Echelon 8 (2009) - full transcript

In the early morning hours of 9/11 an elite CIA team known as Echelon 3 was denied access to Logan airport by the FBI, preventing them from acting on the intelligence that could have stopped the terrorist attacks. In the aftermath of the tragedy, the Echelon 3 team undeservedly took the fall and was quickly dismantled. Ten years later, with terrorist activities on the rise, a congressional shadow government committee known only as the Keepers, is re-instating the new and improved top secret unit now known as Echelon 8. The team is granted unprecedented approval of domestic charter allowing them to monitor U.S. communications and take every action necessary to protect the United States from the next terrorist attack. Can Echelon 8 prevent history form repeating itself or will the team suffer the same fate of its predecessor?

How was your day, love?

Same as always.

Better now.

What is the occasion?

David, sit down.

I have something I want
to talk to you about.

It's just that we've been
together now for four years

and it's been great.

I feel if I wait around for
you we'll both be old and gray,

so I figure the
hell with tradition.

I am asking you David,
will you marry me?

I wasn't expecting this.

Well, I was under the impression

you like a little spontaneity
from time to time.

No, it's not that, it's just...

Well, it is.

I really wasn't expecting this.

You seem troubled.

Is everything all right?

We need to talk.

There's some things you
need to know about me.

I... I don't understand.

You deserve to know the truth.

Best thing I can do is just
come right out with it.

I'm listening.

I don't work for Microsoft.

I'm an operative with the CIA.

This is not funny, David.

If this is your idea of
a joke, it's really not...

I was sent here five years
ago to spy on your satellite

company under the joint
efforts of Interpol

and gain Intel from
the US government.

Ashley, I was sent
here to spy on you.

So this was all a lie.

I was nothing more than
an assignment for you.


I wanted to tell you
every day since I found

out that you're with Mark.

Da... David
you're making me nervous.

You're not kidding.


It was before you
told me who you were.

It was before we
started all this.

I do love you.

But you've been
using me for your work

for the past four years.

Yes, I have.

You son of a bitch.


There's more that
I need to tell you.

I don't want to hear another
lying word out of your mouth.

Congratulations David,
mission accomplished.

I'm sure your government
will be very proud of you.








Dumont, I've been compromised.

I need an extraction.

Are you at the
house or the embassy?

No, neither.

I'm at the beach.

I can be at the Rendezvous
point in about 10 minutes.

All right.

I'll have an agent
meet you there.

Just be careful.

I'll check in
when I'm picked up.

It's Dumont.

Yeah, I need the
London office, please.

What the hell happened?

Ashley, she knows who I am.


I told her.

Damn it.

David, why?

Doesn't matter why.

Long story short, she split.

MI6 sent a sweeper
team to take me out.

All right.
I've arranged for your pick up.

Just stay right there.

I want to see you here in the
office as soon as you get back.

Thank you for flying with us.

Have a nice day.

Good morning, sir.

What's your destination?

The United States.

Are you going on holiday?


I'm going home.

This passports no good sir.

Admiral Dumont suggests
you use this one.

Don't look back, just walk
to the plane out the door.

I took your request
to the full committee.

Thank you sir.

You and your team are
highly regarded on the hill.

But we're concerned that
operating inside the US

could violate the
domestic charter.

I'll make sure the team
knows the boundaries,

so you needn't worry about that.

On my reassurance that you
know how to get the job done,

we have agreed to fund
and support your echelon

team on a trial basis.

Actually, I anticipated
this, so I have already

begun assembling a team.

You have full authority to
aggressively discover, assess

and pursue terrorist activity
and to share that intel

with the appropriate agency.


We'll share the information.

Then we're clear?


Agent David Raines
to see Admiral Dumont.

Security code sir.

Delta 91367421.

OK sir, you can go right in.

Thank you.


David Raines wants
to speak with you.

Send him in.

Thanks Abigail.

Admiral Dumont,
forgive me sir but what

the hell am I doing here.

David, you compromised
our operation

in London by letting your
emotions get the best of you.

The company's first reaction
was to leave you hanging

and burn you.

Do you have any
idea what it took

me to keep that from happening?

You owe me.

Terrorist activities
are on the rise

and I do not want second hand
intel from other agencies.

I want to create a program
that monitors all information

flowing in, so that we can
decide to take direct action

when and if it is necessary.

So I've put together a
team to do just that.

You are going to lead that team.

That is what the
hell you're doing here.

I want this team up and
running and a report on my desk

within a month.

You better get to work
you have a lot to do.

David Rains right?


Bill Green.


I'm here to help
you with your, um, transition.

I understand that
under your supervision,

we're going to be restructured.

The new and improved echelon.

We'll see.

Welcome home Agent Raines.


How you doing?


They got you working here?

You know how
it is, call of duty.

Keeping the country
safe and all.

Yeah they gave you more money.

We get paid for this?


It's good to see you again.

Yeah, you too.

Come on.

I'll show you to your desk.

Tell you what, want
to get a beer later?


I got some things I
gotta, take care of.

Yes by all means take
some time to learn the job.


I'm sending you the
information right now.

What have we got?

We intercepted an email
from the floor of the Boston,

it's a Middle East faction
operating here in the US.

We know they have the means
to follow through on any

of the plans they're working.

Just not sure of the time table.

The time to get involved
is now, if we want to have

any chance at stopping them.

We've got the green
light on this project

with one restriction, no
domestic surveillance.

The first lead you bring to
me that's what we're doing.

But we didn't plan it that way.

We just stumbled across it.

All right.

I'll turn a blind eye to this.

Don't let it come back on us.

Well, how do we handle
the intel we obtained?

Pass it on to me, I'll
decide what to do with it.

Am I clear?


Can I help you?

I'm interested in
some flying lessons.

Flying lessons?

Yes sir.

Right that way.

Thank you sir.

Well, the intel you two picked
up is part of a terror plot.

They've got a meeting set
up for later this morning.

You're going to go, to meet
the subject they call Maz.

You'll pose as the buyer.

What happened to the real buyer?

We picked him up yesterday.

His name is Alan Walker,
he specializes in procuring

fake IDs and pilot's licenses.

He set this meeting
up but he says

he doesn't know who it's for.

Now once you've
acquired the package,

you'll detain the
subject, bring him

back here for interrogation.

Maybe we can get them working
against each other and.

Right now he's the
only one who might

be able to ID the members
of this four cells

which is what they
call themselves

I'm on it.

Here you go.

And David, we need
him alive and talking.

Yes sir.


It was a setup.

They took the buyer out.

They tried to take me out.

All's I got is a plate.

Give it to me.

3132 November Sierra.

Is that a Massachusetts plate?


That's registered to the
Carson Insurance Agency.

That's a cover.

A cover for who?

For us.

What happened to the package?


I understand.

I'm on my way.

Morning Stephanie.
- Good morning.

Is he in?

Yeah, sure have a seat,
I'll call him for you.

- Thanks.

We'll get it straightened out.

All right?


Morning Stephanie.


Hey, nice bit of
driving this morning.

That's the son of a
bitch from the roof.

That's the guy that
took a shot at me.

Consider yourself lucky,
I don't usually miss.



Control yourself.

We're on the same team.

We have to work together now.

Hello Brian.


Is he one of yours?


Agent Marks,
Admiral Dumont and...

David Rains head
of Eschelon Three.

Rick, perhaps we should
all get on the same page

so we don't wind up killing
each other out in the field.

Of course Admiral,
we don't want anybody

to get hurt out there,
especially since we're going

to be working together on this.

Well I think we've
got it handled.

Well, from where I'm standing
it doesn't look that way.

The package was ours,
I gave it to you

out of professional courtesy.

You gave it to me because you
didn't know what to do with it.

You boys are finished?


From this point on, your two
teams will be working together.

Working together
include killing me?

Clearly I didn't kill you.

All right, knock it off.

I don't care how it happens,
but it will happen all right?

Marks, fill him in on
what you discovered.

I investigated a flight school
in California, where a group

paid for flying lessons.

The hard part was,
they only want

to learn how to fly commercial
airlines while in mid-flight,

no takeoffs and no landings.

Best we could
ascertain is that they

were going to hijack a plane
that was still airborne.

And you didn't feel
the need to share

this intel with anyone?

I shared the intel
with my handler.

After you examined
the contents yourself.

Would you mind profiling
those subjects for us?

Middle Eastern types.

The ID's they used were all dead
ends, were also great on fakes.

I ran their photographs
against the FBI database

and a few of them
came back linked

to known terrorist

Afghani types with
connections to Bin Laden.

Now I know how we came
across our information.

How did you gather your intel?

You don't want to know.

I already do.

I think it's time we
get back and start

sorting through all this.


I want real time updates.


We discovered that
not all of the IDs were fake.

Mohamed Mas Alzier,
the one killed

by Marks in the cemetery.

He was in possession of
a valid state issued ID.

But his picture matches an
Interpol bolo for a Yezi De.

Abasi wanted for a
bombing in France

where 12 people
were killed in 2000.

There's not an
agency in the country

that we can get
this information to,

and trust it be act upon without
questioning our resources.

So you're saying we should
handle this ourselves?

Well I can get Rains and
Traverse a couple of FBI IDs

and they can go find out
who issued the license.

I don't want to hear anymore.

Rains, Traverse
see if you can find

something concrete on this.

Take me to 47A Roxbury.

You got it.

Sure we have the right address?

This is what our boss gave us.

What can you tell
me about this license?

Never seen it before.

You issued it.

Well, I issue a lot of licenses.

Yes but this particular license

is a Yezi De Abasi who is
currently being investigated

for terrorist activity.

Terrorist activity?

You must have the wrong person.

Well I'm sure you don't
want to be an accessory

to the fact, who is he?

He is a friend of my husband's.

He's a Jordan national.

He said he just needed
the ID for a job.

He's a good guy.

Well, this good guy doesn't
look like a Jordan national.

He converted.

I'm sure he did.

Where's your husband?

He's not here, he's
away on business.

How convenient.

He's in insurance
sales, he doesn't

know anything about this.

Look, why don't you
just question Mr. Abasi?

We would, but
you see, he's dead.


He was shot and killed
yesterday by one of our agents.

Trying to sell some
of your fake licenses.

How long you been married for?

Just a couple months.


If you are implying
that my husband

is using me because of my job.

Look, my husband loves me.

You expecting a call?

Is it your husband?

Hold on for one sec.


Yeah, I got a call for you,
I need you to trace it.

- Come on, easy guy.

Come on.

What's with the dramatics?

We're just trying
to have a chat here,

but it's a one way
conversation and I'm

getting a little bored, OK?

Why don't you fill me in
on the cultural gap here,

because of I been reading
about the 77 virgins

that you're going to get when
you go straight to see Allah

in heaven and all of this.

Let me just tell you a
little story about hell.

You know what the hell is?

It's having to contend with
77 virgins, that's hell buddy.

Let's talk numbers.

Cause you have two choices.

One, you talk to me.

Two, you keep your mouth
shut the way your doing,

the problem is two
comes a little caveat.

Got that?

Understand that?


So, I'm preferable to one.

Come on.

Because I got all night here,
I dropped the $27.95 to stay

in this hotel pit with you, OK?

I got a no problem bunking up.

The cellphone signal we
traced puts it in Boston.

I'm still working on
an exact location.

One of Stacey
Meyer's credit cards

was used to purchase a flight
to Boston this morning.

Flight landed just
a little while ago.

OK, you two, you're
going to Boston.

Get Abdul and bring
him back here.

I need to know
everything that he knows.

Call as soon as
you land, by then

we'll have an exact
address for you.

What the hell
are you doing here?

Just visiting a friend.

Who's this?


This is the guy that took a
shot of me in the cemetery.

Buy you don't have to worry.

He's one of us.

You working the same case?

That depends.

Who you here to see?

Guy named Abdul.

You know him?

Yeah, I know him.

I just talked to
him He's a dead end.

He knows nothing.

Doesn't matter.

We need to talk
to him ourselves.

Where is he now?

Look, I'd love to stay in chat
but I got a flight to catch.

Pleasure meeting ya.

Make the call.


All right, I've got
an address for you.

It's in South...

South Boston.

How'd you know that?

Think Mark's got
too him already.

What's he doing there?

He's gone now.

All right, send
Rains to the hotel.

You stick around the airport,
keep an eye on Marks.

Gotta go Rains.

I'm sending you
a file with intel.

Yeah, I just got it.


Dumont, Abdul is dead.


He was tortured.

Do you think it was Marks?

I'll get back to you.

You're sure this is accurate?


I don't know how you and
Agent Dun worked together,

but I don't condone
torture Agent Marks.

It worked.

You stay in Boston.

We're coming to you.

All right gentlemen, I need you

on your A games this morning.

We have reason to
believe that terrorists

are about to plant explosive
devices on civilian aircraft.

We don't know what
these devices are,

we don't know which aircraft,
we don't know which airline.

We're not going to
follow the devices.

We're going to focus our
attention on the individuals.

- OK.

We're going to enter the
terminal under the guise

of a security exercise.

Once inside, we split
into teams of two

and maintain only radio contact.

You've all been briefed on the
individuals we are looking for.

Anyone seen fitting
the description

will be detained
and interrogated.

Raines and Traverse
will be the first

contacted upon any detention.

Is that clear?


Let's go.

Trooper, we need to see
your head of security, please.

That would be the FBI.

They came in last night and
they're running the show now.

FBI section Chief Warren.

What can I do for you?

CIA Agent Dumont.

We have information on events
that are about to occur here,

and we'd like you to
shut down the terminal

and stop all flights and
let us take a look around.

That's not going to happen.

You tell me what's
going on, and I'll

decide on how to act on it.

I'm sorry that's
classified information.

But it is a matter
of National Security.

So I expect your cooperation.

Let me tell you something, this

is the jurisdiction of the FBI.

I'm in charge here.

So unless you have the
President of the United States

on speed dial, will you give
me something to work on,

you're not entering
the premises.

This is crap.

We wasting valuable...


You don't understand the
gravity of the situation.

That's because you
haven't told me anything.

Escort these man to the door.

Is that the way you
are going to play it?

That's exactly the way
it's going to be played.


All right stand down.

We have breaking

news out of lower Manhattan.

A plane has allegedly crashed
into the World Trade Center.

Again a plane has...

Breaking news at this time,

tower two has just been
struck by a second airplane.

New York City...

The Pentagon has
just been struck.

Officials are now
willing to say they

strongly suspect terrorism.

We now have reports that
the passengers of Flight 93,

in a heroic attempt
to thwart the plan...

We can now officially report
that both of the Twin Towers

has collapsed.

Yes I understand.

You know you're not the only
one dealing with this right now.

Actually I'm taking
care of it as we speak,

I'll call you right back.

What t hell is
going on down there?

The entire government is
looking to us for answers

and all I'm getting from
you are more questions.

We could have stopped this
whole thing this morning.

Well why didn't we?

Because the FBI
locked us out and I

couldn't share the intel because
of the way it was gathered.

Well how was it
gathered and by whom?

The Echelon Group.

Echelon Group?

I know that.

I need specific agents names
and I need meetings with them

now, to be held accountable.

Not my team,

Your team?

All right, fine.

You and your team are
taking a fall on this.

David Raines.

Anthony Traverse.

They developed
the intel on this,

they got the ball rolling,
intercepted some domestic email

and put the pieces together.

Domestic e-mails?

They've been intercepting
US communications.

Cage Mark's got a young
man named Abdul to talk.

You me torture.

I didn't say that.

No I did.

Your team has violated
every protocol

that has been issued to it.

My hands are tied here.

You are making the entire
department look incompetent.

Just get them up here.


That'll be all.

Agent Rains, as team leader
of the Eschelon Group,

where did you come to the
conclusions of your findings?

And if you have any
other information that

might be valid to
this investigation,

now would be the
time to give it.

Well I know that
you're not going

to like where this
investigation is headed too.

Where is that?

A little too close to home.

Obviously the direction of
your investigation is off base.

You've spied on your own
country and worst of all,

you were caught doing it.

It seems that ever since you
were compromised in London,

you're not as sharp
as you used to be.

I'm taking you off this case.

You're hereby reassigned.


Reassigned where?

See your Handler
for a new assignment.

You can't do this to me.

I assure you, I just did.

Send in Cage.

So you tortured Abdul to get the
Intel on Logan, and let me add,

the only reason he found him
was by violating the FISA Act.

So that even if we could
have stopped the attack

we wouldn't be able to prosecute
because the evidence would

have been thrown out of
court for as inadmissible.

At least we would
have stopped it.

Come on, you can give
me better than that.

You forget it.

I won't compromise my team.


Then your hereby reassigned
to the farm as an instructor.

Swat entry in urban warfare.

No more field work.

Send in Traverse.

Looks to me like you followed
in the footsteps of Agent Rains.

You can follow him right out
of this unit, unless you give

me something real to act on.

Yes sir.

From what I gather, you're
looking for a few low level

operatives to hang out to dry.

So you can save your own ass.

And the ass of the
President, who by the way,

courteously rushed the Bin
Laden family out of the country

for their own safety.

And to protect this company
from any embarrassment

for training that nutcase Osama
in the deserts of Afghanistan.

That makes the President just
as responsible for this tragedy

as the men who flew those
planes into those buildings.

Thank you for your
assessment Agent.

You're not being reassigned,
you're being terminated.

Don't get cute thinking
you're onto something.

I'll get you any time, anywhere.

Now, get out.

Yes, sir.

Good evening, sir.

It's Russell.

How you holding up?

They fired me today.



Basically fired.

What happened?

CIA didn't want to take
the fall, figured they pin

the blame on a team that
could have prevented

this whole damned thing.

And Dumont?

Dumont is the bastard
that threw me under the bus.

He screwed me in
London, now he's

screwing me here back home.

So what are going to do now?


Re-assigned, answering phones.

24 hours ago I was on a team
that could have prevented

this country's worst
terrorist attacks,

and now I'm going to
be answering phones.

Could be worse.

You could be dead CIA
doesn't like loose ends.

Or loose cannons
for that matter.

How'd you get out?

Who says I'm out?

My status might say
retired, but believe me

you'll never get out.

Take my advice David,
take what they give you.

Don't let them
think you're weak.

It's not how I
trained you to be.

Think of it as a test.

Dammit Russell.

Does everything
have to be a test?

Thousands of innocent people
lost their lives today.

Was that a test?


It was.

One that we failed.

I don't know what they
have planned for you,

but I do know Dumont
could have sold you out

a long time ago and he didn't.

Han in there.

See how this plays out.

You know I'm going to be there
to help you, however I can.

Now go home.
Get some rest.

Still training me
on how to handle.


It's my job.

You can stay here if you...


I should go home.

Thank you, sir.

This is crap.

Dumont sold us out to Chase
and he did it with a smile.

You don't know that.

Here's what I know.

We took the blame for
somebody else's mistake.

Well, Re-assigned.

I'm gonna be doing background
checks on new recruits.

I'm telling you we
were onto something.

Reassigned is better than fired.

Make no mistake about it, I got
a big bull's eye on my back.

I'm out there
floating in the wind.

I'm just waiting for
them to come and find me.

I got no choice but
to get out of town.

If you go under, you
better go way under.

There was no cover up
and you were wrong.

They're still going
to come after you.

Even worse if there
was a cover up.

They're going to come after you.

The question isn't is there
a cover up the question is

how deep does the cover up go?

Well there ain't nothing you
and I can do about that now.

You better fly under the radar.

Look, I gotta run.

I'll talk to you soon.

If you need anything.

You call me.

Or if you suspect anything
out of the ordinary.

You call me.

I will.

So did they go for it?

Leave the keepers to me.

If the President can sell
him on Homeland Security,

I can sell them on this.

Director Chase, Admiral
Dumont, these closed sessions

are not to be
discussed with anyone.

We are the only
commission that will have

knowledge of these proceedings.

Know this, this must
be a unanimous decision

and that depends on
what you say here today.

Gentlemen the floor is yours.

I don't like this one bit.

The idea of giving you this
level of power and control,

frankly scares me.

I understand your
concerns gentlemen.

But for years, the CIA has
stood by and watched as the FBI

and the Homeland
Security have failed

in their attempt
to thwart terrorism

here in the United States.

Now our plan to take
charge in this matter

is laid out in the
package in front of you.

We are well aware of
this package director.

We've had time to discuss it.

This request is
most unprecedented.

What you're asking goes against
everything the CIA stands for.

Domestic Charter?

You're asking us to
step on a lot of toes.

If approved, the
ramifications could

be catastrophic to an
entire justice system.

Not to mention the
impact this will have

on the entire
intelligence community

and the flow of
shared information.

We've never asked
for anything like this

before because there's
never been a need for it.

Extreme times call
for extreme measures.

If you think that using
the aftermath of 9/11

as a stage to get a foothold
on domestic surveillance,

then my response is "no".

These actions would
wreak havoc on society.

I'm not sure the citizens
of the United States

are ready for the
methods the CIA uses.

Not on our own soil.

We have a team to
meet the challenge.

One team.

One city.

Our existence known
to only a select few.

We'd work quietly with
little need of support

and our success would
save countless lives.

And what if you fail?

The last thing we
need to see on CNN

is the method you use
exposed to the world.

Or some underpaid lawyer from
the ACLU ripping us a new one.

Or the media exposing the
identity of your team.

Even worse, one of us.

Where were you thinking
of launching this program?

Hey look, my long lost buddy.

Bartender, A drink
from my friend here.

Hold on he doesn't drink.

He's strictly by the book.

Is this where you're living now?

You don't have to
worry about that.

My years of government training
have prepared me for this.

I am an expert.

Can we Talk.



What should we talk about?

How you gave up my team?

Or better yet how you didn't
show up for Traverse funeral.

Dave, you got a
problem with this guy?

You got a problem with me, Dave?

Dave doesn't have
a problem with me.

Look, I need your help.

We have a chance to
make things right.

Are you kidding me?

That time has come and gone.

When you sober
up, give me a call.

Bartender, whatever he wants.

Rick we have to talk.

I agree.

We go way back and I don't
want anything to mess that up.

I'm OK with that.


I need your man Marks.

Marks is my best man.

I know he's your best
man, that's why I need him.

You're going to need him.

He's yours.


It was trial by fire
for you and Eschelon 8.

This is your first priority.

That's Ian Graves.

He's an international
arms dealer.

Matter of fact, a
few years ago the FBI

intercepted a 767
filled with his arms

heading for Sierra Leone.

Now we know it was Graves, but
the FBI couldn't pin it on him.

With this new President,
war is no longer a priority.

So, Mr. Graves is searching
for a new source of income.

He could start another war.

I don't want to
repeat the last time.

How do I know that's
not going to happen.

I'm in control now.


David Rains.

Was wondering when
you're going to crawl out

from under that rock
and come see me.

Yeah, I'm here now.

Come on by.


Excuse me Admiral section Chief

Warren is here to see you.

Um, he said it's urgent.

Send him in.

Ryan I heard you were in town.

New assignment?

Training exercises,
you know how that goes.

What, no invite
to the new office?

I'm insulted.

What can I do for you Mark?

Well, I was looking for
a little bit more honesty

from you.

It looks a little too
well-planned out to just

to be a training exercise.

Again what can I do for you?

You're not wanted here.

This is my town and spooks have
a talent of getting in the way

and screwing things up.

Besides you don't like
sharing intel with the rest

of the kids in the family.

So I'm going to ask you again,
what are you doing here?

Just a training exercise,
but thanks for stopping by.

It's not that easy.

I got Agents in place and the
FBI has logged a lot of man

hours to get things done.

Well why don't you pass
over those operational files

and we'll go
through them and see

if we've stumbled on anything.

This is not a joke.

I need your cooperation on this.

Where was your cooperation?

Why bring up the past?

We all made mistakes that day.

My team paid for those mistakes.

Actually it was
America that paid.

Sorry I can't help you.

But thanks for stopping by.

So I got the call from Dumont.

Doesn't surprise me.

He's into something big.

What do you mean?

Word is he's connected.

He's got this new command from
some very powerful people.

There's this big hush
about what he's running.

Who's pulling the strings?

They're called The Keepers.

No one knows who they are.

Have you had any
dealings with them yet?

No nothing yet.

I was hoping you would give
me something more to go on.

I wish I could.

Do yourself a favor, crawl back
under that rock you were under

and forget he ever called.

The Keepers squashed any
investigation into Traverse.

And if they see you
as a threat, you're

going to wind up the same way.

So you believe they're
responsible for Traverse death?

I'm saying be cautious
about the battles you pick.

The Keepers of the secrets
are a very old society.

And no one knows who they
are and they're everywhere.

Well if they caused 9/11 they
should be brought to justice.

How do you stop a shadow?

What you know about Ian Graves?

Powerful also well connected.

Big entrepreneur.

Why are you looking at him?

His name showed
up on a few cross

matches for terrorist
cells, weapons

trading financing, information
sharing, that kind of stuff.

It's a big fish your
tyring to catch there.

Graves is practically

He has made himself a constant
in government policies.

His business
dealings really fuel

the economy, more than most.

War manufacturing, defense
contracts, television,

record companies, you name it.

If it makes money Graves
is involved somehow.

Is he one to break the law?

Nobody gets that powerful
by being squeaky clean,

if you know what I mean.

But, with big power comes
big payoffs and graves has

a lot of people on the payroll.

And if he's taken out of
the mix, a lot of people

are going to lose money.

When people lose money,
people get pissed.

I'll keep that in mind.

Thanks for the insight.

I gotta run.

You need anything else,
you know how to find me.

Cautious who you talk to David.

And remember this,
what's said in the light,

can be heard in the dark.

Things haven't been light
for a very long time my friend.

Good morning.

First of all, thank
you for accepting

your assignments here at E-8.

Agent Dunn, Marks, Green,
Rains you know each other.

This is Agent Savannah
Rock with surveillance.

Jackie Peckham our Profiler.

This is a new unit with new
rules and operating procedures,

which you're probably
not familiar with.

But people, let's
be assured you are

now the first line of
defense in the war on terror.

So what exactly
are we working on?

Agent Rains will explain.

We have several satellites
in orbit multitasking,

working together.

The objective is simple.


This program will
be called Echelon 8.

So how's this any
different than Eschelon 4?

Well, its different
because we'll

be monitoring over a million
cell phone calls and hour.

We will also be monitoring about
90% of email traffic and flag

all priority calls
for review and action.

Now here comes the tricky part.

We'll be monitoring law
enforcement on local, state

and federal levels.

So we'll be monitoring the US?

Yes we've been chartered
for domestic surveillance.

Now I know this
is your first day,

but there is a sense of urgency.

Agent Green, will you
please describe what

you discovered this morning.

Well, we intercepted a message.

It makes reference to a
shipment through customs.

They posses some sort of a
computer controlled weapon.

Somehow associated with
something called black ice.

The message is
strongly encrypted.

Originated from a
Unix based computer

and I think I have a
knock on the IP address.

If you get the IP address, we
can find out who manufactured

the chip and where it was sold.

I can get us the
physical address.

Yes you can.

Please do.

Sir, ready for you.


I want to thank you all for
joining me on this fine day.

I want to take this moment
to make it abundantly

clear why we will succeed.

Slavery has never
ended in this country.

It has simply been transferred
from blacks picking cotton

in the fields, to our devoted
middle class their unchained

but modernized, to both
make the goods we dictate

and buy the goods we dictate.

That is the American culture.

America buys in and we sell out.

Now through this
way, our citizens

are told what to watch,
what to wear, what to buy,

who to vote for,
what to vote for.

Americans have always been
slaves to this system.

The keepers of this
country would not

allow the future of
America to lie in the hands

of this ridiculous melting pot.

And that my friends,
is the greatest

manipulation ever known.

Or I should say, never known.

Remember the surge of patriotism
in America following 9/11?

The economy thrived.

We all thrived.

But now they've forgotten.

It's now time that
they be reminded.

Recession is affecting
us all in some way

and I'm turning this country
around before it gets worse.

No matter what the cost.

David's got priorities
for the groups,

I want to shift
some resources over.

Dumont, the chip.

We have an address
where it was sold.

We traced to a computer
shop in Philadelphia.

All right, you two
go pick up that hacker.

He's the only lead
we have right now.


Agent Peckham.

This is Agent Green.

We understand a certain
computer chip was sold

here about three weeks ago.

It's a 3.8 gigahertz
quad core processor.

Four of them.

We need to know who
you sold them too.

Robert Westcott.

You remembered that pretty fast.

The kid comes in
here all the time.

I think he comes
down from Jersey.


I can get the good stuff.

I ordered the chip for
him a few weeks ago.

I'm one of the only
distributors in the area

that could get it for him.

I asked him what he needed
it for, he just said work.

Must be some kind of work.

We'll need an address.


Um, can you look up a
Robert Wescott for me?

W-E-S Says here 56 Raritan
Avenue in Cliffwood.

Thank you.

Peckham and Green got
us an address on the chip.

Subject's name is
Robert Westcott.

23 years old, super hacker.

He's on the FBI's watch list.

Now he sent that
black ice message.

So let's bring him in.

Yo, Ice.

Head him off.

What you doing?

What do you guys want?
I-I-I-don't know anything.

We all know that's
not entirely true.

Is it Rob?

I told you guys, I
don't have any interest

in what you're doing.

I-I-I-did my job.

I got my money.

I'm done with this.

We all know it
don't work that way.

Please just just-

Now that we all
on the same page.

What did you do with the file?

What file?

What you think this a game?

The plans Mr. Westcott.

We know you saw the plans.

Yes, OK but-I saw some
sort of message, but I

have no idea what it meant.

I swear, look I'm
telling you the truth.

I don't know anything.

Well, it's all
good now, it's clear.

I believe you Mr. Westcott.

We don't have no
more use for him.



Federal Agents.

Drop your weapons.


He's dead too.

You Robert Westcott?

These guys friends of yours?

Am I under arrest?

No Robert, we're
just going to have

to ask you a few questions.

But let's get you
cleaned up first.

Easy, easy, easy, easy.

Well Robert, it looks like
you managed to get yourself

into a little bit of trouble.

Let's skip the "Thank
you" for saving your life

and get right to it.

Who wants to see you dead?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Well, I'm guessing Ian Graves.

I'm also guessing that
he hired you to perform

some hacking jobs for him.

Another guess is that he
doesn't want you talking.

So unless you give us
something, we can help you.

Can you explain to me how
$75,000 in cash deposits

ended up in your bank account
over the past three months?

My grandmother gave it to me.

Don't be a wise ass.

Look, just a few harmless
hacking jobs that was it.

No that's not it.

We found the hidden
files on your computer.

We were able to decode a
few words, two of which

being black ice.

What does it mean?

You have no idea what
you're getting involved with.

Enlighten me.

If I do, I die.

Plain and simple.

We can protect you.

Look, my silence is
the only thing that's

keeping me alive
right now, so you

know what thanks but no thanks.

Save the formalities Brian.

We're here for Westcott.

Westcott who?

Why don't you cut the crap.

Your people scooped him up.

Our subject told us who he is,
that means he belongs to us.

I got a judge releasing
him to our custody.

Bring me to him now or I'll
expose your whole damn training


Is that a threat Mark?

Yeah, I warned
you not to cross me.

You don't get it.

You just don't get it.

You don't see how close we are
to another tragedy, do you?

Who the hell do you
think you are sitting there

on your little high horse?

You're a loose cannon.

But you're not above the law.



Tell you what.

Why don't we take a look at some
of Ian Graves former employees?

This is gonna be fun.

Are you ready Robert?

How about if we take a
look at that guy,

what do you think?


Doesn't do it?

What about that guy?


Still not there yet?

How about that guy?

I'd say he lost a few inches?

What do you think?

Come on.

What does black ice refer to?

Come on.

It's their plan or their
operation or something...

Operation for what?

I don't know.

I know all this stuff.

They don't confide in me.

I mean I overheard someone
once talk about, like,

chemicals or something but...

that'll be all.

Mr. Westcott's coming with me.

What are you talking about,
we're not done here yet.

Yes we are.

I have a court order
for his release.

You have no grounds
to hold him...


Sorry guys, the
man has a warrant.

You gotta be kidding me.

Robert Robert, get your
punk ass back here.

Robert, don't do
this you have to tell

me what black ice means.

Don't say anything Robert.

Don't listen to these guys.

You will be dead in 24 hours.

He cannot protect you.

Tell us what black ice means.

Tell us!

You'll be dead in 24 hours.

Get down!

He's dead.

You compromised my people.

You compromised
this whole operation

with your stupid move.

Get your hands off of me.

I compromised your
little training exercise?

You just cost us our
only lead in this case.

You cost us our only
lead in this case.

I'll have your ass for this.

Charles, have a seat.

Share a toast with us.


Isn't this a little
early to celebrate?

The die is cast.

The Rubicon crossed.

And victory is ours.

To victory!

Lady Grace.

Did you know Wescott
was picked up by the feds?

Excuse me?

I was waiting to hear
confirmation from my men.

They were headed to
his house earlier.

I-I-I-know we, we, we
sent them, let me call...

Don't bother.

He's dead.


You're goons took him out.

Outside the Federal Building.

That was very bold of them.

I thought they were taking
care of this at Westcott's?


Even the most thought out plans

tend to change
every now and then.

The outcome is all that matters.

Did he give anything
to the feds?

My sources say no.

We got a lead on
Westcott's boss.

Seems like he's pretty
high up on the totem pole

over at Grave's organization.

His name is Charles Dunning.

Dunning International?

Software firm?

Westcott was his
lead programmer.

Now when they found out we
were about to pick that kid up.

That's when they
tried to kill me.

I must say I'm
impressed with the kid.

Perhaps I should
of kept him around.

To Westcott!

May he rest in peace.

I know we've
got to look inside somewhere

and we've got to
find out who that is,

but for now I want
Charles Dunning.

You want to bring him back here?

No not here.

We have to be a little
bit more discreet,

so when the team
gets him, call me.

I'll tell you where to take him.

We don't have much time.

Excuse me, sir?


Hey sweetie, how are you?

Can you help me,
I have a flat tire?

How's it go with Dunning?

Smooth as silk.

What is this place?

For now this is Dunning's
personal interrogation center.

David, before we
go inside, there's

something you ought to know.

There are a couple
of people here who...

Agent Raines?


What the hell is this?
You're dead.

Well, it seems
somebody pretty high

up wanted me out of the
picture permanently.

They hired someone
to take me out.

They should have
hired somebody better.

Instead of looking
over my shoulder

for the rest of my life.

I went to Admiral Dumont.

He was the only one I
could trust without putting

anyone else in harm's way.

You could have trusted me.

I didn't want to
get you involved.

That should have
been my decision to make.

Well, it was my decision.

I went to Dumont and
he sent me to London.

Why London?

I signed him to MI6.


The same team that
tried to take me out.


I went to your funeral.

I buried you.

Do you have any idea what
that was like for me?

I can only imagine.

No, you can't.

You wanted me to
think you're dead.

Now you're dead.

To me.


I don't want to hear it.

You knew the whole damn
time and you didn't tell me.

How am I supposed to work with
people that I can't even trust?

Who do you trust David?


What the hell is going on?

I think you know
agent Ashley Giles.



This woman cannot be trusted.

You're one to talk about trust.

Look I'm sorry, David.

It was horrible but MI6 was
not responsible for the attempt

on your life.

We were already compromised
by the same group

who was responsible for
the London bombings.

One of us must have
stumbled upon their cell

without knowing it.

And when you told
me who you were,

I had to report it back to
MI6 and they ordered me out.

The terrorists
then came for you.

So MI6 hung me out to dry.

Is that accurate?

MI6 was just
protecting their own...

Anthony, shut up.

What are you trying
to do defend them now?

Who do you think you're
telling to shut up?

I'm not your second anymore.

I don't need you protecting me.

David we would have done the
same thing and you know it.

I'm sorry it had
to be like this.

But things are different now.



Well, now we're working
with a division of MI6,

so get used to it.

That being said, I want to
know what Mr. Dunning knows.

We just need a location.


Who's involved?

I don't know anything.

We all know why you're here.

What I know is, this is illegal.

I want my lawyer.

Hey, Chuck.

You're a little
gross there Chuck.

You nervous?

You know what?

You look like the type that gets
nervous around pretty girls.

Or is it boys?

Maybe it is.

I'm sorry to interrupt you in
the middle of a conversation.

What is your
relationship to Ian Graves?

I've worked with Mr. Graves
on occasion in the past.

Have you worked
with him recently?

On a project called Black Ice?

I never heard of it.

Mr. Dunning, no one
knows you're here.

So no one can help you.

You can't do this.

Who the hell do
you think you are?

Let me out of here.

We don't want you Charles.

We want Graves.

Give him up to us
we'll cut you a deal.

You can't touch Graves.

He's above all of you.

He's not above the law.

The law.

Look at you, talking
about the law.

You abduct me, home me
illegally without counsel.

Who are you to preach
to me about the law?

I am a citizen of your
precious United States.

No Chuck, you're a
prisoner in a warehouse.

Somewhere in South Jersey and
your situation really sucks.


And you're making it worse
because you're being a little

hard on Ms. Peckham here.

If you'll excuse us for
a second Ms. Peckham.

I'd love to just have
a moment with Chuck.

I'm gonna make it real simple.

I'm a numbers guy.


Makes things very uncomplicated.

I'm gonna ask you
three questions Chuck.

One, where's Graves
operating from?

If you think I'm going
to tell you anything,

you're not as smart
as I thought you were.

You know what?

I'm not the smartest
guy in the room.

But I am the biggest.

Get this maniac off me.

I'm gonna gut your eyeball!

OK, stop it!
Stop it!


Mr. Dunning, Anthony
Traverse, are you all right sir?

What the hell?
Who are you?

Anthony Traverse,
I'm working undercover.

For who?

Ian Graves.


You don't think Mr.
Graves does what

he does without a little
help from the inside, do you?

How do you know Mr. Graves?

Remember the border
patrol deal in Los

Angeles that almost went sour?


I was the one who ordered
the stand down on the East Wing

in the building.

Allowing the shipment and Mr.
Grave's to get out unnoticed.

That was you?

Very clever.

How did Graves know
where to find me?

Mr. Graves doesn't
know about this.

I've been monitoring
all agent activity

pertaining to Mr. Graves.

When I heard you got picked
up, I had to act quickly.

By the way, if I were you
I'd keep this to myself.

Mr. Graves does not
react well to those

who've been compromised.

Thank you Traverse.

Mr. Dunning I'd love
to stay and reminisce,

but we have to get
you out of here.

You're on a timetable.

Jason, it.


I had to handle a few things.


Like you could
have done any better.

Did he buy it?

We'll see.

Did he bite?


The tracking device
is operational.

He's on I-80 traveling westward.

Road and Traverse are
10 minutes behind.

How's the audio?

Audio is clear.

And he has a call coming in.

Track it.

Where have you been?

I've been trying to get in
touch with you for hours.

I had to handle a few things.

Are the laptops ready to ship?

Is the toxin activated?


The visas are ready.

Are you on your way?

I'll be there in an hour.

So is black ice the toxin?

Is there a black toxin?

Come on Dunning,
where are you going?

Dunning owns a computer
company that supplies

schools across the country.

There's an open order
for 10,000 laptops.

That could mean 10,000 children.

Or more if the toxin
becomes airborne.

Where would they
house the toxin?

In that fuses.

Dunning's company
manufactures fuses.

How can they release it?

Well, they can
send an energy surge

right through the
motherboard and cause

the whole fuse to blow.

How would they do that?
- Right through the web.

It's brilliant.

Now all of a sudden
you're a big fan.

The toxins inside the fuses.

Inside the laptops.

Graves sends an energy
surge through the internet

and the fuse blows,
releasing the toxins.

So with one click of a mouse.

My God.

I've got a location.

North Jersey.

It's an old zinc mine.

Just off Route 10.

Let's move out.

The stops now.

All right Cage.

You know what to do.

Giles, Traverse,
secure the ridge.

Eliminate any threats.

Copy that.


Perimeter secure.

Proceed to foxtrot.

All right, snipers around the
ridge to protect your entrance.

You know your jobs
once you're inside.

Be careful.

Lock and load.

We Don't know
what this toxin is.

Or what it can do.

So, please exercise
extreme caution in there.

We have intel that confirms
that Graves is personally

overseeing the operation.

Remember, if any of you should
come in contact with him,

he is more valuable alive.

Agent Marks, we are
changing your team's

objective to Charlie hotel.

Repeat, C-harlie H-otel.

Your new object.

This is where they are
warehousing infected computers.

Agent Rains, continue to
the original objective.

Repeat, the original object.

Are the fuses going
to remain stable

when the computers are shipped?

Barring any accidents, like
a car crash, they'll be fine.

The case won't open
until we send the signal.

What happens if
there's an accident?

Depending on how
many fuses get broken,

it could kill off a
whole city block or two.

Yeah, he's with me right now.

I gotcha.

Graves's is ready for ya.


This place is
crawling with feds.

Hold them off.

Don't stop!

How did they find out
about our location?

I don't know.

You must have been followed.

I wasn't.

I made sure of that.

Where were you
earlier this evening?

I told you I was taking
care of a few things.

Where were you?

I was picked up by
some government agency.

I didn't say a word to them.

Your guy Traverse got me out.

Who the hell is Traverse?

He said he worked for you.

He's the one that got me out.

It saddens me how stupid
you could be Charles.

Ian, I...

Clear out.

Jason, mask on.

Federal Agents,
drop your weapon.


Rains, status?

We got an Agent down.

Graves is in the
Northeast shaft of the mill.

Copy that.

We've got to move out.

Dumont has a location on Graves.


Move, Peckham, stay with Fiore.


Forgive me, but I
think it's a little rude

that you know my name and
I haven't had the pleasure

of an introduction.

Were you not taught
manners in your youth?

Hands behind your head
and drop to your knees.

Do you have any
idea how much this suit cost?

This is your last warning.

And this is your first.

Put your weapons down,
walk away before things

get complicated for you and
that lovely little young lady.

Come into the light.

To hide such a beauty would,
would be the real crime here.

Charming Graves, but
we've seized the toxin.

Your operation is over.

Do you honestly
think I built myself

on a single minded operation?

Multitasking is the way of
the new millennium agents.

The next one goes
right through her head.

David take him out.

Don't worry about me.

Do you actually even know
who you're working for?

I mean, what you're
fighting for?

Men like you Agent are given
orders by people like me.

You're sent out
into the real world,

risking your lives
day in and day out.

While we sit behind closed
doors, making real decisions

about the fate of this country.

Let her go Graves.

A country which people
actually think they have

a say in what really happens.

Imagine that a democracy.

I mean one can only
fear what would

happen if the public really
had a say in what went on.

I say to you, stand down.

Don't do it David.

You're insane Graves.

Let her go or I promise
you, I will take you out.

I'm insulted.

More than anyone,
I'm the Patriot here.

Then why are you trying
to kill thousands of people?

It's a sacrifice.

To the gods of power and money.

Now if you'll excuse me,
I have a flight to catch.

Good job.

Check out the medic.

Thank you.

Good job.

You OK?

Two casualties.

Well, we stopped the shipment.

The toxins been secured.

Agents are going out to make
sure the infected computers

don't hit the streets.

What about Ian Graves?

We'll get him next time.

You know we did a
good job here today.

You saved my life back there.


Don't think it makes
up for eight years.

Director Chase,
Admiral Dumont and I

must admit, when
we first visited

the idea of reviving
Eschelon, I honestly felt we

were going down the wrong path.

However, all the recent
events, this country

is indebted to you.

No one will ever know how
close we actually came

to another nationwide tragedy.

However, we feel it's in
our country's best interest

to continue with the
Eschelon program.

We commend you on your
successful efforts.

And your request for additional
funding has been granted.

You're aware gentlemen
that outside these walls,

your team doesn't exist.

That will be all gentlemen.

Thank you!

Well, we got what we wanted.

At what price?

There's demons in my life.

They've all become parasites.

It's driving me to drink.

Anything to stop from thinking.

Cause I'm never OK.

Just really good
at acting that way.

I'm making myself sick, with all
the evil thoughts I'm thinking.

Gonna run away.

Keep this candle
burning brightly.

It's me in the dark.

I need this light so
fate with find me.

Fate come find me.

Fate come, fate come.

Their trying to steal my dreams.

And these four walls
are laughing at me.

The suits control the game.

But they can't change
a thing about me.

I'm not gonna run away.

Keep this candle
burning brightly.

It's me in the dark.

I need this light so
fate will find me.

I'm not gonna run away.

I'll keep this candle
burning brightly.

It's me in the dark.

I need this light.

This is how America pays.

With fire revolution for this.

Think it's time for change.

This is how America pays.

With fire evolution for this.

Think it's time for a change.

This isn't fair what I'm seeing.

It's the planet Earth.

Not just America bleeding.

Things went from bad to worse.

Smoke is filling the sky.

Got these crooked politicians
sending children to die.

There'll be no peace tonight,
keep the beast in sight.

Although he sleeps in
the west and the east

will fight and
natural compensation

for the terror and rage.

It isn't right.

But this is how America pays
for every innocent victim

the systems ever produced.

For the troops overseas
left crippled and wounded,

losing my patience.

United Nations
the face and body,

hiding the troops, in
finding excuses for fighting.

Troops in the back, magic
is the castle collapses.

Stashes their filthy fingers
on the ashes and scatter them.

The dragons freeze up
their heads if they fail.

Gotta make them listen
and see past this hell.

Now this is how America pays.

We'll fight a
revolution for this.

Think it's time for a change.

This is how America pays.

We'll fight a
revolution for this.

Think it's time for a change.