Edie (2017) - full transcript

83 year old Edie believes that it is never too late - packing an old camping bag, leaving her life behind and embarking on an adventure she never got to have - climbing the imposing Mount Suilven in Scotland.

And swallow.

That's it.

'Your odd mountain.

'Let's go up it together,
for old times' sake. Dad.'

What have you done now?



Hi, Mum.

- Still not locking your door.
- Oh, sorry. I forgot.

- You can take those away.
- You're not ready.

This was in the middle of the road.
I almost hit it.

I've already taken it!

- What are you going to wear?
- I don't know.

Take those boxes away.

This diet is going to kill you.

Come on, Mum.

Hello, I'm Nancy. This is Edie.

Mrs Moore.

- How are you, Gordon?
- Good, thank you.

Hear that, Mum?
You can do your gardening here.

Oh, that's lovely. Maybe you
can move that one slightly forward.

- That's where it was!
- I'm sorry, darling.

You know what I'm like!
That's perfection!

Edie, I've got you some flowers.

There we are.
Be careful of those. They're very sharp.

See what's happening over here. Wow!
It's a fountain! Just like the picture.

- I'll make us some tea.
- Oh, thank you.

'Money is low.
Can only afford the nurse once a week.

'My only escape is the café.
That's my world now.

'The house is a prison.

'When I think of Dad, our adventures,
I find myself wanting to weep and shout...

'Cleaning and caring, cleaning and caring.
That's all I seem to do in my life.

'Having her would bring us
closer together...

'In fact, it did the opposite.

'Sometimes, I want to get up
and leave her behind.'

I asked you not to go
through my things.

Some of these are perfectly good.
That, for instance. And that!

Don't just stand there, Nancy.

- Sort it out.
- You sort it out.

- Well, I am.
- What do you think? I like packing?

I want to stare at your mouldy rubbish?

You do it.
I'm sick of doing things for you.


It was for myself.
It wasn't meant to be read.

I had no one to talk to.

Who was I supposed to talk to?

Me, Mum.

- You could've talked to me.
- No, you were too young to understand.

Anyway, he hid it when you were around,
his rage.

Nancy. Nancy.

Darling, listen. Listen to me.

It started before he was in his chair.

He dictated where I went,
who I could talk to.

If I wanted to buy something,
he'd say, "That's a waste of money.

- "You don't need that!"
- I don't want to hear this.

I couldn't do anything right.

And if I answered back,
he'd say, "Don't upset the child.

- "You mustn't upset the child."
- For God's sake!

- Mum...
- I admit I didn't love him.

But I looked after him and you.
I did my duty.


Yes! For all those years.

But that's all I did, nothing else!

Don't you understand?

- Ah, Edie. How are you?
- I'm fine, thanks.

- Have a seat.
- The usual, please.

No problem.

- Am I too late for more chips?
- Never too late for you, Edie.

- 'Hello, this is Nancy.'
- Nancy, I...

'I'm not here right now, but please leave
a message and I'll get back to you.'

Nancy? I'm letting you know
I'm going away for a few days.

I'll call you back in a few days.

'The Caledonian
Sleeper service to Inverness

'is ready to board on platform 15.

'This train calls at Stirling,
Perth, Newtonmore...'


'Will all passengers not travelling
on the 21:30 to Inverness

'please vacate the train
as this train is about to depart.'

Look, I'm terribly sorry,
but I really...

Keep your head inside the train, please!

'The train just arrived at
platform two is the Caledonian Sleeper...'

'Inverness station welcomes you
to the Scottish Highlands.'

- Is she dead?
- She's not dead.

Are you all right?

Oh, God! That is my train! I cannot
believe you have done this to me again.

- You'll make it.
- You're standing on my business plan!

- Fiona, it's fine.
- It's got a massive footprint on it.

Fiona, you need to go, now!

We can't just leave her here.
Are you all right, madam?

Do I look all right?

- We're really sorry about that.
- You should be arrested.

- This is ridiculous.
- I have to go.

- Let me help you.
- No.

- Let me at least...
- No, don't touch anything!

- Can I do something for you?
- No!

- Maybe I can give you a lift.
- I'm getting a bus.

- You're sure you're gonna be OK?
- Let me be.

- I hope you're not waiting on the bus.
- Why?

It'll be here all right,
but it's gonna be about four hours.

- Can I give you a lift?
- No. You're wrong.

Well, it's not like I live here,
but suit yourself.

Erm... Wait. Wait.

So should I at least get your name
or something?

- Mrs Moore.
- Sorry?

Edith Moore.


Is there a camping shop near here?

I think so, yeah.

You're not thinking about
going up Suilven, are you?

Don't be ridiculous.

This is you.

Er... Oh, dear. I can't...

Oh, you just wanna...

- How do I...?
- Yeah, you just flip the handle up.

- All right, there?
- Yes.

Thank you.

- All right, you take care now.
- Thank you.

- Just a minute.
- Edith Moore.

- There you are.
- Cheers!

Oh, um... Edith Moore.

You don't arrive till tomorrow.

No, I arrive today.

- It says tomorrow.
- I think I know when I arrive.

- It's pretty easy to get dates mixed up.
- Oh, there we are!

- How you doing, all right?
- Guys, I'll be with you in a sec.

It may be easy for you,
but some of us have sharp minds.

I'm really sorry. There's nothing I can do.
It's literally our busiest weekend.

Rory, can you come back here,
please? And where's Louise?

Don't worry about it.
There's plenty more places.

Come on, then.

Come on.

- Can I have a room for tonight, please?
- Jonny, we're fully booked tonight.

It's the fishing festival.
Every room is taken.

Every room is full!
Why don't you try Mrs McCloud?

'She may be full, aye.
She's been fixed for weeks.'

There must be somewhere.
She needs a bed.

- I can't think of anywhere else.
- There must be somewhere.

Sorry. It's never normally this messy.

I will, er...
I will get you fresh sheets.

I'll be out of here
first thing in the morning.

Oh, and I'll pay, of course.

No, no. You don't have
to worry about that.

Bathroom is through there,
kitchen downstairs. Take what you need.

And, yeah, sorry about the mess.

Flatmate's a pain in the arse.


Christ! What...?

McLaughlin! You need to change what
you're eating, mate! That's disgusting!

Shh! Shut up!
You're gonna waken her.


She has got your wee balls
in her little handbag, mate.

You know what?
You need to come out with us.

No, no. I cannae. I'm broke.

Aye. You're coming. Lads.


- Hey, no! Oh, no, no, no!
- You're going to come out!

'Good morning,
good morning, good morning!

'Thanks for tuning in this morning.
We've got an exciting show lined up.

'Lots of music, lots of fun,
lots of interviews.

'Welcome on this bright
and sunny morning.

'What a rarity that is.

'But don't worry, I'm sure we'll get rain,
sleet and snow by the afternoon.

'That's always the way, isn't it?
That's always the way...'

I know.
I know that's what I said to him.

Hold on.

I, um...
I want to cancel my reservation.

One second. Yeah...

You wanted to cancel?


I need a new buckle on my rucksack.

Here we go...

Oh, man,
my head is thumping.

Pay attention now.

- You might just learn something here.
- Aye, that'll be right.

Excuse me!

- Watch what you're doing!
- Sorry.

Sorry. It's yourself.


- Everything all right? The hotel...?
- No, no. Everything's sorted.

Thank you for last night.

Now, I'm looking for a buckle.

I don't think we've got buckles.

I'll check for you.

Clean that up.

Hello? Highland...
Hello, Fiona.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Everything's good.

- I was just with a customer.
- So, you off to explore the area?

No, I'm not really interested
in the area, just Suilven.

- Do I know you from somewhere?
- I... I don't think so.

I'll get you at the station? Yeah?

All right. OK.
I love you, too. Bye.

I'm still waiting for the buckle.


- Those aren't buckles.
- Well, that's all we have.

So, why don't you glue your bag
or you can buy another one?

Huh! I'm not going to buy a new bag
for a two-day hike.

Oh, I'll have to make do with these.

Right, now, I also need some gas.

- Hold on a minute.
- Wow.

Right. It's, er...

It's one of these, look. Hold on.

Oh, wow!


- OK?
- That is quite something.

- Yes, it's a good one.
- Burns solid fuel, does it?

No, it burns gas.

I hate those moments when you're
caught halfway up the mountainside

and your entire family come around
and join you for a cup of tea.

- Just the gas, please.
- Yup.

And a small one.

Small one.
Smallest, meanest one we've got.

Annoying, isn't he?

But he does know his stuff
about camping.

Tell me this,

if you were lost in the wilderness,
would you know how to light a fire?

- Yes.
- Aye, but outside, though?

- Yes, outside.
- Right, right.

But Suilven?
Phew! That's one hell of a climb.

I mean, a hell of a climb.

Lots of walking. Lots of walking!
And then it's steep.

One wrong move,
you might not come back.

I don't want to scare you,
but do you know how many people died

up here last year in avalanches?
A lot of people.

You see, the smart ones take someone
with experience up that mountain.

- Who?
- He's the best we've got.

Jonny's taken more people up Suilven
than I know.

I don't need a guide.

She doesn't need a guide.
4.20 for the gas, please.

I can see yous two got off
on the wrong foot, but this is serious.

Last year, on that mountain,
a young man died.

- What man?
- The man. Who died.

- Uh...
- How much does it cost?

Well, a guide,
four days' skills training...

- Wait? Skills training?
- Skills training, yes.

- Personal fitness coach.
- Fitness?

Just 300 a day.

- Oh, that's extortionate!
- Yes, but that's the deluxe, darling.

- The standard's 250.
- No. No, thanks.

Look, wait a minute.
We can sort something out.

Let's say 200... and a free stove!

- Whoa! Hey!
- Well, I have a stove.

Yeah, but is it top of the range?

- Worth 50 quid.
- Oh, right. Well...

Look, you don't want to end up
on the mountain with a broken leg.


Well, all right.

But I'm not paying if I'm not happy.

- And I'm keeping the stove.
- Of course.

He'll pack it up for you, too,
won't you, mate?

Thank you.
You've been very helpful, young man.

Well done, mate. She just walked
away with a stove worth 150 quid.

Aye. One go and she'll be straight
back in the shop. She's ancient.

Bye, now.

- You're getting 700 quid to do nothing.
- 700? I thought you said 800.

Aye. And my commission.

There she goes.


Sorry, I had things to do at the shop.
Just making sure everything was...

I'm paying a great deal of money for this.
You must be on time.

- Hotel seems nice.
- Well, it's clean.

- I think we'll start off nice and slow.
- Well, there's no need for that.

You want to build yourself up,
get used to all this boggy ground.

I hope we're not going to walk
all the time, just to use up the day.

Because I paid for training!

Yes, I know.

You know, just down here
there's a stretch of road,

and every March
it's covered in toads.

- Toads?
- Toads, yeah. Baby frogs, you know...

I know what toads are!

- Sorry, am I walking too fast for you?
- No.

- I can slow down, that's no problem.
- It's fine.

Anyway, they mate in March,
these toads.

And then, they go everywhere
and when they get close to the road...


- You all right there?
- Yes, I'm fine.

So the locals decided
to help the toads across the road.

Why would anyone help toads?

- Ooh.
- I don't know.

Why would anyone help anyone?

- You sure I can't help you?
- I just have to get...

Do you want me
to clean it for you as well?

Well, it's the least you can do.

Cranky old cow!

Excuse me!


- I hope you're not making it worse!
- Just relax, will you?

Oh, sh...

- Oh, no!
- Shite!

I assume that'll be deducted
from your fee.

What fee?

Look, I know how to use a stove.

OK, then. Show me.


Just be careful. Don't force it.

Edie, you do that, you'll break it.


Edie, just stop!

Listen to me.

Click, twist. OK?

Want to do the gas?

Just be gentle.

That wasn't so hard, was it?

Would you say
today had gone well?

double-stitched and watertight.

- They'll last you a lifetime.
- Whose lifetime? Yours or mine?

- So? What do you think?
- Well, not bad.

Don't think you'll be needing all that.
That's the expensive stuff.

We call it a base layer.
Keeps you dry, keeps the cold out.

It's got holes in it!

- Yeah. For your thumbs.
- Oh...

That one'll keep you warm.

- What's this for?
- Mountaineering.

Well, isn't that what I'm doing?


How's your flexibility?

Probably enough stretching for one day.

And they protect your knees.

Is this it?

- Oh! I think it's rather a lot!
- No, I'm asking are you finished?

Oh. Yes. Yes, I am.

- So, er...
- Now, the price of the boots.

Remember, that's deducted
from your fee.

There we go, Mount Suilven.

So, this down here, this is the base.

Between the base and the ridge,
that's the toughest part...

Edie? Paying attention?

- Yes, of course.
- You're not, are you?

You're too busy paddling about.
This is serious.

In a few days' time, you and I will be up
that mountain and you won't have a clue.

Now, if I were you, I'd be doing
everything I can to get fit.

If you'd rather be someplace else
or you want to go back home, be my guest.

I've got plenty of other things
I could be doing right now.

Why is there water?

I thought it would be an idea
to row across the loch.

- It's gonna save a lot of walking time.
- In a boat?

In a boat, yes.
But it's OK, I can show you how.

And what's that?

Base camp.

Base camp one, two and three.

- We climb on the morning of the third.
- Three days?

Or you'll run out of time. You don't want
to get caught up Suilven in the dark.

Trust me.

Edie, this is really hard. There's plenty
of other walks round here, nice scenery...

I don't want to go on any other walks.


Suilven it is.

By the time you get beyond the ridge
at the top, a gradual climb,

and then you're up.

See the resemblance?

No, the, um... The model's very helpful.

- You think so?
- Mm.

Just a bit of fun, really.

Um... There's just one thing
that I don't quite understand.

- Right...
- Here. This!

- Ugh! Oh, I hate spiders!
- It isn't a spider. It's a crab.

- Is it?
- My father used to do that.

What? Give people crabs?

Hey, by the way, don't forget yourself.

- Careful, now.
- Yeah. No, I'm fine.

- Now you?
- Yeah.

OK, so... First things first.

You want to just...

You wanna keep enough distance
between your oars, you know?

- You want it smooth.
- Yeah. I think you're digging a bit.

- We'll just go this way.
- I see.

- Have you done this before?
- Once or twice!

Why didn't you say something?

You're going the wrong way!

I don't know how your dad
taught you anything.

No, neither do I. I was a wild child.

- Difficult to believe now.
- Not so much.

We used to have such fun together,
he and I.

We went camping all the time.

And then I got married.

- Ooh, I'm sorry!
- Careful.

You've got to be the worst fisherwoman
I have ever seen.

Nice and easy.

So, then did you travel
with your husband after that?

Oh, no!

George wasn't the travelling kind.

Dad tried to visit,
but... George didn't think much of him.

So we began to lose touch.

Then Dad thought of an idea
to tempt me.

I, um...
I showed him this picture,

or a picture like it, in a book,

because it's so odd.

And then he sent me this postcard.

"Your odd mountain. Let's go up it
together, for old times' sake. Dad."


I thought it was worth fighting for,

so I stood up to George.

On the first day, I argued.

He couldn't believe it.

And the next day,
I wouldn't speak to him.

And he was furious.

And the next day,

he had a blood clot
and he never walked or talked

for 30 years until he died.

And Dad died not long
after George had his stroke,

so that was that, I never went.

I'm sorry.

Till now!

You, er... You might wanna...

You might wanna check
the weight on that thing.

If I were you, I'd be putting up my tent,
not weighing mine.

All right. Last tent up, cooks dinner.

All right.

- Wait till I say go.
- Well, go on then!

- Hurry up!
- Cheat!




- That was rubbish!
- Oh, dear.

Something's happened in the middle.
Never mind, I'll fix that later.

- Ooh, you're looking a bit saggy there.
- I could say the same about you.

I'll give you a clip round the ears.

You wanna watch that!

- Done!
- How did you manage that?

Well, I'll just go and put my feet up
while you do the dinner.


I must get my hands
on some of that flint.


It is so lovely here.

You should try living here.

Not many people have a view like that.

Like what?

Of nothing?

Not a lot to do around here
apart from get pissed and mess around.

I understand. I was young once.

Oh, yeah?

A lot of fellas, were there?


- I was a good country girl.
- Yeah, I know a few of them.

I remember when this place
used to be fun.

Like when I didn't have to worry
about bills, profits, orders.

She's not turned a profit yet this year.

So, she's applying for this massive loan,
which, if we get...

it's gonna be 25 years
before we pay it back.

25 years, Edie!

And I can't even manage a phone bill.

I have a phone bill.

I make no calls and it goes up and up.

Hmm. Oh, that smells wonderful!

- Come on, then. Give us your plate.
- OK.

- Try a little bit of that for starters.
- All right.

Hmm, it's lovely!
It's... burnt pepper?

- Oh, good.
- Mm!

Here, you might want to give that a go.
That'll put some hairs on your chest.

- No, thank you.
- It's part of the course. You've got to.

All right.
Put a little bit in a cup for me.

What cup?


- Go on.
- Right...

Oh, lord!

- Ooh! That's nice.
- Yeah?

- Good.
- Where did all the fish come from?

I... I thought we should top it up
from the harbour.

Which one is ours?

That's pathetic!

Oh, God!

This is going to my head, I think!


- You sure you don't want a drink?
- Oh, no. I need my bed.

- Come on, Edie. You only live once.
- Yeah. Don't I know?

I'll be here at nine.

- Wow! Look at you.
- Huh.

- If only I was a little bit older.
- Ooh, much older.

- Shall we?
- Oh. Thank you, sir.


World's best teacher?

Is that your date, Jonny?
Does Fiona know you're out?

Oh, don't mind them.
They're just figuring out who you are.

Who your family are,
what you're doing here.

And if you're worth
getting to know or not.

That's how this little town works.

I don't know why I'm still here.

I should've got out a longtime ago.

- Why didn't you?
- I don't know...

I'm so sorry.
Bloody stock count took ages.

What did I miss?

Er... Hi.

Er... Edie, this is Fiona.
Fiona, this is Edie.

How are you feeling?

What's this?
"To the world's best teacher!"

Aye, that'll be the day!

How is the loan coming along?

- Oh, you heard about that? Yeah.
- Yeah, I...

Going well.
Fingers crossed and touch wood.

I mean, it would allow us
to really expand our range

and compete with the big boys
down in Inverness.

- There's a lot more people in Inverness.
- Yes.

But a lot of people come up hereto walk
and hike, like yourself, you know?

I mean... Crap!

It's Chris. I have to. I'm so sorry.

Hi, Chris.

Yes, I got the new layout.
Putting a blog on there...

I'm sorry about that.

- Fiona wanted to come and meet you.
- Oh!

I see it's back,
the big board of directors, eh?

So... how's my two best buddies
getting along?

- What's this?
- Oh, it's just, um... Yeah.

Here's to you and your dice with death,
my old friend.

I'm not saying you're old now, but...

you're really, really old.

May you come back alive.
In one piece.

You should be able
to swallow, old Jean.

Another drink?

- Come on, old bird?
- Where?

Let's grind on the dancefloor.

- Really, I... need to.
- Where you going?

Excuse me.

Oh, dear.

She's out of her mind!

- I'm just trying to help her out.
- Course you're trying to help her.

- You're romantic, Jonny.
- Don't be disgusting!

I seem to remember
this was your idea.

She's gonna give us 800 quid.

She's an old bag!

Time for that dance, old Jean!
Come on! Come on now!


- Is she all right?
- Edie?

Can you just stay still?
You're driving me mad.

Sorry. Why is this taking so long?


Hi, there. Hi.

Um... So? Is she OK?

She's probably just slightly run-down,

but I told her to rest up
and we'll check in a few days.

OK. Thank you.

You've helped her a lot.

A bit of dancing and she's half dead.
What will she be like on the mountain?

It'll kill her.

I don't know, Jonny.
It's... really not a good idea.

You might be going with her, but how
will you feel if something goes wrong?

If you want to help her,
the best thing is to take her home.

Before something awful happens
and you have to live with that guilt.


Just a minute.

- I don't want that.
- That's the arrangement.

Oh, and I'm leaving you the climbing
stuff. I won't have much use for that.

Look, Edie,
I'm not taking your money.

Well, it's done. Just let it be.

No, it's not done! You've not climbed
the mountain, so I don't want it.

Just take the money and let it be.

You just want to quit
because you think that's easier,

so you don't have to tell people
you've failed.

You want me to carry on so you don't
feel guilty about taking the money.

This has got nothing to do
with your money!

It's too late! I'm not able to do it.

I'm tired, I'm exhausted.
I'm too fucking old!

I'm sorry. Language.

Look, if you knew from the start
I wasn't going to do it,

why did you lead me to believe
that it was possible?

- Get out.
- Why?

What are you doing?

- Get out the car, Edie.
- No!

What...? What...?
What are you doing?


You wanted to quit? Off you go.
Station's down that way.

Enjoy your trip home.

You can't leave me here!



You've got my bag in the back!

Oh... for heaven's sake!

- You're slower than I thought!
- Oh! Leave me alone!

I'm geriatric!



Beaten by an old bag!

You can do this. I know you can.

Edie, come on.

I can't bear any more disappointment.

It is true.
I only helped you for the money.

I'm sorry.

At first, I just thought
you were this cranky old cow.

In actual fact,
you are a cranky old cow.

Then I got to know you and I realised
you're a good person to have around.

And what you're doing up here...
it's kind of inspiring.

So... look at what you've done
on the bike.

You're ready.

There we go.

You shouldn't be worried
about anything, Edie.

You won't be on your own.

I can help you with your tent,
get that up for you.

Help you with the stove.

I can cook.
You'll have your own personal chef.

How about that, eh?
And I'll help with the rowing.

However, I may need your tips
along the way.

But don't worry, I'll get you up there.

- In no time at all.
- Yeah.

Jonny, I've made a decision.

- I'm going up on my own.
- What do you mean?

You see, you leading and doing everything,
that wasn't why I came here.

- I must do it by myself, alone.
- No, Edie.

- I don't mind. I want to come with you.
- No!

So, what?
You want me just to go home?

- Yes, I'm sorry.
- What if something happens?

- What if you fall?
- You're the one that got me to do it!

- Because I thought I was coming with you.
- I either go on my own or I go home!


- I think you'd better take that back.
- No, that's yours.

- I don't want it any more.
- Why?

Because you're not going up?

No, Edie, because you're my friend.

Thank you,
but you've already earnt it.

- I can carry that!
- I know you can carry your bag.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Thank you.

Now... see you soon.


Good luck.


- I want you to take this.
- No, I don't understand how they work.

It's very simple. I'll call you.
You press the green button, OK?


Oh! I can manage. I can do it.

Oh! OK. I'm...

I'm sorry.
I just thought you needed help.

Well, thank you.

Are you going over?

Me? No.
No, I've just come all the way down.

So what about you? Are you fishing?

- No, I'm going up there.
- Ooh... OK.


Erm... You know, I haven't seen
anyone else around.

Does someone know you are here?

Yes. I'll be all right.


Well, then...

- Viel Glück.
- Thank you.

♪ I'll take the high road

♪ And you'll take the low road

- Hello?
- 'Edie? How's it going?'

- What?
- 'How is it going?'

- Oh, Jonny!
- 'Yeah.'

Oh, fine. I'm in the tent already.

Oh, good. That's great.
So, how did the first day go?

- 'Very good. No problems.'
- Really? You got across OK?

- Er... Yes.
- 'The rowing went all right?'

Look, no need to shout! I can hear you!

OK. Well, you sound like
you're doing all right, then.

'Yes. It's very exciting.'

Good. I just want to make sure
you take your time, don't overdo it.

- 'And in stages, like we said.'
- Yes. I know. I will.

'OK. Erm... Well, be careful.'

I'll call you again tomorrow.

- Goodnight.
- 'Night, Edie.'


Here's to the best, and soon to be
the biggest, camping shop in Scotland.

- And Jonny!
- Jonny!

Well done, Jonny, mate. Well done.

- Cheers.
- The big entrepreneur, eh?

Suppose you'll be moving out next.

Yeah, I suppose I will.

Jonny, where are you? You could
at least say thank you to Mum and Dad.

'Hello? Jonny?'

- What?
- 'I can't hear you.'




What the hell are you doing?

You're going up to see her?
She's in the middle of a storm?

- You really want to do this right now?
- You let her climb on her own!

- Why do you treat me like an idiot?
- I don't!

I'm just tired of fixing your messes
while all you do is think about yourself.

- You've ruined the whole night!
- I've ruined your night?

I'm sorry I've ruined your night.
You gonna take it out my wages?

I'm gonna go inside,

because there's people there who actually
believe in what I am managing to do.


I believe in what you're trying to do.

I just really need to do this.

Do it.

'This is Jonny. Sorry...'

Oh... Thank you.






- Boo.
- Oh, thank God, Edie.

I'm so sorry, Edie. I should never
have let you up here on your own.

Oh! I've been so afraid.

It's OK. You're all right.

You've done so well.

- Water?
- Oh, yes, please.

Please. Oh!

Oh, I needed that.

- Better?
- Oh, yes.

Am I close?

Really, really close.

It was just a gradual slope up,
that was all.

How are your feet?

They've been better.

This isn't quitting, you know.

You've given it everything
you've got, Edie.

- That's all you can do.
- I can't go back.

Please, Edie.
You're not going to make it up there.

No, I have to try.
You said it was a gradual slope.

- Yeah, well, I'm full of shit.
- Yes, you are full of shit!

You don't know half the things
that you say you know.

The past few days, I've been
the happiest I've been since...

I can't think when.

- You remember I said I was a wild child?
- Yeah.

I don't think I've been happy since then.

Not really.

I've lived a whole life.

And most of it
I would change if I could.

And that's not meant to go like that.

Oh, don't let that happen to you.

Edie, please listen to me...

I've wasted so much time doing nothing!

I can't give this up now.


All right.

I'm gonna get you up that mountain.


Ooh... my knee.

- Let me take you.
- Thank you.

- OK.
- Come on, you've got this.

- Look at me.
- Yes...