Echoes of Fear (2018) - full transcript

After inheriting her grandfather's house, a young woman must confront the mystery of his sudden death and the evil that hides inside.

So, when are you leaving?

Next week.

I still can't believe he's gone.

I know.

He was the last one I had.

He took care of everything
after my mom died.

You know your grandfather
really loved you,

that love doesn't just go away.

Here, I want you to take this.


You know, it's for
protection for the trip.


So, is Brandon driving you

No, he's swamped at

He'll come down when he can.

Why don't you
wait till I can come?

I can't.

I've got to get it ready to sell

before classes start back up.

I can't keep it, not with the

Are you sure
you'll be okay all alone?

I'll be fine.

It's just a house.

You okay, Twikie?

Aww, let's check the place out.

Damn it.

First thing we need to do
is fix these damn stairs.

Are you okay?

Nearly broke my damn ankle.

That thing's a lawsuit waiting
to happen.

How was the drive?

Pain in the ass.

It took four hours to get
through traffic in San Jose.

That's creepy.

It was my mom's.


But yeah, it's a little

It's too small.

I'll see if I can find another


Hello, hi!

- Hi!
- Hi.

I'm David.

- Alysa.
- Oh.

You're the new neighbor, huh?

For a bit.

We're selling it.

Oh, well, you shouldn't
have any problem.

It's top of the hill, dead end

Jimmy was real lucky to get it,

Did you know him?

He was my grandfather.

Oh, well, I'm so sorry
for your loss, yeah.

You know, I don't recall
ever seein' you around.

He liked to come up and see

Were you friends?

As well as anyone in the
neighborhood, I suppose, yeah.


I should get back to it.

Oh, okay.

It was good to meet you.

- Nice meeting you.
- Yeah.

You all be careful in this heat,

Do you know that this
place has two addresses?

Highland Park in the front
and Eagle Rock in the back?

I don't know why your

would've closed off the front.

Highland Park is so much hotter
than Eagle Rock right now.

I was thinking of
giving half of the money

from the sale to some of
my grandfather's charities.

You don't have to do that.

If your grandfather
wanted them to have half,

he would have set it up.

But he wanted you to have it.

It's up to you, but,

you're gonna need the money,

to replace that clunker

that can't make its way down


You shouldn't make snap

I'll see you next weekend.

It'll be here before you know

Drive safe.

And the snake wriggling
down the rabbit hole.

Hmm, well we're not gonna be
able to get it done from here.

We'll have to go under the
house, find the main pipe.

We'll get her cleared for ya.

Here we go.

And we got a winner.

Stuff travels down and
bunches up at a joist,

sharp turn like right here?

Now, we just get her in

When we hit the blockage, we'll


There's your culprit right

Stuff like that builds up over

Let's get some more.

Oh, there she blows.

Okay, can you get a bucket?

Yeah, I'll get it.

You're gonna need that.

Come on, you fucker, get out.

You already done?

Ah, I got an emergency call.

You'll just have to put it back

What do I owe you?

Don't worry about

Is everything all

I'm fine, it's just...

Creepy as hell
being in that house alone?

I gotcha.

How 'bout next week?

That'll be great.

Can you come by when Brandon's
not here during the week?

And miss his smiling


next week, girls' night.


- How are ya?
- I'm good.

Moved into the neighborhood.

We're lookin' to flip the place,

- This your place here?
- Yeah.

- Nice.
- If ya know anybody.

Hey, you should put those up for

when everyone comes over.



Your housewarming party?

You're selling it?

Yeah, but we would entertain
some offers

if you wanted to avoid
an agent commission.

There's plenty of room by the

Oh, yeah well, I best not.

Oh, I was curious,

do you know why your grandfather

It was a heart attack.

Jimmy's heart gave out

because he stopped doin' what he

Ya see, there's a reason why all
of us

have been put here on this crazy

The first step is findin'
out what that reason is.

And the second step,
well, is embracing it.

Oh, and you never stop doin' it.

Ya see, retirement, oh,

retirement is death.

Don't forget that, yeah.

Well, with that said, I
think it's time for me to go

and retire.


Do you need help?

No, no, I got it.

Just slow and steady.


- We're selling everything.
- Oh.

Let us know
if you're interested.

Yeah, neighbors first.

What's goin' on?

Did you see it?

See what?

I don't know, someone in the

There's no one else here.

What'd you see?

The curtain, it, it...

It what?

It went around me, I felt it.

It's the wind.

Come back to bed.

I'm headed out early.

You're leaving already?

I'm moving our stuff into


I was able to get us out of
our lease

and I'm gonna crash with
Jeremy to save us some cash.

I'm thinkin' we sell this
place, take the money,

find a place of our own,
kickstart our life together.

I'm hoping that we can get
this place ready by next week

and get it on the market.

See ya.

This place is great.

I love the high ceilings.

Wow, he gave all of this to you.


Good God.

He was a pack rat.

More like a closet hoarder.

There might be something down

This should be a match.

Spill it, what'd you hear?

Come on, you're all alone.

The house is gonna make noises,

Probably lots of creaks and

Yeah, and a meowing cat.

Your grandfather had a cat?


I think he was allergic.

Maybe it was a stray.


There's something up here.

The bulb was just loose.

Yeah, I'd say you've got a

A squatter?

Well, the place was
abandoned for a bit, right?

You probably scared him off,

or maybe there's something else

Do you believe in ghosts?

Sometimes, late at
night when I'm by myself.

But I definitely believe
in bad karmic energy,

and that we can fix.

What does that do?

Cleanses the house.

How long was it before they
found him?

A couple of weeks.

I had the police check on him.

Did he have heart problems?

No, but he had a brain tumor.

You never told me that.

I didn't know, not until I
found the medication for it.

He was already dying.

He had six months to live at

But they're sure it was a
heart attack?

I confirmed it.

I think he may have overexerted

I think they were the last
things he wore.

Maybe he was digging for

The pipe was clogged
with long black hair.

There ya go.

I just got here and within a
week my hair clogs the pipes?

Oh, okay, that's weird.

There should be some of
it around here somewhere.

Wait here.

What if he wasn't working
in the yard, but here.

It's the same dirt.

What's wrong?

You saw something?


Like a shadow, and I felt

Do you think he was trying to
find something buried here?


Maybe he found it.

We've gotta sleep in here


The answer will come
to you, whatever it is.

You are your grandfather's

It's in your veins.

You have to confront this
head on and I wanna help.

Well, if he had a squatter, he's
gone now.

You found it in the attic?

It was my mom's.

My grandfather tried to save as

of my family's things as he

Maybe it's your mom.


The ghost.

- Steph.
- No, seriously.

Maybe your mom is trying
to reach out to you.

Maybe you're supposed to
find this or something else

of hers here, something
she wants you to have.

Have you had any dreams?

Unusual dreams.

The only dream I remember is

someone walking down
the hall carrying a bag

with a silver medallion on it.

What happened?

Nothing, I woke up.

The photo, is
that your grandfather?

I don't know, he's so young.

Steph, Steph.

Wake up.

Wake up.

Wake up.


I'm afraid we closed up the
house too well last night.

I think the paint fumes got to
us both.

Or the house cleansing.

The photo?

Where's the photo?

I don't know.

What's wrong?

You're sure it wasn't a dream?

I'm sure I got up.

Something was there.

You think it's in my head.

Just 'cause it's in your
head doesn't make it not real.

That's where all reality is.

Nothing's real until
it's processed up here.

If a ghost is tryin' to reach

that's where they'll have to do

I just don't know what
to do until the weekend.

First off, change all
the locks.

There was a squatter.

You may have already run
him off, but maybe not.

And if it's not a

Then it's a ghost,

either out here or in your head.

There ya go, all set.

I'm just a phone call away.

And I'm keeping a set of keys.

You better call me.

I will.

It's just you and me, Twikie.

I hope.

Maybe you're
imagining things.

I've never seen anything in the

You've barely been there.

I know you feel
guilty about your grandfather

and the house, but he's dead.

You shouldn't feel that way.

You don't owe him anything.

I owe him everything.

You're just talking

That was love, his love.

I need you down here.

I'll be there
in a couple of days.

Just sleep there tonight.

You can go back to the house

when it's daylight.

I'm not going back.

You have to.


"I'm hearing things, seeing

"As a doctor, I know
that the tumor is causing

"auditory and visual
hallucinations, but it feels real.

"Is it guilt for failing my sin?

"My only solace is Alysa.

"She knows my love and will
remember me,

"for all my fails and faults.

"She is my legacy."

I don't have a choice.

I have to go back, find


What happened to my

Find what he was trying to
find, what happened there.

He saw something, I
know he did, like I did.

It terrified him and
caused his heart attack.

You need to go
somewhere safe.

There's nowhere safe, not
till I finish it, find it.

Listen to me, you
don't have to do anything.

It's up to me or he won't be
at rest.



The voices in the
house, it's in the pipes.

It's in you.

They're in you.

Are you okay?

Did you see him?

See who?

A man, he was hiding below the

No, I didn't see anyone.

My grandfather blocked off the

of the house, the garage.

Why would he do that?

I don't know, huh.

Maybe there was someone on the

he was afraid of, he didn't

He never talked to me about it.

Are you okay?

I'm fine!

The squatter's still

No, I ran him off.

You can't stay there.

I have to, I'm close.

I know it, it's her.

If I could find out a name or a

I have to figure it out.

Then I'm coming down.

Stay in the house and
keep the doors locked.


"I can't escape the past.

"Like the tumor, I wish there
was a way to cut it out,

"remove it completely, but
it lingers hidden inside.

"The only thing I fear is for

"The connection still exists.

"She must sell this cursed


Oh God.

I'm sorry, I called.

It went right to voicemail.

I have to show you

Are you all right?

That's her?

I'm sure of it.

I found all this stuff in the

This is what I saw.

It wasn't a face, but a mask.

And these were with it.


It's nail polish.

Bring all the bottles.

It's the same.

They're all from these bottles.

It matches.

Whatever all this is,
it's way beyond ghosts.

You have to come...

- Shh!
- What?

It's the pipes.

Let her out.

That's where I found
the mask and nail polish.

There's nothing else down there.

There has to be.


We need a hammer.

Wait, I see something.

Gimme a boost.


What's in there?

A suitcase.

I don't understand.

It's the same bag from my dream.

How's that possible?

Maybe it wasn't a dream.

Maybe your grandfather was
searching for something in here.

It's solid rock.

I don't get it.

Maybe it was the bag
it wanted you to find.

You gotta be kidding me.

My grandfather wasn't trying

to find something when he died.

He was tryin' to hide something.

Oh. It's all rock.

The house is built right on top
of it.

We've gotta be right
below the master bathroom.

That's the bathtub.

Be careful.

What is it?

A dead cat.


Why would he keep a dead cat?

Why would he hide it like this?

It doesn't make any sense.

Let's get out of here.

Watch out.

I'm okay.

How many cats did he kill?

How could he?


You can take off the mask,

Our phones, you were jamming

That mask, you're hiding behind

No, that is the mask
of sanity

that I wear every day.

The kindly old sick man.

No, this mask is who I am.

You killed them

with my grandfather.

He was my cousin.

Oh, he was so clever,

ever since childhood.

He was my mentor.

When the lot became
available nextdoor, why,

I designed him the perfect

We became the perfect team

till you grew up.

Yes, he stopped because of you.

When you grew up to be
his pretty little girl.

He loved me.

He never loved you.

He just fell in love with how
you saw him.

That's all he cared
about when he was dying,

how you would remember him,
his legacy as a kind old man,

a legacy of lies.

I just didn't know where he
kept all of his trophies,

all that residual DNA.

I need to thank you for
uncovering them,

forcing me out of retirement.

Breathe, breathe.

Breathe it, breathe it.


That's not how it's going to

There's a way that it is done,

a proper way that it's done.

Together, Jimmy and I,
we perfected the steps.

In the beginning, it was
always over too fast.

And then we learned how to make
it last.

Aren't you missing a

You're supposed to fuck her.

What's the matter, you limp

Why don't you come over here
and try to fuck me if you can.

If you're man enough.

What's your problem?

Can't get it up without
my grandfather around

to give you a hand?

Is that what you want,

Breathe it.

Aw, hell, Jimmy and I always

how to deal with bitches like


Alysa, open
the door.

I'm sorry.



(phone ringing through call box




Is everything okay?

Is everything all right?

What the hell are you doin'


I, I heard glass breaking, yeah.

Where's Alysa?

Oh, I don't know.

I heard a commotion.

I just came over to check on
her, yeah.

When was the
last time you've seen her?


I don't know.

A day or two ago, I think.

Brandon watch out.

I was worried about her, yeah.


Yeah, yeah, she was actin'

Yeah, she said somethin' about
wantin' to tear down a wall.

Yeah, you haven't seen
anything like that, have you?

Yeah, she actually tore
down a wall in here and then...




You fucked this all up again,

just like you did before!

This bitch is the last one
that Jimmy and I killed.

It should have never ended with

And it won't, not with
her, not with you.



Hold on, you're gonna
be okay.

Be careful.

He's not getting up.

So, I guess your house
is no longer a crime scene.

Yeah, took a while.

I hired someone to
clean it up and sell it.

My share's gonna go to
the girls' families.

after they identify who they all

Won't bring them back.

I know.

No good can come of that

Something good did.

My grandfather died there.