Edge City (1998) - full transcript

Two suburban girls fall victims of a rude, but harmless, prank by some boys whose origins are not clear, but the girls think they are from Philadelphia. Rumours make "almost rape" from the prank, and revenge is needed, so tension between kids from urban Philadelphia and suburban Springville escalates.

Yo, what we having?

Spaghetti, you know,
dad's fav food.

For a Mick dad sure makes
good sauce though, huh?

You guys are wise
asses the both of you

just like your mother.

Hey guys, it's Nate.

You okay?

Your mom did it
again, didn't she?


You guys go see if
Michelle needs any help

I going to get
ready for my date.


You mean you're still seeing

what's her name from
the flower store?

Ms. McDonnell?


This is our third date.

Oh, number three is
supposed to be important.

Everybody know you
never even had one.

Oh yah?

That's funny.

Hey, hey.

Stop, stop.

Look, Nate's waiting for you.

Get going. Alright?

Your ass is lucky.

Stop right now.

I was winning.

Always keep it up and I won't
drive you to the dance.

Come on.

It's my schools' dance
anyway you dip shit.


And it's my car keys
getting us there.

Hey, listen.

If I don't see you guys,
have a good time.

Just be back by 12.

Not right Dad, come on. Well.

Be back by twelve or I take
away the car for a week.

No, two weeks.

Look at us dad, we're
doing good for the world

and you're dissing us.

You're lucky my date even drives

you'd both be on public.

Now scram.

Goodnight Nate.

Thanks Nate.

Ms. Flo, you up?

Flo, wake up.

She ain't waking up.

Do you think you guys can
help me get her upstairs?

She's too heavy for me.

Didn't she do this
just last week?

Yeah, three nights ago too.

It's the new guy who's
buying her drinks.

The new guy?

We gotta...We gotta get
her upstairs to bed.

I don't think an earthquake
could wake her up now.

I'm glad she passed out.

She already tried to hit me.

I think she hit her head
when she fell though.

Anyway I think we should
call a doctor or something?

I mean she's out cold.

Call a doctor?



I think got her legs.

One, two, three this bitch
is fucking heavy, yo.

Thanks guys.

You gonna be okay tonight?

Yeah, my girlfriend's
gonna stay over.

Well, if you need anything,
we should be home by twelve.

If she gives you any trouble,

just call Mrs. Farley.

She probably won't wake
up till the morning.

And she usually isn't mad
when she's hung over.

If you need anything, just
don't forget to call.

Okay? Okay.

I will.

Can I be excused please?

Sure honey.

Would you like any dessert?

I had Manuela pick up a peach
pie at the farmers market.

That's okay.

I'm full.

I've to get going anyway.

Tonight the big dance?

Yeah Dad.

You know, we always have
it at the end of school.

Maybe next year, when
you're a senior,

we you could have a graduation
party for you here.

Would you like that?

Yeah, that would be cool.

Okay. Sure.

Molly can get that.

I don't mind.

Why don't you bring one
of your boyfriends

over for dinner sometime?

I wouldn't mind meeting one
of these mystery boys myself.



Okay. Well, thanks for dinner.

I have to get going.

Are you okay?



Well, I'll see you guys later.

Have a good time.

Ma, you got any money?

I need some for tonight.

No, don't you got money
from your jay- oh-be?

Not till next Friday.

I get paid every two weeks
and I already ran out of

money four days ago.

Look I got to make
both our car payments

and the rent and the phone.

Can you get anything cash
advance or some shit like that?

Don't curse at me like
your father used to.


I'm maxed out anyway as if
that's none of your business.

Why don't you ask your
boss for an advance?

What's her name?

Kerry, mom.

She don't give advances.

I guess she knows
you better than me.

I'm late for work.

There's another dinner if
you want it in the freezer.

Come on ma, it's Friday.

I'm going out with the guys.

The dance is tonight at St.

It costs five bucks to get in.

You don't even
have five dollars?

I just paid for my own car
insurance, I bought gas.


I need to sleep till
at least 10 AM.

I'm working Saturday
afternoon too.

Don't worry ma, I
won't make a peep.

I gotta go.

Please Robert, be good.

I will Ma, Well I'm not
staying out too late

I go to work tomorrow
morning too.

You know don't
wake me up either.

I won't.

Thank God you're here.

That creep ex- boyfriend
of mine is hanging around

my house again.

Where is he?

My shoulder still hurts
me hit me son of a bitch.

Get in.

So, how was your Stepmom is?


I wonder if my dad's
doing this maid yet.

You think?

I feel sorry for you.

I'd hate having a
little brother.

He's going to get
everything you know.

I swear I already see it coming.

Wife number three thinks
she has my old man wrapped

around her finger tighter
than a Trojan with no jelly.

See, she don't know
my old man like I do.

I'll bet he's already
fucking her.

Who? The maid?


Shit man, we have a player.

No shit.

I got to have my car.
I got have my girls.

We're talking about pussy
and this motherfucker

talk about the little things?

How the fuck can you
work there man?

I walked in there this whore
ordered a cafe machiatto.

Now what the fuck is a
cafe machiatto man?

Translated into
English it's, uh...


well, what it really is, is...

Man, what the fuck are
you talking about?

Fucking kids in mad.

Yo dudes, check the
titties on these babies.


Princesses has got a
date tonight dance?

I want a date.

I want to data you baby.

Get the fuck away
from me T-head.

You made a message.

Right guys?

Come on.

Whatever. Bye.

Oh God.

Yo who let them young
bucks past their curfew?

I swear, I like young
guys but those guys are

some bitch-ass pussies.

Maybe I didn’t know.


What's up with that?
So, actually.

Okay, check it out.

I'll pick him up I
don’t know what to do.

Dude fucking crazy, man.

That's why I need to be
back out here with us,

you know what I'm saying?

That is so nice.

See how fucking tight that
blunt is mother fuckers?

Straight outside off.

You are my fucking man. Yo,
we are not fucking them.

What’s the fuck?

When you start listening
to hip-hop, man?

When you start listening
to hip hop, man?

You know I was fucking
rock that shit in night.

Who start fucking to
listen to hip hop man.

Check this out man.

This is better than gangsta man.

This is suburban-
urban gangsta'.

When the fuck you also
got like this hip-hop?

Yo, can we please get
to this dance man?

And turn off that music, my man.

What’s up man?

Are you corny ass?

Yo, what kind of fucking bitches
gonna be at this jaw man?

Talking about my dick size.

You want to drive or me drive?

No, I want to drive
still my car I guess.

Oh, maybe you guys enjoy.

Suck this bitch! You
fucking assholes.

Fuck you.

I can't believe those guys.

Fucking assholes.

Oh, Fuck. You, alright?


They are not getting
away with this.

Fuck you.

You got any towels?

I think my towels in.

Fucking assholes.

I am so pissed off.

Are you all right?


Fucking pussies. Fucking dead.

Fucking dead.

They are not getting
away with this shit.

Let's go.

Are you alright?

Yeah, I'm fine. Come on in.

So, are you guys
going to tell me

what took you guys so long.

Fuck it.

Why are you changed?

Tell her Cherie.

I will.

This made me so fucking mad.

Do I look mad?


She's mad, believe me.

So am I.

Okay, so me and Suzie
were just hanging out

at Burger World.

Smoking, talking whatever
Philly guys come up

and started hassling us.

They were going like, check
out the hooters on those

babes and shit like that.

I could not believe it.

They said hooters?
They said that?

They actually said
the word, hooters.

And we just like tried to
ignore them because they

were young they don't know shit.

They probably just felt up

the dumb girl next door
at a basement party.

They probably never ever
French kissed a girl.

They thought they were so cool.

So we just decide
to leave, you know.

Yeah, we were going go
like get some lipstick

at the mall for tonight.

Before we get in the
car, they come up to us.

They sneak up on us they
throw their soda in our face

and squeezed our breasts.

We were practically raped.

I am fucking pissed.

Do you think they
actually thought

we were white trash like that?

Man, I am so sick of being
hassled by low-life row

house-living creeps like them.

Listen, are you guys
going to tell the cops?

Oh yah, like what are
they going to say?

Excuse me officer,

some guys squeezed my
tits at Burger World.

They'll be like, what were
you wearing that thing?

No wonder.


I'm so sick of these
assholes always trying to

take what we got.

Well, you guys going
to go in there

or are you just going
to hang out here?

Fuck that.

I'm not, I'm hanging
out here all night.

I am sick of all those losers.

Well, I don't know.

I saw a couple of cuties go in.

I mean, we could check
it out, you know.

No. I'm with Cherie.

Let's just stay out here and
finish the bottle then,

you know, do the usual and
cruise the night at the mall.

We never did get that
lipstick Cherie.

Oh, fuck, that bad
luck lipstick, man?

What's going to take to get
anything done here tonight?

I don't know but who cares?

Hey, guys, check this out.

Who's that too tall cutie?

He's checking you out Cherie.

I think one of them goes here.

They're Philly guys.

No shit.

Looks like they’re
brothers, maybe.

How could you drive
a car like that?

Wouldn't you be embarrassed?

You know that my dad gave me
that to drive us through but

I don’t think that happens.

That is truly pathetic.

I was thinking on going
on a date in that car.

Hey baby, come ride in my Nova.

I got an eight-track,
an everythang.

Hey baby, you fucked up already?

Dude that’s what I’m saying.

Hey, yo, yo, yo.

Let me hold that I'll sneak it
inside the dance for you. yo.

Holy shit.

Check out the females.

You ain't getting no pussy
motherfucker and tonight

won't be any different.

Aw, fuck you, man.

You don't know the
pussy I be getting.

I know I get more
than you, chump.

Yah? What you got this week?

Drunken Donna or Bobbin' Robin?

Huh? Aw, fuck you, man.

Either one's better
than your right now

I'll tell you that right now.

You go in and we guys
smoke some herb.

Oh man.

I'm going in I got to see
a dude about that time.

You mean, that good shit, right?

Yo, yo tell me too. I'm
trying to get wrecked.

Yo, me too, yo.

Yo, what's up ladies?

Can I get a swing of
that wine right there?

Check out the little criminal.

Yah, Little Dave, don't trip
over your pants right now.

You been watching your
gangster movies again?


Bruce Lee Kung Fu is my shit.

Just so you know, this
wine is Dom Perignon.

Cherie got it from her dad.

Oh well, excuse me there ladies.

Do you mind then if I join
you in your celebration

with Dom Perignon?

Yes, we do.

I'll be right back.

Hey I have something
important to tell you.

Well you can tell
me girl, what's up?

You have to promise
to not tell anybody?

Oh, I won't tell anybody.


Suzie and Cherie were
like practically raped.

Raped by these Philly guys
raped at the Burger World

by these two Philly guys.

They didn't want to
tell you because

they were like upset
about it and stuff.

Hold on. Hold on.

You know where they're at?

You tell me, I'll fuck
them up for you myself.

No. No.

We don't know who they are yet.

All right.

Well listen right, you tell
me and Robert and then when

you find out we take
care of that, all right?

Tell the guys that we'll
be over in a little while,

we're just going to finish
this bottle, you know.

All right, well yo,

I want that dance
tonight little Chula.

I'll be over later.

Pussy tonight baby.


Hi Guys!


What's going on?

My dad gave me a jump
to get here but my car

is totally dead in
the parking lot.

Is Billy coming?

I don't know.

We got into a fight last night.

I'm kind a sick
of him right now.

Know anybody nice?

Oh yes.

Sorry I heard it's over
between you and Billy?

Where'd you hear that?

Everybody knows it already girl.

Well everybody's wrong.

It's over when I
say it’s over not

when somebody else says so.

Well, what if he says so?

Anyway he's cheating on you
anyway with that girl over

at Burger World.

You mean that
bleached blonde girl.


She's only fourteen.

I hate to inform
it to you of it,

but it's been happening
for a while.

She simply like that way.

What do you mean?

Come on.

You know that some of those
Catholic boys like it.

No babies coming out.

That way.

Aw, really, they can't
get enough of it.

You know it's not too late to
join our little competition.


The more heads the merrier.

You're sick.

What are you guys talking about?

We'll tell you later.

Yeah, how much?

You're such a cherry girl.

You're so cute!

It's like all innocent.

Okay, let's go check
out the losers.

Yo, man you got to
forget about girl.

I know man, I got to move on.

I don't even know
why I still feel

something strong for her.

She was your first
love man I know.

But, you can't expect
to be able to start

fresh if you're still
living in the past.

I don't know why I came.

I don't even know anybody.

God, look at Bobby shit.

He just goes out and does it.

Well so can you.

Well, you feel like
smoking a blunt.


I don't know, maybe later.

That's cool man.

Well yo, I'm going
to be right back.

Don't get all depressed and
shit on me while I'm gone.

You need to go and
talk to a female.

Yo, you ain't supposed to
be allowed in, remember?

You think I'm stupid?
I remember.

I remember them taking 20
whacks at me with the paddle.

Fuck it, I'm going in.

Those fucking nuns won't see me.

You better hope that one
you clocked ain't here.

Yo, who does
motherfucker think he is

dancing with a sister
in public and shit man?

Get off the sister
Philly white trash.

What the fuck is your problem?

You motherfucker.

Bob, what are you doing?

Get out the door right now.

Are you fucking serious?

I'm going to call the police.

Fuck you man.

Fuck you and Christ
on the cross man.

Out the door!

Out the door now!

I'm going to take the bus home,

you drive Bobby home for me?

For you?

You're not still worried
about that little fight now,

are you?

I just got to, I just
got to walk it off.

Phill boys think they're
little criminals or some shit,

don't let them ruin it for you.

Wow, that was a cool fight.

That Philly kid had
El pinned on his ass.

Don't you guys think
his brother is brave?

Cherie knows him
don't you Cherie?

I told you I don't. Now quit it.

Come on Cher, you remember him.

He was number two or
three such a high face.

You can’t remember?

Come on at the bleachers. No.

He's was cute.

He has a cute ass, for sure.

He's definitely
cuter than Billy.

Yo Alley, come here.

Taking of the blows.

Go get him girl.

Making up some best part.

Get off.

You're drunk.


So no.

Fuck off.

That's what I want to do.

Get off it. I can’t.

Why you acting all
stuck up and shit?

Don't curse at me.

Now I'm getting out.

You cursed at me first.

Don't even try it.

Your piece of shit car
is all fucked up.

It won't start without a jump.

Yah, it'll start.

Alright, I got another
piece of ass waiting

for me anyway bitch.

Yeah, go enjoy your
bleached blonde bimbo.

Fuck you bitch, I ain't
calling you anymore.


I can't believe what just
came out of his mouth!

See what men can do to you?

All guys are dogs.

Home by 12.


Yeah, no problem.

I'll get the little man home.


You need a ride, now?

No, I got my car
started its okay.

Well, I'll see you guy’s later.

Alright, Bye.

So are you going to
come to my party,

my birthday party on Friday.

Yeah, I'll be there.





Where are you headed, home?


Why so early?

It's just, uh, I'm tired.

Yeah, me too.

Was that your brother
in that fight?

Yeah, he is.

What was that about, anyway?

Just Bobby getting
into more trouble.

You know what, don't
worry about those guys.

Yeah, I know I shouldn't,
it's just I don't know,

it's kind of getting to me.

Yeah, well I'll walk it off.

I'm taking the bus home.

I can give you a ride.

I have to charge
my battery anyway.

Ah, James.


It's nice to meet you.

Me too.

Oh, you know what, I live
in Philly, that alright?

It's no problem.

You sure.

Yeah, get in.


I think about that
shit all the time,

but I know I ain't got
the heart to do it.

Oh, I know I could do it man.

I take my mom's 357 stick
that fucker down my throat,


my brains be all over
the fucking wall.

What's your mother
got a 357 for?

She got it when I was
kid, when my old man

comes around he never does.

She's got it right next
to her bed though,

just in case he tries to like,

pull something on you know.

Yo, man.

Why do you think I'm always
thinking about killing myself.



You know when we sometimes
stay out all weekend?

I know my parents don't care.

Whatever, man!

How the fuck you know that?

Because I'm smart motherfucker.

I’m going to check it
like last weekend,

I was stoned as shit.

Fucker, I was with you.

Smoking some whacked out stuff.

Go check it, I was climbing
out the kitchen window,

and I kicked this coffee can
my mom had on the shelf

with a little plant in it.

That shit was mad loud, I
mean like fucking clanging

and banging all over the house.

They had to hear it.

Fucking dirt flew
everywhere man.

I just froze for a minute.

I was almost hoping
they would catch me,

like my nana used
to before she died.

I never went out on her boy.

She used to give me that look,

you know what I'm saying?

She was this old Italian female,

off the boat and shit.

She had this wooden spoon and
when you wasn't looking,

right, she'd whack
you on the hand.

I hit you because you look
like you was thinking

about doing something.

I was like your nana,
I didn't do nothing.

She would be like,
Never lie to me,

or else I will kill you.

You think you want to do it?

I don't know man, maybe.

I wouldn't worry about it.

If Tony couldn't do it, I
know you definitely can.

oh man.

I don't want to hear that shit.

You know Tony's the
still the toughest guy

we know still standing.

He tried to do that shit
when he pulled the trigger

it slipped off at
the last second.

How could it slip?

He moved it at the last second.

I don't want hear now.

What you mean, Tony
ain't hard no more?

Oh no man, I'm not saying
that he ain't hard I mean

he's a tough motherfucker.

But I'm just saying, when
you like put a gun to your

head and you're finger's on that
trigger at that last second,

that you're about to
think about doing it.

I'm just telling you,
that's what happens.

I want you to try it.

Put a gun to your head,

put your finger on
the fucking trigger.

I want to see what
if you can do it.

My dad ain't going to do shit.

He's sleeping with some
bitch from working shit.

I’ve seen him at this restaurant

at lunch time over at the mall.

They was smooching in a booth,

some blond chick shit.

I know he saw me.

So what's he going to say right.

He knows I got him, because
if my mom's found out

his ass be at the motel
quick than shit homey.

Yo man, that shit
is for real man.

You got that motherfucker
by the balls Yo.

Yo, I think you Italian
mother fucks got gasoline

for blood man keep away
from my fucking lighter.

Yo, shut the fuck up
you stupid Irish,

booze drinking motherfucker.

You dam right. I'm fucking high.

Ask sorry.

I’m going to drink some more.


Let's bounce to the mall get
some bitches or something.

That's what's up man.

Lame-O, my man.


Here, you can take the forty.

I'll take the small, small.

This one is for my nanna.

Bob you know there is
some real moves you were

pulling back at the dance.

I think you got some shots too.

Man, well, yeah, you
know, I got some moves,

what can I say.

Yo man.

Anyway, word is Springville boys
are after some Philly guys,

raping one of their
girls or something.

I overheard these
guys talking about it

right before we left.

They're always saying some
bullshit like they going to

get their load on
get set blood up.

Yo man, just watch it
a little, you know,

don't go up there
around there all alone.

Yah, well that won't be
hard now that schools out.

Yo man, you guys should
stop by my dad's

He just put up the
basketball net,

we'll play some hoops.

Oh, yah?

Yah, we'll play ball.


Yo, your old man is the man.

I know James I want to see that.

Check you later. Peace.


Hi Michelle.


Is your mother alright?

Is she still sleeping?

Yeah, she's fine.

Gary, what are you
doing here, man?


Yeah, nothing.

We ain't doing
nothing with Gary.

It’s cold.

Guys, it's after midnight.

Don't you think you should
send him home and get to bed?



Catie, tell Gary to go.

Alright, come on Gary.

Dad says you got to go.

I'm not going.

You're my hero Bob.

Gary, let's go man, I'm tired.

No, really, you are.

The way you help out my mom,

I thought that was really nice.

Yah, no problem, any time.

Gary. Let's go.

Do I have to?

Yah, let's go.

Aw, fine.

See you guys later.

See you, man.

Good night girls.

Get some sleep why don't you.

It's after midnight
for Christ sakes.

You're not going
tell on me are ya?

Now why would I do that?

I don't know.

James would.

My mom thinks I'm staying
down the street at Joey's.

Then you better tell
head that way little G.

yeah, I guess you're right.

See you later.

Good night Gary.

Thanks Bobby.

That guy got El good though.

Guy got El good.

He deserves that shit.

It was like huge.

It was a cool fight,

because he wanted the
fucking attention.

That's what the cool
fight was about.

I think funny.

How you ran up in that shit
like my sista, my sista.



You see that?

I put that boy on his ass.

You check in on Michelle?

Yes I did.

She and Catie and Gary
over there again so.

That boy.

Little G trying to get some huh?

Is he moving in on your girl?

Well, she's not
my girl, alright?

Looks to me like you
are smirking there.

What's up with your
girl situation?

I know you don't got
the Mac like me.

Let me tell you about the Mac.


Go ahead and enjoy that.

Now what?

He insults black girl’s ass.

What up.

How you doing mommies?

Hey, what's up?

What's up.

Yo, looking all good and shape.

Yo, yo Dave, wake the fuck up.

How you feeling?

Oh damm.

Yo, Dave!

Get up. Yo!

How you doing?

Stole your Dad's car again, huh?

Yo, not stole just
borrowed for the night.

Yah, right.

You know, this would
be a cool car

to take on a date
drive into Philly.

Yo where's Cherie at?

Uh, she's not here.

She's at home.

She's bugging out
about those guys

that harassed her and Suzie.

What guys did this?

I never saw them before.

But they were definitely
Philly fucking white trash.


Why didn't you tell me?

Why didn't you tell
me about this?

Oh, Suzie, Suz, Suz, Suz, Suz.

Everyone's talking about it.


Yeah everybody.


So pissed as shit about what
those fuckers did to us.

They practically
raped us and all.

So you guys going to
do anything about it?

What the fuck you want
me to do about it?

You know, what guys
are supposed to do?

Yo, El.

You can't let them
get away with that.

You know what the fuck to do?

That's what I want to know.

So, anyway, yo.

What you guys want
to do tonight?

Now you can't even avoid
the subject dude.

Our cops won't do anything,
it was right on the border.

Can we bounce, please?

Dave. Get the fuck up.

Damn, what the fuck?

Sit in the back with me.

Sit in the back with me.

That's what I'm talking about.

You get to go first
because you my man.

All right.

What’s up?


Oh my god, I was so boring you.

You look dam good.

Nice really.

You ready to go.

She's got a Volkswagon.

So what if isn’t she.

Yah, that's funny.

With two ski racks on top.


You know, dad had a Volkswagen.

Yah, a Beetle, remember?

She's got a Scirocco.

Old, but kind of classy?

What's her name?


So, you going go out with her?

What's the story?

She's got a football
player boyfriend.

Oh Jeesh.

With a jeep.

And, she lives in Springville.

Oh, jeesh.

I mean if she likes
you she'll probably

drop him I mean...

She might, but I doubt
it I mean look,

you get used to a Jeep, you
don't have an easy time

going back to a Nova.

They don't all got money.

Yeah, but they all
wish they had it.

Yah, that's true.


I completely forgot about
dad, what happened?

Three must have been his
lucky number, right?

Good, because he
needed to get laid

you know what I'm talking about.

Shout was probably
heard round the world.

Alright, I'm heading up.

You, coming?

Nah, I'm going to stay
down here and watch TV.

Allright. Maybe
I'll read a book.

All right, All right.

Like Dad said.

Like Dad said just don't
jerk off on your girl

too loud now, alright?

Don't worry, I'll
talk to my hand.

I’ll cum in the
sheets like you do.

That was very funny.

Very funny.

Good night.


How much did you take?

What are you talking about?

I didn't take any money.

Come on Robert, if you need
money why don't you just ask?

Because when I do like
I did last night,

you never give me enough.

Well maybe you need
to get another job.

Have you thought about that?

Yes, I have ma.

You know, you used to
give me more money

when I was in school.

That was different.

I don't even know
what you do all day.

Work ma, that's what I do.

Yah, yah, but at night.

What do you do every night?

That's when you work.

That's just how it is.

I can't change my shift
at the hospital.

Yeah and that is what pays
the rent for us to live in

this nice neighbourhood
with all these

doctors and lawyers.

Gees I know, ma.


Johnny's mother told me
you're not going to your job

training program anymore.

I'm at the end of my rope
with you Robert I mean,

I ask you.

I say be good and you
still do whatever

you want what do you
expect me to do?

Nothing, nothing.

I gotta get to work
I'm gonna be late.

Yo Bobby man tell the guys
how you got that Springville

punk in a head lock last night.

I think dude was
crazy or something

getting all up in my face.

You were dancing
with a black girl?

I dance with all the girls.

If it moves, he'll
dance with it.

I guess so I mean he doesn't
go to Saint Mark's,

at least not anymore.

There was a bunch of
them there last night.

They just came in there looking
to beat some heads in.

They just picked the wrong
ones you know what I'm saying.

Hey, Bobby, I don't know
how you go to school man.

Sounds rough.

Because my dad thinks it'll
be good for me to get

away from my reefer
friends, you know.

James hooked up with one
of them last night.

Yah, she gave him a ride
home in her Scirocco.


The new lady is
stopping by tonight,

so you can meet her.

She's friends with this girl
Cherie, the super junior.

I smell pussy.

What's up with that?

She is a jerk off dream though.

I don't know, she's too
flat chested for me though.

I guess you like 'em that
way like Michelle, right?

Cherie, the cherry doll.

You shut the fuck up, asshole.

Bobby, my man next year
when her titties sprout

then she'll be legal.

Yo Tammy, what's up?

Hey girl, what's up?

What's going on with that guy
you like did you get him yet?

He didn’t like spring
or like it or what?

You guys, like I wouldn't have
told you if I blew him yet.

Anyways, it's all
set for tonight.

Oh, I'm so excited.

Another conquest.

You been practicing on
your carrots again?

Stop! Bitch

Hey, I didn't even say any bad.

What are you going
do to him first?

Do the little lets take a
light walk in the woods

or a little light necking
under the bleachers.


Neck lightly?

Come on, she tongues him
first and gives him a giant

hickey before she even goes.

Besides, she likes it under
the bleachers anyway.

So, how many will
this make for you?

Um, twelve.

What? The guys think we're
sluts anyway, who cares.

Tear him up, girlfriend.

Tear him up. He's all mine.

So what are you up to?
You better catch up.

And you better catch up!

Remember, always spit.

And spit, roll down the window.

The last guy I didn't count
because his dick was too short.

Who was he?

Who was it? Who was it?



You lie.

He was like this big.

Everyone was like this, right?

Everyone was...

It was like this....

How many on your list?

Oh, she don't want to say.
Give it up!

Your not counting it
anyways but for real,

that's eleven? Shit.

Believe me, girls,

the big-foot factor
does not work here.

So when do you start
working this summer?

Me and Bobby both start over
at the supermarket tomorrow.

You guys work together?

Yeah, we always do.

I don't know.

It's kind of fun I mean,
we know everybody

there because my dad
works there and also.

We drive in together.

I'm going to be going
away for the summer.

I'm leaving in a few weeks.

You going to work
somewhere or something?

Sort of I'm going to Spain.

My Dad's sending me
over to study Spanish.

Have you ever been to Europe?


No, no, only the store and
once up to the Adirondacks.

My Dad took us camping up there.

Why, you ever been to Europe?

Yah, twice.

Last summer I went to France
and before that Germany.

My Dad flies a lot, so
he gets us free tickets

from his frequent flier miles.

Well, then maybe you and I
can have a couple of nice

weeks together.

Uh, look.

Uh, I got to work
early tomorrow.

That's important.

Can I see you again before I go?

Yah, uh, let's shoot for Friday?

Come on, I'll walk
you to your car.

Hi Dad.

You alright?

Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.

I just need some coffee,
that's all, you know.

Coffee just always brings
me back, you know.


Jesus Christ, dad, you alright?

I'm okay. I'm okay.

I got it. I'm fine.

Let me help you find come on.

I got it. I just...

Are you sure?

Yah, yah.

Where's uh, where's
the whatchamacallits?

Oh boy you know, the uh...

Fill choc, Dad? Yah.

Open the cabinet.

Right there where
they always be?

Who did this?


Dad, James.

I don't drink coffee, remember?

Now I'm gonna have to
make cowboy coffee.

Come on, just go to bed.

No. I want coffee.

I'm gonna make coffee.

Yo yo yo, Bobby.

She's been to Europe.

What's wrong?

Dad's making his
grunt coffee again.

You used up all the
goddamm filters.


It's alright James
I forgive you.

But guys, you got to
help me out a little bit

more around here.

Dad, come already.

Damn, his breath stinks.

What, was he drinking again?

Boilermakers with VO.

I hear you got a girlfriend.

How come I haven't met her yet?

You will when the
time is right, Dad.

Well, when's the time right?

Dad, don’t get excited,

in the best state to meet
somebody right now.


I'm sorry.

What's her name?

I mean, uh, is she nice?

What's she like?

She has a Scirocco.

I had one of them.

No you didn't Dad,
you had a Beetle.


There's a big difference.

Besides, this one has a ski
rack, which means she skis.

She skis, so what?

I skied once.

Dad, we know, alright?

Listen to James, he's telling
you about his new girl.


I can't even talk
in my own house?

What's her name?

I mean this is the girl
who picked you up after

he had a fight, right?



It’s a nice name.

Yah, I don't know.

She's maybe a little too nice.

Yah too good for you.

You know how clean
rich girls are.

Their hair always smells
so clean little shit.

Your mother was one
of those girls.

Her father hated me
from the day he met me.

He thought I was a bum.

Took her awhile I figure it out,

but when she did she left.

It took her five years.

That's what I mean.

She lives up in
Springville Heights.

The one you mean with big
gates around the houses?


I mean I know she likes me

and I like her dad I
still I don't know.

You know,

I'd marry your mother
all over again.

I got two sons out of the deal

I don't care what her
father says about me.

Yo Dad, come on, don't
get all mushy and shit.



It's alright Dad.

Dad. Eveything is gonna be okay.

God I know.

I love you guys
more than anything,

anything in the whole world.

I'm tired.

I'm gonna go to bed.

Yah, go to bed.

I love you.

Goodnight Dad.

Love you.

Dad, the coffee.

You guys can have it my treat.

Thanks Dad.


That thoughts makes
him sad, I know it?

He is better than
Michelle's mom.

At least he doesn't hit.

You mean not anymore.

So, you buzzing?

I was.

Oh boy, look out, here it comes


No, it's like I said to Dad,
I mean I just don't know.

I don't blame you I
mean, after all,

her car costs more than what
the old man makes a year,

you know but uh, got to
admit she's kind of cute.

She's more than that.

She's not like those other

Springville girls
like she's real.

Maybe that's what scares me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hold on for a second.

You're moving a
little fast for me.

Don't you like it?

Sure, but...

Tell me how you like it?

I don't know how I like it.

I don't even really know you.

What am I doing wrong?

Why don't we just go out
on a date or something

instead of just, you know.


Where do you want to go?

I don't know, movies
or something.

Somewhere we can talk first.

You want to talk?

What do you want to talk about?

I don't know about stuff,
you know like school.

I hate school.

You sure you want
to go out with me?

Yo, I know those bitches
be dogging man.

I figured that shit out.

They got a game going on.

What like fucking notches
on the bed post and shit?

Nah, man, better than that.

They each got a little
black book, alright?

They're writing it all down man.

Suzie and Tammy in them?

Yeah dude.

Yo, they're running a game
where they bust on all the

underclassmen they like Me
and Little Dave saw them

sucking this guy off
down in the bleachers.

Man, they was all taking turns.

Shit man.

They was all down dudes
shit like, ooh, aah.

They're sucking going crazy
with this shit, right.

Oh my god.

That shit was fucking crazy.

One man was like, Yeah
baby, baby do it.

Oh shit, I'm going to cum
in your mouth, oh shit.

Oh shit.

Ooh shit.. Oh shit, ugghhh.

You guys go for real fucking
shit there ain't even fun.

But you mean something
they're giving away free

blowjobs to dudes just
because they're virgins.

Rob, my man, this shit is real.


Yo, but they ho's anyway,
so what can you say, right?

Yo man, I know Cherie's I
fucked that bitch myself

one night after a party
over at Johnny's dads.

I just told her to shut
the fuck up I gave it to

her good man.

I got news for you friend.

She fucked a couple a girls
that night you wasn't

the only one.

So, at least I didn't get
greasy seconds like you,

you greasy fuck! I
gotta go to work.

Get your ass to the burger jaw.

Fuck you, motherfucker.

Suck my dick.

I'm outta here man.

Alright man.

Yo, you stay safe, alright?

I'm outta here.

I don't know, I'm tired
of looking at this shit.

Me too, yo.

Oh shit.

No, no, no check out
this idea, right?

What's up, man?

Let’s take up.


Let's take a ride and
score some weed down in

South Philly from
the fucking mafia.


Yo, I heard on TV you
can get some good shit.

Yo, they call it la cosa nostra

and shit under the expressway.

Yo, you saw this on TV?


Why the fuck do you want
to go down to Philly for?

Will ya stop trying to
be a mafia motherfucker

and a black pimp and shit.

Hey, hey yo, my momma's black,

and my daddy's a white, so
that makes me at least half

of each and according to
this country's fucked up

ways that makes me a
mafia nigga, nigga!

Alright El, you a mafia nigga.

Robert, you're a fucking
regular white and

I'm a stupid-ass mick.

Who gives a fuck?

I'm saying now with this
idea to get some herb.

Well, I ain't driving
my car down there!

Alright, then I'll drive,
you pussy-ass motherfucker.

His ass is too scared to deal
with the real mafia anyway,

you know?

Alright, if it’s so
easy, then I'm driving,

but then I'm making the buy too.

Alright, yo, if you want to
take over, then go ahead.

I got your back any day my man.

Even in death.

Yo Dave man, what's up?

Just chilling man
what's going on?

Slide me a couple of burgers
for me and my girl?

No doubt, man, but I got to
watch the manager, you know.

Alright, man.


No problem.

You hear about the
rumble Friday night?

No, no what's going on?

Payback time for what
those Philly guys

did to Cherie and Suzie.

Yah, a bunch of guys are meeting
at the mall Friday night.

What time, yo?


Tammy is having a bash
at her place after

wards man three kegs.

Yah, man, tell your boys.

Yo, no doubt, I'll be there man.

Y'all gonna be there?

Hell, yah.

Alright man, thanks
for the burgers, man.

Alright, peace man.

Talk to you.

Take it easy.

I don't know who's the
fuck to believe, man.

Hey bitch, how much
is it for some pussy?

Fuck off mother fucker.

Look at that fucking
school, man.

It looks like fucking prison.

Damn, y'all, this shit is
just like the news man.

I can't imagine living
around here man.

Look at all the trash
in the street, Yo.

What the fuck man.

Look as fucking bomb was
dropped on that shit.

Whatcha all feel
like getting man?

I'm thinking about
fucking with some dust

or some heroin or some shit.
Get the fuck outta here.

Fuck no!

Is that a fire in
Burger King and shit?

Mother fuckers, Burger
King is on fire!

Flame broiled.

This shit gonna be fly, man.

Yo, man, check it, check it.

Philly mother fucker
just want to relax.

I don’t want any dope.

What do you want?

Can I get a couple
of dime bags here?

I don't sell fucking
dime bags motherfucker,

I sell ounces here.

How much is an ounce then?


Want one?

Nah man, I thought I can
get a couple of dime bags.

I just told you, I don't
sell fucking dime bags.

You deaf?

Hey, yo.

Yo G come on.

Maybe he'll take care
of you, alright?

These nice young ladies would
like to buy a few dime bags.

Yo what do you call a white guy
driving a nigger around town?



Hey, you under arrest.

Yeah we can hook you up.

We can hook you up.

How much you got?

Don't tell him.

Shut the fuck up you stupid
mulie I wasn't talking to you!

I'll shoot you right the back
fuck wherever you came from,


Where is you from anyway?



We get a lot of you
motherfuckers from there coming

down to visit la cosa
nostra in person.

Yo, you fucking see us on
TV and shit last night?

Yeah, Yo.

I look good right.

Yo fellas, they saw
us on TV last night.

We're fuckin' movie stars!

I’m in fucking movies.

I look nice.

I’m fucking nice.

Oh way oh.

He is not free, I’m free?

I got twenty bucks man.

What can I get for
twenty dollars?

20 fuck you get a blow
job on South Street,

that's what you get.

What, do I look like
a hooker to you?

Do I look like a hooker to you?

Yeah, it’s a nice car,
is this Daddy's car?

Fuck you, man.

Fuck me.

Fuck me!

Frosty's alright here, you know?

Hey you wanan sell these guys?

Yeah, go ahead.

Fucking make it quick though
because my fucking trigger

finger is getting itchy, man.

I haven't fucking killed
someone in over a week.

Alright, let's get
it, whose got money?

Twenty dollars.

You carry all this in cash?

That's twenty dollars.

Gimme a large coke and a fry.

Put your seatbelts on.


Y'all come on back now, ya hear?


That we can deal
real mafia guys?

What are you talking about man.

Didn't you see
their fucking car?

It was a corvette that is like
the state car of the mafia.

No it's not, a Cadillac is man.

Yo like little Nicki Scarfo
he always drove caddies yo.

Cadillacs is for the
old head mafia guys

man not these guys.

But that was fucking coolest
shit though, right.

That was so hype, man.

Aw, no, no, no but I
seen you two man,

you got scared as shit when
he put that gun in your face.

Get the fuck out of here,
I was not scared yo.

Whatever man, I was sitting
back here the whole time,

I seen you how fucking.

Alright man, you wasn't scared.

Alright you was a little
scared too yo,right,

That’s find.

You was a little scared too.
No way home boy.

I'm down with them.

Oh get the fuck out of here.

Just beause you made the
buy, you the man, right?

Aw shit, those mafia
guys are my cousins man.

Oh they're your cugini, right?

Get the fuck out of here.

That's right fuck it, man,
we're blood brothers.

Hey guys.


This is a nice surprise.

You want, wanna meet my Dad?
He's in the back.


Bobby, go get Dad.


No fooling around in the aisles.

Go get him.

Do you want to go the Green
Day concert Friday night?

I'd love to.

Oh no, but I can't.

I don't get my pay
check till next week.

I already got two tickets.

Don't worry about it.


You don't have to pay me back.

It's my treat.

Hi, you must be Allison.


Nice to meet you Mr. Gannon.

So boys, how is it going?

Boss says you're almost back
to speed from last summer.

It's going great Dad.

Let me walk you out.

Nice to meet you. Me too.

Bye Bobby.

See ya.

What's wrong with James?

It's a love thing Dad, you know.

No, I don't know, so tell me.


I know you think what
you did was okay,

but I don't feel good about it.

Look, no girl has ever
bought me anything.

James, if it makes
you so uncomfortable

I'll go with somebody else.


Is that really how you want it?

I guess so.

Look, I don't know
what you want from me.

I really don't.

I was just trying to do
something nice for us.

You just should have
asked me first.

Tony's coming back.

Motherfucker got kicked
outta boot camp.

I'm gonna kill that
motherfucker tonight and shit.

Yo that is Tony,
right there, man.

So he starts jerking off
in his sleep and shit.

Yo, that's for real.

That shit is so fucking nasty.

Yo man, I still wish that
big rumble was coming

I mean I'm ready to fuck a
motherfucker up right now.

Now all we got is this shit.

This ain't cool turf.

Hands up white trash and
hand over the dope.

Yo, Guess what I am yo?

Your my dick!

Na, Na, Sike, yo,
no, a Philly cop?

Philly blues, not to be
confused with Phillie blunts

the wrap that makes
the world spin round.

Yo, check what Little Dave
heard last night from Billy.

Don't tell them that yo.

Why not?

These three or four Philly
motherfuckers that fucked

with Cherie and Suzie
down at Burger World?

Those motherfuckers ganged
'em in the back seat

of their car.

Yo why didn't they
tell us this shit?!

Because they were
embarrassed, man.

They fucked them man.

I forgot.

What they fucking.

Yo, that was like in
a back seated car

it was like falling
tities and shit.

How come you didn't tell
me this before, man?

I don't know. I guess I forgot.

You forgot?

You forgot? Guys
doing whatever man,

because yo they had these
guns, they had guns.

You're kidding me.

We go back yo we go back!

Of course I believe them, man!

Why you bugging?

This shit is real!

They ran that game on us
about the dick sucking shit

with the little black book,

how do you know they're not
running a game on us again?

Yo, where the fuck
were these boys from?

Yo, Philly yo.

Yo the point is, if these
motherfuckers are from

Philly then they shouldn't
be fucking with our girls,

you know what I'm saying.

We got fuck these balls out.

Yo they shouldna' rape them yo.

Straight the fuck up.

Yeah man, and they was
talking shit like Aw these

motherfuckas is
pussy, bah, bah, bah,

they don't know what the
fuck they fucking with

Philly and all.

Yo, it's the same mothafuckas
at the dance man.

Straight up.

So when they go in, we're
going in big time.

You know what I'm
saying motherfuckers?

Like dropping bombs on mother
fuck in Hiroshima and shit.

Well I’m not fucking
listen yo, check it.

Friday night Billy said a
group of guys is getting

together at the mall get
our shit bring whatever

we got to bring.

We got gonna be there?

Oh you know they gonna be there.

I'm gonna get so fucking hype,

I'm gonna drain these bitches.

Yo, make sure you tell Tony,
if any of you guys see him,

make sure you tell him.

I'm grab that motherfucker
by his neck, right,

and I'm gonna start kicking
the shit outta him.

Are you down with this?

Just whatever man.

I think you scared.

We gonna go there, we're
gonna do what we gotta do

get Tony, get our
rides, get our bats,

do whatever we gotta bring

and do what the
fuck we gotta do.

Straight up man.

I'm down for this shit.

Ah, Little Dave?

Are you with this?

It's whatever man.
It's whatever.

Let's just go to that
party afterwards.

You'll get your time man,
don't worry about it.

Fucking balls.

I'm gonna meet you
there, alright?!

Michelle, Michelle,

will you me bring me
the aspirin bottle.

I got a headache.

Home sweet fucking home.

Home sweet fucking home.

Home sweet fucking home.

Yo what's up Tony!

Don't fuckin' touch me!

I can't believe
you're here, man.

How's your boss bitch?

She just fired me.

Ah, I can't believe
she fuckin' fired me!

What'd ya do, squeeze
her titties?

Yo check it out.

We're gonna fuck these
muthafuckas up!

I been looking for
you everywhere man.

There's a fight
Friday night man.

So what happened?

Well I heard that you beat
up two guys by yourself.

Fuck you!

Tell ya 'bout it later.

Whose fightin'?

You guys?

Just me and Johnny and the guys.

We're giving some payback
to some Philly trash that

fucked with some of our girls.


whose that, your mom?
You got any Ism?

Naw, but I can get some
if you want .

Are we gonna posse up?

Are we gonna posse up?

Yeah we're gonna posse up!
We gonna swarm?

Fuckin' bees on shit baby.

Lets go!

Like my wheels?


She's out.

Fucking mall bitch
firing me without

giving me my last check.

What the fuck am I supposed to
do for money and blunts now?

No money. Nothin.

She's onto my game man.

Just pawn some shit man.

I need a smoke bad.

I haven't had one in
eight fuckin' weeks.

Go grab the microwave.

C'mon man, what's
my Mom gonna say?

Oh fuck, don't go getting
all pussy on me and shit.

Look, I got some money
back at my mom's,

I just don't feel like
seein her right now.

C'mon man, I'll buy the
shit back tomorrow.

I promise.

"I promise."

Can you meet me here?

I miss you.

Come pick me up.

in ten minutes. Be there in ten.
Okay. Bye.

Hey Cher, what's up?

Hey, what's up?

What 'choo doing?

Where you going?

We're supposed to meet the guys

at the mall in an hour.


The rumble, don't you...

She doesn't remember.
It's tonight?

I totally forgot. Yeah, tonight.

Shit, I forgot.

It's payback time for what
those punks did to us.

Remember how that shit felt?

Yeah, alright.

What time?

Just get your butt to the
mall by seven, alright?

Oh, oh, party afterwards.

I know, I know.

You going? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

I gotta do one thing, and
then I'll see you later.


Where's she going?

What's going on with her?

I don't know, I think she
actually likes this new guy,

Todd or something.

Doesn't she know that
all guys are dogs?

Oh yeah, "Maybe
should inform her!"

You going to pick up
the phone or what?

No can do, the Flyers are on.

You get it.

My hands are full of soap.
Just get it, alright!

What a check!

Yo James, Lindros just made a
check you wouldn't believe.

People say he's a
pussy, but I don't.


Hi. Bobby?

It's Allison.

Is James there?

Can I talk to him?

Yah, hold on.

Yo, it's Allison.

I can't talk to her right now.

So tell her.

I can't.

You tell her for me.

Yah, Allison, uh, he
can't talk right now.

He's washing his hair.

Just tell him I called, okay?

Most guys I know never take the
time to make me feel good. Ever.

You mean this was your first?

Um, well, sort of.
I mean, well,yeah.

I didn't have to
do it, you know?

Oh shit, what time is it?
6:45. Why?

Shit! I gotta go!

Oh my god, I gotta
meet my girlfriends.

I'll call you tomorrow.

Can you drop me off?

I can't, I can't, I can't.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I have to go.

It ain't going anywhere.

He dissed his girl.



I said something stupid
about rich people.

And he didn't take her call.

Yo bro, bad move.

You never do that to a chick.

I know.

It was stupid.

I think I'm gonna call her back.

It's getting late, you wanna
start going back, or what?

C'mon, we just got here.

Lets play one more.

Fine. Game's eleven,



Deal. Yes!


Mr.Gannon, hi, it's me again.

Have you seen James?

I've been looking
all over for him.

We got into a fight.

It was my fault.

Oh, that's okay.

I think he's over at John's
shooting some hoops.

That's near our place.

That's over on
Wissahickon Avenue.

I'll write down the
address for you.




I hope to see you again soon.

Yah, me too.

Tell your dad thanks, for
uh, putting up the rim.

Thanks a lot. No problem, man.

Yeah man,this is really sweet.

So I'll see you guys
tomorrow night, right?


We're gonna be
around all the time

now that you have this us.

Hey John!

John! John!

You seen James?

He was just here.

He and Bobby are walking home.

They took a short cut
through the schoolyard.

Could you show me?

Yah, sure.

John, did James say
anything to you?

Yeah, he feels really bad,

and I know he wants to call you.

We better run.

Go get John.

Hey, man, maybe we
should stick together.

No, we split up,
like I always said.

Get John!

You guys gotta help.

There's a gang of kids after us.

I think it's the kids from the
dance that I fought. Hurry!

Oh my God, James!

They got James!


James! Bobby!

Stay back!

Dude, we fucked him up.

Jesus fucking christ.

That's the power.

That's the fucking power!

I told you finish him
off, finish him off.

Finish him off.

I grabbed that motherfucker
so hard, by his neck.

I just punched that
motherfucker so hard in his

face man...Oh my god, Yo El,
you should have seen the

way that fucking dude
was crying, man.

Yo, that shit was real, man.


I'm fucking insane
right now, man.

That's the fucking power!


No joke!

Fuck, man, yo, f...Man,
I hit him so hard,

I can still feel it in my hands.

Brought the bats?

Is this extremely confidential?

Between me and you?

It's between me and you.

Who swung the bat?

Who swung the bat?

Who brought the bats?

This kid named Tony.

How many people were there?

Who bought the bats, man?


I don't know.

Is this getting funny to you?

Yah, it's getting
real fucking funny.

That's good.

Oh. You got a fucking attitude?

It was Tony.

I'm telling you the
motherfucker is crazy.

Alright, well how many
bats did he have?

Like, six. He gave...

he brought for some people, man.

Some people?

Who brought the bats then?

Come on.

It was Tony, man, he
brought the bats.

Tony? Tony brought the bats?

We saw 'um!

You were fucking there! Buddy!

What the fuck is wrong with you!

I'm telling you,
it was Tony, man,

and Robert, and... I just
hit him one time, man.

I just hit him one fucking time!

Fuck you!


Watch your fucking mouth!

I hit him one time.

I didn't hit him with a bat,

I hit him with my hands!

I didn't touch him.

What were you doing there?

Why were you there in the
first fucking place?

It was Johnny.

I tried to tell him
not to do it, man.

It was Johnny and El.

Johnny and El did what?

They held him.

It was Robert!

Robert was the one that
hit him with the bat.

I didn't swing no fucking bat!

I'm sure you did.

I'm gonna tell you
something now, Johnny,

Tammy, all of them, they donned
your fucking ass out, boy.

You going down.

I ain't going nowhere.

Yes, um, I would like
to, um, report a crime.

Um, well, you know that
kid who got beat up

in Springville tonight
in the schoolyard?

Ye, ye... Yes.

I was there.

I saw it happen.

There were a lot of kids,

and I saw this one
kid get beat up.

No, there was a
whole bunch of us.

I didn't see exactly who did it.

It was really crowded.


Oh my God!

It's okay Bobby, I'm here.

It's gonna be okay.

I know.

I just miss him, you know?

I really miss him.

I really miss him.

Today is the first day
of the rest of my life,

and I guess it
starts right here.

It all started that
day last spring,

the first warm night,

the day my brother
went down in a rumble.

Some rumble.

It was more like a fifty on two.

These dudes from Springville
thought they were in a rumble,

but the only fight going
on was in their own minds.

They're in jail and all now,

not that it makes
me feel any better

because he's is still gone,

but at least they're
getting what they deserve

for killing him.

I told my father they
should be dead too,

but he said they are
now dead in a way,

He said you're never the
same after you kill someone.

I guess he knows about that
kind of stuff because he was

in Vietnam, and he killed
some people over there.

He never came out and said
yeah, I whacked some guys, but

I can't do it.

I can't get on this bus.

But I gotta remember
what Dad said.

He said to just get on and
let it take me there,

let it take me to my new life,

because there's no
way I can go back.

I don't wanna do it,
but I got no choice.

I can't let what
happened to James

stop me from living too.

You coming kid?

Yeah man, I'm coming.