Echo (1997) - full transcript

Twin brothers (dual role by Wagner) are separated at birth after their parents are killed in a car accident. One grows up to have a good and successful life with loving foster parents and a beautiful wife, and the other grows to be a disturbed young man who now plans to achieve the perfect life by stealing his brother's.

(engine starts up)

Dad, are we there yet?

Not quite, sweetheart.
We'll be home before long.

You guys want to sing
to pass the time?


Hey, you wanna sing, Max?

Yeah? Steven, you wanna sing?

-I can sing.
-Yeah. Do you wanna sing?


* (all singing London Bridge
is Falling Down ) *

* (singing continues) *


(brakes screeching)


I'm Dr. Klein. Uh, you are...

I'm Len Jordan,
uh, Luke's brother.

My wife, Ruth.

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan,

I'm not quite sure
how to say this, but...

...both Luke and Helen, as well
as their daughter Jennifer

-didn't survive the crash.

What about the boys?
What about Max and Steven?

Well, Max is undergoing
some routine tests

but it looks as though
he's going to be fine.

Steven, on the other hand,
is in critical shape.

He suffered massive
cranial damage

-and he's currently comatose.


Is he going to live?

Well, the next 48 hours are
going to be very critical but...

if he does survive,

he's going to need
multiple operations.

There's also the chance

that Steven might be
mentally impaired

as a result of his injuries.

I'm afraid he's going
to need long-term

possibly even permanent, care.

Dr. Klein: I'm very sorry...

Well, I, uh,
better get back and see them.

I'll let you know as soon as
there's any change.

(receding footsteps)

(distraught sobbing)

(thunder rumbles)




I'm coming.


Congratulations, sweetheart.

Oh, I couldn't have done it
without you.


So, now what do you think?

Well, I think it's brilliant.


In fact,
I think it's so brilliant

Harry's only gonna make me
rewrite it five times.

Well, we hate him.

-(doorbell rings)

Now, who could that be?

(chair creaks loudly)

(thunder rumbles)

Ruth: Oh, for goodness sake.

It's Max.

(door opens)

Ruth: Honey, look at you...

Come in. Take your coat off.

Maxwell, my boy.

You're just in time
to help us celebrate.

Take your coat off and sit down.

So, we're celebrating.

You must've finished
your new novel.

Len: You bet your boots, I did.

Great. What's it called?

(both chuckle)

Very funny, Max.

"Very funny."

So it's a comedy?

Oh, "a comedy."
Would you listen to him?

(both chuckle)

Max, is everything all right?

Max: "Is everything all right?"

(thunder rumbles)

(giggles dryly)


...why wouldn't it be?

You know...

There's something I've been
meaning to talk to you about.

(thunder rumbles)

(multiple gunshots)

Man: I'm always amazed at people
that seem to know

the right thing to say
at a time like this.

I don't know if there are
any words that can

really make sense out of
what's happened.

So... I'd like to borrow
from Uncle Len's writing... eulogize them.

"Death is never cruel
to its recipient.

But to those who are left
with a piercing memory,

a sting that soon softens
into the numbness..."

Uncle Len, I'll never understand
why this happened...

...but I want you to know that
in my heart...

...I forgive you.

Stu: Thanks for having us,

Oh, of course, Stu.

-Whatever we can do for you.
-Oh, thank you.

That's very nice.

Remember, we're family
and we're here for you.

-You take care, Liv.
-Oh, Stu, thanks for coming.

-Very nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.

-Bye bye.
-Bye bye, now.

Stu: Bye.

I hate that name.

Why did he call me that?

You know,
she didn't bother me so much,

it was just the...
the friends she brought along.

-Oh, Tess--
-The two friends seemed kinda

-nice to me.
-Oh, nice, fabulous people.

I just hope Macy's isn't
missing that mannequin.

-Oh, gosh.

Yeah, we do a lot
of weird things

in our lives but
a post funeral party

has got to be the strangest.

Well, you know,
it's a good excuse to have

a few drinks.

You don't need an excuse.

-I mean,

all those people needing to
tell us everything that they

really wanted to say to Uncle
Len but never got a chance to.

Well, you know,
people need closure.

It's their way
of tying things up

so they can get on
with their lives.

No extra baggage,
no unresolved issues.

Mm, I love it when you

-talk dirty like that.
-Uncle Len...

Why would he do something
like this?

I mean, him, of all people?

Well he did suffer
from depression.


it couldn't have been that bad.

Tess: Well, sometimes the downs
can be so intense

that they can push even
nonviolent people to extremes.

Tess, you knew him...
and do you really think

he could've done something
like this?

Well, no one really
could've known.

-You know, it's--
-What did the note say?

If you don't mind me asking.

It said:

"In a perfect world there is

no illness,

no suffering,

no pain.

No disappointment.

No fear.
No emptiness.

But this world is not
a perfect one.

And I am not
who I appear to be."

(pants lightly)

Woman: Are you coming to bed?


Good night.

Do you feel like talking?


I love you.

(siren sounds in distance)

God bless you.

-Hi, boss.

How ya holding' up?

Good, good.
Thanks for being there.

Oh, please... I mean, you should
have taken the day off.

No choice. We got too much
going on around here.

Oh, yeah. The lovely
and talented Stu Fishman

-wants to see us when we get in.

-Are you in?

I'm sure he just wants
to give you the old:

"We're really sorry about
the tragedy.

We hope this won't affect
your work performance?" bit.

I mean, let's face it.

The guy's got
a gold-plated heart.

-Are you ready for these?
-I just saw the weirdest thing.

On my way in,
there was this old guy...

A homeless guy.

And he had this sign
around his neck that said,

"Why lie? I need a drink."

I gave him 20 bucks.

You gave a complete stranger
20 dollars?

Yeah, but it...
it's not about the money.

This guy was just out there

in front of everyone.

Just kind of... naked.

-Well, not...

Not physically naked,
just... vulnerable.

Like he was exactly
the same on the inside

as he is on the outside.

He had no secrets.
He had nothing to hide.

Did you hit your head
on the way to work today?

What were you saying about
a gold-plated heart?

Oh, no. I'm kidding.
I love that story.

-I do.

Let's go.

(phone rings)

Uh, let me get that
and I'll be there in a sec.

Max Jordan's office.

What do you suggest we do, Stu?

Don't pay out on the Shane
account and stall on the loan.

I've crunched the numbers.
This is the best that I can do.

Well, crunch 'em again.

As for you,

you'd better
come through on Russo.

Now, we all know you've been
through a hell of an ordeal

the last few days,

but to close this deal
I need you at 200 percent.

I'm having dinner with him

in a couple nights.
I'm sure I'll sign him.

(knocking on door)

Oh, good.
Come on in, sweetheart.

Have a seat.

Max, I want you
to take Scarlett along.

Excuse me?

Take her along
to this Russo dinner.

She's a good looking girl.
Russo's a pig.

I think he'd appreciate
a little eye candy.

He'll go gaga over her.

Don't worry.
It'll be fun.

And with the money
we make off Russo,

I'll be able to bring Stu up
on sexual harassment charges.


Max: You know
I stand to bring in

a couple million bucks
for this company.

What is he talking about
200 percent?

Didn't you get the memo?

Look, nobody knows about this

but we got about three months
of operating costs left

-in our account.
-What are you talking about?

Every deal Stu has gotten us
into has tanked.

I can't tell you how much we
lost on the Marina deal alone.

Look, I don't want to be
the bearer of bad news.

But if you don't pull out Russo,

we're gonna be
on the streets by June.

-Hey, listen. Listen.

Come here.

Don't feel the pressure.
I got faith in you. All right?

Woman (over phone):

Olivia Jordan for Ruth Jordan.

(door buzzes)

(monitor bleeps steadily)

(air pumping)


How are you?

Don't think for a second
that I'd let a day go by

without us doing
the crossword puzzle together.

Let's see...

One across.

Three letter word for
"the ancient god of fertility."

What do you think?


That's what I thought.

Fourteen across.

"Rayed flower."

(holds back tears)
Um, five letters.


Max: I went by Aunt Ruth's
and Uncle Len's.

Olivia: Why didn't you call me?
I would have met you there.

What would you say if I told you

I wanted to start looking for
another job?

Maybe start my own business
with Jackson?

Are you serious?

Yes. Yes, I'm very serious.

I've... I don't think I can work
for Stu Fishman anymore.

I mean, he screws up, we fix it.
We'd be better off on our own.


Are you sure you're not
overreacting to things?

No. I'm not gonna do
anything drastic.

It's just that
I wanna get on with it.

I wanna make
every minute count.

You know,
you're all I have left...

...and I love you.

I love you, too.

And I think
we should have children.


I just...

..think we should, uh,

start thinking about
having a family.

Do you mean that?

I'm not sure actually.
I don't--

No, Max! Max!


You mean that, don't you?

Let's start now.

-Yes. Now.

-I... I just got home.

You'd do it if you're not home?

(both laugh)


-Max: Good morning, Scarlett.
-Scarlett: Good morning.

I need you to make that

for the Russo dinner
at eight o'clock

-at Le Dejeuner.
-Mm, pretty swank.

Well, only the best
for Mr. Russo.

Listen, Scarlett,

I know that
you don't want to do this--

Well, we both know
you're nothing without me.


I didn't want to have to be
the one to say that.


before you get carried away,

Mr. Fishstick sent you
some email.

He's in Dallas
for a couple of days

and he wants you to check out
a property for him.

320 East 54th Street,
apartment 4B.

East 54th?

That's across the street
from my apartment.

Said you gotta be there
at three o'clock.

The keys are at the apartment.

Max: That's not even
a commercial space.

Hey, don't shoot the messenger.


I'm gonna kill him.

When I'm done killing him,
I want you to kill him.

Love to...

as long as I still
get the free meal.

(door closes)

(siren wails in distance)

(loud creaking)



(siren wails in distance)

Welcome home, Max.



(shutter clicks)

(shutter clicking)

Oh, I'm sorry.
Did I wake you?


Nasty little bump, huh?


We gotta keep you well-fed,
you know.

Okay, simple ground rules.

It's kind of like
This Is Your Life.

Now when I take off the tape,

you're to remain
completely silent.

If I ever hear you yell, scream,
cry or lie,

I'll kill someone near
and dear to you.

It's really very simple.

Shall we begin?

Who are you?

I'm your brother.

I don't have a brother.

Well, that's what Ruth and Len
told you but they're liars.

And that's why they're dead.

Ruth's still alive.

Well, that's true.
I did leave her alive.

But she's a veg.
And I'd choose death

over a veg any day,
wouldn't you?

She's living on borrowed time
in a lonely hospital room

just like I did.

Did that sound poetic to you?


This must be all
very confusing to you.

The truth is,
I know everything about you.

You're married to the beautiful
and gorgeous creative designer,


And what is with this
realty company, Max?

I mean, you hate your boss,
you like your job.

I mean, the things
that I've watched...

Still, you live in a beautiful
apartment across the street.

I know who your friends are.

(photo hits floor)

What you like to drink.

(photo hits floor)

What you like to eat.

(photo hits floor)

And how much money
is in that checking account.

(photo hits floor)

How do you know all this?

Because I'm good, Max.
I'm very, very good.

But as good as I am,
there's still some things

I don't know about.

See, that's where you come in.

You're gonna tell me all the
intimate details of your life.

Hell, we got a lot of
catching up to do!

You know, it really is
good to see you.

Now, question number one.

What's on the Jordan schedule
for tonight?


You almost gave me
a heart attack.

-I'm sorry. Sorry...

Hey, where's the wine?

-Oh, the wine!

I forgot. I'm sorry.

-I completely forgot.
-That's all right.

We'll pick some up on
the way downtown.

I'll be ready in a minute.

Steven (as Max): Come on.
Let's have a little wine,

-shall we?
-Jackson: A lot of wine.

-This is really good--
-Thank you--

What is it?

I think this is called... white.

-Oh, Max--
-Ever the connoisseur.

Honey, would you
make the toast please...


To the two of you
leaving Chariot

and starting your own agency.

(chuckles nervously)
Excuse me?

Did you forget to
tell me something, Jacks?


I guess you
didn't tell them yet.

That would be correct.

Ah. Well, here's to
world peace then--

Oh, not so fast.

When did this come about?

Just something
I've been thinking about.

Well, I think it's a great idea.
Stu Fishman is a disaster.

Hear, hear!

-What do ya think?


I don't know what to think.

Well, let's let Jacks have his
little breakdown and, uh,

you and I can
go do some girlie things.

It's gonna be fine, Jackson.

Steven: Jackson...

Tess: I brought something
special for you.

Now, let me understand this.

You want to leave Chariot
and start our own company?

If I sign Russo...

-...he goes where we go.
-Russo is--

is one guy!

I mean, it's
a little risky starting

a company with one client.

We won't though.

Don't you think that

the clients that you've
established are gonna follow you

if you open your own place?

Jacks, think about all the work
you've put in.

Now, how many years
have you been there now?

-Exactly, eight years.

I've been there five.
It's time that--

-Four, five--

It feels like a lifetime
and you know it.


Do you want to work for
Stu Fishman

for the rest of your life?

What do ya think?

I think it's crazy...

...but I wish
I would've thought of it.


Oh, I wanna warn you.

It's "halibut a la Jackson."


Boy, Max sure seems
in a good mood tonight.

I thought we'd have to spend
the evening cheering him up.

Olivia: I don't know
what's gotten into him.

Mm, well, who knows?

A month from now it could hit
him like a ton of bricks.

Then he'll get into that lovely

"anger, bargaining,
depression, guilt..."

I can hardly wait.

Tess: Well,

you just let him go
at his own pace.

You prepare yourself
'cause it's gonna rock him.

(Steven and Max

(gasping, groaning)

You okay?


(siren wails in distance)

Are you okay?

Yeah, why wouldn't I be?

I don't know.

It was just...

very intense.

Good intense or bad intense?


Good intense.


Definitely good intense.

It must've been the wine.

In that case,

you better pick up
a lot for next weekend.





(breathes heavily)




Hi, honey.

(muffled groans)


-Olivia: Is that you? Max?

(muffled groans)


(muffled groaning)

-(line goes dead)

(phone ringing)

Max Jordan's office.

Olivia: Scarlett, is Max in?

Oh yeah, hon. He's right here.
Just a sec.




Why'd you hang up on me?

Hang up on you?

Well, I just got a call
on my private line

but they hung up.
So I assumed it was you.


No, it wasn't me.

Ah, it must've been
a wrong number.

So, what are you
doing right now?

Besides thinking about
last night, nothing much.


I had a buyer cancel on me
so I have the afternoon free.

Steven: The afternoon free...

(clicks tongue)

Meet you back at the apartment
in 45 minutes?

Well, actually I was thinking

this was a really good time
for us to go to the hospital

-to visit Aunt Ruth.
-No. No, I can't.

Well, I thought you said
you had nothing to do.

I don't.

I do, actually.
I actually have a lot to do.

Uh, the Russo situation
has everything, sort of,

piled up here

and I have to take
care of this this afternoon.

You know, you haven't
visited her this week.

I know. I know I haven't
but I will.

I will see her.

It's just, uh...

There's just too much
to do this afternoon.

-I'm sorry.

All right. Look, um,
it's no big deal.

I'll go myself.

Well, give her
a big kiss for me.



(phone clatters)

(phone clatters)


I'm gonna be gone
for the rest of the day.

If my wife calls,

tell her that I'm in a meeting,
all right?

Thank you.

(phone ringing in background)

(footsteps approaching)


(phone bleeps)

(phone bleeps)

Very good.

You're smarter than
I thought you were.

Good genes.

Don't you hate it when
these things die so fast?

You're starting to hate me
a bit by now, aren't you?

But you see,
hating me only means that

you hate yourself.

One thing you'll learn
from this experience is that

I've been living inside of you
every single day

of your entire life.

Every jab, every insult,
every murderous thought

that you wouldn't allow
yourself to have

was me letting you know
that I'd be back.

That it would all be mine...

The wife, the friends,
Uncle Len's money.

It's all going to be mine.

Look at me.

I said look at me!

"Man stares into the abyss.

And what does he see?

He sees me, my brother.

He sees me."

Feel better?



Why are you doing this to me?


Because Maxwell
got the charmed life

and Steven was tossed from
foster home... nuthouse.

Oh, bro, the stories
I could tell you.

You know, I spent
my first two years

in the hospital.

I mean, that wasn't too bad.

And then they moved me into
a huge room with 20 other kids.

Now that was very uncomfortable.

My first foster father used to
love to sneak into bed with me

on those cold winter nights.

And he told me he was gonna burn
the bottom of my feet

with a cigarette
if I told anyone.

Do you know my second
foster mother broke my jaw

with a telephone receiver?

What a mother.

But that's all in the past, Max.

We're gonna learn about you.

You're never gonna
get away with this.

Oh, I already
passed the big test...

Sex with Olivia.

-Oh, yes indeedy!

The proof's all in the pudding.


Don't make me kill you.

Not just yet anyway.

We got a lot of work to do.

I don't believe that
you were with her.

Well, maybe we can make it
so you will.

Finish your lunch, Max.

So this means lunch is over?

I guess you gotta sit down now.

You can't pull this off.

You'll never beat me.



I need to know everything, Max.

How you scraped your knee
when you were 12 years old.

How old you were when you
pitched your first no-hitter.

I wanna know when
you lost your virginity

and with whom,

and if you've ever seen
that young man again.

Just kidding.

Then again, maybe not.

That's what I gotta know.

You're insane.

That's what they tell me, Max.

But if we'd been sitting
on different sides of the car,

you'd be standing here
instead of me.

Luck of the draw.

Max, I really need to know
about your relationship

with our wife.

You know, favorite
restaurants, anniversaries.

Do you have any kind of

name you call her?


-Her nickname's Liv.

Well, all right!

All right, now we're
getting somewhere!

You see,
I knew this would be fun!

Max, you've got
the best ticket in town.

You get a front row seat
to your own life.

You get to watch me...

...become you.



I'm so surprised you're home.

Yeah, I brought my work home.

Didn't want to be stuck
in the office too late.

Oh, did you get any dinner?

Yeah, I got a pizza from Tony's.

Oh, Tony's?

You hate that place.

You know, it's just a pizza.
You want some?

No, thanks.
I'm too tired to eat.

How'd it go at the hospital?

Okay, I guess.

Well, really the same.

Maybe we should
prepare for the inevitable.

The doctor says she's
probably not gonna make it.

I'll go by and see her tomorrow.


And I, uh...

saw some photographs.

And there's one
I'd never seen before.

It was of your Mom and your Dad,
you and your sister, Jennifer,

and then there
was this little boy.


Oh, that's a neighborhood kid,
Steven. Yeah.

I wonder what happened to him.

He looks a lot like you.


That's what
everybody used to say.

I find it odd they'd keep
this particular photo.

Well, it's probably the only one
that my Dad was smiling in.

Hey, it's so cold in here.

Would you close that window
for me over there?

-I'm freezing.

Would you?


-Aren't you cold?


What? I'm just a little chilly.

-Don't you feel it?

they're beautiful.

" Dear Liv,

have I told you lately
how much I love you?"

More than words can say.

You're supposed to say,

"more than you could
possibly imagine."

Well, I guess it
has been a while.


I love you, too.

You know,

these roses remind me of the
ones that you bought me

for our honeymoon.

Remember how you took off
all the petals?

And then...

And then we made love
on a bed of roses...

I want you right here.

Right here by the window.


You sure are quiet today.

Nothing to say about
last night? Hmm?

Did you enjoy the performance?

I think I knocked her socks off.

(Steven chuckles)

I gotta tell you, bro,

I'm really starting
to enjoy our wife.

You know, just
between the two of us...

...I think she likes me.

I never thought that
I could be involved with a woman

who's so beautiful, smart,


You know, if she's
as good at her job

as she is in the sack,

we got a winner.

Oh, by the way, Max.

You know that restaurant
you told me I liked so much.


Well, rumor has it that
I don't like it.

Now that would be
considered a lie, hmm?

And I'm warning you, Max,

if you do it again...

if you give me any other

bad information...

I'm gonna make you bleed.

Or better yet...

Someone close to you bleeds.

You understand what I'm saying?

Good. Now...

Is there anything else
you wanna tell me?


Is there any other

bad information
that you want to...

...fess up to?


Everything I've told you
is true.



(monitor bleeps steadily)

(air pumping)

Nurse: Mrs. Jordan?

It's okay, Mrs. Jordan.
It's okay. It's okay.

You're in the hospital.
You're on a respirator.

I know. I know it's
a bit uncomfortable

but we're trying
to make you all better.

Calm down. Stay...
Settle down.

It's okay.

It's okay...

(groans faintly)

Oh, let me see what I can find.
Let me see what I can find.

Here, try this.

Oh, of course, honey.
I'll get him for you. I promise.

(groans in terror)

(phone ringing)





Yeah. Thank you! Thank you!

Max! Max!

That was the hospital.

Aunt Ruth came to last night.

She wants to see you!

She came to?

Yeah! She's out of her coma.
She's sleeping now.

We can go visit her
this afternoon.


Honey, I can't
go this afternoon.

It's just a nightmare
at the office.

But she wants to see you.

I'm sure she wants
to talk to you.

Well, I want to talk to her
and I want to see her, too,

but I have meetings scheduled
all afternoon today.


Listen, why don't we
let her rest today, huh?

Let her build her strength back
and we'll see her tomorrow.

-I'll call you later.

-Have a good day.



(elevator bell dings)

-Good afternoon.

Can I show you something, sir?

I'm looking for something
for an anniversary.

Well, did you have anything
particular in mind?

No, not really.

Well, may I suggest
these earrings.

They would make
a beautiful anniversary gift.


Do you think you
could try these on

so I could see them?

-Thank you.

-Woman: Put it in a box for me.
-Man: All right.

It matches my
necklace perfectly.

Man: There you are.
Thank you so much for coming.

Well, what do you think?

Very nice.

Shall I wrap these
up for you then?

That matches better.

-Like right there.
-All right. Okay...

-(phone ringing)
-Okay. Want me to get that?


Olivia Jordan's.
May I help you?

Steven: Hello, Marge.
Is my wife in?

It's for you.


Well, hello.

What are you doing?

-Right now?
-No, next August.

Max, what's going on?

Well, why don't
you take a little walk

to your window and see.

-Not too shabby, huh?
-Oh, Max.

You closed the Russo deal!

Better. Better.

What could be better
than closing the Russo deal?

Would you just get
down here, please?

I'm paying by the hour.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

Marge, will you, uh,
close up for me, okay?


-Olivia: What is all this?
-Steven: This is a toast,

because three years ago today
I asked you to marry me.

And I have been...

...miserably happy ever since.

Three years ago today?

Mm-hmm. March 20th.

April 20th.

Well, that's not
what I remember.

Max, I'm telling you,
it was April 20th.

Remember the baseball game?
We were incredibly cold

but you insisted that
we get ice cream,

so I did.
And then when I opened the lid

that's where I found the ring,
stuck in the ice cream.

Does that ring
any bells for you?

Don't you remember that?

Sorta. Yeah...

Remember how amazed we were

that the ice cream vendor
didn't steal the ring?


Baseball season doesn't
even start till April, Max.


I... I don't ...

I don't know what to say.

I guess that means that you,

uh, probably won't be
wanting this then, huh?



Oh, it's beautiful.

Oh, Max...

Can we afford this?

Baby, after tomorrow night,

you'll never have to ask
that question again.

-Good evening.

-Reservations for...

You're Max, right? Max Jordan?

-You're Stu Fishman's friend?

Right. Right. Right.

Why don't I show
you to your table?

Thank you.

Stu Fishman's friend?

(piano music plays
in background)

-Hostess: Enjoy your dinner.
-Thank you.

Olivia: So, you came here
with Stu Fishman?

Yeah, we had a
quick drink after work.

Why didn't you tell me about it?

I didn't think it was
worth mentioning.

Max, the guy sneezes at work
and you tell me about it.

Well, I guess I forgot.

-Does it matter?
-No. It's just

you can't stand him.

You never socialize with him...

You're even talking about
leaving the company

and all of a sudden
you're drinking buddies?

It was one drink.

All right.
I'm gonna come clean with you.

I'm seeing Stu Fishman.
I think it's serious.


What is the big deal?

Ah, come on, Liv.

This is supposed to be
a celebration, remember?

Of what?

The two year and eleven month
anniversary of our engagement?

And why do you keep
calling me Liv all the time?

You know how much I hate that.

I screwed up the date.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Please, that's not
what I'm talking about.


...maybe it's me...

...but ever since
Uncle Len died,

you've been acting like
a different person.

Len and Ruth were happy, hmm?
They had it all.

The next thing we know,

he shoots himself
and she's in the hospital.

That is a tragedy,
and you and I both know that.

It's also a reality.
And we must face that!

Now I am not gonna sit around

for the rest of my life
and be miserable.

And if you think I am,

well maybe you don't
know me very well at all.

I'm going back to the apartment.

(door slams)

You screwed me
on the anniversary, Max.

It's April 20th.

No, no. It's April.

Not March, not May, but April.

I just went through a
whole argument about it.

And she hates the name Liv, too.

Or are you too stupid to
remember that?

It's gonna cost you, Max.

Remember our deal?

Any mistakes you make,

someone you care
about dies? Hmm?

Remember that?

(siren wails in distance)

Who do you think it
might be? Hmm?

Well, you'll have plenty
of time to ponder that.

If I get a chance
I'll take some photos.

We can play a little
show and tell.

(indistinct chatter
in background)

(alarm blaring)

Man: Get dressed.
Let's go!

Woman (over tannoy):
Code blue, Unit One.

Code blue, Unit One.

(indistinct conversations
in background)

Woman: I'm right behind you.
Let's go.

(indistinct, overlapping

(alarm stops)

(monitor bleeping steadily)

(knocking at door)

Did you call
the hospital back?

No, not yet.

You should.
It sounded important.

Hey, Max,
I just got off the phone

with Russo and he's
throwing numbers at me.

I don't know
whether he's talking about

triple net deal,
gross lease or what.

What's the story?

I haven't had time to
hammer out those details yet.

Not according to
the last contract I typed.

-Well, which is...?
-Triple net.

Well, it better be because
that's a deal-breaker.

No, it's definitely triple net.
Don't worry.

I worry. I get paid to worry.

Otherwise Stu comes down on me
about worrying all the time--

Scarlett's right.
It's been triple net all along.

I'll call Russo on it.


(phone ringing)

I'll get that.

Max Jordan's office.

Uh, Scarlett, it's Olivia.

Oh, hey, hon. How are ya?

Uh, Ruth...
Ruth died.

Can you put Max on?

It's Olivia.

I'll be outside.

Hey, what's going on?

Max, I... I...

What is it? What's wrong?

It's Ruth.

I just got a call
from the hospital...

She died in her
sleep last night.

Oh, no.

She had some kind of arrest.

But they said
she was getting better.

Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.

You wanna meet me
back at the house?

No, I can't.


I have the Russo
meeting tonight.

Well, I--

I'm sure he'd understand
if you canceled.


This is very important,
and you know that.


I know this seems a bit unusual
but I have to make this dinner.

Now, I'll talk to you
when I get home. All right?



(phone bleeps)

(dial tone)

Oh, God...


(knocking on door)

Can I come in?


I'm sorry about Aunt Ruth.

-Are you alright?
-I'm fine.

-I'm worried about you.
-Well, don't worry. I'm fine.

I've been thinking about
making you a sign that says:

"Why lie? I need a friend."

-A what?
-Well, you know,

like the homeless guy?

Look, uh,

I know that you've been through
a lot lately.

But remember when you said that
man seemed naked and vulnerable?

No secrets. Nothing to hide.

Well, I think that's
you right now. And--


I don't think this is
the time to go into this.

I just hope you consider me
a friend. You know...

I mean, someone you can talk
to if you really need to--

I'd like you to go out

and close the door behind you.

Now this is a business,

I have work to do,
and you have work to do.

I assume you want me to
cancel the Russo dinner.

No. No, you can't do that.

It's too important.
You know that.

Yeah, um...



(dial tone)


(line ringing)

Scarlett (over phone):
Olivia, um, it's me.

We need to talk.

Something really weird's
going on with Max.

If you can,
would you try to meet me

tomorrow morning
at nine o'clock?

At the entrance to City Park.

Okay. Thanks. Bye.

(line goes dead)

Talk to me.

Oh, Tess...

I don't know where to start.

I feel like my whole
world is falling apart.

I don't even know why I'm here.

I mean, what, with Ruth's death
and all that's going on it's--

Don't beat yourself up.

You know what I really
can't figure out is

what is going on with Max.

Well, what happened last night?

We had this huge fight

at Carnegie's and
I walked out on him.

-Oh, no.
-Tess, I'm telling you,

even Scarlett thinks
he's been acting weird.

So what else?

Well you know when
you live with someone

a really long time and
there's certain things

you just know they wouldn't do?

Well, when Max and I
were first married,

I pointed out to him
in a crossword puzzle how

the letters LIV are the same as

-the Roman numeral 54.

And since we
live on 54th Street,

-Max started calling me Liv.

And then I told him how
much I hated that nickname,

and so he stopped.

And now...

Now he calls me Liv
all the time.

This may come off as sounding
like a bunch of psychobabble,

but it could be that the tragedy

has touched some part of his
unconscious that never

dealt with the deaths of
his parents and his sister.

And maybe for the first time,
he's actually dealing with it.

What should I do?

Well, it's not a quick fix.

Really, all you can do
is just talk to him.


(piano music plays faintly
in background)

You're gonna like this,

-Very nice. Thank you.
-Thank you.

Here's to good luck.


Here you are.

Hey, hey,

thanks for joining us.
Thanks for joining us--

-Max, how are ya?
-Good, good, good, Lar.

Hi, Larry Russo.
I love it.

You figured the presence of
a beautiful girl's gonna get me

to sign the contracts, right?

-What's your name, honey?

Scarlett. Really? Like, uh,
Gone With The Wind ?

(chuckles nervously)

Do you even work for the agency?

Of course.

No, the realty agency, honey.


-Scarlett's my assistant.
-It's okay, Max. I'm fine.

Yeah, relax, Max.
Who needs who's business here?

Right. Exactly.

I apologize.

Uh, speaking of business,

maybe we ought to get to that
before dinner, huh?

I brought the, uh,
contracts about the property.

They're fully executed,
and ready for your signature.

Yeah, those numbers are wrong.

-Excuse me?
-It's a gross deal,

not triple net.
I'm not signing anything.

Well, excuse me if I seem
confused but I was under

the assumption that these

were very clear all along.

I changed my mind.


How about that?

Meeting is over and we haven't
even heard the specials?

Scarlett, could you
give us a minute alone?

Oh, let her stay.

She's the best thing
you got going for you.

That's okay. I have to go
to the ladies room--

No, I'm--
I'm asking you to stay.

-Just for a minute.

This is how you
do business, Lar?

You know I know a lot about you.


I know who you are.
I know where you live.

You and your wife have the nice
five bedroom on Park South.

Got some cute kids there, too.

How old is Teddy now? Three?

-Good looking boy too.

You know...

...that little girl you've been

keeping in that apartment for
the last eight months?

She's pretty cute, too.

And surprisingly
young, too, Lar.

What is she,
about 18 or so?

These are the keys
to your house.

Don't ask me how I got them.
It's not important.

(keys slam on table)

I also have a set of keys
to your little girlfriend's

apartment but I'm sure I won't
have to use those.

You're crazy.

I'm gonna need you
to sign these contracts.

I told you,
those numbers aren't right.

Sign them.

What if I don't?

I'll kill you.

Here's a pen.

This'll never hold up in court.

You'll never live long enough
to get to court.

Dinner's over, Lar.

Scarlett: I can't believe
you signed Russo.

He was so adamant and
so disgusting.

Scarlett, you've gotta know
how to handle people like this.

Well, so what
did you say to him?

I told him I was gonna kill him.

Good for you!
Oh, God...

Come on, we've gotta go out

-and celebrate, don't we?
-Oh, I don't know. I'm--

-I'm kinda tired.

we've just signed Russo.

You know what that means?
Has that sunk into you yet?

-Uh, Max, I--
-I tell you what, we'll go up,

we'll call Olivia and maybe
she'll come out and meet us

for a drink. Huh?
Come on.


-We've gotta do something.
-All right.

Steven:...never seen anything
like it.

Scarlett: Yeah, right.

Uh, the phone's
right over there.

This is a nice place
here you got here.

I haven't changed anything
in the past two weeks.


Let's give Olivia a call.

What are you doing?

I wanna...

I wanna ask you something
and I want you to be...

I want you to be perfectly
honest with me.

-Have you ever thought about us?
-What do you mean?

I mean,

have you ever thought
about us...


Uh... uh, Max,
this is a bad idea.

We should just call it a night.

You're a very pretty girl.

Stop it. You're scaring me.

Well, what's there
to be afraid of?

I just wanna be with you.

-I think you should leave.
-What's the matter?

-Not interested in me?
-No, no. It's not that.

-It's just that you--
-If it was my brother

you'd probably be all over him?

You think he's pretty special,
don't you?

(cries out)





(screaming stops)


(shutter clicking)

Max's little girl...

(shutter clicking)

Steven's voice: Oh, that's
the neighborhood kid, Steven.

(keys jingling)


Still love me?


Yeah, of course...

Sure you do,

now that I'm filthy,
stinking rich.

You can't resist me, right?

You closed the Russo deal?

I closed the Russo deal.

So, how do you wanna celebrate?

I don't know.

You want to go out?


I'll call Tess and Jacks.

They'll be really happy--


I don't think so.

God, I want you.


You know, it's really
very difficult to choose.

In my opinion,
I think they're all great.

(line ringing)

Scarlett (over voicemail):
Hi. This is Scarlett.

I'm not home right now,

but leave your name
and number at the tone.


I'll tell you what,
Max, you be the judge, huh?

Oh, um,

I'm sorry about Aunt Ruth.


She was getting better.

Well, we just
couldn't have that.

Now, Max, as I told you,
I'm a man of my word, right?

And you did break the rules.

But if you can't
count on family,

who can you count on?


Well, Max.

I can have duplicates
made if you like. Hmm?

I don't think I've ever
seen Scarlett looking better.

Oh... well I'll go
get a few others.

Maybe you'll like those better.



-Max Jordan.
-(hangs up)

(dial tone)

Hey, Max, buddy.

-You got a moment?
-Sure, Stu.

-Yes, Stu?
-There he is!

He's the man!

There you go.

Max, I am so pleased about you
closing Russo last night.

You know how much we had riding
on this as a company.

You came through like a trooper.

Thanks, Stu.

-Thanks, Jacks.


I was gonna wait a while before
I said anything about this but

somehow this seems
like the right time.

I want to offer you a full

partnership in
Chariot Real Estate.

What do you say?

A partnership?


I don't know what to say.

-I'd be honored.
-Well, good!

Good, good!

Excuse me.

-What's the matter with him?
-I don't know.

I thought he'd be happy for me.

Well, what are we doing'
wasting time here, huh?

We've got a company
to run... partner.

You said it.

Man: I'm sorry but the dates you
asked for appear to be missing.


Well... where else
I can find them?

If you want me to I could check
the data base for you.

Oh, yeah. That'd be great.

Um, let's see, uh...

suburban newspapers...

Marge, how's it going?

Max. Good to see you.

I'm looking for
the love of my life, Marge.

You know where I might find her?

Uh, no. I'm not
sure where she is.

I think she went to
do some banking.


You tell her I came by.
Have her call me.

I'll tell her.


Thank you.

"Max Jordan miraculously
survived the crash while...

...while his twin brother
Steven Jordan

remains in critical condition.

Both were taken
to Memorial Hospital."

(line ringing)

Olivia (over voicemail): Olivia
and Max aren't here right now

so please leave a message
and we'll call you back.


(dials number)

Please. I drove all
the way over here.

I can't let you see the files--

No, but if there's anybody
I need to talk to, I will.

Only doing my job.

Look, my husband's
on his death bed, okay.

And I need his medical records.
What is it with you people?

I'm sorry.

It's just that he's gotta get
a kidney transplant and...

I can't locate his brother.

I just don't want to lose him.

What's your husband's name?


Maxwell Jordan.


You knew him?

Well, that was such a sad case.

The Aunt and Uncle
were devastated

they couldn't take the brother.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, it must have been
awful for them.

But you know, little Steven
was severely injured.

They just didn't have the money
to pay for those operations.

Let me see
if I can find that file.

Marge: Olivia Jordan's office.

Marge, it's Max.

Has Olivia gotten back
to the office yet?

No, not yet.

Has she called in?

No. I should be hearing
from her soon.

Thanks, Marge.


Ah, Jordan.


It isn't here.

I've never lost a file.
I can't believe it.

Oh, no...

That's the strangest thing.

You may want to try
the welfare office.

You know,
little Steven was placed

in several foster homes.

They might be able to help you.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

(dials number)

(phone ringing)


This is so weird.

The entire file is missing.

last known address,

the whole bit.
I don't know...

Okay, um, is...
is there any way that I can

-speak to the Johnsons?
-Yeah, sure.

I know the wife.
The Johnsons

have taken a lot of kids in
over the years.

Wait a second...

I don't believe it!

It's not here!

Oh, wait.

I have it in my address book.

Johnson. Here it is.

Thank you very much.


Hi, Marge. Did Max call?

He was here looking for you.

I didn't know what to tell him.
I said you were at the bank...

Hope that's okay.


Thanks. Yeah,
I'll talk to you later.




Mrs. Johnson?

Are you the woman the
welfare worker called about?

I'm Olivia Jordan.

I'm looking for Steven Jordan.

I haven't seen that boy
in 15 years or better...

not that I've tired looking.

Uh, what do you mean?

Well, to honest with you,
he was no angel.

That's not to say
he's still like that,

but, uh...

But what?

Look, I don't really
want to get involved.

Have a good day.

Wait, wait.

Mrs. Johnson, please.

Isn't there anything that you
can tell me about him?

Look, Mrs. Jordan,

I don't know what you want
and I don't know what you need,

but I'll say this:

some stones are better
left unturned.

And if you are unfortunate
enough to find him,

I'd be careful if I were you.

Tess, I'm telling you.
I've been sensing it all week.

I mean, everything
he does is just

a little bit off...

The anniversary, my nickname,
his reaction to Ruth's recovery.

His reaction to Ruth's death.
It isn't Max.

Even the sex is...

It's different, you know.

It's so intense
it's almost scary.

So what are you saying?


Max has a twin brother.

He survived the crash
and he's still alive.

He has a twin?

Look, I know this might sound
bizarre, but...

what if he somehow switched
places with my husband?


It's very normal when you're
grieving to make things--

Tess, Tess, look. You know me!

You know how close
I am with Max!

I can feel this!

Even Jackson noticed it.
Scarlett noticed it, too--

Olivia, you are my best friend
and I love you dearly.

But I think you're way out of
the ballpark on this.

I know.
I know I must sound crazy.

There's gotta be some
explanation for this.

When was the last time that
I know I was with my husband?

It was the night of the funeral.

It was the night of the funeral,

and I definitely woke up with
him the next morning.

We have to go back to that day.
We have to go back to that day

and find out
every single thing he did.

I want to go to his office.


Let's go.

Olivia: Take a right. His
parking space is right there.

There's his parking space. Stop.

Stop, stop, stop.

Okay, good. He's not here.

We're okay.

Park over there.

(elevator bell dings)

Okay, you stay out here
and keep watch.

I'll be right out.


East 54th Street?


Max, how are you?

Tess, well... what do I owe
this pleasure?

Oh, just looking for Jackson.
Not here, huh?

No. No, I guess not.

Do you know where my wife is?

No. No, I haven't seen her.

Hey, you know, I've been
meaning to ask you,

how have you been,

you know, with everything
that's happened and all?


Everything's fine.

Well, I wouldn't worry about
her too much.

I mean, she was fine
at the art gallery last night.

I mean, other than,
um, you know,

being upset about Aunt Ruth.

Yeah. Right, right.

Well, if you hear from her

would you have her
call me, please?

-Of course.
-Thanks, Tess.


Oh, hey, there you are.

I didn't expect
to find you here.

Honey, what...

-...what are you doing' here?
-I was just looking for you.

What's the matter with you?

Stu just got a call
from the police.

Scarlett's dead.

She was murdered last night.
They, uh...

...they just found her body.

-Oh, my God.
-When did this happen?

-I don't-- I don't know.
-The police are trying

to figure it out.

I can't-- I can't believe this.

Max, I'm, uh...
I'm really sorry.

Um, I'll go make
the phone calls and stuff.

You really should go home now.

Yeah, you're right.

I should go home.

(door opening)

Hello, Max.

How was your day?

I hope it's been
better than mine.

I'm not having a very good one.

We're gonna change
clothes now, Max.

You know, Mother always said
we had to learn to share.

We'd better hurry.
Time's wasting.

Our anniversary dinner.
Our anniv--

Our anniversary dinner
was on March 20th.

March, the third month.

320. 320 East 54th Street.

That's it.

(tires screech)

It's been nice getting
to know you, Max.

I can't tell you what the past
few days have meant to me.

My existence was kept
a secret from you.

I'm just sorry I had to be the
one to introduce myself first.

Our worlds have
always been apart...

...and now we must part again.

(siren wails in background)

I'm letting you go.

I can't do this anymore.

Do it.

That's what you'd like,
isn't it?

Do it.

I wouldn't give you
the satisfaction.

You're sick.


You sick bastard!

I swear...


(cocks gun)
Don't move!


Olivia, it's me.

I said don't move!

Where's my husband?

I'm your husband.

It's me, Max.

Stay away from me!

I know everything.

I know who you are!

You've got to believe me,




Oh, my God!

Look what he's done to me.

Olivia, don't believe him.

It's me.

I swear to you, it's me.

He set this up!

Stay away from me!

Olivia, our honeymoon in Venice,

do you remember what happened
to our luggage?

-They lost it.

And we bought
those funny shirts.


And we rented that car
and we drove out

to the countryside and
I bought you those roses.

-Just stop it!
-Do you remember the roses?

What we did with the roses?
We made love...

We made love on a bed of roses.




Male voice: Olivia!

Man: Champagne for everyone.

Here we are. Here we go.

No, no, no.
Orange juice for me.

-Oh, that's right.
-What are you thinking?

-You tried to poison

-our Godchild?
-This is my baby, here.

She's gotta have her vitamins...

There we go.
Let's have a toast

to a successful venture.

Hear, hear.

I'd like to make
a special toast if I could.

To good fortune... good friends...

...and to the family
I never thought that I'd have.