Ecce Homo (1969) - full transcript

Having survived a terrible nuclear war that destroyed the human race, a family of three persons - Jean, his wife Anna and son Patrick, live in a trailer by the sea.



What did you find?

Help me.

I'm tired.
I am more tired.

I have no power left, my
arms are the same.

I can't go on like this.

Where are you going Patrick?

Where are you going?

Come here.

Give me a fork.

It's time for him to grow up.

Next time
I 'll take him too.

Have you heard?

You've collected more this time.

Sit down, I'll do it.


Come here!

Go near him.

Come on, be quick.

Help me.

Don't touch him.

- Hold it.
- What is this?

Dynamo. Recharges the
battery while the engine is running .

What are you doing.


Turn back!

Hey, sen!

You there!

Who are you?


We're not alone anymore!

You are alive!



A woman!

You are real!


Haklýymýþsýn Quentin...

The world hasn't come to an end.

How did you survive?
Buying provisions from the city?

No, we can't get it, the city is contaminated.

Are there still contaminated areas?


- We were there yesterday.
- Did you come from the city?


- No radioactive zones, waste.
- But my wife said ...

It's all over then, I
can go to the city.

And he knows this.

Greetings bro.

My name is Quentin
and this is Len ... Leonard.

We are out ...

Fishing looks good here.

Can I help you?

- Anna, kayýðý baðla.
- Ben yaparým.

Come on Patrick, help me.
Tie the rope to that stake.

Hey, Len ...

Is there any tobacco left?

came a little early this year .

On the other hand, last year ...

During these times ...

... there was a drought.

It wasn't easy, but we
managed to survive.

Sen þanslýymýþsýn.

You have a wife and a son.

- You saved your family.
- Sure, but I still have scars.

I'd rather die than live like this.
You call this a chance?

How much time have I left?
One ... two ... three years?

I do not know.

But there's nothing more to say, you won't get better

It's funny when you think like that ...

we may be the last people left in this world .

There used to be billions of people ...

... now it's all underground
and we're on top.

Above this contaminated world.

A world we need to rebuild and settle .

Why should we do this?
What's the point of civilization?

You're wrong, Jean.
It is our duty to continue.

For what?
Humanity has proven itself!

I'm just a
sparks and we ended up killing each other .

We just followed orders.


ordered you to lift your plane and destroy it using missiles and bombs .

So what was your answer?
"Yes, sir!"

You got in your planes and
fired your rockets.

That's why
nothing is left but stones and corpses .

Never mind.

I'm drinking to the survivors!

... then he said; "Listen, Len,
why are you hanging out with these people?"

So I replied, "I'm sorry,
but I like them."

He stuck to my collar and said ...

back to your own people, come back."

"You are black."

I stuck the lump on his chin.

So I
found myself in a filthy jail.

I couldn't sleep
because of insects, smell and heat.

That's all there is to it.

- Why aren't you helping?
- I don't like them.

Why is that?

Why is that?

were better before they came .

- Everything has changed now.
- No, you are wrong.

I don't want them to disturb us.

were celebrating the opening of the temple in Jerusalem .

It was winter season ...

And Jesus
was walking on the covered pedestrian path in front of the temple .

Once I read it, I can assure
you that our supreme democracy ...

I will be able to strengthen all your institutions ...

... and I
will end the Communist danger threatening us .

Said God.

- Jean is weird.
- So tired.

finished him completely yesterday .

- Is he in great pain?
- Yeah, he's hiding his pain.

showed up much later, when he thought it was safe .

I understand.

Give me the other rope.

I don't think you like us.

No, I told you, just tired.

Where have you been

Where did you think I was?
I scouted the other side of the river .

You've done an excellent,
wonderful job, Len.

The first house in our new civilization.

I don't think it's strong enough.

Look, I've made a
list of what we need .

There's still a lot of stuff in town, you
can get it tomorrow.

Threads, nails, tools.
A little bit of everything.

- Whatever you can find.
- Okay, I'll take care of it.

I'll get some more branches.

Let me help you.

- What happened then?
- After?

They surrounded me with their guns ...

... and they
started waiting for the right time ...

Speaking of weapons,
I'll show you how to make a bow.

Where is this?

I 'm not suitable for this kind of job, I was more of a bookworm.

- Wipe off your sweat.
- Yeah, thank you.

What did you do to Anna?
You dirty bum!

That rubbish uniform
doesn't give you the right to talk to me like that .

Leave the woman alone.
Got it, old man?

Leave it to me.
I'll show you how to use it.

This way.

Listen, Len ...

How many women have we encountered in the years we've been wandering ?

Just think there are no other women left in the world.

Anna is in the prime of her life and
married to a man who couldn't conceive her .

That's why Jean's looking at us like that.
He knows how this can get the job done.

Anna has to have a baby girl
, right away.

Another woman is necessary if we want to save the human race .

If it's stuck it will be a problem.

- All we can do is try.
- Is that what you're trying to do?

Knock it down on the
grass to test its fertility ...

... you wanna jump on it?

Cut it out,
you would do the same if you were in my place .

So what? Yes, I tried.

This is what
we have to do if we want to create a new society from this point .

I'm warning you, leave him alone.

What happened with Quentin this morning?

I heard about them.

Who will take my place?

- Yeah, it might be your type.
- Where are you trying to get?

You heard me.

Leave me alone.

Look at these,
they're debating who will take my place .

They say it's gonna be really hot for you tonight .

Her husband won't be able to embrace him,
so it's up to us to satisfy him.

Who will do first?

They treat you like an object.

I'm telling you, look,
all they want is to sleep with you.

don't believe a word of what you 're saying.

- I can make my own decisions.
- No Anna, you're wrong.

You can't just
take me out of your life.

I don't care what you think, I
want them to go!

They are coming.

They have to go
or I'll kill them.

Do you know...

If Leonard
brings back what I want from him ...

... I
can fix that old car's dynamo.

So we have electricity and

- This is just the beginning.
- What will you do with it?


Resettling the world, sure,
that's why Anna is so valuable.

before any of your heads happen, we'll all be dead.

I can see their city now;
telegraph poles, streets, people ...

We will be crushed and defeated once more.

We'll be
forced to do all the things we don't want to do.

We will lose our freedom.
No. I do not accept this.

What would you prefer?
A desperate life for your son?

It's not his, it's
our generation

- Young people, too ...
- Enough!

I can't listen to you.

I've never
seen such a ridiculous argument.

You idealists, you just talk,
you don't do anything else!

This is the
only kid who has a right to talk between us .

Let's go.

Keep it that way.

Stay here.

Stay away from him!

You and your guns!
Patrick is my son. Just me!

- Watch out, buddy.
- Listen, this is his son.

- You don't get involved.
- I'm just trying to help!

We need to play together.

I don't want anything of you,
get out of here!

- Listen to me Len, you ...
- Shut up!

Beðendin mi?

I used to do my hair like this when I was going to dance with your dad in town.


This is the city we used to live in,
try to visualize it ...

It's a beautiful city with lots of caravans .

Caravans made
of stone , one on top of the other ...

Also bright streets
and lots of cars.

People walking up and down.
Huge shop windows.

You could use your windows as mirrors.

Parks where lovers walk hand in hand.

Squares full of people who are always going to work.

they were all happy times.

Sleep now my dear.

Day 2427 of a painful life ."

"Every day
brings more unnecessary discussion that makes our living together impossible ."

"I can only
draw one conclusion from this: We haven't changed."

Len, wake up.

Wake up.

- What?
- You have to take me with me tomorrow.

So they
decided they wanted to be free .

They fought for their home and their land.

Because they all
had the right to live freely and happily .

He was a great nation.
Do you understand?

No matter, you will
learn in time.

These bolts are tight.

would be a shame if we had n't worked that hard to pull it out.

But I did it!

Look, this is a dynamo!
I can heat our house with this.

I'll start with the engine and
light the world.

Look, Patrick, this is a dynamo!
Isn't it awesome?

We were able to reach the moon.
We could control nature.

And in just a few hours,
we lost everything.

Civilization is gone.

But man
doesn't give up so easily.

We and a few like us scattered
around the world.

We'll start again.

Damn it.

There's nothing I can do,
I can't fix this.

- Let's go back.
- Are you going to leave the car here?

Who will steal?

We'll return in the van.

went with Len if you're looking for Anna .

Admit it, Jean, the charm of the
town was too strong for him.

Why did you let them go?

You know what's there.
There is radiation everywhere!

This is very dangerous!

- You should have stopped them.
- Why is that?

guess forget that Len has a gun .

it's none of my business, it's not my wife.

This is not true.

I've heard your conversation, I
know what you're trying to do.

Len threatened you.
You'll fight for him soon.

he'll get rid of you because he's strong .

It will kill you!

He's not the only one with a gun.

But I can't use a gun with these hands.

You can use it.

Come on, take this.

Why don't
you give him your shirt back?

No, don't say a word.

That's better.

Sakýn ha!

Fahiþe, sen busun iþte.


I don't care, I had sex today
and I liked it too.

Yeah, I like it!

And I'll do it again.

No, Anna.

Didn't you think for a second how dangerous it would be to get pregnant ?

After all.

You want to produce other people.

Inhabiting the world with these nasty
animals again .

'll just end up strangling each other .

think it won't happen again ?

Do you realize what you're doing?

Look around. You
want this to happen again?

I told you, I
'll do it again whenever I feel like it.

you wo n't, I'll stop you.

Even if I have to kill you.

Get out! This is my life,
my world.

Anna and Patrick are mine!
Get out!

Get out! You have no
right to be here!

Watch out, buddy,
I've warned you once already.

Get out!
Who asked you to come here?

Go back to where you came from!

Why did you shoot him?
You killed!


Cut it out, Quentin,
or I'll kill you too.

Go away!

Please don't send me!
I can't survive alone.

I do not want to be alone!

Please don't send me!

Life is starting over.

- Do you like our town?
- You mean the city.

- We want it to be big.
- Listen to this ...

Our house will be over there,
sidewalks and roads.

Lots of people too. Here in
this square, big stores.

No, it's not there.
Why don't we put them over there?

- Town hall over here.
- No, no town hall.

- Then we'll have a restaurant.
- Yeah, I don't know how to cook.

- Is that so?
- Put it next to our house.

Tell me,
how do we get from our house to the stores?

- I don't know, by car?
- No.

- Subway?
- No.

- How then?
- We'll go on horseback.

Will there be horses in the city?

Are you crazy?
I would love to see this.

Think about it, jumps in the city!

Did you notice how Patrick avoided us ?

I found the broadcast in the water and I
'm sure you didn't lose it.

It must have been.

Lets go.


What are you doing?

It was a beautiful city.

Patrick, why do
n't you ever come to my visit?

I can't stand being alone.

Don't shout, Patrick, I wo
n't hurt you.

I just want food.
Nothing else.

Just something to eat.

Come on, Patrick.

Leave me!

That old bum again!

I can't go on like this,
steal our fish today, our clothes tomorrow.

It's dangerous.
He's crazy.

Get outta here.
Winter is approaching.

Don't be afraid, we'll be leaving soon.

Maybe tomorrow.

Collect some stone, save civilization.

Collecting stones is easy, takes
some time.

But it doesn't matter,
I don't care.

I have to gather the stones
and save civilization.

If I can pile a lot of stones on top of each other ...

... I can make a nice house.
A real house, completely stone.

I put all the stones together, I'll make a house just for me.

We are going.

You can keep the fish now.

It can't be.

I won't let you go

Me here ...

... you can't leave it alone.

Let me, I
need your help to build it.

What I'm
building here is the beginning of a new civilization.

We can
collect all the stones in the world if you stay .

We build a new Athens, a new Alexandria, a
new Rome!

Wait, you forgot your book!

The rains are coming,
we have to hide it!

The truck is on fire!

Damn it!
Step aside!


I'm here!

- When it's time to kill ...
- Shut up!

If it's time to kill ...

Kill! Do not regret it!


Yeah, run.

Run, you dirty bum!

I don't care if the road is long.

If the pain is full. Hit!

Scripture says that
I am the boss. Hit! Hit!

I am the boss of my destiny, I am the boss of my soul.

Eighty-seven years ago our ancestors
founded a new nation on this continent.


Eighty-seven years ago our ancestors
founded a new nation on this continent.

The idea of ​​freedom!

In and!

Dance, you old punk!

Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow ...

new dawn will break on this land !

One day he will
be cleansed of the sins of all his past deeds .

This will lead the fools to
their deaths!

You ... You are poor.

You are your freedom oppressed.

I am everywhere!

Come out!

It's over!

Come out!

Watch out, he's got a gun!

Yes, in the spring ...

there is a field of millions of violets .

I go there very often.

I go there often.

When I break my commitments ...

... maybe I'll go back there one day.

Yes, it is a beautiful place.

Fresh. The one with many trees.

can almost see if I close my eyes .

With my bare feet ...

I want to run ...

... on grass and grass.

Sometimes I see other people.

- Not much ...
- Cut it!

- Eat please.
- Did you have to come here?

Eat for your unborn child.

don't want to raise a child in this hell !

I don't want!

I don't want!

Wake up, Quentin!
Wake up!

Where is my mom

Where is my mom