Ecstasy of the Angels (1972) - full transcript

The movie focuses on the actions of a revolutionary movement.

The crying swallow
flies at dawn

Ecstasy of the Angels

The sun's radiance is
also very sad.

Even the sound of the wind...

Pierces a stony heart.

Ideal for a burning cheek,

There's a frozen asphalt bed.

I don't need a silver needle

To mend a shredded flag.

I will file my nails
in the dark.

This is our battle ground.

A silent battle front.

A crying swallow
flies at dawn.

In the streets at daybreak,

Here's to success!

Leaves flutter in the wind.

I throw a tiny flame

Towards bright crimson blood

In any barren field.

Burn the dawn!

Burn the streets at dawn!

This is a fire.
Oh fire, this is...

Our battle ground.

This is a fire.
Oh fire, this is...

Our silent battle front.

I can see it.
The fire!

Burning! I can see
the flames burning it up.

That is our fire.
The flames we emit.

The fire we emit is...

October's fire.
Fall's fire.

Flowers, love, our history...

We have our own struggle.

We will fight
our own battles.

October, hold me tight.

I want to know you.

You are October
and I am Fall.

I want to know
more about you.

Even in bed, I'm October
and you're Fall.

That's the truth
whatever we do.

Hold me, October.
Make love to Fall.

If I overthrow Fall

If I ruin you...

What will I be then?

Will I be Fall?
Or the Year?

Be quiet,

Be quiet and hold me.

Is that an order from Fall?

Something decided
by the Year? Or...

I'm only asking you.


You are heavy, Fall.

Good luck!



Hurry up!

Be quiet!


Hurry up!

The police?

Monday, I'll get October.

- I'll go!
- No!

- You go ahead.
- OK.

You OK, October?

I can't see.
Take command!



What's the time?


Is this the place?

This is it.
No mistake.

Where's the September Group?

Ah! September's come.



It's Fall.

October, were you hit?

What happened to September?

They aren't coming.

That's crazy!
What're you saying, Fall?

put October in my car.


Hold it!
Who's that there?

Please hurry up!

Saturday, let go of me!

Get going!

This ain't the deal, Fall!

Burn, burn, burn!

Since there's nothing
we need to keep.

Friday! I'm coming!


Eat and sleep...

Let's go!

Smash, smash, smash!

Smash it!
Destroy it all!

A park bench!
A stripper's poster!

Everything in sight!

Let's do it!

Run, Friday!


Who are you?

You're October's
Monday and Friday?

I'm February
ofthe Winter Army.


Why has Winter mobilized?

The Year's orders.
Give us the explosives.

October gives us orders
from the Year. Not you.

We're Fall's October.

Fall's on hold.
Winter's been mobilized.

So give us the goods.
Search the place!



Where are they?

Friday, we're not giving them up.
They're Fall's weapons!

Cut the crap!

Fall's on hold.

October's down.

Down? That's a lie!
October's not dead!

October's down
Fall's on hold.

So February goes to work.

Friday, where are they?

Where are they?

Stop it!


Do opportunists need

Who's an opportunist?

They're our weapons, Friday!
Our struggle!

Those who make the struggle
private are opportunists.

They're our weapons!
Friends died getting them!

I'll never give them up!

Just like the October group.


We need those explosives.

Spit it out, Friday!

Where are they?



Where are they?

Show us!


Show us!

Where are they?

I'd like a soldier like you.

I, too, don't want
to hurt you.

Stop it!

Where are they?

Do you want to betray
the Seasons?

Huh, Monday?

This is not something
for Fall or Winter...

but for the Year, the
Four Seasons Society!

Can't figure it out?

Rape her until she talks.



Monday, where are they?

Do you plan to make them
private property?

Talk, Monday!
Obey Army rules!

You're a soldier!
A Four Seasons soldier!

Where are they?

October Group's gone.

Fall's on hold.

We, Winter's February,
have been mobilized.

Got it, Monday?

Friends' blood...

The crimson blood
of friends...

...has dyed my skin.

We were together.

We... we were together
there, too.

Together, we heard
the roar...

...and saw the flames that'd
burn the sun.

We never fought each
other until now.


We're family...

More than family.

What are we to
the Four Seasons?

What are we?

We are we.

Are revolutionary soldiers...
Four Season soldiers?

We are... people who will
build our own world.

Our own world...

Our history was that of
building our own world.

That's why...

I'm Friday from October Group!


Pull up the mats there.

You'll find our weapons,
the bounty of our struggle.


How do you think you can...

take up our fight?

I understand your feelings.

I've heard that one before.

Well... then there's
nothing to say.

Our duty is to take the
goods and destroy the target.

That's it.
That's my answer.

Wait and see what
we do with the goods.

We'll wash October's blood
with that of the System.

Fuck off!
We'll wipe our own ass...

We'll wipe our own blood
and lick our own wounds.


That's the answer...

We'll overthrow our
own enemies.

That's the deal.




Let's go to October.
We can only do it with him.

Let's wait...
Two days.

October'll understand.

Only the October Group
can be trusted.

In the end...

In the end.

You can't preach revolt if
you can't lead our troops.

What're you
getting at, Winter?

It's me.

Don't deny your mistakes!

Is self-justification the
only firepower you need?

Only continued self-
legitimization gives one...

the right to be political.

I don't need firepower.

Defending yourself can be
the best offense.

Do you really think you can
defend the rear...

by weakening the front?

To control fast people, you
need equally good brakes.

October was a speed-demon.

One heading over the cliff.

That's why...

But even I admit that
they guaranteed...

the Society's strength.

Much more than you.

Only you could say that.

Think what you have done.

What have you done
to the October Group?

Finish what you start.

Winter's mobilized.

That was your proposal.
Don't forget that.

I haven't.

Fall commands October.
And October is part of Fall.

Don't isolate them.
That'll only cause trouble.

The Winter Army's waiting
for October.

Fall will fight for the day
of the mass assault on Tokyo.

The day it will marshal
the Four Seasons.

You're optimistic to think
Fall troops can do it alone.

Real war can't be
fought on optimism.

"Time Bombs Hit
Police Targets"

"Explosion at Police Dorm!"

"Police Prepare
for Guerrillas"

"Police Station in Shambles"

"Grenades Were Stolen
From U. S. Army"

We knew this would happen.

You should've known that.

We're soldiers-soldiers of
the revolution.

It's very clear.

So what's your point?
What's clear?

We had a duty. We fought,
and some got hurt and died.

Does duty include
being injured?

That's right.

A death under Four Seasons
command is a soldier's death.


It's a death contributing
to revolutionary history.

You're a fool, Saturday!

You're the one who's strange.

It's Monday.
Open it!

What's wrong?

Your eyes...

That's right.

At least you're still alive.

Where are the explosives?

They're OK.

February snatched them.

The Winter Army stole them.


Winter's February?

Let's not ask why.

That's not the big
issue for us.

Why not?

Didn't... Didn't we
get hold of those bombs?

I can't believe it!

Idiot! Are you trying to
privatize the struggle?

February taught
us about that.

Now where are we?

What are we doing now?


Who erased us?
Tell me!

We haven't been erased.
Is that what you want?

There's no use asking you...


I can't figure you out!

It's your fault
you're stupid!

October, in my mind...

Fall just doesn't
matter anymore.

Bing-bong boiled beans

Cross the tightrope. Ah!

Stop fooling around!

It does still matter!

We're facing a crisis.

At a time...
At a time like this...

You lazy cowards don't
offer one single solution!



Fine. Let's fight personal
wars personally.

Any complaints?

Stop it!
That's not the issue!

We must discuss our
vectoricity as a group!

You're all wrong!

Vectoricity? What a big word!
Stop the tongue-twisters!

Let's do it, Friday!


So what's the
personal struggle?

Isn't it just

All issues are determined
by the world revolution!

Is self-satisfaction a
politics? A doctrine?

Self-satisfaction is
certain to self-satisfy.

That's it.

I shatter the darkness with
a bomb from my own hands!

Don't boss me!
To hell with Fall and Winter!


That's egoism!
Nothing but egoism!


We're revolutionary soldiers.
We have rules.

You're just an egoist!


We're not just stray-dog
anarchists on the streets.

Even stray-dogs... have their
own powerful beauty.


See you.

Are you leaving?

If I don't smash something...

I might kill this midget.


Don't let him go!
We're soldiers!

Four Season soldiers, dammit!

"Explosion in front of
Police Station"

"Two Police Boxes
Hit at Night"

"Time Bombs at
Two Police Boxes"

"Time Bombs Found
Before Exploding"

Attacks Continue"

October Group seems unable to
recover from its mistake.

A mistake... you committed.

Everybody thinks
it's you're fault.

I can understand what October
feels after what's happened.

He only worries...

and doesn't take command.

We share our worries.

Monday... you know him?

He's after you.
He wants to kill you.

What for?

That's obvious.
It's the only thing to do.

Is that what you think?

They can try to kill me
if they want.

I'll make October responsible
for the group's mistakes.

Let Monday run amok...
and then snatch control.

You're listening?

I know the comic book
story you wrote.


He's the problem.

Do you still love him?
Or is that the comic book?

Slow down...
Take it easy.

Let it slowly recover.

How is it?

Can you see?

The human body is truly
a fragile thing.

I'm really blind.

That flash of fire is...

the last thing I'll ever see.

Farewell flames of red...

I still see them burning!

Everything's red!

I want you to hold me.

You do?



Our flames!


There's a fire in my head!

Burning forever!

What's the rush?

A message from Fall.

We should disband and
join Winter on the run.

Anything else?

She says she thinks of you
when she's doing it with me.

I'll settle October's accounts.

I don't need anyone's help.

Does it hurt?

Who cares?

Don't say that.
We haven't given up yet.

What's that mean?

We can't do anything
in this state.

Yes, we can.

What about Fall's orders?

Forget them.

We'll do something better:
choose our own direction.

Splinter off?


You're just mad
that you're blind.

What about Fall or
merging with Winter?

We don't have any
explosives, anyway.

We can't go crazy
like Monday.

Shut up!

Both of you shut up!
Do what you want.

Isn't that OK?

We were October soldiers, and
we survived our own mistake.

We just can't play
big anymore.

I'll act when I'm ready.
Isn't that OK?

Get out of my way.

I'm October. Get lost if you
can't follow my orders.

I won't leave.

Then watch me well.

But if you're spying for
Fall, you'd better stop it.

Fall is Fall...

but October Group will
act on its own.

Do you have explosives?

Not a lot, but enough.

Where are they?

I'm not telling you.

Grenades? Plastic?

First we'll inform Fall.
Not you, but me.

How? I'm the only one who can
contact her.

- Don't show off!
- I'm not!

I'm just using reason.

You listen to me.

If you forget you're
an October soldier...

I'll kill you.

What about our accounts?

Start again.



Start from scratch?

Liquidate this place.


Prepare to decamp.

What a waste of explosives.

This is our declaration.
Don't be stingy.

Light it up and go.


"Apartment Explosion"

"Radical's Bomb Kill 11"

Monday's laughing:
Ho-ho-ho, ha-ha-ha

The Moon's gone daffy.
Yes, quite daffy.

Monday's right.

You have to act when
you're ready.

I will, too.

Wait! There's no use in
splitting up.

October, ifyou're going
to act, make a plan.

And contact the WinterArmy.

That's the "proper" way.

So where's the goods?

Winter took them.

But... there's some more here.

Then give me some.
I have a right to it.

Stop treating me like a kid!
I'm pulling my own weight.

Yes. By watching
us for Fall.


But I don't care who you are.

Just do what you want to do.
OK, Kid?

Are you trying to kill
yourself with these?

It's all because you're
not taking command.

Fall's done for and it's your
duty to merge with Winter.

Fall asked me to help you.

Shut up!

You've got to wait for
Fall's orders!

You're no longer October's
leader. October's defunct!

Shut up!

How dare you betray
the Party!

Damn you!

I'll call Fall and tell her
about your misconduct.

Or call Winter's commander.

What? Do you think anyone
will follow your orders?

You'll never get what it's
like to risk death in war!

You're blind.
It's all over!

You're powerless!


I'm a victim, too.
The mistake wasn't our fault.

We're ready to fight!

That's why we don't like the
Company's orders. Or Fall's.

Fall's suffering, too.
She's crying.

That's enough.

Company orders are orders!

If you don't obey, you'll
lose sight of the objective.

I said shut up!

I can foresee everything...

Even up to the day
you'll die.

Then why resist it?

Because I can see.

I can do nothing to
change this world.

Our October Group or
the Company can.

Who is it?


I thought you'd be here.
Where's Friday? October?

Out on a job.
October's here.

That right?
That's all the better.

OK, come on in.

Don't be shy!
Get on in here!

He's a jazz man's assistant.


So just ignore him and
let's get started.

Come on!

Don't just stand there!
You're whores, aren't you?

That's right-your pay!

Is this work?

Yeah, a photo spread.

OK, take it off!

Panties, too.


You get in the shot, too.

OK, from there.

That's good!
That's right.

You strip, too.

Hold it!

No back talk now!
Do it for real.

Really do it?

That's what you do, isn't it?

But my face'll show...

Stupid! I'll cut it out.
And pay you double.

OK, do it!

It's OK to fuck her.

Friday left with some bombs.

That's ok.

You do something, too.


Strip, what else? Use your
mouth, hands, anything!

- Like this?
- Yeah, whatever.

Do it for real!

- It's still limp.
- Then make it harder!

I'll suck it!

You've got talent!

What're you doing?

Hold it!
Let me change the film.

What're you up to? Do you
want to ruin everything?

Answer me!
Stop this now!

Stop griping!
Let's continue.

I refuse!

OK, so I'll do it.

- Can you still shoot?
- Yeah, it's avant-garde

How cool!

- How about lesbian sex?
- OK!

Let's do it!

Show it, now!

That's it!

Start moving downwards...


Change positions!


Harder now!

That's great!

- Fuck this!
- What are you doing?

Stop it! It's not the
time for this.

You're not wanted here!

OK, so who is wanted here?

I can't believe
what you're doing.

It's just a respectable job.
I won't follow your orders.

Leave! Go home!
Please leave!

Well, we're mostly done.
Thanks a lot!

Come again sometime!


I need money.
I need bombs.

And I've got to do it alone.
That's all.

Don't mess with my work.

You're doing it all wrong!
Do you want to ruin us all?

You don't know a thing, punk!
You can't fight a war.

We're real soldiers.
We die throwing bombs.

While you just sit
around moving pawns,

I throw bombs with this arm
and bleed with this body.

That's anarchism!

Anarchism, yes! But I don't
draw up factions like you!

Cause I work alone.

There is no revolution.

Blood washed away
a soldier's heroism.

Every day wears you down.

That's nonsense!
You're giving up!


You're the one giving up!

I'm still dedicating myself
to the mythical party!

That's your miscalculation,
mixing myth and reality.

Shut up!

The ones mixing them up are
you, October and Fall.

Making dictates rule
over people!

At any rate...

I'm going to do what
I can by myself.

How about you?

We'll clean up October...

whatever Fall thinks.

We'll smash our targets...

both the big and
the small fry.

Are you still tagging along?

Choose which side you're on.

Here, you do it.

That's the only way
to regain mutual trust.

What's the target?

That's up to you.

I don't dislike you.

Maybe small fry, big fry,
the mythical party...

anything goes.

But I can't think of any fry
without the Four Seasons.

Even these... I'm only holding
because it's October's order.

What? When you risk your
life and your body...

the Party's irrelevant.

In fact, that what's scary.

If you act on your own once,
maybe you'll never stop.

That's right. And October
will make that it's doctrine.

October Group...
Four are already dead.

What's wrong?
What's wrong, Monday?

He's worked so hard, he's
ruined himself.

He mustn't die alone.

Is this your way
of cleaning up?

Yes. Giving one's life is the
only way to settle accounts.

What will you do?

I... I'm October's soldier.

That decision is better
late than never.

Why the theatrics?

That was for real.

For real?

October Group is on
the attack.

Blowing up apartments?
Is October crazy?

- Is this October's order?
- Yes, it's our pay back.


Yes, I may be your spy, but I
was October's soldier first.

I will go on as a soldier.

Monday's left.

Friday went on the attack.

I'll kill them!

October will clean up
using his fireworks.

Go to hell!

I'll follow October.

If they want to die,
I'll kill them!

I'll kill you, too!

You mean nothing to us now! A
lightweight! Just a woman!

I'll kill all of you!

You're powerless now.
You can't order me around.

Even the October
you still love...

won't listen to you anymore.

I'd like to kill you.

I won't enjoy it.


Small fry! Punk!

Shut up!

I'll stop seeing you.

I want to kill you so much!

I'm sick of your face.

I'm sick of your putrid body.

I won't fall for
your seductions.

You'll really dump me?

Tell October.
This is my last order.

I won't listen.

Fall's dismissal ceremony
is tomorrow at 10.

He'll understand.

October's blind...
and I'm deaf.

The bastard's grown...

"Repeated Guerrilla Attacks"

"Bomb Threat Spreads"

"On Guard Against Guerrillas"

"Japanese Islands Explode"

"Bomb Fires Everywhere"

"Guerillas Run Amok
in Capital"

This is a silent
battle front.

This is a silent
battle front.

Ask me why?

Because my grave's not here.

Because my peace's not here.

Because my love's not here.

That's why this is
A silent battle front.

The traces ofyour
Crimson blood are gone.

Your bluish corpse is gone.

Your white soul is gone.

This is a silent
battle front.

But that doesn't mean
that I'm lonely.

That I'm hot.

I just walk, keep going,

Not even breathing a sigh.

Forgetting scars of
dried up tears.

Grasping a gun to
meet my enemy.

This is a silent
battle front.

From that incandescent

That infinite instant,

The infinite instant of
yours and mine,

The instant we
bet everything,


Everything stopped at
that moment.

Even the peace of our love.

Even the red scars of our love.

All right.
October didn't come.

So what?

I won't let you blame
it on October!

I won't let you say a thing!

Fall's fallen apart!

The problem is we shouldn't
have dictated standards.

It was meaningless to talk
about equalizing power.

That was a mistake.

I... I... I've made a
terrible mistake!

They're people who can fight
alone with their own bodies.

October can truly fight
a personal war personally.

Not you.
Not people like you!

You gain nothing by
fearing independence!

A lone vanguard will change
the world. Isn't that right?

The people will always
be the people.

The masses will always
be the masses.

An independent vanguard
will shape the world!


I'm coming, too.

I'll go on...
with all of you.

I've gotta go.

I've come from far away.

That's why...

That's why... I've got to go
far away from here.

Gotta go...

Gotta go...

Gotta go...

Gotta go to the battle front.

We've got no money...

No car...

Our comrades...

They've all gone to battle.

Where do you plan to hit?

Let's go together.
You can't make it alone...

Shut up and go!

It's a question of strategy:
two are better than one.

In scattered attacks...

if one falls,
the next one takes over.

If you mess up,
I'll fill the void.

But... you won't know
where I'm attacking.

I'll know.

Shut up and go.

OK... Let's meet again
on the battle ground.

We'll never meet again.

Let's even forget
about meeting.

But, I feel like...
I owe you something.

A debt that will
never go away.

Debts are borrowed from the
dead. There's no other kind.


October's soldiers
are going to war.

All are prepared to die.

Open fire! Fire! Fire!

October's soldiers
are going to war.

The false future...

We'll smash the false future.

Even if there's no night or
tomorrow, we will fight.

This was also
our battle ground.