Ed Gein (2000) - full transcript

The true story of Edward Gein, the farmer whose horrific crimes inspired Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Silence of the Lambs. This is the first film to depict Gein's tormented upbringing, his adored but domineering mother, and the 1957 arrest uncovered the most bizarre series of murders America has ever seen.

[Captions by Ed]

Well, I've known him ever since he was a little....boy.

You say he's lived here all his life in this part of the...?

Well I don't know if he was born here or not but the family moved up here around 50 years ago probably and uh...

I knew his dad...uh...more than 40 years ago...

...when he used to haul potatoes in town.

I'd say he was more or less

a pleasant man who'd....

Be nice man to talk to

or somebody you'd like to have around. Seems to be

harmless fellow you know

was he ever married or have any..

..so he'd been single all his life? yeeaahhh..

Have you ever been in the man's house?

No sir.

Never been in there?

Want to sit down a minute?

Maybe a minute.

Did you hear that?

Hear what?


Nothing to worry about.

Just relax.

Roger let's go.

Good idea.

You're our Sunday school teacher.

a woman of God almighty.

He commands you

to awake.

And arise.



And arise.

Hello who is it?

Dale and Melvin.

Hey Eddy we didn't wake ya did we

Yeah we didn't wake ya did we eddy?

No not really.

Place is kinda a mess

we don't mind.

Can you tell us another ghost story eddy?


Not now Melvin we're busy.

Come on make your move eddy.

Got any sixes?

Go fishing.

Where's your brother?

What are you doing my room?

Get outta here.

Why'd you scream?

There's rats in here

and there’s' some heads on the door

you have heads
on your door eddy?

Cousin from Lacrosse sent them to me.

From the south
seas during the war.

Those are real people?

That's right.

Shrunken heads from the big war.

So what's with all
this other weird stuff?

Alright, that's enough now you
get out here, go on, both of ya!

Did you see the faces on the wall?

Kind of weird eddy.

I reckon um...

Maybe my pops right about
you not babysitting us anymore.

I think it's best

you boys don't come
back to my place again.

you mad at us eddy?

I'm sorry I walked in your room.

a man just needs his privacy.

You got little critters at your house Ed?

Seems that way

thank you Ernie...bye

...and then they're gonna go in there and try to fix up one of the valves

in my heart that ain’t working so good.

oh my God Eleanor
aren't you afraid?.

well, I've had a nice life if the
lord wants me to come with him now,

I guess I got no other choice.


Anything else.

No, that's about the size of it.

Here's the antifreeze
for your truck Ed.

Thank you Colette.

Oh Ed, do you know Eleanor Adams?

she's one of the ladies
from my church choir

I don't believe I've
had the pleasure.

Nice to meet ya Eleanor.

You too Ed.

Well, I gotta go feed the troops. I'll
see at church on Sunday Colette.

okay Elinor now you
take care of yourself.

Oh thanks for the
chocolate chip cookies

oh you're welcome

you know those won't go to waste.

bye Ed

nice to meet ya.

Good luck with
your heart operation.




bye Elinor, drive safe

Okay, total comes to two dollars
and twenty two cents.

You mean that
roll of paper in there..

...adds everything up for you?

that's right Ed

What will they think of next..


Here ya go

Thank ya Colette

misses Marshall?

Did you see him stare at you?


He told me that

I remind him of Augusta.


You know

he doesn't mean any harm Brian.

In fact.

Yeah I kinda feel sorry for him.

eh...Anybody ever think of
changing their sex like that fella that went to ...

..Denmark and had that operation?

(everyone laughs)

what are you hens cackling about?


Did you ever think of..

changing' your sex?

Sure, all the time.

Grow up, Ronnie.


How you doing tonight Ed?

purdy fair..

Not too bad.

you're not having another
spell of the blues are ya?

no, I just been feeling nauseous lately and my head hurts a lot.

And then there's this...

Bad odor... just...

The craziest smell.

You better go see a doctor
honey, you're fallen apart.

maybe I should just sell the old farm..

Go visit relatives in
the south where it's warm..

I just need to have more contact with people.

Well what are we, Martians?

Nothing seems real to me Mary since mama died...


Seems like a dream.

Just impossible.

I hope you feel better Ed, I really do.

Hey there Pete.

Howdy Mary.

Another couple of beers for you boys?

Want some more head this time?

..well set us up!

Ain’t she a dirty talker..

..for the right fella..

..do more than just talking


What would you
do for the lucky guy?

Break all ten commandments

on the first date....No, ho, ho, ha, ha, ha...

He suffered under Pontius Pilate..

was crucified.


And was buried.

He descended.

To the dead.

But on the

third day.

He ascended into heaven.

And now.


On the right hand of the father.

He will return.

and judge the living.

And the dead.

I believe in the holy spirit.

The communion of saints.

The forgiveness of sins.

The resurrection of the body

and life


Amen .

Praise the lord.

Hold it straight.

I give you one simple task.

Dammit Woman! Holding it as straight as I can!

bring that pale over here boy.

Well, what are you waiting for?

quit acting like a girl.

I want you to change that bucket!


Leave that little one alone or so help me.

why he's...Look what's becoming of him because of your modeling Godness!

If it weren't for me...

we'd be out in the cold

starving...You better shut your trap woman!

What's all the yelling about?

Henry, go upstairs to your room...


Why don't you just die.


Are you all right mama?

You're crying.

Is what started.


This trouble.

Are you gonna be
a blubbering little...

panty waste?

for the rest of your....


Ed's got some bizarre
religious beliefs.

Oh he's just a God-damned commie weirdo.

Morning' Ed.

Morning' Judy.

Heard you and Pete went to
the picture show last week.

You guys must really
love those war movies.

Yes ma'am we do.

They're very educational.

Ed, you can't live on
pork and beans all the time.

Why don't you come over to the house tonight for a nice home cooked meal?

I'll bake you one of
my pumpkin pies.

Judy, you know I'm a sucker for your pumpkin pies.

I'll be there with bells on.

Great, well see you at seven.

For heavens sakes Ed,
put down that knife.


That's a sharp one.

That'll be one dollar and twenty seven cents.


What was it you were
telling me this afternoon.

About slippage?


Happens when a...

A dead body starts to decay.

It's when um...

Layers of skin start to slide
off the carcass you know.


You see.

Skin loses the shape..

after you die...
-Alright Pete.


Enough of this conversation.

I think I have lost my appetite.

Are you gonna be a blubbering' little panty wast the rest of your Life....

Why did you do that?

Neighbors just walk
all over me without you around mama..

They have me, do work and don't pay me.

They lease our land
and don't pay the rent.

Borrow things...and

Never return em...

Some of them are okay..

Most of them just
treat me like dirt mama.

They don't even give me a chance.

Oh Lord...

Deliver this holy
woman from your righteous.

Come back to me.


You beady eyed.....booby loving snake

I wasn't doing nothing mama..

don't you lie to me boy.

You can't lie to me

and you can't lie to God.

Didn't I warn you about reading' that filth?

Didn't I tell you about...

The sword and.......Lust!

He carried me away in the spirit.

Into...... the wilderness.

And I saw...

a woman...

Upon a scarlet....



Full of names of blasphemy.

Having seven


and ten


mom I'm tired.

I want to go to bed.


You will go to bed when
I tell you to go to bed.

And the woman was arrayed
in purple and scarlet color.

And decked

with precious.

Stones and pearls.


A golden cup.

In her hand.

Full of abomination

and the filthiness

Of her fornication.

And upon her forehead.

Was written a name.





The mother of harlots.....

and abominations of the earth.


This is the living room.

You'll have to excuse the mess.

It's awful dark in here....

can we open the
drapes or something, Ed?

Drapes are open.


You must be quite a reader.

I read some, what's educational.....

...of interest.

What's vicious jungle
head hunters about?

Um......that's about....

a fella and his girlfriend......

Getting uh....

Murdered and decapitated
by head hunters.


...take the girls shrunken head....

And give it to the jungle God.

As an offering.

Why just the girls head?

women's heads are..

Much more valuable to these guys.

Especially if
they got long hair.

You like reading about that stuff?

About headhunters?




I just got a book
on resurrections.

Here's the kitchen.

Oh God ugh.

Don't mind him.

Don't you ever throw
anything away Ed?

Not too much.

I always think I'll find a.....

...use for stuff later.

Of course.

Most of the time I don't.

You actually cook in here.


Mainly pork and beans though

Just uh...

Heat up the can and...

Supper's served.

Let me show you upstairs.


They make so much noise at night...

Sometimes I can't even sleep.

Oh don't go in there.

...it's just a big mess


you can see there's two bedrooms.

One for you and your hubby.

..and one for your little girl.

Why is this one boarded up?

I don't know......huh

Can I look in there?

That's probably not a good idea.

well is that where you keep your
shrunken heads at?


I keep them downstairs.

You sure you want to.

Switch your whole farm for our...

small house?

That's about the size of it.

Well Ed, we have less
than an acre of land.

I lived here
since I was a kid I.

...get lonely in this house

all by myself.

I got my hobbies but...

...not much else.

You know, I think we're going to

Stay put in our own


Don't feel bad.

Why don't you sell the
place if you want to move?

I don't know....

..if I should.

I just keep finding reasons.

to put it off.

Lately uh....

I haven't had the energy
to do much of anything.

I command.....

Your heart to heal.

And start pumping again.


and arise.

I've always had....

Just a hankering for
large man, you know why?

Because they're large.

big as the seventh cavalry.

Ride'em cowboy!

Don't forget the wippin' and the spurrin'!

Order and while your doing that. I'm going to be over there
sucking' the chrome off a trailer hitch.



Henry come quick!

I think he's dying.

I think he's got pneumonia

I told him that the drink would wreck his health.

And now God is making him atone for his sins.

I think we should take him to the hospital..

Okay mama we will take him in my truck

No sissy boy gonna disobey me!

Get your ass over here!

you're scaring him....Are you strong enough?

....we're strong enough. Come on Ed.





They want to close up now.

come on mama, we better go.

We have the funeral tomorrow.



Please don't leave me all alone like this



Why are you wasting tears on him?

He never loved us.

What's up Junior?

Mom's getting dressed.

Well what are you doing in there?


I'm going hunting, wanna come with?

I'm moving out..


I met a woman.

I'm gonna go live
with her and her kids.

What about mama?

She'll manage just fine without me.

Nothing anybody ever does is good enough for that self righteous old shrew anyway.

She's one of Gods disciples.

She's a harpy!

and everybody
knows it except you.

why don't you two just get married already...

Why did you do that?

Oh Jesus.

Oh my God.

Oh God what did I do?

...found Brian out there
and he helped me look after the fired died down

and that's where we found him laying dead.

Smoke must have got to him or something mama.

He kept after me about going hunting.

Why does everybody keep leaving me?

How could I lose....

...my first born son?

Henry was a lost and unhappy soul..

He would have always been a disappointment to you.

Edward how could
you say such a thing....about your brother?

He loved you.

It's just you and me now..

Hold me mama..

Ed, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

Just leave me alone.


He carried

me away

in the spirit.

Into the wilderness

And I saw...a woman

Upon a Scarlet.



Fill of names of blasphemy.

Having seven.


and ten........horns.

Behold, the bush burned with
fire, and the bush

was not consumed.

Mama?......God has something

he wants you to do Edward.

Are you ready to serve him?

So he'll let me come back to you?

I'm ready mama

I wanna serve the lord.

Tell me

what he wants me to do.

Kill the dirty talker boy

Destroy the evil witch.


Mary wants to get
drunk you slugs.

Mary gonna get you......

pretty goddamned......


Alright chuckle heads.

Down the hatch

That's put some hair on your lemon

Mary you sure know how to sweet talk don't ya

I hope you're hungry
cause I been a cooking.

I sure am.

Smells good Ed.



Why's a nice man like you...

never been married?

I guess I'll always
be a bachelor Mary.

Being single seems
to run in my family.

not like I...

Never dated.

I had a girlfriend once.


What happened?

Didn't work out.........

Somebody told me she
used to be a party girl.

So I dropped that floozy like a hot potato.

Good for you Ed.

I don't want no whore.

Mama always said that if a...

..woman's good enough for intercourse,
then she's good enough for marriage.

Did I ever tell you, you remind me of her?

I do?


I see her in your face.

That's just the rat poison.

That's my special recipe.

Mama also used to tell me.

Hussies with dirty mouths...

..should have them washed out with something poisonous


Why don't you just ask her on a date?

Worst she can say is no.

She's too fast for me.

Alright shit for brains.

You get to do a bra shot

a what?


Wide honey.

Come on. What are you laughing at? What are you laughing at?...you're next!

Hey Pete honey, how about a date with a sexy old woman?

Let me think about that one Mary

That'll teach you, you shaved apes.

I gotta take off

okay Ed

I'm gonna do it mama

I'm not going to chicken out.

I'm gonna do it.


she's not gonna stop me

I'm gonna

Punish her for her sins.

and then...

..and then you can come back to me.

Ed, I thought you went
home for the night.

about to close up.

See ya tomorrow, Ed honey.

You're acting real strange.

Even for you.

Ed, what the hell are you doing?

no....Help!......Stop it! Stop it!

You let me out!

we're home

Ed.......I need a doctor.

Wake up out of your trance Ed!

Wake up

Do you know the kind of trouble
you're going to be in?

I could have been a doctor

just let me go Ed..

I can't do that Mary, God got other plans for ya...come on.

Here we go


Hi Mary

Nobody's gonna hear ya.

There's a bullet casing from a .32 laying not too far from all the blood

Jim, what the hell happened?....Don't step in it!

Where's Mary?

That's what I'm trying
to piece together.


Who else was here last night?

Dennis and....

Pete Anderson.

Eddy Gein

Who is it?

Ed it's Jim Stillwell.

Hey Ed.

You sleeping?

Uh yeah.

oh......sorry to bother ya

I understand you were...

..over at Mary's tavern last night.

That's right.

You remember anything unusual?..

..anybody acting strange?


Not that I recall.

Remember what time you left?


I left around...


Where'd you go after that?


I came home went
straight to bed Jim.

(thumping sounds)

I got a little rat problem.

Maybe you ought to think about cleaning this place up a little bit, huh Ed?


I'll leave you to your day..

You think of anything
you give me call here.

Sure will Jim.

Hey Ed?


You never asked me why I came by here in the first place.

I, uh, uh....

I figured you were trying
to keep some kind of uh.....

...official police secret
or something Jim.

It's Mary Hogan.

She's missing and we think she
might have been abducted.

Alright......Take care now huh.

You too.

What are you making' all that racket for?


I think I'm dying...

Don't you care?...

...care if I die?

You'll be fine.

You gotta get me to....

...a hospital.


They'd put me in jail if I do that.

I'd go crazy in place like that.

I'm sorry Mary...I

I can't take you
to the hospital.

How much...she had...glorified herself.

And lived.



should her plagues come in one day.


and mourning..



And she shall be..

...utterly burned with fire.

Brought you some food.

Eddy I'm so sorry.


You didn't deserve to suffer like this.

you won't know until the autopsy.

Sounds like a massive stroke.

She was good in every way.

What am I gonna do without my mama..

She was my whole world God. :(

It's not right.


You want to go get a beer later?


...not really.

You know I hadn't been in Mary Hogan's for a while.

Went in there last week...

...could just about see her
walking through the door.

That'd be a sight. (snickering)

Rumor's been going around that she got snatched
by some guy she met up with..

..when she was running a crooked
business with in Chicago.

...and maybe he cremated her and
through the ashes into lake Michigan.


Can I tell you something Pete?

What is it Ed?

I knew those police investigators weren't going to find a trace of Mary.

Why not?

'Cause she ain’t missing.

She's not?

No sir, she's not.

Well where is she, if she's not missing?

After everybody
went home that night....

I went and got her in the 'ol truck...

...and brought her back to the farm.

She's hanging
out there right now!

Damn Ed!

I swear you got the strangest sense of humor!


(some more chuckling)

(chuckling some more)

(chuckling more and more chuckling)

(even more chuckling after all that chuckling!)

(just a few more chuckles)

So I said to him....


Mary ain’t missing.

He said, what?

She's not?

Well, where the heck is she?

I said,

I went,

..and got her that night and brought
her back to the farm.

And she's been staying there.

With me.

At my place

ever since!

(manic laughter)

(laughing together now)

That, is funny Ed!


Was your husband Ernie involved with another woman before you two ever got together?

Yes Ed, yes he was.

And, and, and,

And was Ernie your, your.

Your father's business partner

in, in the store before

he bought out your...

..Your daddy's
interest the place?

Yes Ed.

Too bad...

..He died so quickly.

I mean.

Leaving you a young widow now.

Hey Colette?

Have you been to the new

roller rink in Hancock?

No Ed, I haven't.

What do you say we
try the floor some time?

Not me Ed..

I'm a grandmother and
grandmothers don't roller skate.

Me neither.

I, I put a pair of
skates that Henry had once....

..fell on the floor.

..it cured me from ever..

Trying that silly activity, yeah


How about a movie then?


..I don't think of you like that.

I'm too old anyway.

Now see, you're more
like a son to me.


Don't worry Colette...

I was just joking with you anyway.

(nervous laughter)

(clanging, howling at the moon)

(door opens)

(footsteps approaching)

(cocks gun)

I've always said the newspapers
are a bunch of rubbish.

If this Methodist cow is citizen of the week...

Well then I am....

The queen of England.

Her good words.... and

...fair speeches.

Have deceived the
hearts of the simple.

Colette Marshall.

Is a flirtatious.


Who coaxed her husband away.

..from the dentists daughter

That evil witch.

He hath...

...judged the great whore

Who corrupted the earth.

With her fornication.

It is time for you.

To do the Lords work.

Are you ready Edward?

I'm ready mama.

I love you so much mom.

I'm so glad you came home.

I love you too son.

You always were my favorite.

now you be careful out there.

First day of hunting season always
attracts a bunch of drunken amateurs.

What would I do without you misses Marshall?

Well you've got Georgann and..

..those two boys who need you at home.

now don't go getting yourself shot.

I won't, I promise

..and if you get yourself shot,

then I'm gonna have to find a new
manager and you know...

...good help is hard to find.

Will you stop?



Just let me worry
about you if I want to.

Hi Colette.

Hello Ed.

Hi Brian.

You still got that
permanent antifreeze on sale?

Yep, still on sale.

I like to come get some..

Ed, do you need more antifreeze?

that's right.
-You don't
need a reservation Ed.

Reckon you'll be out
in the woods tomorrow Brian

You bet your life
I'll be out there.

Good luck.

I hope you bag a big one.

Yeah, me too.


Next time I see him stare at you like
that, I'm going to knock his block off!

Brian, You have got to
watch your temper.

Now Ed and his family have been
loyal customers for years...

...and we can't afford to lose business just because somebody's a bit of a...


He's more than just an oddball!

I'm sorry misses Marshall
but the guy's a creep.

And he can't act
that way towards you.

Well I can handle myself
around the likes of Ed Gein.

Don't worry.

But, thank you for
being so protective.

(crowd cheering with Hitler speaking)



You're not still asleep are you?

No mama.

Rise and shine boy.

You've got a big day today.

(crow cawing)

Good morning Ed.
- Hi Colette

Ed honey, you didn't shut the door.

Brian out hunting?

Yes he is.

You want antifreeze right?

Yes ma'am, you read my mind.

uh, say Ed,

why aren't you out there
trying to get yourself a deer?

Oh, I don't like hunting deer.

All that blood and guts.

Makes me want to vomit.

Yeah, I went hunting once but...

I didn't much like it either.

Now fishing...

That's my sport.

But I do like a nice
venison steak though.

They're real tender.

Ain’t that the truth.

They're a real delicacy

you know, I wish we'd had it more when I was coming up

Pa didn't like to hunt much.

Oh. My dad went hunting
every spare moment.

With Ernie?

No ed.

Ernie didn't, uh...

..Care for hunting too much.

Oh, what did he like to
do?. Did he have any hobbies?

Ed, that is none
of your business.

Well I just think a man ought to
have hobbies to occupy his time with.

Ninety nine cents.


Thank you Ed.

You have a wonderful morning Colette.


Congratulations on.

Being elected Plainfield's...

Citizen of the week.

I saw your picture in the paper

Ed, what are you talking about?

It wasn't elected
citizen of the week.

And my picture has
never been in the paper.

It wasn't?

No, I think if it...

..was, I would have known about it.

Oh yeah.

It must have been.

Somebody else.

Somebody that looked like you.

Bye Colette

Bye Ed.

Where do you think you're going?

I'm going home.

No you're not.

You will march right back in there
and get what you really came for.

And thine ears....

Shall hear a voice behind thee.


This is the way.

Walk ye in it.

Maybe then,

I, I should what 'til later when...

..when there's less people.

People around.

She's all alone in there.

Go on boy.

Well, was there
something else Ed?


I wondered...

I had to...

I forgot why I came back in here.

I been forgetting a lot lately.

Well, it's called old age and it
just happens to the best of us.

Oh yeah.

Now I remember..

I'm thinking of trading
in my Marlin rifle for new one.

Okay, sure.

You see that one.

This one?

There you go.

Now that's one of
our biggest sellers.


Oh look.

There's Georgann's and new Kaiser.

Now I told Brian that I don't really
fancy those type of cars but...

He went ahead and
bought it for her anyway.

How you liking that gun Ed?





Colette, are you in there?



Oh....Oh...(Colette in agony)

Are you in there? Georgann?

Oh....Oh...(Colette in agony)

(phone ringing)

Oh....Oh...(Colette in agony still)

(mothers voice). Go get something to wrap her in.

You can't carry
her outside like that.

I'm so nervous mama.

I didn't mean to shoot her, it was an accident.

Who you kidding'?
-This was no accident.

it was an execution.

It was not an execution!

She's still alive.

I'm gonna take her back home and nurse her back to health.

To help if you're
going to do that...

You better get moving boy.

It's okay, it's okay

It's okay, it's okay

Oh...oh...(Colette in agony)

Mama? What am I gonna do?

How am I gonna go get out here mama?

My truck is parked out front and uh..

...folks are gonna see me.

Take the delivery truck
parked out back in the garage.

I don't have the keys!
-They're on the key chain..

she used to unlock
the gun cabinet.

You don't have all day.

Hurry boy!

(Colette still moaning in pain)

I'm gonna take real good care of you Colette

Hey Dino?

No luck?

No, no luck, not today.

Did Colette go hunting too?

Nah, she's trying to the store.

All I seen a delivery guy drive
away in your truck early this morning.

..and the store's been
closed ever since.


Sheriff Stillwell.

Jim it's Brian.

You uh, gotta get over here to the store
real quick now because, uh, uh,

There's blood on the floor.

Goddamn.....cash register's missing.

This is, this is just like we
found Mary Hogan's place.

Eddy, Eddy Gein must have took her the same way that he, that he, that he, took misses Mary Hogan.

Wait a minute Brian, wait.

You don't know that.

he was staring at Mary and acting really weird.

around her, before
she disappeared.

Well he was doing the exact same thing
to misses Marshall and now she's gone too.

Alright, alright.

I know you're upset but
think about what you're saying.

Eddy Gein??

He used to babysit my kids.

He asked her to go
roller skating with him.

And to the movies the other day.

And he come in yesterday
asking about antifreeze.

And if I was going hunting.


That doesn't mean that kidnapped her.

Go on and take a look at this.

Jim, if you could have seen
the way he was staring at.

This doesn't prove anything

Sheriff, if Ed is not at home he's probably over at the Andersons house having dinner.

Want me to go get him?

We're going to do
this by the book.

I'll be right back.

-I'll be right back.


Brian, come back here!


Eddy, open up!

Gein, open this door!

Misses Marshall, can you hear me!

Son of a bitch!

Oh God!


Oh Jesus!

This venison you butchered today
cooked up real nice and juicy Ed.

Thank you for the present.

Phil is going to be in heaven
when he sees what's for dinner.

Well, it was my pleasure.

I know how much and your hubby like to eat.

Eddy's truck isn't here.

What the hell you gonna do with that gun?

What's wrong with you?

So Ed, you gonna tell me why you put the old tires back on your truck or not?

Pete I, I told you, I didn't change my tires.


Oh, hi Bill.

Oh my God, wonder what for?

Well I hope it's nothing serious.

Maybe something's
happened to Colette or Brian. I...

...I guess we'll soon find out.

Alright, we'll talk to you then.


Bill said something's happened
down at the Marshall's store.

State crime lab is supposed
to be coming in to check it out.

Is that right?

I was just in there this morning buying antifreeze.

Boy, somebody must have
really been bloodthirsty.

Ed, why is that you're always
around when someone goes missing?

I don't know Judy just luck I guess.

I'd say we go downtown
check out all the excitement.

Hey Judy.

Howdy Brian.

Brian, what are you doing?

This animal killed misses Marshall!

...and I'm gonna kill him!

You think, Ed, killed Colette?

She's hanging in his cellar!

Butchered like a deer!

He told us he was at the
store this morning.

Buying antifreeze.

And then he put the old tires back
on his truck and tried to lie about!

I did no such thing Pete!

This is all crazy..I

Somebody must be trying to frame me, Brian!


Better quit while you're ahead.

I'm gonna blow your
brains all over these walls!

Don't be stupid!

Jim, I don't even know what he's talking about.
-Shut up!


Gimme the damn gun!


Holy sh....

What the fuck..
-I'm about the kill Ed, Phil!

Okay, turn your heads everybody.

Or watch if you want.

Brian, don't make me do it.

Brian, please let Jim handle it.

For Colette, please!

I don't need any more trouble now.

Stand up.

Turn around. Put your hands behind your back.


Pick your feet up.

Jim, you gotta believe me.

Shut up, you sick son of a bitch!

I ought to fill you full of lead!

This is ridiculous.

I don't know nothing about
nobody hanging in my cellar!

You don't huh?

Then how did she get there?

Don't say a word, boy.

You've done nothing wrong!

How could you do it, Eddy?


Colette was such a nice lady!

That evil witch got exactly what she deserved!


have done God's.


I tell you what.

I hope you fry for it!


And upon her forehead...

Was written a name.



The great...

The mother of harlots.

And abominations of the earth.

To this day, I don't have any memory of...

Either Mary or Colette being killed.

I guess...

Some people are just
calm on the surface and...

Hotheads underneath.

Please God.

Stop this evil spirit.

From invading my body

and my mind.

Please God.

Stop this evil spirit.

I'm sorry I, I disturbed you, it was wrong.

My mom was very strong
minded, she believed the...

Sinful modern women with..

Short skirts, lipstick, and powder.

Should be shunned..

as much as possible.

It's a good place.

Good hospital.
People treat me nice.

Some folks are...

Pretty disturbed though, you know.

My mother was a saint.

[Captions by Ed]