Echo (2007) - full transcript

A divorced policeman loses custody of his young son, only to kidnap his boy and retreat to a remote cottage, where his plan soon turns into a nightmare.

- See if there's a window open, okay?
- Don't you have a key?

Yes, but it's more fun this way.

C'mon, Louie.
We'll play we're burglars.

- Okay ...
- Fine, then. Get going.


Jesus Christ, Louie!

- Did I scare you, Dad?
- Well, of course.

- I'm sorry.
- Let's get our suitcases inside.

- Is it okay for us to be here?
- Sure. I rented this summerhouse.

- Cool!
- Hey, don't touch anything.

- The light doesn't work.
- Louie, come over here.

- You sit here, okay?
- Yes.

I'll find out
where to turn on the electricity.

Dad ...?

Louie ...?

- Dad!
- Louie?

Dad ...! Dad!

- What is it, darling?
- The eagle ... The eagle!

But it's a stuffed one.

- Look, it caught a mouse.
- Can I have one, Dad?

I think it's too creepy.

You're a sissy, Dad.

We're on a ship. See?

And we're surrounded by water ...

And we must never, ever,
get near that water ...

We must never go in the water
because it's dangerous.

It's full of crocodiles ...

... and there's lots of pirates.

All the people are pirates-

- so we have to protect
ourselves against them.

Because if they find us ...

... they'll come and kill us.

But should we shoot them
if they come anyway?

We'll probably have to.

- If we don't want to talk the plank.
- I don't want to walk the plank.

Don't worry, you won't.
I'll protect you.

- How long are we going to be here?
- For a week.

We only have a week's vacation.

What are we gonna do
fora whole week?

Have some fun.

- Does Mom know we're here?
- Yes, it was her idea that we come.

You're tired, aren't you?

Good night, Dad.

Louie ...?

- What are you drawing?
- You.

- Shouldn't we do something together?
- Yeah.

Let's play ... Hey, wait here.
I'll be right back.

Look at this ...

Let's catch mice.

Dad? Did you play this
with your father, too?


- What did you play, then?
- He never played with me.

- What is it you're thinking?
- We're gonna win, Dad.

Sure. You always win.

Watch your fingers.

Well, okay. Are you ready?

And promise me
not to run down to the water.

Stay in the garden
and around the house, okay?

- Okay.
- Are you ready?

One ... two ...

... two-and-a-half ... three!

Pirate mice!
Where are you?

I'm gonna get you!

Mice ...?

Are you hiding?

Where are you?

Are you hiding?

Louie, did you go in here?

Louie ...?

Louie, is that you?


May I take twice as much juice,
since we're on vacation?

Have you noticed anyone
in this house?

- Yes.
- A boy? A little boy?

- Yes.
- Where?


He's there, Dad.

He's right there.


- Was that one of your vampire tricks?
- Yeah.

So what are you gonna do now?
What are you gonna do now? Huh?

Here comes the zombie ...

Simon ...

Dad, are you going
to sleep in here every night?

No, just tonight.
I promise.

If you could choose,
who would you rather live with?

Why can't I keep on living
half the time with you, just like now?

Mom says
I have to live only with her.

That wasn't my decision.

They say ...
you'll feel more secure that way.

Who do you love more?
Mom or me?


- What about Mom?
- I love her, too.

You must know
who you love more.

Come ...

I'm sorry.


One shouldn't choose.

It's bedtime now.

A total of DKK 300,000
has been stolen in the 3 robberies.

If you have information,
you can call the police in Vejle -

- at 7643 1448.

There has also been a kidnapping.

A policeman is wanted
for kidnapping his son 5 days ago.

The reason is presumably that he
was denied full custody of his son.

Simon Haslundis ...

Hi, you little pirate.

You have to walk the plank.

We don't want you on our island.

I hope you can swim.

- Why did you move it?
- I've been out in the garden.

- Have you been in there?
- Nope.

- I don't want you to go in there.
- But it's still there, Dad.

Yes ...

What do you feel like doing today?

- I thought we were going home.
- No, no.

We've rented the house
for another week.

- Does Mom know?
- Yes.

She thought another week
was a real good idea.

We were supposed to visit
Grandma and Grandpa.

Yes ... well,
we just postponed the trip.

You must be hungry
Do you want some breakfast?

No, there's none left.

- What?
- There's no more food.

Why do I have to wear this dress?
I look like an old bitch.

- It's so the pirates don't snatch you.
- Then why aren't you wearing one?

You look fine in that dress.

- Call me Louise and I'll beat you up.
- Fair enough.

You stay right here.

- Entschuldigung!
- Bitte.

- Want a receipt?
- No, thanks.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.


Don't I know you?

Ich verstehe nicht.

No, you probably don't.

I thought you were
a guy I fucked last summer.

It was this German.
He had kind of a frankfurter cock.

You understand what I'm saying?

- Wetter. Ganz gut Wetter,ja?
- Ja ...

Frankfurter. You don't understand
me, so I can just say "frankfurter."

- Hey!
- Frankfurter ... Frankfurter!

- Hello ...?
- I'm off at 4:30.

- Then you can show me yours.
- Will you just keep quiet? How much?

Hello ...?

Ist es dein Portemoné?

Danke schön.

Danke schön.

- Auf Wiedersehen!
- Auf Wiedersehen.

Cookies, cookies, cookies ...!

You don't have to wear
that dress anymore.

Don't you like it?

Sure. Just don't let it become a
habit, if you know what I mean.

I don't know what you mean.

You don't look very masculine
in that dress.

- Can I sleep in it?
- No. Boys don't wear dresses.

No boys at all?

- Some faggots wear dresses.
- What's a "faggot"?

A faggot is a man who'd rather
be with men than women.

- Are we faggots, then?
- No, we're not.

Faggots have men as lovers.

It's also really icky,
being lovers with a girl.

What do I have to do
to get you to take that dress off?

Now you're a real policeman.

Simon, you're under arrest.

My little baby.

Is someone there ...?

Hello ...?


Nobody can see us.

We're invisible.

What'd I tell you?

Stay away from our island.

Dad! We're invisible!

- We two had a deal, remember?!
- Ow, Dad!

I'm sorry, Louie. I'm sorry ...
I'm sorry, Louie!

Louie ...?

Won't you let me come in, Louie?

Louie ...? I'm coming in now.

Do you have a telephone?

- Can I borrow it?
- Nope.

- C'mon, won't you be my ho'?
- Same to you, you pedophile.

- Give it up.
- Like hell I will!

Give it to me or I'll shoot you!

That's not a real gun.

If you tell anyone, I'll say you pissed
in your pants and then I'll shoot you.

- Hello, it's Pernille.
- Louie!

- Hello? Is it you, Simon?
- Louie ...!

Simon ...? Is he okay?

You realize what you've done?
You'll never see him again!

That was really fucking dumb ...

Louie ...!



I'm sorry.

Do you really want to go home?

If you really do, we will.

Are you sure?


I'm gonna win, Dad!

C'mon, Louie!
Areal policeman runs fast. Come on!

- C'mon, Louie, Dad's winning!
- I'm faster! You stay behind me!

Now I'm going to bury you, Dad.

I'm gonna catch you!

Louie ...


I recognize you, you know.

- That's why I put the towel over you.
- Did you see where my son went?

Yes, I gave him twenty kroner
for ice cream.

- What the hell are you doing?
- Get in the car.

Oh, it's you, Dad.
I thought you were pirates.

Does it taste good?

Sure ... Want a taste, Dad?

- What's that on your head?
- It's so no one will recognize him.

Are you mad at me, Dad?


I just have to pick up
some stuff here.

What kind of stuff?

Just some clothes.

- You aren't a pirate, are you?
- No.

'Cause then
we'd have to shoot you.

But I'm a buccaneer!

Get it?
It was only a joke.

They're the same thing ...
Pirates and buccaneers.

What the hell is she doing?

Duck down.

- What the hell are you doing, Merete?
- Nothing ...

- You're burning my clothes!
- Kim told me to.

- You do whatever that clown says?
- I'm the one who lives here now.

- Have you found a new place to live?
- Yeah, I have, as a matter of fact.

Look ... It's not my fault
that he dumped you.

Maybe 'cause I found you
fucking him in that car?

- Aw, you guys were a little ...
- A little what?

- A little incompatible.
- Says who?

Says Kim.

Fuck both of you!
I just want my photo album!

It was the first thing
he threw in the oil drum.

Did he burn my photo album?

You're not being serious, are you?

- I'm sorry ...
- Sorry about what?!

- That wasn't very cool ...
- But you just did it! Do you realize ...

Fuck you both!

Kim ...!

Kim ...! Kim, for fuck's sake!
She's burning up the car!

Turn that music down, man!

Kim ...!

Then I'll go to the cops and say
it was you who blew up the car.

To the right, here?

Next time.

Wasn't this house confiscated
by the tax authorities?

I thought you were
some undercover cop -

- but you're just
a paper-pusher in an office.

What are you doing?

We have to conceal the car,
don't we?

Can't you help me, Louie?

Go over on the other side
and grab this.

It's real heavy.


What do you plan on doing here?

You owe me a favor.

You can't live here.

- It's okay with you, isn't it?
- Yeah.

A Bang & Olufsen!

I think it would be best for all of us
if you found somewhere else to live.

God, it's disgusting. Ugh!

Do you only eat canned food?

- What's your favorite dish?
- Spaghetti and franks.

- Should we have it tonight?
- Yeah!

No, that's not possible. We don't have
franks and we don't have spaghetti.

Don't worry, Dad,
she'll go buy some.

- Shouldn't we move on?
- What about our dinner?

Finish drawing so we can pack.

Shouldn't we wait
till she comes back?

- Dad ...?
- Yes?

- Am I a pedophile?
- Where have you heard that?

- What is it?
- It's a man who likes little boys.

- Are you a pedophile, then?
- No, I'm not.

- But you like me.
- I love you because you're my son.

That's something else, altogether.

was your father a pedophile?

How old were you when he died ...?
There she is! There she is!

Now we can survive
for a whole year.

- There's a bathing pier, too.
- A bathing pier?

- We can't go down there.
- Why not?

- Because of the crocodiles.
- The crocodiles?

I just don't want Louie
running down to the water.

- He's afraid of the water.
- Afraid of the water?

- He won't use the public pool, either.
- That's enough, Louie ...

But you are afraid, Dad.

I'm not afraid of water.

Louie, you stay here!

Hurry up, Louie, he's coming!

- Come on, he's coming now!
- Don't go in the water!

- It's okay, Dad.
- Don't go in the water!

Wanna come?

- I don't want you going in the water.
- Then you'll have to catch us!

Last one in's a rotten egg, Louie.
Last one in's a rotten egg!


Time to jump in, Louie!


Jesus, you're pathetic!

Simon ...


get the boat over here!

Simon! Come here!

- May I ask you something?
- Fire away.

- What's your name, actually?
- Angelique.

Why'd you come back here?

Why'd you come back, Simon?
Didn't you live in this house before?

- Before those rich pigs renovated it.
- No, I've never lived here.

It's the last place in the world
I'd use as a hide-out.

Have you lived here before?

No, Louie, I haven't.

Eat your Frankfurters,
Mr. Policeman, Jr.

- We'll interrogate you later.
- Shut your mouth, bitch!

What'd you call me?
Are you ticklish?

- Help, Dad!
- Get back here!

- Help, Dad, help ...
- Now you're gonna be sorry!


Don't you want dessert?

What are you gonna do now?
Are you finished?

You faggot!

- I said stay away from the loft space!
- That hurts, Dad! Stop!

You're staying in here
until you learn to behave.

Louie's asleep. Are you okay?

I'm sorry.

You have to learn
not to get so angry.

You're right.

Stop, Angelique ... Stop ...

Stop, Angelique ... Stop ...

Good morning.

Don't worry,
Louie was waiting in the car.

- Louie, would you go back inside?
- No.


- What are you trying to do?
- That hurts!

- What do you want from me?
- Stop it! Stop, Simon!

What the hell are you doing?

I'm just trying to have this last bit
of time with my son, with no problems.

- You can't hide him here forever.
- You don't understand ...

I'm just trying to have this last time
with my son, without problems!

Then you show up
and want to play house.

Maybe I haven't been
a very good husband -

- and she has every reason
in the world to take him from me -

- but I've been a good father.

I've always been a good father,
because I love him ...

... but I'm not my father!

I'm not like him!
You don't understand anything!

He doesn't do it on purpose. He gets
mad sometimes and loses control.

He doesn't mean it.

Don't you miss your mother?

I love my dad.

You're sweet.

You have soft lips.

I'm leaving now, Louie.


Why do you have to leave?

Because Simon doesn't want me
to be here anymore.

Are you planning
to leave Angelique behind?

I'm staying here.

- You're coming with me.
- No, I wanna go home to Mom!

You will, don't worry.
But not just yet.

When do I get to go
to Jutland with Mom?

She says we have to buy
new furniture for my room.

When's that
supposed to happen, huh?

You're on vacation with me
at the moment!

Jesus Christ, Dad!Awesome!

- What now?
- We're gonna ride a motorcycle!

A motorcycle?

Angelique ...?

- Hi, Lars.
- What the hell are you doing here?

I didn't really have
anywhere else to live.

What the hell are you doing here?

- I just told you.
- This is confiscated property.

Drop that cop bullshit.

Were you the one
who called us about the kidnapping?

Are you just jerking us around,
or what?

I think they're upstairs.

Get back downstairs.

This is the police!

Get downstairs ...

Come in, station.
Emergency on Basnæs Way.

Suspect Simon Haslund
is possibly in the house.

Request reinforcements.
1981, over!

Request for reinforcements.

Suspect Haslund
possibly on Basnæs Way.

Car 1238 is available.

Car 1238 to Basnæs Way
immediately. Over.

I was only kidding, Lars.

- It was only a joke, Lars.
- What?

There's no one here.

Do you think this is funny?

I was just remembering
that beach party ...

That was a mistake.
It only happened that one time.

Don't you get it?
I have a wife and child.

As if you didn't want to fuck me.

Pack your shit and get out of here.

Pull yourself together ... before you
end up like we all figured you would.

Come in, Station.
New situation, 1981. False alarm.

- Hey, Angelique, we're ...
- Quiet, Louie!

I hate you, Dad!
You wreck everything!

Louie ...?


"Fisherman Found Dead"

I hate my dad.


I should have killed him!
He's on his way back here now!


Simon! Come here!

- Help me, Dad!
- Simon!

Don't ...!

Simon! Come here ...! Simon!

Simon! Come out!

Simon! Come out now!

I'm gonna kill you!
I'm gonna kill you!

Go away, Dad!

Simon ...! Simon ...!

I'm gonna kill you!
I'm gonna kill you!

Don't be afraid.

Give me the gun.

Nothing's going
to happen to you, darling.

- I'm sorry, Dad.
- Don't worry, it's only blood.

Simon ...

Don't be afraid,
it's only a bullet wound. I'm alright.

- But we have to call an ambulance.
- No, don't call an ambulance.

- But you're bleeding.
- It's not serious.

Would you mind finding
something to stop the bleeding?

- I'm sorry.
- Don't cry, darling.

I'm sorry, Dad.

If I pass out, just keep
holding it in where it's bleeding.

Simon ... Simon!

- Dad!
- Simon!


Louie ...?

Dad ...

I shot you.

- That's right.
- Do you hate me now?

No, of course I don't.

Is our vacation over now?


- Dad?
- What, darling?

When will we see
each other again?

It'll be awhile.

Yes, I know ...

But we'll see each other again,
won't we?

Yes. Absolutely.

You just go back to sleep, darling.

It's stopped bleeding.

I did the best I could.

That's good.

Have you slept well?

Don't be afraid. Come ...

We're driving you home
to your mother now, okay?

Do you know
where your father is?

"l love you, Louie ...

... more than anything
in the world ...

... until we see each other again.

"Kisses from Angelique.
Spaghetti and franks forever!"

Subtitles: Steve Schein
Dansk Video Tekst

- Can you handle it, Simon?
- Yeah, I'm okay.