Edge of the World (2018) - full transcript

A cross country coach leads a team of troubled kids as he battles his own crisis of faith.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

We have some new additions
to our home, Jay and Willy.

They'll be sharing
a room with Jeremy.

Jay and Willy, we all chip
in to keep things running

smooth and comfortable
to keep the house clean,

so feel free to help out.

And remember, we're
you're house parents,

we're here for
whatever you need.

Now we can bow our heads.

Father, bless this food.

Thank you for the
nourishment it provides.

We welcome Jay and
Willy into our home,

and we thank
you that they can be with us.

As we enjoy this meal and
after help us be mindful

of the needs of others.


Where you going?

What your back, bro,
something out there,

and it ain't friendly.






What's up, man?

Good morning, Mr. Tibbe,
we're glad you're here, welcome.

Okay, class, you have
a choice this semester.

For your extra credit
assignment you can either

keep a journal or you can
write a letter every week.


If we write a journal,
that's like a diary, right?


You're not gonna read them?

No, no, I'm just
gonna flip through it,

make sure you did it,
everybody gets an A.

And what about the letters?

Are you gonna read those?

No, same thing.

Good, 'cause I don't
think you should be looking

at our private stuff.

I agree, Angela.

But, you know, I think you
should mail those letters.

Letter writing is a lost art.

I think that they
will have a big impact

on whoever reads 'em.

So, where you headed?

I'm Willy.

I have stuff to do.

Stuff, I like stuff.

Hey, Angela, you're
looking good today.

You know that guy
runs like a girl.

I'm a girl, and I could
run circles around you.

Um, uh, I'll see you later.

You need to be in school.

You need structure
and stability,

and I can't give that
to you right now.

I don't understand
why I just can't go

on the road with you.

tried that approach

and we both got in trouble,
so we're trying this now.

You can't keep me here.

First chance I get,
I'm gonna leave.

Yeah, looking good,
champ, looking good.

I give you another mile
before you pass out

from heat exhaustion,
the way you're dressed.

Also, you got no water,

got no form,

you're sucking wind
after one hill.

What do you care?

Who are you anyway?

Coach Davis.

You know if you like to run,
you can come run for me.

Practice everyday at four.

Of course from the looks of you,

I'm not sure you could
hang with my runners.

Whatever, man, I
smoke those dudes.

Oh, you smoke those
dudes, cool.

You're welcome to come
prove that if you want,

but please, carry on.

Have a nice day.


Got a sec?

Yeah, Chaplin, come on in.

Listen, Mitch, I wanna
apologize about this morning.

We didn't have time to speak.

I am sorry about Michael.

I know you loved the kid.

And I know Jeanie loved him too.

Yeah, actually
I'm glad you came in

because I wanna talk to you
about this new kid, Willy--

Hold on a second.


Andy Andrews here

from the Brentmoor Mustangs.

Hi, how are you?

Good, good, we're
good, ranked number one

in the state again,
happy about that.

Oh, congratulations.

Thank you,
sir, well, listen,

I'll cut to the chase,

I'm moving up to athletic
director next year

and I'm looking for a cross
country coach to replace me.

I've been looking at your
program there for a long time,

always been impressed,

and I'd like you to
come visit us here.

Yo, your mom's on the phone.

I'm not here.

Come on, bro, it's your mom.

Hey, mom.

know I love you, right?

Mom, I can barely hear you.

I found
your dad's information,

gonna send it to you.

My, my dad?

- I
- love you very much.

Mom, what?

You're my only man.

Mom, mom?



It's okay, you know,
this is the house of God.

You don't need to break into it.

How'd you know I was here?

Well, it's our job
to know things, son.

Don't forget to lock up.

Hey, what's up?


So, where
are we heading?

You never let up, do you?

Well, I'll see you at school.

Oh, I was gonna walk you home.

Sorry, cowboy, no
boys pass the stop sign.

Yeah, I'm not very
good at following rules.

I can tell.

Well, I'll see you tomorrow.



out those shoulders,

extension, flexion.

How's everybody doing
in school, good?

- Good.
- I'm not gonna hear

about how you're falling behind?

No, Coach.

Turn in your homework?

Yes, Coach.

Oh, hi, Jay,
what time you got?

I assume you're all
warmed up since you're not

stretching with the rest
of us, is that right?


Ah, okay, good.

Well, I guess you're
gonna run well.

Let's go, line up.

So we got two new guys who're
gonna get their wristbands,

gonna represent.

On my whistle.

On set.

Good effort.

Good effort, Jay, good effort.

Grab some water, get
ready for the next lap.


I said grab some water,
get ready for the next lap.

I just ran.

Yeah, you ran the warm
up lap. You got three more.

Grab some water.


right, guys, come on.

That right?

Let's go.

On my whistle, runners set.

Good job, how're you doing?

What's going on.

Run another lap,
how you doing?

You okay?

Give me your best effort?

- Yeah.
- That's all I ask for.

Don't worry about them.

You wanna go again?


I'll run
this one with you.

Come on.

You okay?

Yes, it's hard
to breath sometimes.

Jay, come on buddy, wake up.

Let's go.

Get over here.


Hey, how's it going?

So, Jay, I hear
you're from Lubbock.

I lived in Lubbock for
two years, I went to Tech.

It was pretty cool.

Um, the, the sand storms
are crazy out there.

I'm originally from Houston,

so it was definitely
a culture shock

when I came here, for sure.

You can force me to come here,

but you can't make
me talk to you.

That's all right,
just sit and hang out.

We'll talk when you're ready.


What ya doing?

Homework, how 'bout you?

I'm about to go
feed the horses.

You wanna come?


You like horses?

Yeah, who doesn't?

This is Buttercup.

Yeah, she's pretty.

And this is Stranger.


This is Dash, but
I call her Starlight.

I don't know, I
just like it better.

Do you wanna feed one?

Yeah, of course.


Keep your hand flat.

There you go.

You're a natural.

Yeah, thanks.

And that's Goldie, by the way.

She'll be at the prairie ride.

Hey, Goldie,
me, you, tomorrow.

Got it?

You're the man.

Will you be there?



Okay, guys, when
we get to the gate

it's an invitation
to grand silence.

Now grand silence is
not about being quiet,

it's about being still.

It's about looking
inside yourself,

and letting go of
whatever burdens you have.

Now when we get to
the edge of the world,

there'll be another invitation
to take those burdens

and lay them down before God.

Now adjourning scripture is
Matthew 11:28 through 30.

Jesus said, "Come unto
me all you who are weary

"and carry heavy burdens,
and I will give you rest.

"Take my yoke upon you

"let me teach you, for I am
humble and gentle in heart,

"and you will find
rest for your souls.

"My burden is easy,
my yoke is light."





Goal posts.


Hey, Coach.


Excuse me, Mr. Purple
Shirt, come back here.

You, come on.

Go, hustle back, jog back.

I was pacing myself.

Uh huh, does this mean you
would like to join the team?


Yes, Coach.

Yes, Coach.

In that case, you show
up on time, every time,

not a half hour late.

You listen to what I tell you,

and you never quit, no
matter how tough it gets.


Yes, Coach.

Good, my mailbox woke
me up in the middle

of the night on Tuesday.

You wouldn't know anything
about that, would you?

Nah, nah, no.

No, that's good.

But I will find out who did it.

Meanwhile, get on the line,
you owe me three more laps.


You owe me three more laps
from last week, remember?

Let's go.

You're thinking way too much

about your technique,
Jay, relax.

This isn't track.

Try to run too
straight up and down.

That's better.

Relax your hands, too tight.


Gotta stop thinking, don't
think when you're running.

There you go, that's better.

That looks better.

Remember this isn't
track, it's cross country.

Get out of
my way, man, get off.

So slow, get out the way.

Oh, you're not about to beat me.

Get outta my way, man.

Hey, pace yourself
we're on the same team.

I finally got that
horse smell off me.

Yeah, it's not off, I can
smell it from over here.

I mean at least he
doesn't look like his horse.

You could be your
horse's twin brother.

At least I live here
and wasn't sent here.

All right, none of that.

You don't know
anything about me.

I don't belong here.

That's what they all say.

I don't belong here,
I didn't do anything.

If you didn't do anything
then why are you here?

You wanna start something?

That's enough!

I don't wanna hear this,
I don't want bickering.

I want support.

Dwight, you've been
here for two years.

What are you talking about?

You know better than that.

That's not what
this place is about.

If you guys put as much
energy into running

as you do bickering with each
other, we might win a race.

Speaking of which, this
scrimmage tomorrow,

it's gonna be a challenge.

It's 3.1 miles, and
it's against Brentmoor.


Yeah, Brentmoor High School,
defending AA state champions.

Are they fast?

Yeah, they're fast.

They beat a couple of AAAA
teams outright last year.


I think we can beat 'em.

In fact, I'm sure we can beat
them if we work as a team.

But I can't tell
if we're a team.

Are we a team?

Yes, Coach.

I didn't hear you.

Yes, Coach.

I didn't hear
Dwight, I didn't hear Jay.

Are we a team?



Yeah what?

Yes, Coach.

All right, let's eat.

Who wants to lead us in prayer?

- Why don't you go ahead, Will.
- Me?

Jay, don't.

Um, dear Lord, Willy here.

Thanks, amen.


Hey, you,
pass the crackers.

Yeah, come
on, pass the crackers.

Yeah, thanks.

Who taught you to eat?

I guess my dad.


He's a trucker.

There's more
popcorn on the floor

than in the bowl.

Geez, the last time I
invite you to my house.

Yo, Coach!

Yo, Willy.

Why you got this big house
and you live in this corner?

Bring me
that box by your feet.

Yeah, sure.

Don't look inside.

I told you not to
look inside, didn't I?

All right, it's official now.

Ah, sweet!

What are these?


Aw, dude,
it even smells good.

Ha, got it.


Yeah, we need
to change that word.

I can help you.

Three, four, five.

One, two, three, four, five.

Go take your warmup.

Coach, how you doing?

Good, and you?

I'm good.

Hey, boys, you all go warm up.

Yes, sir.

Hey, did you get my offer?

I did, I did.

Wow, it's really
generous, thank you.

There's a lotta guys
interested in this job,

but I want you.

You know, make that call.

Well, I certainly
am flattered.

Thank you very much.

Well, let's get after it.

Okay, let's do it.

- All right.
- See you down there. Set.

Oh, you gonna sprint this out?

Jay, pace yourself.

Good luck, buddy.

Come on,
come on, come on.

What are you doing?

Get away from me, ugh!

I'm sorry is the
finish line right there?

Where's the finish line?

Dwight, where's the finish line?

Come on.

Why did you not run
through it? Are you injured?

Did you not see what
happened back there?

Yes, you quit running!

I tripped, he tripped me!

Oh, well, gosh I hope you
don't trip in a real race

because then we'll just
give up, how 'bout that?

Hit the showers, you too.

Why don't you run
back to the showers?


Okay, guys, we've
got a long way to go

before we can compete with
schools like Brentmoor.

They're experienced,
they're focused,

and they're very well coached.

Are they as well
coached as we are?

And they don't beat
themselves, Dwight.

All right, let's warm up.

One lap around the pond,

and then we're gonna
do some drills.

Let's go, get at it.

Jay, Dwight, come here.

I don't know what's
going on with you two,

but it gets worked out today.

We're gonna win, we're
gonna win as a team.

It means out there, we gotta
have each other's backs.

So get up there and work it out.

Up where?

Finally, dude.
man, this is fun.

No, I like it up here.

Hey, maybe you should
ruin our meets more often,

so we can come out here.

Aw, what, you silent now?

Are you just mad 'cause
I'm faster than you?

In fact, next meet, I'm
gonna run backwards,

so I can beat you while
running backwards.

Oh, hold up, nah,
I'm not gonna do that

'cause I don't wanna see
your ugly face when I win.

Get out
here to the middle,

and let's get this over with.

I'm coming, come now.

All right, help me across.

Come on, hey.

Hey, man, what you doin'?

What you doin'?

I'm not doing anything.

Yeah, you are, you're
shaking the pole.

I'm not shaking the pole.

That's exactly
what you're doing.

You have to lean back more.

I'm leaning, I'm leaning.

Oh, geez, you're face
is even uglier up close.

Hey, Dwight, what was that?

Coach, this guy's crazy.

Mom, what is
coach's problem with me?

What do you mean,
did something happen?

I do exactly what
he wants me to do,

but that's never good enough.

He cuts Willy and
Jay so much slack.

I feel like I'd be better off
if I had gotten in trouble.

Hey, I don't wanna
hear you talk like that.

Too bad.


I'm done!


Hi, Debra, how are you?

- What's going on?
- What's going on with what?

Dwight's upset.

And I know him well enough

to believe there's a
good reason for it.

Well, I understand
your concern,

but can we talk about
it at a different time--

No, we can't, Mitch.

- Now is not a very good--
- No!

It's gonna be fine.

Runners set, go.

Oh, yeah, exactly.

stay on lane one.

By the way, Sarah wanted me

to invite you to dinner tonight.


I'm there.

We were also thinking
about inviting Debra.

Absolutely not.

It's been five years, Mitch.

So five is the magic number?

I didn't know there was a
statute of limitations on grief.

You're right, I'm sorry.

So, big day tomorrow.

It's the interview, right?

Ah, I'm just gonna
test the waters.

Mitch, I've known
you a long time.

If you're going, it's more
than just testing waters.

Well, why shouldn't
I go down there?

I deserve to be happy.

And these kids, every
year there's a new crop,

and you and I both know
that they need our help,

but none of them
actually want it.

I'm sick of it.

I'm sick of them.


Where's Willy?

He's not here.

kidding, where is he?

He quit.

Did he tell you that?



Hey, Jeremy.

How you feeling?

A little nervous.

Yeah, so am I.

So is everyone else.

Listen, this course
is built for you.

It's flat, everything
we worked on together.

It's gonna work out for you here

if you just trust
yourself, okay?

All right.

All right, go get 'em.

Thanks, Coach.

Mm hmm.

I love you, Jeremy.

I knew this
place was stupid.

Stop it, Willy.

Stupid Boys Ranch.

Shut up, this
place saved my life!

Yeah, well, it ruined mine.

There they are.

Hey, Willy, we won
second, silver medal, baby!

You would've gotten
first if I was there.




Hey, Willy, get over here now.

What's going on,
what happened to you?

Seriously, I'm just
making it easy for you.

Easy for what?



Man, I heard you.

I know you're
taking another job.

I know you're sick
of this place,

sick of me, sick of all of us.

Sorry you had to deal me.

Hey, wait, don't
walk away from me.

I didn't know you
heard that, I'm sorry.

You did hear right,
I am considering another job next year.

This year, right now,
I've got this job,

and I'm gonna finish it.

That has nothing to
do with quitting.

Man, whatever.

I've never quit anything
that I've started before, ever.

Can you say the same thing?

Is this how you're
gonna live your life

anytime someone says
something you don't like?

Anytime someone offends you,

you're just gonna say I'm,
I'm out, I'm finished?

'Cause it's gonna happen a lot
in life, I'll tell you that.

Have people quit on you before?

I think they have, but
I'm here to tell you

that I am never gonna
quit on you, ever.

Man, I don't care.

Don't you?

Why'd you paint that wall then?

Man, you think an
awful lot of yourself.

I tagged 57 walls in L.A.,
was that all about you, too?


No, that's about you.

Mr. Tibbe, this
is Debra Everett.

And, uh, I know that you've
been missing your appointments.

If there is anything that
we can do to help you,

will you please call me.

Hey, Dad, did you
get that picture I sent?

I wish you would call me.

I mean, maybe you have
called and I missed it.

You could email too, but
probably can't figure out

how to work the computer.

Anyway, Ms. DeMarco says I
should mail you a letter,

so, uh, here it is.

I'm doing all these
stupid activities

to keep me from
dying of boredom.

I mean, I'm so far ahead
of the students here,

I rarely make it to class on
time. I mean, why should I?

Ms. Everett signed me up
for some science club.

It's probably boring too.

I know I made it hard
on you sometimes,

I guess hard on myself, too.

But don't give up on me.

Anyway, I wish you were here.

Drive safe, love you.

Does this rocket work?

Of course it works.

How high does it go?

18,000 feet.




I heard you're not going
to the rocket launch.

Oh yeah, who'd you
hear that from, Debra?

Hey, check this out.

It's the offer from Brentmoor.

That's a lot of money.

I know.

You never cared
about the money before.

Well, I've never been
offered that much before.

Sounds like a done deal.


I didn't say anything.

Yeah, I know you
didn't say anything,

but I know you too well.

Just because you
don't say anything,

doesn't mean you
don't have an opinion.


I'm asking you.

Well, if you're
asking me, okay.

I think you're wrong about
the kids, and you know it.

They do want our help, Mitch.

Yes, we lose some, and it hurts.

But Jesus said in
the book of Matthew,

"A shepherd that
has a hundred sheep,

if one goes astray,
he'll leave the 99

and go after the
one that got lost."

That's what we do.

And again, since you're asking,

I think you're lost.

I think you're living in fear.

Now if you're too blind to see
what's right in front of you,

if you have lost that ability,

then yes, maybe you
need to move on.

Well, that's the last time
I ask you for your opinion.

Do you ever lose faith?

Faith, you mean faith in God?

No, I mean faith in
the work you're doing.

Faith in this place?

Faith in people, I guess
that's what I mean.

Well, I would consider
a loss of faith in people

equivalent to a loss
of faith in myself,

and in God.

I believe in the inherent
good in all people.

It's just an expression
of the love of God.

And everything else, all the
shakenings and the doubts?

They're just tests of that love.

Yeah, I just feel like, uh,

I feel like I'm failing
all the test, you know?

Well, welcome
to the party, we all do.

Mitch, everything you do here,

it means everything
to these kids.

Well, I hope you're
right, I really do.

So how's things
going with you and Debra?

Mitch: I have faith in it.

You have faith?

Hi, there.


Hey, is Dwight here?

I'd like to speak
to him, if I could.

Yeah, come on in.


Come in.

Hey, Dwight.

How are you?

Can I talk to you a second?


Well, I tell you've,
uh, you've noticed

that I have not been the
best coach this year.

And I need help, sometimes
even coaches need help.

I was wondering if you
could do me the favor

of helping me out with the team?

You know, um, maybe
you could run some

of the captain's
practices yourself?

Take the roll of a leader,

even a bigger leader
than you already are.

Why me?

Well, you have
the most experience,

you know the terrain
better than anybody,

and frankly, you require
the least amount of coaching

of anybody on and
off the course.

What do you say?


- Yeah?
- You got it, Coach.


And a great favor
to me, thank you.

You could also, you know,
help out with the laundry.

I'm kidding.

I'll see you.

Thanks, Mitch.

I know he needed that.

Were you eavesdropping?

He is
my son, you know.

Mitch: He's a great kid.

Yeah, he is.

I needed it too.



I, uh, oh, well.

I'll, I'll see you.


You going to the rocket launch?

Oh, yeah, yeah,
I wouldn't miss it.

Good, I'll see you there.

- Okay.
- Okay, bye.


That's 2:20 right there.

That's a good job,

that's an improvement
from last time, isn't it?

Well done, it's a good pace.

Good effort, guys, keep it up.

What's up?

This is gonna be cool.

That's it,
you got it turned on.

Insert tiny screws.

boring this weekend.


You gonna do
anything next weekend?

I don't know.

Now let's get
the radio tuned in.

I don't
plan ahead much.

Take this out.

And we've got a beacon
inside the nose cone.

Oh, do you like rockets?

Yeah, what about you?

Sure, yeah.

Okay, rocket's
ready to launch, Charlie.

Five, four,
three, two, one.

I'm sorry, I'm
not very good at this.

At what?

Just sitting still
without, you know,

filling the space with
words or, or movement.

Would you rather go
for a walk instead?

No, no, no.

I think being still is
not gonna hurt me, right?

No, not at all.

It's totally
exhausting though.

You know, there's nothing
that you have to do,

nothing you have to
accomplish, not right now.

And especially, not with me.

Thank you.

Right now you're running
like you've been told

one too many times to
keep your chest out

and your head over your hips.

Those are all fine
things, good cues,

but nobody runs straight
up and down, 'kay?

You look fine, I just want
you to relax a little bit.

Mitch, can I see you a second?

Man, I don't think
we're gonna be cool.

Jeremy, why don't
you go talk to the chaplain.

Go join the others.

Coach, what happened?

Just go ahead.

What's up?

Look son, there's
no easy way to tell you this,

but I'm sorry, look.

This is how you
answer my prayers?

All I've asked for is for
you to take care of her,

and this is what you do?

Jeremy, look, I know it
doesn't make sense sometimes.

I didn't come
here for a sermon.

Okay, if that's what
you're here to do,

then you can take these back.

I didn't come
to preach at you.

I came to say I'm sorry.

Yeah, I'm sorry too.

I'm sorry my mom was an
alcoholic and a crackhead.

I'm sorry she thought
a car was a good home.

And that it was okay to get
dinner out of a trashcan.

Hey, dad, I mean,
um, Mr. Harris.

can I do for you, Jeremy?

Um, I'm just calling
to let you know that, um,

mom died today, just
thought you should know.

I'm sorry to hear that,
but I'm not surprised.

She had a, I guess you could
say she had a hard life.

So you
live in Chicago?

I do.

So what do you do.

Look, Jeremy, I'm
sorry about your mom,

but I gotta go, good luck.

All right,
listen up guys.

We've been to the
Lubbock regions before,

you know how it works.

It's a little warm today,
but that's all right.

We've got the Falcons coming,

they're on the up and coming,

but that's all right.

Rough Riders, we
know about them.

Hey, I need to
talk to that coach.

Hey, you guys warm up
for a minute, all right?


Be right back.

Hey, how are you?



on your season,

you've made something out
of nothing one more time.


Hey, give us a call.

Yep, that's the guy that's
trying to steal coach.

Coach wouldn't leave.

Money changes
a lot of things.

Yo, D, check it
out, it's team orphan.

Hey, hey, it's
boy's camp, right?

It's Boys Ranch

All right, same
thing, whatever.

Is it true what they
say about you guys?

That Father's Day is the
hardest time of the year

'cause none of you know
who your parents are?

You got a problem?

Got something to say, tough guy?

Say it, tough guy.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

I will destroy you!

Jeremy, calm
down, hey, calm down.

Save it
for the race, Jeremy.

what's going on?


I'm outta here.


It wasn't his fault.

What wasn't is fault?

- It was that Brentmoor kid.
- He was standing up for him.

He was only standing up for Jay.

He was talking trash.

What happened?

punched him in the face.


Come here, come on.

Ladies and gentlemen,

your attention please.

Boys Ranch competitor number
1351 has been disqualified

for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Chad, pace.

All right boys, come on.

to your grandma,

you quit everything you do.

You always give up.

This how you're gonna live
the rest of your life?

Go Jay, go!

It's Boys Ranch!

Coach Andrews, hey, uh,

what was all that
stuff before the race?

We're just playing
by the rules, Coach.

I mean, what your boy said
to mine before the race?

Did you hear it?

Yeah, I heard it.

Boys will be boys.

So you approve of
that sort of thing?

I approve of winning.

If you don't wanna
win as bad I do,

maybe working together is
not such a good idea, Davis.

It sounds like maybe you
and I have a different idea

of what winning is.

Well, maybe we do.

Well, this is life in
the fast lane, Coach.

You're either in or you're out.

I'll see you at state.

This year and next.

All right, look
at you guys, huh?

How you feeling?

Thank you.

Well, done, that's a
great effort, great effort.

Look at you, huh?

Well done.

Woo, how you feeling?

Guys , all right,
let's get on the bus.

Hey, hey Coach, I blew
up your mailbox, sorry.

I know, come on, let's go.

Whoa, come on, guys,

that's what I'm talkin' about.

Good job, bubba.

Thanks, man.

Just gonna
leave me hangin'?

Hey, man, I just,
uh, wanna say thanks

for gettin' my back today.

Dude, Jeremy did
most of the work.

Hey, Jeremy, thanks, man.

Hey, Jay, how's that
personal best feel?

Feels good, I just, uh,

kinda wish my dad
was here to see it.

Yeah, so do I.

Man, this
stop sign again?

This stop sign is stupid.

not stupid to me.

My mother had me when she
was 15, and here I am.

I like the stop sign.

Oh, I'm, I'm sorry, I
didn't know, I'm sorry.

I'm leaving in
two weeks, Willy.

What, why, where
are you going?

My mother wants me back.

We're moving to St. Louis,

or outside of St. Louis, but
we Skyped for like two hours.

And how is this good news?

Aren't you happy for me?

Happy for you?

Why does everybody
have to do this to me?

I'll still
be here for state.

I can still see you run.

I'm not running anymore.

I was only running for you.

Father, bless this food.

Thank you for the
nourishment it provides.

As we enjoy this meal and after,

help us to be mindful of
the needs of others, amen.

Do you know what one of your
best qualities is, Jeremy?

You always try to
do the right thing.

I didn't do the right thing.

No, no, you didn't.

And though I admire your courage,
I can't condone violence.

It's a path that leads
to pain and unhappiness.

I think you've had
enough of both.

I could've kept hitting him.

I wanted to keep hitting him.

If they hadn't pulled
me off, I would have.

It scared me.

It should scare you.

I don't see myself
that way, Chaplain.

That's the flesh in all of us.

And we could feed it
with anger and fear,

or we can quench it with
love and compassion,

but it's there.

Is it in you too?

We're all made
of the same stuff,

but it's our choice
who we become.

It's not who you
are, or where you've been,

it's where you're
going that counts.

I can't tell you how
proud I am of all of you.

When you get out there on that
course, and you get tired,

I want you to remind
yourself how far you've come.

If you guys run with a
purpose in your heart,

if you give every
ounce of your strength,

you're already champions.

Subtitles by explosiveskull