Ebony, Ivory & Jade (1976) - full transcript

An American track team has just arrived in The Philippines for an international competition. Among the competitors are Ginger and Pam, nicknamed "Ivory" and "Ebony", who meet up with another friend, Jackie, nicknamed "Jade". After they arrive at their hotel, a gang of thugs kidnaps them, along with some other girls from the team. To get away, the trio are going to have to use all their fighting skills.


(Crowd Commotion)

now preparing for the 100 meter finals for women, 
we have the favorites ginger douglas 22 year old

heiress of the douglas supermarket chain and 
probably the only girl who ever had a coming

out party and an olympic medal the same year also 
pam rogers the pride of pensacola the fleet-footed

femme fatale who's been running away with the gold 
all year that is till ginger caught up with her.

casey barnes the powerhouse of the pencil fund she 
already has guaranteed herself the crown jewels

(Soul Music)

it's a dead heat it looks like the 
beginning of another great sports rivalry

and we'll be watching it all the way to 
the women's international meet in hong kong

(Celebratory Music)


coach morrison i'm coach morrison 
i'm uh mr reed from the embassy

oh the embassy oh well gee that uh well 
that's great i'm glad to meet you i'm

really glad to meet you yeah can you come 
this way for sure excuse me please

hey you know it's really great if you had 
to come down immediately how was your flight

never fails the toughest part of every 
track meet is the free for all at the airport

now to get the baggage

the police wouldn't let me through since when did 
you ever let a little thing like a police stand

in your way? well i'll have you know i respected 
them. teaching young girls to be young ladies

it's no easy thing to be respectable. you're lucky 
i gotta be respectable for the seven o'clock news

four months we train for this extravaganza 
first we'd run in morning and then we have

lunch and then they teach us table manners 
sounds corny and then we run in the afternoon

and then they teach us the speech we have to 
say to the grand whatchamacallit or whoever

it is we gotta talk to you you think you 
all went around here not a curtsy girl

i'm so damn respectful they 
will vote my visa for detroit

you're amateurs you understand amateurs now if 
you want to put on a diving show for the hotel

you put it on but you don't take any money you 
don't take any food you don't take any clothes

you don't even take an aspirin unless you pay 
for it me i'm the one who's gonna take an aspirin

what was that all about the coach 
is just blowing his whistle again

hey did you see a big fat man 
anywhere no i can't say that i have

i think he's been following me 
around all day i hadn't noticed him

american athlete pamela rogers 
who was unidentified oriental girl

and when we were in school it was jackie wow 
and some unidentified black american chick

it's about time i can still whip you

remember that time my father was running the 
supply depot at that army base in okinawa

we had that fight about who's gonna 
be sergeant you didn't beat me then

santa santa sam i'm not paying for this room

hey it looks like the action's already started 
whatever it is looks like you're gonna be dressed

for it you got enough stuff there to open up 
a department store hey listen why don't we

make it easy on each other okay i didn't ask for 
this room ain't my job to make it easy for you

that was my mama's job listen i 
don't know what you want from me

i thought we were on the same team i'm on my 
own team girl you want to go on that track

waving the stars and stripes you go on ahead 
but don't be telling me we're on the same team

you lose here you go back to being miss debutante 
i lose i'm going to be well in tv sets i'm 65.

i didn't come here to play games 
and i didn't come here to lose

yeah you're going to love them i'm short 
and now look the days of us stealing each

other's boyfriends are over the number 
two you hear me i think old pam's in love

oh i don't know he's just the first man 
i ever met that could keep up with me

on the track or in this oh 
you know you got a dirty mind

besides he could whip your ass he got a 
gold medal in the last olympics for boxing

they asked him to turn pro he said no way 
make a lot of money getting his head bashed in

besides he's doing a whole lot better 
just talking in the microphones well

i can see him announce it for the race 
everybody else wondering who else is in it

when i'm on the track there's nobody 
else anyway hi i'll drink to that

the coach finds out we're out boogie in the gym 
joints we're going to be like that famous canary

the cat age first of all he ain't going to find 
out we think he is he's up in that hotel with

his damn schedule trying to figure he's going 
to take his pants off i think he said something

about practicing his whistle his whistle 
got no tooth left in it good evening ladies

only he was the only horny over the 
best bunch of women you ever ever saw

you think we ought to keep 
him take him to the hotel

i don't think he's big enough to hang on the job

i don't think you're worth the bother darling

wow i've never seen anybody move 
that fast we should have kept him

put a uniform on him and run 
him in 100 meters excuse me

that girl's amazing she never gets drunk 
she never has a hangover but she spends

more time in that bathroom than a plumber you 
know this traveling is really getting to me

i was changing some money at the hotel this 
morning and my american money looks so funny


do you think the chinese team is out 
practicing with hangovers this morning

i suppose you think the russians sent their girls 
out to inspect the saloons of hong kong last night

damn it girls you're not people you're athletes 
you're not supposed to drink you're not supposed

to smoke you're supposed to run and jump 
and throw things now what do you think we

train you for so you can get loaded and get out 
there perform like you got your feet in buckets

now listen girls you want 
to win this thing don't you

don't you

so we're right damn it get the hell out 
there i don't want anybody but nobody

leaves the track today until you're 
back in shape now get out there hit it

come on

casey good i have some aspirin in my 
bag thanks but i don't think it helped

sure you know the whole time on our way 
over here pam kept talking about you

she kept saying how you were always 
there with whatever she needed

we're friends wish you had what i needed 
and what's that about 10-hour sleep

anything the girls could tell you i could tell 
you they run i talk to the paper now what do you

want to know what i want to know is what really 
happened last night nothing happened last night

the girls just went out and had 
a good time that's all excuse me

monica can you tell benny we're 
gonna be a little late right

i'm ready when you are jackie says 
it's gonna be a big festival next week

i got better things to do casey 
there's gonna be music and dancing

and all kinds of food and she knows the people 
who are putting it on you want to go maybe

what the hell is this

yeah are you a deaf mute do you talk english

they do not talk english and neither 
do you either talk english or chinese

or french or anything if you say one word you die





at this hour there remains no word from 
the man who left two dead this morning

in the bloody kidnapping of photo american 
women athletes from hong kong sports arena

president ford has called the incident as foul 
a blow to international understanding as i can

remember and supermarket tycoon bennett douglas 
has offered to pay any ransom demanded for the

release of his daughter and the other girls 
douglas is at this moment preparing to leave

for hong kong to work with us embassy officials 
who report that progress is being made on the case

what about those senate hearings 
you know according to the news media

the cia has infiltrated every place in the world 
from what i've heard you guys have spies and every

girl scout troop in asia so if you got so many 
spies why can't you do a little goddamn spine

yeah i'll wait what else am i supposed to do 
look up the kidnappers on the yellow pages

they ought to change their name to just 
central agency their intelligence is nil

you give a man a lot of hope rusty wade 
now we've been expecting you have a seat

any new developments well they're chinese 
according to the witnesses two of them were

chinese so we figured that the rest are also i 
don't know i just don't know what figures anymore

mr reed what are you doing about it i'm 
waiting just like you're waiting just like

the cia's waiting just like the world's waiting 
i'm just sitting and waiting i'm not gonna just

sit here and wait mr reed while pamela's out 
there in trouble be glad it's not just her

not just her but my three best girls one of 
them is ginger douglas now that guarantees

us that the world will be keeping an eye 
on this yeah a couple of black girls don't

guarantees a thing does it that's not what i meant 
it doesn't matter what you meant it's the way

things are yeah i don't much like the way things 
are i don't much like waiting that's all we can do

oh this is insane if they wanted us to 
give them something or confess to something

but there's nothing i never 
depended on anyone in my life

yeah well it's time you learned it's time 
you shut up hey listen if we get out of this

mess it's going to be because of me my family 
knows everybody they know that dude in the hall

hey what's your family going to do for us the 
same thing they've always done wash your underwear

you know how you always see the woman 
in the cowboy movies that's tied up

and she rubs ropes against the chair 
and gets loose yeah don't believe it

you're not gonna get away with this

that's all you get [ __ ] what's going on i put 
that bite on him did you bite it off that's next

all right all right that's enough

what's going on it changes they want five 
million hong kong dollars the details come later

then they'll let the girls go right no 
what do you mean no the government has uh

declined to come up with the money they've done 
what wait a minute wait a minute the government

no whose government nobody's asked me to vote 
man now who makes that decision whoever makes

those decisions it wasn't me so what now we hope 
that bennett douglas comes up with the five mill

i hope he doesn't try to 
make a deal for his own kid

leaving [ __ ] on their own hey don't call 
him that i call my goddamn well please man

now this was new york of y'all busting 
heads in 15 minutes i know what's going on

you want to try it i'm not going to stop you 
it would make my life one hell of a lot easier

if somebody could find them i got 20 reporters 
waiting out there i don't need that i wouldn't

know where to start well maybe i could put you in 
touch with someone who might be able to help you

nick dorenzie he's worked with the cia i 
don't want any cia man he's worked with

a communist he's worked with the russians he's 
probably even worked for the goddamn ethiopians

somebody told me that nick had been paid in 
every kind of money there is in the world

now if there's anybody that knows what's 
going on in hong kong it's nick dorenzie

i already made the transfer of the 
money to your bank in switzerland

the hong kong police commissioner wants to thank 
you personally for the things you've done mr chua

extends his apologies regarding last week's heist 
he begs for an audience with you to make peace

by the way the rumor about the manila people 
is true they'll be here soon what do you mean

they are here

welcome to hong kong uh



thank you

nick dorenzie yes rusty wade hiya uh have a drink 
while i finish my business it won't take long



oh you have to forgive me this it's been one 
of those days you have everybody tell me uh

you really nicki remzy what 
do you want a business card

well i figured you'd be you know different caller

i had to change my name you know business how 
seriously would people take a soldier fortune name

nico meadows the yang yang

nick duranza sounds so dazzy so 
now how much were your dashing car

well depends on how much dashing is required well 
now you won't have to do it alone tell you what

ordinarily i don't like having my employers alone

they have a tendency to uh want to make decisions 
but you may come in handy you don't do a bad job

not have bad uh what about these girls of yours





this is stupid


all this trouble for nothing we must 
be philosophical about this it may be

difficult for you to remain philosophical about 
losing five million dollars when a person loses

her value she becomes flesh and flesh has a value 
all its own so we lose nothing we can only profit

buy me a drink is that part of our deal i buy 
the drinks i always get an expense account

you want my theory the americans won't pay the 
ransom because they think the kidnappers are

chinese and some idiot in the state department 
decided that the ransom would be foreign aid

they don't give foreign aid to china uh there's 
a man named lou he's a mercenary that's the same

sort of what i do so he's got to price us by him 
ah it's not that easy he's working with one slang

a young radical and i suspect he's behind this 
plot so it's got to be politics it's possible

come on let's get to work

you will be kept here for a short time we are 
just waiting for your government to deliver

so any further attempts to fight us will only 
endanger you needlessly is this understood


remove the tapes

hey listen you're getting your 
money so you can at least entire us

we're american citizens we're being treated like 
american citizens at least the way this american

citizen's always been treated both you just 
shut up and looking at us a lot so what are we

supposed to do until then starve to death you'll 
be pleased to know we've sent for food i wanna

what are you the den mother at least i got us food 
didn't i you could have got us killed oh well you

two stop yelling at each other what else is there 
to do 24 hours after their abduction there remains

no word from american track stars pamela rogers 
ginger douglas casey barnes and monica newton

american officials refusing to give in to a 
reported five million dollar ransom demand

cited their unwillingness to and i quote 
encourage this sort of thing president

ford has called the incident a slur on the 
honorable name of international athlete


did you find anything zero 
might as well call it a day

boss i'll go into the bar right i'll see you 
see you uh let's go agrees huh let's go eat oh



i thought the money was unimportant only to you we 
kidnap them because they're americans we keep them

because they're valuable valuable for a cause not 
for money show me a course that doesn't need money

you look like some kind of weird siamese twins i 
feel like houdini yeah the day forgot the trick

i think we're getting it that one he just pulled 
do it again i don't know which one it was was the

one on the left is starting to go the one you just 
pulled pull it again no that's my right my left

what if they come in and find you and tying each 
other what if they do well all of us could just

get killed all right i'll save your life for you 
we get untied and we'll leave you the way you are

come on jackie it's just starting to get loose 
if we just listen to what they say then maybe

we'll be you don't stop talking you're not gonna 
have to worry about what they're gonna do to you

you don't seem to understand miss 
america we're not on the track anymore

this isn't a game they just killed two girls 
there's nothing to keep them from killing a

couple more but they're getting the money when i 
see the government of the united states handing

out money for me that's when i'll believe 
that oh stop talking like a martyr that's

all you're trying to be is another black martyr 
you wanna get killed not as bad as you do girl

god damn it jackie come on 
i'm doing the best i can fair

well if it ain't julia child bon appetit



all right the exercise is over

mr reed there are two men in the united 
states senate who owe their jobs to me

one word from me and you know what will 
happen to your job my job does not consist

of making national policy my policy mr reed is 
to pay for what i want and i want ginger back

i'm prepared to give them the money

where the hell are we welcome to 
shangri-la oh pardon the smell

i don't believe this i mean my 
father's got to be going crazy

absolutely crazy things like this just don't 
happen in our family i got a sister who's

kidnapped well we thought she's kidnapped anyhow 
up she got picked up for roberto liquor store

she was born three days before we heard from her

you know it wouldn't make any 
sense that she was kidnapped

the only ransom we could have paid was 
the rent money and we didn't have that

i just wish it wasn't taking so long i mean 
i can't understand why it's taking them two

days to get the money together i wonder how 
much it is i wonder how much we're worth

well not much this isn't exactly first class 
accommodation i wish i could see the newspapers

what are they saying about us i bet we made the 
cover of newsweek i bet we make the cover of jet

it'll be something to show 
our grandchildren all right

i mean all those old clippings this is your 
grandmother when she was kidnapped back in the 70s

hey i think i'll start a scrapbook i 
just hope we get to see it oh we will

if you two don't get crazy again 
fighting won't get us anywhere

i never thought i'd hear you say that i tried it 
i almost got raped i don't want to hear about that

it's nothing to be afraid about 
this happened i'd rather be afraid

yeah i was involved in the job yeah

i know i'm wonderful you're okay 
too yeah i promise you yeah bye-bye

oh sleep well what do you want coffee black

how come you got an office in a 
bar nick rusty if i was a carpenter

i'd work where they build houses if i was a 
baseball player i'd work where they play baseball

the kind of people i deal with 
i work in a place like this

what do you want me to do open a sound a bath 
something doesn't feel right and i can't stand the

waiting it's all we can do i talked to some people 
last night started getting the word around that uh

we're ready to do business all we can do is wait 
you think they'll get in touch with us for five

million bucks wouldn't you i would have by now i 
expect the girls keeping them busy you want some

i finally understand how from china man is so 
short i don't know how they ever get any food

and been all these damn things it's really 
a matter of what you grow up with you know

my group of knives and forks mostly nines mostly 
parts of your neighborhood well the best thing

about these chopsticks is you don't have to 
eat too fast a restaurant new york so food

like this may be shut down but we'll just have 
to see if we can get an inspector to come in

i think we got our inspector

ladies i have an important visitor to see 
you soon i want you to look presentable


yes he's here

this is bennett douglas i'm prepared to pay 
the money you asked if i get my daughter back

alive let me speak to her i don't take the 
word of criminals don't make her mad now

you're questioning me when i tell 
you i have the money sir i have it

you'll get nothing until i get ginger back 
i might i might if i see proof she's alive

you'll get 10 000 and no more and you'll bring 
me proof whenever you say i'll let you talk to

my associate here i'm afraid i don't know the 
city well enough i don't know the city either yes

we'll be there


i don't like carrying this kind of money you'll 
get you street the only people i know who carry

this kind of money yeah but don't forget 
that we're going to buy some women and tweets

mr wade yeah your friend primal rogers 
sends her regards when do we get her back

when we get the five million dollars did 
you bring the deposit you bring the proof

the wonders of modern technology mr 
wade who's ever listening to this

we're being treated like [ __ ] but we're still 
alive it's getting dark now this is the third day

since we've been kidnapped so you know when we're 
recording this nobody's forcing me to say this

they've got guns pointed at us 
but that's nothing unusual anymore

nobody's telling me what to say 
we're just waiting for you to bail us

out this is ginger douglas we're being 
treated like animals and we're in a

i'm afraid the next part is how do you say 
classified information uh how do we know you

didn't kill the girls after they recorded that why 
would i kill them of what use would they be dead

are you saying lou you have me at a disadvantage

nick derensey

an unexpected pleasure you know we could do 
things the two of us i'm already working thanks

i could have you killed at this 
moment i could have you killed

yeah but of what use would i be dead

did you bring the money yeah

inform mr douglas we will speak with him 
tomorrow when will you release the girls

we will speak with mr douglas tomorrow

me in the front of every 
newspaper looking like this

i'm ready for my close-ups will be the mill 
i look like a model from a woman's magazine

are you taking us with you are you letting us 
go now not just yet are you from the embassy

you got the money number 
questions you're still prisoners

that's like saying here's a present but 
don't open until christmas we could still

be here christmas no i don't think it'll take much 
longer now what do you think they'll do let's talk

are you sure this lou really has the 
girls i mean you gave him the money

you kept up your end of the 
bargain why didn't he keep his

he played us the recording mr douglas 
ah you know anyone can fake a recording

it's true we're running out of time now those 
girls are supposed to march at a flower parade

if things don't change i may have to put on a 
wig and march myself wait a minute what when

you talked to them on the phone yesterday did 
you tell them who was gonna bring the money

i i'm not sure i believe i did i believe you 
didn't i believe you just said you're associate

didn't you but what possible difference did 
that make well the difference that it makes

is that they said to him are you mr wade 
what the hell they were supposed to say

uh dr livingston i presume but how 
would they know his name was wade

if mr douglas here didn't tell him well i 
thought i did you didn't well then who did

benny what what's your guess who's been talking 
to those people and what else have they told them

other than wade's name oh the hell should i know 
somebody's gotta know look somebody set this thing

up and it wasn't any china when it wasn't the 
communist but why would mr morris five million

dollars maybe how about it benny how's it sound to 
you how far could you go on five million dollars

hey man you're you're crazy how about 
you and i taking a little walk upstairs

are you nuts man look i just want you to meet a 
friend of mine you're absolutely nuts man ready

who the hell is this huh

this waiting is getting on everyone's nerves

what if lou doesn't release the girl that's 
a possibility i wouldn't discount knowing you

so patience my friend huh patience is a trait i 
never had nick what's the matter you're afraid

of lou it is something you americans will 
never understand i figured someday he and

i ran across a target you could get your chance 
to settle that competition i'm not sure i could

i'm not sure i didn't try wait till they pose 
a guard on you i don't think he would he had

his chance he could have killed us in a minute he 
and i are the only ones left we killed each other

it would give the business a very bad name 
anytime i came across somebody in the ring

who even thought that he was better than me i 
whipped him but there always be another one look

rusty how would you have felt if there's 
only one other boxer in the whole world

i would have fought it and i would have 
won i'd keep forgetting the american way

ladies i have good news you will soon 
forget all about me and this place

this gentleman will be taking you soon to 
the place from which you will be liberated

i thought that would please you why don't 
we get going indeed since we've had some

trouble in transporting you we're 
going to take a small precaution

hey now hold on what are you gonna do to us the 
drug will only put you to sleep for a few hours we

don't have to run some money yet we're gonna take 
the risk of having you escape you do understand

i understand but anybody puts 
a needle in me is in trouble

he doesn't seem to be in trouble yeah

now you understand the reason for our precautions



you right up so you see my friends the old 
rule about playing both ends against the middle

is not necessarily true the americans 
refused to pay as we knew they would

but we get paid for our trouble with the ten 
thousand dollar bonus and then we turn around and

do business with mr chang we get money for taking 
them and we get money for getting rid of them

it is not western politics that keeps me from 
being a communist it is western money it is

western money that keeps you from being free 
and i suppose you'll turn down your share yeah

the young are often trapped by their own innocence 
my only innocence was believing what you said we

kidnapped them because we wanted to show the 
world that the americans did not belong here


bring them inside

hey faster then come on

come on come on get up 
what's wrong with you come on

come on let's go

mr douglas how soon do you expect the 
release of the girls i'm interested in

the release of my daughter and that's all 
if the government doesn't care about the

other girls why should i i'm no crusader but 
mr dockless don't you think i think you're

wasting my time mr dogmas could you give us 
an idea i'll give you a punch in the nose

if you don't leave me alone but mr rita the 
embassy you can tell mr reading go to hell

we got word that you and the 
girls are at festival island

right i'll be at the ambassador get in 
touch as soon as you get the information

and double check on all long distance 
calls we place and mind this story

rusty something bothers me 
dog was in festival island too

are you okay

i don't know

i just wish somebody would come for us

somebody will be coming from 
us but it won't be americans

what do you mean why do you think 
we're here they're selling us to what

we're being sold as slaves a hundred years of 
progress and i'm back with my grandmother was

enough conversation

you lied to me all the lies were in your head 
a man sees things as he wishes some of the men

joined me for the money some of them joined 
for the revolution some joined because it was

the only way they could get near a woman if a 
man can do what i require of him i need to ask

his reasons for joining if he cannot do what 
i require i think he knows what could happen

i cannot do what you require i'm sorry


now you drop it

all right to the truck


by the way thanks for joining 
the team i got my own reasons

what's the matter we ran out of gas holy

come down come on this way come on

they can be very far cut them off there let's go

you gotta strike those men do 
something anything you want come on go

fellas hi how you doing um um i 
was wondering if you could help me

um you speak english oh you 
know you're really kind of

thank you thanks a lot listen i was gonna 
ask you oh look i i think i have to go

oh [ __ ] we got company

can't you go any faster








wait here

hey the bus to town is due in a 
minute come on hey you're gone

(Upbeat Music)

(Upbeat Music)

wait a minute come on come on

it's a water festival jackie was 
talking about yeah it's way out

hello hello? can you take us to the water 
festival please? please can you take us?

(Boat Motor) (Gunshots)


i made it

(Horn Music)

oh hold on telephone mr dorenzy hello according 
to new york mr douglas is ginger's step father

there are some stocks and inheritance involved 
the girl seems to be the main stumbling block

and besides ginger's real father set 
up douglas in the first place right

what's up i'll tell you on the way let's go

hold on

a deal is a deal you're not happy with our 
deal mr douglas you can always go to the police

whatever they're paying you for her i'll double 
it it seems they've been trapped shall we

daddy oh daddy daddy

you know what to do take her away 
what's wrong what's happening let me go

no let me go let me go

let me go

let's go

(Soul Music)


the moment we've been waiting for

(Soul Music) (Fighting)

(Cheering Crowd)

(Celebratory Music)