Edmond (2005) - full transcript

A man in a suit at a Manhattan firm leaves work on Friday; he looks unhappy. He stops at a fortune teller's for a Tarot reading: "You are not where you belong," she tells him. That evening he quits his marriage and walks the streets of New York, passing from a classy bar to a gentleman's club, then to a high-class bordello, a mugging, a pawnshop, and a diner where someone does listen. He shares his insights with her and later with others. Violence, disappointment, and musings entwine as Edmond loses his moorings while believing he's found them. Where does he belong?

Good night, Carrie.

- Have a good weekend.
- Bye.

Oh, Mr. Burke.

Your meeting on Monday
with Mr. Harrington

has been pushed back
to 1:15.

Have a nice weekend.

You are not
where you belong.

- The girl broke the lamp.
- Which lamp?

- The antique lamp.
- In my room?

- Yes.
- Hmm.

That lamp cost
over $220.

Well, maybe we can
get it fixed.

We're never gonna get it fixed.
I think that that's the point.

I think that's why
she did it.

All right.

I'm going.

Will you bring me
back some cigarettes?

- I'm not coming back.
- What?

- I'm not coming back.
- What do you mean?

I'm going, and I'm not
going to come back.

- You're not ever coming back?
- No.

Why not?

I don't want to live
this kind of life.

- What does that mean?
- That I can't live this life.

- You can't live this life?
- Yes.

So you're
leaving me?



Ah, ah.

Then what about me?
Don't you love me anymore?

- No.
- You don't?

- No.
- And why is that?

I don't know.

And when did you
find this out?

- A long time ago.
- You did?

- Yes.
- How long ago?

Years ago.

You've known for years
that you don't love me?



Then why do you decide
you're leaving me now?

I've had enough.

Yes, but why now?

Because you don't interest me,
spiritually or sexually.

Hadn't you known this
for some time?

- Why do you think?
- I think that you did.

- Yes, I did.
- Then why didn't you leave then?

Why didn't you leave then,
you stupid shit?

All of these years you say
you've been living here, huh?

You idiot!
I've had enough!

You idiot!
Passing judgment on me all this time!

- I never passed judgment...
- And then you tell me you're leaving!

- Yes.
- Go, then.

- I'll call ya.
- Please! And we'll talk.

What should we do with the house,
cut it in half? Go, get out of here, go!

- You think I'm fooling.
- I do not.

Thank you. Goodbye!

Get out!
Get out of here!

And don't you ever come back,
do you hear me?

I'll tell you
who's got it easy.


The niggers.

Sometimes I wish
I was a nigger.

Sometimes I wish
I was too.

I'd rob a store.
I don't blame 'em, I swear to God.

Because I want to
tell ya,

we're bred to do
the things that we do.

- Yes.
- Northern race, one thing,

southern race...

somethin' else.

And what
they want to do

is sit under the tree
and watch the elephant.

And I don't blame them
one small bit.

Because there's too much
pressure on us.


And that's no joke, and that's not
poetry. It's just too much.

It is.
It absolutely is.

- A man has got to get out.
- What do you mean?

A man has got to get
away from himself.

That's true.

Hey, baby.

Because the pressure
is too much.

What do you do?

What do you mean?

What do you do
to get out?

- What do I do?
- Yeah.

What are
the things to do?

What are the things
anyone does?

I don't know. Pussy.

Power. Money.


I think that's it.


I think that
that's it.

- Don't you?
- Yes.


Um, I suppose
that's it.


You gotta get out, get something
that opens your nose.

Life is too short.

My wife and I
are incompatible.

I'm sorry to hear that.
In what way?

- I don't find her attractive.
- Mm.

- And she hates my guts.
- Mmm.

It's a boring thing to talk about,
but that's what's on my mind.

- I understand.
- You do?

- Yes.
- Thank you.

Believe me,
it's all right.

I know that
we all need it,

we don't know where to find it,
and I know what it means,

and I understand.

- I... feel...
- I know, like your balls were cut off.

Yes. A long
long time ago.


And I don't
feel like a man.

- You know what you need?
- No.

You need to get laid.

I do.
I know I do.

And that's why
the niggers have it easy.

I'll tell you why.

There are responsibilities

they never have accepted.

Try the Allegro.

What is that?

It's a club
on 47th Street.

I want this
to be on me.

I want you to remember

there was someone
who listened.

You'd do
the same for me.

Want to buy me
a drink?


I'm putting myself
at your mercy.

This is my first time
in a place like this.

I don't want to be taken advantage of.
You understand?

Buy me a drink,
and we'll go in the back.

And do what?

Whatever you want.


Buy me a drink.

- You... get a commission on the drinks?
- Yes.

- How much commission do you get?
- 50%.

That's $100.

It's too much.


Too much.
Thank you.

- 80.
- No, thank you.

- 80.
- I'll give you 50.

I'll give you the 50 you'd get
if I gave her 100 for the drink.

But I'm not gonna
give them 100.

- But you have to buy me a drink.
- No, I'm sorry.

All right,
give me 30.

- On top of the 50?
- Yeah, you give me 80.

- To you?
- Yes.

- I should give the 80 to you?
- Yes.

And then you give
her the 50?

Yes, I got to
give her the 50.

- No.
- For the drink.

No, you don't have to
pay her for the drink... tea.

- It's not tea.
- It's not tea?

If it's not tea,
what is it then?

I came in here to be
straight with you!

Why do we have to
go through this?

Get in
or get out.

Don't mill around.

Get in or get out.

Go in seven.

Oh, no. Six...
I mean, six.

Go in six.

Take your dick out.

Take your dick out.

Come on.

Take your dick out.

- I'm not a cop.
- I know you're not a cop.

Take your dick out.
I'm gonna give you a good time.

How do we get this
barrier to come down?

It doesn't come down.

Then how are you gonna
give me a good time?

Come here.

Give me 10 bucks.

Give me 10 bucks.

Put it through
the thing.

Put it
through the thing.

I... don't have
10 bucks.

Give me the 20.

And you're gonna
make change?

Yes, just give me the 20.
Give it to me.


Now take your dick out.

Can... can I
have my 10?

Give me my 10 back.
Come on!

Give me my 10 bucks.

- Let me hold the 10.
- Give me my 10 back,

and I'll give you
a tip when you're done.

- Thank you.
- Now, take your dick out!

How do we get this thing
to come down?

It doesn't come down.

- It doesn't come down?
- No!

Well, then what the fuck
am I giving you 10 bucks for?

Look, you can touch me.

You can touch me.

I don't want to touch you.
I want you to touch me!

Come on!
Honey, come on.

You're only
cheating yourself.

Yo, senorita. You want to make
some money, senorita?

Put the money up.
You can't win if you don't play.

- Come on, man.
- I got you, I got you.

- What? 20.
- Yeah yeah yeah. Yo, bigger, baby.

The fellow over there?
He's a shill.

- Who is?
- You wanna do it one more time?

- You want to know how to beat the game?
- How?

You figure out which card
has got to win,

- and bet the other one.
- Who saw? Black's gonna get you back.

They're all shills.
They're all part of an act.

Here we go. Red is also gonna
get you men in black.

20 gets you 40,
40 gets you 80.

Cops cops cops cops.
Yo, don't run, don't run.

Come on.

Check it out, check it out.
I got you right here.

Yo, check me out
right here.

Right here, check me out.
Yo, my man, what's up?

I got you.
All right, who needs it?

Check it out, man,
check it out.

Is this what you're
lookin' for, man?

Yo, I'm sayin', take it.
I'm tryin' to give you somethin'.

Now is that what you're
lookin' for or not?

- Is this true?
- Would I give it to you if it wasn't?

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Have you been here before?
- Uh, no.

How did you
hear about us?

- Are you from out of town?
- Yes.

- What's the deal here?
- This is a health club.

- I know.
- And our rates are by the hour.

- Yes?
- $68 for the first hour.

Sauna, free bar,

The hour doesn't start until you
and the masseuse are in the room.

All right.

Whatever happens in the room,
of course, is between you.

- I understand.
- You understand?

- Yes.
- For two hours it's $150.

If you want
two hostesses,

that'll be $200
for one hour.

Whatever arrangements you
choose to make with them is between you.

- Good.
- What would you like?

One hour.

You pay that now.
How would you like to pay?

- How can I pay?
- Cash or credit.

The billing on your card
will read, "Atlantic Ski and Tennis."

Um, I'll pay with cash.
Thank you.

Not at all.
Have a lovely evening.

How are you?

I've never done this before.

- No?
- No.

That feels good.

You've got
a good body.

Thank you.

Do you work out?

- I jog.
- Mmm.

And I used to wrestle
in high school.

You've kept yourself
in good shape.

Thank you.

So what shall we do?

I'd like to have
intercourse with you.

That sounds nice.
I'd like that too.

- You would?
- Mm-hmm.

- How much would that be?
- For a straight fuck, that'd be 250.

Th-that's too much.

- You know I'm givin' you a break...
- No.

...'cause it's your
first time here.

No, it's too much on top
of the 68 at the door.

I know, I know, I know. But, you know,
I don't get to keep it all.

- It's too much.
- I split it with them.

Yeah, I mean,
they don't pay me, I pay them.

It's too much.

Okay, well, um,
how much do you have?

All I had was 100
for the whole thing.

- You mean 100 for it all?
- That only left me 30.

Honey, you couldn't
get a thing for that.

Well, how much
do you want?

All right, for
a straight fuck, 220.

I couldn't pay that.

Well, I'm sorry, then.
It would've been nice.

I'll give you 100.

- No.
- 120.


But only, you know,
because this is your first time.

- I know.
- Because we split with them,

- you understand.
- I understand.

All right, 200.

- Thank you. I appreciate this.
- Mm-hmm.

Would it offend you
if I wore a rubber?

- Not at all.
- Do you... do you have one?


Do you want to
pay me now?

Yes, certainly.

I need cash, honey.

- They said at the door...
- You have to pay me with cash.

- I don't think I have it, but...
- Well, how much do you have?

Well, I, um...
only 60.

Oh! Jeez.
I'm sorry, honey, I can't do it.

Well... well, wait wait, wait wait wait
wait. Maybe you could... wait!

You know, why don't you go
get it and come back here?

Well, where could I get it?

Go to an ATM or a restaurant
and cash a check.

- I'll be here till 4:00.
- I'll... I'll...

um, um...
yes, thank you.

Not at all.


Here you go.
You can't win if you don't play.

- You, sir?
- Me?

- You gonna try me again?
- "Again"?

I remember you beat me out that 50
that time with your girlfriend.

- When was this?
- On 14th Street.

- You gonna try me one more time?
- Um...

Play for that 50.
50 gets you 100.

We'll see
who's fast as you was.

Pay on the red, pass to the black.
Where's the queen?

You pick the queen, you win.
Where's the queen?

You put a 50, win 100.
Now, who saw the queen?

- I got her.
- How much?

- Put your money up. How much?
- Uh, I bet 50 bucks.

Put it up.


My man, I'm just
too quick for you today.

We got two cards left.
Who saw the queen?

We got two cards left.
Pay on the red queen. Who saw her?

- I saw her.
- Aw, shit, man, he too fast for me.

For $50?

All right, all right.
Put it up.

- Will you pay me if I win?
- Yes, I will.

If you win.
But you got to win first.

- All I got to do is turn the queen?
- That's all you got to do.

- I'll bet you $50.
- You sure?

- Yeah, I'm sure.
- Put it up.


which one
you like?


I'm sorry, my man.
This time you lose.

Now we even.
Take another shot.

You pick the queen, you win.
I'll bet you another 50.

- Let me see those cards.
- These cards is fine.

- It's you that's slow.
- I want to see those cards.

These cards are good, my man.
You lost.

You show me those cards.

You ain't seein' no motherfuckin' cards.
We're playin' a game here.

You lost, man. Get lost.

- You let me see those cards, fella.
- You wanna see these cards?

You wanna see these cards?
Here's your motherfuckin' cards!

Stop it!

Hold him, hold him.

Turn around!

See my money
and the cards.

He said...
he said my cards...

Come on, let's get out
of here. Come on.

Come on!

Oh God.

I want a room.

- $22.
- I lost my wallet.

- Go to the police.
- You can call up American Express.

Go to the police.
I don't want to hear about it.

You can call the credit card people.
I-I have insurance.

You can call them yourself.
Right across the hall.

I have no money.

I'm sure it's
a free call.

Does that phone
require a coin?

I'm sure I don't know.

You know if it needs a coin
or not to get a dial tone.

You know if it needs a coin,
for Christ's sake.

You want to live
in that kind of world?

You want to live
in a world like that?

I've been hurt.
Are you blind?

Would you appreciate it
if I acted this way to you?

I ask you
one simple thing...

does it need a coin?

No. It doesn't
need a coin.

You make your call

and then you go
somewhere else!

Please deposit ?75
for the first three minutes.

What do you get for that?
What is that, 14 or 19?

- 14.
- Yeah? Let me see that.

- How much is that?
- 685.

Why is that?
How old is that? Is that old?

You know how much gold
you got in there?

Feel that.
Just feel that.

- Where is it marked?
- Right there. You want the loupe?

No no, I can see it.

- What?
- I want to pawn something.

Talk to the man
in back.

- What else you got like this?
- I want to pawn something.

- What?
- My ring.

Take it off.

- It's difficult to take it off.
- Spit on it.

- How much is that?
- 220.

I got it off.

What do you want to do with this?
You want to pawn it?

- Yes, how does that work?
- Is that what you want to do?

Yes. Are there
other things to do?

What you can do, no.
I mean, if you wanted it appraised

or wanted to sell it,
or if you wanted it to pawn.

- I understand.
- All right?

- How much to get it appraised?
- $5.

- What would you give me if I pawned it?
- How much you want for it?

Whatever it's worth.

You pawn it, all you're
gonna get is approximately...

- you know how this works?
- No.

What you get,
a quarter of the value.

Approximately for one year,
you're paying 12%.

You can redeem your pledge with
the year, you pay the 12% to that time,

plus the amount
of the loan.

- What is my pledge?
- Well, that depends on what it is.

- What do you mean?
- What it is. Do you understand?


Whatever the amount is,
that is your pledge.

- The amount of the loan?
- That's right.

- I understand.
- What are you looking for the ring?

- What's it worth?
- The most I can give you is 120 bucks.

Let me see that knife.

- I'll take it.
- Good.

I'll be right back.
Give me the ring.

This is nice.
What are you asking for this?

43 bucks.
40 bucks.

40 bucks.

Why's it
so expensive?

Why is it
so expensive?

No, I'm gonna pass.

I'll catch ya later.

- Why is the knife so expensive?
- This is survival knife.

GI issue.
World War I.

- And that is why.
- Survival knife.

- That is correct.
- Is it a good knife?

Is the best knife
money can buy.

You want it?

What are you lookin' for?

- What?
- What are you looking for?

I'm not lookin'
for a goddamn thing.

If you're lookin' for
that joint, it's closed.

- What joint?
- That joint you was lookin' for.

Thanks, no, I'm not
lookin' for that joint.

Well, you lookin' for somethin', and I
think I know what you lookin' for.

- You do?
- Yeah, you come with me.

I get you what you want.

What am I looking for?

I know. We'll get you
some action, my friend.

We'll get you something sweet to shoot
on. I know. That's what I'm doin' here.

What are you saying?

I'm sayin' we gonna
find you somethin' nice.

You're saying you're
gonna find me a woman?

That's what I'm doin'
out here, friend.

- How much?
- Well, how much you want?

- I want somebody clean.
- That's right.

- I want a blowjob.
- All right.

- How much?
- 100 bucks.

- That's too much.
- Well, how much you wanna spend?

- Say, $35.
- 60.

No. 40?

- Yes.
- Is that all right?

Give me the 40.

I'll give you the 40
when we see the girl.

Hey, I'm not gonna leave you, man.
You comin' with me.

- We goin' to see the girl.
- Good.

I'll give it to you then.

You give it to me now, man,
you understand?

That's the transaction.
You see,

unless you a cop, you give me the money,
then that's entrapment, you understand?

- Yes. I'm not a cop.
- All right. You see what I'm sayin'?

- I'm sorry.
- That's all right.

Now, you come with me,
we'll walk here like we're talkin'.

- Is she going to be clean?
- Yes, she is.

I understand you, man.

I understand what you want.
Believe me.

- Is there any money in this?
- Oh, well, man, you know, there's some.

You get done piecin' off
the police,

this man here, the medical,
the bills, you know.

- How much does the girl get?
- 60%. Oh, yeah.

Uh, it's right
up here.

All right, motherfucker, now give me
all your money! All of it! Now!

- All right.
- Don't turn around. Don't turn around!

- Just hand me all you've got.
- All right.

Don't you make
a motherfuckin' sound.

I'm gonna do
everything you say.

You just hand me
all you've got.

You motherfucking nigger!

Hold on!

Motherfucking shit!

Jungle bunny!

You coon! You cunt!
You cocksucker!

- Take me upstairs?!
- Oh my God?

You fuck!
You nigger!

You dumb cunt!

You shit! Shit!
You fucking nigger!

Don't fuck with me,
you coon!

I hope you're dead!

I want a cup of coffee.
No. A beer.

- Irish whiskey.
- Irish whiskey?

Yes. A double.
Huh. Beer chaser.

- You're in a peppy mood today.
- You're goddamn right I am.

And do you know why?
Because I am alive.

You know how much
of our life we're alive,

you and I? Nothing!
Two minutes out of the year.

When we meet someone new.
When we get married.

When... when... when...
when we're in difficulties.

In a car crash.
And that's it.

You know... you know,
we're sheltered.

- Who is?
- You and I. White people.

All of us.
All of us.

The white race is doomed.
And do you know why?

- Sit down.
- I can't, I'm working.

You can do anything you want to do. You
don't sit down 'cause you're working.

The reason you don't
sit down is you don't want to sit down,

because it's more comfortable
to accept a law

than question it
and live your life.

All of us. We've bred the life
out of ourselves!

We live in a fog.
We live in a dream.

And we are dead.
How old are you?


I've lived
in a fog 47 years.

Most of the life
I have to live, it's gone.

I wasted it
because I didn't know.

And you know what
the answer is?

To live.

That's it.

In one moment,
for which I thank God.

To live!

I want to
tell you something.

No one's going to know.
Just you. That's all.

No one's keeping score,
and no one cares.

- I want to go home with you tonight.
- Why?

Why do you think?
I want to fuck you.

It's as simple as that.

- What's your name?
- Glenna.

You see this?

- Yes.
- That fuckin' nigger comes up to me,

"Gimme all your money."
47 years fits me to sweat and say,

"He's underpaid.
He can't get a job.

He's bigger than me.
He's a killer."

He don't care about his life...
you understand? so he'd do anything.

That's what
I'm fitted to do.

In a mess
of intellectuality

to wet my pants
while this coon

cuts my dick off, huh?

Because I'm taught
to hate.

I want to
tell you something.

Something spoke to me.
I got a shock.

I spoke back to him,
that motherfucker!

I came out there with my knife,
and I stuck it in his neck!

Up your ass, you coon!
You wanna fight?

I'll fight you!
I'll cut your fuckin' heart out!

- I don't give a fuck!
- Yes?

Huh? I don't give a fuck.
I got some warlike blood

in my veins too,
ya fuckin' spade!

- The blood ran down his neck.
- With that?

You bet your ass.

- Did you kill him?
- Did I kill him?

- Yes.
- I don't care.

That's wonderful.

And in that moment,
when I spoke...

you understand, 'cause that was
more important than the knife...

I didn't fucking want to understand.
Let him understand me.

I wanted to kill him,
and in that moment,

47 years of prejudice
came out of me,

47 years of all those...

um, uh, uh...

- of all those cleaning ladies...
- Uh-huh.

...um, who-who might
have broke the lamp.

So what? I swear to God,
for the first time I saw

they're people too!

- You know who I hate?
- No, who's that?

- Faggots.
- Yes, I hate them too. Do you know why?

- Why?
- They suck cock.

And that's the truest thing
you'll ever hear.

I hate them because
they don't like women.

- They hate women.
- I know that they do.

- It feels good to say it, doesn't it?
- Yes.

Then say it.
Say it.

If it makes you feel whole,
always say it, always, for yourself.

- It's hard.
- Yes.

- Sometimes it's hard.
- You're goddamn right it's hard.

And there's a reason
why it's hard.

- Why?
- So that we will stand up.

there is no law.

There is no history.
There's only now.

And if there's a God, he may love
the weak, Glenna,

but he respects
the strong.

And if you are a man,
you should be feared.

You must know
you command respect.

- That's why I love the theater.
- Yes.

Because what you must ask
respect for is yourself.

- What do you mean?
- When you're on stage.

- Yes.
- For your feelings.

- Absolutely! Absolutely, yes!
- And-and not be someone else!

Why should you?

That's why I'm so proud
to be in this profession.

- I don't blame you.
- Because your aspirations...

And I'll bet you're good at it.
They have no bounds.

There's nothing to bound
you but your soul!

I understand.

- Do something for me.
- Uh...

Act something for me.

- Will you act something for me?
- Now?

- Yes.
- Sitting right here?

- Yes!
- Would you really like me to?

You know I would.
You see me sitting here.

- You know I would. I'd love you to!
- You want one?

- Nah.
- What would you like me to do?

Whatever you'd like.
What plays have you done?

Well, we've
only done scenes.

- You've only done scenes?
- I shouldn't say "only."

- They contain the kernel of the play.
- What plays have you done?

- In college, I played Juliet.
- In Shakespeare?

Yes, in Shakespeare.
What do you think?

Well, I just meant
there's-there's plays named "Juliet."

- There are?
- Yes.

- I don't think so.
- Well, there are.

be so limited

and don't assume I'm dumb
because I wear a suit and tie.

I don't assume that.

Because what we've done
tonight, since you met me...

it didn't make
a difference then.

Forget it.
All-all I meant, um...

- You say you're an actress.
- I am an actress.

Yes, that's what you say, so I say,
"What plays have you done?" That's all.

The work I've done,
I've done for my peers.

- What does that mean?
- In class.

- "In class"?
- In class or workshop.

Not for a paying group?

- No, absolutely not.
- Then you're not an actress.

Face it.

Let's start right,
the two of us.

I'm not lying to you, don't lie to me
and don't lie to yourself.

You are a beautiful woman.
You have worlds before you. I do too.

What I'm saying, start now,
start tonight, with me.

- Be what you are.
- I am what I am.

That is
absolutely right,

and that's what I loved
when I saw you tonight.

What I loved.
I use that word.

I loved a woman,
standing there...

a working woman
who brought life to what she did,

who took a moment
to joke with me!

That's... God bless
what you are!

Say it.
"I am a waitress!"

- Say it.
- What does it mean if I say something?

- Say it with me!
- What?

- "I am a waitress!"
- I think that you'd better go.

If you want me
to go, I'll go.

Say it with me... what you are.
And I'll say what I am.

Say what you are,
and I'll say what I am.

- What you are?
- I've made that discovery.

Now, I want you to
change your life with me!

Right now!
For whatever that it can be!

I don't know what that is;
you don't know.

Speak with me, right now!
Say it!

I don't know what
you're talking about!

Oh, but the Lord, yes you do.

Say it with me!

- What are those?
- Pills.

For what? Don't take them.
Go through it with me!

- I have this tendency to get anxious.
- Don't take them!

Go through it!
Go through it with me!

- You're scaring me!
- I am not!

I know when I'm scaring you,
believe me.

- Get out!
- Glenna!

Get out! Get out!
Get out! Get out!

Leave me the fuck alone!
What did I do, pledge my life to you?

I let you fuck me!
Go away!

Listen to me.
You know what madness is?

- I told you, go away!
- Listen to me.

I'm lonely too.

I know what it is too,
believe me.

- You know what madness is?
- Suzy?

- It's self-indulgence.
- Suze, can you come over here?

Will you please put that down!
Do you know how rare this is?

- Oh, fuck.
- Don't be ridiculous.

- I'm talking to you!
- Don't hurt me!

I... no no, I can't deal with this.

- You're being ridiculous!
- I... no no. Help! Help!

- Would you shut the fuck up?
- Help!

What are you trying
to do, for God's sake?

- Help!
- You wanna wake the neighbors?

- Will somebody help me?
- Shut up!

- Help!
- Shut up!

Will somebody help?
You get away from me! You are the devil!

I know who you are! I know what you want
me to do! Get away from me!

- I curse you! Get away from me!
- You shut the fuck up!

- You can't kill me! I'm good!
- You stupid fucking bitch!

- No!
- You're nuts! Are you insane?

Are you insane?
You fucking bitch!

You stupid fucking bitch!

You stupid fucking...

Now look
what you've done.

Now look what you've
bloody fucking done.

My mother had
a hat like that.

My mother had
a hat like that.

I'm not making

She wore it for years.
She wore it when I was a child.

I didn't just
make it up.

- It happened.
- Excuse me.

Who the fuck do you think you are?
I'm talking to you!

What am I, a stone?
Did I say, "I want to lick your pussy"?

I said my mother
had that same hat!

You cunt!
What am I, a dog?

I'd like to slash
your fucking face!

I'd like to slash your
motherfucking face apart!

- Will somebody help me?
- You don't know who I am!

Is everybody
in this town insane?

Fuck you! Fuck you!

Fuck you!
Fuck the lot of you!

Fuck you all!
I don't need you!

I worked all my life!

I worked all my life!

I worked all my life.


You say,
"Oh, no, not me.

Not me, Lord, to whom
you hold out Your hand.

Not me to whom You offer
Your eternal grace.

Not me who can be saved."

But who but you, I ask?

Who but you?

You say you are
a grievous sinner?

He knows that you are!

You say, "He does not know
the depth of my iniquity."

Believe me, friends,
He does.

And still you say

He does not know.

You say this
in your secret soul.

"He does not know
the terrible depth of my unbelief."

Believe me, friends,
He knows that too.

To all of you
who say His grace

is not meant to extend
to one as black as you,

I say, "Who but you?"

To you alone.

Not to the blessed.

You think that Christ
died for the blessed?

That He died for
the heavenly host?

That did not make Him God!

It does not need a God.

For you!

There is none so black

but that He died for you.

It's required of God
to sacrifice for man.

You hear me?

For you!

He died
especially for you.

Upon my life,

on the graves
of my family,

and by the surety

I have of
his eternal bliss.

He died for you,
and you are saved!

Praise God, my friends!

Praise God and testify.

Who will come up
and testify with me, my friends?

Who will come up
and testify?

Who will testify
for Jesus?

Who will testify with me?

I will testify.

Who is that?

I will testify!

- Sweet God, let that man come forth!
- Let him forward.

That's the man.
That's the man.

Who will come
open up his soul?

Hallelujah, my friends!
Be with me!

That's the man!
That's the man!

Get him now!
That's him! Stop him!

Where is that man?
Let him come forth!

- Just a minute, sir.
- I-I-I'm on my way to church.

Sweet Jesus,
let that man come forth!

That's the man that tried
to rape me on the train!

- Rape?
- Rape?

What's this
all about, sir?

- He had a knife!
- Must be some mistake.

He tried to rape me. That's the man
who tried to rape me on the train!

There's some mistake.

- I'm on my way to church.
- What's the trouble here?

No problem.
I'm on my way into this mission.

This man tried
to rape me on the train!

the woman is mad.

Can I see some
identification, please?

Please, officer,
I-I haven't time.

It's been a long...

I don't have
my wallet on me.

My name is
Gregory Burke.

I live
at 42822nd Street.

I own the building.
I have to... preach.

- You're gonna want to show me some ID.
- I don't have any, I told you.

Well, you're gonna
have to come with me.

Yes, but in one moment.

- Not now. I have to preach.
- Come on.

You're making a mistake.

Let me go, and I'll-I'll
come with you afterwards.

I swear I will.
I swear it on my life.

There's been, uh,
some sort of a mistake.

I'm an elder
in this church.

Come with me, if you will.
I have to speak.


- What's that?
- Nothing.

It's a knife.
It's there for self-protection.

What was the knife for?

- For protection.
- From whom?


- You know that it's illegal?
- No.

- It is.
- I'm sorry.

Speaking to that woman in the way
you did is construed as assault.

I never spoke to her.

She identified you as the man
who accosted her last evening.

She is
seriously mistaken.

If she presses charges, you'll
be arraigned for assault.

For speaking to her?

You admit that
you were speaking to her?

I want to
ask you something.

- All right.
- Did you ever kick a dog?

Well, that's what I did.

Man to man,
that's what I did.

I made a simple,
harmless comment to her.

she responded like
a fucking bitch!

- Did you try to pick her up?
- Why would I try to pick her up?

- She was an attractive woman.
- She was not an attractive woman.

- You gay?
- What business is that of yours?

- Are you?
- No!

- You married?
- Yes, in fact.

I was going back to my wife.

- You were going back to your wife?
- I was... going home to her.

You said you were going back to her.
What did you mean?

I'd left my wife,
all right?

- You left your wife?
- Yes.


I was bored.

Didn't that ever
happen to you?

- And why did you lie to the officer?
- What officer?

Who picked you up. There's no Gregory
Burke at the address you gave.

You didn't give him
your right name.

- I was embarrassed.
- Why?

- I didn't have my wallet.
- Why?

- I'd left it at home.
- Why did that embarrass you?

I don't know!
I have had no sleep!

I just want to go home!

I am a solid...


my name is
Edmond Burke.

I live
at 485 West 79th Street.

I work at Stearns
& Harrington.

I had a tiff with my wife.
I went out on the town.

I've learned my lesson.
Believe me. I just want to go home.

Whatever I've done,
I'll make right.

All right?

All right?

These things happen,
and then they're done.

When you stopped me,
I was going to church.

I've been... unwell.

I confess to you,

been confused, but...

I've learned my lesson,
I'm ready to go home.

Why'd you kill
that girl?

What girl?

That girl you killed.

- How's everything?
- Fine.

- I'm all right too.
- Oh, good.

You wanna tell me
you're mad at me or something?

Did you kill that girl
in her apartment?

Yes. But I want to
tell you something.

I didn't mean to.
But you wanna hear something funny?

Now, don't laugh.

I think I just had
too much coffee.

I'll tell you
something else.

I think there are just too many people
in the world.

I think that's why
we kill each other.

I-I-I suppose

you're mad at me
for leaving you.

I don't suppose you're,
um, inclined...

or nor do I
think you should be...

to stand by me.

I-I-I understand that.

I'm sure
there are marriages

where the wife would,

or the husband,
if it would go that way.

But, I-I know ours is

not one of that type.

I know you wished
at one point it would.

I wished that too,
at one point.

I know...

I'm sure this is how you feel when
someone near you dies.

You never said the things you wanted
desperately to say.

It would have been
so simple to say them,

but you never did.

- You got the papers?
- Yes.

- Good.
- Oh, yes, I got them.

Anything you need?


Can't think of a thing.

You take care now.

You know...
you know... you know...

you know, we can't distinguish
between anxiety and fear.

You know what I mean?

I don't mean fear.
I mean...

I do mean fear.
I don't mean anxiety.

We... when we fear

I think
we wish for it.

Or burglars.

Don't you think?

I always knew
I would end up here.

Every fear hides a wish.

I think I'm gonna
like it here.

- You do?
- I do. You know why?

It's simple.
That's why I think I am.

You know, I always thought
white people should be in prison.

I know it's the black race
we keep there,

but I always thought white people
should be there. You-you know why?

- Why?
- To be with the black people.

Does that sound
too simple to you?

- No.
- Because we're lonely.

But what I know...
what I know...

I think all this fear,

all this fucking fear we feel
must hide a wish.

'Cause I don't feel it
since I'm here.

I don't. I think for
the first time in my life.

I think we're like birds. We suspect
when there's going to be an earthquake.

Birds know. They leave
three days earlier.

Birds leave when there's
gonna be an earthquake?


And I think,
in our soul, we feel...

we sense
there's going to be...


...a cataclysm.

But we cannot flee.

Something tells us,
"Get outta here!"

White people feel that.
You feel that?

Well... but I don't feel it
since I'm here.

So... so... so...

I must be somewhere safe.
Isn't that funny?


- You think that it's not?
- Yes.

Thank you.

- That's all right.
- Huh.

- You want a cigarette?
- No, thank you. Not just now.

That's all right.

- Maybe later.
- Sure.

- Now you know what?
- What?

I think you just
get on my body.

I... yes.

What do you mean?

I think you get
on my body. Now.

- I don't know what that means.
- It means you should suck my dick.

Now, don't you
wanna do that?


Well, you just
do it anyway.

You're joking.

Not at all.

- I don't think I could do that.
- Well, you better try.

Or you're gonna die.

Let's just get this
out the way.


Seriously, we're gonna
be here a long time.

I don't think we want
to start like this.

I'm not gonna
repeat myself.

I'll scream.

If you scream,
you'll offend me,

you gonna die.

Look at my face.
Say I'm foolin'.

I-I-I-I can't.
I can't do...

The motherfuck
you can't, missy!

Right now, missy!
Right now, Jim,

and you'd best be nice.

You don't have to talk.

I don't want to talk.

Are you accustomed
to life in here?

Do you know
what happened to me?

- No.
- I was sodomized.

- Did you report it?
- Yes.

- What did they say?
- "That happens."

I'm sorry
it happened to you.

Thank you.

Are you lonely?



- I feel so alone.
- Shh.

I'm so... empty.

Maybe you are ready
to be filled.

That's bullshit.

It's bullshit.
It's pious bullshit.

- Is it?
- Yes!

That you are ready to be filled?
Is it impossible?

Yes. Yes!

I don't know
what's impossible.

- Nothing's impossible.
- Oh!

Nothing is impossible, not to God.
Is that what you're saying?

- Yes.
- Then you're full of shit!

You understand that?

If nothing is
impossible to God,

then let Him let me
walk out of here!

And be free!

Let Him cause a new day,
in a perfect land,

full of life and air,

where people are
kind to each other!

And there's work to do!

Where we grow up
in love and in security;

We're wanted.
Let Him do that.

Go on.
Let him do that, you asshole,

if nothing is
impossible to God.

I think that must be easy.
Not "Let me fly,"

or "If there is a God, make him to make
the sun come out at night."

Go on. Please.


I'm begging you!
I'm begging you!

If you're so smart,
let him do that!

Please! Please!
I'm begging you!

Are you sorry that
you killed that girl?

- Edmond?
- Yes.

Are you sorry that
you killed that girl?

I'm sorry
about everything.

But are you sorry
that you killed?


Yes, I am.


Why did you kill
that girl?

I... don't...


I don't...

I don't think...

I don't...


I don't...

"Dear Mrs. Brown.

You don't remember me.
Perhaps you do.

Do you remember Eddie Burke,
who lived on Euclid?

Maybe you do.

I took Debbie
to the prom.

I know that she never
found me attractive,

and I think perhaps
she was coerced

in some way
to go with me,

though I can't think
in what way.

It also strikes me
as I write

that maybe she went
of her own free will,

and I found it important
to think that she went unwillingly.

I don't think, however,
this is true.

She was a lovely girl,
and I'm sure if you remember me,

you will recall how taken
I was with her then."

You have a visitor.

You have a visitor.

Please tell him
I'm ill.

You can't control what
you make of your life.

Now, that's
for damn sure.

There's a destiny
that shapes our ends.

- Mm-hmm.
- Rough-hew them how we may.

However the motherfuck
we may.

- And that's the truth.
- You know that is the truth.

And people say it's hereditary
or it's environment,

but I think
it's somethin' else.

- What do you think it is?
- I think it's something beyond that.

- Mm-hmm.
- Beyond these things that we can know.

I think maybe in dreams
we see what it is.

- What do you think?
- I don't know.

I don't think
we can know.

- I think if we knew it, we'd be dead.
- We'd be God.

We would be God.
That is absolutely right.

- Or-or some genius.
- No.

I don't think even genius
can know what it is.

No, some great genius.
Or some philosopher.

I don't think even genius
can see what we are.

- You don't think that...
- I think that we can't perceive it.

Well, something's goin' on,
I'll tell you that.

And somewhere, some poor sucker
knows what's happenin'.

- Do you think?
- Shit, yeah.

Some whacked-out
sucker somewhere...

in the Ozarks.

Shit, yes.
Some guy.

Some inbred sucker walks
around all day, just...

- You think?
- Yeah.

Well, maybe not
him, but...

somewhere, some guy.

Some fuck locked up
has got time for reflection.


Or some fuckin'... I don't know...
some kid who's just been born.

Some kid that's
just been born.

And you know he's got no
preconceptions. All he's...

- Yes, absolutely right.
- Huh?

Yes. Maybe it's memory.

That's what I'm sayin'.
Now, just maybe...

It could be,
or some knowledge.

- Some intuition.
- Yes!

I don't even mean intuition.
Something... something...

- Or maybe some animal.
- Why not?

See now, that's the whole
time when they say,

"We'll just wait
for the men from space."

- Maybe they're already here.
- Maybe they are.

Maybe they're animals
that were left here.

- Yes. Eons ago.
- Long ago.

And have been
bred here.

Or maybe we're
the animals.

Maybe we are.

You know how they...
they are

- supreme on their...
- Yes.

- on their native world.
- But when you put them here...

- We call them dogs.
- Uh-huh.

Or animals.
And we scorn them.

- Yes.
- We scorn them in our fear.

- But don't you think...
- It very well could be.

- But on their native world...
- Uh-huh.

...they are supreme.
- I think that's very...

And what we have done
is to disgrace ourselves.

We have.

Because we did not
treat them with respect.

- Maybe we were the animals.
- That's what I'm saying.

Maybe they're here

to watch over us.

Maybe that's
why they're here.

Or to observe us.

Maybe we're here
to be punished.

You think
there's a hell?

I don't know.

I don't know.

You think we're there?

I don't know, man.

Think we go somewhere
when we die?

I don't know, man.

I like to think so.

- I do too.
- I sure do like to think so.

Perhaps it's heaven.

I don't know, man.

I don't know either.

But perhaps it is.

I would like
to think so.

I would too.

- Good night.
- Good night.

# Lord #

# My Lord #

- # Oh my Lord #
- # My Lord #

# Oh my Lord #

- # My Lord #
- # Oh my Lord #

# Oh my Lord #

- # Oh my Lord #
- # Oh my Lord, Oh my Lord #

# Oh my Lord
is coming #

# Oh my Lord
is coming home #

# Oh my Lord,
I'm coming #

# Oh my Lord,
I'm coming home #

- # Oh my Lord is coming #
- # Oh, He sure is #

# Oh my Lord,
He called me home #

# I said he's coming home #

# Oh my Lord,
I'm coming #

# Oh my Lord,
I'm coming home #

- # Oh my Lord #
- # My Lord #

# Oh my Lord #

# I is coming home. #