Edge of Extinction (2020) - full transcript

15 years after World War III, the nuclear winter is over, but mankind is on the verge of extinction. Civilisation no longer exists, food is scarce and most eke out a living by stealing and ...

Subtitles by Renatinha Tankinha


What do you want?



I'll do anything.

Don't kill me!
Don't kill me!

Just take everything!
Take it all!

I don't need it!

No, don't kill me, don't
kill me please!



No, please!

I've never seen him so close.


...for retaliation.

For viewers just joining us,

we're looking at images
of the nuclear attack

on the Turkish capital

that happened 3 PM this afternoon.

No warning...

Come and see, quick!

...this was completely unexpected,
despite the escalating conflict.

Oh my God.


Is there a bomb?

...immediate cessation to facilities.

Yeah, it's a long way a
way from here, though.

Did people die?


One for me,

one for you.

- What do you want?
- Who are you with?

Who are you with?

They're close by.

You're a bad liar.

We're both alone.

Why would you tell me that?

Why are you here?

Why do you think?

Are you living close by?

It's none of your business.

I haven't eaten in days.

I can trade for food.

There's nothing in that bag
worth a mouthful.

There's other things I can trade.

You could do those things to
whoever is waiting outside.

I'm alone.

My group's dead a long time ago.


I'll do anything.

Stop following me.

I won't give you any more.

Please, just listen.

I haven't seen any
of us in months.

You can trust me, I swear.

You can't leave me here.

Watch me.

What's wrong with me?

I'm not bad.

I'm like you.

You don't know anything about me.

If you wanted to hurt me, you
would have done it already.

I'll prove myself to you.

Let me come with you.

How stupid do you think I am?

Take what I've given you and fuck off.

You've given me a day's worth of food.

I'm starving.

I have nothing.

I'll do

anything you want me to do.



Don't leave me here.

I don't trust anyone.

There could be others.

They want what we've got.

I won't let them.

You think it's just her?

How can I be sure?

Sure of what?

Sure I can trust you.

Just give me one chance.


One chance.

I know you would.

The bird?

It's in my bag.



How long have you been here?

A long time.

Have you always been on your own?

You ask too many questions.

How long have you been alone?

Only a few months.

- My group was killed.
- By who?

- I don't know.
- Far from here?

I've been on the road for weeks.

You see, I haven't seen
many road traps these days.

There's no one else left to prey on.

Road rats killed my group.

How long have you been alone?

Years. Me and my brother found this place.

Out of the way where no one comes looking.

Is that who you were talking to before?

He didn't survive the
nuclear winter.

I lost my family during the war.

My real family.

Drink this.

I'll make dinner.

What are those markings?

On the map?

Places even road rats should avoid.

I'm not one of them.

How many people have you killed?


Your group?

- How many did they kill?
- We've got a right to defend ourselves.

Why would you bring me here
if you think I'm a road rat?

You're no threat to me.

You think I've survived this
long by being pathetic and helpless?

You said you didn't kill anyone.

There are other ways
to look after yourself.

I've always had people protect me.

Good for you.

Is that what you were thinking?

You wanted to protect me?

You're in my home.

This is my food.

I don't have to justify myself to you.

- Have you ever been with a girl?
- No more questions. Eat.

Don't you want me?

Whatever you think I want...

you're wrong.

Now, if you want to
stay here, shut up and eat.

When was the last time
you touched somebody?

- Sorry.
- Why are you doing this?

People need each other.

- It's all we've got left.
- You're wrong.

People have taken everything from me.

My mother when I was a kid,
my brother before the sky cleared,

he kept me safe all those years.
He should have seen the sun again.

We've all lost people.

Yeah and I have learned my lesson.

I'm not going to risk my
life helping strangers.

No kindness left in this world.

Just savages who survive
by stealing and killing.

And you've lived that life.

- I can see it.
- It doesn't change who I am.

I'm not a bad person
because I choose to live!

By hurting people.

I don't steal.

I don't kill.

Who are you to judge?

All you do is look out for yourself.
Where's the kindness in that?

You could help others,

but instead you hoard all this
food and leave them to starve?

That's all it is. Survival by any means.

Just because you can do it better,
that doesn't make you kind or good.

Kindness is a weakness.

Being weak gets you killed.

So you're just like everyone else?
That's why we're in this shit.

It's not because of the
war, or the long winter,

it's because people stopped helping
each other as soon as things got hard.

We should sleep.

You're over there.

Able-bodied men, 18 to 45...

how can they do this?

We'll be okay. Things will get better.

How can you say that?

I mean, they're not
even reporting

what's happening
over there anymore.

Everyone says it's bad.

It's just a precaution.

- Things are fine where they are.
- It's terrible here!

I mean, there's been looting
since the banks closed,

I don't go into town.

You're exaggerating.
It's just a couple of shops.

- I don't want you to go.
- That makes two of us.

I don't want to go either.

But I have to.

- Did you find it?
- Yeah.

- What did he make you do?
- Nothing.

I've picked him.

We move on.

You're the man of the
house till I get back okay?

Don't let them out of your sight.


Call me as soon as you can, okay?

Everybody on the bus.
We leave in two minutes.

- Are you sure he's alone?
- Yeah.


is an awful lot of stuff for
just one boy, don't you think?

Yeah, I reckon so.

I mean, you've got more stuff than
all three of us put together.

- How is that fair?
- I could share it with you.

No, the deal we are offering
is everything you have for your life.


All your food and anything else
we want, and you might get to live.

So where did you hide the rest of it?

It's all here. In this room.

If I start cutting your fingers off,

what other little hideouts are
you going to start telling me about?

Please, this is all I have.

Wicked looking blade.

- What are you going to do here?
- Nothing.

You can have it.

I can't carry much more.

- Why don't we stay here a while?
- No.

We're not going to find nothing else
if you beat him to death.

Please, stop.

Why don't you shut up?

Picked him clean, you said.

Look at all of that.

You lie to me again,
you'll end up like him.

Finish bagging out.

You can take this one.

I just keep it behind.

Shut up.

This was your idea.

Excuse me?

He talks to himself.

Hey! Have a look at
this! We're rich!


Is that all of it?

That you hoarding little bastard?

I swear. There's no more.

I promise. Please.


That wasn't so painful, was it?

So, what did you two get up to last night

while I was stuck outside in the cold?

Nothing. Nothing happened.
Ask her.

You're making this very difficult for me.

Because this has never happened before.

Who could resist a pretty
thing like that, eh?

Not me. But if you have
touched my beautiful girl,

I will kill you, because she is
the only thing I have left in this world.

Just do it!

I'd tell you if he had. You know I would.


I'll keep my end of the bargain, then.

You get to live.

Where were you?!!

Where were you?

It's all your fault.

I won't give up like you did.

You never had the guts.

What I'm saying is...
We need the whole place to...

I just know that place was perfect.


What are you doing out here?

I'm too old for this. Are
you fucking killing me?

This booze is the only thing keeping me.

I'll tell you, if you don't
find anywhere nice,

We go back.

That's what I'm saying!

...end with some scavenger.

You're insulting me.

She's not the only one!

I'll bet you he's out there
collecting more suckers Right now.

- Guys, get behind me!
- Come on!

Give me that!

Get off him!


Kill them all!

Get my stuff.

They're dead.

I said... get... my fucking... stuff.

Everything you can carry.
There'll be more.

What were you thinking,
lighting a fire out here?

- We need to leave.
- I'm so sorry.

- Don't fall behind.
- Where are we going?


Please! Don't do this!

I'll do anything.

What do you want from me?!!


Can I go now?

Is that all you've got to say?

You've got your things back.

You know where the door is.

Is that all you wanted?

What else would I want?

Now you've got a chance to get even.

Is that what you think I want?

To hurt you?

I deserve it, don't I?

That's why you were there,
at the camp, wasn't it?

I wanted to kill you.

All three of you.

I wanted to hurt you more than anything.

- Who were they?
- Cannibals, from the town.

They always hunt when it's a full moon.

And you came unarmed.

There's some sterile wipes in there.

- It's fine.
- You'll get infected.

I'll clean it.

You'll get lost out there.

You're going to get picked up by another
gang and starve before long.

I don't deserve any better.

I want you to stay.


I'm no different from them.

Do you really believe that?

Every person they killed... was my fault.

I have to live with that.

They're dead.

They got what they deserved.

You don't have to do those things anymore.

I could have said no.

I was too scared, they were...
they were all I had.

I just... I didn't want to be alone.

You're not alone.

What are you doing?

Getting cold.

The smoke?

No, it will be dark soon.

I'm going out before sunrise.
No one will see it.

What happened to him?

Your brother?

About three years ago I got very sick.

We're forging together.

I was in bed for weeks, so my
brother started going out alone.

He was so organized, always telling
me where he was headed.

But one night, he never came back.

When I got better, I went
out looking for him.

I was so mad.

I thought he'd left me because I
was too much of a burden for him.

All I remember is the anger.

He was not where he'd said he'd be.

They'd taken everything.

He must have refused to
tell them about this place.

He had lot of cuts.

They tortured him, but he wouldn't
lead them to me.

Where are you going?

To get water. It'll only be a few hours.

Can I help?

No, it's early. Go back to sleep.

How long have I been asleep?

You shouldn't have come back here.

I thought you were dead.

I had to.

I didn't want to die.

Not like that.

Where is she?

It’s a trap!

- How many?
- One left.

- Untie me.
- Where is she?

They took her. Untie me.

- Why would I help you?
- We're on the same side now.

Same side? Do you remember this?

You led them straight
to us, didn't you?

Look, they were going
to fucking skin me alive.

You would have
done anything.

You gave her up to save
your own pathetic life.

Look, I didn't want this, alright?
I thought you two would be long gone.

I was just trying to buy us some time.

You're a liar. I saw the
way you treated her.

You're a fucking animal.
You use her to delude people.

You force her to do things.

If you love someone, you protect
them no matter what.

Look, I did all of those
things to keep us alive.

You're a coward and I should kill you now.

We could go after her.

You and me, eh?

- Why would I do that?
- Because she's worth saving.

- We wouldn't be here otherwise.
- She's gone.

And you are never going to see her again.

They won't eat her.

She's too valuable.

What they'll do to her is worse than death.

How do you know so much?

I can help.

If you do things my way
and you do as I say.

Do you want my help?


How do I know you're not going
to knife me when my back's turned?

You don't. Nothing I say is worth shit.

But I would never abandon her.

If there's a way to save her, show me.

I'm gonna make this right.

- What do you need to do?
- Eat. Drink. Rest.

You said we have work to do.

You wouldn't even survive the journey.

You need rest.

- I'll kill you in a heartbeat.
- Try!

- Don't push me, boy!
- You won't catch me off guard again.

- I wouldn't need to.
- It's funny.

You're not a warrior.

You said I couldn't hold
my own in a fair fight.

I know you couldn't.

In case you have forgotten already,
I found you tied up begging to be saved.

I was drunk. They beat me around the head.
There was a whole pack of them.

That doesn't mean fuck.

There will be a lot more on my way there.

Who is you to judge anyway?

Hiding out here in the middle of nowhere.
I bet you had your whole life.

You'd be just like me if you lived my life.

You chose to run. I never had that choice.

I've had to fight for everything.

You're full of it.

If you want to stay here
shitting yourself all alone that's fine.

Put a weapon in my hand and
point in the direction of those cunts

and see what happens.

- I don't need you.
- You need help.

We need help.

We shouldn’t stay here.

We'll be safe here for one
more night at least.

At this rate it'll be a week
before you'll be anywhere near her.

Charging it alone to save
her will get us nowhere.

This is worse! We'll just
be walking into an ambush unarmed.

You don't know what
these people are like.

- This is insane.
- We can't do anything just
the two of us. We have to even the odds.

It's our only chance.

Those that hide behind the wall
are the worst of the law.

Everyone is the enemy to them.

- Don't trust anybody.
- Can you blame them?

Yeah, I blame them.

The rest of us are out there surviving
day by day while they get fat

- hoarding a mountain of supplies.
- You don't know anything about them.

Always the same story.

When we had a bigger group we
always came across these little folks.

Tucked away, surrounded by traps.

And you just know that you've
got something worth defending.

And they always attack, rather than
talk and and trade.

We spoke here, they fuck us out.

I don't want to hear anymore!

We need to do something about that hand.

You've talk enough.

Leave it like that, and you'll
be begging me to hack it off in no time.

Don't move.

- You listening?
- Just do it.

Turn it over. Turn it over!


Fresh meat!

Wow, he's gonna love this one.

Take her to the pen.

I caught this one.

- I want...
- You'll get your reward.

But this one goes to him.

Why are you doing this?

They cut his tongue out.

Who are you?

Who came first in.


You have a long chain.

You should use it.

Have you lost your mind?

We've wasted two days in this.
We can't go. With no weapons we're dead.

They're probably know
the animals we're chasing.


Trust me; they're like us.

How do you know? You
haven't fucking seen them.

A fresh one. See it?

They'll have your head up there
at the end of the day.

- Look at it.
- What?

Painted face. These people kill cannibals.

We're on the same side.

That doesn't mean dick. They
probably have the rest of him.

Think about it. They are trying
to keep people out, not draw people in.

We're gonna die, aren't we?

We go after her we're
going to die anyway.

I'll take my chances.

Do you want some?

Where have you come from?

A long way from here.

Are there others like us?

They have it worse.

The hunters don't touch me
because I belong to him.

- So do you.
- I don't belong to anyone.

Please, it's better to
be his. I promise you.

Be careful with this one.

What's that?

If they're not savages,
they'll understand.

Understand what?

That's the white flag of surrender.

Down on the ground,
hands where I can see.

We're not armed; we just came to talk.

We don't trade, we don't negotiate.

- We're not here to trade; we need help.
- We don't help thieves.

- We're not.
- I know thieving scumbags when I see them.

You don't know anything about us!

Now your head's gonna decorate my fence.

Please, just let us
explain. We don't need...

We need help, and if you're not
prepared to listen then we'll go.

- No sudden movements.
- Wouldn't dream of it.

The rest of our group will be here soon.

They won't hesitate to kill you.

Whatever you've got to say, make it quick.

One of our group was
taken back to the town.

Odd luck. They don't take prisoners.

She's a girl, they won't eat her.

They'll eat anyone they can catch.

- Drop it.
- What do you know about them?

I've watched them for years;
I know how they work.

I've been to the town.

They'll kill anyone they can find.

The fact that she's been
taken away means nothing.

- How long ago?
- What?

- You said you've been to the town.
- A long time ago.

- Tracked some of their hunters back there.
- What did you see?

We just saw hunting parties
returning. Maybe 30 men?

- God knows how many more there are.
- Did you see any girls?

Stop this.

Maybe some. It was difficult to tell;
we didn't get close.

- I've had enough.
- Please, we need your help.

I can't do this alone. I can pay you;
I have food, I have supplies,

- If we just work together...
- What do you expect us to do against 30?

- If you just talk to your group.
- No.

I want you guys to leave now.
Go on. Before the others get here.

Others? All I see is a couple of
weak, old pussies hiding in the woods.

There are no 'others', it's just them.
It's a waste of fucking time.

- Get out!
- Don't worry; we're going.

Come on.

Don't even think about coming
back or I'll shoot you on site.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah...
- Leave!

Clean yourself.

Clean everything, or we'll do it for you.

When she's done, put the chain back on.


What are you looking at?

I can't go any further.

This is suicide!

Then why are you here?

Because I want to help.
But not like this.

- Go, then.
- Go where?

- They know where I live.
- Find somewhere else.

You've ruined everything.

You don't even know
where you're going.

- I can read a map!
- Then what?

I've wasted enough time following you!

You got close to them before.
Maybe I'll do the same.

- You'll never make it.
- You could walk away from this. I can't.

I promised that girl that I would've looked
after her, and look at what I've done.

Every minute she spends with
them is because of me!

And you know what they're
going to be doing to her!

I can't go the rest of my
days knowing I did nothing

when it was me who
put her there.

I'll show you the way.

Let me take you there.

That's it. No more detours.

- It's the easiest route.
- Fine.


- What do you want with me?
- I said "Kneel!"

Come to me.

On your knees!

Fuck off!

I want to break
my favorite.

Before we start,

one of my scouts tells me that

a few men have killed 5

of my hunters. Tell me the truth.

Look at me!

He's wrong!

It was 20 of us.

People who lie to me tend
to lose their tongues.

You will be put into much
better use soon enough.

I just have to think of a

more entertaining way

to punish you.

When they find me here,

I'll make sure they take
their time with you.

If only you knew how many we are.

It would take an army
to get you out of here.

If we leave by first light,
we'll make it by tomorrow.

You get some sleep, then.

I don't want you nodding off
when it's your turn to keep watch.

I haven't slept away from home in years.

Why would you?

Got a cozy little place like that.

It wasn't always ours.

We found a body in the
snow about six years ago.

Had a map and a little
silk bag in his pocket.

"Sanctuary for weary travelers", it said.

I was convinced it was a trap.

But my brother dragged
us out there anyway.

We staked out for days, in
case someone was lying in wake.

Pickups are cautious when
you've barely eaten in weeks.

There was so much food
it made ourselves sick.

We were part of a bigger group

years ago

during the winter.

A long, long way away from here.

50 others more.

We just couldn't feed
everyone in the end.

Some left,

some starved,

some ended up fighting each other.

We used to send out three
men search parties to look for supplies.

One day I came across two of them.

Gnawing on the bones of one of our own.

Knifed him in his sleep.

Roasted him there and then.

First time I'd seen it.

So we dragged him back to camp

Then I hang them by the neck.

I put a stop to things, for a while.

He was the next poor bastard to get it.

Five of us left that night.

She's all I've got left.

Don't touch me!

You will learn to love this.

I'm your whole world now.

The only thing

you have to worry about

is pleasing me.

I'd rather die than do
anything to please you!

Someone who's lasted this long
shouldn't give up on life so easily.

And I would never kill
such a valuable asset.

What would my ancestors say if
I were to kill you in anger

without sharing you around first?
Because that is what will happen.

- What is it?!
- Scout's returned.

Looks like they've already
been found. Enter!

Tell her.

Tell her what's happened to her
sniveling little friends.

We want all the details.

Our hunters, the two
Dutch split, both dead.

I want every available hunter
ready to leave! I'll eat them!


An attack on my men
is an attack on me!

- Where are your parents?
- Gone.

You better come with me, then.

We'll find somewhere with
four walls soon enough.

Best to stay away from
people in times like this.

They’re too...


Lots of places in the country.

We'll find one with water nearby,

hunt some rabbits, shoot some birds,

we'll do alright.

We'll do alright.

What is it?


Go back to sleep.

He must have liked you.

- What?
- Not everyone comes back.

Why are you here? You learned
how to please him.

I was young and untouched
when they caught me.

That's what he likes.

I know what you must be thinking.

But you can't.

- Can't what?
- Others have tried.

And they always get caught.

Is that why you are
chained to the wall?

When you realize you can't escape,

you don't want to
suffer anymore.

There's only one thing
left to think about.

I was so relieved when I saw you.

It's okay. I understand.

No. You don't.

When I saw you, I hoped you'd
be what he wants.

I wanted you to suffer, instead of me.

- It's okay.
- But if he's finished with me,

I'll get given over to the others.

I can hear the other girls screaming.

- At night when the hunters come back.
- I'm here, now.

I can help you.

There's only one thing
you could help with.

I know what he'd do to you.

If I get given to the hunters,

maybe I'll be given another chance.

Please don't talk like that.

What do you think happens to us?

You know what we're used for.

I never thought I'd have
the strength to do it.

I came so close.

He said I'd stop breathing.

But he keeps me in chains
now whenever I am down here.

It's been like this for months.

I've got friends out
there. They'll come for us.

You should be praying they don't.

- I can direct you from here.
- Go on then.

Keep going straight, and
you'll be in the suburbs,

head over the train tracks and look for
the burned out church and keep going.

Keep you eyes on me. I
think we're being watched.

From where?

What are you doing?

As far as I can tell
there's only one of them.

We're gonna split up.
You're going to go

back the way we came.
Wait by the gate.

I'm going to back that way and
I'll send him back to you.

- Alright then.
- Well fuck off then.

Don't need you anyway!


What do you want?
I ain't got anything worth.

- We know who you are.
- Who's that, then?

I'm no one, I'm on my own.

Whoever you think I am, I ain't. Okay?

Better stop fucking talking or
you're never gonna walk again.

You think I'm from the town,
don't you? Well, I ain't.

Hold him down.

Please, no, I won't tell anyone! Please.

- How long have you been following us?
- I haven't.

I've only just seen you. I was
hiding. I didn't want to get hurt.


Listen, you make any fucking noise
I'll slit your fucking belly open.

How long have you been following us?

Since yesterday, that's it. I swear.


If I tell you, you're
gonna kill me anyway.

Please, just leave me tied up.

- Why are you following us?!
- I'll never go back to them.

I'll leave and I'll never go back, I swear.

You shut him up!

You still got one good leg,
now tell me something useful

before I stun the other one.

They were out looking for you.

They sent us to look for you.

- How many?
- Everyone.

Every fucking one of us.

He sent out hundreds hunters to find you.

You're dead man walking.

And the prisoners?

Do you want the new one back?

She's back in the stronghold.

I can get there. I can get there easy.

Where's he keeping them?

I'll show you.

He keeps the slaves in
a pen, a holding pen.

Underneath the stairwell.

She will...

She'll be in his room.
On the upper level in the north wing.

He likes to break in the new ones.

Oh, oh, God...

Do you know where that is?

Thanks for the offer, but we're
gonna have to turn it down.

I don't know. I told you everything
you wanted to hear.

Sometimes I really enjoy doing this.

I wonder what your mates will
say when you finally limp back home.

You're not much fucking
use to them anymore.

I wonder if they'll get hungry
when they saw this blood.

You can stop that. I
ain't going anywhere, am I?

You can stop.

What the fuck was that?

We're doing things my
way, and this isn't it.

We're not like them!

These fucking animals
don't deserve quick deaths.

When we get where we're going,

you're going to take your
time with all of them.

What do you mean "We"?

You heard what he said.
The whole place is undefended.

And I'm coming with you.


I'm giving you one more chance.
Tell me who's out there.

Go and find out for yourself.

Are you his favorite little dog?

You're the one on a leash!

You bitch!


Let me get my tools.

I'll have her talking in no time!

I said get out!

- See how they obey me?
- You think it will last?

Run out of food and they'll turn
on you in a heartbeat.

I've raised half these men.
They would die for me.

What about you?

You ever gone a week without eating?

Felt that burning hunger?

Your body starts to eat itself?

You have. We all have.

And have you ever
tasted human flesh?


That's why your kind have already lost.

You've failed to adapt
to the world we live in.

You don't know anything about us.

- We're still here.
- Scratching a living in the road.

Hoping that one day things
will go back to how they were?

Weaklings who cling on the old ways.

You deserve to be eradicated.

My friends aren't weaklings.

They're fighters.
We're all fighters.

I'm free from the
constraints of the old world.

- I give my men exactly what they want.
- You've turned them into monsters.

To fight monsters we
had to become monsters.

You must realize... it's in our nature

to loot and to kill.

To enslave.

That's all we have left.

Violence is king.

And I own it.

What future do we have
if that's all you want?

We have no future.

Our so called "Leaders" have seen to that.

They stole it from us.

It'll take us 1,000 years to
climb out of this darkness.

And if we do...

I won't be around to see it.

None of this will matter.

All we have to care about is here and now.

Make the most of it, because it
will be over for you soon.

You're a follower.

Whatever group you're a part of,

you do as you're told.

And that's why I know there's hope for you.

Join us.

Accept me as your master.

You'll be safe under my protection.

This is what you want, isn't it?

So I am giving you one more
chance. One last chance.

Tell me the truth.

How many were you with?

I've told you.

Where have you come from?

All over.

We came together especially
to wipe out scum like you.

I will hunt them down one by one.

And when I find them,
I will drag them back here.

And I will make you watch as
I gouge their eyes out.

You wouldn't come back.
They're waiting for you.

I bet the rest of your hunters
are dead already.

You've reminded me how much I enjoy this.

You can wait.

She isn't there.

It's meal time.

- So why are you taking it?
- You weren't there.


- They asked me.
- Don't fucking lie to me!

You're lucky I caught
you outside the door.

Otherwise, I'd be going straight to him.

- You talk too much.
- The Chief doesn't see it.

And I know what you want.

- And I'm watching you.
- One day...

I will stomp you... under my boot...
like the rat you are.

Put one foot wrong,

and I'll go squealing to him.

Look at that.

Just you and me now.

You don't scare me.

You can't touch me.

You think I won't get my turn?

You need to remember that you're
just a filthy whore

that we caught out on the road.

He'll get tired of you eventually.

And he will hand you
over to the rest of us.

And who do you think is first in line?

Can't make up my mind
what I'm gonna break first.

Those teeth or that little nose.

You won't be so pretty when I'm finished.

You wouldn't be so brave if
I wasn't chained to this bed.


What do you think will happen to
you when he doesn't come back?

What do you think will happen to you?

You need to show some respect.

You knew...

- ...the things he'd done.
- He's a monster.

I've met men like him before.

100, 000 people used to live
in this town before the war.

You should've seen it during the collapse.

An orgy of violence.

Everyone squabbling over what was left.

Every building picked clean,

nothing to eat but rats.

We were the poor scum left to starve.

The untouchables.

At the mercy of the gang,
the extremists, the radicals,

he saved us from that.

He made us strong.

When we took this town,

we piled our enemies'
heads 6 feet high.

Don't worry.

It's just potato.

You'll get your first taste of human
meat when he brings back your friends.

And I am going to be the
one to feed them to you.

I hope you resist me.

Grit those teeth.

Spit it out.

You let me use the funnel
If you're really naughty.

It will turn him into soup.

And I will ram that tube down
your throat and pour it in!

We have ways of keeping you alive.

So, captain, when do we hit them?

First light. We stay low
and we move fast.

I'll smash our way in.

Fight nothing. We go in quietly.

Sneak in, take them out one by one.

- Sounds good, doesn't it?
- I'm not here for revenge.

What's left defending that building.

Probably going to be asleep
and we're going to keep it that way.

We get to the top floor,
we get her and we get out.

Yeah? You think it's gonna be that easy?

If we get in the way, then we rush.
Don't give him time to think.

We work together. We take her out quickly.

- Let's hear it.
- We found their digs abandoned.

- And?
- There were two people living there.

- Two?
- We followed their tracks north.

- For half a day, until we lost them.
- What do you make of it?

From what I could tell, they took
everything they could carry and ran.

- I wouldn't dare come any closer.
- You said there were two.


So we've killed one,

captured another,

and I am told there's still two out there.

How many is that?

- Four, chief.
- "Four, chief".

First two,

and then four, and now you tell
me we're looking in the wrong place?

I don't know!

There must be more out there!

- Planning another attack!
- Well, my hunters are spread for miles

searching the wrong area!!

Start a signal fire at first light.

Send the hunters back to me.

And I want two scouts on every route in.

Don't worry; We'll get it done.

If they come this
way, we'll catch them.

I'm not the one who
should be worrying.

- Don't come back until you find them.
- Yes, chief.


- Top floor.
- Wait.

- Is the there?
-Nah, it's not her.

Alright, let's go.

She's in here.

Get out of the way.

How'd you get here?

Help me, then.

What the fuck is this?

You'll have to carry it.

When I find out

which one of you animals

has been here without
my permission...

What the fuck?

No, no, wait, wait, wait, wait, please....

Help me with her.

Come on...

- Where does he keep the key?
- I don't know.

- It won't budge.
- We can't leave her.

There's no way we can
get her out of there.

We cannot leave her!

We have to go.

- I'm so sorry.
- I need you.

- Don't leave me here!
-I'm going to get you out.

You can still end this for me.

Look, there's nothing we
can do for her. Let's go!

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on...

Let's go! Let's go!

What the fuck?!

Get up your ass!


Get up you lazy shit. He'll
have your tongue our.


- What is it?
- They've hit us.

Out of the way!

Find them!


We're not out of danger yet. Come on.

Come on.

Fuck! That's enough.

I said that's enough!

I hope you die!

What are you looking at?

Let's go.

- To where?
- What?

- Where are we supposed to go?
- Away.

- Away from that hellhole.
- They won't stop hunting us.

And if by some miracle they
don't catch us, some other group will.

- So what's your plan?
- We go back to the others.

- What others?
- They'll kill us.

No, they'll have to take us in.

- Why?
- Who are they?

They've survived for years. We'll go
back to them and beg for help.

I'm not groveling back to them!

They'll shoot us on sight if we do.

I'd rather take my chances with
them then out on the road.

What if they do take us in?

It's only a matter of time
before they track us down,

bringing an army of
cannibals down with them.

They'll have to help us!
5 of us is better than 3.

You think they'll thank you?

For dropping this shit on their laps?

- We don't have a choice.
- No.

We're gonna go up the road.

We're going to keep walking,
no stopping to sleep,

and we're gonna go until they give up.

You're struggling to
keep up with us as it is!

- I'm fine.
-No, you need this more than we do.

What I need

is to put as much
distance between us

and them as I can!

Fine! Maybe we'll have a
better chance if we spare them.

Yeah. Two of us will, not you.

I'm not going with you.

No, no. We need to keep moving.

That's the only reason
we've survived this long.

If we stop, we die.

This is all because of you.

I won't let you take her from me!

Stop it. You don't own me, neither does he.

It's my decision.

You think I want to go
back to what we had?

I won't do it anymore!

If that's the only way
to live, I don't want to.

Come with us.

Please, we need you.

We need each other.

We've found their tracks.

Wait here. Round up the rest of
the hunters when they get back.

The rest of you with me.


Don't shoot!

I told you not to come back.

We didn't have a choice.

- Who's with you?
- She's one of us.

- We got her back.
- You're lying.


He's telling the truth.

Or you could sneak
back in here and

bring an extra pair
of thieving hands.

Please. We're unarmed, same as before.

We've taken the same route in,
we've come to talk.

You want us to take you in, so you
can murder us in our sleep,

Is that the new plan?

Stay away from them!

- Where have you come from?
- From the town.

- I was a prisoner.
- Were there others?

- More girls?
- Yeah.

I don't know how many,
but there were more.

My daughter, she's young. 20.

- She was taken 3 years ago.
- I was separated.

Did you see any of them?

- Only one.
- What was her name?

-She didn't say.
- Well, what did she say?

- Please...
- We didn't speak much.

I wasn't with her for long.

You expect us to
believe the two of you

made it in and out
without getting caught?

- They were searching in the wrong places.
- Not a single soul

left to guard their own home.

- No, there was.
- We caught them off guard.

- Nailed four of them.
- Then why did you come back?

We don't want to run anymore.
We won't survive out in the run.

Coming after you, are they?

What did you
think would happen?

- I don't know.
- So you decided to drag us

- into this shit storm?
- We need you to help us.

- How many are coming after you?
- There might not be.

- We hid our tracks as best we could.
- How many?

If we're lucky they won't find us at all.

Lucky? Didn't I say what
would happen if you came back?

If they find us here, you're
going to need our help anyway.

You offer help after you stroll
in here and drag us into this mess?

You kill us and you have no
hope of stopping them.

Maybe I'll offer you to them
when they come looking.

You can't make deals with them.

Two fresh heads on the fence

and her tied up down there next
to you, that should do the trick.

What about your children? They
murdered them, didn't they?

Shut up! You don't talk about my kids!

We're not the enemy, they are!

They're your problem.

- Not ours.
- We can't turn them away now.

If they're being followed,
then the trail leads here.

They come for you eventually,
with or without us.

You might be able to
ambush one hunting party,

but there's hundreds of them.

And that display on the
fence won't stop them.

How do you know?

Do you think that'll scare
them? It's an invitation.

If they're stupid enough
to ignore the warnings and step inside
they'll wish they hadn't.

As soon as they realize that you've
killed some of their own,
that's it not safe for you.

They will hit you with everything they got.

Well, you've seen to it
that they will, haven't you?

Turn around. Keep walking.

Through there.

We'll come for you
later. Get some rest til then.

She must have been through hell.

Even if she was spared, she
couldn't have survived all this time.

She's been imprisoned there.
You heard what they said.

She said there were others.


That could mean anything or nothing.

If there were others, why
didn't they rescue them, too?

Why aren't they here?

Why can't you just admit there's
a chance she might still be alive?

She could be feeding us
a complete pack of lies.

You're so desperate to cling on to any

shred of hope that
you would believe

the word of three strangers
that we know nothing about.

Isn't that what we're
supposed to do?

Never give up hope?

I think about her all the time.

I can hear her voice

and see her smile. It's
like she is right here.

She was killed. Years ago.

All you're doing is
torturing yourself

when you should be coming to
terms with what's happened.

I can't listen to this anymore.

- Let go!
- What do you want me to say?

I did nothing.

I'm the only man that
could have protected her.

Her own dad let her be dragged away
and tortured by those monsters.

I was too frightened of losing you.

I was too scared of being cut
and carved like our own son.

I was too scared to go
out to look for her.

I just want her back!

I want to know!

I want you to see that
there's still hope.

She's still out there.

What if I've been wrong all this time?

A thought has been gnawing
to me since that day.

What if she's still out there?

How could I let that
happen to our little Chloe?

We can get her back, with their help.

What chance do we have?


Grub's up.

So, what was your plan?

What do you mean?

Well, you've come all the way back here.

You must have some genius
strategy up your sleeve.

Something to help even up the odds.
Give us a fighting chance.

Well, I... thought we would be safer here.

We're surrounded by 200 acres of woodland.

- It's an ideal place to hide.
- Well, you'll fit right in here then.

How did you meet these two?

They robbed me.

He had years worth of food,
we've left him plenty.

- Why are you helping them?
- What are you talking about?

I just want to get to know my new lodgers.

They'd be dead otherwise.

Possible have done in a bag with cannibals.

- What about the two of you?
- What about us?

- Are you a fighter?
- If the situation calls for it.

Well, you're in one of
those situation right now.

We're not going to hide anymore.

You fake them looking for revenge.

We'll make the price so high

they won't want to pay it.

Well, it seems like you're the
one with a genius strategy.

Of course you did.

Don't put your hands on me, ever.
What don't you understand?

Just remember I came back
for you and you left me to die.

They stir off the pot
this plan goes to shit.

- They won't.
- How can you be sure?

Curiosity killed the cat.


Anyone who climbs that gate

climbs it to see what's
at the end of the path.

Same story every time.

- All we have to do is wait.
- What is this place, anyway?

- Are you expecting guests?
- How much longer?

- We're done.
- Right. On to the next one.

I think now is as good
as a time as any.

Not going to get another chance.

How have you made it this
far being such a defeatist?

He's a pragmatist.

Knowing when to run and when
to fight is why I'm still breathing.

And when you're 5 against
100 that's when you run.

- So why haven't you?
- I don't know.

The longer I stay here
the crazier it looks.

I think you do know.

You're here for her, aren't you?

- You reckon?
- He's here to save face.

That's all he cares about.

He thinks he's a big, tough guy.

So he can't run away and leave it
to the rest of us to make a stand.

I think he knows we
stand a fighting chance.

Do we?

Well, if by some miracle we do
manage to fight them all off,

we'll just start another
war that will never end.

It's going to drag on
until one side is wiped out.

They've got their numbers. How are
you going to beat them?

You're wrong. It has to be them.

We're gonna kill every
last one of them

and then rescue every
one of those girls.

You're mad.

- We're never going back there.
- You have to.

We've taken you in.
We've risked our lives.

We are going to get
our daughter back

and you are going to help us.

That's what this is about.

Let me tell you something
about your daughter.

- She's dead.
- Shut up.

What do you know?

He doesn't know anything.

She could still be there. I heard others.

Is that right?

Why are you so certain she's dead?

- What have you seen?
- Nothing

If it's been years, it's
unlikely, that's all.

If we get through this,
I'll help you find her.

We'll take you back there.

You are so eager to punish
me you plan to get us both killed.

- Is that what you think?
- Why else?

Because they deserve to die.

They rape, murder and enslave

and they will keep doing it because
there's no one to stop them.

This is bigger than us.

We could save countless lives and
I would give my own for that.

We didn't want to bring
up our kids in London, so

we sold our pocket flat
and bought this place.

Our Eco paradise.

We moved up from London just
before the war started.

We've been here ever since.

Solar panels, running water,
we grow our own food...

Haven't you ever left the wood?

We've ventured out from time to
time and invaded this and that.

Is that when they were taken?

We tried everything we could
to keep them here with us.

But when they were little,
they had this idea that

more people would come to
the woods to seek shelter.

So we built dens and put up
tents ready for them to come.

That kept them occupied for a while, but

when the winter ended, they
started to venture out more.

We told them not to, but

teenagers, they don't
listen to their parents.

All we found was a pile of
his blood soaked clothes.

There was no trace of Chloe.


Isn't that a thing for music?

Does it work?

Go on, kiddo.

That's the Sander's farm. I've known
the family all my life.

Look, our air defenses saved us
from most of the bombs.

But the situation is going to get
pretty nasty now that people are starving.

- I'm not leaving.
- It'll just be for a couple of days.

Once the danger's passed we'll come back.

Me and John made our lives here.

They won't force me out.

This is our home.

If you want to go with the boys, then fine.

I'm too old to camp out in the woods.

I can't leave you on your own.

Not after you've taken us in.

- There's not any food in here, lads.
- I'll be the the judge of that.

How many you got in there?

We cam give you some food and some water.

And I want you on your way.

You know people are starving.

There's a lot of fat, rich farmers out here
keeping the food from the rest of us.

We're here to claim what's ours.

Looks like you have to
work it out with the local farmers, then.

I want you off my property right now!

What gives you the right?

That's far enough.

- Get out of my property!
- Your property?

Will you go back inside?

All property is theft.


There must be more.

Trying to save your own skin?


You almost had me fooled.

This is not what it looks like.

I can't sleep knowing
what's coming.

I need to do something. I
need to check the fence.

The alarm will trigger as
soon as we someone crosses the gate..

This is torture. Please, just
let me see the gate.

I'm not letting you head off into the dark.

You don't understand. It was
my decision to come here.

I feel like I'm to blame for
whatever happens next.

You did a good thing,
getting everyone here.

For all our sakes.

I came here because I was afraid.

But I might have just led
us all into a death trap.

We've all made the decision to fight.

Why does it all come to this?

Surviving is all we got left.

Better late than never.

When my brother was here,

he had this idea of an asylum to
ward people away from the town.

We talked about it.

Convinced him that they
would trace it back to us.

So he stood by.

He had people who wandered
into his territory to be hunted down.

So maybe I put this on myself.

I've never looked out for other people.

I've only ever looked after myself.
What kind of life is that?

So, what is this?

You know, for years I've told myself

it's always the evil bastards that survive,

and that no one would
have ever gotten this far

by being a decent human being.

I saw everyone outside
this wood as the enemy.

What happens from here
on out, that's what matters.

We can make things right.

It's been 3 days. What if
they never find us?

I want them to.

We've picked the
battlefield. Let them come.

And if they don't, we'll
take the fight to them.

In the meantime, do I have
to stand out here all night.

To make sure nobody runs off.

Someone's crossed the gate.

- They're here.
- Wait.

There's only one.

Get down here!


- Are we going?
- Yes.

Stick to the plan.

Oi! Come on!

Over here!

You take him.

On me!!

Bring her to me, alive.

- Chief.
- Go!

[ indistinct] out there!

I'm gonna stomp on you!

Please, don't hurt me.

- How many other?
- Not sure. 40 maybe?

We can do this. We can do this.
Get to the next ambush point.


He stuck my fucking leg.

- Can you walk?
- Yes.

Let's go.


is your new hunting ground.

Any rats you catch belong to you.

The girl is mine.

The man who brings that bitch to me

gets to have a real go
at her when I'm done.

Now get after them!

They're breathing down our necks. Come on.

I'm done.

You have to keep going.

- I'll wait here and lead them to you.
- We can't fight them just the 3 of us.

I'm cutting into the woods.
I suggest you do the same.

They're here!

Come on, let's get back to the house.
It's time for plan "B".

We can't leave him!

You have done this.

Why don't you fuck them for leaving
like you did last time?

We can't stay here.

I'm sorry.

We're grabbing all bags
and hitting strait to the woods.

One minute and no more, alright?


Try it!

- You'll nail us both.
- Don't shoot.

- Let him go and you can walk away.
- Not without you.

I'm taking you with me or he dies!

-You're not going anywhere.
-Put the bow down!

No chance. I'll kill him!

You'll be dead before
it hits the ground!

Just do it! We don't have time for this!

You hear that? They're coming.

-They'll be here soon.
- Okay.

-You're ridiculous.
-Don't do this. Just shoot him.

He won't hurt me.

Don't hurt him!

Tie her up. Hands behind her back.

- This can't be the way.
- Just do it, quickly.


Turn around!

Walk towards me.

- Let's go.
-What are you doing? Stop him!

For God's sakes, stop him!

We're too late. Back into the house.

Don't say a word.

For you.

Good boy.

Untie me.

Just stop and think for a second.

- If you step outside you're a dead man.
- Just untie me, please.

I need you with me.

They are not going to take
my wife, do you understand?


We cam fight them here, one at a time.

They'll have to smash their way in.

Who wants to go first?

There's only 3 of them.
Let's burn them out.


I want her as well.

- Just fucking try!
- You know the rules, boys!

-What do we do?
- Get to the roof.

Come on, you cowards!

The roof, before they close off!


Hey, don't shoot!

This is your army?

You thought you could bring
down the beast with these three?

Was it worth losing all those hunters?

- Get close to the walls!
- Move it!

Come here!

I've got the doors covered.

How many arrows have you got?

- Three.
- Save them for the leader.

There's nowhere else to run!

You give up now and I'll
promise you two things!

The women live, and you get to die quickly.

Go to hell!

You fucking dogs!

Look at me!

Come here, you bitch! Come here!

Guess what happens now?

You stay up there

and you will suffer

while I tear up piece by piece,

and then we are going to burn
this thing to the ground, with you inside!

Someone bring me this bastard's tongue!

This... this is who you want to lead you?

This fucking mongrel who
won't even look me in the eye?

I am going to gut you for this!

Come on, then!

Fuck this. I'm out of here.



- This isn't over!
- Keep running!

What's happening?

It is over.

Subtitles by Renatinha Tankinha