Eden Lake (2008) - full transcript

Nursery teacher Jenny and her boyfriend Steve, escape for a romantic weekend away. Steve, planning to propose, has found an idyllic setting: a remote lake enclosed by woodlands and seemingly deserted. The couple's peace is shattered when a gang of obnoxious kids encircles their campsite. Reveling in provoking the adults, the gang steals the couple's belongings and vandalizes their car leaving them completely stranded. When Steve confronts them, tempers flare and he suffers a shocking and violent attack. Fleeing for help, Jenny is subject to a brutal and relentless game of cat-and-mouse as she desperately tries to evade her young pursuers and find her way out of the woods.



Help me!

Can you play at peek-a-boo?

I can play at peek-a-boo!

Can you see me? Yes, I can.

Can you see me? Yes, I can.


Well done. That's very good. Now, ssh!


And everyone up.

And that's the end of the week.
Well done.

- Hey.
- Hey.


Kat's boyfriend is taking her to Paris
for the weekend

and mine is taking me
to a disused quarry!

It's a flooded quarry. It's lovely.

It's the last chance to see it
before the developers build over it.

"Speed camera ahead".

- Good on you, Kylie.
- You're such a boy!

And I can mate it up to my mobile phone.
Pretty sexy, huh?


Stop it, I'm driving.

What's that?

The guy's wife had a bad back.
Kinky, huh?

Actually, it's quite nice.

Do you want me to pull over?

'Good afternoon.
You've been talking about fining parents

'who fail to control
their children's behaviour.

'When was the policy introduced? '

'The Respect Agenda was a big issue
in the last election.

'Tony Blair wanted to bring back a sense
of respect in schools and communities. '

'So increase the amount of support for
parents, including parenting contracts,

'to get parents to attend
parenting classes. '

'It's a case of
"It's your problem, you sort it. "

'It's hard to do without the school
behind you.

'I have an 8-year-old struggling too. '

'This is a tiny minority and children
need to be in school in order to learn.

'However, the early intervention
isn't as quick to... '

'It's hard to turn it over, being fined.
Kids are not learning anything by that.

'They know we're going to pay it.
They find it hilarious.

'Reading about themselves
in the papers... '

It's up here somewhere.

'At the traffic lights, turn left. '


Here it is. Beer, bed and breakfast.


No way!

Excuse me?

Great bar presence!

Ey up, me duck?

Two pints of lager, please.

Give it back, give it back, give it back!

A bit past their bedtime, isn't it?

Yeah, poor things must be exhausted.

That child needs a good...

I bloody told you!

Another pint of Wife-Beater?


- Call yourself a mother?
- You what?

You want beef, eh? You want beef?

You fucking dickhead!
You want beef?

- Go and tell them to shut up.
- You tell them.

What are you? A man or a mouse?

Look, it was all right
the last time I was here.

Pissed up with your dive buddies?

I promise you,
the quarry's fucking stunning.

The quarry's stunning.

No "fucking".

Please, Miss?

'At your first opportunity, turn left. '

Eden Lake, my arse! Slapton Quarry!

"Gated community"?
Who are they so afraid of?


This is getting more and more romantic.
You've brought me to a building site!

Look, will you just trust me?

This used to be a public park.
Look at this.

Here we go.

'At your first opportunity, turn around. '

Oh, ye of little faith!

What do you think?

It's beautiful.

I can see it.

- Hello.
- Hey!

- Have you cycled all the way here?
- And no Kylie!

What have you got there? A caterpillar?

My mum says
I shouldn't talk to strangers.

Your mum's quite right.
We'll leave you to it.

Come on.

Yes, you see,
it is missing 50 executive homes.

I love it.

Is that new?

Yeah. Do you like it?

I like the bottom.
I'm not so sure about the top, though.


- What the fuck are you doing here?
- Clear off!

- What the fuck's all this shit?
- Fucking little prick.

Hey, that's the little boy we saw.

Since when did you support England?

Little hoods.

Here, Mark, watch this.

Oh, Steve...

It's just boys being boys.

As long as they leave us alone.

Run for it, run!

- Get the fuck out of here!
- Go on, have him.


Bonnie, come!

Oh, my God.

Good girl, good girl, good girl.

Come on then.


Fancy a dip before it craps in the water?

No, you go. I'll keep an eye on the stuff.

Probably not a bad idea.

Good girl.

Oh, man!

Come on, Bonnie! Bonnie!

Bonnie, come here, girl!
Come here! Come here!

Good girl, Bonnie.


Hey, guys. Can you do us a favour
and turn the music down?

- Can't hear you, mate.
- Turn your sounds down.

Can't hear you, mate.

- What are you doing?
- And watch your dog.

- He's scaring my girlfriend.
- She.

- Hmm?
- Bitch. She's a bitch.

Don't be dicks. This is a big beach.
There's room for all of us.

Who are you calling a dick?

And what are you looking at? My tits?

Fucking jog on! Prick.


Hey, what a prick!



Why don't we just find another spot?

I won't be bullied by a bunch
of 12-year-olds.

- And let it ruin our afternoon?
- We were here first.

Well, this is relaxing

- What are you doing?
- Fuck off!

Why? Why?

Oh, mate, I love bird-watching.

- What's with you, you tit?
- You're the tit!

What are you looking at her for?

I'm not looking at her face,
just her tits.

She's an ugly bint.


Yeah, do you want my autograph?

Happy now? Hmm?


Hey, Jenny!


Fancy another brewski?

Yeah, why not?

Steve, what's that?

It's nothing.

There's not much to do after dark.


Wanna check out
our exclusive New England home?

- Hmm?
- Sure.

- Do you like it?
- I think it's beautiful.

- Stephen Taylor...
- Hmm?

What's that noise?

It's just the wind.

No, that's not the wind.

Could be a fox.

Or a donkey.

No, listen. Ssh!

You're just imagining it.

- I'll go take a look.
- No, don't go... Go.








Steve, stop messing around!

- Steve!
- Ooh ah ha ha ha!

- That was horrible.
- I'm sorry.

- Get off!
- I'm really sorry.

- Ow! You're freezing!
- Then warm me up.

You're a big, crude, pikey oaf!

I love you. Love you.


I am absolutely starving.

- I could eat a horse.
- So move to France.



- What's happened?
- Little fuckers!

- How's your tyre, mate?
- Fucking git!

Little fuckers!

No, wait, Steve!

- Watch it!
- Shit!

You should've got a smaller body,
fucking dollar boy!

- Breakfast?
- Fuck!

Right, what would you like?

The full English
with white toast and coffee.

- And for you?
- I'll get the same.

Hey, you wouldn't have seen a bunch
of kids tooling around on BMXs?

Certainly have. Been terrorising you?

- Well, hassling us.
- Little terrors.

I wouldn't worry too much,
a big boy like you.

They punctured my back tyre.
I thought parents might want to know.

Not my kids.

- No, I didn't mean they were your kids.
- Not mine.

Never mind.

I don't want any trouble.

Making friends?

I think she likes me.

What the?

No, Steve, it's not worth it.

If everyone said that, where would we be?
I'll be back in a minute.


Anyone home?


- Come on, you're blocking my drive!
- OK.

- Come on!
- All right!


Stupid bitch!


Brett! Is that you?
Get down here now!

Can't run away, little bunny.

Yeah, that's right,
you can't because you're in a box.

Brett, don't make me come up there!



The hutch should be destroyed. Burn it.


Let's go!

I can feel that schoolteacher look.

Yeah, you're lucky.
You could have broken something.

- Let's just enjoy the weekend.
- Yeah, I'd like that.


- You were going to say something?
- No, not a word.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.

- I thought you were looking at my foot.
- No, wait. No, no!

- You're going in!
- Steve, no!


- Oh, it's fucking freezing.
- Language!

All right, lazy bones?

It's amazing the stuff you find
at the bottom of the lake.

Steve, where's the beach bag?

It was right here.

I don't believe it.
It's got the car keys in it.

Please, God, don't tell me...


Fuck! Fuck!


- Are you OK?
- Yeah.

Jenny, come on.

- Come on.
- No... Let's just leave it.

They've got our car.

Go on, go on. Go on!

Fucking shitting itself! Fuck off!


Listen... I don't care
what you're up to here.

- I just want my car back.
- It's not us, mate.

Car keys, phone, wallet.

- Not us, mate.
- Steve, come on. Let's leave it.

- You're wearing my shades.
- They're mine, mate.

Your Ray-Ban Aviators?

Fakes, mate.

Yeah, Steve, come on.

Listen... You've had your fun.

Let's just call it quits.
Tell me where the car is.

Keep that animal back.

- Where's my fucking car?
- I've got no idea, mate.

- Watch that fucking dog!
- Watch yours!

What did you say?

That's my phone.

- Steve...
- Got the same ringtone as me?


Hit him! He's got a fucking knife!


Bonnie! Bonnie!

You stuck my dog.

It was an accident. Give me the car keys.
I'll drive her to the vet.

Come on, let's go.

Fuck off!

She's... She's fucking dying.

I'm sorry.

- She's fucking dying!
- Brett...

- Brett...
- Fuck off!

Bonnie, don't die on me. Not you. Bonnie!


I've got the car keys. Let's just go.

- Come on!
- Don't die on me, Bonnie!

Come on, Steve!


Come on, come on.

Get 'em!


Steve, quick!



Go back!


- Get on to it!
- Jesus Christ!

Come on!

Quick, go back!

Get out the fucking car!

- Oh, my God, oh, my God!
- Fuck!

Get out the fucking car!

Get out the fucking car!

Fucking prick!

Oh, my God! Shit!

- You fucking bitch!
- Steve!

I can't see, I can't fucking see.

I can't see where we're fucking going!
Jesus Christ!


Aargh! Oh!

Are you all right? Wait.


- I can't get...
- I'm stuck! I'm fucking stuck!

- Wait.
- Jesus!

- I can't get it.
- OK... Listen to me.

- Oh, my God, they're coming!
- Listen to me!

Listen. Go. Find a road. Take this.

- No...
- Go get help! Go!

Fucking kill 'em!

This way, this way, come on!

Brett, it's over here!


Come over here. I've got the car!


Brett, this is fucked up!

It's ten fucking miles into town
in the dark. She's not fucking Lassie!

Are you watching the road?

No one goes home. You get here now!

Please, let me go. I won't say anything.
Please, let me go.

Listen, Brett,
people know that we're here.

They're going to call the police.

If you let me go, I swear on my life,
I won't tell anyone.

Look, guys, please. We can stop this.
Nobody's died yet.

My fucking dog died though!

I'm sorry. It was an accident.

There's going to be another accident
when I find that bitch of yours!

"No one's died."
Wait and see what happens to her

when I fucking see her!

Get the fuck off me! Fucking little prick!

Let's not be head-loose, right?

- Who are you calling head-loose?
- Let's not be rash.

First phone he sees, 999-
who's fucking head-loose?

No, this is rash shit, man.
I never touched him.

- What, you didn't touch him?
- No, mate.

You fucking touch him now then!

Him or me.

You wanna front, you wanna act
like the fucking big man?

You'll step up now.

All right.


Paige, get this!

- Don't fucking record it, man.
- Huh?

No, wait.

Fucking wait!

- Go on then.
- Fuck you!

No. That's not even a proper cut. Deeper.



Aaagh! Fuck!

All right, now everyone'll have a dig.
Marky Mark?


- Oh, man, I can't fucking see this!
- Jesus!


- Fuck's sake.
- Go on, Mark.

- Aaaagh!
- Jesus Christ, fucking bollocks.

Ricky Dicky...

Go on.

Shit! My shoe!

These are fucking Gold Tops, man.

You little fuckwit.

Cooper! Bang on, mate, you're up!


Come on, mate.


Paige, keep that phone up.

Right, Coops, everyone has a dig.

Go on then, Cooper.
Let's see your bottle.

Come on, come on. Please.

Brett, I can't.

For fuck's sake, listen!
We're all in this together. Go on.

- He's scared.
- I'm not scared.

Listen. He's heard all of our fucking
names. Either do it or he's gonna spill.

Go on...

Do it! Cut his fucking tongue out!

- Fucking hell! That's bloody.
- That's lethal.

- Here you are.
- I can't believe you did that.

Look - it's Tony Montana!

All right. Now we've got to finish this.

Please, please...

Please, please, please.


What's up?

Bluetooth. She's fucking here.

Jenny, run! Run!

Come on! Run!


There's the bitch!


Well, fuck the bikes. Come on!



Get to the clearing. Guard the fucker.


Where is she?

Oh, shit!

- Brett, he's gone!
- What?

- He's not here!
- Mate, he's cut to fuck. Follow the blood.

Come on!

Fuck's sake!

Oi! Oi!

- Steve!
- Jenny...

Come on! We've got to get out of here!

Come on...

Come on.

Come on.

This way.


Gently! All right?

- I'm all right.
- That's it.

OK. We're going to clean you up,
all right? We're going to clean you up.

Drink some water.


Well done. All right.


OK, this is going to sting.


Well done. I know it does sting.

- Oh, shit!
- How does it look?

- It looks worse than it is.
- Let me see.

Oh, Jesus! God!
That's black blood. Gut blood.

- I'm fucking bleeding to death!
- You're not going to die!

I'm not going to let you die! I'm not!

They haven't hit any arteries.
Right. You've just got to stay calm.

Stay calm. You can't go into shock. Deep
breaths, measured breaths. Stay still.

You're going to be all right. You'll be
all right, you'll be OK. I promise.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry. I didn't know what to do.

I thought Africa for a honeymoon.

Beach first, for a rest,

and then safari.

I don't care where we go
as long as I'm with you.

Africa sounds lovely.

I even asked your old man.


Other side.

Ah... shit.

That's him. He's been here.

Find him and drain him
like a fucking bottle.

- I'm tired, Brett.
- Shut up, shite bag. Is that you?

Is that you, fat lad?

- No, not mine, mate.
- That's a girl's footprint.

Well, she's with him, then.

That fucker can't be far.
He's nearly half fucking dead. Split up.

Spread out between here and the fence.
All right, come on.

You fat fuck!

Get going.
Work off some of that weight, you fat shit.


Well done. Let's get your head down.

That's it, that's it. Well done.
Well done.


Steve! Steve, please...

I've got to get us out of here. OK?

- I can't move.
- Then I've got to go. OK?

I'm safe here.

They've gone.

You need blood, Steve,
or you're going to die.

I need to get to town.

I saw power pylons on the way in.

They must lead somewhere.



Now you stay hidden...
and you hold on.

You come back.

- Brett, I'm really tired.
- Take a toke on this, you little shit!

Come on!

Aaaaaiee! God!


Aaaah! Aaaaah!

Oi, oi, oi! This way, yeah?

Come on!






It's OK! It's...

It's me. It's... It's Jenny.
Remember me from the lake?

I just... I need some help.

I want to talk to your mum.
Can you take me to her?

She's working.

But I'm...

I really need to get into town.

Can you please just show me the way?

- Shouldn't we follow the power lines?
- No, this way's quicker.

My mum picks me up down here.

What? Here?
In her car with your bike?


- Have you got a signal here?
- No, just games.

She should be here soon.

- I thought she was working.
- She's finished her shift.

- No signal?
- One bar.

- Adam, I need your phone.
- We shouldn't be here!

- Please!
- Its battery's low!

My mum might need to call me back!

Adam, your mum is coming to get you,
isn't she? Hmm?

Adam, what's going on?

Where have you brought me?
Please, Adam!

Please... just give me the bloody phone!

How now brown cow!

She's awake!
Brett, she's fucking awake!

Mark, you fucking pussy!
You didn't hit her hard enough!

Oh, fuck!

We found him.

- Brett, we can't do this! She's alive!
- And he's dead.

We did him.

Paige has got you all having a dig.

It's on her phone. No ballsing out now,
lads. No backing down.

Oh, Jesus...

- Paige, get filming. Come here.
- Oh, fuck it!

Look at me, man. Wanna be in our gang?

Prove yourself, then.

No, please...!
Adam, no, please... don't do it!

Please, don't do it! Please...!

Go on. Go on.

- What?
- Listen, you've seen too much.

You either do it now, yeah, or you're next.

Go on, then.

Go on!

No! No-o-o!


That fucking stinks.

Fucking look at that! That was you.
That was fucking you, not me.

- Fucking you.
- Please...!

Fucking bitch. Ask her if it's warm.

Is it warm? Say it! Is it warm?

Fucking you do it an' all! Ask her!

- Is it warm? Is it warm?
- Say it! Louder!

Is it warm?

Fucking burn!
Burn, you little bitch! Go on!

Yeah! Fucking hell! Fucking smile, boy.
You fucking love it.

Oi, oi!

Go on, then.

Come here, you fucking shit!

You get the fuck back here
or I'll burn him!

Come on! Come on!

Right! Do him!

Help! Jenny, help!

Help! Help!



- OK...
- Brett, this way!

She's got the fucking map!
She knows which way to go.

No, we know which way she's fucking
going. There's one track into town.

- She won't go far on her foot.
- Look.

What? What does it say?

"Jenny Greengrass and Steve Taylor
attacked. Mark, Brett, Ricky, Cooper. "

Shit, we're famous, mate!

- You got a match?
- No, mate.

Fuck it, then.

When I find that fucking bitch,
I'm going to fucking bury her, mate.

Fucking hell!

Little prick, come on.



I can't stand it...!


No, no, no!

- We're not going to find her in the dark!
- Yes, we fucking are! Go on!



- Paige?
- Brett!

- Brett!
- Paige!

Look at what you've fucking done!

You know what, Brett?
Fuck this - I'm gone, mate.


No. No, no, no. Paige, phone.

Look! Look, look, look.
Look, look, it's you. That's you.

I didn't want this. I didn't want
to kill him or fucking burn that lad!

- And I don't want to go to pen.
- Pen?

What do you know about pen?

Have you been inside?
Has your old man been inside?

What the fuck are you crying for,
you fucking girl?

Who you calling?

Who you calling?

Put that down. Put that...

Put that down. Put it down. Put it down.

Put it down.

- Brett!
- I'll fucking batter you!

I'll fucking batter you!


I... told... you... to...
put... that... down!

Fucker! Fucker! Fucker! Fucker!

Turn it off. Turn it off. Turn it off.

Turn it off! Turn it off,
you fucking bitch!


- God! Are you OK?
- You've got to help me!

- Please, just get me out of here.
- Fuck! What's going on?

- They killed my boyfriend!
- All right! All right! Get in the car!

- What happened back there?
- I'm being hunted.

- Hunted? By who?
- A gang. Just get me into town.

- Town's the other way.
- Why the other way?

Me fucking brother's out here!

- Your brother?
- My little brother. Now I'm worried.

- Oh, no...
- Ricky?

Ricky, are you OK? You ready?

- I'll be there in two ticks. Yeah?
- No, please, stop! Turn around!

- Please, go the other way!
- I will.

Fuck! They better be OK.


Ricky, you little shite! Where are you?

Little bastard! I've got better things
to do. Mum's worried sick.

This lady says she's been hunted.
You know about this?

Hey! Hey!





в™Є Please believe us
We ain't ever gonna be respectable

в™Є Like us, hate us, but you'll... в™Є

Somebody, please help me!

в™Є ... respectable, respectable... в™Є

Don't just stand there!

- Get her in the house.
- Come on, then.

- You've been through the wars.
- What happened?

- Come on, give her some air.
- That stings, sorry... Thanks, Tan.

We'll put this down here.

- You're safe now.
- Lots of big ugly men around.

I'm still at Uncle Jon's.

- A woman crashed in, looking like death.
- Mel!

That's a lovely ring. From your fella?

What's that?

Hey, Clyde! Come here! Down! Out!

- You're breaking up. I can't hear you.
- Sorry. He's no good with strangers.

Mel? Mel, what's going on?

What the fuck?! That's Reece's van!

- Go on, tell me!
- I'll fucking kill him!

- Hang on...
- Give me the fucking phone!

- Get me an ambulance.
- Jon?

Jon, get an ambulance.
Get this lady an ambulance.

- I want the police.
- Eh? No, no, no. Don't worry, love.

You let us do that. Just stay here.

- Ssh. You just sit quiet.
- I'm going to be sick.

I'll get you to the loo. Come on.
Come with me. Come on, love.

In here. Here we go.

Lee Trevitt! Get out!

Sorry about this.

Get out! Go on, love.

Oh, God...

Oh, God. Oh, God...

Open the fucking door!

Open it up!

Open the fucking door!

- Is this the lady?
- Yeah.

- You fucking slag! I'll fucking kill you!
- Come on, love!

- What's he told you? He's a liar!
- What about the van?!

- They killed Steve!
- Your sick bastard boyfriend!

- Just call the police!
- What good are they to her?


You want to play with the big boys now?
Eh? Eh?

Jon... Jon...

She killed her little one.

Look at her.
You fucking look at her now!

- You fucking keep looking at her.
- They're just children!

Just children! They're just children!

I didn't mean to...

- They started this!
- And we're gonna finish it.

Look, there's dead kids, man.

- The police will ask questions.
- Doesn't mean they'll get any answers.

We look after our own round here.

- Now... Now take Brett to bed.
- No...

Brett, get upstairs now!
You little bastard!

Get upstairs now.

- Please, don't...!
- Sssh.

Just put her in the shower.