Edging (2018) - full transcript

EDGING is a chamber dramedy about the brink of adulthood and how quickly it comes.

♪ The mirror
Don't look the same ♪

♪ Time's been flyin' ♪

♪ I can't catch my days ♪

♪ I-I-I... I lie awake ♪

♪ Doubts I shut out ♪

♪ Come and show their face ♪

♪ When I put my phone down
And lights out ♪

♪ I find
All the words I didn't say ♪

♪ Friends I didn't make
Advice I didn't take ♪

♪ Needless to say
It's been a long day ♪

♪ A little bit of soul
Goes a long way ♪

♪ A little bit of drink
Goes a long way ♪

♪ A couple good songs
Make a couple good times ♪

♪ Got a couple more things
That'll ease my mind, so ♪

♪ A little bit of smoke
Goes a long way... ♪

Yo! Your house's big,
congratulations, man.

Hey, hey, man.
You really made it.

Yeah, man.

Yo, I'm thrilled
you're here, but... Really?

- It's all you.
- Of course.

This is it, right?

- It's dope, man.
- Yeah.

A lot of work, you know?

You should see
the backyard, bro.

Took down the fence,
laid some side...

- Oh, you laid some side, eh?
- Yeah, shit.


I had a little bit of help,

- Okay.
- ...it mostly me.

Yo! Come.

- All right.
- Check it out.

This is it.

- Right?
- Yo... Wow, man.

- Ah, no. Fuck.
- Yeah.

Looks good, yo.

- Yeah, man.

- You really lay side, eh?

Dear work.

So, man...

How you doin', man?

- Good, man, I'm good.
- Yeah?

- How's your dad?
- Hmm.

Oi, man. Same old, same old.
He quit smokin' though.

At least one of you did.

- Yeah, I know, man.

- That's good. No.
- I don't...

Tell him I say peace.

I will, man. Your father's good?

Yeah, man, you know how they go.
Figuring it out.

- For real?
- Yeah...

I swear I see your brother
more than I see you still, man.

But, you know,
that's good for him, though.

Like when we were
still out there, you know?

You seen him?

Not enough, really.

I mean, it's hard with work
and everything, you know?

Don't you want that, man?

- That be your thing, still?
- Yeah, yeah.

- Whah!
- Woo!

What? What?

- Respect, man.
- Respect.

- Wow, backyard, tings, yo. Jams.
- Yeah.

- So...
- Yeah, man.

- I'm proud of you, man.
- Thanks, man.

Proud of you, man.
Fuckin' home-owner and shit.

- Cheers, fam.
- Cheers.


Wow, that's, that's...

- Good for you, man.

- It's the good stuff.

Hey, Jordan! I love it!

How about a tour?


That's a tail.

- Yeah, it's whatever, you know?
- Hmmm.

- Been out a couple times.
- Hmmm.

She's cool.

- She cool?
- Yeah.

Yeah. Real talk, though.

If you need help
around the house...

- You know I'm here, man.
- Yeah?

Yeah, dog, I'm here.

I got a
whole fucking truck, man.

Yeah, it's...


- No, it's just...
- What?

I, I did...

I have managed
to fuck up the garage already,

- but I get a ball in the week.
- No.

If you fucked up the garage,
I'll go check it now.

I'll fix it right now.

- Real quick.

- Is this it?
- Sweet. Yeah, this is it.


All right. Here we are.
This is it.

So, I'm thinkin'... Half hour?
Tops. We get outta here?

Eight thirty tops.
I think that's a nice time.

- Shall we just...
- Yeah.

Party table the booze, or...

Find Jordan and actually
give him the bottle?

That's a... that's a gift?

What? Yeah!

You, you brought that as a...
Like this, this is for me.

I brought this for me.

It was laying at my house
from last week. Wait...

That's all you brought?

That's not gonna be enough
for both of us.

This is all we brought.
That's our gift.

I'm not putting your name
on the card.

- You brought a fucking card?
- It's a house-warming gift.

It's a big deal!

Oh, it's a big deal now?
It's a big deal now?

What did you bring
to my house-warming party?

You didn't have
a house-warming party.

You didn't bring shit.

You moved
into your dad's old condo!

It's still
a house-warming party, man.

Jordan bought this place
with his own money.

- What?
- Yeah.

- Wow!
- Yeah.

It's a real savvy investment.


- This is a nice location.
- Look at this shit.

Okay. Good for Jordan.
Oh, yeah. Don't worry, uh...

Don't worry about the card,
then. I'll do my, uh...

- I'll do my own thing.
- Thanks.

So, what are you gonna get him?

I'm gonna get him a salad bowl.

A salad bowl?

A salad bowl's a strong gift.
You're giving him booze.

You think you're the first one
that got him booze tonight?

- Well, no. But, I mean...
- A salad bowl,

- that's what an adult needs.
- Okay, do you have one?

You just have
a salad bowl with you?

Yeah, I've got a salad bowl!
Treated wood, dude. Black Cedar.

You polish it with oil...

I think he's gonna love it.

You don't have a salad bowl?

Not like that. I mean...

What do you serve your salad
out of, like a cereal bowl?

Most of the time.

I didn't think
it was a big deal.

You're hustling backwards, dude.
Come on, get it together.

- Yo, Chris didn't bring shit!
- Oh, thanks! Asshole!

Somethin' stuck in the gears.

you playin' cards out here?


Was it like this
when you moved in?

- No. No.
- Ahh, shit.

Yeah. All right.

Yeah, I was trying to clean it.

While it was on? Hmm?

- Yeah...
- Jesus!

Yo, just unplug it for me, J.

- Unplug it, man.
- Yeah.

Please. Thank you.


- We good.
- Yo!

- Yeah, I tried that.
- Oh, yeah?

I, I took out
a couple of screws,

but I didn't know
which ones to take out next.

So, where're the screws, J?

Put 'em with the screwdriver.

And where's
the screwdriver, man?

Yeah, just... It's here.
It's somewhere.

- God!
- I think...

I think I put it inside,
all right.

- You want more Champagne?
- Yes, sir.

Yeah, OK...

Oh, my God!

Seriously, yo.
This thing is fucked, man.

How'd you even
get this thing in there?

I had all the tools out,
like hammer, screwdriver...

All of it. Everything.

Dude, how about the last time
you used a hammer, man?


Like when we built
the treehouse.

Yo, man, we scored.
That table was nice, yo.


Yo, that was the first time
I smoked weed, man.

Nah, man.

It was in the alleyway
in grade eight.

We tried to practice
how to roll on the roof.

We had a dozen tea bags

of chamomile
blown over by the wind.

Oh, man.
- It was cold as fuck!

- You were a bad influence.
- Terrible influence.

Now look at me, man.

I'm a bad kid, still.

You... Fuck, man.
Seriously, yo.

Seriously, seriously,
my word, dog.

This thing is fucked, man.

- Like, like done, done?
- Yeah, man.


It's broken, J, man. Fuck.

How much these things cost?

Uh, like a couple Gs,

if you include
the door and shit.

- For real?
- Yeah, man.


Wanna go back inside?

Nah, yo.
I don't go back inside.

I don't know no one here, man.

Are you kidding me?
It'll be cool.

All right. Cool.

Ow! Fuck, man!

Everything okay in here?

What? Oh, it's... No, it's fine.
It's just the tap, it's only,

it's only hot.
It's not letting out cold water.

That's not right.

I know, it's annoying.

I'm Rachael.

I'm Bree.
Nice to meet you.

And you as well.

How, how do you know Jordan?

I don't. We just... We just met.

- But, um...

I know a couple
of his work friends and...

- and whatever.

How about you?
How do you know J?

He's my oldest friend,

but, uh, I don't even fuckin'
know anyone at this party.

Where is he?

He's, uh, in the garage,

like, pretending to fix
something, I think. Classic J.

Oh, is it?

He's like, he's very
house-proud, so...

- That's cute.
- Yeah. It is, yeah.

He'll be in a minute, I'm sure.

- Cool.
- Is this your only stop tonight?

- You headed somewhere else?
- Uh, I don't know.

I'll see.
I guess the night's young.

I don't work tomorrow, so...

I fucking just...

Like, this drives me nuts.
Like, I hate...

how this is designed,
like it's not even broken.

It's just somebody wasn't
fuckin' doing their job.

- Totally.
- Sorry...

I don't mean to be an asshole.

- You're not! Fuck this faucet.
- Right?

Fuck this faucet!

Feels good!

- Okay. Look. I believe in you...
- Okay, well...

Be careful, it's hot.

Is it working?

Okay, cool. Team work.

- Okay, cool.
- Listen,

I'll tell Jordan that, uh,
that he's gotta come find you.

When I see him.

Tell him to fix this faucet.

I'm gonna tell him.
- Yeah.

What ever happened
to that doctor thing?

I don't think she was tryna fuck
with the gas fitter, you know?

Nah, yo.

They swear they're all
into that type of thing, yo.

Like it's all good,
then they're like...

"Can you hang these paintings?"

I normally just
fuck up their wall,

but they ain't tryna hear that.

Drills, dog. I'm tellin' you.

Sometimes you don't
even need drills.

Sometimes you just need good old
fuckin' man power though,

cause that's what I'm success...
Ah, you see?

- Say, where...
- Magic!

This is magic, man.
I'm gonna get this motherfucker,

I told you.
I told you that, right?

I'm gonna get
this motherfucker, man.


Yo, you been goin' out
a lot, though?

What, like jammin'?

Nah, man, like dates.

- Yeah, like dates.

You using those apps?

I guess.

They're weird.

you think Grace is using them?


Ah, dog, my boy Philly said that
he swear he seen her on there

- at some point. What?
- Dog!

I don't wanna hear
that shit!


It's been pure time
since you guys broke up, man.

- And?
- You bought a crib, dog.

Yo, don't act like she hasn't
moved on either, please. Please.

She's doin' all right.
We still talk.

- You guys still fuckin' or what?
- No!

- No!

Shorty Bree inside,
that's the vibes, yo?

Yeah, I mean...

Think it could be
a ting with Bree, you know?


It just seems like a process.

I don't know, man, you pining.

- It's whatever, man. You make...
- No, man.

It's just macho shit, B.
Like, she's cool.


Like, what if I'm breakin'
a possible relationship

by just tryna hit?

If you break it,
you break it, man.

Who cares?
I break a lot of shit, man.

I'm breakin' all the time, yo.
It doesn't matter,

just don't make
her choice for her.

Before you even know
what she wants, yo.

All I'm sayin', dog,
all she might want is some D

and then she might be out, bro.
That's all, bro.


Yeah, the question is;
can you handle that?

- I don't know stuff.
- You don't know stuff.


A, you're soft.
B, you're so soft.

And C, it's been pure time

since you broke up with Grace,

Eight months?
- Eight months is pure time, bro.

You know I like Grace, yo.

If I seen her on the street
I say, "What up?"

but you gotta stop moving around
like you been wifed up still.

- Still feels like it, man.
- Oh, my God, dog!

You still sad?

- Alone, is more...

So you're still sad, man.


...it's more like this feelin'
of not knowin', like...

like, how to move, you know?

Like, even when
I was with Grace,

I still holler a ting
just to see if I can.


I see a ting, I start stressing
the fuck out, B.

I gotta be funny.

Gotta be smart.

Which I found out, I'm not
that smart.

Like the whole thing
just fucking throws me, man.

Um, dog, it's like that
out there, man.

It's not easy. No one said
it's gonna be easy.

Fuck, B.

- I know what it is.
- We're old.

No, fuck outta here
with that horseshit.

Tired of hearin'
people say "Old shit".

We're not old, bro.
Look at you, look at me.

We're old
- No, we're not old, man!

Seriously, dog. Yo!

You know what it is?

Yo, it's because
when you were with Grace...

and you came home and you had
a nice place to come back to

and you had a shorty that
was pretty all up in the bed

and you were set, man,
that was it.

So, what,
you think I made a mistake?

Nah, man. No, no, no, no.

I don't think you
made a mistake, man.

I'm just sayin'
I just don't know why,

that's all, you know?

Told you, man...
She just wasn't right.

What do you mean
"Wasn't right?"

She didn't have what
I wanted her to have, I guess.

Yeah, well, I get that one, B.

Uh, Rachael put
the same thing on me, man.

That's what it is, though.

You've got this house idea

and you thought you were
gonna get the wife...

and now you don't got the wife,

but you got the house,
which is, you know,

which is great
'cause we're drinkin' in it

and you've already
fucked up the fucking...

...the garage door opener,

which is just crazy in itself.

You doin' it, man.

It's like,
when I was with Grace,

I could be the messy one,
like, or, or, the smart one,

or the busy one, you know?

Like, there was always this
checkin' the self against her.

Yeah, I feel that, man.


And now it's just...

"Have you
fucked up today... yet?"

- Already, bro.
- I know.

- House-warmin', right?
- Yeah, you wanna go inside?

- Not really.
- Good.

'Cause I don't either.

Don't know anybody in there.

You the only motherfucker
I know, so pass me the Philips

'cause I'm gonna fix this thing.

And you can keep talkin'
'cause I'm gonna listen.

I'm a multi-tasker like that,
bro, that's what I do.

It's magic, you know?

It, it's like...

...I know,
like, I'm not very different,

you know what I'm sayin'?
Like, I'm, I'm the same J,

- same Jordan. Same guy.

- Yeah.
- You know? Like...

- You the only man I know...
- But...

...is gonna complain
about a ting

that wants to smash right now.

It's not even a bother,

now I just feel like
I'm too self-aware, you know?


I know what kind
of girl I should, like,

Like, what kind of girl
should like me. You know?

Fuck. Tell me, man.

What do you mean?

Tell me who I am
and tell me who...

and tell me who you are.

Tell me who I am.
- Nah, nah, nah, nah.

Why not?

I don't know.
It's... bad form or whatever.

Nah, man, it's just us fam.

All right.
I'm... half-way smart.


I heard I'm good lookin'.

Fuck outta here.

You asked, B.

- I'm co-dependent...
- Hmm.

selfish. Judgy. Drink too much.

I'm a great dancer.

- You know what I'm sayin'?
- Yeah, yeah.

And who do you think you still
co-dependent with? Grace though?

Nah. My mom. You.

Probably goin' on,
like ten years now.

You don't notice?

How can you be co-dependent

with someone you don't even see?

- Get outta here 'bout never see.
- Oh, trust me, man.

Real shit, yo. I was surprised
when I get invited, yo.

Honestly, I thought
you had this place for a minute.

When I got the invite, man,
I was, like, "Wow", yo.

Look around.
None of 'em right here.

I sent e-vites, man.

Don't feed me talkin'
'bout e-vites, dog.

What the fuck is a "e-vite", yo?

- It's an imaginary invite.
- It's an invitation

- to your email.
- Don't...

...don't tease me
with dat ting.

- I swear you talkin' about

undefined, yo.

You always been tryin'
to do the same thing,

but in high school was just,

you know,
it was just Jordan, yo.

Always down, dog.

You went to university,
you know?

Mazz didn't see you no more

or Mazz
wasn't linkin' anybody.

You didn't check Mazz, really.

And then you come back
every once in a while,

and you had
like a girl in town or somethin'

you bring 'em through,

have a couple drinks and you go
south with the girl still, man.

I wasn't livin' in the city, B!

We never see you, man. You know?

You know one man
I might be able to say

who got your little e-vite ting.

Got your e-vite, checked it out,

then scroll through
his phone and text you back

to see where
he could text you from

or the last time he text you.

You know what? Actually, I'm,
I'm gonna tell you who it is.

Randell, yo.
Randell out of all people, yo.

Then next man starts saying,
"Yo, let me check my phone

last time J tried
to holler at me, man.

I hit you
a couple weeks ago, man.

Yeah, you, you hit me
a couple of weeks ago

'bout your water heater, dog.

That's more than
I link most people, B.

Yo, first it's me
with the water heater,

next man lookin' at his phone

it's like a year and a half
since you talked to him.

Next is two years.

Then Randell, Randell
scrollin' though his phone

and say yo, trust me, Randell,

You know Randell.

Randell maybe you fuckin' high
now, man...

...but you trippin' out.

But I seen it
with my own eyes, man.

Four years.

Four years since you
talked to Randell, man.

It's not like he linked me.

Yo, and I thought
about that, man,

and then I said, like,
"Don't get mad."

But then I looked around,
we're all here, man.

I'm still here.

No, man, you're not here, yo.

You stuck
in your cool-guy bubble, yo.

What, yo?

Yeah, man, it's whatever.

You got your house,
you got a girl, you know?

You got your tings,
you got your job.

You know, you got everything
set for you, man,

that's what you were about.

- That's who you are about.
- Are you serious?

The mandem can't fault me
for tryna do somethin'!

I had a wife.
I had a fuckin' job.

I was biking to work, B.

Like, I, I was,
I was tryna be grown.

Bro, like, we're friends.

You one of my closest friends,
what the fuck, B?

Are we datin'?

Like, I gotta check in to let
you know that shit still true?

It just is, it's just true.

Yeah, man. But...
All my other friends do, man.

You know?

Yo, dog. You know me, man.

Fifteen years, bro.
I'm not sayin',

I'm sayin' we miss you, man.

I'm sayin' come kick it,
we're here, yo.

- We been here, yo.
- Yeah.

Don't worry.

- I don't know.
- No, no.

If you burning trees right now
with your fuckin'

- khaki pants and ting, yo.
- No, no, you know, I hear you.

You know?
- I hear what you saying'.

I just...

I guess I don't really
link up that much 'cause I'm...

I'm not really out there
like that anymore.

Like, since I...

Since I got the house
I've just been...

in the house,
and like before this it...

It just seemed like I was just
tryin' to get here, you know?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

How about all them people, man?
How'd you meet all of them, yo?

It's just...

I don't know.
You just meet people, you know?


- work...
- 'Cause, yo,

there's pure people in there.
It's, like, pure.

Yeah, I know.
School, work, you know?

Yo, dog, man.

Who would have thought that
we're be, you know, like,

some of 'em have got long tees
and small hats, bro

- Walkin' around, like...
- Do you want to go inside now?

Let's go inside.

But don't leave me
with those people inside.

You'll survive.

Straight up, though, real talk?

- What?
- I seen on Instagram though...

- I see Rachael's in town, man.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

All right, yo.
So, uh, is she coming through?


- All right, well...
- You guys...

She said you guys were cool.
You good? Is that true?

Yeah, we're good, man.
Yeah, we're good, we're good.

All right.

When was the last time
you spoke to her?

Sound like a couple years ago,

- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.


- I didn't know that.
- Nah, we good, though.

- You sure?
- Yeah, man.

We're good.

You want me to call her
and see if she's...

You go do your thing.

Yo, let's go. Let's go.

We're good, man, trust me.

- Trust me, trust me.
- All right.

- You sure?
- Yeah, man.

I'll be back, sweetheart.

Hey, man, what's up?

- Yo.
- How're you doin'?

- I'm so...
- I've seen a really hot girl,

I want to get her a drink.
So I need a glass.

Where's the glasses?

- On the party table.
- Those are plastic cups.

Talkin' about like a real cup.

I don't live here dude.

I don't know
where the glasses are.

Get off your high horse

and help me find out
if he's got a salad bowl.

You still on
about the salad bowl thing?

Well, it's my gift! I'm not,

I'm not gonna buy him
a salad bowl if...

She wants a drink,
I need a glass.

- Where are they?
- I don't know, dude!

He's got beets,
so you know he loves salad.

- This is, uh...
- That looks like a relish.

- Is this what relish is?
- Yeah.

Man, can we find glasses, man.
I need to find glasses.

I just think if no one,
like, if no one's bought him it,

then I don't think he has one...
- Salad bowl!

- That works, right?
- This is a mixing bowl.

What's the difference between
salad and mixing bowls?

It's got a more narrow mouth.
You need a wider mouth

or else the leaves aren't going
to be able to breathe.

Wider... Okay. Sure. Fine.

It's salad, it's not a joke.

Hey! I'm not... Okay.

Are these glasses?

No, but I honestly think
that if,

as long as no one else,
like, brought him it as a gift,

I think
he's gonna love it, dude.

Oh, I can get him cups!

- You can get him cups!
- There you go!

- You get him cups.
- Done.

I get him
a salad bowl...

You work with the guy,
I give them to you,

- you take them to work.
- I'll bring them to work.

- Done
- He bikes to work, though.

How am I gonna get it to him?

Shit! Okay. Uh...

That's not our fault.

- I mean, it's not.
- That's his choice.

- It's his choice.
- That's his own choice.

Kind of funny...

Picturing him with
a fuckin' salad bowl tryna...

- And glasses biking home.
- That's as worth it,

- That's worth it to me.

- All right.
- I think I'm gonna

- make it a studio, but...
- Oh, my God!

- ...for now it's just a garage.
- Holy shit, Jordan!

- Yeah!
- Wow!


It's nuts.

What do you mean "nuts", though?
You mean like it's a bad thing?

No, not bad.
It's like... A decent decision.

Yeah... You don't want a house?

- I do... One day.
- Me too.

And, now I have it.

You do!

Already, eh?

- Yeah...
- Nick mentioned it inside.

How was that?

Oh, seeing him?

- Yeah.
- Uh, it was okay.

- It was... a little weird.
- Yeah...

It was a little weird.
- He looks good, right?

Yeah, he looks good.

- You tryna hit?
- No, I'm not tryna hit.

- I didn't know it'd been so long

since you guys
had spoken, though.

Has it been... long?
I don't think it's been long.

What... How long
did he say it was?

- Two years. What it...
- Two years?

- It hasn't been two years?
- That's so fucked up!

I fucking hate that,
hate that so much!

'Cause it's a blatant lie.
It's been a month.

- Two months, tops.
- Seriously?

It has.
- That's fuckin' weird.

- You want a beer?
- No, I'm good, thanks.

- What is this thing?
- You drivin'?

No, I'm not driving.

But you're driving
a fucking motorcycle.

Don't worry about that!

- What's this?
- I was reading something.

What are you?
A fucking dad in midlife crisis?


Where'd you come off with that?

Do you have to search
through everything?

- I'm very curious.
- Look, that's not the point.

- Why aren't you drinking?

- I'm just not drinking.
- You pregnant?

No! Fuck, no! I hope not.
I'm just like, I'm... not.

God. But why?


'Cause when I got back
to the city

I was drinking a lot and I was
going out with those girls

that you don't like

- and, uh...
- True.

And then I just took
a month off to get right.

I needed to see if I could do it
and I could do it,

which was so crazy.

And it was...
Yeah, it was amazing.

It was, like, I was suddenly
getting all this shit done.

And not just work.

I was getting, like,
fun shit done.

I was doin' fun shit again.

I went to a fuckin'
matinee on a Saturday.

Like, you lose half
of your weekend to hangovers,

- you get that, right?
- Naturally.

So, Saturday and Sunday
are part of my life now.

- And it's really nice. Yeah!
- Yeah?

- That's crazy.
- It is crazy!

Like, not even on occasions?

No, I can't remember
the last time I've had

more than two drinks.


I swear I've been
drinkin' with you a bunch

- in the last two months.
- You really haven't.

'Cause I'll stop at two drinks

and then I switch to soda water
and no one notices.

- Mmm-hmm.

That sounds good.
- It's very good.

You should try it.

- Yeah...
- What?

I don't know if I could.

You could totally do it...
You could.

Here's the thought
that really helped me.

- Okay.
- I realized that drinking

was just, like, this punctuation

for everything that happened
in my life. So, it was like...

Great thing happens.
Exclamation mark.

Drink. Um...

Um, big life decision.
Question mark. Drink?

Long day over. Period. Drink.

Ahh, like... I got time between
now and my next thing. Drink.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Okay.

Um, uh, my life's changing.

- My life's changing. Drink.
- Exactly.

- I bought a house!
- You did buy a house.

- Yeah!

It's a very nice house.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

You talk to Grace?

Uh, yeah. She's fine.
- That's good.

Think she's like,
surprised you bought the house.

She might be a little mad
about it.

She can be mad.

No, you don't want a mad ex.
You want a happy ex, trust me.

You really do.
'Cause it's like...

All those years of,
like, fucking bullshit...

I just want it to mean
something, right?

Maybe it's a bit selfish, but,
like, I wanna leave my mark

and know that, uh...

they're not gonna
forget about you, you know?

I don't know.

You surprised?

I was not surprised.
You talked about it for so long.

Like... I don't believe in
soulmates and all that,

so I, I didn't think
you were that, but I...

I just didn't think you'd
actually go through with it.


not that much has changed since.

Yeah, that's it, you know?

Like, I keep expecting,
like this shift.

Like, within me.

And, like, nothing's happened.


like, I don't know if that's
a reflection of me

or the relationship, but...

Like, I wanna think
that I'm this

different guy than when we met.

But there's no proof of that.

Except you buying this house...


Uh... oh, my God!

How doesn't he have cups?

She's waiting...

Chill the fuck out.
He's got cups.

Just 'cause you
don't like the cups

doesn't mean
he doesn't have cups

I mean, what's the point?
Am I goin' crazy?

Like, how do you host
a party without cups?

Without a variety
of cups for your guests?

Do you hear yourself?

Are people drinkin' out
of their palms?

They're drinkin'
out of the red cups.

Dude, the red cup
screams "roofie-colada."

I wanna give her a clear glass
and so I'm approachable.

It screams "roofie-colada"
if you give it to her

with those eyes, dude.
Calm down.

He's got cups! He's got cups,
you just don't like them.

That's not his fault.

Do you think he's hosting
many parties?

What else would he have hosted?

You don't think this is a party?

I think he's more
used to the barbeque thing.

- To be honest.
- In what?


Why'd he have hosted
more barbeques?

Oh, you think I...?

No, I just meant 'cause he had,
he's got a big back deck.

It's, like, sort of conducive
to barbeques.

There's cups right here.

- There's a shitload.

Mad cups!

Thank you.

Oh, she's gonna love this!
Look at this! See?

That, that says
"I'm a nice guy, I have a job."

I feel like this,
I feel like this screams "me".

I just, I don't seek out dates.

I don't think that that's
something I that want right now.

I know that's not something
I want right now.


- Obligation.
- Right.

But I have, like,
my roster dudes

and they'll, like, go out
and have fun when I want to

and I can get mine
when I need to.


That sounds great.
- It is great.

It's great... Yeah.

How you dealin' with it?

- Not well. Just lost. Naked.

Pitch black. Lost.
- Good.

- Great time for a party.
- Right?

Like, I thought
I was ready, you know?

- Uh-huh.
- That I've been layin'

an emotional track
for the last year.

I even tried
to cultivate a few tings

- for when it happened.
- What happened to 'em?

They all fell in love
with other people.

- It happens.
- Yeah. To me.

Not just
to you. It happens to everybody.

That shit happens.

You're not special.
I know that hurts, but...

- Thank you.
- I know it's hard to hear.

But the minute
you fuckin' realize that

you'll realize it's probably not
gonna work out, most things end,

so just fucking do it anyways.

Have you fucked anyone?

- Nope.
- Why not?

I don't know.
- How long's it been?

- I don't know. Like, six months.
- Everybody knows.

Ooh, come on! Why six months?
What about the girl inside?

- Who? Bree?
- I guess.

We got like...
heavy flirtin' goin' on.

Okay, so you're foolin' around?

Why do that?
Why enjoy your life?

- No, it's just...
- What?

I don't know, I...

she's so pretty.

What the fuck does that mean?

I mean... Look...

Grace was pretty and...

Oh, that's so,
I'm so sorry for you.

Why don't you fuck someone
that you actually like?

Would, would that be awful?
Is that so scary?

To, like, yeah!
Like, you like a pretty girl.

And she wants to,
to be with you.

That's such fucking bullshit!

I just can't imagine...

actually having
to convince somebody

- to have sex with me, again.

- Like, all over again.
- I don't know...

- I think, I... What?
- I...

I had such a good run.

Yeah, you had a good run

and now you're
an eligible bachelor,

with a house,
so just fuck someone. Anyone.

It doesn't matter who it is.

You're edging yourself.

- What do you mean?
- Okay.

You know when you're,
like, fucking or,

or you're jerking off,
or whatever,

and you're about to come,
so you do those Kegel exercises

to, like, stop yourself
from coming, yes?

And then you sweat a little,
you do it all over again

and you're, like,
at the edge of coming,

you're at the fuckin' windowsill
of coming...

- Ohh.
- Right?

How am I explaining this to you?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Edging. Edging.

The suicide metaphor is telling.

Suicide? You said suicide.

You could be, like,
I don't know,

escaping the hazard
of a lover on vacation.

- Oh, yeah. That's true.
- Right?

Yeah, that's your life.

I think I'm scared.

Of course, you're scared.
You should be scared.

It's a little scary.

I've had one person's
pubic hairs in my mouth

- for the last seven years.
- Right.

Like one back that likes to be
rubbed a certain way.

One level of ticklish that
wasn't able to be crossed

but was able to be reached.

Yeah... Fuck!

It's totally fair.

It is. And that's real life, J.

But, you're a catch,

so why not just
have sex with a girl

who wants to have sex with you?

Have you seen
the bed in my room?


It's the same bed
me and Grace had.

I swear I can' even sleep
in the middle of it. It's huge!

It's an expensive bed!

- Okay.
- I shouldn't get rid of it,

but I take up like a sixth
of the thing.

The rest of it just taunts me.

Oh, my God!

- You have to stop with this.

You have to stop!

Did you rehearse that
in your sleep?

You're being a fuckin' pussy.

- You really are.
- What the fuck?

What do you mean,
"What the fuck"?

I'm your oldest friend!
If I can't say this to you,

then no one can.
You're being a fucking pussy.

You chose to leave your
girlfriend of many years,

so why don't you fucking sit

in that choice
for a second, okay?

Sit in how uncomfortable that is
and try and do something

- and get over it.
- I have!

You haven't done
a fucking thing!

You haven't, and I know
you want me to be empathetic,

and I really am, and I love you,

but you just sit there
tryna rationalize this choice.

And you try to rationalize

if you should get in touch
with her or not,

which, oh, my God,
she told me that you're, like...

That you contacted her and asked

if you should stay
on the family plan together.

- It's cheaper!
- It's so fuckin' dumb

and it's an excuse to say,

to stay sitting
in this other thing

instead of just moving forward.

You have to stop that shit.
You do...

So, set me up
with some of your friends.

I do that!

And you fuckin' dance with them
and then you go home alone.

- Oh...
- It's a really sad image.

- Yeah...
- You know Sharon was down?

The lawyer ting?

Yes, the lawyer.

I liked her.

You should've kissed her.

- That's a move.
- Really?

- Sure.
- That's not like... threatening?

Do you think you're threatening?

I mean, no.
Not at all, but, like...

I read all this stuff about
how guys can be so threatening.

I guess that's not...
uh, untrue, but,

like, getting introduced
by your friend,

dilutes the danger

and dancing for two hours
dilutes that, as well, so...

- Another question. All right.
- Okay.

You know, I'm gonna get a drink.

- So... Okay!
- Okay.

- It's my one.
- Yeah?

- That's fine.
- Okay.

All right. So... You walkin'
down the street, all right?

Sure. Yeah.

You see a guy walkin'
'long the street...

Well dressed...

- mildly good looking.
- Okay.

- All right. Me.
- It's you.

- It's me, but you don't know me.
- I got it.


Stops walkin' in the opposite
direction and says, "Hey!"

"Why don't we have a drink?
You and me?"

Why the fuck is he yelling,

is my first thought.

You're using a lot of this.

I think you can
do more with less.

First of all,
what time of day is it?

- Like, the scene that you're...
- Evening.

Oh, evening's tricky.
Are you, uh,

like, are you each walking
on your own, are you alone?

What, like single?

No, not single. I don't know
how you get to single.

Are you with friends?
Is she alone?

- Yes. Yes.
- Like, concerned about, like,

a man approaching her?
Okay, so... Maybe try "Hello."

Hello is less aggressive.
"Hello." Let her respond.

- Yeah, that's smart.
- Give her the option.

Then once she makes
the choice to respond,

second through a thousand,
don't be a fucking jackass,

you know, like...

I'm going somewhere
when I'm going somewhere, right?

So, I can't, like,
have a drink that second,

but I might want to
in the future.

So, more like a "Hey.
Sorry. Hello."


"Would you like to have a drink
with me at some point?"

Or, this: "Hello.
Here's my number...

Please get in touch with me

if you'd like to have
dinner sometime."


- That's a good one. Yeah.
I know.

- I know. Sometimes I'm right.
- Yeah.

You may have a point there.

I'm so jealous you can have
just one beer.

I choose to have the one beer.

God, it really takes me back.

To what? Like, six months ago?

I can be nostalgic
for six months ago.

- Trust me...


Listen, I'm payin'
for my food the other day,

at the Wholefoods in Yorkville,

I look up the escalator,
who do I see?

- Who?
- Natalie-Dal-fucking-zaro, okay?

- Fuck off!
- From grade eight.

The thing that I had a ting for?

- Listen.

She's at the top
of the escalator, I'm right,

I'm right at the bottom
where she'd come down. Right?

Rach, I felt like I was
13-years-old again.

- Uh, instantly. Yeah.
- Okay?

I look up...

is wearing Tim's.

- Tim's, Rach!

Natalie Dalzaro

still wears Tim's.

- It was fucking beautiful.
- What happened with her?

I don't remember
what happened with her.

Yeah. Erica Chung told her
that I was a bad kisser

- at some sleepover or some shit.
- Right!

Oh, fuck Erica Chung.

Wait. Did you say anything
to her, at Wholefoods?

- Of course not!
- Did you have like a...

It's Natalie Dalzaro!

Just like imagine she's gonna
go on to marry some other dude

and raise mixed babies

a man who's not a fuckin' pussy.

Yeah. Probably.

- Mine was Cristobal Tubong.

His hair
was so spiky, remember?

Yo! You had such
a run on those guys.

- What kind of guys? Filipino?
- No!

- No? What kind of guys?
- No.

Spiky-haired beat boys.

His clothes were
always, like, six sizes too big.

I found it so endearing.

You're right. I guess it was
the style. Anyways...

Oh, man, Chris!

I think he has a kid now.

- Yeah? How's that feel?

It's 'cause I stalked him
on Facebook the other day

I saw he was with a child
and I thought, "Is she eight?"

They had this fucking kid
while we knew him. Anyways...

Good for him.

I don't want a kid.

You're a shitty host.

- Why?
- What's going on inside?

Who are those people?

I don't know...

- People. Friends. Colleagues.
- Mm-hmm.

Colleagues. Oh, my God!
You said "colleagues".

- I'm not your friend now.

- I like my colleagues.
- Do you?

Don't call them colleagues,
it's gross.

Good point.

You know who's in there's too,
is Nick?

- Not a colleague.

Probably doesn't wanna hang
with the colleagues.

- I'm sure he's havin' a blast.
- Shall we save him?

- Yeah, maybe.
- Let's go.

You know what? You should let me
reupholster this couch.

Do you know how to do that?

No, I don't,
but I feel like it could be

a very cool thing
at a party to say.

I feel like, people are like,
"What do you do?" And I'm, like,

"Oh, I reupholster couches
once in a while.

Yeah. No one's gonna hire
a bad reupholsterer.

Oh, my God!
Who said I'd be bad?

- There are upholsterers...
- I could be great at it!

I'm gonna invest
in some business cards

and put it on there.

Check it out. Right?
- Wow!

Where did you get that?

It was downstairs.

Found it.
You having a good time?

Honestly, man?

- I'm not...
- Just shut up. Get up.

- Get up.
- Okay, here you go.

Are you good?

I'm great. Shal we, uh...
Shall we ask Jordan?


Um... I just don't wanna...

As it's his new house.

It's only, like, disrespect...
If it's gonna be a thing.

- You know?
- Honestly,

I would want this
for my friends in my house.

- Don't have to feel bad.
- I know what you're saying'

It's all good.

- OK.
- It's cool.

Honestly, man...

It's just nice to do some blow

with your buddies
at your friend's house.

- Yeah. Right?
- I feel safe.

I feel fuckin' safe.

I always feel like
I'm a fuckin' criminal

when I'm, like,
a bathroom stall on occasion...


Like a fuckin'
Russian circus band.

- Ooh.
- Yeah. There you go.

Always hiding in little dark
bathrooms and, you know...

Who wants to do that?

I just pull the flush
and sniff, man.

I don't want anybody knowin'.

You cover it up?
- Hmm-mmm. You don't?

No, dude, I try to let 'em know.

- When you see the bathroom guy,

like, I give him a little,
a little wink,

- and a little...

That's what he's there for.

That's what he's getting paid
for. It's to take care of us.


I'm gonna give him
his two dollars,

I'm gonna take his cologne,

everything's gonna be fine.
He knows that shit.

I just think that thing
about, like civility,

the whole world would just...

I feel like descend into chaos
if everyone was just doin' blow.

Not even everywhere.

I don't think it's everywhere.

I think of it as,
like, bathrooms on Kings St.

- If that was the safe place,

- I think we're good.
- But then everybody'd just

be, like, high all the time.

Is that the world
you wanna live in?

- Maybe. Maybe.
- Maybe?

But I think honest...
like, is civility, like,

as being like a good citizen,
the only thing

that's stoppin' everybody
being high all the time?

Fuck no!

- Think about it.
- Maybe. Yeah.

It's fuckin' standards.

You know what it is?
It's that nighttime,

I just prefer to be high.

I don't think that counts.

And, honestly, in general,

I probably prefer
not to be sober.

If I had a choice, only sick
I would choose to be sober.


- Woo!
- Oh yeah. I know exactly.

And, like,
I know this is classic us

and always talkin' about this
shit, but, it's not a problem

'cause we're high-functionin'.

I don't have a problem.

- Where do you work?
- I work in a bank.

Do you know where I work?

- You work at a bank.
- The fuckin' bank.

Where the money is.
- We work the money.

We work the money.

So, this is it.

I know, I know.
I'm gonna stop doin' blow, man.

I'm gonna stop it, too.

I'm not gonna be
doin' it in my thirties.

No, that's for, like,
that's adult shit.

I get it.
- There's a big difference...

Oh, oh, shit!
One second.


Hello. What's up?

Fuck, I didn't know
anyone in there.

Yeah, me neither.
That makes the two of us.

Yeah, you know what? I fuckin',

I feel like
I almost got this thing...

Yeah, what... Yeah...

You know,
he was tryna clean it.

While it was on?

while it was on.

- He's such a wreck!
- Yeah!

Nah, no. He's okay.
It'll be good.

I hope so...

Trust me,
he's all right.

You know they say
it takes, like,

half the time you were in
a relationship to get over it?

So, he has,
like, three years of really...

workin' through it.

Yeah, yeah. Well,
that would give us what?

Like, four years without
having gotten over it?"

That's about right, yeah.

Sounds about right.

Still not drinkin', huh?

I had a beer. I had a beer.

Oh, shit,
you being crazy tonight.


Yeah, wow! Wow!
- It's fucking wild.

Yo, you know,
Jordan's gonna be fine.

You know how,
how'd you handle being single?

- After you?
- No. No, no, not after me.

After the other guy.

I didn't really handle it.


But you know that. I like...

left the city that we
fucking lived in together,

packed it in, I gave him...

the friends and I gave him
the dog and...

You know, the dog stuff
always kills me.

- It's too bad.
- Me too.

Yeah, I don't even know
if it was, like,

as bad as I thought it was then.

Like, it was bad,
my ego was bruised

'cause he's the one who did it,

but I knew it would end,
like most things end.

They end.

And they end badly, usually.

- Wow!
- I just...

- That's true, right?
- Super sad.

- I think that's true.
- What?

I... No, what I mean is, like,
I was just resigned to the path.

- Like, I was... You know?
- Wha... the path? What path?

There's a path?
I was unaware of a path, but...


Yeah. Like, house, kids,
marriage, divorce,

the whole fuckin' thing.
Like my folks and...

The clencher is when
I didn't feel young with him.

You know? And that's nuts,
'cause I'm fucking young.

You are young, yeah.
- I'm young. I'm young.

- You are. You are young, yeah.
- You and Jordan are old.

- No. no, no, no, no.
- You're old!

- No, don't do that.
- I'm very young.

- I'm a spring chicken.
- Fuck me, that shit scares me.

Yeah, you're a spring chicken,
I'm a spring chicken too!

Why can't I be a spring chicken?

No, that shit scares me
'cause then I see signs

and I look in the mirror and I'm
like, "No, I'm, I'm for real."

Like what signs?
What signs are you seeing?

Under the eyes and shit.
And then, like, you know, like,

look, like my hair...

- What am I checking?
- Look at it.

- It's sort of thinning, right?
- Gray hairs.

No, no gray hair.
They're gray hairs too?

- No, no, no, no. No.
- What the fuck?

- It's so, like, dark and...
- Luscious.

- Say it?
- That's what I was gonna say.

Okay, good.
See, nothing, right?

- Um...
- What? What? What?

Why you staying
so long up there?

- You're just thinning a bit.
- No! Seriously?

You're totally thinning,
but it's okay.

They have things
that can help that.

Yeah, yeah, they have,
like, creams and shit.

Creams? For your head?
- I see...

- Fuck is that?
- It's fine.

- The situation is so fucked up.

- Like high school flashbacks.

I love watching you do it.

Like, I feel like you do it

And I've always thought that.

I feel like I'm
gettin' high watching you do it.

I know, right? You're a pro,
like, you got this, like,

weird, like, the way you,
like, tap your...

Oh, this side?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I have to plug my nose
like I'm going' swimmin'.

Uh... okay.

Buckle up!

Ooh, my.
All right, you good?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

- Uh...
- Let's get outta here.

You wanna get
like, outta here, outta here?

I don't know, dude. I feel like,

I feel like if we go downstairs

and people are movin',
and people are dancin'

- I might want...
- All right.

I might wanna do
a little dancin'.

I could figure out a
dance too.

Okay, all right. Uh... Ooh.

- What do we do with this?
- Save it for later.

We'll be back here.
- For others. For others.

Have you been seein' anyone?

- What does that mean?

I think that's
a completely reasonable question

- to ask somebody that you...
- No, no, I haven't.

No, I haven't.
I haven't been seein' anybody.

I was, you know I've been,
I've been too busy.

- You've been too busy?
- Yeah, I've been busy.

You don't meet people?

No, I meet people.

I meet 'em when they need
their pipes fixed, Rach.

Or their garage door openers

or their furnaces fixed,
or their refrigerators fixed.

- All right.
- Yeah.

I think it's a shame.
You'd make a good boyfriend now.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Not then, though?


Well, we were kids
when we were together.

You know, you were like, you
wouldn't even go down on me...

You were a young,

mildly selfish kid,
and that's cool...

Yeah... No...
Yeah, you're right.

- It's... That sounds fair.

it's... I don't...

I don't know about all this
gettin' to meet somebody

and, like, takin' all this time
to get to know about 'em.

All these questions Jordan
keeps asking me

about the girl inside,
and how nervous he is.

I don't, you know,

I don't have time
for all that, you know?

I just...
if someone comes along...

And, you know,
if it's good, it's good

and I'm fine with that...
That's what I do.

That's good, it's good.

Like, you are, like,

a rotation
that you cycle through.

Like a healthy list of...

- Of babes. That's cool!
- Of babes?

I think that's great.

- I, I'm serious.
- Yeah.

I think that's great. I do...
- Yeah. Yeah.

It's not like that,
but yeah, sure.

I just, I was worried
about you for a second.

I think that that's...

good that you're
getting out there

and you're, you know?

You were worried, huh?

Yeah, I think
you had a hard time

when we broke up and I get that

- and...
- So, I okay,

so I was the only one,

you know? I was the only one
that had a hard time

from breaking up, huh?
That, that's what it's about?

- I don't...
- I was hurt too,

- I'm not...
- Yeah, no, no, I get it,

but you... I know,

I know now
why you and Jordan are so close

because it's always...

You know, it's always gonna be,
"Is Nick gonna be okay?" Right?

That's what it, that's what
it's always been. Yeah, yo!

It sucks to have
your heart broke,

but Rach,
that was eight years ago.

I'm all right, now.
Look at me, I'm good, you know?

Hey, you two always been actin'
like you the only two growin' up

and strugglin' with it.
We're all strugglin', Rach.

Everybody's strugglin'.

The garage door's strugglin'.

I get it.
That's not what I meant.

That's not what I meant. I...

I just feel like being busy is,
is your defense mechanism.

You know? Like, I..

I feel like you went to college
to, like, ignore my calls.

Can we just fast forward
to being friends? And...

We don't actually talk
about anything, like...

Like, I totally get
why you said to Jordan

that it'd been a couple years
since we spoke,

like, 'cause that's not
actually true,

but, but it's,
it's been that long

since we've had
a fuckin real conversation

since, you know, since it wasn't
bullshit small talk.

And I am curious
about who you are now.

I'm the same dude, Rach,
I'm just a little bit older.

And smarter too.

Don't you wonder about me?

Yeah, I wonder about you.


Wonder like, how?
Like, wonder how, though?

No, I, I...
I don't know how,

I don't know what I mean,
I just...

I think we have
these bullshit conversations

all the time.

Like, "How's your family doin'?"

'Cause that's safe
and it's a point of reference,

but it's, like,
it's never in person,

it's always on the phone,
and, and...

I just feel like
you are the same

- but you have this...

...understanding of self now
that's different and it's nice.

I think it's nice.

Oh, balding? The balding?

It gives you, like, you know...

...some life experience.

- Where do you come from?

- Okay.
- What?

- What? What are you doin'?
- Argh!

Why would you do that?
- No!

I don't get that.
- I said I wasn't gonna do that!

I don't get that.
Said it to who?


- What are you doing?
- 'Cause I...

'Cause we're in Jordan's garage!

So, what? It was never a problem
in Jordan's parent's garage.

Yeah, but it's Jordan's garage.
This is stupid. It's crazy.

It's fucking stupid.

Oh, God!

I always thought you'd be
the first one to buy a house.

Yeah, me too.

Yo, you know...

that whole university thing,
for me,

that wasn't me,
that was Jordan, you know?

That was his life.

And you, you did what
you wanted to do, right?

I was always proud of you
for doin' that.

You always did what
you wanted to do.

I liked that. And I was good
at the gas fitting thing.

You know?

That's great.

- It's great.

I was good
with the job, you know?

- That pays. That pays, yo.
- Eventually it pays.

I was apprenticing,
and I was doin' my thing.

It just made sense, you know,
that I was at the house.

The wife with the kids.

The wife, the house, the kids,

whatever way you wanted
to put it, you know?

Like, I was,
I was ready for it. You know?

That's very sweet.


It is.

Yeah, you know, but I guess...

I guess I never
went lookin' for it, you know?

I guess...

or maybe, I don't know,
maybe she didn't come find me.

Whoever "she" is.

You know me.

I was supposed to be
on my second kid by now,

...that's what we all said.

I thought that.

I thought that you would be...

But it's okay.

It can still happen now.

- There's still time.

There is still time.

- You're not that old.
- I'm not old.

♪ I got myself
Into a little bit of trouble ♪

♪ Put my fingers
Right into the flame ♪

♪ And now I'm burning ♪

♪ Never thought
I'd lose my faith ♪

♪ And fall so far from heaven ♪

♪ And now I'm drivin'
Like the devil on the run ♪

♪ Wind in my hair
Hand on my gun ♪

♪ I can hear the sirens
Here they come ♪

♪ Heart beatin'
Like bangin' drums ♪

♪ But now I'm drivin'
Like the devil on the run ♪

♪ Wind in my hair
Hand on my gun ♪

♪ I can hear the sirens
Here they come ♪

♪ Heart beatin'
Like bangin' drums ♪

♪ But now I'm drivin'... ♪

- Okay.


Guess we should go inside now.

After you.

I need a drink first.



Thank you.
- It's French for..

- For woman.

Good work!

That's good work. Good work.

Good work. We should do this
again sometime, yes!

Yo! Dude!

the fuck have you been, man?

- Hey!
- What's up, man? How you doin'?


This is a dope party, dude.

- Thanks.
- Havin' a fuckin' blast.

- Havin' a fuckin' blast.
- Thanks, man.

This is, you own this?

- Yeah! My place.
- This is you.

- You own the house.
- Yeah.

Do you, uh... You catch
a little bit of the show?

You'll... some...

Yeah, no, I saw that,
man. That was, that was amazin'.

It was nothin', you know?
I was just, like,

I was just foolin' around.
I just wanted you to see it.

- And I thought that if...
- Oh.

If you thought it was cool

and, like,
'cause else it's all good.

- Yeah. Thanks for that.
- You know what I mean?

It's cool to hang with you
outside of work, man.

- Like... It's good to see you.
- Yeah, this is,

- This is cool, right?
- It's cool, it's cool.

Listen, do you have
a salad bowl?


Are you talkin'
about that white one?

That's, yeah,
that's my salad bowl.

it's not a salad bowl,

it's like a mixing bowl.

Uh, understand, like,
a real salad bowl,

- it's got like a wide mouth...
- What's the difference?

It lets the air,
it lets the leaves breathe.

I was thinkin' maybe
if you needed one, I could...

- Guys! Hey, man.
- Yo! Yo, Look!

- Jordan!
- Hey, man!

Hey! Uh, congrats...
On the house!

He thought that his mixing bowl

was a fuckin' salad bowl, too.

- That's crazy, right? I did too.
- Way different thing, man.

Yeah, they're completely
different things, man.

- It's a whole different thing.
- I was, like,

here's a salad bowl, he's like,
"That's a mixing bowl."

One of them is just like,
if you wanna be an adult...

You should,
you should come get you one

'cause it's, it's,
it's like a wood-thing, man.

It's a salad bowl. Like...

Yeah, but it's like
a wood salad bowl.

- Yeah, totally different things.
- Mixing bowls,

salad bowls,
totally different things.

Totally different things, man.

- It's a bowl.
- It's, it's not a bowl.

It's a salad bowl.

I'm coming
'round to it too.

I know it's 'cause...

I don't want a salad...

I don't need
a fucking salad bowl!

- No one needs a salad bowl.

I think, I think you hit
the salad bowl thing

- a little too hard.
- I think I was pushin' it.


Hey. Hi.

You alright?

You did this?

It's mine to clean.

I'm okay. I just...

Just needed
to get out the party.

I don't think I've seen you
since the beginning.

Yeah... Um, sorry.

Uh, well,
I don't think there's, um,

too many people left.

Uh, it's... just
some old friends, you know? I...

Have I really
been out here that long?

Hmm? I don't know.

You want a drink?

No, I'm good.

So, um...

I'm gonna go.

But, um...

Congrats on your house.



- I fixed your faucet.
- What?



You invited me to your
house-warming party

after one date.

And I thought that
was really cool, I liked it.

This guy with a house
is in to me and...

He invites me over,
so I'm gonna...

Put on something nice
and pass through and see what...

But he's about
and you've literally

been in your garage
since I've gotten here.


Are you even into me?

I guess...


That's very flattering.

We been out a couple of times,

not like
we really know each other.

No, we don't know each other
at all.

So, I don't know.
Maybe one day...

One day, what?

Are you attracted to me?

- Sure. Okay. That's great.

I don't know if I have
the energy for games, Bree.

Oh, I'm sorry
if I'm not just grunting.

Yes! You're
very remarkably attractive.

- Thank you.
- Okay?

You're welcome.

- You're very good lookin'

And do you want to marry me?

Honestly, I don't know what
I'm lookin' for right now.

No. you don't want to marry me.

I can tell you that much,
right now.

Like, you don't. And I don't.

There. It's out the window.

I don't even want to be
your girlfriend. Jordan.


so can you stop being weird?

Like, you're into me.

And I'm kinda into you
and we can go out on dates.

And we can fuck.

And it wouldn't be weird.
Not for me.

That sounds great.

Yeah, it would be.

Is that your point?

That I'm missin' out
on somethin'? 'Cause I know.

So, then?

I just don't know if I could.

Like, physically?

No! That's fine. I just mean...

I don't know what it would
bring out in me and...

You shouldn't
have to deal with that.

I'm not even sure
I'm ready to deal with that.

What? What am I missing?

I'm sorry, I...

I've just got out of a...

...long relationship.
I should have told you sooner.

That's fine.

How recently?

Like, eight months.

That's almost a year.

It's not a year, it's...
two-thirds of a year.


And you haven't slept
with anyone else.

No, I haven't.

- And you're embarrassed.
- Yes!

- I fucking guess so.
- Hey! Look, I'm so...

Hey. I'm sorry. I was just...
that was me being curious.

I'm sorry.

Why are you embarrassed?

I... I don't know. I guess,
'cause I could've and I haven't.

I could be fuckin' all the time
and I don't.

- It's not the same.
- Yes, it's exactly the same.

It brings up weird feelings
for people.


You know,
maybe I wanna do this again

with the same person, tomorrow.


You're not gonna know
unless you do it,

you consider it or you start
to process it, right?

You think you're getting
back together with your ex?


Does she think
that you think you will?


So, then, you're gonna have
to start the process.

I know I'm giving you tons
of great advice here.

and I don't mean to...
undercut all of our work and...

I definitely don't mean
to rub this in, but...

I'm a good catch.

And you can still
not fuck this up.


Let's call it there for now

and maybe back-pocket
the rest for later.

- That's completely fair.

So, what is the deal
with this house?

What do you mean?

I mean, like, why is this
your last day in a house

outside of downtown,
with a backyard and garage?

- It's a good investment.

Sorry, you're resigned to that?

Just 'cause I'm
struggling a bit.

It's what I was ready to do.

Right. Yeah, no. Looks like you.

I swear, I was killin' this
up until a couple of nights ago.

Sweep this, tighten that,
oh, the fuse blew?

Then I'll go to the fuse box
and change it.

I had this shit down!


Then I came in here
to straighten up some shit.

And I said, "Let me try and open
the garage door."

It went fine.

Then I heard
this little click-clack.

So I got up there
to try and fix it...

What, it's stuck?

Yeah, like super-stuck.

And I tried to ignore it

for a couple days
but then, like,

within 15 minutes of everyone
getting here, I was like...

Anybody that's here

is gonna know that this guy's
garage door can't open.

Huh? What?
What are you even talkin' about?

Do you have a car?

No... But...

then, who the fuck cares

if your garage door
doesn't open?

Garage doors should open!

But yours doesn't.
- Exactly!

Okay. Um...

Is this you just being nuts?

Yeah. Um, obviously.

Can I just be nuts?

I don't know, um,
yeah, of course, you can.

I, I guess...

Wait. You gotta understand that
it doesn't... really matter.

Unless you can't get over it.
But, even still, like,

there's a lot worse shit

goin' on than
your garage door not opening.

Like what?

Are you fucking serious?

I wanna like you

but you're literally
doin' everything wrong.

I was joking.

I know!
But, Jesus, like...

You know, the last time
I was in a relationship,

the guy broke up with me
and didn't even say why.

That was awful.

I was single

after putting in
all this life-work

with a guy that
I thought was gonna be

the father of my children.

And I loved him.

And I probably still love him.

And now he's getting married.

And I know that at some point...

I'm not gonna love him because
I'm gonna love somebody else,

and I'm not sayin'
it's gonna be you, trust me.

I am not sayin'
it's gonna be you.

But I'm not done with romance.

And I didn't sit
in a pile of my shit...

Instead of being with the people
that could make me feel better.

Are you still reading
this intro to Biology?

Never even started.

Yours? I mean, no judgement.


So throw this shit out.
Take it to goodwill.

I don't have a car.

Right. You don't have a car,
but you have a house.

I have a house.

God, you're so fucking cute.

Can we go outside?


- Hey!
- Whoa! Easy!

Oh, there you are, yo.

Yo, there's like people,
like, inside

that are lookin' for you...

- And I said, like,

I'd come back and get you
to let you know.

What are you guys sayin'?

- I owe Nick head.
- Nice.

So, did we interrupt something?

No, no. it's fine. I'm just,

I am coaching Jordan through
his minor quarter-life crisis.

This shit fucks people up.

Nick couldn't go on dates
for years after you.

I knew it.
- Fuck, man.

Do you guys care
if this guy get laid?

- No.
- No.

No. And then him owning a house
doesn't matter either, right?

No! Uh, probably even less.

Like, I fucking hate
that you own a house.

Fair enough. That's fair.

And obviously,
you guys love Jordan.

- Yeah!
- Yeah.

Even if his garage door
doesn't open?

Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah.


Did he tell you that, uh,

he tried to fix this
while it was on?

You tried doing it
while it was on?

Yes! While it was on.

You can't just lift it?

No, you can't just lift it.

So then, what does that do?

- That.

Are you guys fucking kidding me?



- Oh, shit.
- Wow, fucking hell.

Are we over this whole
garage thing?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

'Cause I would love to go inside
and get a drink.

I mean, I know your friends are
gonna go blow each other, but...

Can you make me a drink?

- Yeah, we can go.
- Okay.

- Oh, Bree?
- Yeah?

Just give me one minute.
I still gotta deal with the...

Oh, yeah. That's fine.

- I'm comin'.
- Okay.

♪ Ohhh ♪

♪ The day is done ♪

♪ I can't feel the sun no more ♪

♪ The weight is gone ♪

♪ Oh, still as heavy as before ♪

♪ All the things that
slipped off my mind... ♪

♪ You weren't part of this ♪

♪ How can I forget? ♪

♪ How can I forget? ♪

♪ How can I forget? ♪

♪ If you wanna know, wanna know
Wanna know, wanna know ♪

♪ Then you gotta go, gotta go
Gotta go, gotta go away ♪

♪ If you wanna know, wanna know
Wanna know, wanna know ♪

♪ Then you gotta go, gotta go
Gotta go, gotta go ♪

♪ In my dreams again ♪

♪ But my heart
Won't let me win ♪

♪ How can I forget? ♪

♪ How can I forget? ♪

♪ Half our dreams forget ♪

♪ And my heart
Won't let me win ♪

♪ How can I forget? ♪

♪ How can I forget? ♪

♪ In my dreams again ♪

♪ In my dreams again ♪

♪ In my dreams again ♪