Eden (2012) - full transcript

A young Korean-American girl, abducted and forced into prostitution by domestic human traffickers, cooperates with her captors in a desperate ploy to survive.

Come on now, baby girl.
Be quiet now.

Just breathe.

Atta girl.

It won't be too long now.

Hey! Wu.
I'll be out in a minute.

Ok, wait here.

I got you an ID.

It's from Thunderbird Lanes.

It's like lady that traded in for
a sweet pair bowling shoes

or she just plain forgot about it.

But either way it's yours now.

I don't look like an Indian.

It's Native American.

Look, Leah got in with her mom's
employee back from safe way.

She dressed really slutty.

Oh, you gonna have to bring
me some of your clothes then.

Deal about it.

- Alright I'll see you later.
- Okay. Bye.

Oma! It's like this.

You press the code, enter,
and then the code again. See

Add up this weekend. I will
take it to the banker on Monday.

Why not I just stay tonight here
and then that way I can ...

I don't want you here at night alone.

Oma! I'll be fine.
Abbie drive me home.

Hyun Jae, why are
you being coarse with me?


Very well, and
I want you home by ten.

And you must help me clean the
house this weekend, top to bottom.

- I always do.
- Aigo

Don't smile.

- What would it be?
- Uhhh. Two shots of whiskey.

Not bad.

5 bucks.

Should be about 5.

- Alright.
- Cheers!

- Oh it's awesome.
- From a friend the fireman there.

- Huh.
- Dude he wants you.

Hey! Eyes on me for a sec.
He bought us these shots.

We gonna go over there
and you're gonna talk to him.

Don't whimp out like
you did at Randy's party.

I didn't whimp out and
I don't wanna go there.

Ohh, I'm serious.
Come on let's go. Come on!

- Hey. I'm Abbie, this is Jae.
- Hey.

- Thanks for the shots.
- Cheers, yeah. Cheers.

So, do you always get so
dress up to put out fires.

I just came from the funeral service.

Oh, shit! I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

I'm leaving to get some
smokes. I'll be right back.

Sit down.

- Don't worry. I'm not going to tell.
- What?

- That you're too young to be in here.
- Okay well. What makes you so sure?

I don't see many
21 year olds with braces.

I think their cute.

Excuse me for a second will you girl?

Thanks for the the ride . Abbie can
just kinda disappear sometimes.

- Is it pass your curfew?
- Maybe.

You wanna go home or hang out?

Oh. I'm already in a big trouble so...
I might as well make the best out of it.

That's the spirit.

I just have to make a quick phone call.
You don't mind do you?

Just be a minute.

- Okay.
- I love it.

Don't cover your face.
It's too pretty.

Come here.

I'll be right back.


Yeah. I heard you put on a
rotation today. It's just fantastic.

Now I'll be little late. Maybe fourth
or fifth twenty, sixth at the latest.

You'll still beyond the mound, right?

Listen I can't really hear you
too well on this mobile phone.

But I'll be seeing you soon.

Yeah. I love you too.
Alright boy. Bye bye.

- Hope I'm not intruding gentlemen.
- You from the marshal's office?

Bob Gault.

Ellis. And this is
Mr. Alawa, it is his property.

I saw your cruiser.
Let's see if I can lend a hand.

- Ok with you if I take a look?
- Fine with me.

- Anyone seen it this besides you Mr Alawa?
- No, sir.

- And you live alone?
- Yes, sir.

I'm gonna put this down.

Did you see she's got
a tethered strap to her?


You know we can get an address
on her, she was under house arrest.

- You called this in yet, deputy?
- Oh no, sir, not yet. I was just ...

No! No! Please!
No! No! No! No!

I...I don't know where I am.

I need to go home, I need tell
my parents where I am. No, no.

- Be still for me!
- No!

Ivan, hold her down.

I don't know where I am.
I should call my mom and dad.

Wakey! Wakey! Ladies!

- Come on. Line up
- Come out.

Oh look at there!

Svetlana, come on up here.

Take one.

All of you, come on.
Come on. Yeah.

Pretty cute aren't they?

There you go.
Ahh, you got a sweet one there.

Come on, pick one.

I'm putting you each in charge
in one of these creatures.

Consider it a exercise
and accountability.

Take it from me,
this world is a harsh place.

Anything could happen with this innocent
life you're holding in your hand.

Out there, 50 miles of waste
land in every direction.

And I don't wanna find your
kitten rotting in some coyote trap

like I did your friend
Maria today. Go on.

Now maybe some of you
have had a pet before.

But if not, I can tell you, it is
one of life's great pleasure.

There's nothing like the
unconditional love of an animal.

If you all keep yourselves lying here

they always have these old guys
to keep you warm if you asleep at night.

But if you squander this opportunity.
Well, I'm sure you won't.

Alright ladies, take your cats out in
the courtyard so they could shit. Alright.

And you better clean up
after the motherfucker ...

Vaughan, for God's sake.

- As long as I don't see any shit.
- Okay.

- Who picked her up?
- Mario.

She is from Tucson or anything.

- Is this her stuff?
- Yeah.

Let me see.

Well, it looks like your father filled
out this missing persons report at...

Gifts & Taxidermy in
Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Parents got their
Green Cards in February 1986.

And you all became
U.S. citizens in September 1993.

Hyun Jae.

Wouldn't have picked you for an American
girl with that name, that's for sure.

Eden's Garden.
Well, lofty name for a trailer park.

Eden is a Hebrew word.
It means delight.

Think it fits?

Maybe you fit that name.
You think Vaughan?

- Yeah.
- Well, that settles it.

Listen, I'm gonna give you a day
or two to shake off the shock of this.

And then you gonna have to
try to fit in to what we do here.

My rules are simple.

Bath twice a day.
Mornings and evenings.

And after sexual intercourse.

Put yourself to a medical check up
everyday. This is a clean facility.

The cleaner you are, the better this
is gonna be for you, and everybody else.

Oh uhh, and I'm sure
I don't have to explain to you,

the consequences to your family
if you cause trouble for me.

Because I have your address.

No, I have everything.

- What do I do with this?
- You pee on it.

Which part?

Cat scratches.

You have to cut those kitties nails,
and yours too . Goes with Svetlana.

Oh your bruises
will be okay in no time.

Do you know how I got
over my fear of needles?

I just think about somebody sawing
my arm in half with a chainsaw.

Then this little needle feels like nothing.
Okay. You can go.



- And you.
- Put on that shit and go with Avni.

Alright. The rest of you girls are
in office with this fucking cats!

They going really start to piss me off.

Death certificates, social security cards.

I need you to match them together.

The nurse will come and take it
from you when they're done.

Curly-Q, you and Eden.

Eden! Take this.

You have to come with me.
Alright put them on.


Do you know where we're going?

Hey! Shut up back there.
I don't wanna hear you talking.

No whispering.

Come here.

God damn it! If you don't
go in there right now,

I'm going to take a cigar cutter
and cut your fucking clit off.

Hey Vaughan!
Don't be an asshole. She is new.

It's okay, sweetie.

Okay, just stay over here.

Now, I just need you to kneel down.

I just gonna take your hand.
It's not going to hurt.

Just gonna handcuffed you, that's all.

Just gonna play a little game.

I just wanna go home.
I don't want to be here anymore.


You got to smile. I mean you can't
act like a fucking robot all the time.

I'm sick and tired of dealing with mutant
and psychotics all day. Look at me!

You gotta smile for the client.

If you don't, I'm gonna cut off one of
your legs and then fuck the bloody stump.

You understand?


Alright. Hop out.


Come in.

- So, is she good to head?
- Yes, sir.

Is everything all right?
Oh my god!

- Holy! Fucking shit!
- Fuck!

What's happening to me?
Help me! Please.

What's going on?

I'm sorry. It's alright. I'm a cop.
It's over. Don't worry about it.

I'm going to call the police.

Stop! Stop! Stop! I've got it under control.
She's an addict. She is very dangerous.

You don't wanna get mixed up in this.
You might get hurt.

I'm really sorry about this

Help me!

It doesn't matter if you scream.
They are cowards, anyways

I need a fucking cigarette.

Leave her ass in it until morning.
See if she is still alive.

Have I ever been unclear about
your job description, Vaughan?

I fucking caught her.

But you didn't catch
that Mexican one, did you?

Do you have any clue what I have
to do when you don't catch them?

I knew it. This is why the
shepherd looses his sheep.

You know if I wanted a
junkie running my operation,

I can head down to the
strip and have my pick.

I have you here

because I thought you were serious
about rising up in this organization.

I am, Bob.

Yeah, that better become
much more apparent.

I'm getting tired of having to ask.

I want you to get rid of all
the goddamn cats in this facility.

Just get rid of them. Fucking
sell 'em, drown 'em in the river.

Do you need me ask please?

Please. Can you
fucking do this? Right now.

I didn't think she liked that cat.

I wonder why they want to keep it?

El ruisenor sings for her master.

What does that mean?


She used to be tagged
with this girl Bella.

And about 2 years ago

Bella tried to get one of the
regular johns to sneak them out.

And the guy reported
it back to Vaughan.

Vaughan beat the shit
out of Bella. Killed her.

Svetlana watched the whole thing.

She became Vaughan's little
ruisenora after that. His nightingale.

She tells him whenever we screw
up and she gets her pick of jobs.

It's probably how she got my ring.

How long has she been here?

Long enough for a pussy
to be made of iron by now.

I'm glad you're here.
Well, you know, not here but...

It's okay.
I know what you mean.

How long have you been here?

Three years.
They move us around sometimes.

Last year they sent me
to this place called Dubai.

- How old are you?
- What's this year?


- 15. How old are you?
- 19

- Shit. Did they know you that old?
- I don't know. Why?

- Why? What do they do?
- I don't know.

Hey, this color is way bright.

Come with me.

- Oh hold on, just finishing ...
- Now!

Number seven.

So mister, what's your name?


You've nice eyes, Bill.
You're so handsome.

- You say that to everyone.
- No, I like you, Bill.

- So what's your name?
- Eden.

- And where are you from, Eden?
- China.

-Oh yeah? Where?
- Just China.

Okay, Bill.
What do you want?

You want me to take control?
Or you take control?

Where's your little friend?

Give me my ring back!
Give it to me!

Give me my ring back!

What the hell is this?

I want to know how long you
hid that heel up your snatch?

I mean this is nice.
What are those? Sterling silver?

I don't give a fuck what happened between
you and that dirty whore Svetlana.

I'm sure she had it coming.

But I do need to punish
you for the contraband.

So open your mouth.

Open your fucking mouth.

Eat it!
Swallow it!

Oh god.
Let me see.

That's outstanding.

You know you're not suppose to
be old enough to have graduated?

Alright, enough talking.
Let's go.

Back inside.
Come on, let's go.

I know why you came up
short the other night.

You charge the same for those Russian
girls as you do for the rest of us,

but the white girls cost more.

What the fuck are you talking about?

They always take advantage of you.

Who takes advantage of me?

They all do, and they all
laugh behind your back, and

the bouncer from the Petting Zoo calls
you "Section A", or something like that.

You're full of shit.

Now, why would I lie about that?
I don't even know what it means.

I can help you keep track of things.

You know I've been doing it in
my parents' store since I was nine.

So I... I can help you.

You wanna help me?
You wanna be a part of this shit?



I just turned 19, so I'm done, right.
I'm a damaged goods.

Look, I don't give a fuck!

- I'm fucked and you know it.

You're not fucked, you're not the one
that decides whether or not you're fucked.

So you're the one that decides then.

Yes! I am the one that
decides. That is my job.

If nothing going to changed then just
end it now, please. Just pull the....

Oh come on. Stop it!
Enough! Jesus!

Get back inside right now.

You drive me crazy.
Get back inside right now.

- Are you Josh?
- No, he's not here.

- What?
- He's not here yet.

Well ... uhmm,
he's got something for me.

Oh yeah, yeah. He's gonna be
back with some more cash but...

I can give you half and some
coke or joe until he gets here.

Come on man.

Come on, these guys going
to be leaving in five minutes.

- Alright.
- Alright. Ladies.

- Hey man, can I get a hit of that?
- You go fuck yourself.

Eden, will you follow me?
Come on.

You two stay right there or I douse
your vagulates with a fucking match.

- Are you Josh?
- Yeah.

Where the fuck is my money?

Chill man, I wasn't
going to run off with it.

Count them.

What Brant gave you
it should be all seven.

Actually it's 1000,
because you kept us late.

What do you mean?
The other guy said 700.

- No. It's a thousand.
- It's a thousand.

- Is she a hooker or she a cashier?
- Is that any of your fucking business?

Hey! I'm not trying
to fuck with you okay.

They said 700 a day,
that's what we put together.

- Fuck you! How much does he owe me?
- 300.

- Give me $ 300, right the fuck now.
- Just give it.

Give it to her.

We're good, thank you.

Get them up!

Fucking piece of shit!

You should take care of this.
You deserve it.

Can I use the bathroom?


Achtung, motherfuckers! Today is
going to be a good day. I can feel it.


Svetlana, guess what?
You're going out today.

You're going with Ivan in the van.

Fall out.
It means follow me.

You're going to clean this entire
place, and you've got do a good job.

All this windows and fucking
doors they all have alarms on,

so I swear to god Eden,
if you get back to your old tricks,

I am going to shoot a hole on you
with every fucking gun that I have.

Cleaning supplies.
Get to it.

Alright, Eden's going to take over for
the phones. You guys gonna switch up.


- That stupid girl will not replace me!
- What the hell are you talking about.

Don't replace me!

I never said anything
about replacing you.

I said she's gonna answer
the phones, and you'll drive.

I can't fucking drive.

- Ivan's gonna teach you how to drive.
- Fuck Ivan. Fuck you!

Alright! Fuck it!

I'll send you back to Dubai where
you can get dicked by donkeys all day.

Oh! Look at that.
You're rational all of a sudden.

- Can I have a cigarette please?
- Well, depends if you act like a fucked child?

Nitchevo. No. I will not.

Yeah. Go ahead.
Go have a smoke.

Leave the fucking cat.

Uhh, okay. So.

The only people that would
have this number are regular

costumers that we deal
with on a regular basis.

They already know the codes,

so the first thing you need to
know is base means raise, alright.

Never mention anything about people.

We've got a cheat sheet here, alright.

5 x 5 is Hispanic, 5 x 9 Indian or
Pakistani or whatever the fuck is,

5 x 12 is you! Asian.
We got 6 x 9 black.

9 x 10 white.

Ahm. If they ask for a special
you mix it up like a bakers dozen.

So, have them memorized by tonight.

Oh, what about price?

Never mention price. They
already know the price. Alright.

If they ask for it, it's probably the Fed's
or whatever. Just hang up the phone.

I mean, all you have to do is you write
down the address, fucking date, time.

Rip it off. Give it to me.
You got that?


Alright, I'm gonna throw something
by you. What is a 5 x 9?

- Indian or Pakistani?
- Perfect.

You're going to be great at this.

I'm going to run away right now for a
couple of hours, I'm going to Cold Storage.

But, if you get bored
just play the fucking cat.

Let them out, but you
gonna re-cuff them okay.

How you doing?
How was the flight?

- How you doing, Dave?
- I'm alright men.

- My fucking dog died.
- Oh fuck man, I'm sorry.

I mean she was 15 years old.

But such a tall sweet heart.
You know. You remember.

Yeah dude, she was a beautiful dog.

Let's try this new batch which is
the Persian white mixed with the red.

And like, you know the plants are
young but they're really strong,

so I just cut the
normal dose in a half.

Oh alright, thank you.

Oh yeah, give me ...
take out your arm.

Give him your fucking arm!

Are you alright?
Focus on this, hold this.

Oh man, don't make her hold those.

Focus on this.

Don't grab it. Shit.
Alright, how long till she comes down?

With that application
I'd say, an hour?

Well that's fucking perfect.

I'm going to teach you how to drive.

Are you ready?
Let's do it. Go that way.

Thanks, Dave.
I'll see you in a month.

Keep going that way.

The nurse gets all of our syringes from
a medical warehouse down at Reno.

Can you not hit the gas and
the brake at the same time?

It doesn't work that way.

You know we all get this tracking
bracelets from the parole board,

because Bob knows
everyfucking body there and...

our Pakistani affiliate they
give us all the passports,

and licenses,
all that good stuff and...

Can you just pull the
car over right now?

Stop it, right!
I'm getting sick.

We get the opium breaks
down from Mexico.

I mean, we are the only outfit
that does that type of trade.

I mean, that morphine.

Before that you couldn't
get anybody to do anything.

Now it's like we control
everything on this fucking farm...

I mean you're on
the ground floor of like this...

It’s most well-run, the
most professional operation

is because we work
every fucking angle.

I mean Bob isn't even
the head of these things.

We're bigger than Bob.

And these girls are better off anyway.
Their junkie parents don't care about them.

They let them get catch diseases,
all kinds of crazy shit. It's sad.

I mean, Svetlana's mom sold her
to her grandfather at nine years old

because mommy's new boyfriend didn't
want a brat running around the house.

It's fucked.
That's when she goes too far.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I should not given you that
amphetamine after that morphine shot.

Do you want take control?

You want me take control?

I'm not one of those motherfuckers.
I'm not one of those pricks okay.

Just fuck away from me and drive.

How can a 19 year old, don't
know how to fucking drive?

I want you to think of the world
in America as blood vessels.

Pumping nutrients and
oxygen and keep the cells alive.

Just like in any living organism.

But what we forget

is that the blood in
these vessels transport

waste products away
from those same cells.

What happens then?
Where did they go?

Now these waste products,
well, depending on what they are,

they adapt to their environment.

And like any virus they
eventually sabotage the system.

That's the best way
I can explain illicit trade.

Now this is what your
average mule looks like.

That's old guy there.

Who would ever suspect granny
Clampert have such depravity?

That nice old gal dumped more dust
on Vegas than Chernobyl in '86.

It took us five years to bring her in.

Then high school drop out,

your housewives, bikers,

You name it.

So, who you looking for?

The answer, is everybody.

Well. So travel safely, ladies and
gentlemen. Nice to talking to you.

- Gets me out of the office.
- Marshall Gault!

- Ron Greer. From Stoke Canyon.
- Lake Havasu right? Bus terminal?

No, I called your
office a couple of times.

Figured I'd touch base real
quick since we are both here.

Remind me what you called about?

A double homicide in
the canyons last year.

Deputy Sheriff named
Dale Ellis and Albert Alawa.

How are your leads coming?

Well, that's why
I want to talk to you.

See, we have you in that
area at that dang time.

In that area...
You sure about that?

Well, we have been testing out
this Global Positioning System.

- Uh-huh.
- Usually doesn't amount to jack.

Accept it picks up cellphone
activity every now and then.

So anyway we gave a shot,
and your cellular number came up.

Not in exact location,
about a mile from Raven Creek.

But within near shot
of that crime scene.

I'll be damned.

Well, I surely hope not.

Well, maybe this isn't a good time,

I could come by and
talk to you at your office?

Well I don't know,

what I tell you in my office is
different from what I tell you here

which is that I don't recall
being in that area.

And I surely don't recall
opening on two dead bodies.

I mean, that's the
kind of a thing that

usually sticks with a person,
wouldn't you say?

Well, I would think so. Yeah.

But I'll make sure to give you a ring
if anything else springs to mind, Mr. ...


Well thank you for your time.
That's an excellent speech.

- Dusty Oasis, may I help you?
- I need two 7 x 10 units.

- Okay. And can I get your address, please?
- 129 Desert Sun Drive, Room 412.

Desert Sun Drive, Room 412,
and the best time to reach you?

- 10 o'clock tonight.
- Great. Okay thank you.

How much?

- Excuse me?
- Well how much is it?

- Sorry it's 600.
- Okay, thanks.

Thank you.

What have we got?

- We got one for tonight.
- Yeah.

We have to wake up early.

Fuck, I'll just send Ivan the ...

Let's get Ivan set, and
then you need to go to bed.

I'm waking up with the ...Jesus.

- I was about to make smoke signals.
- Bowl it straight, Bob.

Well, now that aren't you
new anymore, aren't you?

- Why is there such back log?
- The nurse said no more incinerating.

Cause it smell on the freeway.

It's easier to sink 'em or bury 'em.
I don't wanna dig any hole.

- Our girl Svetlana in that batch?
- Yeah. There you go.

Well there are going to be
wall eyes in that lake today.

I'm saying no on this internet thing.

This business is not meant
be glorified with technology.

All of you doing it. Chumming a line
for some lab freak to trace the source.

- What the hell is the matter with you?
- What?

Try to relax. Jesus Christ,
you're making me nervous.

So uhh ... How is this...
How's the investigation going?

I mean, I heard about it, that's all.
Is it like? You know, I mean. I don’t know

Do you think I want
to talk about that?

Vaughan is bit socially retarded
because he had Mennonite foster parents.

Religious fanatics.

- Do you know what a Bible marker is?
- Bob...

Uh, he used him to mark
passages and what not ..

they have a little
proverbs written on him.

Vaughan never got anything to
play with, besides these markers.

and the thing is, he didn't learn how
to read till he was like 16. Was it 16?

You can go either way with
that kind of pious upbringing.

But Vaughan's primal notions
were not cut out for sanctity.

I guess, if you are born by sin
... you live by sin.

Army took him though.
The army is like a pimp.

Take anyone with a pulse
... break him in like a steed.

Okay, Bob.
That's enough. Yeah.

I give up.

Every time I tried train this kid
afford his emotions, it flat out fail.

It's like trying to teach colors to the
blind. I'm trying to help you my boy.

Believe me, you'd be better for it
when I leave this behind me.

Oops! Got one!

Look at that little guy run.

He won't be worth
the trouble to gut him.

Shut the fuck up!

That was order from the top.

You can relax,
I'm not going to organize ....

- Where do you go?
- Bathroom.

- You go when I say you go.
- Come on, Ivan.

Hey, you go when I say you go.

Let's go. Field trip.

- Boss! Hey!
- What's up kid?

Good, good.
You've been working out?

Aw Shit! I don't need to, dog.

-Hey. How many months?
- Looking fine though.

What the fuck, come on man,
not on my dinner table.

Why not? Just chill the
fuck up, I'll be like a second.

Uhmm, I've lost my torch.
You got a light?

It's on the stove.

You want to get it?
Thank you...

- Stop talking to me in that fucking
- ... uhhh fuck!

- ...what the fuck you talking about?
- With your brains off?

Holy shit.
You all right girl?

- Yeah I'm good.
- Come here.

There you go.

Ah, come on now baby girl.
It'll be all right.

- This one's new?
- About a year now. I picked her myself.


Can I use your bathroom?

Yeah. Yeah, it's down
the hall to the right.

Hey baby girl, can do me a favor?

Can you, hide the shampoo in there so this
motherfucker doesn't use it to jerk off.

Oh my god!
Shut the fuck up.

Did it happen to you, too?

Shh...What are you talking about?
What are you doing here?

They taking care of
me and my baby here.

Oh, no, no, no, not taking care of you.
We mean to get you out of here.

You look different.

- Are you here with them?
- No.

You are here with them!

You're gonna be quiet.
They are in the next room,

if they hear you they going
to kill me. Just be quite.

Come in here.

Bob's on TV!

.. missing Federal Marshall Robert Gault
has been officially called off.

Gault's family ...

- Aww. Look how pretty he looks.
- Shut the fuck! I wanna listen to this.

Hey Bobbard !....

... Gault was the son of a test pilot.
He joined the army in 1977.

- Shut the fuck up! I want to listen.
- Take it easy then, tough guy.

He became Federal Marshall in 1985.

Specializing in certain seizure
of contraband and illicit drugs.

He will remembered as a husband, father,
an asset to his community and nation.


- Pull over.
- What?

- Get off the fucking road!
- Where?

Right here!
Just pull over! Turn! Turn!

Keep going.

Right. Pull in here.

Tell me what you saw in the house.

- A room that look like a hospital.
- Do you know what it's for?

- Selling babies.
- Wow! Really? Say that again.

- Why?
- Say it again!

Selling babies.

That doesn't make you sick?

I mean the time I first saw that I
think that place is a good place for you,

you’re cool with it,
it means nothing to you.

- Come on, Vaughan.
- Come on what?

Just go.

- Are you in it?
- What do you think?

I'm asking if you are
actually committed to this?

Because you do not want to come
this far and then just ... betray me.

Why would I betray you?

It's not why. I've got
that figured out. It's how.

Shut the fuck up!

What would you want me to do?

I want everyone out
of the van. Out of the van.

Out! Eden, get out.
I want you to see this.

Get out of the van before
I drag you up by your feet.

You don't want me to do that.

Come on. Alright. Come on. Hop out
of the van and hop down on your knees.

Face the fucking road.

What are you gonna do?
Shoot her?

You are. Take it.


Fucking cunt.

Put it to the back of her head.

She won't feel anything if you
put it in the back of her head.


Shoot her.

If it's not her, it will be you.

Oh my god, come here.
Come here.

I can't believe that you actually
going to do it, ha ha. Crazy girl.

You wanna get some food?
You hungry? Huh?

Let's get something to eat.
Come on.

All right. It's okay.
Hey I was kidding.

Do you know what kidding means?
Get back in the van.

- Hello?
- Vaughan?
- Yeah?

Where are you?
You need to come to the stables.

Yeah I know.
We are on the way back right now.

We got orders to pack. Ivan talked.
You're suppose to take care of him.

- I'm getting the girls who need to go.
- Okay.

Ivan, you're still alive?

Avni, I thought I told you
to bash this traitor's colon.

I mean I could do it. Do you
want me to fucking do your job?

Come on.

So what's going on?

- We're moving.
- Where?

We'll find out.
Smoke some of these boxes.

It's dirty.

There is no time to
get sentimental, Eden.

Come on let's take
them out of the fire.

Do you remember when we sent Ivan
on that solo run back in Christmas?

I think that's when he got pinched.

He's using one of wires since
January, that motherfucker.

I mean, I was thinking Bob is fucking
lucky that we got him when we got to him.

Because he would have been
out of that as the asshole

and not a fucking hero that everybody
was in love with and crying over.

Hey, you go over this passports
and pick one that looks like you.

- Where are we going?
- What? We're going to Dubai.

- Are you nervous about going to Dubai?
- Yeah.

Cause you're not going to be
doing any trick while we're out there.

I mean it's you and me.
I want you to know that.

We know the day to day fucking bullshit
that it takes around this organization.

We can easily take it over.

- And we're partners, right?
- Right.

Can you give me water?
I need some fucking water.

Can I come in?

Sit down.

- I wanna buy Priscilla.
- How much you got?

That's not enough.

Is there anything else I
can do besides paying you?

You know I remember you.
I mean when you first came here.

- I know. Do you remember me?
- No.

- Can I at least see her?
- Why you wanna do that?

You can take the all the money.

Ow. You're giving me
permission? Gee, thanks.

Hey, you know how they
can tell this ain't fake?

It's the ink.
It doesn't smudge.

See. Look at that. See?

Ah, they don't check that shit anyway.
It's not like it's a hundred dollar bill.

It's just a fucking person.

Alright, you could see her
for 5 minutes, then you got to go.

- Okay.
- Empty your pockets.

Let's go.

Hey. Hey Priscilla.
We got to go!

We got to go right now.
Wake up, we got to go.

I can't.
My baby is here.

No, your baby isn't here.
We got to go.

- Where is she?
- I don't know. They took her.

You took her!
El ruisenor! You took her.

Come on. Trust me.
We got to go right now.

Ok, listen to me, ok.
I didn't take your baby.

Mario sold your baby. I'm sorry.

I'll explain to you later, but
we gotta go right now, ok?

I'm so sorry I didn't get here sooner.

We gotta go.
We got to go, come on.

Just trust me, okay.

Come on. Don't look.




Hyun Jae.

Is it you?

Hyun Jae.