Echo Lake (2015) - full transcript

A minimalist drama about Will, a 30-year old who is losing control of his life. When his estranged father dies, Will inherits the family cabin in the Sierras and with it a new perspective on his family, childhood and his habit of sabotaging relationships. Echo Lake is a story about the things we inherit, whether we want to or not.


- Fuck!
- White.

Are you fucking
kidding me?


- How far out was it?
- It was long.

Fuckin' will!


All right.

Love - 30.

Come on.
Come on!

- What's the score?
- My 40.

Match point.


I'm sorry, man.
Tough game.

Are you serious right now?

Fuckin' asshole.

One, two...



Hey, baby.

Hey, chewbacca.


- Did you walk chewy today?
- Yeah.

- I see he left us a present.
- What the fuck, dude?

I just walked you.

How far
did you walk him?

I walked him
around the block.

The same way
i always do.

Did you take him
to the grassy part

- Across the street?
- I took him the same way

- I always walk him.
- Okay, just...

Saying that's where
he usually poops for me.

- Babe?
- What?

- I missed you.
- I missed you, too, baby.

- Did you win?
- Tsk. Of course.


- Oh, gross.
- What? Come here.

- Oh, no.
- Come on.

You go take a shower.
I have a chapter left
in my book.

Then we can
go get tacos.

Oh, remember,
i'm going to danny's

For the men's
city match tonight.


- What?
- -You've been home five minutes,

- And you're already leaving.
- Dude, come with us.

And watch soccer?

I can narrate it for you.

Do you... do you see
what you're doing, though?

There will be
other girls there.

Yeah. What other girls?

Danny's girlfriend
will probably be there.

- That chick?
- What the fuck
is your problem?

You know, they're probably
already getting shitfaced.

So, you should head off now
before they start without you.

Good times.

You know,
you should really listen

To yourself right now.

Yeah, well, you know,

You should do the dishes
like you promised

Instead of getting
lit up and watching

Boring-Ass soccer.

I'm gonna do the dishes
when i get home.

Right, at 2:00 a.M.
That's gonna happen.

I'm leaving now,
okay, baby?

I love you.

I'll bring you a cupcake
from the cupcake atm.

I know how much you love
automated desserts.

It better be chocolate.


You promise it won't be
a late night?

I'll be home by 11:30.

Okay? Promise.

I promise.



You go get out of here.

You don't wanna miss

Your stupid soccer game,

- Love you.
- I love you, too.

Whatever was left
of your physical self...

Give me that spot.
Where's my spot?

But anyways, you know,
i would like to live...

Fuckin' finally.

Maybe it's
a form of immortality
for the human race.

Maybe this is what
will allow your race

To survive indefinitely
as a species

And only necessary,
i totally accept that.

But for me, personally...

Super mario
futbol's balotelli no?

- No. He shoulda passed that
to silva, dude.
- Hey!

- Silva was wide open.
- Bolatelli all day.

- You like that mohawk kid?
- Ballate.

I heard his balls
have that mohawk. No?

The doers
a born finisher.

- Like me.
- He could.

According to erin
you're a quick finisher.

Well, i score a lot of goals.


Hey, mario,
can i trim your balls

To match your mohawk
that's on your head?

- Is that erin?
- Uh...

- Why didn't she come?
- You know, it's your mom,

And she came last night
all over me.

That was fucked up.

You want some cheetos?

- Absolutely not.
- Here, buddy.

- Three to two as they...
- There he goes.

There he...

- Get off me!
- Oh, yeah!

What did i tell you?
What did i tell you?

I'm on fuckin' fire.

At least he scored.
The guy's a douche.

At least he scored.


Hey, brand,
how's it going?

Well, i've been better,
obviously, but we're managing.

- How 'bout you?
- I'm good.

Hangin' in there.
I mean...

So, did you get
my letter?

No, i didn't get any letter.

All right, well,
when you get it,

Can you sign that stuff
and send it back to me?

Last thing i need
is us to chase you down over

A few signatures, okay?

Yeah, okay.

Okay. Good.

So, did everything
go smoothly wednesday?


Yeah, that is one way
you could put it.

By the way,
are you planning on

Even telling erin?

One second.

I should probably
get back.

Right, yeah,
no worries.

Talk to you soon, will.

Okay, yeah, definitely.

Take care, bud.

Am i wrong?

Am i wrong?
- Throw the fuckin'...

Are you telling me
you would take

Shredder over krang,
he is a brain.

Krang is the worst bad guy
of all time.

He... he looks like
a nut sack.

What the fuck
did you just say?

Krang was the best
fuckin' bad guy ever.

Krang always ended
every sentence with a burp.

- The shit was awesome.
- Dude, all i know

Is that when he a brain...

- Fuck!
- Good shot.

When he was a brain,

Inside the box, whatever...
cool, i get it,

But when he started
to appear in...

He was unstoppable.
Is that what you're saying?

The lower navel area
of a big muscular man,

I wasn't cool with it.

Who is texting krang now?

Dude, get off
the fucking phone.


A fuckin'
olympic gold medalist

At fuckin'
thumb blasting over there.

Let's wrap it up,
for real.

We're going to the bar.

We're gonna walk to fatty's,
grab a road beer

'Cause you can't stay here,
for real.

- All right, guys.
- Done. You ready?

- My rodeo ends here.
- What?

I got to get home
to the lady.

Seriously, bro?

You are pussy whipped
like a motherfucker.

I know.
It's sad.

It's like you mom's
always horny and lonely...

Dude, come on,
i'm serious.

- Back me up, for real.
- Yeah, it's sad...

- But it's true.
- It's fuckin' true.


She's got you, bro.
She's got you.

- Are you done?
- She's got you on the chain.

One drink.

-One drink. I'm buying.
I'm buying.
-It'll take us five minutes.

We'll walk down there,

We'll be there
in five minutes.

Done. One drink.
Maybe two.

One drink.

Oh, chewbacca.

Miss my boy?

Hey, babe?

You awake?


What the fuck?
You're jerking off?


Give me
my fucking laptop.

It's just...


I don't know what to do...
you want me to do.

You locked the door.


I'm done.

I can't do this anymore.

I waited for you
for three hours.

You don't give a shit
about me or my feelings

- Or my time.
- That's...

That's really not true.

- And the door was...
- Look.

You can stay
on the couch tonight but...

Tomorrow morning
i want you to leave.

Come here, chewy.

- Daniel-Son.
- Will, what up, man?

Hey, man,
good times last night.

So, listen.

I need to ask
the biggest favor

This world
has ever known.

How many times
we got to go through this?

I'm not gonna suck
your dick.

Fuck you, man.

But, serious,
i need you to suck my dick.

No, uh...

I need a place to crash
for a couple nights.

And we both know
how well

Me and your couch
get along.

So, do you feel like
hooking that up or?

- You there?
- Yeah, um,

Actually, man,
laura's actually,

She's moving in tomorrow.

We're, like,
gonna be living together now.

Oh, well, shit, man.

Thanks, man.
I mean, we're psyched.

So, doesn't... doesn't
your brother live around here?

Like, l.A.
Or somewhere near l.A.?

Yeah, no, no, no.

I am actually
gonna call him now.

All right, well,
sorry again, dude,

But good luck
with all that.

Yeah, it's no problem.

I'll talk to you later,

Take it easy, man.


What, uh,

What would be
the going rate

For a place like that?

Well, you know,
it depends.

It sounds like the structure
is probably pretty old

But i... i would think
you'd get somewhere

In the $250,000 range.

I mean,
if you could modernize

- The plumbing and wiring.
- You mean thousands?

Excuse me?



But i'll take a look
at the photos

When you send them,
and we'll go from there.

- Okay.
- So, do you...

Do you plan on preparing
the property yourself?

Or are you going to have
an outside company

Do that for you?

- I've got some phone numbers.
- Nope.

I am gonna prep it
myself, i think.


But what would i do...

What would you do
to prep that sort of thing

That's out in the middle
of nowhere like that?

Fucking bill baxter,
you dumbass.


Whoa, almost.

Come on out, guy.




Now what do we have here?

You sly bastard.

I seriously had no idea.

You are amazing.

It's too bad
that brendan and sarah

Couldn't come though.

You invited them,

He's probably
on a business trip.

- You didn't?
- Hey, where'd you put
the twisty ties?

Babe, you still
have to invite them though.

- They're family.
- You put them here.

- So you must've moved 'em.
- I mean, come on.

You don't have to take out
the stuff with your dad
out on brendan.

Are you ready
for your present?

Oh, my god.

Can i ask you something?

- Hmm?
- But,

You have to promise
not to get mad.

Pinky promise.

So, if...

And when we get married

Will i get to meet
your dad?

Are you gonna even like,
invite him to the wedding?


Come on.

You never talk about him.

You can't just cut
your dad out.

Talk to me.

No secrets, right?

Did i ever tell you
about the time when i was six

And i went
to the grocery store

With my dad

And he hid a case of beer
below the carts

So the cashier
couldn't see it?

And six year old me
was like, "hey, dad.

Don't forget
about this beer down here."

And he's like,
"oh, yeah.

How could i have
forgotten about the beer?"

And we went out into
the parking lot...

- He takes off his belt...
- Okay, you don't...

No, no, no.
It's a good story.

He takes off his belt,

And he lays the fuck
into me.

He tells me to shut
my fuckin' mouth next time.

I was six years old.

Yeah, he wasn't mad.

Happy birthday.



One second.

- Hello.
- Hey there, son.

- Hey.
- Brendan, right?

I'm will.

my younger brother,

- Actually.
- Bill, jr.

Well, i hardly
recognized you, son.

i... i'm roger miller.

You know,
from the miller cabin?

You mind if we step in
for a second?

There's something
i need to ask you about.

Oh. No, come on in.

Come on, otis.

So, at the height
of the chemo,

I just started
looking after otis here

Not figuring
what would happen

When, um...

we've grown to love him,

But something like that,
i figured,

Would be
pretty important to you.

- Yeah...
- I brought his bowls

And what was left
of the dry food.

And, well,
his doggie hiking boots.

Just let him out
once in a while

And take him
on a hike or two.

Too old to be much
of a nuisance.

Aren't you, otis?

Wow, thanks, roger.

That's... that's
really nice,

But i'm leaving
in a few days.

- So...
- Oh, that's no problem.

He's used to traveling
around with us a lot.

I mean, we're in the rv
six months out of the year.

Did your dad ever tell you

About that trip he took
to yosemite with us?

- No, he didn't.
- Oh, that was a trip, boy.

That was a trip.

Three-Handed pinochle
till all hours of the night.

Well, we were cutting up
something fierce.

That was fun.

Oh, would you
look at that?

Have you ever been
on that hike

Up to the cinder cone

- Up there?
- No.

Believe me,
it's worth the trek.

I promise that.

Well, i should be
gettin' goin'.

The wife's breakfast
is probably already cold.

- Don't be a stranger.
- Uh...

Anything we can do for you,
you just give us a holler.

- Okay, i mean that.
- Roger?

Hmm? What's that?

Where does otis sleep?

Oh, he'll probably
just curl up with you, i bet.

don't be a stranger.

- It's okay.
- Okay. We'll see you, billy.


Okay. Okay.

Oh, yeah, huh?

Oh. Your breath
smells like ass, otis.

You know that?

You know that?


Oh! Oh!

Oh, my god.
It's cold!

Otis! Whoo!

Get in here,
you big galoot!

It's only 30 degrees.

It feels great
in here, buddy.


One for me.

One for you.

Come on, buddy,
you got to eat the carrot part

Not just
the peanut butter.

Come on,
you little fatty boombah.

I'll show you
how it's done.

Now, see?


It's okay
to double-Dip, otis.

I think
we're technically brothers.

Come on.

Cinder cone.

What should i do about this
cinder cone, otis?

So, we are here.

How far can you hike, huh?

I bet you can hike
like a motherfucker.

I'll take you.

Tsk. Oh, yes.


Come on, otis.

Let's go.




Otis. Otis.

That's a good boy.

You got it all?
Let's go.

Let's go.
I'm sure there'll be fire.

All right, buddy.
Trust me.

It's for your own good.
All right?

You're gonna be good.

So just hang tight.

I will be back
in an hour,

Hour-And-A-Half tops.

It's all right, bud.

You're good.
I promise.

It's okay.

Dude, it's cool.

Hey, it's me.

Where the fuck
are you, will?

Look, i know you're doing me
the silent treatment

Or whatever
the fuck this is but it...

Will, hey, it's brendan.

I've got your paperwork.

So, thanks for getting me
that so quickly.

I, um...

Just give me a call some time.


I don't know.

Sarah and i just felt like
we should all sit down

or something and...

Hi, mr. Baxter.

This is liz mccafferty
calling from mccloskey realty.

We spoke about a week ago

About that property that you
had recently inherited

And i haven't received
that email from you yet.

But i also wanted
to give you a call

Because we actually have
two clients interested

In viewing your property.

So, get me those pictures
as fast as you can

And hopefully
i will talk to you soon.

All right, hon?
Thanks so much, william.



What the fuck?



Oh, fuck!


Fuck! Otis!

Otis! Otis!



Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!



Come on,
let's go to bed.

I'm a fucking idiot.

You are a fucking idiot.

But, you know, i'm kind of
exhausted right now,

So, let's talk
about that later.

Do you know
if they towed my car?

Or did they just
leave it there?

We'll call later.
Come on, let's go to bed.

I don't want to go to bed
like this.

Will you please
just stay up and talk with me?

You had it coming,
but i love you.

I love you.

And i'll be better.





Stupid son of a bitch
motherfucker, will!




One, two...

God damn it.

God damn it, otis,

You couldn't have
fucking stayed still

For one fucking hour.

All right.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...



No. God.

Okay, okay.

God damn it!


I just need
some fucking high ground.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.


Fuck. Fuck.

Fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Fuck, otis.

I hope you get eaten
by a fuckin' bear,

You piece of shit.

Fuckin' idiot.

I'm gonna
fuckin' wound you,

You fuckin'...
you hear me?







- Hello?
- Hey!

- Hey!
- Yeah!

I'm over here.
I'm lost!

Have you guys
seen a dog?


We heard you screaming
all the way from the lake.


My dog ran away
and... it's not even my dog.

I am totally lost.

- I'm luke.
- I'm will.

- My sister, christie.
- Hey.

So, where're you camping?

My family owns a...

Cabin up on echo lake.

What cabin?

Ah, it's the baxter cabin.

You're bill's kid?

We see him at the bait
and tackle shop every summer.

- How's he doing?
- He's good.

Do you guys
have any water?

You don't have any water?

Yeah, here.

Oh, my gosh.
I need this.

I don't have cooties.

You have to bite
the nipple.

The what?

You have to bite the nipple
and then suck.

I'll show you.

Mm. Got it.
Thank you.

Let's get back
to the tent.

Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.

Is your dad
waiting for you at the cabin?

No, i came up here alone.


- I feel really bad
taking this.
- It's fine.

You guys are gonna be
in echo tomorrow.

- I can probably...
- You're good.

And you're gonna stay
on the trail this time, right?

I am gonna stay
right on the trail, yeah.

Like i said,
we can make some room.

- You can stay
in the tent tonight.
- No, thank you.

You guys have done enough.

Take it easy.

And if we find otis

We'll get him back to you.

Thank you.

It's good
meeting you, man.

You take care.

It was good meeting you.

You, too.
Don't die.

I will try not to.

Hey, billy!

Billy! It's roger.

- Billy, it's roger.
- Fuck.

Sorry to wake you up.

Oh, no, i'm awake.

What's a vacation for
if you can't take a nap?

Am i right?

Did you need anything?

- Or?
- Oh, um,

Yeah, i just brought over
otis's toy.

It just slipped my mind

When i was packing up
his stuff the other day.


That's great.

He really
loves that thing.

So, where's otis?

Oh, actually,

my younger brother,

He stopped by yesterday
and we decided

He'd be better off with him,
'cause he's got kids.

So, yeah,
i just think...

All right.
It sounds like
it's for the best.

Yeah, it definitely is,

And... and i'm gonna
get this to them,

they're gonna love it.


You know,
we got a pot of chili

On the stove
and me and the wife

Can always use a third
for pinochle.

Oh, all right.
Great, good.

Okay, take it easy.

Thanks, roger.

you fucking ass clown.

We coulda been
besties, otis.

We coulda been besties,


I saw a campfire
over here.

I thought it might be
you guys.

Oh, yes.
Thank you.

Oh, here
is your flashlight.

thank you.

Did you find you, um,
uh, otis?

- Did you find otis?
- No.

- Oh.
- Chris, you coming?

Well... hey,
you wanna come hang out?

We have a campfire going.

That sounds great.

Okay, cool.
Come on.

Right this way.

I used to come up here a lot
when i was younger.

Probably stopped
coming up

When i was about
16 or so.


Party time.

That was a healthy riff.

I'm a healthy individual.

I would kill
for a cabin like yours.

I would kill.

- I know.
- It's beautiful.


My memories of the place

Are of me stuck
in a tiny cabin

With my dad.


Could it really be
that bad?

Well, my dad
was a little bit

Of an alcoholic.

I don't know.

I probably sound like
an ungrateful asshole
saying this,

But i feel like
leaving it to me

Was just his final
"fuck you."

And it's embarrassing...

But i really
just wanted his money.


- What?
- I'm sorry.

I'm really high.

Whose money?

Sorry, uh...

See, i kinda left
that part out.

- What part?
- Uh,

The reason i'm up here

Is, uh,

Is my, um,

My dad died

Like a couple weeks ago.

He left me the cabin
in his will.

I definitely
left that part out.


No, it's cool.
Like we, we didn't talk.


My dad was right.

I am
fucking irresponsible.

I have otis
for two days

And i lose him.

Then let's find him.

It doesn't
do much good to just

Feel sorry for yourself
all the time.


Did i just seem like
i feel sorry for myself?

- Sort of.
- Look.

We'll go with you tomorrow
and if nothing else

You can rehash the rest
of your fucked up childhood.

So, you'll have
that to look forward to.


- Otis!
- Otis!

So, we're about
a half mile north

From where we found you,
so i figure

He's somewhere
between here,

Lava beds, cinder fields,
and all that.

I have no idea
how the fuck

You know
where we are right now.

I'm totally lost.

You should really learn
how to use a compass.

Is that like on a cell phone
or something?


- Otis!
- Otis!



Well, this is crazy.

I'm having flashbacks
of my dad

Skinny dipping
in this lake.

Not a good flashback
to have.

Ah, what is she doing?

Lighten up, kid.


Come on in.
It's warmer than echo.

- Whoo!
- I swear on money, though.


Come in here, you pussy.

Get them panties off
and get in here, boy!

You guys are weird.

So what.

Come on!

- Don't you start.
- What?

You know what.

Look who's in the water.



- Really?
- Yeah.

Google in my brain.

Credit card swiper
on my wrist.

Put it in my already
or something.

- That is frightening.
- Seriously, at that point,

You can just upload your mind
to a server somewhere

- And live forever.
- Like in the internet
or something.

Yeah, the internet,
a robot.

You can put a brain
in another body.

Hell, i wouldn't mind
putting my brain in your body

And having that.

- It'd be awesome.
- We are not the weird ones.

I mean, seriously.

It seems like
the next logical step.


I mean, fuck.

Death terrifies me.

I mean, like,
just think about it.

Like, at some point,
everything is just like,



You're a real splash
of sunshine, kid.

I understand that, though.

I mean,
i distinctly remember

What it felt like

When i realized
i was gonna die.

I used to crawl in bed
with mom and dad

And just sob.

I am being
a total buzzkill.

No, i mean, it's okay.

- Are you guys hungry?
- Yes, i am starving.

Well, get excited.

Are these gonna be
edible or what?

It sounds disgusting.

- It does.
- Like, really gross.

Barbeque sauce makes
everything better.

Even mac and cheese.

- Luke, enjoy.
- Thanks.

Big or little?
Big, right?

- None, thank you.
- So i heard big.

I'm not eating it
until he tries it.

- Okay.
- Talk to me.

- Ready? Here he goes.
- That looks gross.

It looks like
you don't like it.

Could you shut up?

- Watch what's about to happen.
- This is fucking delicious.

You think
everything's delicious.

Tastes like someone threw
macaroni and cheese

On the barbeque
and just grilled it up.

All right.

Hold on.
Drum roll.

- It's smokey.
- Yes!

I heard good.
I heard great.

It's smokey.

- There you go.
- It's good.

Recipe from my dad.

So, he did leave us
with this.

Family recipe.
Family recipe.

Here, here.


Just slow down.

Ah, i missed a drop.

Mm, don't worry about me.

I have a bit
of a tolerance.

- Yeah?
- My ex-Girlfriend

Actually called me
a functioning alcoholic once.

Well, are you one?

That's a good question.

Like, two years ago,
i actually stopped drinking

For like, three months.

Then i wanted
to drink again.

So i did.
Here i am.

I have to take a leak.

There's a bathroom yonder,

But, really,
anywhere and everywhere.

That's what
i've been doing.

I like it.

Do you want
another drink?

No, thank you.

I'm good.

So, he works at the bait
and tackle place...

What do you do?

Well, i'm in...
i'm in school.

- Down in chico.
- Mm.

I'm studying
marine biology.



I don't really have
anything pithy to say

- About marine biology.
- Yeah, i bet you don't.


Tell me about
your ex-Girlfriend.

Sisters, ladies.

Who would like
to smoke a bowl?

I'm good.
Thank you.

Willy boy, willy-Billy?

I'm pretty faded, man.

You enjoy.

You are a bunch
of children.

I despise you.


You wanted to know
about my girlfriend.

Well, is she your girlfriend
or your ex-Girlfriend?

Ex, i think.

You think?

Hell, yes.
Definitely ex.

Definitely ex.

- What?
- What?

You're giving me
the stone cold stare down

Over there.

Well, my brother's
only gonna be gone
for like another minute.

So if you wanna kiss me
you should probably do it now.



Sorry about my breath.

Macaroni and barbecue sauce
is really disgusting.

That weed is phenomenal.

Ah, i gotta stretch.

Where do you
get that stuff?

Ah, from...

The weed dispensary.

The disp...

I go to charles
who lives on ninth.

He lives in
like, this shack...

This ramshackle shack.


Two to your credit.

And another ace.

How did that happen?
I don't know.

What is this?
How many aces do i get?

You do know i've been cheating
the whole time, right?

I'm letting you win.

I worked very hard
to cheat.

Good lord.

It's been like this
every single night.

Jesus christ,
it's like a fucking bear.

- It's like a bear!
- Wake up. Shh!

You don't think
your brother's a bear?

Shh! Don't wake daddy.


Fucking daddy
needs a muzzle.

Are we done
with this fucking game?


"Silver lake, 1974.

"Roland and i drove out
to hike up susan river

To silver lake.

We got an early start
and hit the river at dawn.

The water was brisk,
but it was a hot one.

So the cold water
was welcomed

By the time noon or one
rolled around,

And we took several
swim breaks on the way up."

You know,

I don't know you,
like, at all.

But i really feel like
if you just forgave him

For all that stuff

That you'd feel
so much better.

I mean...

Neither of you
can win anymore.

You know?

Where did you come from?

Chester motherfucking,

You know chuck norris
vacations in chester?

From my understanding,

Chester vacations
in chuck norris, actually.

I don't understand
what that means.

- No?
- Mm-Mm.

Think on it.
It's really funny.

I don't know
if you know this,

But it's a full moon
this evening.


- Is it?
- Yes. Shh!

And i was thinking
that it might be really fun

To take your boat out,

Because the lake
is all lit up

And that'd be really cool.

You wanna go?

i'm kind of,

I probably should crash.


Kind of tired,
if that's cool with you.

Not really
an ex-Girlfriend, huh?

I just shouldn't.

I understand.

That's good.

That's good.

All right.

Well, in that case.


It looks like you, sir,

Are sleeping
with daddy tonight.

Have fun.

Good night.



Will, hey.

- Hey.
- We have to get a start.

Christie's got
to bartend tonight.

Hmm, okay.

Great to meet you, boss.

You, too.

You should look us up
on facebook.

- Or something.
- Yeah, definitely.

- You guys want any water
or anything?
- Thanks.

- It's all good.
- For your trip?

- Thanks again.
- So,

See you here
next summer, huh?


It didn't take much, you know,
my roommate was like,

"You want some acid? No.
You want some acid? No.

Do you want some acid?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I'll take some acid."
- I took her with me.

It was my first time
taking acid.

So, it was, uh,
i was on holiday,

As that may be said, yeah.

Don't jump in that shit.

- Don't jump...
- Gross!

- Come on, get in there.
- Gross.

Let our...
let our odors

Intermingle as one.

You are a sick fuck,


That's why you love me.

That is not why
i love you.

Oh, yeah?
Then why do you love me?

Don't worry about it.

I will start on top,
but this time,

You are doing
the heavy lifting, mister.

Spoken like a true member
of generation "me."

You know,
actually i love you.

Because you are a smart
little fuck.

But sometimes,

You talk too much.

You are not getting
any tonight.

- What?
- No, no, no!


Otis! Otis!

Oh, boy!
Oh, my god!

That's a good boy.

Oh, you motherfucker.
Yes! Yeah.

Think i found something
that belongs to you, son.


I fucked up.

Listen, i'll be glad
to take him

- If that's what you want.
- No, i...

I am never gonna let him
out of my sight.

I am so sorry.

Well, he's a good dog,
isn't he?

He's a great dog.

- You know, uh...
- You're a good boy, yes.

I don't mean to butt into
anybody's business

But your dad told me

That you two
weren't exactly the closest.

I think you should know
that he knew

That he made
some mistakes.

You know?


Well, see you around.


Hello? What? Wha...


Today is january 8th

- 1980...
- Mom, do... do that.

It is. It's on.

It's on.
It's taping now.

One second, there.

No, no, just wait.

Okay, just wait.

what is less frightening?

Just let us wait.

Okay, we'll wait.


What do you think will happen
when we wait?

I will sing. No?

No, not until you do.

You're gonna have
to sing first.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Jane?
- What?

He's waiting
for the tape recording thing

To talk before he does.

I have to sing it first.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- The wheels are...
- No, no, no, don't.

You... you just wait.

Well, you have to sing it

And then
it'll go on the tape.

- Okay.
- Sing it now.


Mama! I wanna wait!

Honey, it won't sing
until you sing.

No, i'm... no, no.
I wanna wait.

Say, you want me
to sing it first?

- No... yeah.
- And then you can
listen to it? Okay.

Hey, it's me.

Where the fuck
are you, will?

Look, i know you're giving me
the silent treatment

Or whatever
the fuck this is,

But i really need
to talk to you.

My mom relapsed.

They said this time
it's stage four

So i don't think
they're even gonna do chemo.


Look, i'm going back home
to be with her and my dad.

So, i'm breaking the lease
on my apartment,

And i've already
hired the movers.

Please call me.

I really need you
right now.

All right, bye.

Hey, this is erin.
Leave a message.

Hey, it's me.

I got your message.

I should've checked

I should...

I shoulda called
you back earlier.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry
about your mom.


I wish i could've
been able to talk to you.

I'm sorry
about a lot of things.

My, uh...

My dad died

A week before
i left town.

And i should've
told you that.

I really should've, but...

I didn't know how.

I, uh,

I don't expect you
to forgive me.


Just consider it please

Because i love you.