Eddie the Eagle (2016) - full transcript

Inspired by true events, Eddie the Eagle is a feel-good story about Michael "Eddie" Edwards (Taron Egerton), an unlikely but courageous British ski-jumper who never stopped believing in himself - even as an entire nation was counting him out. With the help of a rebellious and charismatic coach (played by Hugh Jackman), Eddie takes on the establishment and wins the hearts of sports fans around the world by making an improbable and historic showing at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. From producers of Kingsman: The Secret Service, Eddie the Eagle stars Taron Egerton as Eddie, the loveable underdog with a never say die attitude.


Yes! My high score!




Where do you think
you're going, young man?

Rome. I'm going to hold
my breath at the Olympics.


You better take this then,
hadn't you?

Put your medals in.

Thanks, Mum.
I gotta get going.

Have fun.

TERRY: What?

He's off to the
Olympics again.



You gone mad?

I told Mum I'm going
to the Olympics.

I held my breath
for nearly 58 seconds.

Really? Well,
I tell you what.

Why don't you
jump in the van

and then me and you can hold
our breath all the way home?

That's about a minute away.

Eddie, look, all this
Olympic medal stuff,

it's driving me
a bit mad, mate.

Look at me. I'm driving about
in the middle of the night,

dark, freezing cold,
looking for you.

When I should be
at home doing what?

It's A Knockout, Dad?


carrying a tremendous log.

Come on. Come on.

Hurry up. Hurry up.

JANETTE: Marbles one week,
holding your breath the next.

When is it all
gonna end, young man?

When I become
an Olympian.

Oh. I see.

Say goodnight
to your dad.

Night, Dad.

TERRY: Night-night, son.

Night, Mum.
Night, love.

That's good

Great. Now, could you just
maybe flex your toes?

That's point your
toes towards you.

Good boy, thank you.

Now, you've got
to take it easy.

Don't do any
climbing up trees

and too much running around.
All right?

His knees are
still healing.



Feel okay?

Good. Well done.






Right, that's it!

Listen, enough is enough!

It's never bloody
ending with you, son.

Now you're gonna
come to work with me

and you're gonna learn to plaster.
All right?

At least it might
keep you out of trouble.

What about
my Olympic preparations?

Eddie! You are
not an athlete!


SHIRLEY: Morning, Tel.
All right, Shirley?

Now, today I shall
be finishing off

an arctic stipple.

What did I just say?

Raspberry ripple?

No, not a raspberry ripple.
An arctic stipple.

Which is my
piece de resistance.

My plasterer's
trademark that you

shall spend all day
learning, young man.

Dad, you're a genius.

Oh, where's he gone now?

You're right, I'm never gonna go
to the Olympics.

I'm gonna go
to the Winter Olympics.

Ladies and gentlemen,

it gives me great pleasure
to introduce to you...

...the Head of the
British Winter Olympics

Selection Committee,
Mr. Dustin Target.


Thank you, George.

Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you so much
for being here...

...on this glorious day
for British sport.

You have entered
a new era for business...

...just as we have embarked
on a new era for sport.

Today it is my honor...

...and privilege,
to present to you...

...the 14 young men
who are all candidates

for the British Olympic
Downhill Team.

Vying for your sponsorship
and support...

...in achieving
their dreams...

...to reach the 1988
Winter Games in Calgary.

It's an opportunity
that requires

a new kind of athlete...

...and you deserve the best...

...in return.

All right. Sorry. No, okay.
Hands up, that was my fault.

I'm sorry, fellas.

George. George.

Uh... More champagne, anyone?

Edwards, you've um...
You've made quite an impact today.

Oh, good,
I was trying to.

Yes. Um...

Look, I think we both
know that you've gone...

...as far as you can go
with the squad.

We shan't be selecting
you for the trials, I'm afraid.

But, um, keep up
with the training.

Aim for the
'92 Olympics.

Mr. Target, that's
in 5 years' time.

I'm ready now.

no, you're not.

You know, I've got
run times just as good

as any of that lot.
Yeah, well...

It's not all about speed.

It's about what school
you went to, is it?

Frankly, Eddie...

...you will never be
Olympic material.


TERRY: You wanna
get yourself qualified.

I mean it's not exactly
a career, is it? Skiing.

I mean, how much does a
downhill skier earn? Huh?

What's the take-home pay after tax?

Is there a pension?
I doubt it very much.

Get yourself qualified
for something useful, Eddie.

Yeah, all right, Dad.

I get the point.

You've been banging on
about it since I've been

out of nappies.
Sign me up.

Good lad.

Good lad.

JANETTE: Made you
a nice cup of tea.

Thanks, Mum.

No more downhill, then?

Not exactly
a career, is it?

Not even for fun?


It's about time
I started paying my way.

Well, you better
bring those

dirty overalls down,
then, hadn't you?

For the wash,
'cause you're gonna need them.

ANNOUNCER: Ski-jumping
is probably the most

spectacular of all
the alpine disciplines.

A majestic,
gravity defying mix of power...

and dare-devil courage.

And more than a few bruises.

As Icarus and Sir Isaac
Newton both discovered...

...what goes up
must come down.

In the world famous
training camp

at Garmisch in Germany...

...you will find
the world's elite ski-jumpers.

...such as the Flying Finn,
Matti Nykanen,

showing how it's really done.

to disappoint you but, um...

...we haven't got an
Olympic ski-jumping squad.

Not even a small one?

No. Last...

No, Britain hasn't had
a ski-jumper since...



Here we go.
Hector Mooney.

Yes, with a distance of
(CHUCKLES) 22.9 meters.

And there's no plans for a
team in the near future?

Well, not unless Mr. Mooney
comes out of retirement.

But he died
in 1975 so, no.

That is a shame.


Mum, where's my
purple rucksack?

JANETTE: Under the stairs.
Thank you.

Why? Are you
going camping?

No. Going to Germany.

Coach leaving very soon.


What about your
City & Guilds, son?

Sorry, Dad,
I've gotta get on them slopes.

Oh, no.
Not this again, no.

Excuse me.

Hang on. What am I gonna tell
your plastering teacher?

Tell him I've
made new plans.

New plans?
What plans?

I'm gonna be
an Olympic ski-jumper.

No. No.

This is some kind
of joke, right?

Dad, it's not like
I'm taking up ballet.

It's still skiing.

It's just a bit higher.

You name me one,
one British ski-jumper.


Eddie Edwards.

I'm gonna be the squad.

And who's gonna pay
for all this? Eh?

I'm not having your mother
put through all that again.

We had bailiffs
knocking on the door,

all hours of the day,
taking away the sofa.

And it's because of you,
by the way,

that I'm driving
my campervan to work.

They're dirty.
Yeah, I know.

We haven't had a holiday
in three years, son,

and your mother,
she loves Blackpool.

I don't like
Blackpool, Terry.


It's gonna be okay,
I promise.

I'm gonna work it out.

He's gonna break his neck.

Oh, I'm gonna
break his neck.


TERRY: Do you really wanna put
yourself through this again?

It's a world that
doesn't wanna know you.

So what's new?

Are you trying to tell me you never
had a dream when you were a kid, Dad?

Course I did.
I'm not made of stone, son.

You never said.
What was it?

It was to be a plasterer.

Bye, Dad.

Yeah, bye, son.



You're the Flying Finn.

You're Matti.
I know.


You want an autograph?

Yes, please. Um...

Bus ticket.


Bye, Matti.





What are you doing here?

I'm so sorry,

I didn't have
anywhere to sleep.

An Englishman
sleeping in my cupboard.

Happens a lot.
You know why?

It's the good
German beer...

...and not this
pee-pee water

you're drinking back home.
Am I right?

Well, no, actually.
I don't drink.

So what are
you doing here?

Well, I'm a ski-jumper.

Well, I want
to be a ski-jumper.

I mean, I'm not a ski-jumper
yet but my mum says

I'm a very resourceful,
determined person...

...and I think that with
some time and guidance

I probably will make it
as a ski-jumper.

You're a ski-jumper?


Well, you are not
the first ski-jumper

to wake up in my cupboard.

But, back in the past,

I would have been
in here with you.


You have somewhere
to sleep tonight?



You help me in the bar
and I'll let you stay here.

That would be amazing.

And maybe sometimes

I come and visit you.
Would you like that?


Would you like me
to visit you?

I probably won't be in here that much,
to be honest.

What with all the training
I mentioned and, um... Uh...

Do you have
the key for the...?

I'll get it
off you later.

Okay. Good luck.




What a doddle.

Right. I think I'm ready
for that bigger one.







I've seen worse injuries but,
you know, normally

they come from
the bigger jumps.


Who's your coach?

I've been giving it
a lot of thought

and I'm not sure
I need one.

Bjorn. Hey, Bjorn.
Good to see you.

He was a good jumper in his time.

Now he's a coach.

He's a coach?

Mmm-hmm. I think so.

With the beard?

Yes, the one... Yeah.
And the blond hair?

Thank you, Petra.


EDDIE: Hello?

Hiya, fellas,
I'm Eddie Edwards.

I'm Great Britain.
Oh God. Nude. Um...

So, basically I...

...I've just started
on the 40 meters

and I'm making
solid progress.

But I just wondered
if I could get

a few bits of advice
and some tips.

How do you land, exactly?

You been jumping long?

Since yesterday afternoon.


I know, I'm already on the 40.
I'm a fast learner.

How old are you?

I'm 22.

In Norway, the time
to be starting jumping

is when you are
six years old.

(WHISPERING) Six years old.

Or younger.

No. You're a bit too late,
Mr. Britain man.


Yes, okay.

Well, there's a lot to be
thinking about there so...

...I'm gonna
just get to it.


Stupid Englishman.


I bet he's dead by the weekend.

No messing about this time.

Let's do it.






So, you're
the mystery elf

who's been hacking up
my slope, huh?

Just you? No pickaxe?

You do realize
the time to start jumping

is when you're
five or six?


The Norwegians
already told me that.

Did they also tell you you
look ridiculous in that gear?

At least I'm wearing a jacket.

This is my jacket, pal.

Maybe you should
wear one, too.

No. Drinking doesn't
agree with me.

Neither does ski-jumping.

Yeah, well, when I want advice
on how to drunkenly plow snow,

I'll look you up.

Don't even think about
doing the 70 meter.

I don't want to have to clean up
your mess when you break your neck.


What would you know
about it, anyway?

Get off my slope.

PETRA: Bronson Peary.

Interstate youth
champion 1968.

Then the Olympic Squad
under Warren Sharp.

EDDIE: The Warren Sharp?

PETRA: Yeah.
The great American coach.

Peary was his star jumper.
He broke records.

He was really
a gifted flyer

with a very
special style. But...

...he was too crazy,
you know?

And now he's just crazy,
but in a different way.

Bronson Peary. How come
I've never heard of him?

They kicked him out.

What for?

Arrogance. Bad discipline.
Drunkenness. Fornication.

What you probably call
"being a total loser."

EDDIE: Definitely him.

Petra, do you mind
if I borrow this?

Yeah, take it.
Okay, thanks.

EDDIE: I thought we could
have a little chat about

me being an
Olympic ski-jumper.

You've more chance of being
a ballerina than a jumper.

(CHUCKLES) Good one.

I was just after
a few tips, really.

Give up,
there's one for free.


Petra told me
you used to jump for America.

Yeah, Petra has
a lot of stories, man.

She gave me
this book, actually,

by your old coach
Warren Sharp.

Where's my jacket?

For as long as
I can remember,

it has been my ambition
to become an Olympian.



Britain doesn't have a ski-jumping
team so I was thinking...

Okay. Now I know
you're crazy.

Look, I know we didn't get
off to the best of starts...

...but you shouldn't be
fixing rust-buckets.

You should be coaching.

It's a classic
1972 Trans-Am, man.

I'm just saying,
if I had your pedigree and experience...

Yeah, well you don't.
I'm busy.

Okay, I've plateaued.

Without your help,

I don't think
I'm gonna get any better.

Really? Okay. Well, then
you won't get any better.


I'll come back later.

What a lunatic.

Wanna see how
it's really done?

Watch this guy.
Number 2 in the world.



And he knew what he was doing.
You don't stand a chance.




Hi, Bronson.
MAN: Oi.

You truly are
a great Olympian.


Always drink milk
when I'm in training.

Calcium. Helps to keep
the bones strong.

Right, yeah.
What do you think, Petra?

boy like this,

he shouldn't be crashing
into mountains.

He should be
crashing into ladies.

Hey, hey, be nice.

Never really been my specialty
if I'm completely honest...

Really? Never would
have guessed, man.

Hey, you still
looking for pointers?

It's that way
back to England.

Hey, shut it.

ERIK: Hey, why don't you
order another one?


They have no idea,
do they?

You're the guy
who struck the first

90 meters
at Copper Peak,

with no headwind,
in 1970 Opening Trials,

and they think you're
just some old drunk.

Thanks, I think.

You can learn a lot
from that Warren Sharp's book.

BRONSON: You've been doing
your homework, have you?

I'll cut straight
to the point.

I'm gonna be up bright and breezy
tomorrow morning for some extra training.


So the old drunk is teaching
the English how to jump.

That's fantastic.
Is that milk?

I don't drink alcohol so...


I love it. It's good.
It's too good.

Too good! Yeah.

There's a new team in town!

Hold this for me,
will you?

Milky Boy and
the PistenBully driver!

Hey, don't hurt yourself.

Hey, hey, hey.

My jumpers do not fight.

But I do.




Did I win?

Not exactly.
But I got your watch.

Come here, I'm gonna
show you something.

Okay, this is the
Norwegian training camp.

You wanted to get some tips.

Well, here is
how not to do it.

Look at all this crap here.

I mean, what is all this?

They wanna turn
everyone into robots.

They don't understand
the jumping paradox, man.

This is not just a sport,
it's an art.

It's spiritual, man.

You gotta
free your mind first.

You gotta just,
kinda fly, man.

You wanna just fly.



What is the jumping paradox?

The what?

The jumping paradox.
That thing you said a second ago.

Okay. I'm gonna
say this once.

The foundation
of any jump is what?


Very good.

Very good.

The paradox

is simultaneously
stretching up...

...and leaning
into your descent.

It's unnatural

because you actually
take-off downwards. Okay?

Your body has gotta lean forward
in order to give you the lift.

Like the wing of a bird.
Just... (WHOOSHES)

Come on, man,
be the wing of a bird.


That's it. So, your skis go up,
your legs go back.

Your body goes forward
and you go down

all while falling through
the air at 70 mph, man.

Up, back, forward.

What are you doing?
I'm just helping.

Up, back, forward, down.
Up, back, forward, down.

Say it.
Up, back, forward, down.



Fell in love
with this sport, man.

It started with
this little baby.

This little
15 meter little vixen.

You manage
to land that because

it's meant to hook you
into the sport, right...

...otherwise you wouldn't
even bother trying.

The 40 meter,

when you stack
you get bruised,

which I don't need
to explain to you.



The 70 meter...

...you break bones

and you're lucky
if you can walk again.

The 90 meter.
The goddess.


Let's just say
in the Wild West

we'd be measuring
you for your coffin

before you even
reach the stairs.

Never forget that, kid.

You know what?
Enough talk. It's showtime.




Sorry, mate, I just
need to borrow them.



Oh, my God.

MAN: Come on!
Spread your wings and die!



Good jump.


Let's party!

Up, back, forward, down.

Up, back, forward, down.

Yes! Yes, yes, yes!




I think I'm ready
for the 70 meters.

How long you been
sitting there?

Less than an hour.
I landed the 40 meters.

I don't care.

And I've decided...

I'm going to the
Olympics in Calgary.

Why don't you
watch it on TV?

I'm not going to watch,
I'm going to jump.

You're what?

I've got
a golden opportunity.

The only thing I need to do
to qualify is compete.

Must be some
minimum requirement.

number of jumps, talent?


See, that's the beauty of it.

They've not updated
the rules for 52 years.

What's your name, man?


Eddie, okay.

Eddie, the smallest Olympic
jump is 70 meters. Okay?

You'll die if you try it.

Given the average jumper
takes four years

to build up to it.

Well, I'm not
the average jumper.

Correct. You're well
below average.

I just did
the 40 meters in a day.

I'm ready for the 70 meters.
I'll do it now if you want.

I'm ready
for my breakfast, so...


I need your permission
if I'm gonna jump.

Just get the
hell out of here.

Not until
I get your permission.

Fine, you got my permission.
Give me my breakfast.

I'd like it in writing.

I'll tattoo it
on your face if you like.

No, that won't
be necessary. Thanks.

Come on, let's go.

Any tips, then?

Don't die.

All right.

You're not coming up?

Crashes look
just as good from here.

I'm doing it.

Sure you are.


He's not actually
going to jump, is he?

He's crazy but he's not
suicidal. He's just...

you know. Kylling.

Game of chicken. Kylling.



Everything okay?

Yeah, fine.
Just getting ready.

Never done it before.



Could you give me
a push, please?

A push?


It's a lot higher
than I expected it to...



Don't bend your legs!




Stay there. Stay there.
Can you move?

What's wrong with you, man?
You could've killed yourself.

Just stay there.

Hey, hey, hey.
Just take it easy,

under control here.

If this happens again,

you will need
a stretcher, too.

I'll look forward
to it, man. Yeah.

Take away.

(SIGHS) Oh, man.

Crazy Brit.



WARREN: Peary was
the most naturally gifted

ski-jumper I ever trained.

And he's also my
biggest disappointment.

He should have been
my greatest champion...

...but his focus was not
always on the mountain.

He never understood
that a true Olympian

was not just about
a God-given skill set.

It's about never giving up,
no matter what.

Knowing that doing your best
is the only option...

...even if it results
in failure.

(ECHOING) Bronson Peary was
my biggest disappointment.



Not gonna kill me, are you?

If I wanted to kill you,
Eddie, I'd just let you

continue this suicidal
journey on your own...

...because something tells me

you're not gonna give up,
are you?

I plan to try and jump the 70
meters again as soon as possible.

No. Your plan is as follows.

I am gonna teach you
how to land the 70 meter.

'Cause let's face it, man, you've
done the hardest part which is...

...actually having
the guts to do it. Right?

Most people take one look
at it, walk away forever.

Not Eddie Edwards, so...

Garmisch Seniors Tournament.
Next month.

Final jump of the day
is an open event

so if you could just
land one jump, you are...

BOTH: Going to the Olympics.

Exactly. Get better soon.

All right, coach.

I'm not your coach. Okay?

Seriously. A coach teaches
you how to jump properly.

I'm just teaching you
how to land

so I can get you
out of my hair

as soon as possible.
Got it?

EDDIE: Peary.


Fine. Get better.

If you're really
gonna do this,

we should run through
a couple of things.

Are your knees better?

They better be.

Okay, you ready?

Okay, before we start,

who's your favorite
female movie star?


Bo Derek.
Bo Derek? Okay, good call.

Okay, every jump
from here on in...

...I want you to approach it
as though you are making love

to the beautiful Bo Derek.


Starting gate
is your foreplay.

The in-run is where you
build your rhythm. Okay?

And the take-off,

that's your special moment.
All right?

Same facial expressions.

Same straining
of the muscles.

The same peaceful
feeling of release, okay?

If you do it right.

Of course, with any
act of love-making

there's only one way to be
sure you've done it right.



You fall asleep?

She falls asleep?

Okay. Watch.


Mmm. Oh...

Oh, Bo. Oh, all right.

Oh! Bo!



Oh! Uh! Mmm!

(YELLS) Bo Derek!

Oh, yeah!


Am I going down there?

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Eddie.

Crouch. Clench. Release.

That's it.


The most shattering physical

and emotional experience
of your life

and that's
the noise you make?

It is in England, yeah.


Okay. Do it again.



That's what I'm talking about.

That was better, weren't it?

Bo Derek! Yeah, baby!

I think a little bit
of wee came out.

So, all you have to do is make
this landing and you qualify.

One jump away
from the Olympics, man.

Get your skis.

Okay. Stay focused.

Do everything I told
you to do only better.

A lot better. Go.


He says you must
treat every jump

as if it is your last.

We are saying for us,
that is easy.


I know the feeling.

Idiot. The Englishman will die.


MAN: (OVER PA) Edwards...

Good luck.

Edwards. Great Britain.

Come on, Eddie.
Come on, man.

Bo Derek.

Arms back, chest down,
fanny in. Lift, lift!


Edwards, 34 meters.

You're in the Olympics.




"Plucky plasterer
'Fast' Eddie Edwards..."

Fast, huh?

"...set a new British record
in ski-jumping last week

"at Garmisch, Germany...

"...jumping 34 meters."

"Plucky plasterer."

My dad would like that.

Peary, this has got
the Olympic rings on.

Well, it won't
open itself, man.

"We request the pleasure
of your company

"at the British
Olympic Headquarters."


My work is done, man.
You're on your way.

"Fast" Eddie Edwards.

TARGET: Mr. Edwards.
Mr. Target.

I just wanted to say to you
and to all of you...

...what an honor
this is and...

...I promise not to let you
or the Olympic Team down.

(CLEARS THROAT) Yes, that's
very nice, Eddie, but...

...in the interest
of safety

we've ratified
a minimum distance of...

...61 meters.


RICHMOND: "Athletes
must now have jumped

"a minimum distance
of 61 meters...

"...in a British
Olympic Association

"recognized tournament...

"...in order to qualify for
the National Olympic Squad."

I'm afraid your jump
doesn't count, son.

EDDIE: Wait, hang on.

I've already qualified.

Well, technically,
you haven't.

Because you just
changed the rules.

It costs £4.5 million

to send a National Squad
to the Olympics.

The Government gives us
a mere fraction of that.

How do you think
we make up the difference?



These companies pay

to be associated
with certain qualities.

Excellence. Achievements.

Strangely, they have no
desire to be associated

with ludicrous
antics and defeat.

So, why do I stop
being ludicrous

if I jump 61 meters?

That is the distance

ratified by our
Safety Committee.

I'd prefer it to be higher.

Or is it longer?
I never can tell.

Either way,

we will not have
amateurs in the Olympics.

I thought the Olympics
was for amateurs.


As the premier jumper

and the British
record holder...

...don't you think I have a
right to represent my country?


MAN: You can see yourself out.



Ugh. It's British

EDDIE: I know.

The only way to qualify

is to make 61 meters
in competition.

So I'm gonna go
on the European circuit.

Man, that's easier
said than done.

Well, I'd need you to come, too.
Will you help me?

Sure, Fly Boy. Why not?

You get the money,
the transport, I'm in.

Let's do this.

So, if this is you now...

...how much more
are they asking you to jump?


That's you up poo creek.


If I'm gonna go
on the European circuit

I'm gonna need to raise
some serious cash.

Yeah, well, don't ask us,
we ain't got any.

I know.

What about the money
for the van?

Can't that wait
till next year?

I am not spending

any more money
on this rubbish.

It's a matter
of time before

he walks through that
door in a wheelchair.

So you've gotta stop taking
all these stupid risks, son,

and come back and do
a little bit of plastering.

You tried your best.
Fair play to you. Well done.

But it wasn't
good enough, was it?

So it's got to stop.
All this has gotta stop. End of.


Come on, son, hurry up.
I don't wanna be late.

What are you doing?

He's coming
to work with me.

Is he?
Yeah, he is.

Oi, come on, son, up you get.



What the hell
are you playing at?

I just need to borrow
it for a few weeks.

Get out of that van. Now.

I'll take really good
care of it, I promise.

Thank you. Love you.
TERRY: I'm warning you.

Oi. Come back here!
You thieving little git!

TERRY: Did you
know about this?

Mmm. Yeah.

And you're not gonna like what I
did with our savings, either.






The wanderer returns, huh?

Mum gave me some money and
I sorted out the transport.

Is that what you call it?
Come on, let's get a drink.

Hang on.

I don't wanna get
snow on the seat.

This window is a bugger.

I think it's a good thing they
turned you down, man. It is.

I mean, 61 meters
is a genuine distance.

Means you gotta
do this for real.

Well, it's easy for you to say,
you were a champion.

You were always
really good.

I was kicked off
every team I was ever on

before I even got
a chance to prove myself.

Believe it or not, I do know what
it's like to be written off, Eddie.

Of course,
my solution was

just to crawl inside
the bottle here, but...

I was in hospital for a
year when I was a kid.

Dodgy knees.

All the doctors said
I should give up sport.

Take up reading.

First book I got:

The Official Olympic
Photo Album 1972,

BOTH: Moments of Glory.

Yeah, I know it.

Well, anyway,
that is the book

that made me realize
I needed my own moment.

That one thing I could do
to prove them all wrong.

Do you think I'm mad?



You're completely
mad, man. But, hey...

...you kinda gotta be mad
to do this sport, right?



...if you want your moment,
Eddie Edwards,

I can get you your moment.

But it's gonna
hurt like hell.

For both of us.

We need to get you
some proper equipment.

What are we doing here?


Size 11, right?


Oh, wow.

Peary, is this not theft?

It's the Lost and Found, man.

Come on. Some guy dropped
10 bucks on the street

and you were to pick it up,
would that be theft?


What if he didn't know
it was missing?

Then I'd give it
to charity or something.

Eddie, you are a charity.
Your needs are much greater.

What about you?

Me? I'm just
stealing these.

Any better?
It's not better. It's crap.

It's more difficult
than I expected.



Come on, Eddie.



Edwards. 43 meters.

You're a disgrace
to the sport.

Really? Good.

Personal best!

And we're a disgrace!

Keep working on your
Telemark landing. It's key.


You're on your own, man.

Faster, Peary!

More speed!

BRONSON: It's as fast
as this rust-bucket goes.

Edwards. 49 meters.

It's a practice jump. You don't
need paperwork for a practice jump.


At Oberstdorf we do
everything to the letter.

To the letter.

I could've done
two jumps by now.

Relax. Focused, not tense, remember?
Come on.

Focused, not tense.


EDDIE: I did it. 61 meters.

And that was without
a headwind or breakfast.

Yeah? Well, you do that
tomorrow, you're in,

they can't get rid of you.

Really? (GASPS)
I'm gonna tell your dad.

He's gonna love it.
Yeah, all right.

All right, lovely.

Oh, my God.

He has just jumped
61 meters in practice.

61 meters.

And if he makes that tomorrow,
he qualifies for the Olympics!

MAN: (OVER PA) Number 11,
Edwards. Great Britain.

MAN: Ready.



Edwards, Great Britain.
No jump.


You don't understand.
This is my last chance.

You've got to give me
another run.

At Oberstdorf we do
everything to the letter.

To the letter, I know.
You keep saying.

But the thing is,
it doesn't help me.

The British
Olympic Association

are trying to stop me,
but I have to do this.

This year it's 61 meters.
Next year it'll be 71 meters.

Then it's too late.

I am going up
that hill to jump

and you are going
to record my distance.

No more jumping.

Hey, come on.

Let's go, man.
Let's go.

BRONSON: You gotta put
that crash behind you, Eddie.

And remember that practice...

...I just want you
to know, for me,

that was the best jump
you've ever done, by a mile.

Everything was working,
man, everything. It was...

Your take-off,
your timing, your balance...

...your trajectory
all working together.

It was like second nature.
It was...

It was beautiful.

I was really
proud of you, man.


EDDIE: Mum...

...Dad was right.

Wasted all this time
and money on nothing.

My dream's turned
into a nightmare.

I'm really sorry to have done
this to both of you and...

I promise I'm gonna
make it up to you.

No more messing around.

Don't be silly.

You've had knock-backs before
and it's never stopped you.

Come on, Eddie.
Dust yourself off.

Mum, you don't understand.

I'm never going
to the Olympics.

That was my one chance
and I blew it.

So I'm gonna work
the week out for Petra

and then I'm coming home.

TERRY: Good.

Now, look. Get the van
back here sharpish,

and I don't ever wanna hear
about ski-jumps again.


Don't worry about him, love.

It'll be fine.

I love you.
Love you, too, Mum.



Hey, Eddie,
this came for you.

Thank you.


EDDIE: Peary!
Eddie, man, come here.

I've been doing
some thinking.

They recorded the
flippin' practice jump.


It's official. It counts.

61 meters.
"Everything to the letter."

You should go and pack,
my friend,

because we
are going to Canada.

If you go now, they're
never gonna let you back.

You understand that?

So, all you can prove is
you don't mind coming last?

I don't mind really.

Okay, look, you and me,

we should take another
four years. Okay?

Let me coach you properly
and we can do this for real.

You could even jump
the 90 meter

and be taken
seriously, Eddie.

What are you talking about?
We've just pulled off the impossible.

I'm gonna go.

Then you're on your own, man.
Because I can tell you,

it won't mean anything
if you sell yourself short.

EDDIE: What's
the matter with you?

We should go back in '92,

not as a qualifier,
as a contender.

I don't understand.
This is everything

we've worked for, isn't it?

Listen to me...

...a year after I got bumped
from the Olympic Squad

I went back to Warren Sharp
to apologize. Okay?

I literally got down
on my knees

and I begged him
to let me jump again.

You wanna know what
his last words to me were?

"You will never take
jumping seriously

"because you do not
take yourself seriously."

Okay. Are they gonna be
your last words to me, too?

Don't make the
same mistake, Eddie.

Okay? I'm begging you.

Do it right
or don't do it at all.

You're crazy.
This time a year ago

you were plowing snow.

And you were landing
on your head a year ago.

Look at the progress
we've made.

This is my moment!

Don't make this
your moment, please!

You'll be a fool.
They'll make you a fool.

Well, I'd rather be
a sober fool

than a drunken coward!


Any pinching
under the arms, sir?

Maybe you were right,

we should have gone
for 71 meters.

Yes, maybe
you should have.

And where do you think
you're going, young man?

The Olympics.
I know.

I thought you
might need this.

Don't think I'm gonna be
winning any medals, Mum.

Well, you never know, pet.

But if not,
you'll like the sandwiches.

Thank you.

Your dad's sorry
he couldn't come.

Have fun.

I will.

Skis in the back,

JANETTE: He seems nice.

Yeah. Thanks for coming, Mum.


Okay, this guy
right here.

Okay, give me some space,
boys. Give me some space.

I'll catch you
in five, fellas.


Gotta love
them mountains, huh.

Eddie, isn't it? Zach.
I know.

This is my second
Olympics, Eddie.

So I know exactly
how you're feeling.

Little bit overwhelmed,
I imagine, huh?

Just glad to
be here really.

(LAUGHS) Yeah, I bet.

Listen, I know
Target's not a big fan,

but forget
about him, okay?

You're part
of the team

and that makes you
okay in my book.

In fact we've got a little
team tradition going.

I'd love you to come along.
Come on.

I was gonna have a stroll
and get my bearings.

Your bearings? What do you need to know?
We're in Canada.

You've got mountains
and snow, all right.

Now you've got your bearings.
You're gonna love this.

Let's go.
Hmm, all right.


I don't really
drink, Zach.

Come on, man. Everybody
on the team does it.

Do you wanna put
a curse on us all?

A curse, really?

Look, Eddie.
It's just a thing, okay?

Some of the guys believe it.
It's for good luck...

...but it's
a team tradition, Ed.

And you are part of this team.

To the British team.

There you go,
that's the spirit.

Can I get a lager beer

and a mineral
water here, please?

Do I have to do
all five of them?

Yeah, you bet.

That's a good choice.
That's absinthe.


ANNOUNCER: 57 nations.

1,700 athletes.

60,000 spectators.

And more than
2 billion TV viewers

around the globe.

All have come together

for the 15th Olympic
Winter Games...

...where today...

...the words will be spoken:
"Let the games begin!"


JANETTE: Where is he?

I can't see him.

What are they doing with
those stupid berets on?

a bit stupid if you ask me.

I mean, what have horses
gotta do with skiing?




Look at this.
I love this guy.


Wake up, Princess Anne. (GROANS)

Ah! My head.


How long have I got?

Oh, I'm sorry,
it seems like you overslept.

Yeah. Me and a
couple of the fellas

just wanted to come down
and thank you

for helping us
avoid that curse.

Think I'm about to have
my first fight, ever.

This is the complaint
I was telling you about.

What's going on here?

We're having a team talk.

Well, I find that
rather surprising

considering you were not
with the team earlier.

Any particular reason
you were not with us

at the ceremony?

Upset tummy.

Had to come down
and clean my kit.

You'd better get your
nerves under control

otherwise you'll be
jumping in a nappy.

have really come alive

at the sight
of the Flying Finn.

Not what you'd call
an accessible figure.

Prefers to let his
jumping do the talking.

And here he comes.

Oh, my word!
This is his first speech.

That is a big jump.
That is very big.

It's over 100 meters.
It's 114 meters.

That is a very
impressive first jump.

The crowd are on their feet.

MAN: Mr. Edwards?

Mind you, he doesn't
look very impressed...

...because he sets himself
very high standards.

We'll definitely see him
this time, love.

Yeah, falling on his arse.

The one participant

from Great Britain...

...number 24, Eddie Edwards.

And here he comes.

Britain's Michael
"Eddie" Edwards.

Come on, Eddie.

Terry, love, he's about to jump.
Come on.

newcomer to the sport.

Not a lot of
information about him.

He would never
have experienced

an atmosphere like this
before, that's for sure.

It'll be the first for me

to be commentating
on a British...

at the Olympics

and let's hope
he's the first of many.


Yes, yes!

COMMENTATOR: To say that
his style is unorthodox

would be something
of an understatement...

...but it obviously
works for him.

And the scoreboard
shows... 60. 5 meters.

It is a new
British Olympic record.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

I'm a British record...

Mum. Mum, I love you.
British record!

I love you, too, son.

I'm a British
record holder! Yes!




And look at the young man.

He's overjoyed with himself.

Oh, and the crowd
are loving this.

He's really
getting them going.


Eddie, what are you doing?

It's not funny. No.






COMMENTATOR: He may not have
soared like an eagle,

(LAUGHING) but he's certainly
flapping around like one.

Would you believe it?

Britain's Eddie
"The Eagle" Edwards

having the time
of his life.

The crowd have certainly taken

our Eddie "The Eagle"
to their hearts.

What a character.

ANNOUNCER: Looks like that's
the last we'll be seeing

of Great Britain's
Michael Edwards...

...as he comes last
in the 70 meter.

Some people are calling him
Eddie "The Eagle."

I think, given his distances,

Eddie "The Penguin"
would be a little more apt.

But at least we have the
90 meter to look forward to.

Now this is the event
that truly separates

the men from the boys.

Of course, one boy
who won't be there

is Eddie "The Eagle"...

...as it's hard
to play up to the crowd

when you're strapped
to a stretcher.

But now over
to the bobsleigh event

where the Jamaican team
are trying to steal Eddie's...


Michael Edwards,
but everyone calls me Eddie.

Hmm. Your
name's not here.

Well, can you check again?
I am on the team.

You might be on the team
but you're not on the list.

Appleby, you old dog.

Say hi to your daughter

Ah. Eddie, there you are.
I'm Carrie.

I handle the press
for the British team.

Been looking all over for you.
Where have you been?

Here. There's a problem.
I tried to get into the lunch

but my name's
not on the list.

Never mind that.

There's a big
press turn-out

and they all want
to hear your story.

Wow. Really?

Now, you must
remember to thank

the British
Olympic Association

for all their support.
That's very important.


Don't be nervous.

Just be yourself
and try and enjoy it.



Control yourselves, people.
Everybody sit down.

One at a time.
Come on, sit down.

I'd like to introduce you
to Eddie Edwards,

sometimes known
as Eddie "The Eagle."


Hello, everybody.

How long have you
been ski-jumping for?

EDDIE: Nearly almost a year.

I'm not sure,
I haven't been counting.


have your own skis?

Do you own your own skis?

I wasn't told about this.
What the hell is going on?

It's press. They can't
get enough of him.

I get so many requests
for interviews.

He's a PR dream.

Really? Well it looks
more like a nightmare.

Wind it up as soon as you can.
We have better things to do.


Will you do one of your
special eagle flaps for us?

What, this one?

Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards

has divided opinion
here in Calgary.

Some athletes
and officials

are questioning
his right to be here.

Hello, Eddie.

Clive North. The Sun.

Now, listen, there's
a hairdresser in Bristol

claiming that she's
been your lover...

...for the last
two years.

Any comment?

Now, Ron,
as a British commentator,

what are your thoughts?

Well, he's earned
his right to be here.

Love him or hate him, you have to
admire his spirit and determination.

And let's not forget what the
founder of the Olympic movement,

Baron de Coubertin said:

"The most important thing
in the Olympic Games

"is not to win
but to take part."

It's not the triumph
but the struggle.

Got any photos
of yourself as a baby?

...keep ourselves
lean and mean.

Make sure the...
Keep the wolf from the door.

EDDIE: Did you see me on TV?

Yeah, we all saw you, man.


(CHUCKLES) And what?

And what did you think?

Still think I made
the wrong decision?

They love me.

You confirmed
all my fears, Eddie.

No-one is taking you

You are nothing
but a side-show.

And the very minute that
90 meter competition starts

you'll be forgotten.

Okay? So enjoy
your 15 minutes of fame.

Well, don't
hold back, will you.

You asked for the truth, bud.


I've got everything ready.
What's going on?

It's gonna be okay,
I promise.

I could get into big
trouble for this, Eddie.

Be fine.

Thank you.

Thank you all for coming.

I'm not deluded.

I know there are
plenty of athletes

more deserving
of publicity than me.

And I would like to apologize

if my silly antics have cast a
shadow over their achievements.

I also know that
I was messing around

a little bit after the
70 meter jump the other day.

I was very excited.

But I take jumping
very seriously.

In fact, I love it.

I love it very nearly as much
as proving people wrong.

Which is why I've decided
to compete in the 90 meters.



Wait, I...

I know I'd originally only
intended to jump the 70 meters.

But as people
much wiser than me say...

...competing in the Olympics doesn't mean
anything if you sell yourself short.

I didn't come here
as a novelty act.

And I will not
be going home as one.

Thank you for your time.


BRONSON: Let's just say
in the Wild West

we'd be measuring you
for your coffin

before you even
reach the stairs.

Eddie "The Eagle."


Yeah, it has kind of
a ring to it, I guess.


I thought you said
I was a fool.

Yeah, well, an old friend helped
me see things differently.

What's with
the fluff, man?

You having a crisis
of confidence?

This is a moustache.

(CHUCKLES) Is that
what you call it?

Yeah. Nice jacket.

What happened
to the other one?

Well, I got rid of it.


For now.

And it's cold,
let me tell you.

So is this the bit where
you say "I told you so"?

No, this is where I say
that without the booze

I wouldn't even have
the guts to do that jump.

As your coach,
I think you're crazy.

I don't know
what I was thinking.

But as your friend,
I say you gotta do it.

This is your moment.

I need a practice jump.

What do you need to know
you don't know already?

It's higher than
you've jumped before.

You're gonna go faster
than you've ever gone before.

You're gonna
fly farther than

your tiny little brain
can handle, but...

...it's just
a jump, man. Simple.

Eddie, listen.

You got more dedication,
you got more heart and spirit

than any of those other
jumpers out there.

Any of them.

Jesus, I spent six months

trying to get rid
of you, dude.

You're like gum on my shoe,
you never gave up.

I mean, are you gonna
give up now, at the Olympics?

This is your moment.

You're Eddie
"The Eagle," man.

Proud of you.
I'm proud of myself.

That's very modest,

You do realize
that smoking cigarettes

is a lot more dangerous
than jumping the 90 meters?


90 meters,
what is that in feet?

I dunno, about 300.
No, actually, it's about 295.

Oh, my God.


I wanna hear you at the back
of the stands, all right, man?

Okay, if you're
not yelling it,

you're not selling it.

You're quite
a popular guy, Eagle-Man.

Every time you turn
on TV you're there.

Yeah. Maybe perhaps
you can tell us,

what's the secret?


the landing area making it

harder and more
dangerous than usual.

Can't we watch
It's A Knockout?

I'll knock you out if you
turn that channel over.

Just remember, you're gonna
land really hard on this jump.

When your skis hit the slopes,
you gotta keep your butt up.

ANCHOR: Oh! That is
a very nasty crash.

Oh, no, he won't be
walking away from that.

I can see the paramedics
rushing to give him help.

Otherwise you're
gonna be joining him.

Well, that may not be

the only wipe-out
we see today...

...not with Britain's
Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards

coming up soon.

Eddie's coach is none other
than Bronson Peary...

...fallen whiz-kid
of '70s ski-jumping.

And a former Olympic
squad member of yours,

if I'm not mistaken,

Well, we spent
some years together, yes.

What do you think about

his unconventional
return to the sport?

WARREN: In jumping
there's an expression...

..."You're never
bigger than the hill."

And that was
Bronson Peary to a tee.

I never could deal with that.
It broke us apart...

...because, as a young man,
he had such talent.

Technique, flair.

Everything but discipline.

As a jumper
he was so disrespectful...

...of the sport
that I'm afraid he's gonna do

the same thing now as a coach.

ANCHOR: Thank you, Warren.

Certainly sharp words
from Warren Sharp...

No pressure there, then.

Where's my jacket
when I need it, huh?

MAN: Edwards!

I'm Edwards.


You all right?
Yeah, fine.


You all right?



Let's do this.


Eddie "The Eagle."

Eddie "The Eagle."


For you. Not for them.

Just relax, man.
Forget about the numbers,

just remember
your fundamentals.

Don't worry
about how far.

Just up, back, forward, down.
Okay? Up, back, forward, down.

You got this.

It's gonna be all right.

Bo Derek, all or nothing.

Give it both barrels, man.

See you at the bottom.

Jumping is all
that matters.

If I didn't jump,

I would drink and have
sex all the time.

Hey, congratulations
on your medal.

I win gold but
I didn't do my best.

You see,
if I've done my best

I can come last
and be happier.

Like me?

You do not do good.

No, I suppose not.

You've done better.


Do you think
I'm being patronizing?

No, no, no.

You and I...
You and I are like

1 o'clock and 11 o'clock.

You see we are closer to
each other than to others.

Winning, losing,

all that stuff
is for the little people.

Men like us, we jump
to free our souls.

We are the
only two jumpers

with a chance
to make history today.

If we do less
than our best

with the whole world

...it will kill us inside.

For all time.

Good luck, Matti.


On to gate number 49,

Matti Nykanen from Finland.

he comes, Matti Nykanen...

...the Flying Finn.

The youngest
World Champion ever...

...and on his day,
the most supreme...

...jumper the sport
has ever seen.

He makes it look
so effortless.

And that's it.

Olympic history
has been made today.

The crowd rise
to acclaim the champion.

up next for the 90 meter

from Great Britain...

...number 24, Eddie Edwards.

Come on.

By virtue of the fact

that he jumped the 70 meter...

...Edwards qualified
for the 90 meter

which should prove
quite spectacular.

As I'm informed,
he's never jumped

the 90 meter before.


TERRY: Eddie,
you are not an athlete!

Come on, man, just go, go, go.
What are you doing?

TERRY: You tried your best

but it wasn't
good enough, was it?

Don't tell me
he's freezing up.

He hasn't got much time left.
Come on, Eddie.

What's he doing?

What's he doing up there?

Seems to be having
second thoughts.

Surely he's gonna jump.

TARGET: You will never
be Olympic material.



Up and out. Up and out.

No, release, release.
Come on, release!


Oh! He seems to have
lost it in the flight.

Not sure how he's gonna
make this landing.

He's down.

No, he's on his back.
Can he recover?

Come on, Eddie.






He's made it! Unbelievable!


I've been waiting
a long time to say this,

well, here goes...

...The Eagle has landed.

(CHANTING) Eddie "The Eagle."
Eddie "The Eagle."

But it's a personal best

in competition for Edwards.

71.5 meters...

...and that is a new
British Olympic record!


Good man.
Come here.


Hey, hey...

You were down here.
How did you not fall?

It was unbelievable.

I have never gone
that far before.

To see 71 meters
it was like...

WARREN: Is that a good book?



May I?



Well done.

I was wrong...

...about you.



OFFICIAL: You have
broken world records.

You have established

many of your own
personal bests...

...and some of you have
even soared like an eagle.


EDDIE: It was so flattering.

I wasn't expecting
that at all.

Yeah. Well,
I think I can match that.

"Now the real work begins.
WS." Warren Sharp.

Yeah. Yeah.

So how about it?
Here's to the next four years.


God, that's good.


Hello, Mum.


Where do you think
you've been, young man?

in the Olympics, Mum.

I'm so proud of you, son.

I mean that.
I'm so proud of you, mate.

Thanks, Dad.

So proud of you, man.


I'm shouting

Don't care who is listening

Don't live here,
I'm visiting

To go where I've never been

I'm reaching

'Cause this isn't far enough

There's more
in this heart than love

Won 't stop
till I'm high above

I'm cursed with anticipation

I have no time
for conversation

Look at me,
I'm free to do what I want

What I want

Come on, thrill me
Come on, kill me

Feel the blood rush
Round the body

Can 't hold it in
and I can't fight it

Can 't turn away
and I can't hide it

Come on, find me
Come on, blind me

Look, the fear
is far behind me

What was just a dream
now will be

I'm calling to the world,
Come on, come on, thrill me

Come on, thrill me

I feel alive
when you're with me

I feel the endless

You give me something
You give me something

You give me everything

And I will make it
all worth it

Yeah, I will reach
the summit white as snow

You make me wanna
You make me wanna

You make me wanna be yours

'Cause we were honestly

We were nothing
more than each other

But I needed you
Yeah, I needed you

Like you needed me

Learning to fly
Out of the sky

Traveling high
Learning to fly

All over town
I'm coming down

Out of the sky
For you

Learning to fly
Out of the sky

Out of the sky
I'm on a ride

All over town
I'm coming down

Learning to fly
For you

I can see the eagle landing

It's all I wanna do now

Didn 't think
I'd ever get so high

Take me to that
hallowed ground

High above
So safe and sound

Do your best
to clip my wings

You see, my skin
is thicker than you think

So I lock away that madness

Keep emotion in a tight fist

Gonna hold my head up high
until I reach the summit


Just sky holding me

Oh to rise like an angel

Just to kiss every star

See the cloud's
silver lining

Flying high and far

Oh, ascension