Edge of Seventeen (1998) - full transcript

A gay teen finds out who he is and what he wants, who his friends are, and who loves him, in this autobiographical tale set in middle America in the 1980s. Growing up, learning about life, love, sex, friends, and lovers.

Five, four, three, two, one!

Have a nice summer, people.

Don't hurry back.

This is Principal O'Connor

wishing you a happy
and safe summer.

Later, rejects.

Thank God it's summer.

This is Randy Giraldo,

coming at you from
the edge of Lake Erie.

First day of summer
shaping up to be a...

let's get some good old
Sandtown kicks

back into high gear.

Check out.. the biggest,
the baddest water flume

in the US of A,
the Logjammer.

Wanna wish a
Sandusky High School

graduating class of
'84 well as they...

caps and gowns this
afternoon out at...

NNVacation Land 103.7, Sandusky.



♪♪ Oh Mickey you're so fine ♪

♪ You're so fine
you blow my mind hey Mickey ♪

♪ Hey Mickey ♪

♪ Oh Mickey you're so fine ♪

♪ You're so fine you blow my
mind hey Mickey ♪

♪ Hey Mickey ♪

♪ Oh Mickey you're so fine ♪

♪ You're so fine you blow my
mind hey Mickey ♪♪

Eric, you're gonna be late.

Can't get the crease
out of these pants.

I look like 1977.

You look nice.

Brown plaid?


It's not so bad.

Look at this.

Yeah it's hideous.

Polyester in that
summer heat?

Check out
the pockets!

You gotta be kidding me.

Oh, let me straighten
your tag a little.

There's your dad.

Kodak moment.

Oh, Mom.

Stand up straight.

Turn your head a
little to the left.

Take the picture.


Hey, Johnny Bravo.

Groovy outfit.

Are you gonna work on
the roller coaster?

I wish.

You gotta be 18
for rides, though.

I want a good one.

♪ You take me by the heart
when you take me by the hand ♪

♪ Oh Mickey you're so
pretty can't you understand ♪

Here you go.

Just put her through
the wash for you.

Bet she looks the same.


Here's your
lunch, honey.

Thank you.

You do know I'm working
at a restaurant, right?

Can I come too?

Not this time, kiddo.

Not this time.

You know your name
tag is crooked?

♪ Oh Mickey what a pity
you don't understand ♪

♪ You take me by the heart
when you take me by the hand ♪

♪ Oh Mickey you're so pretty
can't you understand ♪

♪ It's guys like you Mickey ♪

♪ Oh what you do
Mickey do Mickey ♪

♪ Don't break my
heart Mickey ♪

♪ Oh Mickey you're
so fine ♪

♪ You're so fine
you blow my mind ♪

♪ Hey Mickey hey Mickey ♪

♪ Oh Mickey you're so fine ♪

♪ You're so fine
you blow my mind ♪

♪ Hey Mickey hey Mickey ♪

♪ Oh Mickey you're so fine ♪

♪ You're so fine you
blow my mind hey Mickey ♪

♪ Oh Mickey what a pity you
don't understand ♪

♪ You take me by the heart when
you take me by the hand ♪

♪ Oh Mickey you're so pretty
can't you understand ♪

♪ It's guys like you Mickey ♪

♪ Oh what you do Mickey ♪

♪ Do Mickey don't break
my heart Mickey ♪

This is gonna be so cool.

And a little bit more.

And that is our rib
chicken combo platter.

Now, very important to
comprehend the rib policy.

Our guests will often
request additional ribbage,

which we are proud to
serve at $1.10 per bone.

That's per bone, thank you.

And remember, always upsell.

Can I suggest a fresh piece

of corn on the cob
with that today, sir?

Isn't that attractive?



There is no laughter.

Laughter is not permitted on
company time, Maggie.


Is Eric your boyfriend?



Best friend.

Best friend.

He seems to be in violation of
Crystal Shores' dress code.

One, two,
three, four...

Cows getting outta the
barn, yeah!

All right, listen up.

This isn't gonna be
a cakewalk here.

I mean, we don't have the
status of the rides jobs

or the glamour
of the live shows.

We are food service.

We are one step
above toilets.

But we are gonna have

the motherfucking summer
of our lives.


Come on!

We're grubbers now!

Love of God.

Fire up, kids!


Hello, can we get
some service here?

- Yes, sir.
- Give me that chicken and rib platter thing.

The chicken rib combo dinner.



Potato logs.

Is that all
the ribs I get?

Where's the fucking
beef, dude?

Uh, extra ribs, sir,
are $1.10 per bone.

$1.10 per bone?

Fuck that!

♪♪ Oh give me two strong
arms to protect myself ♪

♪ Ooh give me so much love
that I forget myself ♪

♪ I need to swing
from limb to limb ♪

♪ To relieve this
mess I'm in ♪

♪ 'Cause when depression
starts to win ♪♪

Where's the fucking
beef, dude?

Hey, I'm Rod.

That had to happen right
in front of everybody.

Angie said you go
to Ohio State.

Hotel management.

So rewarding.

Maggie and I will
probably go there.

We want to study music.


My dream is to go to
New York, but megabucks.

Music's like, my favorite
thing in the world.

Annie Lennox is a freak.

You don't like her?

I'm more into Madonna.

Madonna, oh.

She seems cool.

She your girlfriend?

Um, not really.

Well, I dunno.

She's cute.


You have a girlfriend?


His name's Danny.

Actually, we kind
of just broke up.

I got my-- break.

Break's over.

Do I smell or something?


Maggie's here.

Did it turn out?

I haven't mixed it yet.

You'll have to wait.

You are such a tease.



What's different in here?

It's pretty cool.

You're not planning
on abandoning me

at Ohio State, are you?

I don't know.

I feel like you could
have taken Debbie down.


Debbie rocks, forever.

You are so ill.

I'm going to
borrow your jeans.

Don't look.

Me and Rod had to close
the entire dining room

all by ourselves.

Rod makes me laugh.

College people are
just way cooler

from all the
rejects around here.

Oh, my God.

Guess what Frieda
told me.

She overheard Angie and Rod
talking in the walk-in.

Rod's gay.

And you know how
Angie supposedly

has that boyfriend
John or whatever?

Frieda said that um,
John is really Joanne.

I was like, what, did they
assign all the gay people

to the grub wagon
or something?



I don't know.

I hate how my
hair looks.


Your hair?

You hate how
your hair looks?

If I ask you something,

promise not to
think I'm retarded?


Do you think...

Do you think I'm cute?

Andy, take that
outside, will you?


What was that?


Pussy fart!

♪♪ Good goodbye ♪

♪ Where does it go from here ♪

♪ Is it down to the lake
I fear ♪

♪ Ay yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah ♪

♪ Ay yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah ♪

♪ Ring ring ring ring
ring ring ring ring ♪

♪ La la love plus one ♪♪

Your mom is gonna kill me.

Are you ready?

Wait, wait, wait,
I wanna see something.

Just tell me
it's not a Mohawk.

Promise not to scream.

Oh, why do you
do this to me?

All right.





I think I like it.


I told your hair
looked nicer short.

Shows off your eyes.

You don't hate me?

I actually like it.

Well, thank you.



I can't believe I've
spent my whole summer

with my hand up
a chicken's ass.

Actually, I've
enjoyed it.

Must be second nature.

Excuse me, please.


It's going to be a busy,
inconvenient day,

so make that
cuttage quick.

Lover god.


My little lovey, he's
getting so handsome.

Mag cut it.

You look like
David Bowie.

Give me a hand?

Pie break!

Rod, shit, they
could fire you.

Fuck 'em.

Summer's almost over.

Can't forget the
whipped cream.


I love your hair.

When you were out
on break today,

we all had to clean
the chicken oven

and Angie started going
around asking everybody

about their first time.

Having sex?

Yeah, what else does
Angie ever talk about?

And Frieda freaked
out and ran off

and was hiding
in the walk-in.

And then Angie turns,
Angie turns to me

in front of everybody
and she goes,

"Lovey, how is your
cherry situation?"

What did you say?


Don't, don't be mad.



I said that we did it.

You and me?


What was I
supposed to say?

In front of everybody, yes, we
are total sexual rejects?

Here you go,
try and enjoy it.

That was really nice.

Oh, come on.

Eric, don't hate me.

Maggie, please.

I don't hate you.


Would it be that bad?

No, it wouldn't
be bad, it's...

It's like...

I mean...


You should have seen
Rod's face though,

when I said it.

I think he was jealous.

Of what?

I think he likes you.

No he does not.

Why are you
being weird?

Shut up, I'm not
being weird.

You are being so weird.
I'm not.

Yes you are.
I am not.

Yes you are.

I am not.

How's your cherry
situation, dear?

♪ Rock and roll animal ♪

♪ The music is my bride ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm a rock and roll
animal ♪

♪ Don't get in my way ♪

♪ Get in my way
oh, no ♪

♪ Tell me why ♪

♪ Tell me why ♪


Can you knock?

Scare you?


can you go downstairs...

♪ ... blood on your face ♪

♪ Can you tell me why ♪

Hey, little boy.

We miss you.

Oh no, there you go!

Summer's over, grubbers,
deal with it.

Frieda is toast.

Oh, she is wasted.

Oh, what?

Oh my God.

Hey, Eric.


Drop a basket of
tater logs, would ya?

You guys.



Did I do that?

He always has
zipper trouble.

Frieda, I don't feel good.

Don't feel good.

I'm sick.



No, I gotta do
something first.

You have to come though.

Maybe I'll meet you later.

- See you there.
- Okay.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the park gate will be closing

in approximately

We thank you for
your patronage

and hope to see you
back next season.

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, the parkgate will be

Hey, little boy.


Heading out?


You want to get
out of here?

Say goodbye?

Do you want to
go to the party?

Uh, I think we should
get something to eat.


So you want
cheese fries?

I want cheese fries,
yes, I do.

No, no, no.

Come on, my treat.

This is a proper date.

Well, thank you.


Dinner time.


Did you put on
my cologne?


Um, I mean I just like,
opened it up.

I wanted to see what
it smelled like.

You did.

I'm sorry.

I did.

I'm gonna miss you.

You are?


Well, from the
way it looks,

I'm gonna end up at Ohio
State with you next year.

You're gonna make
me wait that long.

What do we do?

Let's go someplace else.

Close your eyes.

Now open.

Oh, man.

Oh, no, where
are you going?

Come here.

You'd make the
coolest boyfriend.


Turn around.

Those look nice.

One more to go.



You survived, huh?

How was it?

It was fine.

I got school clothes!


Was it hard to
say goodbye?

No, well, yeah.

It was fine.

Wanna try on a few things?

Can I do it later?

A little worn out?


Just don't forget
school in the morning.

Why doesn't he
have to do it?

I lied, one more.



♪♪ It's not the way you look ♪

♪ It's not the way
that you smile ♪

♪ Although there's
something to them ♪

♪ It's not the way you
have your hair ♪

♪ It's not that certain style ♪

♪ Could be that with you ♪

♪ If I had a
photograph of you ♪

♪ As something to remind me ♪

♪ I wouldn't spend my
life just wishing ♪♪


Come in.

Notice I knocked this time?

Thank you.

How's it coming?

Wanna hear some?

Yes, I've been dying.

I just wrote this.

I haven't even played
it for Maggie yet.

Well, it's not finished yet.

And it'll get a lot better.

Eric, it's
really good.

Really good.

Thank you.

Kind of different.

Little more serious maybe.

Just remember I taught you
everything you know.

You never play anymore.

Do you regret giving that up?

Dropping out of
college and stuff?



But I met your dad.

I always wanted a family.



When you met Dad,

did you know right away that,

you know, that you guys
would end up together?

Didn't take long.

How did you know when
you were in love?

When I thought about
him so much it hurt.

How come?

We talking about
someone I know?



No, this is his roommate.

Who's this?

Um, it's Eric.

Is Rod there?

Uh, let me see if
he's down the hall.

Hey, Rod?


Hey, Eric, he says
he'll call you back.

Does he have your number?

Yeah, thanks.

What's that smell?

The rolls!


Close your eyes.

Close your eyes.

Okay, open.

Oh, God.


It's getting a
bit out of hand.

I thought you'd like it.

Dinner's on the table.

Maggie, you staying?

No, I gotta go.

How did you start
wearing makeup?

Hey, brought you
some dessert.


Scoot over.

That is some hairdo.


I mean, really outrageous.

I think I was dressed up even
more when I went out to...

What are you watching?

Oh, just some
interview show.

But my father...

So now, this New York thing.

You really
serious about it?


I only wear it
because they...

Listen, uh,

I haven't said much
to you and the kids,

but, uh, the
business has been

a little tough the
last couple of years.

I mean, I keep trying
different things

and it seems like
no matter what I do,

I just can't get
it back on track.

Maybe it's the economy,
I don't know.

Listen, Dad, um--

Look, your mother and I are
going to send you to New York.

She didn't want me
to tell you this,

but, uh, she decided
to get a job.


She's already called
your Uncle Ray

about helping out at
the drive through.

She says it's
the only way.

Mom working?

You know, we'll do
whatever it takes.




Do mine.


Look up.

Hold still.

You look really great.


♪♪ We are we are the universe ♪

Freak show.

Nice dress.

♪ ...are the universe ♪

♪ heart to heart to heart ♪

♪ We are we are we are
the universe ♪♪

Party hearty!

You wanna dance?

♪♪ Take me south of the border ♪

♪ 'Cause they're on
Mason Dixon line ♪

♪ Hey been waiting
south of the border... ♪♪

Hey, looks like Maggie and
Danny Boy are getting along.

Don't you know he's
a fucking prick?

Hey, you all right?

Got a pretty good
buzz going, actually.

Whose fucking music
is this, anyway?

Hey, dude, who cut your hair,
Boy George?



Finally something good.

I'm sorry.

You queer or something?

Why don't you just leave?

Watch it!

What can I get you, hon?

Uh, Fuzzy Navel.

Buck fifty.


Put that drink
on the house.


Oh, my how you've grown.

Let me look at ya.

Oh, almost perfect.


Honey, you've shown up
at the local queer bar

with your makeup smudged.

That's no way to
make an entrance.

Remember when your mom
used to do this to you?

Well, at least you know
where my mouth's been.

Oh now, let me see.

Yes, you are so handsome.

Freddie Mercury, eat
your heart out.

Come on.

Time to meet the ladies.

So what do you
think of my place?

Oh, my God.

It's terrific, isn't it?

And it beats working the Fry or
Later, I'll tell you that.

Oh, come on,
don't be shy.

Girls, girls, attencion.

May I introduce
Mr. Eric Hunter?

Yes you may.

Now Eric, the pretty blonde,
that would be Chuckie.

Very nice.

And of course,
the dark berry,

that would
be Foodtown.

Hi Eric.

And this would be the
lovely Miss Rudy Rogers.


Now, girls, be nice,
Eric's new.

Well, with eyes like those

we're gonna show her
the time of her life!

Keep it down, Lassie.

Eric, these guys
are my friends.

They'll take good
care of you, okay?

Come on, come play with me!

♪ It's morning I open my eyes ♪

♪ And everything's
still the same ♪

♪ I turn to the guy
who stayed last night ♪

♪ And ask him
what's your name ♪

♪ This seems to happen
more and more ♪

♪ I love those men
one and all ♪

♪ Each new one I meet
makes me heart beat fast ♪

♪ When I see them
so strong and tall ♪

♪ So many men
so little time ♪

♪ How can I lose? ♪

♪ So many men ♪

Look, don't let these high
school assholes get to you.

I mean, you're going
to be in college soon

and it'll be all over.


Yes, thank you.

Here he comes.

Can I, uh, ask
you to dance?


Be careful, little man.


Don't "ooh" him.

You're an ass.

What is it?


Make you horny.

♪ My life is drifting
I have no control ♪

♪ I will have you
yes I will have you ♪

♪ I will find a way
and I will have you ♪

I want you.

♪ I will collect
you and capture you ♪

♪ You are an obsession
you're my obsession ♪

♪ Who do you want me to be
to make you sleep with me ♪

♪ You are an obsession
you're my obsession ♪

Let's get out of here.

♪ ... to make you
sleep with me I

♪ You are an obsession ♪

♪ You're my obsession ♪

♪ Who do you want me to be to
make you sleep with me ♪


I told ya.

Wait, hold on.

Where are we going to go?


This is it.


Oh, my God.

She's at it again.

What are you doing?

You never been rimmed?

Don't you need a condom?

On my tongue?




So, you, uh, want to
go get some breakfast?

Country Kitchen?
Oh, man, I'm late.

For work, yeah.

Where do you work?

Oh, Long John Silver.

Assistant manager.

That's cool.

So, you, uh, want my
number or something?

Yeah, sure, uh...


See ya.



Rod, it's Eric.


It's the middle
of the night.

I just slept with somebody.


I went out to the Fruit
and Nut, a gay bar.

I picked somebody up.

Was he hung?

Not like you.

It was right in the middle
of the parking lot.

We did it in the car.

It was really sexy and all.

Did you do the nasty?


Did he open the back door?

God, no.


I don't think so.

Does rimming count?

Oh my!



Afterwards, he wouldn't
even look at me.

Do you think most guys
only care about sex?

Look, I really have to go.

Holy shit, he
gave me a hickey.

My mom, I know she's
gonna notice that.

Eric, I'm hanging up.

Wait, wait.

Rod, um.

When I was with him,

I just want you to know I,

I was only
thinking about you.

And I miss you.

A lot.


Danny and I
got back together.



This summer.

Before we slept together?

I have to go.




Please, don't call me again.

I'm sorry.







I need to talk.

What's going on?


Eric, I'm sorry.

You know I don't
care about Dan.

I was just, well, I
was just being stupid.

There's something
I have to tell you.

I can't hold
it in anymore.

Promise no matter
what I say,

nothing will change
between us.


This is so hard to
finally say out loud.

You can tell
me anything.

I think I like guys.


What do you mean?

I don't know.

I don't know what
the fuck I am.


You're scaring me here.

Tell me I'm not a freak.

You're all I have.

Eric, you're my
best friend.

It doesn't
change anything.

Thank you.

It's Rod, right?

You knew.


I don't know.

Is he your boyfriend?

He doesn't give a
shit about me.

I really liked him.

He said he liked me.

Did you guys have sex?

Every time I try
to forget about him,

I can remember
him kissing me.

It felt so right.

I'm scared.

All I want is to meet
somebody special.

I want to fall in love.

I need you so bad.



God, you gave me
a heart attack.

You were out all night.

I know.

Um, after the party,
Mag and I went to the

Country Kitchen and,
God, it was so busy.

You know, we had
to wait.

A call would
have been nice.

I know, I know,
I'm sorry.

I was worried.

Just warn me next time.

Okay, yeah.

I'm really sorry,
I really am.

It's weird seeing
you in that uniform.

At least the pockets work.



♪♪ Life is so strange when you
don't know ♪

♪ How can you tell where you're
going to ♪

♪ You can't be sure of any
situation ♪

♪ Something will change... ♪

I'll be over at Maggie's.


Hi, mwah.

♪ Just as far
beyond as I can see ♪

♪ I still don't know what
this all means to me ♪

♪ Tell yourself ♪

♪ I have nowhere to go ♪

♪ I don't know what to do ♪

♪ And I don't even know the time
of day ♪

♪ I guess it doesn't matter... ♪

I'll be over at Maggie's!


What do you
think of this?

Should I try it?


♪ Life is so strange ♪

♪ Destination unknown ♪

♪ When you don't know ♪

♪ Your destination ♪

♪ It's something to change ♪

♪ It's unknown ♪

♪ And then you wonder ♪

♪ Destination unknown ♪♪


You ready?

I don't think I should go.

Oh, come on, you'll see Angie.

I don't know what to wear.

Something fun.


Can I just meet
you out there maybe?


Everything okay?


Just be looking
for me, okay?

Of course.



Get Daddy another
Scotch and soda.

Can you make out
the baskets?

Oh, yes.

He is checking me out.

Oh darling, you
must be suffering

from delusions
of grandeur.

He's cruising Mama.

He's looking at me.

Why do all you fags
think I'm a guy?

Wait a minute.

I think someone's
got us all beat.



Ooh, look,
she's blushing.

It's showtime,
fire it up!

Shake your thang, baby!

Thank you, Angie.

Isn't she just wonderful?

Right now I'd like to do a
favorite song of yours

and of mine also.

♪ You're my world you're
everything my dear ♪

Nice hair.


I tried, it
turned orange.

Um it looks pretty
damn good to me.

Oh my God, Annie,
that is so cool.


Oh, Annie.

I am like, the world's
biggest Eurythmics fan.

Really, we play
them all the time.

Who's we?

I'm the DJ at the
college radio station.

WOSU, the alternative.

No kidding.

I might go to Ohio State.

Do you live in the dorms?

Tally Hall.

The gay wing.

You in high school?

Yeah, jailbait, I know.

I'm Eric.



Do people give
you shit for that?


Oh my God.

Do you wanna dance?

Yeah, do you
like Bronski Beat?

I love the
Bronski Beat.

Come on, let's go.


♪♪ You leave in the
morning with everything ♪

♪ You own in a little
black case ♪

♪ Alone on a platform... ♪

♪ Run away tum away run away
tum away run away ♪

♪ Run away tum away run away
tum away run away ♪



♪ You were the one that
they'd talk about around town ♪

♪ As they put you down ♪♪

Have fun, don't do
anything I wouldn't do.

Whoo hoo!

Do my eyes deceive me

or is this my
little Maggie?

Oh, you made it.

Just in time to marry me.

Won't you marry me?

Marry me, Maggie.

I need a girl
like you at home.

Well, if you won't marry
me, how about a drink, huh?

Wine cooler, yeah?


Now wouldn't cherry
be more appropriate?

What's your name, honey?


And who are you
here with?


No, Eric.


Hey, Eric, I didn't
know you had a fag hag!

Shut the fuck up.


You crazy, she's
a friend of mine.






Don't you ever get
tired of putting

your foot in your mouth?






I gotta go.

You can come inside
and have

a cocktail with
me, sweetie.

Mag, what is it?

Are you blind?

You said you were cool.

Oh, fuck you, Eric.

Why did you ever kiss me?

Because I, I wanted to.

I'm sorry, Maggie.

Hey, there you are.

You know what
happened to Jonathan?

That guy I was
dancing with?

Long gone.


Missed her, honey.

No luck tonight, honey?

Still working on it.

All right, girls.

All alcohol
behind the bar.


Gotta be kidding me.

♪ These are not the ways ♪

♪ The world goes on
without you ♪

♪ And right behind... ♪


♪ Is a fool I'll always be ♪


Hi, I'm looking
for a guy named Jonathan.

Last name?

I don't know.

Uh, you'd recognize
this guy, though.

He has kind of
a punk look.

I know he's here.

I mean, this is
Tally Hall, right?

So he's here someplace.

And about 564 others.




Hi again.

Uh, you know what?

I just remembered
his name.

It's not Jonathan,
it's Rod.

Rod Kowalski.





Hey, little boy.

I thought that was you.

Come to visit me?

Actually, I--

Look at you.

We can't wake him.

We can't wake him.


You know I always
liked you.

You look so
damn hot.

Then why aren't
you kissing me?


Too loud?


I want to fuck you.


Can I fuck you?

I don't know.

It'd be so hot.

I haven't done it yet.

It's easy.



Hold on.


What about a rubber?

Oh yeah.


Hate these things.





Wait, Rod, it hurts.

I won't go deep.


Where were you?

Answer me.

Maggie and I went to a party.


At a friend's house.

Whose house?

God, Mom, at Ed's.

Why is that I went by
Maggie's after work,

her car was in the drive?

We took my car.

Eric, something's going on.

What do you mean?

Your clothes.

The makeup.

Look, I just want
to be different.

You don't have to
look like a freak.

Eric, I'm sorry, I
just don't want people

getting the wrong idea.

What idea?

They might think that--

People will think you're gay.

Is that what
you want to know?

Well, I'm not.

What the hell is
wrong with you?

All right, all right,
I'm coming.

I'm sorry.

I didn't know where
else to go.

Well, Diva, should
we let him in?

Diva says you
can come in, come on.

Whoa, go get Eric.

Well, I couldn't decide
between coffee or a cocktail.

Guess what won.

Where to begin?


I guess I thought
if I came out,

everything would get easier.

Are you okay, little man?


No, I feel lousy.

You know,
your whole life,

people have said to you
you're gonna

find the perfect girl
and fall in love

and get married,
produce an heir.

You're different.

You just have to accept

that it's okay to
want another guy.

And lovey, that takes time.

Just give yourself
a little time.

Oh, come here.

Come here.

Come here, come on.

It's okay.


Don't you knock?

Don't you?


Come on.


Is Maggie
your girlfriend?

Is Maggie
my girlfriend?

Is Sarah yours?

I don't believe you.


Eric, telephone!

Got it!



What the fuck?


Hey, we missed you
last weekend.

Are you coming Friday
night, so to speak?

I don't think I can.

You know, family stuff.

Listen, um.

Look, I'm here, you know,

if there's anything I can do.




Sorry I'm late.

Thanks for meeting me.

Still plenty left.

Eric, what did you want
to talk to me about?

I miss you.


Well, you know, that really
doesn't change anything.

I still want
to go to New York.

I want you to come with me.

What is going on
with you, Eric?

One minute you're
kissing some guy

and then you're asking me
to go to New York with you?

Those guys, Maggie»

That was just sex, okay?

It wasn't love.

Well, I don't understand that.

How do you separate
those things?

It's not...

I can't have what
I want with a guy.

I want to try.

I really want to
make this work.

I don't think it
should be that much work.

I know.

I feel stupid.

'Cause I was with guys?

No, because you
really hurt me.

I don't want
to hurt you.

I never meant to.

Maggie, you're the only
one I want to be with.


Really, yes, yes.

You think that if
you hadn't met Rod,

you would have
been with me?

Maggie, I love you.

But do you love me like--

Like that, yes.

I love you like that.

You do?



♪♪ If I wait for just
a second more♪

Eric, are you sure?


♪ My head was so full ♪

♪ Of things to say ♪

♪ But as I opened my eyes ♪

♪ All my words slip away ♪

♪ Oh ah oh ♪

♪ And anyway ♪

♪ I can't believe you want to
turn the page ♪

♪ And move your life into
another stage ♪

♪ You can change the chapter ♪

♪ You can change the book ♪

♪ But the story
remains the same ♪

♪ If you take a look ♪

Congratulations going out

to Chris Peak of Vermillion.

Chris was the 14th caller
and snagged himself

a free pair of tickets to
the J.P concert mansion,

along with a gallon of cider,
compliments of Doughnut...



What is it?


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.




Eric, can you just
get out of my life?

No, Mag, fuck!


Maggie, don't, please stop!


Why am I killing myself?

You think I'm having fun?

This is for you.

You can just forget
about New York, I quit!

Mom, God.



No, I don't go here.

I don't go here anymore.

I don't.

Tell me what the
hell is going on.

I can't.


Steve, let's go,
we're gonna be late.




We're going to a
movie, you wanna come?

No, no, thank you.

Look, I think your mom's
kind of had a bad day,

so why don't you just
steer clear for a while?

Okay, thanks.

Forget your shoes?


Take it easy.


I didn't hear you.

It's been so long
since you've played.


I've been sitting
around all day

trying to decide if
I was gonna tell you

that this was just a phase

or to tell you the truth.

Mom, please look at me.

I'm gay.

I know.

Oh, little boy.

What did I do wrong?



I don't know how
to handle this.

I love you.


Thank you, you've all
been so wonderful.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you

Miss Anita Mann!

Thank you.

Thank you.


Oh, very nice.

But that outfit's
something, huh?

She looks like a fire
hydrant on Castro Street.

And, um, I'm just gonna do
one final song for everyone

for all my Fruit and Nutter
friends and I'm--

And I'm gonna dedicate
it to my good friend Eric.

♪♪ Blue skies smiling at me ♪

♪ Nothing but blue
skies do I see ♪

Eric, come over here.

♪ ... do I see ♪

♪ Bluebirds singing a song ♪

♪ Nothing but bluebirds
all day long ♪

♪ Never saw the sun shining so
bright ♪

♪ Never saw things going so
right ♪

♪ Noticing the days
hurrying by ♪

♪ When you're in love
my my how they fly ♪

♪ Those--

Oh my God.

Hi, you look great.

♪ Blue skies ♪

♪ Smiling at me ♪

♪ Nothing but those
blue skies do I see ♪

♪ Nothing but blue skies
from now on ♪

♪ Blue skies ♪


♪♪ Hey you I've seen your face
before ♪

♪ It's you in the picture which
hangs on my bedroom wall ♪

♪ Is it true all of those things
that they say about you ♪

♪ So tell me tell me tell me
what am I supposed to do ♪

♪ In the name of love yeah ♪

♪ In the name of love ♪

♪ In the name of love yeah ♪

♪ In the name of love ♪

♪ Well it's fun to think ♪

♪ That I'm having
the time of my life ♪

♪ And it's true if all this
around us is paradise ♪

♪ Paradise paradise paradise ♪

♪ But now I want to be
left here with nothing at all ♪

♪ Even the picture has fallen
away from the bedroom wall ♪

♪ In the name of love yeah ♪

♪ In the name of love ♪

♪ In the name of love yeah ♪

♪ In the name of love ♪

♪ In the name of love yeah ♪

♪ In the name of love ♪

♪ In the name of love yeah

♪ In the name of ♪

♪ In the name of
in the name of ♪

♪ In the name of ♪

♪ In the name of love yeah ♪

♪ In the name of love ♪

♪ In the name of love yeah ♪

♪ In the name of love ♪

♪ In the name of love yeah ♪

♪ In the name of love ♪

♪ In the name of love yeah ♪

♪ In the name of love ♪

♪ In the name of love yeah ♪

♪ In the name of love ♪

♪ In the name of love yeah

♪ In the name of love ♪

Bar's closed.

Go home.

Go home.

You don't have to go home,
you just have to go.