Edge of Winter (2016) - full transcript

Elliot Baker seizes the chance to develop a better relationship with his sons when his ex-wife, Karen, and her new husband take a vacation and leave the boys with him. What starts as a bonding opportunity turns into a nightmarish adventure when they get stranded in a deserted cabin near the lake as night falls and a snowstorm rages. Bradley, 15, and Caleb, 12, quickly learn more about their father and what they truly mean to him in this gripping tale of family and survival

[woman on TV, faint]

...he said... will only
continue to grow.

[woman #2 speaking, faint]

...finding new ways to get
more likes and stand out online.

[woman #1] Stephanie
Underwood, Channel 2 News.

I tried to pay that,
I told that to the other woman.

I tried to pay that, but it didn't
go through for some reason.

[woman #3 on TV] At Able Property
Resales, we're a promotional company

connecting reputable buyers...
You're not billing?

...with no closing costs...
Wait, wait!

...no commissions,
and no hidden fees.

Able Property Resales
is the only way

to sell your timeshare.

Or if you're interested
in buying...

[man on phone] This is
Accounts Receivable Management,

a debt collection company.

This is an attempt
to collect a debt,

and any information obtained
will be used for that purpose.

Please contact me at...


[vehicle approaches, stops]

[vehicle doors opening]

[doors close]

[knocking on door]


Come on.

What'd you do to yourself?

This? This is nothing.

Guy back in September, he got tangled
up in the bailer, took his whole arm off.

Cool. [woman] No, it's not.

[man] The cast comes off
next week. It'll be good as new.


Oh, hey, you trying
to break the other one?

Uh, Ted says a firm handshake
shows strong character.

[man] Oh, so that's been
my problem all this time.

How's this? How's this, huh? Oh!


Stop it.

[woman] Love what you've
done with the place. Yeah.

Feng shui and the motifs
over there and everything.

Maybe you should be a decorator.
You have some spare time now.

[man] You know, Elliot,
if you're interested,

I could talk to my guys down at the
warehouse, see if they could use a hand.

I'm good. Thanks, Ted.

Okay, come say good-bye.

You ever go... You ever go
on any kind of cruise?

It's not my thing. I don't
want to be stuck on a boat

with 2,000 rich assholes
for a week.

And that norovirus thing
going around? What's that?

It's killer diarrhea.

It's just a stomach bug
that we are not gonna get

'cause, you know,
we wash our hands.

All right, eat a vegetable
at some point.

Have a good one, big
guy. You too. Yeah, see ya.

Take care. Nice to see you.
[woman] I'll just be a second.

Hey. You sure
you're good with this?

My mom called again
this morning,

said she's more than happy
to come and help if you need it.


Thanks for the vote of
confidence, but I got this.

All right.

Love you.
Bye, Mom.

Love you, too.

[man] Hey, so how are
things with the two of you?

[woman chuckling]

Yeah, we're not doing this.

I just don't get it. I know
you don't. Have fun.

[engine starts]

All right. Now the party
can start. [vehicle departing]

This place is a lot smaller
than your last place.

So, where are we gonna sleep?

I figured you guys could just take
my bed, and I'll crash on the couch.

He snores.
At least I don't wet the bed.

That was, like, three
years ago. [chuckles]

You're gonna figure it out.

What do you want to do today?
Anything, just not bowling again.

He just doesn't want to go
because he sucks. Shut up, Caleb.

I always beat him.
You have pancakes?

We just ate. Yeah,
but he's a growing boy.

He needs to eat all the time.
Go get your stuff put away,

and I'll see if I can get you
some pancakes, all right? [sighs]

Put this over there.

No, keep your crap on
your side of the room. Idiot.

Well, don't throw things
at me then.


Look at this.


Give me that.


It's loaded. Easy, easy.
Give me it!

[faint chatter]

How do you, like,
put the bullets in it?

What the fuck are you doing?
[boys gasp]

No, I didn't. Shut up.

You cannot play with this!

Well, you shouldn't
have left it out then.

I didn't.
It was under the bed!

I'm sorry I yelled.

You said "fuck."

Either of you ever...
Ever shot one of these before?

I was about your age
when my dad taught me.

What if I took you boys out?

Really? Every man should know
how to safely use and respect a gun.

Mom would freak out.
No, she won't.

'Cause she'll never know.


Yeah, we could go up north
to our old logging site.

Get some fresh air,
make men out of you boys.

Ted sure as hell
ain't going to. Yeah.

Is that something you'd
be into? Yeah. Say yes.

Come on.

Uh, yeah. Sure.

All right.
Okay, grab your coats.

Yeah! Yes!

Come on.

Come on.

There's some Pop-Tarts in the
glove box if you guys are hungry.

Do you know how much sugar
is in those things?

Yep. That's what makes them
so damn delicious.

Did your hand get stuck
in the machine, too?


It got stuck in my boss's face.


Don't go telling your mom,
but yeah.

He thought he could just
get away with firing everybody

and replacing us with
these damn robots. Right.

So destroying the forest
faster than ever.

That's kinda the point.

So you're not worried
about killing the environment?

"Killing the environment"?

What, are you gonna stop
using toilet paper? [chuckles]

Are you going to stop breathing?

The point is, you gotta
stand up for what's right.

You can't just let people
push you around, you know?

That-That's the way
the world really works.

[phone buzzing]

Hey, Mom.

No, yeah, we're just, uh,
learning how the world works.

We're going for pancakes.

Don't worry.
Yeah, we will. Okay.

Okay, I love you, too. Bye.



All right, grab some snacks

and, uh, whatever
you want to drink.

Here. These are for me. Uh-huh.

And I'm gonna fill up the truck.

Oh, no, that's cool.

Ted gave us a card for
emergencies and stuff. [scoffs]

Well, this is not an
emergency. Take it.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[phone chimes]

[inhales deeply]

[exhales deeply]


How... How much was it?

What'd you guys get?

You know, snacks and stuff.

Shit. Where's my phone?
Your precious phone is safe.

You can't just take it.

I want to spend some time
with you.

I don't want your phone
to get all the attention.

You'll get it back
when we get home, okay?

We close?

Mm, not quite.

Here we go.


We came all this way.

[revs engine]

What are you doing?

[engine revving]

Do it.

[chanting] Do it! Do it! Do it!
Do it! My hands are tied here.

Everybody knows you can't
refuse the "do it, do it" chant.

[gearshift clicking]

Go! Go!

Stop, Dad! You can
do it, Dad. You can do it.

[Caleb laughing]

That was awesome!
That was crazy.


Did that cop see us?


You're such a dick.
You totally went for it.

I'd give you up.
I'd give you up in a heartbeat.

"I'm sorry, Officer. I was
just tryin' to get to church.

This little one right here was
doing the 'do it, do it, do it' chant."

[all laugh]


Welcome to my office.


Man, I love it out here.

I wish I could just move up here
and live off the land.

Let's do it, huh?

No more responsibilities, no
school. [Bradley] I like school.

[Elliot] Come on,
nobody likes school.

All right, have a seat.

What's the first rule of
gun safety? No drinking?

Don't shoot anybody?

Yeah, that is absolutely the
first rule: Don't shoot anyone.

So, always keep the gun
pointed downrange,

and you keep the safety on
until you're ready to fire, okay?

And that's this little button
right here. See the red?

That means the safety's off,
and it's ready to fire.

So red, you're dead.
"Red, you're dead." Cool.

Okay. Ready to
give it a shot? Yeah.

Oldest first.


Pull the lever there.

Yeah, and drop it in.

Make sure it's seated.
There you go. Snap it shut.


Just shoot it anywhere?

You gotta keep it snug.

[rifle fires]


I thought you shot yourself!

Oh, my God!

I told you to keep it
snug. [groaning continues]

All right, well, now we know
that this isn't a toy, right?

Where you going?

You just gonna go off
and cry about it?

Guess it's my turn.

Hey, have a damn sense of humor.

Can you just give me
a minute, please?


Hey, what's the matter
with you? It was him.

This little guy right...

[overlapping shouting]

You blame me for everything!

You're ganging up on me
with your cheap shots?

Okay, that's how you
wanna play? Hey! No!

That's how you wanna
play? [yelling] Wait up! No!

No, no, no, wait!

I hit him!

Winner! Winner!
[Caleb laughing]

Caleb, stop!

He's soaked! [laughing]
[Caleb laughing]

Not funny. [Elliot] Well,
we're both laughing.

We're just playing...
Hey, come on.

Come on, we were just
playing around. Yeah, sorry.


Want my coat?

[Elliot] He'll be fine. Come on.

[door closes]


[faint chatter]

All right!
Brad, I hit it!


Come on out here!

[rifle fires]


All right! Nice shot.

Hey, can we go?
I gotta use the bathroom.

Go write your name in the snow.
The whole world's your toilet.

Want a sip?

You sure?


[gags softly]

You like it?

It's not that bad.


Dad let me have a
sip of his beer. Great.

You just gonna rat me
out like that? [mutters]

Hey. Just hit the target once,
and then we can go, all right?


All right. Caleb,

show him how it's done.

Okay, so basically,
you wanna widen your stance,

and just mash it into, like, the
squishy part of your shoulder.

[Elliot] Hey. And
you just line it...



Hey. Look.


Caleb, don't...

Nice shot!



[rifle blow lands]

Look at that.

What, was I supposed
to just let him suffer?

What did you think
was gonna happen?

I didn't think I'd hit it.

Jesus, you boys are soft.

Fine, let's just...
Let's just go. Let's go.

You okay?


You've been drinking.


[chuckles, mutters]

[keys jingling]

You drive.

He doesn't have a license.
He's gotta learn sometime.

All right.

[door opens]

So Ted never taught you?

Like Ted would ever let him
drive the car. [engine starts]

You just go slow and
keep it steady. You got this.

[gearshift clicking]

Okay. And this...
Release the hand brake.

Slowly pull out.


There you go.

Now you're driving.

You're doing good.

If you need to step on the brake,
just press slowly on the brake.

Don't step on it 'cause
it's ice. It'll just skid. Okay.

You're doing good.

You all right?
Yeah, yeah.

Sure you don't want me
to take over?

No, I'm good. I'm fine.

He drives like a grandmother.
Let me try.

You couldn't see
over the steering wheel.

Hey, cut it out! Stop
it. Hey, cut it out.

Just quit it!
Quit playin' around!

[all grunting]

[all breathing heavily]

Holy shit! Are you okay? Yeah.

Sorry, I didn't... I just...
I don't know...

Oh, f...


Fucking told you
not to play around!


All right.
All right, turn the ignition on.

Put it in reverse.

[engine starts]

Okay. Give it some gas!
[grunts] [engine revving]

Give it some gas. More!

A little more!

[engine revs]


[shuts engine off]

It's fine.

It's fine.
Are we stuck out here?

What's the knife for?

Now, you come with me, Caleb.

Oh, shit!

Okay. Awesome. Oh.



Oh, fuck. Come on!

Really jam it in there.
There you go. Like that?

Okay. Back up. All right,
Brad, give it some gas.

[engine revving]


We clear?
[engine revving]


[revving continues]

Okay, okay.

[revving stops]


It's not great,

but it'll help
keep the cold out.

We can turn the car on now and then,
but we can't keep it running all night.

How come you left Mom?


Mm, mm...

What'd she say?

That you left because
we were more mature than you.


Yeah, well... I mean...

She's not wrong.


You know, back then, I...
I didn't want to have kids.

I mean, I hadn't really
thought about it, you know?

I wasn't more than a couple
years older than you guys.


And then, you know,
Mom got pregnant,

and she didn't want to,
you know...

She wanted to keep it.

But now, it's so different.

I mean, I know to you guys,
it's just, you know,

being away from your friends
and video games and shit.

But to me...

it's... it's the best thing
in my life.

I mean, you guys
are the best thing in my life.

It's pretty much the only thing I
haven't screwed up yet. [chuckles]

That's why, you know,

this little adventure that
we're out on... [chuckles]

Your mom and Ted,
they can't find out about this.

You know? I don't think

they'd let us hang out anymore.

You know, I-I just...

You know, I just can't
let that happen.



What's going on?

Mom, um... Mom was gonna
tell you when we got back.

Caleb, you're not supposed
to say anything.

[stammering] What do
you mean, said not to tell?

Tell what?

Ted got a promotion,
and we're moving.





I mean, what?

That's... That's crazy.


London. Y-You're...

You're... You're moving to
London? We don't want to go.

Of course not. Yeah, all
our friends are here and stuff.

No. You're not...
You're not moving to London.

I-I'll talk to your mom. You're...
You're not moving anywhere.

We leave
at the end of the month.

Wh... What, you're just...

They can't do that.

What, they're just gonna... just gonna
drag you away halfway across the world?

What... And I never
get to see you again?

That's insane! I mean,
you're my kids! You're my kids!

Ted said he would help you buy a
ticket, though, if you want to come visit.

Oh, fucking Ted's gonna help me.


It's okay, Dad.


[blow lands on steering wheel]

No, no!

Aah! No!
Dad, no...

Aah! Aah! It's...
It's okay. It's okay.

Fuck! No, no! Dad, stop.
What are you doing, Dad?

Aah! No!


[crying out]

Dad, what are you doing? Dad,
stop it! Please! [blows landing]


[breathing heavily]

Dad, don't...


[door closes]



Dad, what are you...





I'm fine.

I'm fine.

We're the only ones out here.

More than 30 miles.

Just listen.

All the sound
just gets swallowed up.

It's incredible.

I feel like we're on the moon.

Dad, you okay?


Everything's gonna be all right.

Look what I found.

Put it on.

Here's a blanket.
Thank you.

Okay, let's try
to get some sleep.

We got an early morning


Stop snoring.

You stop moving.

What are you doing?

Will you quit it?



Where did he go, Brad?

I'm so cold.

[engine grinding]

Oh, shit, come on, please.

[grinding continues]
Come on.

What's wrong?
It's not turning on.

He just went to get help, right?

I don't know. Maybe.
[banging on vehicle]

[human barking]


Oh, funny.
Who'd you think it was?

Bradley thought you were Big
Foot. Where have you been?

I went for a hike to scout
things out. Did you find help?

No, but a couple years ago, we were
set up on the other side of this valley.

And we went hunting one weekend,
and there's a cabin down there.

I think that's our best bet.
So grab all the stuff.

How is that our best bet?
We've gotta go back

to the highway and try
and find help from there.

No, no. Hey, grab
the stuff out there.

Now, we're too far
from the road.

We can't be out in the cold for that long,
and this truck isn't gonna keep us warm.

What about food?
I'm starving.

Yeah, we'll find
something there.

Just grab what you can carry.
Essentials only.

We gotta keep it light. Gonna
be slow going in the snow.

Yeah, but how are we gonna
find this place?

Where's your sense of adventure?


Let's go.

This is bullshit.


This way.
How do you know?

See these branches?
They're bigger on this side.

They get more sun.
Less stress from the north wind.

It means they point south.

Come on.

How much further is it?


Hey, should we really keep going if
we're not sure where we're headed?

You got a better idea?

This is the right way.
I know I'm right.

Come on.

Come on.

Keep an eye out for the cabin.
We should be getting close.

I know it's here somewhere.
Come on.

[distant whirring]

Hey, wait, wait... Wait a minute.

Shut up.

[whirring continues]


Can you not hear that?

Well, what was it?

I just... Shouldn't we go
and check it out?

[whirring stops]

It's gone.

Come on.

We should go and find them, no?

Come on.

[wind howling]

[exhales forcefully]
[grunts loudly]

I know.
Try not to think about it.



Finally! Yes!

Told ya!








Dad, get me out!
Caleb, stay back!

Get off the ice, now!



Hello! Hello!



[both gasping]


Come on.

I got you guys some blankets.
You gotta... You gotta make a fire!

Get them off!

[coughing continues]

Here, here...

I can't... See if you
can find some matches.

Come on, Caleb, hurry up!

[items clattering]

I'm so cold.

Look over there.
Hurry up!

Matches, matches...

Get your hands up.

Oh, here!

Here they go.

[Bradley breathing heavily]

It's working.

It's working, it's working!

[continues breathing heavily]


I got...

[door closes]


[Caleb] Why would anybody
want to live all the way out here?


Well, people mostly use it

for hunting
or ice fishing or something,

and you can leave it
in the same shape you found it.


We'll have to chop up
some more wood before we leave.

When will that be?

[Bradley coughing]

I don't know.

I fucked up.

I fucked up.

[cries softly]

It's okay.

We're having fun.

I thought I was gonna lose you.

I thought I was gonna lose you.


Dad, it's okay.


[grunts, exhales forcefully]



[inhales deeply]


J-Just come back to the fire.

You don't have...

It's okay. I just...
I just need to sleep.

I can't lose you guys.

I just can't.

[Elliot snoring]

Was this your card?

Yeah, it was.

Okay, one second.

How about this one?
Was it that one?

[creaking, rattling]

[Bradley] What is
that? I don't know.


Wh-What is it?

[rattling continues]


[rifle cocking]

[rattling intensifies]

[Elliot] What? Dad!

Jesus Christ!


Who the fuck...
Who the fuck are you?

[speaking French] Look,
does he know what he's doing?

Yeah, you're fine.

Whoa! What the
fuck you doing here?

[speaking French]
Hey, hey...

Hey, you talk English.
What the hell you doing here?

Look, we've been out here
hunting for three days, all right?

We tried to leave earlier, but
we couldn't get the truck out.

Hey, Brad, get their guns.

Brad, get their guns now!

Put them in the back room.

It's okay.
It's okay. Just...

[exhales forcefully]

So where's your truck?

On the access road, just
around the cabin, down that trail.

I don't... Look, I'm Richard.

Okay? This is Luke.

[speaking French]

Stop talking French, okay?
[speaking French]

Hey! Parlez anglais,
s'il vous plaƮt.

He's... He just said
we were here first, okay?

We can share.

It'll be all right.

Listen to your son, okay?

It's not even
your fucking cabin, man.

[Caleb] We can't just leave
them out there. It's freezing.

[whispers in French]

[door closes]

[Richard] What are you
boys doing up here, anyway?

[Caleb] He was teaching
us to shoot. Yeah?

[Bradley coughing]

Are you okay?

[Caleb] He fell through
the ice. It was crazy.

No shit. Have some of this.
Soothe your throat.

Are you out of
your fucking mind?

They're kids.

Hey, man, relax.
I'm just tryin' to help.

You go over there
in the corner and relax.

You boys go in the back room
and get some sleep.

We're not tired.

[scoffs, blows raspberry softly]

Man, we just...
You want some of this?

[boys chattering]


You all right?

When are we leaving?
I don't know.

I'm starving.
[door opens]


[Richard, Luke chattering,

Here. Just to be safe.

[muffled chattering continues]

What do you think they want?

What do you mean?

Come here. Tell me
what they're saying.

Uh, they're talking really fast.

Something about their truck.
Maybe just getting their truck.

Where'd you learn
how to speak French?

I hate French class.

All right. Go lie down.

[chattering continues]



Where's... Where's my dad?

I don't know.
I got up, and he was gone.

Well, where you going?

I'm just gonna go see if I
can get this truck outta here.

Can I come with you?
Ah, nah.

Look, I think you should
stay here. How's your brother?

He's still... He's still asleep.

Good. Well, just keep
that fire going,

and I'm sure your dad
will be back soon, okay?

[engine starts]

Breaker 1-9, come in.

Breaker 1-9, anybody home?

Breaker 1-9, anybody there?


Anyone there? Do you
read me? Do you copy?

Do you copy?
Repeat back.

Do you copy?





[truck door closes]

Holy shit!

You scared the hell outta me.

What are you doing?

Just tryin' to get
this thing outta here.

You want to give me a hand?

Do you mind giving it some gas?


All right, go for it.

[engine revving]

Whoa, whoa! Easy!

What are you doing?

You all right, man?

Look, why don't you
try pushing, huh?

All right.

Hey, man. Look, we're gonna
get your kids outta here.

Okay? I promise.

All right? Everything's
gonna be okay. Just...

Just give it a push.


[man speaks, distorted]


Hello? Hello. Can...

Listen, can you hear me?
We're stranded out here.

We got some kids here
that need help.

[man speaks, distorted]

We're on a logging road...
What's your location?

About 50 miles...


[CB radio clattering]
[keys jingle]

What the fuck?

You're gonna... You're gonna...

You're gonna take them away.

Look, it...
Can, um...

Wait! Wait! Wait!

I don't wanna hurt you!

[shouting] Luke! Shh!

What the fuck! What
the fuck! Stop. Stop.

Luke! Luke!

Ugh! What the fuck is wrong
with you? Please stop. Please stop.

Get off! What the fuck?
Get off me!

Stop it! Stop it!
[muffled shouting]

Stop it!


Stop! Stop! Stop it!
[muffled shouting]

I don't wanna hurt you!


[muffled shouting]



[head thuds]



Hey, wake up!

Wake up! Wake up!

Look at that!

Okay, put it in the pile.


He should be back.

Maybe I, uh...
I go check on him, okay?

Well, should I come too?
No, no, no.


You wait here,
all right? Okay.



Hey, man.

Where's everybody at?

It's just us.

Dad's been gone all day.

Where'd he go?

I don't know.

He's okay, right?



[breathing heavily]



[rifle fires]

Caleb, wait!

Wait! Wait!

Dad! Dad, where are you?



Hey. Come here.
What happened?

Caleb, come here.
Come here.

Come on. Come here.


This thing could feed us
for weeks.

Here. Just hold that.
Hold that.

[knife blow lands]




[stifled gag]

Richard, where is he?

I don't know what you're saying.

He's not at the truck.
He should be back.

Hey, what's going on? Hey,
go back inside of the house.

Is he at the cabin?


You do something to him?

My English,
you don't understand.

Go inside, everything's fine.

Just go back to the house.

No, you're coming with me.

Everybody come with me.

They're not gonna come with you.

You're outta your fucking
mind! [speaking French]

[speaking French]


Dad, you...

[speaking French]

[cocking rifle]

[Bradley] Stop, Dad!
[speaking French]

Luke, run!
Dad, don't shoot!

Get off. Get off!
Dad, stop!


Get back to the house.

Caleb, come on!

Come on, Caleb! Come!

Do you think he's okay?

Where's the other guy?

What was he talking about?

I was trying to scare them off.

[Caleb] Okay.

I'm trying to keep
you safe, okay? Okay.

Just stay here. They're
still out there somewhere.

Give me that bag.

We can't just leave him here.

Look, he doesn't want to leave,


Why are there two sets?
I don't know.

Come on, we just gotta go.


This doesn't look like
the way we came.

We shouldn't be here.

You're the one
that made us leave.

I mean we shouldn't have come
out here in the first place.

You wanted to shoot the gun,

Yeah, I know, but...

If we had left when I said, none
of this would have happened.

You were just too busy trying
to be Dad's best friend.

Oh, come... I'm sorry, Caleb.
Please, look.

We gotta stick together if we
wanna get outta here, okay?

You don't know
where you're going.

Think somebody's just gonna
come save us?

No, but you don't wanna get
any more lost.

We can't get any more lost.

You just left me.

We were gonna try to find help.

We gotta stick together.

You can't just leave me.

Yeah, well, we were gonna
come back for you, Dad.

I promise.

Say something.

Do you have any idea what
could happen to you out here?

Look, we're sorry.
Look, I'm your father!

It's my job to protect you.

[laughs under breath]

You think that's funny?

You got something
you want to say to me?

You got something
you want to say to me?

Say it.

You think I'm a shitty father?

Hm? Say it.


You think I'm a shitty dad?

Say it. Yeah?

Say it.

You're a shitty dad.

There you go.

You gonna say it
like a little pussy,

or are you gonna say
it like a man?


Say it again.

Say it.

Say it! Say it!

There you go.

There you go. There you go.
Fuck you. Come on! Fucking...!

Say it.

Say it!

You think I'm a
shitty father? No!

You think I'm a shitty father?
Say it! Say it!

Get off me!
Say it!

Huh? Say it. I'm a
shitty father. Say it.

Get off me, please!
Say it!

Say it!

You're a shitty father!
There you go!

Let him go, please!
Get off me!


Shh, shh, shh...



[coughing continues]

Fuck off.



[creaking noises]

[banging against door]

[rattling doorknob]

Dad? Dad!


Stay back.


Hey, we could smash out the

It's too loud. He'd hear it.

We could...
we could build a bonfire.

Maybe a helicopter
will come find us.

[chopping outside]

[chopping continuing]

[Elliot grunting]

[chopping stops]

What... where's he going?

[floorboards creaking]

Give me that thing.


There you go.

Try to get the other one.


Come on.
Shh, shh.

Can you fit?

I don't know.

Go on.

Do you need a hand?
I don't think so.

Hey, can you see anything?
Is there a way out?

I don't know.



Oh, my God! Brad! Bradley!

[muffled yelling]


He's not... Shh, shh.
Okay. What do you... what?

Okay, just...
He's not... he's not moving.

I don't know what happened.
That other guy, he's...

Brad, he's dead.

Listen, you can't wait.

I'll figure something out and
come find you. You gotta go.

[wood chopping, clattering]

What's going on in there?

Nothing. We're fine.

You feeling okay?
Better, thanks. We're okay.

I'm chopping a bunch of wood so it's
gonna be warm in here in a couple minutes.

Say something, say something!
Great, thank you.


Okay, okay. The keys.
Here, take these.

Find their truck
and go get help, okay?

I... Shh-shh, come on, come on.

Hey, look, I know you don't
wanna go on your own,

but you have to, okay?

You don't have a choice.

You gotta go.
You gotta get help, okay?

It can't be far.


Okay, okay.


[Elliot] Caleb?
He's sleeping.

Is he mad at me?

He's just tired.
He's fine.

I'm trying to keep
you safe. Yeah.

Yeah, we're... yeah.
Of course.

As long as we stay here
together, we'll be okay.

You gotta trust me.


[rattling, thumping]




[speaking French]

Where's your father?

He has Bradley
back at the cabin.

You need to get us out of here.

I dug the truck out.
Richard has the keys.

Where did you find them?

My dad had them.

Get in.
I'm not leaving my brother.

Okay. Oh, shit.





Bradley! Brad!




Come here.
No! Dad, please! Dad! Stop!

Hey! They're gonna
find us, you know?

We can't leave.

We can't go back.

They're gonna take you away.

I know what I'm doing.

[muffled grunting]

They'll find us.

It's gonna be okay.

[Caleb] Dad!



Don't look at me like that.

If... if we stay here,

can you teach us to go fishing?

And to hunt?

We can make it work. [Bradley]
Caleb, what are you doing?

Yeah, it'll be fun. Right?

We can rebuild the house, and...

Just us.

It'll be okay.

Yeah. Of... of course.

We can go hunting,
we can go fishing,

we can do whatever you want.


Go! Go! Get out of here!

Come on! Quickly!

Faster, let's go!


[speaking French]
[grunting, punching]



Dad... Come on, come on,
come on! Caleb, come on!


Where are the keys, Caleb?

Come on, come on!

Come on. Come on,
please! Hurry, hurry!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Hey, where are you going?

What the fuck are you doing?

Lock the door! Go,
go, go! [engine starts]

We've gotta stay together!

Get off him!
I'm your father!

Please don't leave me!
Get off, Dad! Please!

Get off me!


Stop it! Stop!
How can you leave me?

You're hurting him! You're
hurting him! It's only us now!

Get off!
Don't leave!



We'll be okay.