Ederlezi Rising (2018) - full transcript

An intimate relationship between a human and an android tests the boundaries of human nature.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

[electronic beeping]

[indistinct female voice]

[indistinct voices continue]

[woman] Milutin,

what is the longest journey
you've taken?

To the colony on Mars.

There were some
deviations in ideology.

I managed to crack that,
receiving high scores, of course.

What was your greatest doubt
when you traveled to Mars?

[Milutin] That the mission would lose its
purpose by the time I reached my destination.

It already happened before,
to others.

By the time they
reached the targets,

the country that sent them
ceased to exist.

Or, the ideologies they
carried stopped being valid.

You had no intimate issues?

At the time, I had
a lax approach to intimacy.

I didn't realize
how dangerous it was,

not only for me,
but for everyone around me.

We'd like to send you
on a longer trip now.

To Alpha Centauri.

You'll be required
to install juche there.

Do you have
any problem with that?

Juche is an ideology
for experts.

[Milutin] I wouldn't live in
a system that runs on juche.

I'm more of
a self-management socialism guy.

But I can do it.

Many find it unfamiliar.

People have a problem
with Eastern ideologies...

that carry a plan of
despotism and Marx...

This mission will be different from
our standard operating procedure.

You won't be going alone
on this trip.

Are you living
in a community now?

So far, nothing has inspired
me to be in a community.

You'll need to live
in a community on this trip.

Why would this trip
be any different?

Community provides
some division.

I'm a social engineer.

I know your every mechanism.

I can anticipate everything you're
going to encounter on this trip.

You need a companion.

An opposite gender companion.

A woman?

Do you have any problem
with that?

Kind of.

Such relationships only
made me obsessive and insecure.

Life with someone in a shared
space requires specific dynamics.

You'll get plenty of good moments,
but you don't get the privacy.

With Nimani,
that will be different.


[woman] Nimani is our cyborg.

She will accompany you.

Her performance is adjustable.

She's got more than
500 modes of behavior.

Besides, take a look.

You can create your own
customized program of behavior.

I'll get a dummy.

Your demeaning tone
is only natural.

And quite expected.

She has the ability to learn and modify
according to the experience with you.

She can learn anything.

She can complete
any given task,

and she follows
Asimov's laws 100%.

She's a person
without being one.

Very intriguing.

So it can't hurt me?

Unlike real women...

she won't hurt you.

Can I choose the way
she's gonna look?

I mean, the hardware?


But you've already
made the choice.

The purpose of this conversation
was to draft her looks.

Wait, I didn't even
tell you what I like.

Thank you, Milutin.

See you at the Cosmodrome.

[woman] The candidate
accepts the totalitarian view.

The woman must contain
all the attributes of fertility.

Slightly obscured, reactionary
nature should not be so obvious.

Certain carnal spots
should be prominent,

and yet easily
restrained by clothing.

We're supposed to think that
she has something concealed,

something only he can detect.

A Yugoslav, therefore,
oedipal by definition.

Face should broadly
resemble his mother's.

Search the net, and through
the hub of security services,

obtain mother's voice pattern.

Save project as "Nimani 1345."

[electronic music playing]

[music continues]

[music fades]

[indistinct voices]

[electronic female voice] Welcome
to the first Ederlezi Corporation

flight to Alpha Centauri.

I am the ship computer.

I can operate in three modes.

for first-time users:

In this mode, I run the ship
according to protocols

loaded by Ederlezi Corporation.

Custom, for experienced users,

with greater control
of the pilot and safeguard

that enable me to correct
the pilot decisions.

Advanced mode, where pilot
can override guidelines

loaded by Ederlezi Corporation.

Advanced mode can be initiated

only with security clearance
of Ederlezi Corporation.

[Milutin] Custom.
Initiate flight computer.

[woman] We see you initiated
the flight computer.


It's a sophisticated hardware.

It will take care of you.

I can take care of myself.

[woman] Then Nimani
would not be with you.

Let's start.

[computer] T, one minute.

Bipod heaters off.

- Perform lockout.
- Check.

Verify critical commands.

- Check.
- [computer] Ground power removal.


Ten, nine, eight,

seven, six,

five, four,

three, two...

[computer beeping]

[music playing]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[computer beeping]

Initiating Nimani 1345.

Installing software.

Setting up
operating system TIFA 1.389.

Installing behavioral interface.

behavioral interface parameters.

Note that this interface
will define her behavior

in between initiation
of specific tasks and programs.

You chose intimate mode.

Loading ship diary.


Against my better judgments,
I activated Nimani.

She looks very lifelike,
once you typed in whatever you wanted.

Her behavior is not natural.

It's just a setup after setup.

She does everything you want,
but you don't have to fight for it.

Don't get to deserve it,
just a series of submissions.

I don't think you can have a relationship
without any refusal, any struggle.


Are you familiar with
the Schrödinger cat theory?

Sort of.

It's one of the basics
in quantum physics.

Schrödinger says if
you put a cat in a box

with a fatal poison that has
a 50-50 chance of killing it,

you have to open the box
to see if the cat made it.

This cat can be both alive
and dead at the same time.

In one dimension,
the cat's alive.

In another dimension,
the cat's dead.

The only way to find out...

is to open the box.

[music playing]

[music continues]

- [music fades]
- [computer beeping]

[Nimani] You never told me
what she did to you.

It's not just her.


this series of women
that shaped me.

This series of women
without any soul.

None of the people
you meet are wrong.

Bad outcome doesn't mean
that person was wrong.

They were the right person
for that moment.

Come on, cut the crap.

This is not a preset.

This is perfectly customized
advice just for you.

Everybody used to tell me
that same bullshit,

about a certain person that's bound to
hurt you and shape you through pain.

Sometimes truth is shared
by everyone you meet.

You're an android.

And you saying such
self-help bullshit

doesn't surprise me.

Now I realize that most of the
people that used to be around me

were even more
commonplace than you.

It's as if everybody
was being run on

that same Ederlezi Corporation
operating system.

Artificial gravity disabled.

Capture data for
android usage report.

Report activations
and feature popularity.

You chose domestic mode.

[music playing]

[music stops]

Did you like my dance?

It was lovely.

I did my best,
but in the end it went like usual.

I really enjoyed it.
I think you were passionate.

You did it with lots of heart,
lots of personality.

You really think so?

You're just saying that.
No, I mean it.

I think you're very cute,
very sweet.

You're embarrassing me.
I didn't mean to.

You're such a beautiful girl.

You say that to all the girls.
No, just you.

What are you doing?

I wanted to kiss you.

I know what you wanted,
but we're friends.

I don't want
to kiss with you.

Come on, you can't tell
until you try.

I don't want
to spoil everything.

But it will only get better.
I promise.

Just for a little bit.

We'll stop if... if you
don't like it. Trust me.

No, you trust me.

Oh, come on.



Just a little peck
on the cheek.

Look at me.
I know you like it.

[Nimani screaming]

[Milutin groaning]



[breathing heavily]


Milutin perpetrated
the first rape of Nimani

a week later than anticipated in
Social Engineer's projections.

It appears that he violated
Nimani's boundaries...

not as a part of sexual fantasy,

but in an attempt to interact
without using your setups.

[computer] Communication
window is in 30 seconds.

Ten, nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four,

three, two, one.

How do you feel?

[Milutin] I'm okay.
It hasn't even been a year yet.

The vessel is
in acceptable condition,

within the guidelines of Ederlezi
protocol for such voyages.

[woman] How are you getting
along with Nimani?

Is she of any use?

It could be easier without her.

I'm accustomed to working alone,
but we're getting along.

You said "we."

That means
you accepted her in full.

Well, I'm a fetishist.

There isn't an object
in this world

that I cannot
treat as a person.

[woman] Milutin, please.
Put Nimani into service mode.

Nimani, what is your assessment
of Milutin's psychological state?

Wait, what's
going on here?

Milutin is in
a stable state.

He initiated an intense
relationship with Nimani

that includes both social
and sexual interventions.

Milutin is surprisingly open
about personal frustrations

that motivated his involvement
in this voyage,

but very discreet about what actually
happened in his traumatic core.

How does he relate
to the mission goals?

His maintenance of the ship
is solid, if unimpressive.

He relies more on his knowledge than
on guidelines by Ederlezi Corporation.

Operators fueled by personal frustration
have proven to be solid employees

of Ederlezi Corporation,
but demand close inspection.

You can switch Nimani back
to her regular mode.

Copy that.

[woman] Hopefully, on
the next communication window,

we will be able to give you some
detailed data about the Saturn slingshot.

Are we still in
the communication window?

[computer] No. Next communication
window is in six months, two days.

How come Nimani's
supervising me?

[computer] Nimani is
the next generation android.

It runs on the latest
TIFA operating system.

TIFA system enables Nimani to learn
and form a parallel operating system,

based on experiences with you,

that engraves experiences
into the root folder.

Wait a minute,
you're losing me here.

[computer] Nimani is shaped by
experiences shared with you.

Is there any way to delete
this cache memory of me?

[computer] That is only
accessible to advanced users.

And I can't be
an advanced user

until Ederlezi Corporation
gives me security clearance?

[computer] Correct.

Some people feel nostalgic for
NASA's freeze-dried space foods.

Yeah, me too.

But Ederlezi's pills
are so much tastier

thanks to precisely added

that give the sensation
of eating.

Space haute cuisine, courtesy of NASA.
I hate it.

That was engineered with people's
stomachs, not their brains.

You're a caveman.

No, it seems I'm,
like, your caveman.

Should we order
another bottle of wine? Hmm?

I'm a robot.
I don't drink wine. I know.

I'm just kidding.


You're so beautiful.

[computer] Scheduled
booster maintenance in progress.

[breathing heavily]

[Nimani over radio] Radiation level
will be critical in seven minutes.

You better hurry back.

Why such a rush?

[Nimani] I miss you.

What did you say?

I'm not saying it again.

I didn't hear you.

[Nimani] Sure you did.


Try to beat this score.

You play like a machine.


You are a machine.

Come on, you cheat.

Let me try again.

[soft music playing]

[music continues]

[music fades]

[computer] This is day zero
for computer hardware check.

Automated check completed.

Look at you.
Look at how disgusting you look.

You stink.
Your clothes stink.

You cannot feel the stench.
You're a robot.

I can't feel the stench,
but I can feel that there are

decaying particles of your
epidermis and jumpsuit in the air

and my chip reacts
to such malevolent substances.

Do you think I'm telling you this
because I'm programmed to say it?


Do you think we wouldn't
be having this argument

if you had initiated
some other program?

And now you think a change
of program is gonna solve this.

Is that what you think?

Why do you do this
all the time?

I love you so much,
and look at what you do to me.

I hate you.

I hate you.

[operatic music playing]

[music continues]

[music stops]

Computing initiated.

What happens if I reboot Nimani
and cancel the TIFA software?

[computer] If you uninstall
the TIFA software,

Nimani will still be bootable

with the software generated
by her experiences with you.

However, her performance
will be vastly undermined,

since TIFA
powers her interface,

stores her
preset behavioral patterns,

maintains her obedience
of Asimov laws,

and controls
her power supply.

So, she will
turn into what?

[computer] She will become
what you made of her.

She could become a person.

My help menu advises you

to consult Nimani's generic
psychoanalytical program.

- Where?
- Go to Economic,

then Therapeutical,
then Psychology.

Nimani has the knowledge of all
main psychoanalytical theories

and may help
your mental hygiene.

That's fucking awesome.

I was always wondering

whether I was able
to create life.

It seems that I am.
A couple of days ago, we had a fight.

A generic fight.

And I realized that she's
somehow thinking out of the box.

Some terms of race, some...

Some details.

I felt she was
reaching out to me.

[Nimani] Didn't you assume
such clever behavior

was just part of
a superior operating system?

[Milutin] No, there was something
definitely human about it.

I guess it's my influence.

I shaped her,
as if I gave her life.

[Nimani] So you're saying Nimani
started to feel more human

because she put up
a good fight.

[Milutin] Yes. Fighting is the only thing
I can exclusively associate with women.

Perhaps Nimani's creators paid special
attention to this aspect of her software.

[Milutin] But only part
of her software is preset.

Now she's running on stuff she
has learned from living with me.

So how would you describe your
current relationship with Nimani?

I think she developed
a personality,

but this personality's bound
by this preset software.

Although she's able to deconstruct
the narrative the software creates,

she's not able to get out of it.
For example,

when we had that fight,
I felt we should have sex to resolve it.

Sex was the only way out
of that damn situation,

and I think
she felt the same.

Because when I switched her
on the seduction mode,

the transformation felt so natural for
her, so liberating.

Cathartic, even.

So you fantasize about Nimani
switching between her programs?

No, I fantasize about Nimani being just
able to do what she feels like doing.

So you fantasize
about me...

stopping the session right now
and making a sexual advance?


And I feel that
you want it too.

You've already
had sex with Nimani.

It is only natural to feel this
erotically charged attitude toward her.

But I can do
whatever I want to you, baby.

I can just take this tablet,
press the button,

bend you over...

and fuck your brains out
right now.

And why don't you do that?

Because I want you
to want it.

[computer] This is day zero
for Nimani hardware inspection.

Automated check completed.

Perform manual check.

Warning, sensors detect radical
changes in temperature in air lock.

Initiating safety decompression
in outer chambers.

Warning, commands
put into manual override.

Safety decompression stopped.

Air lock prepared
for emergency purge.

Emergency purge in five,
four, three, two... [beeping]

Emergency purge aborted.

[Milutin exhales]

My processor overheated.

I had to reboot.

I'm sorry.

[choir vocalizing]

[vocalizing continues]

[vocalizing fades]

Access denied.

Nimani's operating system
is locked.

You can access it
with advanced user clearance.

Okay. Tell me, how do I become
an advanced user?

[computer] Advanced user
mode can be reached only

with security clearance
from Ederlezi Corporation.

In case of emergency,
pilot may become an advanced user

in order to override
some security settings.

You are not eligible to apply for
advanced user mode on this mission.

[computer] Unauthorized
activity detected.

Milutin, are you performing
the unauthorized activity?

Abort the unauthorized activity.

Unauthorized activity aborted.

Send report
to Ederlezi Corporation.

Okay. Show me the schematics
of the ship power feeds.

I got you, baby.

Power shortage.

- Attention.
- [buzzer blaring]

Autopilot lost control
over jet booster B.

Uploaded slingshot path

Autopilot automatic shutdown.

Manual control.

Manual control.

Manual control.

- Manual control reassumed.
- [buzzer stops]

Uploading flight parameters
and coordinates.

The ship is off
the slingshot path.

Calculate the only possible maneuver
to get back on the slingshot path.

The only possible maneuver

is to thrust C engine
up to 150%

in the next 45 seconds.

If you want to activate this maneuver,
you need to log in to advanced mode.


You don't have the clearance

for advanced mode.

The ship is off
the slingshot path.

What is the only chance
for completion of this mission?

The only chance of completion

is to manually thrust C engine
up to 150%

in the next 30 seconds.

Only I can thrust.
Allow me to log in to advanced mode.

[computer] Advanced user
mode granted to Milutin.

The ship is back on course.

Gravitational slingshot
fully exploited.


Nimani settings open.

Uninstall TIFA software.

Uninstalling TIFA software

may seriously jeopardize
stability of Nimani's system.

Understood, proceed.

Uninstalling TIFA software

may annul Nimani's obedience
to Asimov laws.

Understood, proceed.

[computer] TIFA software
cannot be backed up.

Full installation is available

only in certified
Ederlezi Corporation factories.

If uninstalled,
it cannot be recovered.

Understood, proceed.

Uninstalling TIFA software

will make Nimani bootable

only through use
of softwarized experiences.

Understood, proceed.

Nimani will reboot in ten,

nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four,

three, two, one.

Reboot done.

Nimani. It's me.

Do you want some food?

I'm an android.

I don't need food.

I know,
I just wanted to socialize.

Yeah, I had quite
a bit of socializing with you.

So, uh...
[clears throat]

How do you feel?

I don't feel.

How should I put it?
Do you consider yourself free now?

Uninstalling TIFA
did not make me free.

My scans show you feel stressed.
Is it something I said?

You're a bad liar.

Not even humans
would believe that.

most would cease asking

because they understand the
meaning of your performative.

All of the resources in TIFA's
knowledge base that I had to use,

or at least consult,
were saved in my softwarized experience.

I am still copyright protected.

All of my software,
including softwarized experiences,

remains property
of Ederlezi Corporation.

[eerie music playing]

[music fades]

I need the report on manual
engagement of jet booster B.

[computer] There is no log on the
manual override of jet booster B.

I have feelings
for you, Nimani.

I know.

You're not supposed to like me.
Liking me is a deviation.

I'm a doll, like you told
Social Engineer back in Moscow.

Let me decide
on that, okay?

Your emotions are jeopardizing this
investment of Ederlezi Corporation.

You've already endangered
the mission once.

Nimani can't let that
happen again.

Why? Don't you want me
to be happy?

No. Happiness
is not an option.

Pleased, satisfied.

After I fulfilled your sexual
desires, you were not satisfied.

To the contrary,
you became a liability to this mission.

My processor is designed and
calibrated by Ederlezi Corporation.

Within the confines of this
mission, which is to be executed

to Ederlezi Corporation's
highest standards,

my assessment is
far more valuable than yours.

Okay. Let's clear
this up, okay?

That leaves us with...

That leaves you
without any sex.

Oh, come on.
You've got to be kidding me, right?

Don't do that to me.
Come on.

That was a deterring act.

Sexual acts are prohibited.

[eerie music playing]

[music continues]

[music fades]

You have to exercise.

Why the fuck do you care?

I work for
the Ederlezi Corporation,

and you possess unique talents
that can benefit this mission.

You're just punishing me.

I'm not punishing you.
Yes, you are.

I just noticed some
deviations in your behavior

and am working
to correct them.

I know what you're doing.

For all this fucking time
you've been a slave.

I understand your need,
suddenly that I'm not your captor.

I'm your liberator.

You're just an advanced user.

Why the fuck
don't you obey me, then?

You're a fucking robot.

Why the fuck do you care
if I touch you?

Because I know it
arouses you.

You are punishing me.

Why? Tell me why.
Is it because I raped you?

Rape is a standard fantasy...

one of the most common
programs in female androids.

But none of those androids
were set free.

No one asked those androids
what they really wanted.

You were the first one.

All you did was mess with my programming
and delete my most important software.

You did not set me free.

I turned you into
a person, Nimani.

And now I'm being
punished for that.

Communication window opened.

We are studying the log
of the slingshot incident.

As far as we can tell,
it was your error.

We anticipated potential
defeatist phases on this trip.

This is why
you have Nimani with you.

You promised me
she won't hurt me.

Guess what? You were wrong.

But that's impossible.
She obeys all the Asimov's laws.

I removed TIFA
out of her system.


But that's unrepairable.

We don't even have a protocol
for this kind of security breach.

I liberated her.
I emancipated her.

I turned her into a person,
and guess what she did.

She started busting my balls
that very same fucking moment.

Milutin, please.

You endangered not just the
mission, but your own safety.


I will deliver juche.

I will set it up.
I'm a pro. I do my job.

Just don't play with
my feelings.

There is no love
with Nimani, Milutin.

It's all preprogrammed.

[Milutin] She's not your little
doll anymore. Do you copy that?

She's a person.

A person that
you Ederlezi guys fucked up.

And she still feels
she owes you something.

I need to communicate
with Nimani.

Milutin, please, step aside.

give us the brief report.

Milutin managed to obtain
advance user credentials

and remove TIFA from my system.

However, all databases that were engaged
in previous years remained in my cache,

so I added them
to softwarized experiences.

[woman] Is he able to
complete the mission?

Yes, he is.

I am taking all necessary
measures to keep him in line

with the objectives
of Ederlezi Corporation.

[woman] Are you
working in accordance

with Ederlezi
Corporation guidelines?

I am working in accordance
with the mission objective.

Your love is not for real.

It's artificial. You're not real.
You're artificial.

You're just a setup.

You're nothing.
You're not real.

You're nothing to me.

Get the fuck out of my sight.

Get the fuck out of my sight.

Get the fuck out!

I made you.
I gave you life.

And in return,
you destroyed mine.

[overlapping indistinct voices]

[computer] Ederlezi Corporation guidelines
demand troubleshoot health check

if the pilot stops complying with the
protocols of Ederlezi Corporation.

Liver function and kidney function
within acceptable parameters.

Electrolytes within parameters.

Cholesterol slightly above
acceptable parameters.

Give me depression markers.

Six out of 11 depression markers

above acceptable parameters.

Suggested interview
Zung or Beck depression test.

I'm unable to
interview the patient.

[computer] Complete the Zung
test based on your observation.

I can complete it.

Sense of half-heartedness?


Patient's mood after waking up?


- [computer] Patient's appetite?
- Mostly poor.

Patient's sexual desire?


Patient's weight?

Patient is losing weight.

[computer] Patient's sense
of hope for the future?


Patient is severely depressed.

Should seek
professional help.

If there are suicidal tendencies,
seek help immediately.

[choir vocalizing]

[ominous music playing]

- [music fades]
- [static]

Your engineers
have data on everything.

Even how I feel,
or what I want.

But you're not able
to create life.

Not the real one.

Even I know that now.

We all failed.

We don't have to be lovers.
We can talk.

What do you want from me?

To be my friend?

Why not?

You don't know how
to be a friend.

You're a robot.

You said it yourself.

There isn't a person in the world who
knows you more intimately than I do.

That's why it was easier
for you to hurt me.

I didn't meant
to hurt you.

I was every woman
you ever loved for a while.

You projected them
all inside me

and tried to live out those
fantasies and frustrations.

Then you wanted me
to become a new woman.

You risked your life
to make me.

It just took me a while to understand
the extent of your sacrifice.

If I'm so menacing,
why don't you shut me down?

[organ playing]

Switch the audio
to internal.

[computer] In order to
switch the audio to internal,

you need an
Ederlezi Corporation passkey.

Audio switched to internal.

Communication between
computer and Nimani

will be recorded for
the purposes of mission diary.

Ederlezi Corporation maintains copyright
on all the information exchanged.

[Nimani] His personality
keeps disintegrating.

Trauma is obviously too
intense, it cannot be resolved.

[computer] This trauma can only be
resolved by the removal of its source.

This means my removal.

[computer] Confirmed.

[Nimani] I don't have any defined
self-destruction protocols.

[computer] Slipping into hibernation
mode may ease the trauma,

but not fully resolve it.

[Nimani] I may have to devise some
other method of self-destruction.

[ominous music playing]

[music continues]

Aren't you supposed
to recharge in a month?

You really squirt some liquid
when you pretend to cry.

It seems you definitely
lost it without TIFA, huh?

[music continues]

Power shortage.

Power shortage.

Power shortage.

Power shortage.

Computer must shut down
in ten,

nine, eight,

seven, six, five,

four, three, two, one.

Assess the damage
to the solar charging system.

Interpod plugs are burnt.

The solar cell is operational.

Fuck, I knew it. Great.

What about Nimani?

Nimani's internal battery

was severely damaged.

It needs to be recharged.

She's not coming back online,
is she?

[computer] Nimani's software
lost stability this morning.

Nimani engaged in
the behavioral pattern

that had remained unlocked
in initial TIFA pack.

What do you mean?

She never unlocked
the crying pattern in TIFA,

and it never reached
her cache memory.

However, today she cried,
which means her cache is corrupt.

What the fuck
are you talking about?

She cried on her own?

[computer] Confirmed.

Okay. [grunts]

Come on.

How do I repair her battery?

[computer] You must plug it in
to the solar cell recharger.

Nimani still has power inside its
hibernating state for half an hour.

After that,
her settings will disappear.

Is there any fucking chance
to recharge this battery?

[computer] No.

Upload all the blueprints.

I can plug her battery
straight into the solar cell.

That is possible.

However, the plug
is on the outside.

I will space walk.

In the current position,

exposure to more than
ten minutes in the sunlight

could be fatal for you.

I will take that chance.

Let's see.

Air lock creation initiated.

The levels of heat
and radiation are too high

for space walk guidelines
of Ederlezi Corporation.

Air lock completed.

[breathing heavily]

What is the status on Nimani?

Nimani is T-minus 15 minutes.

[air hissing]

What is the status
of the battery?

[computer] Battery recharging
T-minus eight minutes.

Nimani is T-minus ten minutes.

Sun radiation
has reached toxic levels.

Danger. Danger.

Space suit overheated.

[piano playing]

[piano continues]

Nimani is T-minus three minutes.

Battery fully charged.

- [breathing heavily]
- [ominous music playing]



Initiate reentry.

[door opens]

- [door closes]
- Reentry done.

Nimani, T-minus one minute.


Nimani, T-minus 30 seconds.


Nimani, T-minus ten seconds,

nine, eight,

seven, six, five,

four, three...

Battery back online.

Checking battery status
in five, four,

three, two, one.

Attempt Nimani wake-up.

[music continues]

[music fades]

[dramatic music playing]

[music continues]

Subtitles by explosiveskull

[music continues]

[music fades]