Echo (2019) - full transcript

Iceland, Christmas time. As everyone prepares for the holidays, a peculiar atmosphere falls upon the country revealing emotions of both excitement and concern. In the middle of the ...


Do you think the birds
feel cold in the snow?

The birds are eating the bread
we gave them.

Aren't they cute?

- Unnur!
- He's parking in our driveway again.

You have a nice bird, too.
Can Mom see it?

Can I see it?
What a nice bird.

Really sweet.

How do the birds sing?
Do they sing like this?

One, two and... up.

Hi, Sunshine.

You know that practice
was cancelled?

Yes, they sent an email.

I know,
the weather is only getting worse.

Shall I pick you up
from school?

I should be finished
around two o'clock.

That would be ideal.

Can you help me find
a Christmas gift for your mom?

- This is really sad to see.
- Yes

- I met your Granny here at a party in 1968.
- Really?

- Listen, I'm going to talk to this fellow.
- OK

- So here's the new farmer...
- Hi, how are you?

- It's been a while.
- Yes

So, you're moving back home?

Well, next summer to begin with.
And then, let's see.

You've arrived with a bang.
Burning down your granny's farm.

Well, it doesn't sound good
when you say it like that.

But it's so expensive
to repair old houses.

- I heard your sister was going to repair it?
- Yes, that's true.

But dreams don't cost a dime.

It's much cheaper to get
unit houses from Poland.

Up in no time and ready
for tourists in the spring.

That's one way of looking at it.

- I was going to call you.
- Why?

- I wanted to know if you still have hens?
- Why do you ask?

I have this organic,
straight-from-the-farmer concept

and I'd like to buy eggs
for the breakfast menu.

Our spare eggs go to Gunna next door
in exchange for milk.

Well, isn't cash
better than milk?

We have this deal with Gunna,
I don't want to change that.

OK, then.

This is my granddaughter, Esja.

Hi, I'm Julli
- Hi, Esja

Look, Grandad.

Good photo.

- Why are they burning the house?
- Some say it's ruined but it's not true.

- Granny and I won't be dancing there again.
- No, you won't.

Good morning.

We're from the immigration office.
We're looking for two men.

- There are two men seeking
refuge in the church

they are fleeing persecution and
fear for their lives if sent home.

The Icelandic church,
supported by the bishop

has given them sanctuary,
which we hope you will respect.

- We're just doing our job.
- You are not doing this. Stop it!

- I'm shocked and saddened by this.

- How can you do this?
- Leave them alone!

- What's wrong with you?

- You are violating human rights!

- Stop it, you're hurting him!
- Is this necessary?

- He's a human being!
- Stop this violence!

- The police are supposed to save people
not sentence them to death!

- Where is everybody?
- Well, Gisli...

the workers found out they only get 1/5
of what you pay to rent them.

- Now, they're on strike.
- Shit!

- And the employee rental?
- They're sending them back to Poland

and bringing in new ones.
That'll take weeks because of Christmas.

We have a deadline.
How did this happen?

- The unions are mad.
- Shit.

The TV news came.
I said nothing, nothing at all.

Jesus Christ!

Ok, keep on working.
I will fix this.

Damn it.


No, I'm at work.

Please ask your mother.

I'm working.

Just take the bus.
Yes, the bus.

Employers have disrespected
workers by raising their own salaries

leaving us with shamefully low pay.
Creating a void between classes.

Now they claim there is no room
to raise our salaries.

The capitalists are declaring war on
the working class in Iceland.

If it's true they can only pay
such low wages

then maybe they shouldn't be in business.

It's about time that workers in Iceland
rise up against the capitalists

against their super-salaries
and against our poverty.

I'm not happy with you,
his nose is broken.

You don't hit other kids!

I told you he was hurting me!

You don't hit other kids!

You didn't help me, he didn't stop.
What could I do?

He probably fancies you, and...

He has no right and neither do you.
It's not fair!

Come on, Asta,
listen to me.

You are an idiot and
I'm telling Mom and Dad.

Asta, talk to me. Asta!


No, I'm not eating whale-meat.

Because I don't eat whale-meat.

It doesn't matter how it's cooked,
I don't like it.

It's the principle as well.
And we don't want our kids eating whale.

If Dad and you want to eat whale
then you do that and we'll come later.

Yes, tell him that.

Ok, thanks Mom.

See you later. Bye.


Are you coming?

- Come here.
- What's happening? Are you spying?

It's so beautiful to watch them.

They're all grown up.

They're amazing!

- What about cookers?
- Yes, I need some.

- How many? 20? 30?
- Like, 30.

Tell me...

- use both morphine and amphetamine?
- Yes, Oxy and Conta and Fenta.

- You get withdrawal symptoms?
- Yes...

- That's hard, isn't it?
- Yeah, it is. Really hard.

I've been thinking about rehab,
getting on a methadone programme.

- You're considering the programme?
- Yeah, but sometimes I can't see any point.

- Ok. So you want out?
- Yes...

- But at the same time you're not sure?
- Yeah... kind of.

- This is to protect the wound.
- Ok. Great.

-30 cookers, Johann.

Do you want a needle box?

Yes, I need a needle box.

- A black one?
- Yeah.

Do you know where
you'll spend Christmas?

I still have this room.

But, you know...

I could be kicked out.
I haven't paid rent for...

...a couple of months.

So... yeah.

- You're hoping to keep it?
- For a while, yeah.

- And have Christmas there?
- I don't know. I hope not.

That would suck.

- Are you in touch with your family?
- Yes, I am. But...

- ...they're not in contact with me.
- Ok. I understand.

Just so you know,
we're open 24 hours during the holidays.

The 24th and 25th, so you can come
as often as you want.

- Ok, that's awesome.
- We can also phone you?

- Yes, please do.
- Just to see how things are.

- That would be really kind of you.

- That's a date.
- Yes.

Before we forget...

- ...we have a Christmas gift for you.
- Really?

- Everyone we see gets a gift.
- Really?

- It's our pleasure to give you this.
- Nice.

- So, here you go.
- Thank you.

- You're welcome.
- You guys are awesome.

- So are you.
- Thanks, guys.

The shepherds did as the angel told them:
Go to Bethlehem and find baby Jesus.

Who are you?

The three kings. We're following
this star to find baby Jesus.

- So are we.
- What a small world.

- Shall we look together?
- Yes!

Hello kids.
I'm Mr. Santa Claus.

- Do you want some Coke?
- No, we're looking for Baby Jesus.

And, turn to your right.

Turn to your right.

Turn to your right.

Turn to your right.

- It's a nice house, Dad.
- Yes, plenty of room for my piano.

- I have a surprise for you.
- For me?

- Nice to see you, Salka.
- Hi.

So nice you came.
Hi, darling.

We're going to have a great Christmas,
I promise.

- Can you help me with the tree?
- Yes, sure.

- Can the surprise wait a little?
- Sure.

- Hi
- Hi

- Are you Salka?
- Yes.

I'm Messiana,
Lovisa's daughter.

- Nice to meet you.
- And you.

- Have you been playing long?
- A few years. And you?

A few years.

- Can I?
- Sure.

She plays really well,
doesn't she?

She's been my student since I moved.
That's how I met Lovisa.

- What about my surprise?
- Maybe later.

- Why not now?
- Later.

- Right now.
- No, later!

- Tonight? Or tomorrow?
- Stop it!

Ok, sweetheart.

- I've missed you, sweetheart.
- Me too.

No, I was turned down by SMS,
email, and in a letter.

So if I apply online, an algorithm
decides if I get the loan?

I did that and was turned down,
that's why I'm talking to you.

I'm trying to fix that.

Unpaid bills aren't the problem,
my profit goes up at Christmas.

You can look that up,
but the algorithm can't.

I get that it's a modern system

but we've been clients for decades,
and it's never been a problem.

Sorry, what's your name?


To be totally honest

all I'm trying to do, Gudrun,
is give my kids a merry Christmas.

I'm begging you.

Can anybody else help me?

- Can't we just take that one?
- It's uneven.

What about that one?

- That's way too big.
- It's quite symmetrical.

Whatever. Let's just get it.

- Can we get an outdoor tree?
- Outdoor tree?

I don't even know what that is.

- Is nobody working here?
- Calm down!

It's a tree that you keep outdoors,
and you decorate it.

- Everybody's getting one.
- That's stupid.

We're not buying another tree
because other people do.

It's the most stupid thing I've heard.

- You are so lame!
- Burkni!

She's so full of hormones,
I can't say anything.

Teenagers grow up
but you just get worse.


- Hi, can I help you?
- Yes, I'll take this one.

Good choice. Just a moment.

- Are outdoor trees cheaper?
- Excuse me?

- I'll take this small tree as well.
- Great.

And stretch.



And run on the spot.

Keep going.
Then we start again.


Stretch. Once more.

Reach. Now change.

As far as you can.


And run.


No, you have to listen to me as well.


No, no, no!
We made a deal last year.

You had the kids last Christmas,
and now it's my turn.

We already agreed this!


Why do you behave like this?

Why are you doing this?

Listen, this isn't fair.

You had them last year.

What do you mean?

What tickets?
Did you buy flights?


Are you serious?

Listen, I'll call you after work.

Up you come.

- How are you?
- Fine.

What do you want for Christmas?

- Skis.
- Good choice.

Merry Christmas.
Look up...

Bye, sweetie.

Next up!

Nice jacket.

What do you want for Christmas?

Tell me, tell me, tell me!


Something amazing?
Something expensive?

Smile at Dad!

Smile! Ok, all done.

Thanks, sweetie.
Merry Christmas.


- Hi
- Hello

- What is it?
- I mix it myself...

- Pineapple cream and peppermint.
- Nice.

It's pretty good.

Is that the last of it?

No, Gunni is sorting the fruit,
and then you can leave.

- The cans?
- Put them in that bag.

- Did you go out yesterday?
- It's still yesterday for me.

We were at Olli's.

- Beer?
- Yes.

- Then we got shitfaced at the bar.
- I see that.

So much schnapps,
I need a recovery beer.

Guys! That fermented fish
is stinking up the whole street.


- It's the real thing.
- Yes.

Fermented in the West.
They don't fake stuff there.

- It stinks.
- It's supposed to stink.

- It smells.
- It's supposed to smell.

- Why are we in the garage?
- My wife.

- Your wife?
- Nagging.

Threatening no Christmas tomorrow
if we cook inside.

She says she can still smell it
from last year.

It must be stuck up her nose.

'The Red Cross
Food Bank'

- Merry Christmas with a hug.
- Merry Christmas!


- Don't swear here.
- Sorry, I left my phone in the car.

Your poor grandad is buried here.

- Soon I will be too.
- Why? Are you sick?

I'm just old and
hopefully I'll die soon.

We'll all be buried here.
I'm next, then your Mom, and then you.

We'll all die and be buried here.

It's so beautiful here at Christmas
with all the lights.

I promised Asa and Beggi I'd take photos.


You too, Mom.

Hi, Sweetie.
How's it going?

When Mom's dressed
you get out of the tub.

- OK?
- Yes.

- Are you nearly ready?
- Yes, what about you?

- I have to put on trousers.
- Hurry up.

I'm looking for my tie.
It must be in the bedroom.

Milk in the soup.

- Merry Christmas, boys.
- Merry Christmas!

- Are you hiding?

- Merry Christmas, beautiful.
- Merry Christmas, more beautiful.

- Merry Christmas, Mom.
- Merry Christmas, dear.

- Merry Christmas, Dad.
- Merry Christmas.

This is Radio Reykjavik
wishing you a Merry Christmas.

- Check it out, Granny.
- Go on, try it.

That's it. Is it on?

I can't walk. I can't go any further.

- Try looking around.
- No, no, no!

Are you going down?

Have you had enough?

- Hi, Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

Hi, Grandad, Merry Christmas.


How was dinner?

Was it good?

Smoked ham is always good.

Gerda, Gogo and I lit a candle
on Granny's grave.

The graveyard is so beautiful
at Christmas.

I've been cleaning and cooking
all day.

Everybody came to us.
They send you their greetings.

I hope you feel well.
You look good.

Did you notice
how cold it was today?

00:47:01,680 --> 00:47:04,760
Good evening.

Health insurance number?

Stefan Sigurdsson?

How high is the blood pressure?

Any other symptoms?

- 112

Yes, hello, hi.

Mom and Dad are arguing?

They're fighting.

That's not good.
What's your name?

Hi, Baldur.

So, how old are you?

8 years old.

Maybe go to your room
and close the door.

Where do you live?

At the end of the street?

Some men are coming to help you.
I can hear the fighting.

The men that are coming
are the police.

They'll help you.

OK, good.
What school do you go to?

You're a bit scared?

That's understandable,
but don't worry.

Try not to panic,
they'll be there soon.

They're just around the corner.

Any minute now.

70 million people around the world,
are fleeing war and persecution.

Half of them are children.

Every day we have an option to choose.

We choose how we spend our money.

We choose how we spend our time.

But sometimes we are afraid.

Will we allow fear to control us
in the coming year?

Will we allow fear to make us
greedy and self-absorbed?

To make us blind
when others are in need?

We are responsible
for the path we choose.

Nobody else is responsible
for your actions and choices.

Let's see...
a four.

Don't touch my car.
It's a Porsche! 1,2,3,4.

- That's... 3,500. Bank Avenue.
- Pay me.

No, you can buy it!

- Hang on, wait...
- Lighter?

You bank robbers
stay away from my money.

You can buy it,
if you want it.

- I'll pay in instalments,

- Instalments?
- No, cash up front!

- What's this?
- I don't know.

The Electric company.
You can mortgage it.

- Do I own the Electric company?
- Didn't you know!

- 1500.
- Wait a second.

You may be the bank,
but don't steal my money.

- I'm just saying...
- I'll pay with instalments.

- No.
- Why not?

- Mortgage the Electric company and...
- Wait!

- We'll take the Electric company.
- Stop it.

- You're robbing the public!
- It's a mortgage.

- You're stealing!

- No, I'm helping you.
- Taking my money!

- Just helping...

Ready to sing?

All the Babies say...

say hi, hi, hi.

All the babies splash...

splash, splash, splash.

All the babies jump...

jump, jump, jump.

All the babies smile...

smile, smile, smile!

- So, have you seen them?
- I saw Hossi and Magga.

- Are they in contact with him?
- Magga has to, because of her kids.

I don't understand.

- I'm talking about Magga Jons, not Magga Aka.
- What?

Hossi divorced Magga Aka last Christmas

and hooked up with Magga Jons right away.

- I didn't know that.
- Really?

- I always fancied her.
- OK

- Is she single?
- Not at all.

She hooked up with Baldur Trausti.
Remember him?

The banker.
And chess player.

The fat dude?
She can do better than him.

- With a pair of tits like that?
- Exactly.

Excuse me...
I was parking.

- I'll call you later.
- Why are you pointing at me?

- I'm just signalling.
- I wanted to park.

- Teaching me how to drive?
- You fucking asshole.

- It's too late,
there's a car behind you.

- A real man telling me how to drive,
because women can't.

I'm live on Facebook.
This sexist pig is harassing me.

- You didn't see
because you were on the phone.

- Calling me a cunt.
- Stop it, that's a lie.

- Are you filming this? Are you crazy?
- He's threatening me.

- Merry Christmas, enjoy life.
- He's scaring me.

He's making threats.
I just wanted to warn you.

- He just fucked Curly.
- Curly?

- Write it down.
- OK

I don't know, Raggi.
It's so tiring.

- It's so boring.
- I agree, every Christmas.

- Now Vigdis.
- Vigdis?

- Every single Christmas.

And you're no better.

- What do you mean?
- He's always putting me down.

Telling me to get a job.
Calling me a beggar.

- I'm not saying you're worse than him,
but you're no better.

- It's years since I applied
for the artist state salary.

- I don't need it any more.
- I know.

- I'm doing really well.
- Ok.

So why are you so defensive?
I'm not saying he's right

He shouldn't call artists
beggars with starving kids.

But you make fun of him
and all farmers. I'm a farmer.

Saying the state is keeping us alive.
You're just like him.

Society has decided that
art and agriculture matter.

Farmers and artists get support
from the state. That's OK.

- Sorry, you are completely right.
- I know!

You will argue every Christmas
until he dies.

You can't change him.

Just grow up and be the bigger man.

I haven't seen her for years.

- She's cute.
- Cute? She's smoking hot!

- She looks a bit stupid.
- No way! She's really intelligent.

- She's keeps looking at you.
- Really?

- I told you.
- Stop it!

- She might think you're my girlfriend.
- Then she's a whore, flirting like that.

What should I do?

- I don't know.
- What do you want to do?

How can I help you?

- I need something insane for midnight.
- What's your biggest bomb?

- This is the biggest I have.
- The pink rocket.

- Is it loud?
- Loud and colourful.

It flies really high
and explodes with pink flares.

- That's what I want.
- Loud and colourful.

- This is the one.

Have you been waiting long?

Around 10 minutes.

The bus should be here.

- Isn't your name Eyrun?
- Yes.

I'm Telma...

- Do you remember me from high school?
- I know who you are.


I know it's a long time ago

It's no excuse
that we were only kids.

I often... think about you.


There's no excuse for our actions.

But I always wanted to apologise to you.

It won't change
the horrible things we did to you.

But, I'm sorry.

- I appreciate that,
thank you.

I know that...

- I don't want to talk about it.

But I forgive you.

Happy New Year.

Good evening.

And now, the prime minister's
New Year's Eve speech.

My fellow countrymen.

This year I visited communities
of Icelandic descendants in Canada.

The Iceland that I hold in my heart
is much richer than it was before.

Immigration is part of our history,
part of our nation.

Those who settled abroad
in the late 19th century

faced the challenges of
new and unfamiliar lands.

They worked hard to integrate,
but never forgot their Icelandic roots.

Those immigrants
were just seeking a better life.

- Kids! Get dressed.
- They're lighting the bonfire.

Guys, let's go to the bonfire.

- When she's finished
lying to us.

- Stop it.
- She's doing well.

- She has a good babysitter.

- I'd rather cut my throat
than vote for him.

- Bjarni is a fine man.
- A true leader.

- No, he's a goddamn thief!

- Left wingers always call
good businessmen thieves.

Beggars don't pay taxes,
pioneers do!

- The working class pay
tax on their salaries.

The rich move their salaries
to capital income tax to pay less.

- Guys, can't you agree
to disagree?

- That's what I hate
about this country.

No debate.
No discussion.

Everybody's co-dependent.

Let's agree to disagree.
And nothing ever changes!

- Who's going to do it?
- You two.

- Not me.
- I don't dare.

- They're going inside.
- I'm too scared.

- Ok, let's go.
- Yes, go for it.


Grab some beer.

- You're so cool!
- We got beer!

- Let's get out of here!
- Hurry up!

- Now we have a party!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

- Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year!

Kiss me.

Look at you.
You're so beautiful.

Welcome to the world!

- Yes, I know how you feel.

Look at him...

Look at his toes!

- A little miracle.

'15 died this year.
Are the seatbelts on?'

'Nobody died this year.'