Edison (2005) - full transcript

Josh Pollack, a naive and ambitious reporter, is convinced the F.R.A.T., an elite force within the Edison Police Department, is corrupted. Working on a homicide case, he begins to unearth evidence which suggests that the entire justice system is willingly turning a blind eye to the abuses of the this force. When his life and that of his girlfriend are threatened from his research, he join forces with his editor, a once-famous reporter, and a renown private detective to bring down the F.R.A.T. and every one behind it.


You're a big venue now.

Global commerce,
sports franchises,

chit-chat cafés.

But you don't get it
because you don't see it.

Life is not what you think it is.

Because of guys like us...

you can go on thinking it...

'til reality sets in.

Reality's a motherfucker.

The first thing you do
when it hits you...

is wonder where we are.

We do our shit.

You do yours.

But remember...

it's a dirty world.

And without us,
it'd be a whole lot dirtier.

Welcome to Edison.

Heads up.
2 harbor cops just showed up.

We got problems.
If they come near, shoot 'em.

Units near 12th and Plaza, respond
to a silent alarm at Plaza Bank.

Approach with caution.

We got it.

What was that?

You're outta your mind.


-Want onions?

There you go.

Stay downl


What're you doing? Get in the car!

Stay calm. I know you're hurt.

Don't move.

Come out, come out,
wherever you are.

Okay buddy. I know you're hurt.
Get you to your feet.

Your friends are dead, fuckhead.

It's just me and you now.


Come on GI Joe. Come out and play.

Come on.

Drop the gun, walk away,
or I'll kill her.

Close your eyes, sweetheart.
You don't wanna see this.

It's okay.

Come on. It's okay.

Just a fiesh wound.

It's okay. You're alright.

It's okay, baby.

That bad man's not gonna
hurt you any more.

-On your kneesl
-Come on!

-What's goin' on?
-Lock your fingers!

Hands behind your head.

-Crack whoresl
-Look at that China White.

Look at that
China fuckin' White.

That's my money, too.
That's all mine.


-Okay, fuckhead.

-You squatters?
-Fuck you talkin' about?

-You own this house?

-And you?

-You got a lease?

You got a mortgage?

You guys fucked up.

Don't fuckin' look at me.

This is how it works.

You never saw us.

We never saw you.

The world just keeps turnin'.

-You ain't takin' us in?

Got to. We answer up,
get capped for losin' that shit.

Maybe you should leave town.

Motha' fuckers.

We'll get his license.
Rat his ass...

out to the Feds.
Tired of this bullshit.

Fuck that.

Welcome to the majors.

It gets easier after the first one.



Not ready, bro?

I'll take care of this shit.

The fuck? Oh, you motherfucker.

You fuckin' spit at me?
I'll fuckin' kill youl

Aw, Jesus.


Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

Come on.

Come on. Stop cryin'.

I haven't seen you around before.
Who are you?

Isiaha Charles.
I just moved here with my mom.

Who's he to you?

I just met him.
He gave me a job.

Where'd you do time?

I've never done time.

-You never did time?

Oh, that is good shit.

You want some?

I'm good.

All right.

This is how it's gonna work.

Your buddy was smokin' crack
and he got fuckin' crazy...

and he came at you with a knife.

Tell me what happened.

My buddy, he got fuckin' crazy...

and he came after me
with a knife.

Which is when Lazerov
and I entered the domicile...

in response
to a domestic disturbance...

and saw the defendant
fire one round from a bulldog.

-Is this that bulldog?

-Is this the deceased's knife?

-What was he doing?
-Trying to stab the defendant.

Now after the deceased deceased...

did the defendant resist?


What did he say?

He cried, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

What do you mean he cried?

-What do you mean he cried?
-He cried. Jesus, Jesus.

That's enough.

-Jesus. Oh my God.
-That's enough, Officer Deed.

You may step down.

Thank you.

10 minute recess. We'll reconvene
at quarter past the hour.

What was that?


-To The Second Coming?
-Back off.

Officer Deed?

Officer Deed.


-Why'd he thank you?
-Who are you?

-Josh Pollack. Heights Herald.
-The Jewish handout?

-It's a community weekly.
-Is he Jewish? You're shittin' me.

I don't know.

And, what do you care?

You busted him in Ashtown,
adjacent to the Heights.

Tell our Jewish friends not to worry.
They can still walk to worship.

So why'd he say thank you?

It's a manslaughter
and possession beef.

-Could've been murder.
-Why did FRAT catch this?

Talk to public affairs.

Can you tell me why FRAT

-is cruising the streets?
-Talk to public affairs.

Guy thanked you?

Fuck you


I hate that fuckin' guy.

-Who's that?
-Wallace. Pussy.



How'd court go?

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

Something I should know?

No. Same old, same old.

Deed's first murder testimony.

Yep. Weapons possession.
18 months.

Rafe. Inspection Monday?

Be sure you're there.






What are you doing?

Article on the murder trial.

I told you to put the verdict
on the police blotter.

-That's a sentence, not a tome.
-It's a legitimate story.

Find a legitimate paper
to publish it.

All I want is the verdict.


Did you say something?

No, sir. I didn't.

That's what I thought.

Actually I said fraud.

Did you now?

You know why
The Times won't hire you?

You don't do the work.

A thousand words, not a single fact
except for the verdict.

Everything else is supposition.

FRAT wouldn't talk to me.

The point of covert police work
is not to talk about it.

This incident is public record.

Involving undercover police
who want to keep a low profile.

You can't imply nefarious activity
because a felon whispered thank you.

I qualified it with a question.

Watch my lips, son.
You're not qualified to qualify.

Nobody cares what you think.

Only what you know and that's
diddly 'cause you don't do the work!

Unfortunate that this is about
as well written as you're uninformed.

You know what?

I think you should try novels.
You're fired.

This isn't
a real paper anyway.

Perfect for you.
Lazy little shit.

Get out while you can.



You're gonna
give yourself a hernia.

Come on. Let's go to bed.

You want the free range Chicken Kiev
with scalloped potatoes...

or vegetables over risotto
in a bell pepper sauce?

I want a meal prepared to order,
not manufactured for distribution.

Ashford was right.

About what?

Articulate conjecture wrapped
around one fact.

Isiaha Charles,
illegal weapons possession.

-8 words.

-Another critic.
-You asked me to read it.

-Because I agree with him?

Come on, sweetie.

I thought being fired was
the highlight of my day.

You're great sex.

But imperious and penniless
are serious social handicaps...

and you should stick
with your strengths.

I was hoping for sympathy.

Poor baby.

That would have worked.

That's bullshit.


Talk to me, please.

Is it your headaches again?

Leave it alone.


I said I'm okay.

-What's wrong? I'm worried.
-I'm okay.

I'm all right.

I'm gonna take a ride.

Rafe, you need to get help.

He couldn't'a done better.

Hey, Rafe.

You're almost
a no-show for inspection.

-No. I had dinner at Maria's.
-I thought you were ending that.

I am ending it.

Well you know you can get inspected
every day of if you need it.

But there are no exceptions.

I need your commitment.

I made my commitment.

That's for sure.

All right. Let's go have some fun.

-Say hello to Marilyn.
-Hey, Marilyn.

-Hey, hero. The girls'll be happy.
-Oh, yeah.

He's making me a little bit nervous.

You stalking me now?

I'm not lazy.

You're stoned.

And you are
a vision of temperance.

This is Cambodia.

It was Kampuchea at the time.

-I knew you used to be somebody but...
-You're burying the lead.

-I'm a good writer.
-So what?

That builds strong papers.

-This story is important.

I don't publish stories. I publish
coupons for nice local merchants...

who don't kidnap competitors,

bomb busses or
immolate themselves.

-Am I wrong about the story?
-What do I know?

-Help me get it right.
-Do the work.

I was in court.
I took notes and...

-tried to talk to FRAT.
-Talk to the defendant.

-He's in Longworth.

Afraid to visit prison?
Why not talk to somebody who knows...

him, like his mother.

-Visit the scene, make an assessment.

You're right.

As if I need your affirmation.

I'm not telling you to do this.
I'm telling you not to.

Could be dangerous.

Will you help me or not?

Why the sudden urge
to get this right?

My girlfriend read it.
Agreed with you.

You're doin' this for pussy.

-I wouldn't put it that way.
-For pussy.

What happened to you?

-Don't talk to the system.
-What does that mean?

Make up somethin'.

5:52 a.m.

The call was for a D and D,
domestic disturbance.

We knocked.
Couldn't be heard over the shouting.

Well the time, 5:52 a.m.

5:17, 6:10.

There's no 5:52.

No report that date and address.

Filed by a Sergeant Francis Lazerov,
or an Officer Raphael Deed.

-FRAT files aren't public record.

-We can't speak for FRAT.
-Who can?


Even if you were with a real paper
I wouldn't talk to you. Policy.

Public record, Captain.

It's trial and conviction.
Not us, alright? Here we go.

If you turn every beef
between two losers into headlines...

that will compromise our ability
to preempt social deviancy.

You know, we might as well pack it up
and close shop.

Screw John Q. Citizen.
Is that what you want?

Don't think so.

Have a good one.


Capt. Tilman, head of First
Response Assault & Tactical Unit.

Thanks to this man,
we expect an...

82% reduction in homicides,
69 in felonies, 71 in sexual assault.

Then we can have early intervention.

One day we won't need courts.

-You stay away.

No, no, no.
I'm lookin' for Ms. Melba Charles?

She lives here, right?

She's there.

Oh, Jesus.

Isiaha Charles? I'm Josh Pollack.
I'm a writer.

I was at your trial.

Oh, yeah.



After Officer Deed testified,
you said thank you.


I can't talk about the trial.

Can we talk about you?

Who you were before this?

By the way,
I'm very sorry about your mother.

What about my mother?

Her stroke.


You don't know.

Whoa, when?

-A few days ago, I guess.
-How bad of a stroke?

Is she a vegetable?

I'm sorry.

Oh, Mama.


A'ight. You gotta get me outta here.
You gotta get me to my mother.

-I can't.
-You can.

If you get me out, I'll tell you
anything you want about the trial.

-I don't know how.
-The way they capped Rook.


Stole the crack.
40 G's. Lied about the knife.

I'll tell you it all.


I love you.

You hang on.

I'll be home soon.

I promise.

You get this to her.

You promise me.


I'm sorry.

Mrs. Charles.

Ma, I love you.

You hang on.
I'll be home soon.

I promise.

You call me now?
I'm not your personal editor.

Just read this.

This is a Pulitzer.

What's it for?

Blowing the committee.
What do you think?

You saw Isiaha's arrest report?

-Copies of the court transcript.
-No mention of cash, coke or guns?

-The emergency dispatch?

The copy's there.

There's no record of a 911 that time,
date, address.

You talked to the District Attorney,
the Public Defender, Judge.

You told me not to talk
to the system.

What do you think?

It could dismantle the department
when it's done.

What's missing?

The other side of the story.

They're murderers.

If you believe Isiaha Charles.

You won't publish it as is?

But The Times will

-if you get thedepartment's side.
-The department? They're murderers.

Right. You're doing this for pussy.

I'm doin' it for this.

Fourth estate, Pollack.

It's the only job protected
by the Constitution, and this is why.

This is tyranny.

When you see it
you're obligated to yell.

A risk you're unwilling to take,
and I don't blame you.

In your new enlightenment I'm willing
to take you back to the Herald...

but don't call yourself a journalist.

The coupon king has spoken.

Good night, Pollack.

Here, take this with you.

Go on, leave. Leave.


Get the door.

Move, you die!
Spread 'eml

Spread 'eml


Against the wall.

Hey Deed!

I got somethin' for ya!

Come on, baseball.

Watch your stepl


Shut up, gimme your other hand.

Bern, I owe you... Anything..

Not now, not here.
Girls, come on out. Everybody.


Take the girls out.
I'm going downstairs.

-Party at my house.
-Line up here, come on sweetie.

Come on.

Come on!

Here ya go, cupcake.

The fuck am I gonna do with this?

I thought you gave up muckraking,

It's Pollack's story.

You heard of anything like this,

Sure all the time. From felons.

Well, there it is.
D.A.'s office...

doesn't comment
on unsubstantiated accusations.

Come back when you have specifics.

We can't be more specific.

What are we talking about?

Innuendo? Hearsay?

D.A. needs names.
Otherwise the office can't respond.

When did you start referring
to yourself as an inanimate object?

You run a community weekly...

and I'll always have time for you

but now that time is up.

Mr. Pollack.

Mr. Reigert, Mr. Wallace.

These aren't the good old days,

They never were, Jack.

-Why wouldn't you give him...

-If you were to just...
-Not now.

Ashford doesn't come here easily.

He didn't have anything
specific or actual.

Ignore it.
I won't insult Tilman with this.

It's Jack.

Can you come on over?

-Why weren't you more specific?
-You have a source to protect.

I was that vague, you fired me.

Do you know how pervasive this is?

-Think they're involved?
-I don't know, nor do you.

Why did we come here?

Wallace, city's best investigator.
If the story holds up...

he'll confirm it.

What now?

I publish coupons.
You should look for a job.

-Mr. Ashford...
-Look, kid.

You've got a story, access to the D.A.
and his best investigator.

If you can't make a career of that
you don't belong in this business.

Mr. Ashford...

Stop the Mister. Okay?
I'm outta this game.

And your late night visits irk me.

If Wallace confirms your story, you
must question Tilman, Lazerov, Deed.

Use a phone.
And pray they don't take the call.


Look, kid. It's Friday.
Go do what you're supposed to do.

Go get laid, for chrissake.

-Outta the way.
-I wasn't doin' a thing...

Yeah, whatever.

-Look out.
-All right!


Just here to dance.

Have a good time.


Oh, my G...



Who's that?

He was at the court.

We have to go.

-We have to go.

-That's the guy from your story.
-Sh. Guy?

He's kinda cute, isn't he?

Are you dating other people?

Don't worry.
He just got engaged.

I saw that.
Tough break for you.

You never put a face on it?
When you publish, it'll ruin his life.

I'm not ruining his life.

I said your story.
God, it is always about you, right?

I do think about that. Okay.

I think about
ruining somebody's life.

You're not gonna get
self-absorbed and mopey?

Don't get all soft and mopey.

Heyl What are you doing?

-What happened?
-Come on. Move itl

Get outta the wayl

Movel Movel

-Don't move, help's comin'.
-Aw, fuck.

Deed, Edison P.D. I have 2 down
outside the Plaza Nightclub.

I have a medical bracelet here.

Serum prothrombin conversion,
blood type O.


Stay still, help's comin'.

-She needs help.
-I know. Stay still.

You okay?


-Ever answer the phone?

-I've been up all night.

Pollack and Willow
got beaten up last night.

What? Who?

His girlfriend.
They're in the hospital.

How bad?

She's in a coma.

She's got factor seven deficiency.
It's a blood disorder.

They don't know
how she's gonna survive.

And Pollack?

Took a beating
but he'll be all right.


Who are you?

Deed. Edison P.D.
Who are you?

-You don't wanna be here.
-Who are you?

Moses Ashford,
I own the paper he works for.

How bad is he?

He's banged up.

Sedated. Do you care?

-Tell him somethin'?
-Tell him what?

I wasn't in on this.

-In on what?
-You gonna tell him?

Officer Deed.

Is there any hope for you, son?


Let go.

-What are you doin'?
-Let go.

It's not safe for him here.

Put him somewhere safe.

Come in.

Make yourself comfortable.

The market will deliver.
It's on Wallace's tab.

You have run of the house,
but, no matches.

-No fire at all near the barn.
-You told me.

All that dry hay could catch fire.

This place has been
in Wallace's family for years.

-I have to stay here?
-No; take a plane, go home to mommy.

Or Willow.

It's safer if you're here.

When I publish...

You can't.

-Why not?
-They did thisl

Serious journalism
doesn't look so good up close, huh?

It's hard to tell with this
hanging over my eye.

-Uh-huh. So who's a fraud now?
-You don't even know what it's like.

Life's a bitch, ain't it?

Think you can swim, then it's oh shit,
where are my water wings?

This isn't from swimming.

No, it's your goal.

You want a prize?
Here's your shot.

When you asked for Charles' story,
you committed to it.

Now you have a moral duty.

People depending on you.

Doesn't get any better, kid.

Why are you doin' this to me?

You did it to me.
I'll call you.

How can I help you, Frank?

Why were you at that club?

Yoga, exercises, aerobics.
What do you think? I was dancin'.


Yeah. It's a dance club, Frank.

I'm fuckin' James Brown. Watch.

-Yeah, I feel good.

-I got soul.
-Neck bones, candy ass.

-Right, right, right. Right.

-After you clocked out...

Tilman got a call.


That Herald reporter was makin' noise
at the Hall.

Nothin' hardcore
but he had to come to Jesus.

The girl need one, too?

I didn't know she had bad blood.

I figured she was a bonus.

Gave him a sermon, he's pissed;
chapter and verse the...

He won't be gettin' dumb now.


This is from Tilman.

You gotta worry.


Pollack. The kid's got nothin'.

His source.


Your Jesus buddy
got shanked at Longworth.

I hope you're ready now.


Who the hell told you?

Lazerov said it came from you.
I went to the hospital.

To see him.
I saw a guy, I don't know who.

Deed was talking to him; I left.

Lazerov said...

Lazerov said?
When did that start?

Give me a break.

-A break?
-Lazerov said...

He's taking you and Wu
to the hospital, nobody's calling me.

-It's not up to me.
-How do I know?

Oh, shit.

Well thank you.

Thanks for dropping by
and laying this shit on me.

Hospital security.


-You got that for me?

Pollack was released
to Wallace and Ashford.

What'd you get?

Nothin' that can't be mitigated.

Except maybe the photos,
taken before help arrived...

There's some bad news.

Charles is dead.

-Knifed at Longworth.

If Charles is dead, we got nothin'.

We got a bigger problem.

FRAT collars dealers
with drugs, guns, fiesh.

Guilty verdicts.

FRAT confiscates, it keeps.

12 million cash in the past 5 years.

Six million dollars for ordnance.

Four million for surveillance.

Tilman overpays by two,
three, 400 percent.

Look at who he's buying from.



Arms from Phoenix.


they built FRAT's website.

They own sports teams.

Car dealerships. Retail chains.

-City's leadership.
-And the founders

of the Better Edison Foundation.

-When did this pop up?
-It hasn't yet.

Official opening's next week.


-It's a political action committee.
-The overpayments end up right here.


Money laundering. We're not gonna find
any memos on that.

You showed me the bones
of a covert fascist state.

Methodlst Hospital.

I'm checking on a patient,
Willow Summerfield.

Are you a relatlve?

A friend.
I was in the hospital with her.

Oh. One moment.


Just spread it out here.

FRAT's profile.

Six-two, 200 plus pounds.
Perfect rifie, pistol scores...

...all of 'em prior to joining FRAT
had three justifiable physical...

fights in their jackets.

None are married, no kids.

The night Pollack was attacked,
he was there.

-No surprise.
-With a girl.

She kept lookin' at an engagement ring
like she just got it.

So, two things.
You don't take your honey to a tune-up

and FRAT don't marry.

I really like living alone but,
I'm beginning to think...


I think I need a woman in my life.

Well, shit, don't look at me.

He's not answerin'.

You dialed the wrong number.

I know my number, I dialed it twice.

He's gone.


Damn it.
Why don't I call the County Sheriff?

He's Tilman's duck hunting partner.



What are you doing?

Lazerov was at the farml
I blew up that bastard's car.

-You blew up his car.
-He was gonna kill me.

Jesus Christ.

Well Tilman'll rein Lazerov
in for goin' to my house...

but you're still not safe.
He's homicidal.

He's killed 6 in the line of duty.

Six? And he's still wearing a badge?

That was 15 years ago when Edison
was the murder capital of America.

Biggest industry was
crystal meth and...

when drive-bys were a weekend sport.
That was before you came back.

Did you see Deed give a girl
an engagement ring?


Why is that important?

No member of FRAT's ever been married.


It may be the only hook
we have to hang our hat on.

-Isiaha Charles can...
-He's dead.

-He was knifed in prison.

Jesus Christ.

Your work ever ruin a life?

Did it?

You do this job right
you'll ruin lives, celebrate murderers.

They'll give you a Pulitzer for it.

I need you to reach out to Deed.

You don't have to do this
with your life.

But if you're going to,
now is when you decide.

-Who is this?

-What do you want?
-Meet me at Blunts.

Damn, Francis,
you are outta control.

-You are outta controll
-You wanted the fear of God put in him.

You thought that extended
to his girlfriend?

-I thought...
-No, you didn't think.

You acted on impulse.

I've had to preach to a spouse,

but only after due consideration.

You enlisted Marilyn and Wu and
went to that hospital on impulse!

-He was writin' a story about me.
-There is no story, Francis!

It's a bunch of allegations made by a
convicted felon who is now dead.

That's where it woulda stayed if
you hadn't dragged it to

the door of Wallace's farm.

Instead of a scared kid makin'
his first foray into the world of...

journalism, I got a seasoned
investigator up my ass probing FRAT...

requiring my attention.

Until it's resolved,
you're desk-bound.

You're takin' Wallace's side?

-A fuckin' poser.

Rodeo clown
with Santa Fe string tie bullshit.

Gimme a fuckin' break. I've done
everything you asked me to do.


He pissed on the idea of FRAT
since the beginning.

-That's politics.
-15 fuckin' years I'm on the streets.

Gettin' rid of the cancer
that was killin' this townl

Fifteen years ago,
Edison needed brute force to survive.

It needs finesse,
hardly your strong suitl

I've done everything.

-Every thing that you asked me to do.

And now what?

-You're gonna throw me in the garbage?
-I'm on your side.

Let's just go get in the car.

It's not fuckin' right
you takin' his side.

I'm on your side.

It's not right you takin' his side.

I'm not...

It's not fuckin' right
you takin' his sidel

It's not fuckin' right!


You're my guy,
number one with me.

Since day one.
What are you doin'?

You're my guy.

Let's get in the car
and get the fuck outta here.

Straight up?

That's no bullshit.

Let's just go get in the car, right?
And cut the shit.

-Hm? It's gonna be all right.
-I'm sorry. I just need to sleep.


Smooth operator.

-I'm in the book.
-Your line may be tapped.

-Are you?

I'm not wired.

You're shakin'.

Well I'm scared shitless.

I didn't do that.

Now where are they?

Down the street.

And who are they?

You should teach.


You said you needed a woman.

The only guys your age havin' sex
regularly are college professors.

This is who I am.

When's it hit the paper?

An officer of the court
wants to believe this story.

An aberration in a life
that has a chance of having value.

Excuse us.

Man, my life is over.
Come on.

-Let's go on back.

Sit down. Have a seat.

Let's go.

What do you mean your life is over?
You have a beautiful fiancée.


So you'd walk from that for prison?

I'm not seein' a lotta options.

-The guys out there...

They think you got caught up
before you knew what it was.

-I knew.
-They think you can get immunity.

They want you to tell your story
to a superior courtjudge.

Force Reigert and Tilman to resign.

Edison'll clean up its own mess.

You think the court's not involved?


Is anybody not corrupt in this town?

I don't know... you?

If it goes to justice
be the guy to take it.


Well I thought you were in love.

She can do better.

Can you?

I was studyin' plumbin'
when you called.

I mean...


You know, I like to think about

comin' home to Maria,
huggin' my children.

Just livin' a normal life.


Willow. What happened to her.

She didn't deserve this.

You're right.

It was a righteous offer.

This is gonna get ugly.

No, no. Let him go.

Just got a call from Hanson at FBI.

Justice is setting up a task force.

Sturm und drang.

If they had anything
they'd be arresting, not searching.

And will they find anything?

-This isn't connected to you.
-You're connected to me.

And you're under a microscope.

Because of your...
your reckless behavior.

The girl's picture will be
everywhere tomorrow.

Wallace and Ashford
know somethin's up.

If that kid's article links me
and Better Edison to...

I am the reason that this city
is what it is.

This? This doesn't get near to you.

I wish I had your certainty.

This is a Federal warrant.

We're taking all FRAT evidence files.

In my office.

They have impounded your car.

Or what's left of it.
Anything you need to tell me?

No, Captain.

Sit on it then, 'til oh-one hundred.


Goddamn phones everywhere.

Fuckin' yid from the Herald.

-You don't know that.
-Bullshit. He was makin' noise.

And you with your Jesus, Jesus,
beggin' to be looked at.

You say anything to Maria?

Get his keys.
And call nine-one-one.

Tilman shot Lazerov.
Lazerov's dead.

Lazerov attempted to shoot Deed.
Tilman intervened.

Tilman just served up Lazerov.


Come on. No, wait, Lee.

What's the point, Moe?
Wait a minute.

Forget it, Moe!

-Forget it. This isn't going anywhere.


Fuck off. This shit isn't over.

What are you doing?

Isiaha's dead.
Willow's in a fucking coma?

I'll publish myself if I have
to copy it at Kinko's

and pass it out on the street corner.


It's a fucking disaster.
A fucking... disaster!l

We were on the short list
for the Republican Convention.

Summer fucking Olympics!

And now we're look at a Federal
consent decree?

There's a dead body outside
my fucking office!l

The fuck are we gonna do?

It puts a little crimp in your
Better Edison thing.

-We gotta do something about him.

Well... there it is.
You know. Yeah.

What about you, Jack?



What are we gonna do about you?

Well...I'll be fine.
Thanks for asking.

All units...
All units please respond.

5-12 at 6th and Main.

All units.

All units please respond.
We have a 5-12 at 6th and Main.

Copy that dispatch.
This is 2-6 responding.


It's me. Meet me at the courthouse
tomorrow morning at 9.

Please talk.

Hello? Rafe?


-Yeah. Green. Hi.

Thank you for helping Raphael
get over his fear of doing this.

-I'm Hector, Maria's father.

-Where's Rafe?
-He's changing in the men's room.



Yeah, I'm out here!

What's goin' on, man?

What are ya doin'?

It's crazy, man.

Tilman shot Lazerov.

I know. And your first reaction is
'let's get married'?

It's what she wants.

That's her.

Hey, why are you doin' it?

Death benefits.

What' this?

It's the rest of your story.

Are you sure?

Am I sure of what?

Are you sure you want this.
Think about it.

Something goes wrong
your whole world comes crashin' down.

And mine, too.

What do you think?

I say write your fuckin' story.

Thank you.

Just remember.

These guys...
don't fuck around.

They're relentless.

Keep your head down.

-And your door locked.
-Thank you.

I gotta get married.
Let's get out.

Come on.

Rafe. Come in.

Hey, Rafe.

-Wha'sup, man?

Sit down.

This is a police file photo
of Pollack's girlfriend

at the Lazerov's come to Jesus talk.

Yeah. And there it is.

The enemy you can't beat.
A photograph.

Ashford's printing this as a tease
to Pollack's story on FRAT.

So we say
Isiaha Charles is a liar.

He'd say anything to go visit
his dying mother.


Whatever discrepancies
there're between his

testimony and what's actually
in the police locker

will be offset when they find
the drugs we planted in Lazerov's.

You rammed the door
to compromise its security.

Keep the neighborhood junkies from
using the place as a shooting gallery.

Lazerov was unstable.

So the Feds'll buy that.
All that's left is Pollack.


He's a kid.

Justice needs the case closed.

So we give 'em Lazerov.

Herald needs its advertisers,
I can handle that.

But with this kid, Pollack?

This kid is like a pup with a bone.

He doesn't wanna hear there's no meat
on it, he just keeps gnawin'.

So...Pollack has to see the man.

It's a partner's duty.

To Laz?

To Laz.



What? What?

You know what.

You know exactly what.
You're the one who can finish this now.

I go to Justice,
they threaten the people I love.

-What's the matter with you?
-You're arguing with yourself.

I said it was a righteous offer,
but I'm not takin' it.

You're not listening.

I'm not talkin' about my offer.

I didn't say go to Justice.

I said you're the only one
who can put an end to this.

Yes you did.

Hello, you've reached the answering
machine for Moses Ashford.

Please leave a message at the tone.

Hey, it's Josh.
You're not gonna believe this.

I just got the evidence
we need on FRAT.

I don't wanna talk over the phone,
but you're gonna wanna see this.

I'm layin' out the story.
I'll email it to you.

I'm also Fed-Ex'ing hardcopies
to all the big papers.

Talk to you later.

You've got email.

Right. Yes, I know.

I emailed it last night but I'll mail
a hardcopy to be safe...

so let me get your address right now.


Okay, it's on its way.
Thank you. Bye-bye.


What're you doing?

In the car!
Move! Get in!

Oh my god.



We're gonna fuckin' die.

-Move itl

Open fire!

-Go! Go! Go!

Gol Gol

Go to the warehouse!

Look outl

Fuck. Fuck.


Hold your fire!

Deed. You hear me Deed?

Let's stop all this.
We don't have to do this.

I want the kid.
You hear, all I want is that kid.

Just tell me what you want...

and we can come to an extremely
agreeable solution here.

Same deal you gave Lazerov?


The fuck is wrong with you!

Let's finish this.

Go. I'll light this up!

Movel Movel

Drop 'em.

Get up.

He's downl

Hey Rafe! Come on out now.
It's over!

I got your boy here.
Come on, Rafe.

Get out where I can see you.

I'll kill him now I don't see you!

Get out herel

We're finished. It's over.

You're goddamn right it's over.

-Put it down.
-FRAT's over.

Everybody's dead.

Everybody's dead because of you!

Because you couldn't do
what you were supposed to do.

Put a bullet in this fucker
and his story.

Well you do it now, Rafe.

Put a bullet in his fuckin' head.
Do what I tell you.

We walk away,
forget about this shit.

You kill him. Right now you do
as you're told. Do it!

You do it!

Because if you don't, I will.


Keep your door locked, kid.

Another 15 minutes. Don't say
anything. I'll be there in a minute.

Where have you been?

-Laying out Pollack's story.
-Yeah, well...

The story changed.

And Deed wasn't here.

Detective Wallace.
D.A. Reigert's here.


Why are they here?

They're reporters.

The press is on the other side.

And material witnesses
to the dissension in FRAT.


Not much for the FBI to work with,
is there?

They'll probably close up shop.

This kind of story...

not really in the Herald's wheelhouse,
is it Moses?

No, it's not.


Tilman have any last words?

Well, there it is.
Good day, gentlemen.

He said there was agreement
between the D.A.'s office...

and judges regarding
FRAT related prosecutions.

That the cash evidence from criminal
trials wound up in the...

Better Edison Foundation
for your political campaign.

That laundering this money
was systematic.

That principals from Midland,

and other companies were involved.

He said all that?

Then that was unmitigated slander.

I'm gonna use it
if you run...

for any elected or appointed office
in this state.

Broke as you are, you think
that's a smart thing to do?

Now, Jack, did I get broke
doin' the smart thing?

In the night,
when no reporters were around,

Wallace removed all evidence
of Better Edison΄

Willow recovered΄

And Deed got into another
line of work΄

It would have violated a sacred trust
to turn him in to the law.

And the law already knew΄

Justice is a lot like journalism΄

the most important questions.΄.

are the ones you decide not to ask.