Edinichka (2015) - full transcript

In August, 1944, Lieutenant Egorov and his battalion have a very straight forward order: to ensure passage of soviet soldiers through the bridge near a deserted monastery.. However, inside ...

Mars Media Entertainment

Mars Film

Russian Military-Historical Society

With the financial support
of the Ministry of Culture of Russia


A MARS FILM production

Andrey Merzlikin

Ilya Korobko

Anna Prus,
Arina Borisova

Michael Djanibekyan,
Aleksandr Vershinin

Mikhail Evlanov,
Sergey Gabrielyan

Dobrinya Belevich-Obolenskiy,
Yakub Zdruikovskiy, Anna Zekeyeva

Marcin Stec,
Rafał Zawierucha

In Kirill Belevich film


Screenplay by: Sergey Kaluzhanov,
Alexander Nickolayev, Anatoliy Usov

Camera: Yuriy Kokoshin,
Andrey Katorzhenko

Music by Leonid Kaminer

Production Designer: Yuriy Fomenko

Costume Designer: Alexandra Vesel'chakova
Make-up artist: Maria Baykova

Casting: Lika Leonidze
Editing: Sergey Fedotov

Sound: Irina Vikulina
and Dmitriy Ilyichenko

Executive Producer: Galina Nakhimovskaya

Producers: Yelena Denisevich,
Dmitriy Golubnichiy, Vazgen Khachatryan

Produced by: Ruben Dishdishyan

Directed by: Kirill Belevich

Poland, 1944

I'm tired… Hungry…

Katya, it’s not too far, come on.

We make a halt in the twilight.

Kolya, I'm hungry.
I wanna see mom.

Katya, have a little patience.
It’s not too far now.

Kolya, the shoe!

Stay here, you got me?
Stay here!

- Kolya!
- Stay quiet!

Stay quiet!

Close the door.

To the chapel, quick!

Here! Two more left!

Go on, pray!

Ah! Here they are, Marcus.

Get up!

Get up! Get up! Quick!

Go, go!

Pan officer! What are you doing?

It’s the House of the Lord!
Leave the sisters, please, I beg you!

Obersturmführer, these are the last ones!

Pan officer, it is my fault!

I was hiding the partisans!
The sisters, they are innocent!

They didn't know!
Please, be merciful!

It is my fault!

There are no innocent people here,
you are all the same!

I don't want to die!

You hear the commad,
you fall behind me, got it?

I was hiding the partisans!

The sisters, they are innocent!

They didn't know!

I was hiding the partisans!
It is my fault!

- Get to the cars! You two, bury the bodies.
- Will do, sir officer, sir.

What we got here today?

So, any crosses?

You want crosses, come down here.

Look! This one's still alive.

Alright, girl.

Let me see, what you've got.

Ah, wood…

Well, at least I can paw a live nun…

Hell, you are one lucky girl…

- Really hot…
- Please… God…

My sweet pie.

Easy, buddy…


Easy, buddy…

- Well? Just got here?
- Yes, sir!

At ease.

- Comrade Lieutenant!
- Yes?

We really need some man's help over here.

- Where?
- Not far away.

Here, comrade lieutenant -
sergeant Tikhomirova herself!

Have a look.

- Good afternoon.
- Hello.

Girls, don't embarrass me
in front of the officer!

- Wow!
- It’s okay! I’ll get down!

All by myself!


Need a hand, comrade lieutenant?

How'd you get here?

I wanted to save a kitten…

He mewed so sadly…

- So, did you?
- No, he jumped.

- I see… You afraid of heights?
- No! I'm not afraid of anything!


Alright, it's time for an evacuation,
sergeant Tikhomirova.

Oh… I'm okay here, actually.

Give me your foot. Careful.
The right one.

There you go.


A little bit to the right. Careful…

Tikhomirova, do not hurt the lieutenant!


Okay, now…

On the count of three
I am going to hold you,

and you grab my neck with your left hand.

- You ready?
- I am.

Oh, Tikhomirova, sounds dangerous…

One… two… three…

I'm here, I got you… Come on…

Oh… Hello, comrade lieutenant.

I'm Nadya.


Okay, I think I'm gonna go for it too.
Yeah, for “a kitten”.

Let it go, already!
You can't get rid of the smell anyway.

Just look at the leather!
You can't find anything like this at home.

Officer uniform!

Still the size won't fit.

The Nazis have little feet, like chickens.

Not like our Soviet ones.

How can I throw them away?

I am a cobbler, you know.

Just look at this piece of art!


The Morale Officer is drunk again!

Damn it!

Damn, should’ve seen it!

Slow down!

Thanks, buddy!

Thank you.

What? Whatcha looking at?

It's time for political studies.

What for, comrade lieutenant?

We know everything about the situation.

Hey! Don’t discourage the collective,
you got me, Uncle Yasha?

Afanasyich, you better take a nap.

What nap? Morale officers never sleep!

I said political studies -
political studies it is.

Guys, fresh up. Tochilin is coming.

The Colonel Tochilin. Comrade
lieutenant, the authorities are here!

- You need to rest. He can't see you like that.
- Easy, easy. I'm fine, I'll meet him as it should be.

Where’s my cap?

- Where is his cap?
- Where's the cap?

Let me go!

They threw you away from the party.
Tochilin promised last time.

Only over my dead body!

I’m a Bolshevik.

Very… old Bolshevik.

Come on, lieutenant,
get your rookies together.

Ah! The Eagles!

Halt! Left turn!

- Comrade lieutenant colonel.
- At ease.

And the Deputy Commander
for Political Affairs? Where’s he?

He got called up
to the headquarters.

That’s odd. Didn’t notice.

Alright, get acquainted.

Your new Battery Commander,
lieutenant Yegorov.

Lieutenant, meet the

the soldiers of the legendary Battery Number One.

who took the brunt in the latest fight.

Staff Sergeant - Michael Gevorkyan,

Sergeant Yakov Gudim,

Lance-corporal Aleksander Lyutikov,

Sergeant Pavel Zhilkin.

Well, you'll meet lieutenant
Finogenov later

Quite an interesting person.

Am I right, Gudim?

- Gevorkyan!
- Me!

- Distribute the personnel on cannons.
- Yes, sir!

- Lieutenant, follow me.
- Yes, sir!

Sergeant Gudim,

...you better keep an eye on the cover.



«Eldashi» only.

Why «eldashi» only?
Here's a girl.

Gudim! Zhilkin!
Distribute the personnel on cannons.

- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!

And lance-corporal Lyutikov
will bring us the moral officer back.

Your task is to gain foothold
at the backup bridge and control the crossing.

Considerable enemy forces
haven't been seen in this area.

Furthermore, the main strike
is planned in another direction.

But every single bridge to Warsaw
is strategically important.

And this one is no exception.

- Everything clear?
- Yes!

Why the long face then?

Comrade lieutenant colonel,
I wanted to be sent to the offence.

Lieutenant! The war is won
not by heroes, but by strategists.

- Is the task clear?
- Yes sir! Hold the bridge at any costs!

No, Yegorov. Any costs is not an option.

- The cost has to be minimal. You got me?
- Yes.

- You move out at 12 o'clock sharp!
- Yes, sir.

To the headquarters.

He does not speak Russian.

This is called the frame.

War game?

Ah, you silly eldash.

Not war game, the frame!

Comrade sergeant!
Why are you insulting the soldier?

Insulting? Whom I was insulting?

That «eldash»?

For discourtesy and expressing zero tolerance
towards the personnel -

two extra duties!

Yes, sir…

You better figure everything out first…

And then…
Give away extra duties…


Finogenov Semyon Afanasyevich.
Morale officer.

Soldier souls engineer, you may say.

Responsible for the moral character
of the battery. All clear?

That's good.

- What?
- That you understand that.

Battery Chief?

Komsomolets? How old?

Comrade lieutenant, I respect your age
and your experience,

but I am the battery chief here.

Listen to me, lieutenant.
You got to figure it out first.

«Eldash» in Kazakh means “a friend”.

Or maybe you need some political science
lesson, concerning people's friendship?

Listen to my command…
Fall out!

Comrade lieutenant,
I am the battery chief here.

And I will not tolerate drinking
in this battery, is it clear?

Listen to me, lieutenant,
first, then raise your voice.

Comrade lieutenant, you should take a nap,

you have a problem pronouncing words.

At my command!

We move out at 12 o'clock sharp.

Gevorkyan, follow me,

I'll give you instructions.
- Yes, sir!

Others finish distributing
the personnel on cannons.

Yes, sir!



«Commander», for sure…

We'll deal with it.


Lay down!

Comrade lieutenant, are you hurt?!

No, it's just the tooth. It hurts.

Let me help you, Naden'ka.

Hold this.

We need to prepare new positions
for our cannons.

Comrade commander, maybe we should
take a look at the German ones?

They look nice.

We don't need German ones.
We'll do it our way, as it should be.

You know, comrade commander,
the locations of the German are good.

There is a roof, a place for a storehouse.
The trenches are dry, am I right?

That's right, comrade lieutenant.

Just a little work, raise the floor
here and there…

It would be perfect.

But if the comrade commander
thinks it is inappropriate,

we'll do it our way.

At my command!

Use German positions for our cannons!


- Lyutikov!
- Me!

Check the territory for mines.

Then place mines within hundred meters!

Yes, sir!

- Tikhomirova!
- Me!

- Get the radio set!
- Yes, sir!

- Hey, Lop-Ear!
- Me.

- Get the spear, let’s go some mine-checking.
- Yes.

- Comrade Commander.
- Yes?

It would be nice to make up
an observation post over there.

- But we need to scout out there first.
- Yes, definitely.

- Tyurin, Zinnatulin!
- Me. - Me.

- You're coming with me.
- Yes, sir.

But why you, comrade commander?

Comrade Gevorkyan can take
Tyurin and Zinnatulin.

Who do you think I am, a schoolboy?

I don't need teaching, comrade lieutenant.

- Tyurin, Zinnatulin, follow me!
- Yeah, we're coming.

Yeah, the commander got some temper.

Hot-head, like boiling water.

Alright, Lop-Ear, check it out
under the bridge!

- Pay attention!
- Yes, sir!

Dear God…

A real resort! «The Riverbank» sanatorium!

- Well, where are you, Lop-Ear?
- Coming!

- So? Found anything?
- Nothing.

- Why the long face then?
- I though, we were being sent to the offence.

- What are you, missing the Nazis already?
- No, I'm not. But… the war is coming to an end,

and we… and here we are,
in the middle of nowhere.

Lop-Ear, look around.
See? Isn't it beautiful?

It is.

I wanted to see Berlin.

My parents will ask me at home:
“Have you been to Berlin?”

What am I going to tell them?
- What?

That I was sitting at the bridge,
on the riverbank.

Everybody's going to see Berlin.
You got me?


Jesus, that was scary!

If they've heard us…

We have to enter Warsaw first,
before the Russians.

Alright… They have 17 people here,
and two cannons.

Are they planning to cross the river?

No… They’re preparing the trenches.

We still got time. We have the order
to destroy the bridge.

And we are going to destroy it.

This is a great spot for an observation post.
Really great.

Yeah… One should come see the sunset
with a girlfriend in a place like this.

- Alright… Let's leave the talks about girlfriends.
- Yes, that's right.

The observation post should be
set before the night comes.

Yes, sir.

- What is it, Zinnatulin?
- Comrade lieutenant,

...it's a chicken.

- What?
- A chicken.

- May I?
- Go.

You from the right, you, Tyurin, from the left.

Pound it into a corner.

Do not scare it away…

Grab it!

Come on, guys!

Let me try!

Guys, can't you catch a chicken?

It's not that easy, comrade lieutenant!
Try yourself!

- Come on, Tyurin, go for it!
- But what if it bites?

Go, go! We have to fight the fear!

Guten tag…

Guten tag…

Comrade lieutenant, the Nazis are here.

- Who?
- The Nazis.

Run!!! Run!!!
Go, go, go!

Rottenführer, the Russians!

Run! Quick!

The shooting…

Give me the binoculars.

Lyutikov, the radio!

On guard! Aim at the monastery!

Yes, sir! Cannon One, on guard!

Ivanov, move!

Move the cannon for 90 degrees.

Cannon One, aim at the monastery!

Afanasyich, Yegorov's there.

Aim at the monastery!

- Lyutikov!
- Me!

- Astakhov!
- Me.

Get closer, see what's going on there.


Be careful, okay?

- Zinnatulin, cover me!
- Okay!

Go, go, go…

Go, go.

Marcus, follow me!

Bastian, Rolph, go around
to the other side!

Quick, quick… Come on!
Follow me!

Tyurin, wait!


What are you doing here?
The Nazis are coming!

What are the children doing here!
You have to get them out, now!

They are Polish, deaf-mutes.
We are Russian.

- You know the way out?
- I do.

Go on, show us the way!

- Kolya...
- These are ours!

Are you dumb? Don't you understand
we have to save the children?!

- I understand.
- Then go, go! Run!

Come on…

Come on, give me your hand!...


Tyurin! Tyurin!
You still alive over there?

- Tyurin!
- I'm here, comrade lieutenant!

At my command, you take the children
and get out of here!

Get out, we have your back!

Do you copy?

- Do you copy, Tyurin?
- Got it, comrade lieutenant!


Lady, follow me!
Follow me!

Zinnatulin, cover me!

Why? Why?

There's a secret room!

- What?!
- A secret room!

Oh, God.


Damn it!

Lyutikov, is that you?

Me! Comrade lieutenant, you alive!

Yeah. Alive!

Alive! Thank God.

- Lyutikov! There are two more left.
- So, lets go get them.

I'm afraid they've seen our positions.



But… our guys are there…

Follow me!

- Comrade lieutenant.
- What?

- You think they've seen the cannons?
- Does not matter anymore.

- So, you got them?
- Yeah, we did.

Lieutenant Yegorov!


Please, forgive me for the yelling.

I just thought, you're like them.

You mean flawed?

No, I was not…

It's not dangerous anymore, that's the point.

It was much more safer without you.



Lop-Ear, take this…

And the binoculars…

Here, learn from lance-corporal Lyutikov
how you should catch a chicken!


Here are the hands.

Here are they.

Astakhov, get her!

The chicken is not a real bird,
a petty officer is not a real officer!

I'll show you something.

A beautiful chicken. An important chicken.
A funny chicken.

Here she is.

And… Ta-dam!

The soup is ready!
Thanks to Aunt Glasha!


Behind you!

Andzhey, wait!


What the hell are you doing?!
There are children here!

- Where's your weapon?
- Comrade lieutenant, he got an axe…

I'm not talking to you!

A Red Army officer is not allowed
to behave like this!


Please, forgive us.

What are you doing?

And get the chicken back!

This is our trophy. Got it?

Give me the rifle.

Let's go.

What happened?

- Where's the commander?
- At the monastery.

Comrade lieutenant, as a result
of heroic acting of our commander,

...we got a chicken.
Enemy is destroyed.

Alright, we’ll deal with it.

Hey, Kulebyaka. Kulebyaka.

Get this “war trophy”
and make us a panic!

- Where?
- East Jesus Nowhere!

Listen to me, buddy.
It was like, a year ago.

We were sitting in the trenches.
Suddenly, the Nazis gone crazy -

started running all around, yelling, with pots.

Back and forth. We thought,
they are on fire or something.

Turns out, it was lunchtime.

Nadezhda Petrovna.


Come on!

Comrade lance sergeant, they are waiting
for you in the monastery, with a radio.

They found a place for an observation post.

So beautiful.

Don't touch me!

You got blood.

I know. I will have my revenge.

You silly girl.
The Russians are our enemies.

Not all of them.
A Russian saved pani Eva.

I wish I had died.

Comrade lieutenant, fire position is ready.

- Where's the commander?
- Inside.

- Kolya, what now?
- We'll leave. Go to the camp.

Aunt Eva is nice.

So what?

Alright, lieutenant.
Show me the civilians.


What is wrong with your hand, pani?

You came here to ask about my health?

I came here to ask when are you
leaving for the rearward…

… and if you require any help.

Comrade lieutenant, these people live here

and we have no right…
- We do, commander. We do.

We'll leave. This was our home.

Now it's dangerous over here.

Pani is still mad because of the chicken?

In that case, I want you to know

that these very soldiers
have saved you from the Nazis.

Who, I believe, will not take the chicken only.

- Can we leave in the morning?
- Yes.

It's getting dark, we have to pack.

Yeah, morning is right.
Morning is good.

What kind of a man are you,
Semyon Afanasyevich?

A usual one. Military.
But you, you mixed up everything.

Yes, Lyutikov took that chicken.
Yes, he hit that boy.

Yes, he’s from an orphanage.
Yes, mordant.

But he's our man, you get it?
And he saved your life.

And these people… they will never be ours.

How do you know?

I am the deputy commander
for political studies.

It's my job to know.

May I go, sir?

- Yes.
- Sir.

So, we had this controller girl, Galya.

And this Galya…
She fell in love with me.

And we used to have this narrow aisle.

And there she is, standing…
And breathing, heavily breathing…

And says: «Comrade Lieutenant,
let me take your ticket…»


You know, what you're doing
to this chicken…

It's a military crime.

Give it to me.

Go grab the potatoes.
The onions, the carrots.

Yes, sir!


Oh, Sonya, Sonya, Sonya, Sonya…


Ah! I caught a spy!

Let him go! Let go!

- Let go! Hands off, we're Russians!
- He's my brother!

Are you crazy? Put the gun down.

- I am Russian, do you get it?
- Russian?

Let go!

Sorry, mate, didn't get it
in the first place.

What's going on?
Are you guys gone crazy?

You could've been killed.
Get the hell out of here.

Comrade lieutenant,
take a look at the feet.

- Concentration camp?
- Yes.

- Where from?
- Działdowo.

- What's your name?
- I am Kolya, sister's Katya.



How did you get there?

We are from Rostov,
they took us there with our mother


- How did you escape, then?
- There was a hole in the fence.

I am thin myself, and Katya… just small.

Mother pushed us out.

- Kulebyaka!
- Me!

- Make some tea.
- Yes, sir!

Katya saw the hole first.

Then we just walked… and walked…
Nobody knows, where to.

Then we've met these, at the monastery.

Dear God…

What’s your name, honey?



- Coming!
- Kolya, try these on.

Take this, Katyusha.

Kolya, here you go.
- Thank you.

Give me your hand, honey.

Do you like it?

This is for you.

You’re sending these to the rearward?

Can we stay here with you?
- That's nonsense.


Here, eat some bread.

They are Poles, and we are Russians!

You are civilians, and we are soldiers.

And the civilians are forbidden
to stay at the positions. All clear?

- Civilian… I can help!
- Help! Look at him… “Helper”...

- Comrade lieutenant!
- Yes.

Can the convoy get back now?

Pani Eva.

I came to apologize.

You already did.
I understand.

No, listen to me.

My comrades, they have been at war
for a long time.

They've steeled their hearts,
and can no longer see certain things.

- You don't need to explain.
- I do! I really do!

You, for example, are performing
your own feat.

- What feat?
- What are you talking about?

Look what's going on around us!

You take care of the children, alone.

I think this is a feat.

I even…

...admire what you do.

(Nadya coughs)

Comrade lieutenant.

Pani, we need your help over there.

- What is he doing?
- Praying. Every night.

I do not allow him, but he says,
God knows better.

Yeah, you’ve fooled him, for sure.
And here's the result.

I told you not to go there!

You think, He’ll hear you better from there?

He sees everything.

Without our prayers, He'll leave us.

- So?
- Two more minutes.


Oh, the Whale.

- What?
- Where?

Here, look.

This constellation.
These four... are the head.

These, the tail.

This constellation is called the Whale.

You can see it very clearly
at this time of the year.

You like watching the stars?

I entered the astronomy faculty
before the war.

A whale.

Yeah. Did you know, that the whale
was the creature Poseidon sent

to eat Andromeda who's chained to a rock?

Did it?


Perseus saved her.

Oh! The Nazis are the whale,
and we are the Perseus. Right?


Who's Andromeda then?

Comrade Lieutenant.

You got open-air political studies
over here or what?

Klyuev! What are doing here?
You should be on the observation point!

Leaving already, pan officer.

Pani Eva. I wanted to ask you
for a long time.

You are a nun, right?
Now you tell me, where's your God?

Where are the facts?

Nothing, huh?
I tell you then.

Your silence, it speaks for itself.
You pray for nothing.

My grandmother used to say…
That God is not in the words but in the deeds.

Oh, I tell you about the deeds too.

I was here in the twenties,
in the Polish captivity.

Oh, we got some very religious pans over here…

Trey trained on us.

He rides on his horse, right on you, top speed.
Takes his sabre out and - whoosh!

Splitted a man into two.

I got a weak one.
Wasn't very religious, I bet.

Got anything to say, pani Eva?

Where was your God then?

Again, silence.

Alright, go get some rest.
You are hitting the road tomorrow.

I hope you remember.

Semyon Afanasyevich. How's that?

You see this woman has taken
such a responsibility...

Listen to me, Anatoliy.
It's not the right time.

And not the right place, either.

I just… Argh!

Hey! You all right?

No, the tooth…

Could've told earlier.

I got this pain in the morning…
It's okay, it'll go away soon.

Yeah, and if it hits you
in the middle of the fight?

I'll endure, then.


- Come with me.
- I have to be here, at the observation post.

- Come on, we got a doctor over there.
- Just make it quick.

Okay, your turn, Doc.

Oh, that's too cruel.

That will do.

- Comrade staff sergeant.
- Yes?

- Are you a real doctor?
- Sure.

Have lost the diploma in the trenches, though.
But got seven ripped out teeth in my career.

A real one, for sure.


Don't be afraid, comrade lieutenant.

I'll just have a look.

Open your mouth.

It's here.

Wider… Wider…

Ah, I see… This one…

Uncle Yasha, get the anesthesia.

- I think I can bear the pain.
- Yeah, sure.

Pasha, give me a hand.

Don't let go!

Hold him still!


You did well, comrade lieutenant.
Not like Lyutikov.

Oh, come on!

You should've seen him running!
Almost reached the Nazis camp.

Here you go. Comrade lieutenant,

let's go visit the kitchen,
make a disinfection.

Did the chicken smell so good
when she's alive, huh?

- Come on, bring it here. Is it salty?
- It is.

I go give Lop-Ear a present.

- Kulebyaka!
- Yes?

Get commander 100 grams of vodka.

- No need.
- To raise morale, comrade lieutenant.


- What's this?
- Chicken soup, comrade lieutenant.


From that very chicken?

Yeah. Haven’t seen the soldiers
so happy since forever.

What were you thinking?


There are children
out there in the monastery.

That's fair, buddy.

We shall give it to the kids.

How do you feel?

My whole jaw hurts.

Battery, take up arms! Charge!


Fire! To the cannons!
Run, quick!

Lop-Ear, get down!

Behind you, comrade lieutenant!

What's up?


Come on, comrade lieutenant…
Answer me…


Tyurin, come on!

My glasses…

Kulebyaka, get to Uncle Yasha!


Uncle Yasha, a bomb!




Uncle Yasha!

Uncle Yasha!

Uncle Yasha…

Uncle Yasha!

Uncle Yasha!

Those Nazis…
Ate all our food with just a bullet.

Comrade lieutenant,
the second cannon's aim was broken.

- How are we going to fight then?
- We'll come up with something.

Comrade Lieutenant,

during the night fight 8 soldiers
of the enemy forces were killed.

From our side, soldiers Borisov, Katz,

Kosobrodov and first cannon's commander...

...sergeant Gudim Yakov Sergeyevich.

Uncle Yasha.

Afanasyich… You're doing
some «political science», as I can see.

For Uncle Yasha.

We killed eight people for him.

We'll do some political science together.

But later.


Here. They crossed it here,
comrade lieutenant.

They must've been watching me
during the day.


Anti-tank magnetic bomb.

- We could use that.
- Yes.

Pani Eva, what the…

How should I explain this?!

We had a deal!

You take the children
to a safe place in the morning.

I have a request.

From the other side of the monastery…
There's a ravine…

- There are bodies there.
- What bodies?

Mother Ieremia, other nuns…

They were shot two days ago.

We have plenty bodies to bury ourselves.

Comrade lieutenant.

Let me handle this situation, alright?

Comrade commander, we must not forget
about our primary task, don’t we?

It seems to me you are not thinking
in the right direction…

What do you mean? Go on, tell me!
Huh? What do you mean?

- Oh, I will, comrade commander…
- Go on, tell me!

- I shall go…
- Eva…

- Pani… pani…
- What's wrong with her?

- Pani…
- Got pulse.



Wait… She's a nun.


She's gonna freaking die
while you play gentleman!

Get me the medical bag
and some boiled water.

- Kulebyaka!
- Me!

Get me the medical bag
and some boiled water, quick!

The Russians think I don't understand them.

That one is the morale officer,

and the one with the nun is the commander.

He stays at the monastery with the radioman
and the machine-gunner.

She got a bullet stuck in there.

She just tied herself up
and didn't even tell us.

- Come on.
- She's on fire.

The inflammation has begun.

Eva. Eva, can you hear me?

(talking Kazakh)

Get lost.

Are you crazy?
Get the hell out of here!

What's wrong with you? Get out!

Who understands Uzurbayev?

- Get out of here!
- Ivanov!

No need for Ivanov.
Get out of here!

Are you stupid or what?

Kulebyaka, get him out of here!
Or tie him up, for God's sake.

Tolik, Tolik!... (talking Kazakh)

He is a paramedic!
He knows what to do.

Paramedic? He would be sent to a medical
care unit if he was a paramedic!

(talking Kazakh)

Don't you understand?
Get lost! Get out of here.

He wanted to be sent there,
they didn't take him!

Because he doesn't speak Russian.

If we don't take the bullet out,
she's not gonna make it.

Stop it!

Uzurbayev, get here!

Let him take the bullet out.

- Andzhey, are you ready to serve Poland?
- Yes.

Then, at night…
Come to the bridge and wait for me there.

- Stephan, he's just a kid.
- Shut up.

- Russians mustn't see you.
- Alright.

- Don't let me down.
- Got it.

Go, before somebody sees you.

Thank you!

Come on, over here.

Are you wounded?

- Huh?
- Are you wounded?

No, the blood's not mine.

Take off your uniform, I'll wash it.

No need.

I'll do it. No problem. Really.

Comrade lance sergeant…


Let's go. Anyway, we have to deal with this…

…uniform a long time ago.


I don't understand you!

Pani, you couldv'e died.

Or were you hoping your God will save you?

He did save me.

Soldier Uzurbayev saved you.

Nothing happens without His will.

Yeah. You got brainwashed for sure.

I had to die over there,

with the sisters…with Mother Ieremia.

I've betrayed them.

He saved me.

Did he?

He gave...

...a weapon to a child.

A child killed two people so I can live.

Wait, one of the kids got a gun?

Why do you think...

...I was kept alive for such a price?

Pani, you better take a nap.

It’ll clean your mind.

Comrade lance sergeant…

- It's Nadya.
- Okay.

I mean, not okay.
Listen, I'm your commander.

- And all these signs…
- No, you listen.

I don't act like this all the time.

I even kissed a man once, during a dance.

But, I’ve felt nothing, I swear.

And you…

It's like… An explosion.

Comrade… Nadya…

Listen. This explosion you're talking about -
it's not right… I mean…

Why not? You did…
Why did you rescue me then?

Listen, it could turn out not so…

Turn out what?

You’ve felt it. I know it.

I know, you've felt it.

It's gone.


Your uniform.

- May I go?
- Yes.


What we gonna do if Andzhey let us down?

He won't.

His parents were killed in '39.
By Russians.

My Zbeshik was killed too.

I remember.

And Andzhey remembers too.


The area entrusted to me is all quiet.

And smells like buttercaps
(wordplay: Russian “Lyutikov” means “Buttercap”)

Lyutikov, leave me alone.


Just look at the beauty around is,
Nadezhda Petrovna.

The fields… The meadows…


Just look.

You see that cloud?
Looks like a kitten.

You see? That's the ear, only one,
though, the tail…

- You see?
- Yeah!

You know,

I loved doing this since I was a kid.

I'm an enchanting man, you know.

I have a way with words,
Nadezhda Petrovna.

You know, when I see these clouds
out there… It starts rising in me…

And there…

Behind the branch…

You see?... I think that's
a little heart over there.


- Yes, yes, yes… You see.
- Yeah…

You are the heart, I'm the arrow.

- Lyutikov!
- Nadezhda Petrovna.


Lance-corporal Lyutikov! Attention!

Is everything alright over there?

Everything's okay.

Everything's fine.


Here’ ready.

Oh, you did it.
Everyone gets one now.


Take this.

Take this. Here.

Try it.

You are supposed to eat it.
It's a candy.

You like it?

Sure you do.

Why you don't eat?

Go on, it's really good.

You like it?

Real candy!

- Want some?
- No.

- You sure?
- Yes!

Look at you, so hungry.

And the boots, so old. Oh…

Look at them.

According to our intel, they have
two cannons at the bridge.

And a couple of machineguns.

Our task is to take possesion
of the bridge till noon.

We'll start at dawn.

(speaks German)

Good evening, pani.

Can I borrow girls' boots?

What for?

You tell them there's a magic tree
in the monastery's garden…

And their little boots will hang on it
in the morning, brand-new.

- Kidding?
- Tell them.


I like girls like you.
Bold ones.

I even know a song about you.

(starts singing) Oh, Sonya, Sonya, Sonya…

She’s got a herd of horses…

She was a real rogue one…

Nobody can say she was his girl….

You know what's the thing is,
Nadezhda Petrovna?

The woman, she is like a cat.

You have to tame her.

You like me, huh?

I do.

Everyone does.

Except for him.

- He does too.
- Liar!

There, there…

He's just timid.

It’s okay. He’ll come running.

Everything's going to be alright.

Russians mustn't see you.

Go over there.

If something happens, distract them.

- What are you gonna do?
- Does not matter. Go.

I followed you, Andzhey.

You weren't sleeping again, were you?

Yeah, got myself some work to do.


You know what I was
thinking about, Afanasyich…

The Nazis,

...real bastards, huh?

But the leather…

Damn it.

- Tyurin
- Me!

- What's the matter?
- Kids, comrade sergeant.

- What kids?
- From the monastery.

- Zinnatulin
- Me!

- Get them out of here.
- Yes, sir!

Afanasyich, it's just a couple of hours
till dawn. Let them stay.

What if they walk into someone on the woods?
We get them there in the morning.

Okay. But they have to be gone
by the morning.

Give the kids some tea.

Here, have a potato.

Take this, honey.

To the dugout!

- On guard!
- Yes, sir!

Get down!

Turn the cannon for 180 degrees!

- Uzurbayev!
- Me!

- Battle stations!
- Yes, sir!

Stop, Agatka, stop!

You don't think about the task.
All you can think about is Andzhey.

We can wait a little longer.

What wrong?! Where's the explosion?!

Tikhomirova, get me the Tower!

Tower! Tower!

Can you hear me?
It's Battery Number One!

It's Battery Number One!
Do you copy?

- Well?
- Here!

Tower! Lieutenant Yegorov speaking.

Lieutenant Yegorov!

The battery is being attacked
from the rearward! Can you hear me?

We need support!

Katya, get up!
Come on, we should go!

Get dressed!

Katya, get them up! Everyone!

- Pani Eva, wake up! There are shooting over there.
- What?

- Quick!
- What happened?

We should go!

Wake up! Get up!

Get up! Wake up!

Get up!

Take cover, it's dangerous over here.

- Reference - a curved pine!
- Reference - a curved pine.

- On seventeen!
- On seventeen!

Got it!

Cannon One, Cannon Two…
Reference - a curved pine!


- On seventeen!
- Load!


Where is the loader?

- Tyurin!
- Me!


How?.. How do you know
where to shoot without the aim?

Got your aim right in my head,
darling, in my head!

Right in front of my eyes!



- Fifty meters closer!
- Got it!

Fifty meters closer!




Tyurin, load!

Yes, sir!

Why the kids are here?

Go away!

Go away!

Get the girl out of here!

Get out of here!

- Twenty meters to the East!
- Got it!

(speaks Kazakh)


(speaks Kazakh)

Zhilkin, you undershoot!

Your nephew loves Poland
more than you do, Stephan!

Andzhey says, there are kids.
Our, Polish kids!

If we blow the bridge up, the Nazis
are gonna kill them, do you get it?!

Agatka, listen to me!

Only a coward hides behind the kids!

At my command, blow up the bridge!

Agatha, wait!

- Zhilkin
- Antipersonnel! Ivanov, load!

- Come on!
- Quick!

- Fire!
- Fire!

Damn it!


Quick, quick!

- Kolya, where are you going?
- I go warn ours!

- Kolya, don't go!
- Don't be afraid, I'll be back.

Gevorkyan, come on!

Comrade lieutenant, there are Nazis there.

Get down! Get down, now!

Get down!

- Well, let’s show them some real fighting.
- Yeah.

- You know how to get out of here?
- I do.

Lead us.

Lyutikov, Tikhomirova! Retreat!


Lyutikov, retreat!

Gevorkyan, it's Yegorov!

We retreat to the cannons, do you copy?

Lyutikov, I said retreat!

Comrade lieutenant, you go,
I'll cover you!


Go! Take care of the kids!
And your personnel.

When we reach the arch…
You go down immediately! You got that?

Got it!


Come on!

Run, run!

Come on! Eva, take the kids!

Take the kids!
They'll help you out over there.

- Kolya, lead us!
- Alright!

Come on!

- Comrade lieutenant!
- Go! Go, now!

No! I'm not gonna leave you, comrade lieutenant!

- I said go!
- I'm not gonna leave you!

- It's an order!
- No!

There are children over there, go!

Come on, Lyutikov, come on…

Come on, lieutenant, come on!...

Damn it!


Agatka is under the bridge.

Zinnatulin, follow we!

Children on the battlefield!

Go, go, go!

Eva, come on! Run, run!

Pani, be ready.

We'll get you across the bridge
at the first opportunity.

Come on. Run!

Zinnatulin, get them to the dugout!
I'll cover!

- Run!
- Okay.


- Comrade lieutenant, he's still there!
- Give me her!

Here he comes! Take cover!

A machinegun! Right flank!

Yes, sir!

Zhilkin, go get a bandage for your arm!

It's alright, comrade lieutenant!

- I said now!
- Yes, sir!



- Cannon One, Cannon Two! Armor-piercing!
- Got armor-piercing!






Pani, there are our people over there!
We have to help them!

Shut up!

- Polish kids!
- Shut up!

They need our help!

Shut up!

You want to live, you come with me!



Helping someone who killed your parents?

You made me do this.

Andzhey, run!
Run, Andzhey, run!




Don't be afraid, kids. Don't be afraid.
Just get to the other side.

Stay calm, pani.

Stay calm.

- Are you done?
- Yes. Can I come with you?

Take care of the kids!

Katya, come here.

Commander, we can't take it out head-on.

Let them come closer.

He'll turn a bit near the car
and then we can take it out.

It's like, 200 meters.

So we'll not miss, then.

Cannon One, Cannon Two…
We let the tank come closer to the burning car.



Eva, what does she want?

She wants to know do all the kids
go to heaven after death?

Stop it. Tell her,
it's going to be alright.

And stop thinking about it yourself.

Tell them, no one dies.

Come on, you son of a bitch,
a little bit to the right…

Wait for it…

Comrade lieutenant,
why don't they command?

Shh, guys.

Everything has it's time and place.

We'll deal with it.

Wait for it…

- Comrade lieutenant…
- Wait for it!





- Yes!
- Hooray!

- Hooray!
- We did it!



Tank from the left!

- Turn the cannon! Kulebyaka, Tyurin!
- Yes, sir!

Comrade lieutenant…
Comrade lieutenant…

Everything's going to be alright.

Comrade lieutenant,
everything's going to be alright.

Do you hear me? I'm here, with you.

Do you hear me?

Let's go.

Nadya! Nadya!

- Ivanov!
- Wait… I'll help…

Nadya... Ivanov, follow me!



- Move to Gevorkyan on the right flank!
- Yes, sir!

Kulebyaka, you're going to load.
Get me an armor-piercing one, now!

Yes, sir!



Zosya. Zosya, help me.

That's nothing.

Ivanov! Ivanov! Follow me!

Yes, sir.

Ivanov! Fire!


Kulebyaka, load!

This is the last one, comrade lieutenant!

Kulebyaka, get out of here!

Comrade lieutenant…
Comrade lieutenant, sir!

For Uncle Yasha!



Kolya… Kolya…

Katya! Katya, get down!
Get down!

Cover me.

Kolya, where are you?


Stay down, don't move.

Hey… mister?


Don't die!
Don't die, mister.

This is bad.
I got the last one.

Cover from the rearward!

From the rearward!

Damn it.

Damn it.

I’m empty.

Is it over?

Looks like it is.

Who are you?

Lieutenant Romanovskiy.
Home Army.

- We would be dead, if it weren't you…
- Yeah, we see you're Home Army.

The question is, what were you doing here?

We were on our way to Warsaw.

- Coming from where?
- Does it matter?

Pani Eva, we're here.

You need to stay here.
We have to figure it out,

who are you, where are you from
and what the hell have you been doing here?

We don't take orders from you.

- Comrade Lieutenant.
- This territory is under…

…Red Army's control.

Andzhey, wait!

- I am a citizen of another country.
- He's my uncle! Leave him!

He helped us.

Oh, you are now talking Russian?

Wait! We've just survived. Please.

Okay, stop it!

Comrade lieutenant,

examine the position
and report on the losses!

Yes, sir.

- Ivanov, help him!
- Yes, sir!

Thank you.

If it weren't you, we would be…

Thank you. Thank you.

- Check the weapons!
- Yes, sir.

I hope I will not regret
standing up for you.

Thank you, for taking care of our children.

There are no such a thing
as «our» or «not our» children.

- Pani, please.
- What?

Sergeant Zhilkin asked.

Please, pani… Over here…

Here, sit.

Pani… Tell them,

that's a magic tree.

This is a magic tree.

No way!


It's the man. The man make miracles.

There, try these on!

I'll help.

Thank him.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Tower, can you hear me?

Lieutenant Yegorov speaking.

We've beaten them off, do you copy?
Tower, do you copy?

Well done, Yegorov!
On our way!

Hold on, son.


- How are holding up?
- Do not worry, comrade lieutenant.

Ah, the Soul Savior Guard
is on the duty again.

Want to have a drink with me, pani? Huh?

Or your faith does not allow it?

Ah, I'll have one.

I made a deal with someone.

For the battery.

Or maybe, you want some?.. Huh?

Go to hell then.

- Give me your hand.
- That's nothing.

Give it to me.

Why you're so caring, all of a sudden?

You're a good man.

Am I?

Couldn't save my friends.

Let down the rookies, too.

You loved your fellow soldiers.

You loved your friends.

Your soul weeps for them.

Hell no, weeps…

Tell me something…

… you, wise pani.

How to move on?

My wife's left me.

No more friends left.

And there’s no God anywhere.


I think your commander is right.

The God,

...he is not in the words.

Lieutenant Romanovskiy.

Are you going to tell me
what have you been doing here?

- Huh?
- That's none of your business.

Really? That's just exactly my business.

Comrade lieutenant, put away the gun!

Commander, it's explosive.
It's English explosive.

What? The London Government
suddenly got generous?

I refuse to answer your questions.

You refuse, huh?

Get yourself together!

Open your eyes, commander!
There's tons of this stuff all over the bridge.

If I wanted to blow up the bridge…

… I would've done it already.

You have to turn in your weapons.

You have to take them yourselves.

The help is coming!

Our guys!

Ours, comrade lieutenant.

Where are they going?

Obersturmführer, they're here.

Damn it!


Heil Hitler, Standartenführer.

What are you waiting for?
Russians getting the whole Abwehr archive?

No, sir!

Enough talking. Take action!

Yes, sir!

- Gustav!
- Me.

You attack from the monastery.

Others, follow me!

These «ours» are talking German.

On guard, commander.

They're Nazis.

Battle stations!

Tyurin, take the machinegun!
Ivanov, follow me!

Battle stations!

- Eva, can you walk? You have to leave.
- Yes, I can.

The kids should be sent
to the other side of the bridge.

As fast as you could, run, run, run!

Kolya, Andzhey, follow me, quick!

Ivanov, Nazis from the rearward!

Get the kids into the dugout, quick!

Nadya, you have to stand until noon,
do you hear me?


I'll be back. I'm coming back
do you hear me?

I'm coming back!


Keep the dugout safe at any costs.

- Hey, you! We're not done yet.
- Hell yes we're not.

There's one over there!

At my command!

Stay with me, please, stay with me.

It does not hurt, it does not hurt.

Look at your face, so dirty, Tolya.

Nadya, look at me, look at me!

Look at me…




Go home!

Come on, get them!

Come on!

Come on, get them!

Comrade lieutenant colonel.

We've examined the battlefield.

There's no one alive here.

Over here, comrade lieutenant colonel!
There's someone alive!

Make sure the intelligence
will get the archive. Now!

Yes, sir.

Rushin, Selyayev, over here!

Leonid and Konstantinov, get here, now!

Take this. Come on, quick! Quick!

Quick! Grab it!

Hello there, Kolya.