Edge of the Knife (2018) - full transcript

In a 19th-century summer, two large families gather for their annual fishing retreat on the far-removed island of Haida Gwaii. Adiits'ii, a charming nobleman, accidentally causes the death ...

They say a fire calls you into the forest.

The cold will make you desperate for fire.

But no matter how long you run...

You cannot catch the fire.

You run and run until your mind is sick

and the spirits take you over.

You become wild.

You become Gaagiixid.

Edge of the Knife


Gaas is here!


I made this for you.


Get along, you wild thing.

Every summer, Gaaxuustaa 'Laana
paddle south

to live alongside their relatives,
the Tllda Gawaay Kii Gawaay family.

Together they prepare food for winter.



Do you know if today's weather
will be good?

Can we catch black cod?

You've been greedy for black cod
since you were a little baby.

Black cod was your first food, Gaas.

That's why you're so fat, Gaas.

Well, Gaas eats all the black cod...

What's your excuse, Kwa?


You are so careless, Adiits'ii.

You're hurt.

Let me fix you up.

What's so funny?

I'm thinking about Adiits'ii
at the halibut rack today.


But that's not so funny.

He's a bad example for Gaas.

He doesn't always act with respect.

He doesn't know how to be careful.

If Adiits'ii lost his canoe,

Gaas would think he had burned it
at a potlatch.

Jeez! Is Adiits'ii all you're going
to think about?

Look at that Octopus head.

The legs show where
the weather will come from.

In time, when you look up in the sky

you will know what the clouds tell you.

Today will be a good day.

Does Adiits'ii understand weather?

Yes, he's good.

Does that tell us something, too, Father?

And that?

And also everything we see?

What about in darkness?

How is there weather if we don't see it?

He is just as he was
in his last incarnation.

My husband adored black cod.

When he ate it, he would run
his greasy fingers

right through his hair.

It made his hair stick up real funny.

When Hlaay. ya was pregnant,

Grandmother had a dream about Tluuxaad.

Just look at Gaas,
and you'll know it's true.

That's why he used to crawl

into bed with me when he was little!

For goodness' sake, he was my husband.

And I've always said what
a generous woman you are.

Who was I long ago?

You don't even want to know.

I'll cry real hard when I have
to leave all you ladies.

Yes... yes.

Everyone has enough.

This will probably be
our last meal together.

But the weather's so good.

It's important we catch black cod

and then Gaas could come.

Besides, my sister needs some.

You're not even thinking about Sk'aayuu.

You've offered Gaas so many things.

You could've gone as Autumn ended.

Someone throw these halibut bones
in the ocean.

Adiits'ii, you do it.

Tomorrow I'll catch black cod
for my sister.

Are you coming with me?

Tomorrow afternoon
the weather will worsen.

We're going to have to leave.

We could pack without Gaas?

You'll be happier when
the black cod grease

is running down your chin.

Maybe you'll just have
to wait another year

to get black cod.

Something terrible is coming!

Where's Gaas?

Adiits'ii knows what he is doing.

They will be back soon enough.



Northwest Wind people are still searching.

Let's go.

The weather is turning bad.

We need to hurry to get back.

Leave it here.

This is all Gaas' gear.






No fish.

Looks like an animal's
been through our camp.

Maybe a bear?

Doesn't look like it came in here.

Bring it in.

What is this here?


What a stink.

Pity! A lot of work went into this.

Who let this spoil?

Come here you, right here.

Come on.

It smells like rum.

Take it outside.

Throw it away, you two.

Help her out.

I'll help you.

It's difficult to be back here.

Sadness is in everyone.

Sadness is in everything.

I wish people could find their voice.

Even the air feels colder.

Yeah, feel my hands.


Everything reminds me of him.

You shouldn't speak ill of the dead.

Have you seen my pestle?


What is this?

I think Adiits'ii has been here.

He died...

Why are you saying that?

There have been other signs.

Poor thing. My hands got old.

I didn't even notice it happening.

This weaving looks like a net, not a hat.

We can use it to catch
ooligans for you, eh?

You can clean berries with it.

Hey! Do you hear her?

She is singing our song!

That's our working song!
Why would she sing that?

Let's go see her.

Go ahead.

Hey! That granddaughter of yours

is down there singing one of our songs.

Which song is it?

It was our working song.

I don't remember that one.
Sing it so I can learn which one it is.

Tluujaad will sing it.

Auntie, why is your face so sad?

You were fighting with your cousin

At least give us sweet tobacco then.

Here, here it is.

Thank you.

That's not much.

For goodness' sake.


I'll give you seeds as well.

Thank you.

It's true, there is a Gaagiid.


We need to capture him.

We'll need to drive
wild spirits out of him.

It looks like a land otter trail.

That's just how gaagiid behave.

I ask for your help.
I'm crying out for help.

Let my brother come home.

Let him be safe.




It's me.



Look at me.

Do you know who I am?


It's me.

Your sister.



Kwa, stop!

You are killing him!


You were trying to kill him.

That's why I did that.

Don't talk to me.

You were going to kill him.

He killed your son.

He's your closest friend.

Don't you ever tell me that!

You wouldn't be able to live with yourself
if you killed him.

You took a stick...

And you chose Adiits'ii!

You're not the only one hurting here.

I loved our son, too.

Our son?

Our son?

Everyone knows whose son he was.

He is ready. He's cleansing.

Someone should go talk to him.

I'm going to end this.

I'm glad we had this little talk.

It's powerful medicine.

He is already cut.

It has to be deeper.

It seems cruel.

It had to be done.

I always treated him like a son.

He was your son.

Tluujaad says she's been dreaming
of our boy.


My... son.