That you can have me.

You mean it?

I always mean what I say?

So soft

I don't want you to treat me carefully.

I'm not a pet.

Are you asking for rough treatment?

You've only begun to see
what I really am.

Here's some money for you old woman.

Take it, disown me, go somewhere.


You are here, because I bore you.

This is where I work.

I don't think you can stand
my father's way of life.

You plan to save lots of money first.

To make your life stable and
then write books.

That's right. You can't work well
if you're poor.

May I be honest?

I find your way of thinking boring.

I see.

You're the son of a samurai aren't you?

Yes. My father worked for one of the
Shogun's close retainers.

And because you wanted to be an author.

You married the daughter of
a rich store owner.

That's very bad.

She's thirteen years older
than you at that.

You know well.

What's bad?


Go outside and play. You're in the way.

Don't bother about her.

You and your father just live on us.

The sight of you sickens me.

She looks so gentle
but she's grumbling all the time.

She's just serious.

Did you say something?

No, I didn't.

Those good-for nothings!

You're good at making clogs.

I'm a clog maker now I must do my best.

What's funny?


My father took to drink because
Onao left him.

She wasn't much.

But her running away hurt him very badly.

You'll understand when you grow up.

When I grow up?

I'll still be a woman when I've grown up

I won't understand men.

That reminds me. You are a woman.

What talk! Even I have someone
whom I love secretly.

Something nice happened last night.

Let's drink to it.

Something nice?

I'll tell you. Stop working.

I visited Master Kano's last night.

The master was painting.

A picture of a child trying
to get some persimmons.

The persimmon branch was as high as this.

And the end of the pole the child was
holding was much higher.

Yet he was standing on tiptoes.

That's odd. The tree should
have been much taller.

I told Kano about it
Then he became angry.

Get out!

He kicked me out.

He got upset, because I put him to shame.

Wait a minute, Father.

He might have been trying
to paint an awkward child.

Or how innocent children were.

There are many ways of painting.

If paintings are too logical,
they are boring.


Your pictures don't sell, because
yours are just a collection of

something you stole from the others.
Yours are too perfect.

Yes. That can be true.

Thank you. Thank you.

Damn it! A shower again!

Go eat something.

Seems you don't want me here.

Clog man, will you leave us alone?

This is his house.

I don't mind.

You too, boy.

Me too?

Onao's come to see me almost every night.

We drink together.

I washed her.

We almost went to bed together.

Excuse me.

But just before the critical together.

She disappeared

leaving a mysterious smile.

Made yourself up to look young?

I miss Onao-so badly

I can't just sit and wait.

It's the same with me.

I can't forget her beautiful body.

I'm painting nothing but pornography...

Where she's being raped.

Ironically, some say this pornography is
the best of the work I've done.

Where did she go?

She left after destroying me.

Leave. Stay away from her,

or I'll kill you.


Are you still in there?

I'm coming out.

I'll go take the clogs to Tsutaya.

I see. Come home early.
Don't be late for supper.

Eating regularly is good for the health.

Did you hear us talking?


Don't you mind your wife being so nosy?

When I married her, I promised
never to write books.

I didn't mind her being older.

Because I thought, someday I could
do what I really wanted to.

After she falls asleep, I get up and
start writing novels.

I know they can't be very good,

but I'm still trying.

Actually, I'm going to see Tsutaya
the publisher...

To show him a novel I've just finished.

I wonder who wrote it...

Don't play dumb. You wrote it.

Tell Tetsuzo about that clearly.

Some fear to see crabs walking sideways.

Like you.

A grown-up man, at that.

Your wife's a crab which slides along.

I'm afraid I've lost my wits.

Crabs crawl sideways.

If they walk forward, they're monsters.

I'm in a hurry. I'll be brief.

Come to Honjo in two hours.

To my father's?

What for?

Come to the garden. Promise.

What does she think I am?

Stay away from her, or you'll get hurt.

I saw Onao...

Shut up!

I wonder why you're so excited.

What was Onao to me?

I fear I might do something with her.

But I know I shouldn't
I have you as my daughter.

You get excited easily
but you cool down soon, too.

I thought you'd soon get tired of her.

What trouble!

Tetsuzo, look at yourself.

Oei, will you sit up all night and
watch over me?

Did you tell them?

Not yet.

Then I'll tell them.

Get out of here very soon, you two.

I'm too busy.

What a strange answer!

Understand, Oei?

I wonder.

With you here, my husband can't
concentrate on his work.

Writing novels isn't for normal people.

I'm sorry.

What a shame!

I'm always doing my best for you.

But all you do is write books
using names like...

Bakin Takizawa or something.



So long!


You're angering me. Come on out.

What brings you here?

To see Onao.

That's odd. She said to meet her here.

Onao. Where are you?


What's happened?

How brutal!

What is?


The clog-store boy.

He works for Sashichi.

Forgive me.

She duped me. She forced me to.

I'm not to blame.

You were just teasing him, right?

Nothing happened with him, right?

Please don't be so hard on
this old man. Please!

Why don't you look at me?

I've not hanged myself yet.

Not hung yourself?

My parents hanged themselves.

They were very close, though.

Did you sleep with that boy or not?

I was so bored for the last several days.

I'll forget everything.

Live with me.

I'll give you all I have.

I don't care for honor, post or money.

Shall I leave Edo?

I'm tired of it.

I'll do farming in the country.

Stop it! You bitch!

I'm sorry.


Kill me!

She jilted me.

She turned me down.

She turned me down, the Shogunate

Onao isn't here. Where did she go?

She said to come here?

What's wrong with you?

I quit. I stopped painting.

You'll be better off as merely Tetsuzo.

I'll be a clam vendor.
I'll sell red pepper too.

That's fine.

I'll forget everything.

Except for one thing:

That's Onao.

I think he's been terribly hurt...

He hanged himself!

Tetsuzo, what is this?

Buy my red pepper!

It's flavoured with spices...

Like sesame and poppy seeds.
Buy my red pepper!

Buy some!

Buy my red pepper!

It's flavoured with spices...

If it isn't Tetsuzo...

What happened?

I wonder where Father has gone...

It's flavoured with spices...

Tetsuzo, what are you doing?

Are you crazy?

It's me. It's Ikku Juppensha.

So you're at a place like this?

I looked for you.

You up and left, and never returned.

You're selling red pepper, too?

Have one.

I bought something. I'm broke.

So I sleep outdoors.

What did you buy?

At an antique store
with all the money I had...

I bought this.

It's St Nichiren.

It's Onao for me.

I think you still miss her.

I always need something to depend on.

So, you're now able to talk about
your own weak points.

What's wrong with you?

Selling red pepper.
Did you quit painting?

You look nice.

Buy my red pepper!

It's flavoured with spices...

Shut up!

Selling red pepper? What a blockhead!

Don't speak ill of him.

You can't be a painter.
Selling red pepper is right for you.

Angry? Then paint some
good pictures. Surprise us.

Shut up?

Stop it.

Selling red pepper is right for me.

Sashichi, I implore you...

Praise it.

He drew it while selling red pepper.

It may not sell...

But if you say it's good.
That'll encourage Father.

Just say it's good
Praising doesn't cost money.

You and he are friends childhood friends.

Wonderful picture, isn't it?

You write books, yet don't understand
how people feel?

Tsutaya, I'm not asking you to buy
Tetsuzo's picture.

I'll pay for you. So publish it.

You may laugh this off.

But don't tell anybody that I paid for it.

Just pretend that you liked it and
published it yourself.

It's a trick but if he believes
his drawings are accepted...

It'll encourage him.

I'm a merchant.

I'll do almost anything for money.

But if I publish poor pictures
it'll damage my reputation.

Father, wake up
Tsutaya, the publisher is here.

I'm Tsutaya.

What's wrong? Can't you draw?

You've been talking big, haven't you?

I can't, Oei.

I can't.

Then draw me.

When I'm smiling?

When I crying?

Or both?

Or do you want to draw me when I'm naked?

Sit down.

Look sideways.

The lines...

Poor carving!

Do it yourself!

Are you asleep? What's this colour?


Shall I massage your feet?

No, thank you.

Don't do anything.

Tell me anything you want.

Eat to get better. I'll cook for you.

I'm glad you've endured it all.

You'll soon be able to do

what you really want to.


I think you'll feel wonderful if I die.

Don't talk like that.

After I die, sell this house.

Close the clog store and
concentrate on writing.

I married you because

I wanted you to succeed
to the family business.

I was wrong.

Eventually you failed in it.

Now that the business is gone

you must make a good author.

Bakin Kyokutei...
I think it's a good name for you.

It sounds dignified.

"In Mourning."

I'll write!

I'll write!

Now, ladies and gentlemen...

Watch what Hokusai Katsushika
is going to draw.

Two sparrows on a tiny rice grain!

Absurd! What's he doing?

He surely has changed.

He's showing off.

Crazy! I can't stand it.

Everyone, up on the gate and see!

Who is it?

It's me.


Were you working, Bakin Kyokutei?

Don't call me Bakin Kyokutei.
I'm Sashichi.

Just call me Sashichi.

But I came to borrow money again.

Come in.

You're working hard, aren't you?

I'm letting out what
I've saved in me all at once.

You live all alone?

An old woman comes to cook for me.

Being alone is nice. I can relax.

How is Tetsuzo doing?

He talks as big as usual.

But actually he is poor.

What about his huge pictures?

Don't they make money?

No. Paper costs too much.

He likes to show off.

He's unhappy now.

He used to be timid.

To get some money
I draw for children's toys and kites.

So does he, using my name.

When someone goes up
in the world too fast...

He often becomes like that.

My pictures of the Sumida River...

They sell well. I'm going to hold
a geisha party to drink to them.

Thanks, but I'm busy.

I'm not inviting you.

You just make me nervous.

I came to borrow.

I must get my clothes out of pawn.

I refuse.

Lend me something.

I'm working now.

I see. I've made up my mind too.

I'll draw no more illustrations
for your novels.

They sell because
my illustrations are good.

I don't think so!

I'll break with you.

You've broken with everybody.

You have no friends now.

Father, he's right.

Why are you siding with him?

All you write is didactic novels.

They're unrealistic.

I hate evil.

Look. Public Bath -
Sanba Shikitei wrote it.

He went to the public baths to write it.

To be naked to take a bath.

It's a matter of due course.

Even Buddha does it.

When you fart in the water...

Bubbles rise, Hubble-bubble.

I read it, too.

Just minor realism.

Sanba is supposed to be talented.

But I don't appreciate him.

I see nothing interesting in farting.

Even Buddha farts in the bath.
That's good.

I disagree.

Lend me some money. No.

Then I'll steal it. I know
where you're hiding it.

No, you mustn't do that, Father.

You're like a robber.

What a shame!

After tonight's orgy,
I'll set out on a trip to Mount Fuji.

I'll draw Mt. Fuji.

How can I live then, with those debts?

Sashichi will help you.

I'll tell him the truth.

Stop it.

Your pictures were published, because
someone paid Tsutaya.

What's that? Who on earth
paid Tsutaya for me?

Who else?



She sent me some money during her trip.

I think she heard you were poor.

You're lying!

Where is she now?

Tell me!

Utamaro was arrested.
Handcuffed for 50 days.

They say he made a fool of the Shogunate.

A false charge!

If Utamaro was jailed
will Tsutaya be punished too?

How awful!
Does the Shogunate want us to stop?

It seems I'm a hypocrite.

I paid the publisher for Tetsuzo.

And I said it was Onao's doing.

Just to please myself.

I know it's awful.

My novels betray it.

I must rewrite my novels.

I'm sorry. I'll do anything for you.

I'll do as you say.

It's very nice of you.

Excuse me, I'll put down the bedding.

I'm used to this.

I'm almost 40. I'm mature.

I'll lose energy as I get old.

I must finish what I want to do.

I know how you feel.

My late wife told me to do my best.

I don't mind, but the world
may think differently.

I don't think you'll talk about this.

Proceed, Oei.

The reader of my novels...

May think I'm writing,
seated straight at a neat desk.

Actually I get the idea of
what to write while lying in bed.

Now, will you help me with my work?

I don't see well these days.
I can't write fast.

Continued to Crescent Moon Part V.

Write it in a corner.

Is she a deity or a woman?

Spelling doesn't matter.

I'll correct it later.

Much though I hate to admit it,
I'll need Tetsuzo's illustrations.

As beautiful as a moon.

As gentle as a willow tree.

I don't know how to describe her.

She has the beauty of every flower.

Oei, how old are you?

How old am I? About 24, I think.

It's time to get married.

I'm too old.

In a way.

But Ikku said I was mature.

He's always sarcastic.

You get married.
Being a widower isn't too good.

Unlike Tetsuzo, I like to do the
household affairs myself.

I'm rather feminine.

Your wife could live an easy life.

Good women never expect such things.

Women don't always mean what they say.

I was married, you know.

I'll go wash my hands.

I've been in love with him.
I'll never mention it.

I'll drink up.

What's wrong with women drinking?

South Wind in a Clear Sky.

Thirty-six Views of Mt Fuji.

They aren't much.

Only a few of them are acceptable.

Which one do I like best?
Decide yourself.

To tell the truth,
I think of Mt Fuji as myself.

I sit magnificently and
look down on people's lives.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

I've walked long.

But my true life is just beginning.

I'm only 89.

Tenement House in Asakusa.

Utamaro, Sanba Shikitei Ikku Juppensha...

They all passed away.

All the interesting ones are gone.

It's marvelous.

I went to the employment agency
for help in my doll-making.

My side-job. I met her there.

Don't pull me like that.

Calm down and listen to me.

My home village was ruined
in the famine and...

Now I remember. You're Onao.

Well! How do you know my name?

Onao must be very old by now.

She'd be older than me.

I'll be fortunate if
I can work for Hokusai.

His pictures are very popular.

He's drawing for a festival float now.

Are you from Obuse in Shinshu?

How do you know?

A scholar named Kozan Takai?

He's the greatest man there.

I've been there with my father.

My father drew for the floars there.

I don't understand.

Hurry and take me to Hokusai.


I've missed you so.

What a nasty old men!

To her, the master Hokusai is nothing.


Is he Hokusai?

I can't believe.

Have you really forgotten Tetsuzo?

You see? His name is Tetsuzo.

The great Hokusai couldn't be
living in a dirty sty like this.

Excuse me.

You came at the right time, Bakin.

Say my name.

Hachiyemon Miuraya.

That's true. But how do they
usually call me?


Come on!

Then Tamekazu or something.

I'll knock you down.

You've already changed
your name thirty times.

Have you found yourself
a new name again, Hokusai?

Hokusai. It's come out at last. Hokusai.

I'm sorry. I realize even a
great man sometimes forgets.

Bakin, don't you think she's like Onao?


Who is Onao? I've forgotten.

Oei, make her like the Oano of years ago.

Dress her up.

We've no money.

Will you lend us some?

I heard you were always carrying
all the money you had on you.

I refuse. I'm old and money is the
only thing I can depend on.

Your nephew said he wanted
to be my disciple, right?

So what?

If you give me ten gold pieces

he can use my name-Hokusai.


Some good kimono for her.

Here's some money.

What are you doing? Show them
some good kimono.


Thirty-six Views of Mt Fuji.
Hokusai Cartoons.

Visit to the Waterfalls.

They are all splendid works.

I'm very certain of that.

I almost go insane when
I think I'll be totally blind.

I use many Chinese characters.

If I dictate to some disciple...

He'll only use cursive kana characters.


Hokusai, will you pay the rent?
It's three months due.

If you don't, I'll kick you out.

I will. Today I will.

Bakin, pay it for me.
The rent for three months.

Strange old man! Something wrong with me?

No, nothing.

It's too much.

Just take it.

I hope it's not fake.

It's real.

Thank you very much.

Are you one of the
hopeless painters, too?

There is something!
Getting hard after all these years.

By the way, I wonder what brings me here?

No good. It's no good again.

What are you doing? Look how old you are!

It's really disgusting.

Where is Onao?

She's dressing up. She'll be back soon.

I chose the best one in the store.

Why are you so angry, Oei?

I know the Government forbids
women's heavy makeup.

And that they forbid us to wear
expensive silk clothes.

But they're going too far.

I saw some policemen stopping
women who were passing by.

They said, "you must be wearing
silk underwear."

And ordered them to show it.

Did they get you, too?

They spared me. I was the only exception.

It's snowing.

It can't be. It's almost summer.

You're wrong. It's the dark snow.

There's a blizzard around me.

I'll be going.

Bakin's grown senile...

Hokusai's become senile at last.

Poor old man!

Oei, I'm hungry.

You've eaten just now.

I'm back.


I remember the old days.

Thanks. See you again.

Do I look nice now?

Oei, I can draw now.

I can draw a real woman-for the
first time in my life.

Do your best, Father.

Your eyes, yes your smiling eyes!



I'll draw you naked.


No! I don't want to!

I wonder where Hokusai went?

Sometimes he up and leaves.
He'll be back soon.

He left because you refused to strip.

When he comes home, undress.

Even if I don't, he can
draw birds and flowers.

Welcome home.

Welcome back, sir.

Where were you?

You're old. Don't just leave like that.

Now, strip.

Hurry, or my vision will fade.


I wonder if he's insane...

Hurry and undress,
or the vision will fade.

Undress, just as I told you.

No. It's daytime now.

Can't be helped.

It's for Father. I'll undress.

I'm not going to draw a ghost.

I'm going to draw a big octopus,

and a small one on a woman.

Octopuses! They're alive.

This is going to be real fun.

Suppose we're on the beach.

And that a woman diver is lying
on her back unconscious.

Think of this as the diver.

She's opening her thighs, and
around her waist... like this.

The octopus moves so does the diver.

The octopus sinks between
the diver's thighs.

Its tentacles stretch out.

I think I'll do it.

That's it!

Everyone has some desires.

You too.

Me too?

We all have our desires.

I'll do it.

It tickles.

Clammy too...


Women bend their toes backward
when they're excited.

Like this?

More strongly. Until your legs hurt.

It's hard...

I've been waiting for this,
and the time's come.

I have caught you today at last.

What a nice love nest you have!

I'll suck and suck it.

I'll take you to paradise...

Well! What an octopus!

I'm breathing hard.

I'm gasping.

Use your suckers... More...

What I want to draw is...

Not the octopuses violating the woman.

Instead, a picture of the woman
fondling octopuses.

This is a masterpiece, Father.

Show me.

It's very good. It's excellent.

Oei, you must remember this:

My real masterpiece will be...

Not the Thirty-six Views of Mt Fuji.

But the various phases of women
who have desires.

I'll draw them, so there's no mistake.

Damn it! I wish I were young.

Damn it!

You worked so hard. I'll massage you!

What kind of boat is it?

A boat made of a bamboo leaf.

I sent the boat as far as China.

Do you know what they gave me
when I came home?

A jewel box. A mirror.

And beautiful clothes.

Do you know whom those gifts were for?

They're for Oharu, the girl I love.
Where is she?

She went to visit her family grave.

We were all children once.

Children never get tired of anything.
I envy them.

Bakin, are you totally blind now?

Can you tell?

I'm not over there. I'm here.

Here I am

I'll catch you. Don't cheat.

I've caught you.

I'm glad you could catch me.

You deliberately let me catch you right?

Yes. I don't want to tell you lies.

I'm glad I came. I'm glad I'm here.

Though blind, you came
all the way to see us?

I made up my mind never to go home again.

I'm tired of living.

I'm from a samurai family.

I'll commit harakiri as a samurai should.


I'm hungry.

With my eye trouble, my brain and
mind are both in darkness.

Even though I try to write,
I can't think of a word.

Being like this, I'm no longer
Bakin Takizawa.

I'm nobody.

I'm just Sashichi, a dotard.

Don't spoil yourself.

Oei, kick him out.

Death, get out!

I still have lots of things
to do while I'm alive.

No matter how old you may be...

It's better to live miserably than to
die a peaceful death.

I realize how it is - at last.

You love Bakin.

That's why you've never been married.

Come on. Make love with him now.

That's not the proper way
to talk to your daughter.

I thought you'd waste
your life for my sake.

But I know now what you really did.

What he said - is it true?


Just as Father loved only Onao

you were all I had.

I didn't know...

That such a good person as you
was before me.

I spend up my life.

Just coming and going between my
study and the publisher.

Get out, the two of you.

I disown you.

I have Onao with me.

I'll take care of him.


I'm the sort of woman who has
something dirty and awful in me.

I always want to do something
others hate to do.

For example, while showing you the way...

Saying this way is shorter

I'd let you drop into a drain.

That's how I feel.

When Utamaro was popular, while
my father was still unknown

I thought I'd inform on Utamaro...

And have him jailed for his pornography.

Don't let me drop.

I decided to leave my father...

Because I know he'd die,
exhausted by the young Onao.

I'd like to watch him die.

Hokusai, keep working.

Your pornography sells well.

Draw anything - octopuses or eels.

Draw a picture a day.

Continue it for a year.
Then I'll marry you.

I wonder what's happened.

I can't get excited.

I can't feel that inspiration...

Something like burning flames.


Bring me the box.

Open it.

They're yours.

You can live on them all your life
even though...

It may not be very long.

I was born poor and I'm used to poverty.

So much money means nothing to me.

Use the money for your father's
funeral or something.

You're really kind, aren't you?

My life has been...

A joy, because I could meet him.

A real joy.

Was it a joy to have met me, too?

Of course.

Oei, I feel cold.

Will you come in here and warm me up?

I've already built a grave for myself.

I've written a death poem, too.

Fleeing from all the worldly evils

I'll return to soil

like a broken mud doll.

How do you like it?

Do you think it's too logical...

Just like my novels?

I wanted to die...

Pressed against the soft body of a woman.

Oei, you are old now.

But you still have soft skin.

Naturally. I'm not married.

I'm still a virgin.

Ohyaku, I'll come to you before long.

Everything has gone as I planned.

From the beginning to the end.

May I suck on your breasts?

Yes, as much as you want.

Are you excited?

Reality first?

I wanted to show you something realistic.

You hate to draw us?


How boring! What's the matter with you?

Have a nice time.

Poor old man! He's like a mere shadow.

Are you stopping?

I'm kind of disappointed.

What a shame!

He missed the chance to draw pornography.


Hey, Oei!

He believes he's calling me.

Here I am! I'm coming!

Fleeing from all the worldly evils

I'll return to soil

like a broken mud doll.

What a bad poem!

Bakin kept on putting
on airs until he died.

When it comes to that,
my death poem is...

Now listen. I've thought of one just now.


As a spirit, I'm passing through
a field in summer.

A field in summer is the point.

I decided to die in the summer
when I'm 101.

I'm 90 now. It's time to
quit making pornography.

I have no time to play around
with young girls.

I'm going to study European-style
painting for five years.

I'll master it when I'm
between 95 and 99.

When I'm 100...

Then I'll be able to draw pictures
I really like myself.

I can hardly wait until then.

I feel excited.


I wonder where she is...

Father, what are you doing?

You're dirty. Your clothes are torn, too.

You can't do a thing without me.

Serves you right!

Seems Onao ran out on you.

Preparing for the festival?

The Torigoe Shrine's festival is coming.

So is the Goddess of the Mercy's.

I'm glad I moved to Asakusa.

I'm the son of a poor peasant.

I had to work on the empty land.

So I wanted very badly to
live in the busy town of Edo.


At a theater very near here...

They're presenting a
Nanboky Tsuruya play.

It's popular.

I wish I could take you there.

I don't think there's anyone
who'd remember me.

Someone is calling me.

St. Nichiren!

Glory to the Lotus Sutra!

You helped me a lot.

As long as I believed in you
you always watched over me.

You're smart.

You haven't prayed to him
for years have you?

Thank you very much for giving
Onao back to me.

Go to bed now.

I will, Onao.

St Nichiren, actually, I want
you to give back to me.

Oei, rather than Onao.

I want Oei to carry me
on her back on a trip.

For a woman, she was quite strong.

I'm 70 now. You still want me
to slave for you?

I'm beginning to be like Bakin.

I can't see well. The landscape is
fading in the distance.


Trying to be funny?

This is bad. It's because I wrote my
death poem too soon.

I should have drawn a picture instead.

I made a mistake.

A forlorn spirit like this
in a field in summer.

It wanders here and there,
flying in the wind.

It'll sell.

I can buy you something then.

Onao, bring me my brush.

You're Oei.

You made a big mistake, eh?

If you were married...

You could be enjoying a happy
life with your grandchildren.

It's getting dark.

If Heaven allows me...
to live 10 years longer.

5 years will be enough.

If Heaven permits me...
to live for 5 more years.

I'll be able to become a true artist.

He died.

They all say something nice

when they are dying...