Edge of the Axe (1988) - full transcript

An axe murderer terrorizes a small Northern California mountain community, while two young computer-obsessed adults attempt to solve the killings.

(Radio) 'UPI Radio Sports.

'Putting for dollars, a lot of them,

'is what 30 golfers have gathered to do
in San Antonio, Texas,

'at the Nabisco Championships.

'The biggest prize in golf history
is on the line

'and right now Tom Watson's in the lead.'

(indistinct dialogue on radio)

(Radio) 'Watson hasn't won
in three years.

'In a sport where you drive for show
and putt for dough,

'Watson needed just 25 putts...'

(Carwash drowns out radio)

'...David Frost.

'First prize, by the way,
is at least $375,000.'

(Carwash drowns out radio)



♪ The tides of loneliness

♪ Move on so slowly

♪ Darkness comes

♪ Moonshadows of the night must fall

♪ All the tears are drying

♪ Still you can't hear

♪ The sound of emptiness

♪ The sounds of fear

♪ We move around the grounds

♪ Of lonely people

♪ The streets of emptiness

♪ Moonshadows of the night must fall... ♪

(Motorbike engine revs then stops)


Yo, Brock.

You leave without saying a word,
come back whenever you want.

- I went to Patterson this morning to...
- I don't want to know.

What have you got there?

More of that crap
that wastes electricity?

The last bill I paid almost killed me.

Don't worry about it.

The only thing I've got over there
is some tools and a change of clothes.

This afternoon they brought another one
of those electronic contraptions.

My new computer?

Oh, yeah. This... is for you.

(Gerald chuckles)

(♪ Music playing on radio)

(Wind blowing)

(Pigs grunting)

(Pig squeals and grunts)

(Wind blowing)


(Door opens)

(Woman screams)

I want him captured.

Now, calm down, Trevor.
Do you know who it is?

No, no, I don't know, but you can find him
if you look for him now.

I'm not looking for anybody.

Just cos somebody trespassed
on your property

doesn't give me license
to start a manhunt.

That lunatic has slit a pig's throat
and put its head in my bed.

Is she your favorite sow, Trevor?

Were you kinda sweet on her?

You son of a...
Just like you to sit here and do nothing.

Oh, Trevor, I can't be checking pig pens

and chicken coops
every time an animal's slaughtered.

Do whatever you want, but find that bastard
who scared the hell out of my wife.

- That's what we pay you for.
- Now, look, mister.

You come into my office smelling
like them hogs you hang around with,

wasting my time bitching about some pig
who's got his throat slit.

Here, go call somebody
who gives a shit.

Come on.
Come on!

Hey, Gerald!
Stop playing with yourself.

Come on, man, it's late.

Keep your pants on.

I'll be right out.

- Hey, yo, Brock. I'm leaving.
- Listen to this.

"Yesterday afternoon in Patterson
a woman was murdered,

"sliced to pieces as she went
through the tunnel of the car wash."

How awful.

Listen, I'm taking off with Richard.
We'll grab a bite to eat on the way.

Turn off those confounded machines
that you always have on.

Oh, yeah,
if Mr. Broderick comes by,

give him the radio
and charge him 24 bucks.

Hey, how do you like it?

I hate it.

- So, why did you buy it for me?
- Look, I didn't buy you anything.

For every $200
that you spend at the May company,

they give you
one of those attractive freebies.

I love you, old man.

(indistinct dialogue)

(Gerald) So what's on the agenda today?

- Fleas, rats, ants, cockroaches?
- Today we are not exterminating any bugs.

So what the hell am I doing here?

- How's that gorgeous nose of yours?
- Oh...

About used to anything by now.

Alright, then.
Then let's go to Coggie's bar.

What, again?

Yeah. Mike called last night,
said there's some smell everywhere.

No wonder with that guy they got working
in the kitchen. He smells like a sewer.

That gorgeous blonde behind the bar.

What was her name? Teresa?

- No, no, it's Maria.
- Ah, Maria.

- She's gone, yeah.
- She was great.

I got this.
Are you ready?

Maria. A-one, a-two...

(Both) A-one, two, three, four...

- ♪ Maria, Maria
- ♪ Maria, Maria

- ♪ You were so sweet-a
- ♪ You were so sweet-a

♪ I'd like to play, play, play
with your teet-a

♪ Play, play with your teet-a ♪

No, we're not gonna need that...
old thing.

- (Man) Hey, I thought you weren't coming.
- No, no, Richard to the rescue.

- How you doing?
- Pretty good.

- That's the new sign?
- Just last week.

- So where's the smell coming from?
- From the cellar.

Let's go have a look at it. Sure it's not
one of those fish sandwiches of yours?

(Laughs) It could be.
Anything's possible.

- Mike, I know what the problem is.
- What?

- It smells like shit.
- (Laughs) We've looked everywhere.

We even looked in the eaves
to see if there was a dead bird up there.

Sometimes they make their nests up there.

(Richard) Might be a couple of rats
trapped beneath the floorboards.

Oh, you got a strong smell in here.



A couple of rats?
It smells more like a hundred.

(Sniffs, sighs)

Here's your stink.

God, I can't stand this smell.

What do you keep up here, Mike?

- We use it for storage.
- Storage of what, shit?

- (Yells)
- Fuck!

Oh, my God.

Those rats did a pretty good job
of destroying what was left of her.

Well, she picked a hell of a hiding place
to hang herself in, didn't she?

Did you talk to the owner here?

Mike will come to the office
in the morning.

(Siren blares)

- When did you last see her, Mike?
- About eight days ago.

Marie West was a good worker.

She moved in from Patterson
a couple of months ago.

- Find out where she worked in Patterson.
- OK, boss.

You know, doc, this is the first suicide
in this town since I made chief.

I kinda hate to put that in the report,
you know what I mean?

It was a suicide, right?

I don't know. Could be.

What do you mean, "Could be"?

Let's wait for the report
from the medical lab.

Now, hold on, doc.

Paddock has always been
a quiet little town,

except for a couple of fights now and then
and a couple of bikers making noise.

- Right, Sam?
- Yeah.

Now, let's all respect
Maria's desire discreetly

and let's not talk about this anymore.

Doc, don't go looking for trouble.

You just sew her up
and put her in the ground, OK?

- You I want to see tomorrow morning.
- Right.

Samuel, let's go.

(Richard) I got to go get Laura's car.

(Gerald) It was the ugliest thing
I have ever seen.

- Nice move!
- What?

(Sighs) That's all you have to do,
wreck your wife's car.

Imagine what she's gonna have to say.

With Laura it's always the same thing.
Bitch, bitch, bitch.

Every time we go out
I feel like a kid with his mother.

- Tell me, how much older than you is she?
- Too much. Why I ever married her...

She wasn't too fat or too thin
or too short or too tall, just too old.

Well, you can say that again.

She was just too old.

(Laughs) No, the beauty of Laura
was in her bank accounts and her stocks.

Once I got my greedy little hands
on those, I was hooked.

So she bought you a pick-up truck,

so you could chase after cockroaches
and fumigate rats.

One of these days
I'm gonna fumigate her.

- It could only help.
- That's true.

See this girl coming here?

- That's Susan, it's Nebbs' older daughter.
- She's coming this way.

Bodacious tatas.


- Are you looking for Laura Simmons?
- Yeah, you guessed it.

(Chuckles) She's still out on the lake
with my clad.

I can bring you something to drink.

That'd be very nice.
Wouldn't that be very nice?

We'd, uh... like two.

- Two what?
- Two, uh... beers?

Two beers.

Just a minute.

She's a fox, man.
She's a real fox.

- Tell you what, do me a favor.
- What?

Go have your beer someplace else.

(Sighs) Alright.

My friend's staying in the car.

He had an accident once and his uh...

- Yeah?
- His right leg is made of plastic.

I recognized Laura's car
but I didn't know she had a son.

She doesn't.
I'm her husband.

Oh, sorry.

(Chuckle) It's OK, it happens all the time.
We'll call it an accident.

Uh, yeah.
I know about that.

That what?

About your accident.

- (Pops can open)
- My accident?



Pretty good game.

Thanks. I guess you might say
I'm an expert at this.

Oh, no, you made a lot of mistakes.

That was only
because the joystick is loose.

Besides that, the program misses two beats
every fourth frame.

- I don't think you'd understand anyway.
- Are you from around here?

Where do you think I'm from, the lake?

- No, you aren't the type.
- And what type is that?

You're not a sea monster.

- I didn't know monsters had types.
- Do you think it's easy being a monster?

I don't know.

Do you work here in town?

No, I just arrived here a few weeks ago.

I'm staying over at old man Brook's place.

Do you have a name?

- Lillian.
- Lillian.

And you work here?

Well, just in the summer to help my clad.
And in the fall I go away to school.

If you know so much about these games,

tell me why no one can beat me
at this one.

I can beat you.
Even on that one.

Alright, then, let's play a game.

Bet whatever you want,
because you're gonna lose.

Whatever I want?


Go for it.

- Thank you.
- You're very welcome.

- You're also very beautiful.
- (Laughs)

No, I mean that. I really do.

I think you ought to consider moving
to New York and doing some modeling work.

- Every girl's dream, right?
- Maybe yours.

(Man) Susan!

Call Jimmy.
We've caught more than a dozen trout.

My dad needs you down at the dock.

Susan, I'd like to do some fishing.

Why don't you take me out
and show me your favorite spots?

It's not the right season for that.

You don't understand.

The important thing is for you and I
to go out on the boat together alone.

- That way no one will know where we go.
- Mm-hm.

- To fish.
- Mm-hm.

I'm gonna go help your wife.

I saw you talking to Nebbs' daughter.

- She's a very nice girl.
- Hm.

I should have known.

Don't start that shit again.

I can't even talk to another woman
without you getting upset?

You haven't got a chance.

Besides, her father would kill you.

Well, speaking of Nebbs,
are you feeling a little guilty, Laura?

Oh, come, now.

Well, you were on a boat with him all clay.
You want an older man now?

I'd rather not discuss this any further
in front of your friend, OK?

(Gerald) It's called Icarus.

You can ask it anything you like.

It's incredible.

Not only does it follow instructions,

but if it doesn't have the information
you need in its memory logs,

it automatically connects itself
to a central terminal.

You want a Coke?

Yeah, thanks.

- Is it cold Coke?
- Yeah.



What about this other one here?

Oh, it's the one I used before Icarus.
It's an older model.

Yeah, you can tell. But it looks a lot
less complicated than Icarus over there.

I think I like this one better.

I got an idea.

I could install this one in your house.


Gerald, I didn't say that
so you'd give me your computer.

No, it's just been lying around here
getting rusty.

And besides, these video games are
a lot better than the ones in the arcades.

They are. See, you can change the rules
by typing in new commands.

Could we communicate with each other
whenever we wanted?

I'll plug it into the central terminal.

That'll be great.

I don't suppose
I can ask Icarus a question?

Yeah, sure.

OK, what do I do?

- Push the brown key. Exactly.
- OK.

And type in your question.

OK, don't look. Turn around.

- This is the brown key?
- Mm-hm.

- OK.
- (Beeping)

- You're not looking?
- Nope.

OK, I just asked the question.
Don't look.

- Now what do I do?
- Push "Answer".

What color's "Answer"?

- That's brown too.
- OK, I found it, I found it.

- OK, I pushed it.
- Alright.


Right, you just sit back
and you wait for the computer to come...


Wait a minute,
what happened here?

What is this?
What did you ask it?

You probably won't wanna know.

Yeah, but, I mean, it reads right here,
"Data incomplete".

What the hell did you ask it?


I asked it if you were gay.


(Phone rings)


Yeah, just a minute.

Hey, Rita. Telephone.

Hello? Rita here.

I was waiting for you to call.


OK. I'll leave now.

(Distant banging)

(Dogs barking)

(Splutters and coughs)

(Water splashing)

(Gasps, pants)


Oh, it's you.

I can't believe you scared me so much.

I left my cigarettes in the bar.

- (Dog barks)
- Do you have one?

What's wrong with you?

Why don't you answer?

What are you doing?



Without a doubt, Inspector,
the main office at Railroad Headquarters

has every right
to request a full report from us.

Who was that woman?

Her name was Rita Miller.
35 years old.

She... came over to Paddock
almost a year ago.

During the day, she worked
over at Mrs. O'Brien's beauty parlor

and at night,
according to the local gossip,

she slept with almost anyone
who paid her price.

- 100 dollars.
- 100 dollars?

- She wasn't cheap, was she?
- No, but she was worth it.

- Chief, you had some of it?
- No, no!

My salary
doesn't allow for such luxuries.

Chief, I'll take this to our office.

Uh, we'll dust it for prints.

- What shape was that body in?
- Hamburger meat.

Yeah, maybe she tripped
and fell under the wheels of the train.

According to the driver of the train,
this train did not run over anything.

Anything at all.

Look, maybe she was drunk
or high on something.

At night, in the dark, she tripped on
the tracks and fell under that last car.

Look, McIntosh,
those cuts were deep and clean.

They could not have been caused
by the wheels of a train. No way.

Inspector, you sure your imagination
isn't getting the best of you?

(Sighs, chuckles)

The owner of the bar
said that Rita received a call last night.

- She left right afterwards.
- So far that's all we got.

Look, I assure you
we'll investigate all the possibilities,

but for now in my report
it's going down as an accident.

I'll notify you when we get
the coroner's report. Let's go, Sam.

♪ The other night here in this town

♪ Something weird took place

♪ They say that a woman died

♪ No one knows why

♪ Everybody is suspecting

♪ Anybody could have been

♪ I said, hey, you,
where were you yesterday?

♪ I said, hey, you,
where were you yesterday?

♪ Having him in front of you

♪ You know what is here

♪ Crying, praying for your mercy

♪ But it's no good

♪ Everybody is suspecting

♪ Anybody could have been

♪ I said, hey, you,
where were you yesterday?

♪ I said, hey, you,
where were you yesterday? ♪

- Now, this is what I call moving.
- Yeah, it's alright.

But I'm gonna take you out
on my dad's boat, the Mach 2.

Then you'll really fly.

Show me some of your favorite spots?

- Sum.

My dad took it out today.

He's taken some woman fishing
up on the north part of the lake.

But uh...

they can't see us from there.

I'm kinda worried a little bit about you.
They found another body this morning.

There's some maniac
who's running around chopping women up.

- Well it isn't you, is it?
- No.

As long as I'm with you,
you shouldn't worry about me.

Broderick! I went by your shop.
They told me you were working here today.

- How are you, Frank?
- I'm OK.

- I wanted to ask you a few questions.
- Alright.

I guess you heard what happened
to Rita Miller last night, huh?

Yeah, the milkman's kid told me.

Hm... Broderick, do you have
a little something going on with Rita?

Rita had your name and number
in her phone book.

Oh, shit.

That dumb bitch loved to cause problems.

Just because I slept with her once,
she thought she could blackmail me.

- I paid her her money.
- 100 dollars, huh?

That's right.

I told her not to come
around the shop anymore,

because my wife was getting suspicious.

I never saw her again
and I'm sorry about her accident.

That's the thing, Broderick.
You see, it wasn't an accident.

We found blood stains all over
the ticket booth at the railroad station.

Rita Miller was hacked to death,
with a sharp wide-bladed instrument.

Just like the one you got in your hand.

I'll be talking to you, Broderick.


Yo, Jimmy. Give me a hand, will you?
I've got some stuff for Lillian.

Be careful, these things are heavy.

Watch these stairs.

Fucking boxes.

This house was built
by an architect who was crazy.

This staircase sure is a pain in the ass.

You know how many doors
this place has?

- (Sighs) I've no idea.
- I think there's 29.

I mean, you're not sure?

There's always one door
or one stairway missing.

- (Sighs)
- Come on in.

This is Miss Lillian's bedroom.


It's like looking down
from the top of a lighthouse.

That's why Miss Lillian chose this room.
She says it makes her feel like a bird.


A little bird that loves electronic games.

Oh, don't talk to me
about those stupid machines.

I always lose
when I play with Miss Lillian.

- (Laughs) And when you play by yourself?
- (Exhales) I still lose.

(Both laugh)

(Wind blowing)





(Banging on door)



(Pigs grunting)


(Pigs grunting)




(Clock ticking)

(Computer) 'Icarus connected.

'Access to Menu ll. No access.

'What's happening, Gerald?

'When are we going to start?
No access.

'Gerald, are you home?

'No access.
Gerald Martin's file.

'Crimes: Mirna Dobson, 31 years old,
dead in the car wash, city of Patterson.

'Mary West, 25 years old,
city of Patterson, on the way to Paddock.

'Rita Miller, 29 years old, dead under
the railroad bridge, Paddock station.'

(Siren blares)

Well, Sam, looks like we got
an ugly situation developing here.

Pretty soon there's gonna be a whole bunch
of nosy people coming around here.

There's some newspaper men
from Patterson here already.

Don't waste much time, do they?

Why do they always think
they know more than the police?

Beats the shit out of me.

(Lillian) My mother died
when I was eight years old.

What did your father do
with you and Susan?

He sent us to a boarding school
in Cavendish.

- But I didn't last there too long.
- How come?

Uh... teenage problems.

I guess I played sick so many times
that I really started to feel sick.

So they sent me home
and put me under medical supervision.

Then one day my dad came in
and he said

he never wanted to see another doctor
in the house again.

So I stopped taking all the pills
and the medications.

- (Chuckles) That's good.
- My dad was the best doctor I ever had.

We became really close
during that time.

And I'm sure that if Momma was still alive
I'd probably love him more than her.

Who do you like better,
your mother or your father?

(Sighs) I don't want to talk
about my parents.

- I don't feel anything for 'em.
- You don't love them?

I don't love or hate 'em.

They just taught me
how to be independent, that's all.

- I feel sorry for you.
- (Chuckles) Oh, come on.

Don't worry about me.
I mean, we've all got problems, right?

Hey, what's that?

- This?
- Yeah.

This is a Yarrie Bay symbol.
I have a whole bunch of them.

- Do you want it?
- (Laughs) Yeah.

Oh, boy.

(Deep voice) Now I look just like
Chief McIntosh with his name tag.

(Lillian laughs)

Why do you have the names of all the women
who were killed in your computer file?

I've also got a list
of all the automobile accidents

and forest fires in California.

Don't you like statistics?

- Hi, Lillian.
- Hi, Father.

- Are you coming to rehearsal tonight?
- Yes, sir.

- Good.
- Father Clinton, Gerald.

Gerald, Father Clinton.

- Hello, Father.
- Gerald.

- I'll see you at rehearsal.
- OK. Thanks.

Come on. Let's go.

- Don't you want to finish our Cokes?
- No.

- Goodbye, Father.
- Goodbye, Lillian.

(Choir) ♪ Onward, Christian soldiers

♪ Marching as to war

♪ With the cross of Jesus

♪ Going on before

♪ Christ the royal master

♪ Leads against the foe

♪ Forward into battle

♪ See his banners go ♪

- (Door opens)
- ♪ Crowns and thrones may perish

♪ Kingdoms rise and wane

♪ But the Church of Jesus

♪ Constant will remain

♪ Gates of hell can never

♪ 'Gainst that Church prevail

♪ We have Christ's own promise

♪ And that cannot fail

(I Choir in the distance)
Onward, Christian soldiers

♪ Marching as to war

♪ With the cross of Jesus

♪ Going on before... ♪


I got to get back to work.

(Motor splutters)

(Motor continues spluttering)

Something must be caught in the propeller.


- (Gerald) Who was she?
- Her name was Maureen Adams.

- She worked in some psychiatric clinic.
- Now, this is getting weird.

How are things going with Laura?

Every day it gets worse.

I think she's having an affair with Nebbs.

(Laughs) Yeah,
but you just keep on hanging on.

- What do you want me to do, kill her?
- Don't worry about her.

Just talk it over with the axe killer.

I think he'd be happy
to take care of it for you.

It's not very funny.

I guess it isn't.

Hey, we're gonna get together tomorrow,
aren't we?

No, I got to go out of town
and do a fumigation job.

(Engine starts)

Well, kill some bugs for me.

(Indistinct dialogue)

(Woman) What about that jerk
in the gasoline station?

(Woman 2) You mean Bob Dallas?
He says he's not gonna pay.

(Sighs) Everything here's pretty much
in order.

With everything that's happening
around here,

I get a lump in my throat
when I cross the alley to go to my house.

It's always been so peaceful in this town.
We've only got two policemen.

We've never needed them until now.

I can't believe they haven't found
that maniac, yet.

What I can't believe
is that they haven't arrested Joe Nebbs.

They haven't got any evidence against him.

(Sighs) Didn't you know that his name
was in the address book of that woman

found murdered on the train tracks?

Oh, come on.

The name of every man in town
was in that address book.

But it was Nebbs who took that
tourist woman in his boat to South Shore.

That's true.

And it was Nebbs
who was the last one who saw her alive.

(Clock ticking)

(Door opens)



Where's my little doggy?

(Reporter on TV) 'At this time,
the population of Paddock

'nervously await the outcome
of the police search.

'A series of brutal murders
have been committed in the area

'by what appears to be a madman.

'And now, general news.
A tropical storm designated Emily...'

(Switches TV off)


(Dripping continues)

(Dripping continues)



(Screams and gasps)

'I don't want to play tonight.

'Why not?

'I'm depressed
and I have a headache.

'What's wrong?

'I'm scared.

'Scared of what?

'I have to talk to you tonight.

'Can you come over?

'Wait for me at...'

So what's wrong?

I don't know.

You mean you don't want to tell me?

It's not that, it's just that
I don't know how to explain it to you.


It's something that happened years ago,

when I was playing with Charlie.

Who's Charlie?

He's my cousin.

He used to come over all the time.

We were about ten.

And one day we were playing in the yard
and Charlie got onto the swing...

So Charlie gets on the swing.
Then what?

And I started to push him.

And he yelled at me,
telling me to stop, but I didn't, I...

I just kept pushing him harder...
and harder.

You know, I can just see your cousin
flying through the air.


He fell off the swing
and fractured his skull.

They tell me he's still in a hospital.

It's been six years and I'm still trying
to get my father and my uncle

to tell me something about him.

Well, are you afraid of him?

The other night I asked my computer
to check the hospitals to find my cousin.


There was only one Nebbs.

And they released him from a mental
hospital two years ago in Patterson.

So he... he's recovered.
He's normal now.

That's not what bothers me.

What does, then?

(Sighs) The other night I had a dream,

and Charlie was walking
towards me, smiling.

And that scared you?

He was carrying a bloodstained axe.

And he said he was going to kill me.

(♪ Organ music)

- Father Clinton.
- Hello, Frank.

Good afternoon.
I wasn't expecting you.

Can I help you with something?

Yeah... Father, I hear the choir
gets better and better every week.

That your doing?

I choose the pieces we play
and Caplin does the arrangements.

- Who?
- Christopher Caplin.

Christopher Caplin.

He just moved to Patterson.

He was just here rehearsing
a minute ago.

He collaborates with Mrs. Bixby
on the arrangements.

Mrs. Bixby, yeah.

That's what I've come
to talk to you about.

Was she at the rehearsal last night?

No. Maybe she was sick.
She gets migraines.

- Maybe this evening she'll...
- No, she won't be coming this evening.

Or tomorrow.

Mrs. Bixby's been killed.

A neighbor found her body
a couple of hours ago.

We think it happened last night.

Mrs. Bixby? Dead?

I'm sorry I'm the one
that had to bring the bad news to you.

(Gerald) Oh...


By the way,
where were you the other night?

The other night... uh...

At the last minute I had to go
into Palmdale to repair some video games.

Like a dummy
I waited in front of the screen.

- What's the matter?
- Do I look like I need help?

I don't know.

I think you should take back
your computer.


I think it's making our friendship
too dependent on machines.

- Look, if I'm boring you with...
- You're not boring me.

I like you a lot, Gerald.

It's just that you seem so...

Just what?

You seem so mysterious.

(Laughs) Well, we've only known each other
a few days.

It seems like a lot longer to me.
That's why I trust you.

Mmh, why shouldn't you?

Oh, fine. I should push it
till you fall off this thing.

Alright, go ahead. Try.

You'll see. I'll push you till you end up
in the trees with the birds.



What's the matter?

I called you Charlie.

(Sighs) That's alright.
I've called you by a different name.

- Let's go, OK?
- OK.

Can I drop you someplace?

You've got rehearsal today.
Maybe at the chapel?

No, just take me home.

My father's probably at home.
He'll be expecting me.

He hasn't met you yet, has he?

It's probably better that way.
I mean, people don't take to me very well.

You should out your hair
just a little bit right here.

Are you ready?

Gerald, how did you get this scar?

It was a motorcycle accident.
It happened a couple of years ago.

Hold on tight.

(Father Clinton) "So when this corruptible
shall have put on incorruption,

"and this mortal
shall have put on immortality,

"then shall be brought to pass
the saying that is written,

"Death is swallowed up in victory.

"O death, where is thy sting?

"O grave, where is thy victory?"


I looked everywhere for you.

- Here I am.
- (Thud)

Oh, you look so lost and helpless.

(Gerald murmurs)

I was walking into town
when it started raining outside,

so I thought I'd get out of the rain.

Um... Brock let me in and he told me
I could wait for you inside...

...but he left.

Brock likes to play poker
on Monday nights with his pals.

- God, you're soaking wet.
- So are you.

- Are you cold?
- Kinda.

Here, let me see
if I can get you some dry clothes.

You can dry yourself off.

See if these fit you.


I'll make us up some hot coffee.

Lillian, what information
were you looking for in the computer?

I was looking for some information
on the University of Portland.

What kind of information?

Well, my girlfriend Lisa,
she lives in Portland

and she said that there might be some
openings in medical school for next year.

- Did you find out what you wanted?
- No.

The information wasn't available.

"Brian Carpenter, psychiatrist, St John's
Hospital, Santa Monica, California."

You haven't told me the truth.

Well, I guess you caught me.

I'm sorry, Gerald.

I just didn't feel
like getting into it right now.

What exactly are you looking for?

I was looking
for some information on Charlie

because I asked my father about him
again today.

- And what did he say?
- He said that he died.

But I know it's not true.

Charlie is alive.

I've got a feeling that a lot of what's
going on around here has to do with him.

- Why do you say that?
- Well, for one reason

Well, almost all the women who had been
killed had worked in a psychiatric ward.

Don't you find that odd?

It's stopped raining.
I'd better take you home.

Gerald, I saw a list of doctors and nurses
who had worked in a psychiatric ward.

The name of one of the doctors
was Dr. Philip Martin.

Is that your father?

(Gerald) Come on, let's go.

Gerald, you haven't answered me.
ls Dr. Philip Martin your father?

Philip Martin married my mother
two years after my father died.

To insist on those investments
was sheer suicide.

I warned you twice
about the tremendous risk.

What's my balance?

- I'm bankrupt?
- I'm afraid so, Mrs. Simmons.

You know...

Those bankers can cause more trouble
than the money itself.

I've lost everything.

Don't be depressed.

You're still a very beautiful woman.

Now I'm poor.

Money isn't everything.

Everybody will turn their back on me,
including Richard.

He won't be staying around long
when he finds out about this.

(Dog barking in distance)

(Engine starts)

Get over!

(Brakes screech)



(Whispers) Oh, my God.













No! No!

(Car approaching)

Hey, Richard, what's the problem?
No cockroaches to kill today?

Laura's disappeared.

- What do you mean?
- She's gone.

She's not at the lake house?

Yeah, I just came from there.
Nobody's seen her.

She didn't sleep at the house last night.
Some of her things are missing.

Right, so she left you.
I mean, you were gonna leave her anyway.

- You said you were sick of her.
- You don't understand.

If she left with somebody else,
I don't consider it adultery.

It's robbery.

I just came back from the bank.
There's not a cent in our account.

I mean, she disappeared with everything,
including the car.


Come on, let's go to Grace's,
have a couple of beers.

No, I can't.
I've got a date with Lillian.

Her father's in Patterson with Susan.

You're spending too much time with this
girl on those stupid games that you play.

You know, you're gonna get in trouble and
you're gonna have microchips for brains.


- Have fun tonight.
- (Laughs faintly)

Safe sex.

(indistinct dialogue)

Yes, Mr. Nebbs?

Now I can hear you better.

Were you saying
you were still in Patterson?

Yeah. We'll be arriving late
and I don't want Lillian going home alone.

(Mr. Nebbs) 'Could you please ask the
Morgans if they can take Lillian home?'

I think they've already left.

- But don't worry, I'll take her.
- (Mr. Nebbs) 'Thanks a lot.'

Hold on. I'll call your daughter.

(indistinct dialogue)

- Tell me about the guy on the motorbike.
- He's a sweetheart.

Oh, yeah! He must be.
You spend all your time with him.

Lillian, your father's on the phone.

- I got to go, you guys. See you later.
- (Both) Bye.

- Good night, girls.
- (Both) Good night.

- Father Clinton.
- What's going on, Sam?

Jimmy the dockhand
found the bodies of a man and a woman

in the woods
along the road to the bridge.

The woman's been identified
as Mrs. Simmons.

No... It can't be true!

The man has no ID.
We don't recognize him.

The chief thinks
you might be able to help us out.

We found this in his pocket.

OK, Daddy.

Don't worry, Jimmy'll be with me.

Dad, I got to go.
They're turning the lights out.

OK. I love you too.

OK, I'll see you. Bye.

Hi, Matilda.
Where's Father Clinton?

He had to go with the inspector.
He said that you should wait here for him.

He'll be back in half an hour.

- OK, thanks.
- Alright.


(Car approaching)

Mary Poppins, what are you doing out here
all by yourself?

I'm waiting for Father Clinton
to pick me up.

Come on, I'll drop you off.

- Are you sure?
- Sure.

That'd be great.
OK, thanks.

(Man) Who found the body?

Jim did. He's the black fella
works over at the Nebbs place.

Do you recognize this man, Father?

Yes, It's Christopher Caplin.
The music professor.

I was afraid of that.
Now you got two more, doc.

I'll take care of the bodies.
Tomorrow I'll give you my report.

Boy, this is some son of a...
Sorry, Father.

Seven killings in the past two weeks.
Six women and now a man.

I tell you, this place stinks of death.

- It's really macabre.
- Yeah, that's the word for it.

Thank you, Father.
We won't keep you anymore.

My deputy will run you back
to the chapel.

It's not necessary.
I took the short cut.

I can get there faster on foot.

Be careful.

I won't be alone.

- (Sighs)
- Here, boss.

We found this under her body.

Yarrie Bay.

It's one of those pins those kids wear
that work at the Nebbs place.

This is worth checking.

Alright, on the way back to town
we'll stop at the Nebbs house.

(Computer) 'I'm scared.

'Gerald, please, answer me.

'Gerald, come on,
enough is enough.

'Answer me.'


(Whispers) Jimmy, was that you?

(Door creaks)


(Exhales deeply)



Charlie, is that you?

I'm not Charlie.

Charlie doesn't exist.

You invented him.

- You're Charlie.
- (Gasps) What?

No... God, no! I'm not Charlie, no!

(Gerald) Open the door.

- (Grunts) Stay away from me.
- (Whispers) No.

Now you've got to listen to me, Lillian.

Nobody in town
knows about your medical history.

It's a well-kept secret.

- Listen to me.
- (Groans)

I finally figured out the truth.

You gave me a clue when you borrowed
my computer to check out names.

A last name for somebody
with the last name Nebbs.

- The clinic you found was in Patterson.
- No.

That's where you were.

- (Whispers) No...
- (Whispers) It was.

Come on.

- Here, look.
- (Screams) No!


"Lillian Nebbs was admitted to
the psychiatric ward at the age of eight.

"She fell from a swing
and suffered psycho amnesia."

- Please let go of me!
- No, look!

- You got to know everything.
- No.

"Diagnosis cranial encephalitis.

- I can't!
- (Grunts)

- No!
- "Lillian Nebbs...

"Diagnosis... acute psychopath.

And then at the sanatorium
during your recovery period...

You see,
that's where Charlie was born.


Yes... you need to destroy your past.
You need something to help you.

Shut up! You don't know
what you're talking about!

I know! Look at this!

"Sara Elliot - Psychiatrist."

You killed her because she committed you
to the mental hospital.

No, I...

"Mirna Dobson - Traumatologist."

- She was your doctor in Cavendish.
- No...

"Mary West - Waitress.
Katherine Trevor - Nurse."

She was the nurse they assigned to you.

"Maureen Adams -
Encephalogram Specialist."

- No...
- "Rita Miller - Hairdresser."

You killed this one
because she slept with your father.

No, I didn't kill her!

No, look at this.
"Laura Simmons - Artist."

And this one because she wanted
to marry your father.

"Anna Bixby."

Don't you see?

You are Charlie.

It'll all come together for you soon.
When it's not so threatening.

- What?
- We can start all over again.

Without Charlie.
Without dead people.

Do you understand me?

Don't worry, Lillian.
Everything's gonna be alright.

I'm here.
And soon you're gonna be cured.

And this time I mean really cured.

I love you, Lillian.

I love you.

I can't! Let go of me.

You can't fool me like you fooled
the others. You're Charlie.

What are you talking about?

Now put that thing down.
You're sick.

You need help.
I'll help you.

- Murderer!
- Stop it, Lillian.

I'm not Charlie.
My God, you are!

For God's sake, stop it.

No. No...

It's me, Gerald.

Try to think. Come on, now!

(Grunts, yells)

(Lillian screams)

- (Screams)
- Lillian! Listen to me.

- Listen to me.
- No!

We can get out of this town.

- No.
- Find somebody who can help you.

- Lillian?
- (Gasping)

- (Sirens blare)
- Go somewhere real nice...


- You'll see...
- (Gasps)


No! No! No!

Right, spread out.

- Bob, cover the back.
- (Lillian) No!

(Lillian screaming)

(Gerald shouting)

That's Nebbs' kid... and that biker.

No more, Sam.
No more!

Shh, it's alright.

It'll be alright.
The nightmare's over.

There'll be no more murders
in this town.

♪ The other night here in this town

♪ Something weird took place

♪ They say that a woman died

♪ No one knows why

♪ Everybody is suspecting

♪ Anybody could have been

♪ I said, hey, you,
where were you yesterday?

♪ I said, hey, you,
where were you yesterday?

♪ Having him in front of you

♪ You know what is here

♪ Crying, praying for your mercy

♪ But it's no good

♪ Everybody is suspecting

♪ Anybody could have been

♪ I said, hey, you,
where were you yesterday?

♪ I said, hey, you,
where were you yesterday?

♪ Oh, hey, you,
where were you yesterday?

♪ Hey, you,
where were you yesterday?

♪ I said, hey, you,
where were you yesterday?

♪ I said, hey, you,
where were you yesterday?