Ecos de un crimen (2022) - full transcript

Julián Lemar, a bestselling thriller writer, goes on vacation with his family to a cabin in the woods. The first night, during a severe storm, the power goes out and a woman shows up desperately asking for help: her husband killed her son and now he's after her. From that moment on, danger and deception are a constant threat and for Julián a hellish night begins until he discovers the truth.


What a beautiful place, isn't it?

It looks calm.


Wake up, we're coming.

I will. I want to sleep five more minutes.

- Hi, Mercedes.
- Hey.

- Much pleasure.
- Equally!

- Welcome.
- Thank you.

- What a beautiful place!
- Yea.

Yes, you will enjoy it a lot.

- What about? How was the trip?
- Very good.

We stopped a few times because
of the children, but we came very quickly.

The new road was incredible.

because now the way
It's safer and more straightforward, right?

The nearest house is 400 meters away

so you won't hear anyone.

Hi Juli�n.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

- Hi how are you?
- I love your books.

I'm a big fan of the "Scorpio" saga.

I think I read every one of them
three or four times.

I'm glad you liked it.

The first, my daughter gave me,
and then I got addicted.

Say hi to your daughter.

Yes sure! I am going to send.


Forgive me for being presumptuous, but...

How did you make a man
so sinister and demonic

- like Scorpio?
- It wasn't that difficult.

But why is it so cruel?

Well, I explained it in the first book.

He had a complex childhood.

Why so complex?

It was a short childhood.

Sure. It's fine.

No, I understand. Perfect. Touch�, that's it.

Anyway, Mercedes, all the evil
by Diego Osorio

got out of that rotten head
that you are seeing there.

I can't believe

that you write the books on this machine!

- I'm old-fashioned.
- And you think about writing here?

That's what I was told to do.

Please let me take that suitcase.
I got it.

What a cute baby.
How long do you have?

- Four months tomorrow.
- Look!

It has huge eyes.

- I'm going in.
- Yea! Please go.

Make yourself at home!

My father built this house

in the style of my grandparents' house
in Europe, you know?

- � in the Norman style.
- I loved it.

It looks like a soft house.


Come here so you don't miss it.

Look at this view.

- Look, mom!
- Careful, Sofia!

- Is that swing safe?
- Yea!

Nothing will happen, don't worry.

There they can get all the firewood they want.

because here, at night,
the temperature drops a lot,

throughout the region and there is nothing better
than the fireplace to warm the house.

I don't believe it! I'm sorry!

My favorite writer will be my guest!

When I told my daughter,
she almost died.

On Tuesday, when I come
change sheets and towels,

if you don't mind,
maybe I'll bring her to meet you.

Yes, you can bring it.

And tell her to bring the books,
and he autographs.

She dies!

Come here, I want to show you something!

Have these appetizers,
and there's more of that in the fridge.

It's too much. No need, Mercedes.

It was nothing.

Just some things not to have
to go out today.

I recommend you stay home.

- Why?
- Looks like a storm is coming

at night, and when it rains heavily,

usually floods the access road

and it can be dangerous.

we drive so much
that we're not going anywhere.

What is the wifi password?

� "R circular". It is noted on the refrigerator.

But don't worry,
because from tomorrow

we are going to have several sunny days.

Will take! So let's go to the lake. We will
see how much time the baby will give me.

Well he has a father
to take care of him, right?

No, I won't be able to.
I'm in full rehabilitation

and I need to be rested
to write.

Yes, he has to write.

He looks very good.
Rehabilitation for what?

Let's just say he had a rough year.

He had a nervous breakdown.

But it's better now.

Apart from some memory problems,
some memory lapses.

It's almost recovered,
considering it's him, no?

What is the wifi password?

- "R circular".
- He's making fun of you.

But what an idiot!

It doesn't even come with this one, because
he asks me things fifty times.

My love, we have a faith.
Be careful what you say.

What happened was at the time
that the baby was born.

How did you manage to get by on your own?

No, I was not alone.

My mother helped me,
my sister helped me.

It was like having twins.

The important thing is that you are better

and you can keep writing
about Scorpio.

Well, that's it! I will leave you alone.

Please do you have my phone number.

- Are you doing the series?
- Yea.

It's going to be crazy!

I'm looking forward to seeing you.

- Me too.
- I don't.

Don't be scared.

I mean, if the gardener comes,
he has the key to the gate,

goes in alone to work in the morning.

What else? last thing:

I mounted the crib upstairs.
Now all that's left to do is put on the sheet.

On Tuesday, when I return with my daughter,

I will bring sheets, towels,
everything to change, everything perfect.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye.

Sofi, be careful with that swing, please!

As that woman speaks...
It's unbearable.

Don't be mean.
You are her favorite writer.

And it still tastes bad.

On Tuesday she comes with her daughter
for you to autograph the books.

- It's a good idea, right?
- Good, love.

Keep your bags, please.

There's another bathroom downstairs.

Don't forget to put
the sheets for Santi.


I got it.

The house is beautiful, isn't it?

Yes, it's really beautiful.

More than in the photos.
It is usually the opposite.

Yeah, it's not that bad.

I promised Sof�a I would take her to the lake
before it starts to rain.

- Shall we go to the lake, Sofia?
- We will.

Do you have fish, Juli?

No, I don't think so.

Tomorrow I'm going in.

If it doesn't rain, yes.

I'll show you how I learned to swim.

Did they teach you butterfly swimming?

Butterflies fly, they can't swim.

Is the water cold?

Yes for sure.

Come on, Sofi, it's going to rain.

Come c. Let's eat.

Something nice and warm.

Look, a frog.


I'm not afraid of frogs, and you?

Me neither.

Do you dare to hold him?

Of course I do, why not?

You don't have to be very brave
to catch a frog.

A frog...

I'll get the frog and that's it.

If the frog stays here...

and do nothing else...

Don't you see?
Then it's something else.

You won't make it.

Now yes.

Do you want to kiss him?

- He will become a prince.
- No, how disgusting.

we can take it home
and show mom?

what? Do you want her to kiss you?

If the frog becomes a prince,
She won't want to be with me anymore.

- No.
- Yea...

Is his skin cold or warm?


Juli�n, what are you doing?

You will kill him.


You killed him.

Who takes a shower first?
You or Sofia?

Sofi first.

We will.

Hi Marcos.

Juli�n, how are you?


Don't call me by video call,
I don't hear you well.

I wanted to see you.

- Did something happen?
- Everything happened, Juli�n.

Just confirmed
that you are the guest star

from the book fair in Barcelona.

On October 28th.

Will you let me confirm your presence?

This date will be perfect.

No, we already talked about that.
This year there will be no fair.

Next year could be.

I know we talked,
but let me confirm.

The publisher won't like it if you don't go.

I don't give a damn!

I will invent something
about your treatment.

Invent anything you want, anything.

See you when I get back.
Bye, Mark.

Wait. There's something very important.

Yesterday I had a meeting with the producers

and you already know the series' premiere date.

- When?
- First week of May.

- They were fast!
- Fast is little, Juli�n.

you have to finish
the last book in the saga.

Good thing I said
that you wouldn't pressure me.

You know the pressure
what are you putting on me?

It's been two years since we published
nothing, Juli�n, dear.

And you know that "Scorpio"
� the flagship of the publisher.

What if you become like Edward Robins?

From "Swords and Dragons"?

The guy got lazy
and the screenwriters finish...

How is everything?

Yes, I'm going to take a shower.

What did Mark want?

May I write non-stop.

And let the saga continue,
if there are more seasons of the series.

He's right, it's good to get ahead.

The author of "Swords and Dragons"
slept on point

and the writers destroyed the series.

You look like someone else.

- Actually, I needed a shower.
- That's great.

You are fine.

I didn't like it.

What an ugly business is this
what are you doing?

� a house.

It looks like a prison.

But it's a house.

Did you take your medicine?


I'll drink it now.

This shit makes me sleepy.

When I come back I will ask
to change my medication.

You say "shit", you say "poop".

You're right. � poop.

I'll serve the food that Mercedes left.

The signal doesn't arrive, mother.

Well, get closer to the stairs
and turn up the volume.

What a delicious smell!


I'm very tired.

I'm not used to driving so much.

I told you to let me drive.

It is not recommended.

We will see.

You're going to try to write, right?

I don't believe it.

That's the problem with these places.
Ten drops fall and the light goes out.

But it's more than ten drops.
There's a storm outside.

What the hell.

I'll see if there are candles.

Can I light it up, mom?

Call Mercedes anything.

As you want
that I speak if there is no signal?

Sofi, open the door.
See if there are candles.

- Yes, there are many.
- See if you have a flashlight too.

Here. It seems like this happens all the time.

That's great, love. Where did you bring me?

I heard!

To a place with more
of 60 recommendations.

Sixty idiots.

Well, next time you choose.

Of course I will.

A five star hotel, without a doubt.

I found this flashlight.

I can't look at the box.
This shit is closed.


You're right. poop

Did you bring your pocketknife?

Poor Mark.

always criticize him
and he gave you his favorite object.

It's a blackout.

Good, I hope.

Better than if it was something internal.

Well, if tomorrow goes on like this,
We spoke to Mercedes.

But I kind of like it.

I feel part of nature.

Juli�n doesn't like nature.

Why do you say that?

He killed a frog.

Did you kill a frog?

I didn't kill him.

- He was already half dead, Sofia.
- No, you killed him.

Did you kill a frog in front of Sofia?
Are you crazy?

Calm down, it's nothing.

They look like bombs.

It's bombs.

Of water.

I don't like it, it scares me.

Do I scare you?

No, you make me laugh.

I should have been a clown,
not a writer.

Sofi, do you want fruit for dessert?

Apple, tangerine, banana, anything?

No, I don't want to.

And you?

- Is it Mercedes?
- With this rain, I don't think so.

Maybe he came to fix the light.

I'll ask who. Let's not complicate it.

Who is?

Who is?

It must be someone who made a mistake at home.

Yes, with this rain, it can be.

I saw someone outside.

What did you see?

Was it a man or a woman?

I don't know, I couldn't see straight.

Go to the bedroom, please.
Go up and stay with your brother.

Can you see if anyone is at the door?

I'm not seeing anyone.

Is it hotter?

What's your name?



I am Valeria and he is Juli�n.

What happened?

Can we help?

You have to call the police.

is that there is no light,
We couldn't use the phones.

What are you running from, Ana?

My husband's.

Did he hit you?

He killed my son.

And now he's going to kill me.

Does your husband have a gun?

He killed with a knife.

I'll see if there's a signal outside.

We have to talk to the police.

Emergency, how can I help.

- Al?
- What would you like to...

I'm in... Molds, yes.


I want to report a homicide.


Al? A homicide!

What the hell!


What was there?

Sofia went to drink water
and she says that she saw a mouse.


And with the scream she woke up Santi.


Are you crazy, Sofia?
How could you scream like that?

I don't like mice!

don't even think about screaming
like that again, got it?

Rest assured.

I got nervous! Keep calm?
I imagined the worst.

Good, but nothing happened!
Speak lower!

AND? Were you able to speak to them?

Yes, but the signal dropped.

- And then?
- I don't know.

I couldn't get the address.
I hope they can trace the call.

Is what she said true?

I found one thing.

We will talk later.

I'm going to see Sofi, she was scared.

She was upset.

Sorry, I got nervous.

Why did her husband lose his temper, Ana?


He said our child was not his.

And was he right?

I don't know.

Don't you know?

Or do you not want to admit it?

And until when
did you think about hiding it?

Until he found out.

And that day was today.

But what a motherfucker.

He is sick with jealousy.

What jealousy?

He's a big son of a bitch.

He is mentally ill.

Commit this atrocity
why wasn't he his son?

This is not having a mental illness,

is to be a murderous psychopath.

Sleep baby, sleep in the sky

May the moon kiss you

The moon in the window


- And sleep...
- Ana.


Give it to me.

Yes, take. She is sleeping.

I can't hear him crying.

Sorry, I went looking for him and...

Look, I brought the cart,
if you want to sleep there.

Could it be poop?

No, it's not poop. I already changed him.

Is it not a parasite?


Worms in the intestines.

No, it doesn't have worms.

What was my love?

Is it the teeth?

Yes, it's the teeth for sure.

That's what the pediatrician said.

I think they're worms.

When it stops raining,
we should all go to the police.

Get a black car.

It looks like an old car.

A car?

It's him.



I know you're there! Get out!

Get outta here, you bastard!

Open, damn it! Open up!



Tell them not to hide you!

For the last time, get out, motherfucker!

Or I'll go in and it'll be worse!

Whoever it is,
No Ana lives here!

where are you?

Calm calm.

The police should arrive any minute.

Don't hurt her.

You already killed her son.
What else do you want to do?

What are you talking about?

I didn't kill anyone.

It was that motherfucker.

You're crazy.

She is completely crazy.
Where is she?


That's not what she said.

She's crazy, don't you understand?

Invent things. she was hospitalized
in a psychiatric hospital.

She has to be stopped,
She is a dangerous woman. A-N-A!

She said you found out
that the child was not yours

and so he killed him.

I'm not a baby killer.

It is?

What is it?

My baby.

My baby.

Poor little thing.

I should have understood the signs.

She started repeating

that the baby had worms in his belly.

She took him to the forest

and she opened it with a knife.



She took Santi.





The baby is fine!

Don't do anything to him!

Understand me?

I'll do it for your own good, you know?


For God.

Give me the baby.

No, Anna! No, Anna!


I swear I won't do anything.

I just want you to give me the baby
and go away, nothing more.

He's suffering a lot, you know?

He's full of worms.

He has nothing.

He doesn't have worms, he doesn't have anything.

He wants to be with his mother,
that's why he's crying.

I will not denounce you.

I'm not going to do anything,
I just want you to give me...

The baby.

Now he will stop suffering.


What's happening?

Are you ok?

Did you have a nightmare?


Well, it was a dream. It happened.

It was much more real than that.

More real?

What do you mean by more real?


- What's it?
- Where are you?

where are you?

Where is Santi? Damn it!

He is in your cradle.
You took him upstairs, remember?

It's not good for you to be like this.


Are you calmer?

What did you dream? You went crazy.

It was her, Valeria.

She killed her son.

She's crazy, really.

She escaped from a psychiatric hospital.

He thought the son had worms
and killed him so as not to suffer.

Who is unbalanced is you.

How was she going to kill her son?

It was a dream.
A projection of your imagination.

I never dreamed of something so real!
I lived everything as if it had happened.

Because you had the vivid dream.

Some drugs do that.

I've been taking this for a long time
and I've never experienced anything like it.

What did you dream?

What was going on with Santi?

There's no more battery in the cell phone, mom.

Don't worry. Go to sleep.

The light will come back, you'll see.

Not tired of the trip?

But I came to sleep.

You didn't come sleeping.
I must be tired.

- But I'm not sleepy.
- Do you want to stay here?

- No.
- No? And what do you want?

If you want...

Give me the knife.

I didn't take anything from you.

You stole from me.

You took it from my waist

when it came close
to talk about worms.

give it to me if you don't want to
let me search you by force.

I swear on my baby,

may God have him in his holy kingdom,

that I didn't take anything from you.

You didn't say you were a baby.

How old was your son
when was he killed?

Four months.

Are you sure it was
your husband who killed him?


I am sure!

I was there!


- What are you doing?
- Nothing, I want to know what happened.

The police will also ask.

But you are not the police.
She said what happened.

And tell me, your baby too
Did you have parasites in your belly?

He arrives.

You had a nightmare.

nothing that happened
in her head it was true.

Return to our world.

Where's my pocketknife then?

Used it to open the light box.

Yes, but I saved it then.

I always carry it around my waist.

Don't open.

Does your husband have a black Polara?


I look at her. Don't let her go up.

Don't hide it! Not good!

I know what I'm saying.

is a dangerous woman. Be careful!


Liar, motherfucker! Go see it!

Who is, mother?

Stay with your brother!

What are you going to do?

Don't open.

What are you doing?

Are you crazy?

where are you?


I know what happened.

It's here. We're keeping an eye on her.

Calm down, leave me.

He didn't do anything.
I told you, it was her.

Listen, the police must be coming

and they will do what they have to do.

He knows?

Didn't find Mercedes to take care of you,

but these good people opened the door.

You were always lucky.

But today is over.

Why don't you go with your husband?

He will take you to a place
where it will be taken care of.

I'm not taking you anywhere.

I just came to finish something that was pending.

The sooner they find you dead,
faster our friend will find out�.

What did you think?

Which would not have consequences?

That nothing would happen?

What you did was also sinister.

You are crazy.

My baby...

My little! How could I do this to him?

And you? How could you kill me?

Don't know how I'm going
enjoy seeing that traitor's face.

not as much as i liked
when he made me a son!

Because he made me a mother!

Neither you nor anyone
be able to change that.

Kill me.

Kill me, motherfucker! Kill me!

- Do something!
- You're an asshole, you bastard.

Forgive her, don't hurt her.

Please don't do anything against us.

We have nothing to do with it.

Don't be so sure.

no! Don't!

No, Valeria. No, please.

Open your eyes, I need you.
Open Please. Don't see yourself.

no. Stay.

- Stay. open.
- Mom!

There's a man with a knife!

Please don't do anything to me!


What happened? Are you ok?


We already know how.

know what to do
when you can't rest.

- What do I have to do?
- You have to take another half pill.

Do you want?

I need you to tell me what you're feeling.

Why don't you calm down
and talk better?

You haven't heard what I'm saying.
There's no time to talk.

Come on, Santi.

My son, I will protect you.

If we stay here,
something bad will happen.

Why don't you calm down, please?

Go call Sofia, please.

You are in no condition to drive.

Let's get stuck. Mercedes said
that the roads are flooded.

Sure, and let's stay here
and wait for them to behead you

or kill one of our children.

It's bad!

Sofia, let's go!

I thought it was stabilized
but I see that it is not.

I am well. And I don't want to pass
for that shit again.

Ended. Let's go now.

We can't leave Ana here.

She stays.

They killed her son.

That's why I'm making this decision.

He is a murderer.

Come on, Sofia!

We will.

I'm ready, I have the tablet.
Does the hotel have light?


Let's choose one with light,
my love. We will.

Don't leave me here alone.

- Please don't do this to me.
- Stay there.

Will kill me!

Stay locked up here.
We have to call the police.

Please Anna...


Coward, motherfucker!
He will kill me!

- Go!
- Coward!

You are a coward!


You will burn in hell, murderer!

Bloody murderer!

- We'll pay for it.
- Believe me, it's our best option.

- This is wrong.
- Wrong?

We left the house, we gave the key.

Let's notify the police.
We're doing it right.

What else can we do?

If the road is flooded, we come back.

I am driving.

But behind is my family.

Mine too.

unless you have
something for me to confess.

Watch out!

Let me see.

Sofi, are you okay?

I slammed my arm on the door.

It gives a lot, mother.

Yes my love. Stay still.
Don't move.

Stand still.

Have you gone crazy?

I said it was crazy!

We have to go to the hospital.
How shall we do?

Don't leave here.
I'll call an ambulance.

You picked a bad day, friend.

I'll be right back.

I'm going to meet your family and come back.







My God!

What happened?

Did you dream something ugly?

What do you plan to do with it?

With that, nothing.

Julian, please don't leave.

Where are you going?

Close the door and don't leave here.


Juli�n, what are you going to do with it?

Don't you realize you're sick?

Come home, Valeria.
Stay with the children, don't leave them.

Juli, can I upload
the cell phone in the car?

- No.
- Go home.

Enter home now!

We will!

Get down!

Come down, coward!

You son of a bitch!


Sofi, come here!

Get down!

We will!

Come on, coward!

Come on, come down!


You won!




Get out of here!

It was you.

How did you do
to create such a sinister face

and demonic like Scorpio?

- It wasn't that hard.
- But why is he so cruel?

"The Scorpion" is the publisher's flagship.

He is a murderer.

Alright then.


He hasn't written any pages yet.

Let's hope it starts tomorrow.

And how will I look?



To me, this is a nightmare.

I want to tell the truth.

Yes, I miss you too.

I see Santi's face
and I remember you all the time.

All right.

I'll hang up because he might get here.

I love you.


Julian? Are you?

What a fright.

Can you close the door?
Downstairs there is another bathroom.


And I thought that finally
I had managed to be a father.


- I don't...
- You don't what?

I didn't plan.

I fell in love. We fell in love.

I feel horrible.
I swear I know how you feel,

but you also understand me, Juli�n.

We are not a normal couple.

let's not pretend
that we have a normal bond.

What are you doing?


What are you doing?

Julian, put that down.

no. What are you doing?

Juli�n. Hello, Juli�n.

- Juli�n.
- You can't.

To me they are worms.

Poor Mark.

You're crazy.

My little one!
How could you do this to him?

None of what happened
in your head it actually happened.

and he gave you his favorite object.

- You killed him.
- Because he made me a mother.

I feel like I need to see one last time

so I can leave all that behind.

I think you do well.

That's why I called you.

- Does he know I survived?
- Yes.

When I told you,
he didn't want to believe it.

How can it be so perverse.

a temporal lobe epilepsy,

the part of the brain
that controls emotions.

He insists he didn't try
commit any murder.

Please doc.

Are you going to say you don't remember anything?

What do you think is innocent?

It's madness.

That's exactly what it's about, Ana.


Since arriving at the hospital,

Julian is trapped in a circular nightmare

in which he projects himself as the hero

trying to save the family
from an external force.

Analyzing your drawings,

we can interpret this
in your unconscious,

he wants to change what happened
and get rid of the guilt.

Until finally reality
crush your fictional universe

and he relives the crime as it happened.

It's because he always wakes up

in a state of intense
anguish and anxiety.

How is your daughter, doctor?

I made a drawing for her I know she likes it.

Are you alone?

Who are you with?

Who came to visit you?

Well, I will.

Marcos and Santi are waiting for me.

Thank you very much
and I hope it's like you say

and suffer too...

Juli�n, don't come!

Stay quiet.

- Doctor...
- Stay there.


Enough, Julian.

stop there.

- Don't come.
- I wanted to see you.

- I wanted to hug you.
- No.

I felt a great emotion
when I knew you were alive.

Still loving you.


- Julian...
- No, it's serious.

Like the first day I saw you.

Disgraceful cretin.



You killed me first!


Where did you go?



No, I don't want to sleep.

- Hi, Juli�n.
- No, please.

What's happening?

Give me something?

No, I think it's just a contracture.

I don't feel anything either. I am tired.

What a beautiful place, isn't it?

He looks calm.

I like.


Wake up, we're coming.

I'll be right there, I want five more minutes to sleep.

- Hi, Mercedes.
- Hello.