Ecstasy (1933) - full transcript

Eva has just gotten married to an older gentleman, but discovers that he is obsessed with order in his life and doesn't have much room for passion. She becomes despondent and leaves him, returning to her father's house. One day while bathing in the lake she meets a young man and they fall in love. The husband has become grief stricken at the loss of his young bride, and fate brings him together with the young lover that has taken Eva from him.




Berlin: 'Our most
heartfelt congratulations.'

The Schmidt Family.

Cry, when love
broke your heart...

Flowers bloom
and wither

to then grow again,

when the sweet song of the birds

is heard in the fields
and woods.

Like a man's love

comes back with wanting
and regrets,

like the blood
runs back to the heart,

that's how life circulates.

Cry, when love
broke your heart.

Cry, why shouldn't you?

And laugh,
like youth and beauty do

when life still promises
joy and happiness.

Cry, when love
broke your heart.

Cry, why shouldn't you?














Good night.

Why did I have to lie?

So that I have
my peace.

So that you have
your peace.

So that you
have your peace...

What happened?

Nothing, Dad.


As if I could hear
your mum talk.

You still have your
whole life ahead.

Yes, that's exactly why.

Good night.


I have never
understood you,

neither you
nor your mother.

...Eva Hermann,
Defendant, Emil Hermann.

Asking for divorce of
their marrlage

because of
unmendable differences.

Put that in the next paragraph

and use stamps 5 and 10.

The request for divorce,

because of
unmendable differences

caused by the defendant,

is based on the following reasons,

This horrlble cold!

My marrlage was a mistake.

The very first day of it,
I realized

that we didn't have
anything in common at all.


Where is my handkerchief?

From the very first day on,
the defendants behavior...

No, the defendants egotistic and
careless behavior...


Is it gonna be much longer?
I need more paper.

Three more pages.



Okay, this evening.

But into town
I have to drlve alone...

Because of the people.

Where have you been?

We have been waiting for you,
the whole night.

What more do you want
from me?


It's too late.

Are you drlving
into town?

Would you
take me along?

A glass of water, please.

Of course.

Some change, please.

Some change,

Some change, please...

Change, please...

Some change please...

There you go.

Six cylinders?

Nice car.

I'm happy that
I have met you.

Today I wouldn't
wanna break my neck.

I have...

I also will buy a car.

Also a two-seater.

Why should I drag along
a third person?

Isn't it?

Don't you feel well?

May I take you
to a hotel?

You have to take a rest.

It's the heat.

It's okay.

You will see, tomorrow
you will feel a lot better.

I think so, too.

Good evening.

Do you have
another wish?


'My dear Mother!
Today, it is... '


And I'm partly


You know
who that is?


I don't know...

We came here together.

I should have seen it
in his eyes.

And I could have
prevented it...

If I consider that he
had also loved someone.

So you don't know it?


We will wait at the
train station overnight.

Excuse me.

Do we now have
a connection to Berlin?

No, first there is one
in the other direction,

but the next one
has a connection.

Thank you.

There you can still sleep
for a long time.

Your son had an accident.
Please come immediately.

Tell him...


Don't tell him

(chanting work song)

(work song continues)



Eva's father - Leopold Kramer

Worker - Eduard Slegl
Antonin Kibovy

Dancer - Jan Svitak

Director - Gustav Machaty

Assistant Director/scene designer -
Alexander Hackenschmied

Scrlpt - Gustav Machaty
and Frantisek Horky

Camera - Jan Stallich
Hans Androschin

Architect - Bohumil Hes
Stepan Kopecky

Musik -
Giuseppe Becce

Musical arrangement -
Franz Schimak Walter Kiesow

Song lyrlcs -
Hedy Knorr

Song arrangement -
Walter Kiesow

Production - Gustav Machaty
for Elektra Film AG

Producer -
Gustav Machaty

Executive Producer -
Frantisek Horky Morltz Grunhut

Supervisor -
Otto Sonnenfeld

Photography - Josef Staetter
Herr Stal

Editing -
Antonin Zelenka

Sound -
Josef Zora

Studio - AB Vinohrady, Prague
Schonbrunn Atelier, Vienna

Film Remasterlng


Scientific Director