Ebony Hustle (2021) - full transcript

Ex Stripper turns Private Investigator.

Wake up, H Town.

We got work to do.

It's 8:45 A to the M, so if
you gotta be there by nine,

I'ma say you're already late.


What it do this morning, ma?

Hey Cal, I'm chilling.

Girl, I hate to shoot
on your good morning,

but it's your girl Felicia.

Mm, mm.

Not on my only day off.

What's wrong now?

And what's all that noise?

Girl, we were about to
go get some breakfast,

but Black Ron's ass just came over here

on some ol' bullshit.

Mm mm.

If I was you, I'd let the
police handle that shit.

Come on, Eb.

You know, Black Ron scared of you.

Everybody know you don't play

'bout that domestic violence shit.

He wouldn't even came up
in here if you was here.

Can't you handle it?

You a tough girl.

Oh, well.

I hurt my hand playing ball yesterday.

Oh, so you basically telling me

you useless right now, right?

Both of y'all owe me,
but I'm on my damn way.


Okay, I'm here, so let's do this.

This is my only day off.

All right, Sister Soldier.

Shit, you need some help?

Nah, just you know,
steadfast just in case.


Ebony, is that you?

Yeah, I'm coming Felicia.

You okay in there?

This motherfucker hit
me in the head with a pot.

I'm gonna enjoy giving this ass whooping.

Call Wayne, Eb.

No, I don't even want to be bothered

with my ex-husband today
or any other day really.

Shit, I'ma call him then.

Stupid motherfucker.

Now what y'all bitches doing here?

This is none of y'all's business.

Oh, Felicia made it our business

when she asked for our assistance.

This motherfucker grabbed my hair.

Don't you ever touch her again.

The fuck is wrong with you?


Bam, baby.

You busted.

Get the fuck off my neck.

Goofy motherfucker.

Damn, Felicia.

It's my only day off.

Man, all y'all bitches crazy.


When'd you call him?

Everybody okay?

Felicia, you all right?

I'm good for now,

but you coming to breakfast with us?

Girl, you ain't going
to no damn breakfast.

Need to go to the dentist.

Cal, you know you were right?

This guy has warrants.



I knew it.

Ebony, let me talk to you for a second.

So, good morning, Christie Love.

Oh, you got jokes now, huh?

Just saying.

Feel like we keep doing the
same thing over and over again.

Felicia's got to get her shit together

and get rid of that fool.

I think she got the message this time.

And you and Cal are not the police.

We're not trying to be the police,

but if my peeps need me, I'm coming.

Look at you.

We not even married no more

and you still trying to tell me what to do.

Well, every time I roll up

to my crime scene, I gotta remind you

that you're an investigator
of fraud, not crime.

Fraud is crime, thank you.

Let me talk to my guys, all right?

I'll talk to you guys later.

Stay out of trouble.

Stay out my business.

You are my business.

- Not anymore.
- Whatever.

Sis, you bleeding.

Is that glass on your arm?

You might wanna put some
peroxide on that, baby.

Oh, I'm good, Miss Glenda.

Thank you.

Old nosy bitch.

I can't with you.

- What?
- I can't.

I know I owe y'all.

I mean, I owe both of
y'all, especially you,

but I mean, y'all my big
sisters and I love y'all.

Y'all don't even know.

I love you, too.

And yes you do owe me especially since

it's my day off.
Because its you're day off.

- Yes.
- I get it.

But I promise, big sis,

I'm through with this piece of shit.

Mm hm.

I'll believe that when I see it.

Fo' sho.

But you know what?

You can pay for breakfast
since you owe us and all.

Yeah, okay.

♪ Wake, wake up

♪ Get my cake up

♪ Boss up

♪ With my makeup

♪ Real shit

♪ No faking

♪ World is mine and I'm
going for the taking

♪ I was down bad, I had to hustle

♪ Ain't got no time for no slow feet

♪ I had to buss it

♪ I had to get it out
the mud, flex the muscle

♪ I had to knock 'em on out

♪ I had to tussle

♪ Come and walk a mile
in my shoes, no insole

♪ I could show you how to
play the game, no console

♪ Send your best man at me

♪ Just make sure he's coming crafty

♪ And make sure he come
correct, never overstep

♪ Say it with his chest

♪ What's the scene and do
she got some friends with her

♪ Yeah I do and tonight
we on that brown liquor

♪ Watch 'em lighters flicker

♪ And the room fog up

♪ Playing guess what's in my cup

♪ She got the grab 'em by the balls

♪ Make 'em cough kind of attitude

♪ Show your gratitude

♪ Business first, then it's pleasure

♪ From the cheddar that you owe

♪ And I'm here to collect my respect

♪ Goofy

♪ Where my check, bitch

♪ Wake, wake up

♪ Get my cake up

♪ Boss up

♪ With my makeup

♪ Real shit

♪ No faking

♪ World's mine and I'm going for the taking

♪ I was down bad, I had to hustle

♪ Ain't got no time for no slow feet

♪ I had to buss it

♪ I had to get it out
the mud, flex the muscle

♪ I had to knock 'em on out

♪ I had to tussle

♪ I got some haters to the
left that'll check for the kid

♪ 'Cause ain't near soul out
alive that can do what I did

♪ They be hating on the kid

♪ I let 'em

♪ Walk 'em all on out like Magellan

♪ How she so damn fine, no telling

♪ Life's lemon and it want what I'm selling

♪ I heard your mans want the cake

♪ But he ain't ice me up

♪ Guess what

♪ Dumped his ass, now he blowing me up

♪ Ain't nobody outside
that be showing me up

♪ Now I'm only in the
room where the bands talk

♪ In the zone carry
round my ass a big chalk

♪ Snakes moving but I'm
sliding like a big hawk

♪ Wake, wake up ♪

♪ Get my cake up

♪ Boss up

♪ With my makeup

♪ Real shit

♪ No faking

♪ World's mine and I'm going for the taking

♪ I was down bad, I had to hustle

♪ Ain't got no time for no
defeat, I had to buss it

♪ I had to get it out
the mud, flex some muscle

♪ I had to knock 'em on out, had to tussle

Ebony, how's the Lewis case coming?

And good morning to you, too, Mike.

Why are you here?

You do know today is
my only day off, right?

Yeah, yeah.

All that.

We close to closing that thing or what?

Not really.

I received it on Monday.

Today is Wednesday.

I just wanna make
sure we get our bonuses.

Papa's got bills to pay.

You know what I mean?

And so does mama and?

And we gotta close this case by Friday.

There's a bigger bonus for you if you do.

How's that?

This guy works for our biggest client

at Milder Construction.

And they've been trying
to can this guy for ages.

Suddenly he allegedly hurts
his back while on the job

and wants them to pay workman's comp

while applying for disability.

So, maybe he did hurt himself, Mike?

How many of these
lazy assholes have tried

to bleed their companies dry
while filing false claims?

I mean, come on, Ebony.

You know the drill.

My job is to give you the juicy leads.

Your job is to bust these bums in action.

We get the big bonus
bucks, everybody's happy.

Me, you, Riser Insurance.


Consider it done, Mike.

And next time, call me.

Especially on my only day off.

Please and thank you.

God, he knows today is my damn day off.


Ooh, ooh.

Oh, child.

Mm, I guess a hard man is good to find.



Like I always say, if
you old enough to vote,

you old enough to stroke.


Deontae, baby, I will cast my vote

at your polling place any time.


Mm hmm.


Okay, let's see.

Mr. Gerald Lewis.

59 years young.


Been working at Milder
Construction for the past 28 years.

Was a lead foreman with the rebar crew.

Mm hm.

You sustained a serious
back injury at work.

Filed workman's comp claim
back in February of this year.

It's now December and
this is your third appeal.

Let's video chat later

and you can show me what
you're talking about.

Damn, lady.

Scared the hell out of me.

I'm sorry, Miss Ebony.

I didn't mean to scare you.

Do I know you, miss?


Glenda Shaw.

I live two houses down from Mr. Lewis.

From who?

Mr. Lewis.

The man you've been taking pictures of

for the past 10 minutes.

Well ma'am, not that
it's any of your business,

but I'm working here.

Well, as the neighborhood
watch block captain,

it is my business.

And you ain't fooling
nobody in that get up.

I knew it was you from the car.

So, how can I help you, Miss Glenda?

Well, I have a personal issue.

It's my daughter, Ny'Kia.

She done ran off with this grown ass man.

Uh uh.

You need to call the cops for that.

I don't do missing children.

Only insurance fraud.


And you spying on Mr. Lewis?

Gerald is one of the nicest
old men I know in the world.

He wouldn't even hurt a fly.

Sure wouldn't scam nobody.

I'm sorry.

I just can be really
protective of him sometimes.

What is that he's
tacking on a trees anyway?



I didn't know.

Is this his daughter?

It's his niece Tabby.

Tabby and my daughter, they best friends.

Thing is I know where my daughter is.

Tabby been missing for
the past three months.

Were the girls together
when they went missing?

You know, they could have been,

but I can't get in touch
with Ny'Kia to find out.

She with that Truth man.

He's the devil.

A false prophet.

What Truth man?

That fake ass, wannabe be preacher.

Quote, unquote, thug rapper.

He be carrying on and Lord knows what else.

You mean Caleb Truth?

Mm hm.

That devil.

He got a perverse thing for young girls.

How old is your daughter?

My baby is 16 years old.

She don't know her ass
from a hole in the ground,

but somehow he convinced her to be with him

and there she went off with him.

Here, here's her picture.

So, you telling me a grown ass man

convinced your 16 year old daughter

to come and live with him

and you ain't call the cops on his ass?

No, you don't understand.

I already been to the police
and told them everything.

They not trying to help me.

He famous.

I'm nobody.

I've been to the newspapers.

They only wanna talk about
his upcoming gospel album.

That's why I need you.

You know how to take care of hood problems.

You get shit done.

What you mean I take
care of hood problems?

Like yesterday, when you
and little ol' gay girl

took care of Felicia's old man.

You know Felicia?

Girl, yeah, everybody know her crazy ass.

Me and her play cards.

She do my hair sometimes.

She good people.

She ain't got no good taste in men though.

You telling me, Miss
Glenda, and I'm her friend.

Trust me.

You know.

So, what can I do for you, Miss Glenda?

I need you to go out
there and find my baby

and bring her back home where she belong.

I just wanna know that she's okay.

I know you can, Miss Ebony.


If you hear anything where
you can help find my baby,

or you find her, just have her call me.

I consider myself to be a God
fearing, able-bodied woman.

I ain't never asked nobody for nothing.

I ain't never needed help 'til now.

Please help me.

I could pull money together.

Uh uh, uh uh.

Miss Glenda, you keep your money.

I got you.

I'ma refer you to this detective.

No cops.

I told you.

They all in Caleb Truth's pocket.

Even the good ones it seems.

No, I'm pretty sure Wayne
is not, but I understand.

Well, I know you busy
investigating, so I'll let you go.

You have a blessed day,

but don't forget about me, Miss Ebony.

I won't, Miss Glenda.

And you, too.

Hey, Mr. Mark.

Hey Ebony.

You know there's different
ways to see me, right?

You don't gotta keep sending
these packages to my house.

You can come over whenever you want.

Now, Mr. Mark, if you want
to bring my packages by,

I ain't gon' be mad at you,

but I done told you 50 times
that you too old for me.

Girl, please.

We're about the same age.

Hey, I got some of that
Balmain vodka that you like.

How 'bout you come over a little later?

Have little nightcap?

Mr. Mark.

I like my man much, much younger than you.

Ah, baby.

Why you got to do me like that?

Oh, that's right, that's right.

You're one of them cougars.

You like them young bucks.

Only thing those cats are good for

are fucking like jack rabbits all night.

So what's wrong with all night passion?

Shit, nothing.

I just got to get to work in the morning.

I ain't as good as I once was,

but I'm real good once at least.

Okay, now you just doing the most.

You need to slow down, boy.

Slow his roll.

Boy, you a fool.


Bye, Mr. Mark.

All right then.

I'll let you get back to your
thirsty little boyfriends.

Yo, Eb?

I know you live in the suburbs and shit,

but you need to lock your door.

Anybody can walk up in here.


I live in the suburbs where people wait

for an answer before
coming into people's cribs

because otherwise they get shot.

Who gonna shoot me?


That's my buddy.

We just had a shot of vodka
before I walked up in here.

I just bet y'all did.

You brought me dinner, Cal?

You know, I know you can't cook.

I don't cook.

There's a difference.
Don't cook, can't cook.

Same damn thing to me.

And since we ain't get to
have breakfast yesterday

'cause you wanted to walk off caking

with that little cougar cub,

figured I'd treat you to a little dinner.



I'm trying to make him my
new boy toy, but he tripping.

Talking about send him some nudes.

He got to wait and appreciate
just like everybody else.

He fine as hell though, girl.

You want to see his picture?

Nope, I'm good.

Mm hm.

Look, look, look.

His dick bigger than yours.

Oh, so we comparing dick pics now?

Shit, I got you.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

He's a multi golden
platinum selling artist,

both in the hardcore world of gangster rap

and Christian gospel rap.

He's a newly ordained pastor

at the soon to be built
million dollar mega church,

the First Truth Fellowship
and now a bestselling author.

Here to talk about
everything in his new book,

"The Audacity of Truth."

Wait, did you hear that?

They said Caleb Truth wrote a book.

I didn't even think this fool could read.

Yeah man, that's my dog.

Yo, I'm really digging
that new gospel single

he put out called Church.


Yeah, but you got to say
it like church without the R.

Mm hm.

I can't.

I can't.

I can't with him.

But I had an interesting conversation today

with this lady about this fool.

Uh uh, Eb.

Caleb Truth really is the truth.

You should hear what all
that stuff he went through

and that was before he went
to prison for five years.

What'd he go to prison for?

Strong armed robbery and kidnapping one

of his eight baby mamas.



Then he went to prison, somehow found God,

and came out a preacher.

He's still rapping about
the streets and all that,

but yo, he could be real
in the name of God, man.

Does he now?


Answer the phone, please.

Dear God, please mama, answer.

Lookie here.

In the name of God,

I'd smash you through this wall real hard.

It'll hurt.

Who you calling anyway, Ny'Kia?

I'm sorry, Caleb.

I didn't mean that.

I just miss my mama.

Keep crying and on your mommy and mine,

you're gonna end up like your girl,

down on all fours and
out of time, you heard?

Do you really love,

believe and trust me?

I mean, are you loyal enough for the truth,

the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

So help you?



Yes, what?

Yes, God Daddy.

That's right.

I'm your god and your daddy.

Your mama and grand papi.

So what you need your mama for

when I'm the one that got you, ho?

Ain't that what you told me, Kia?

- Yes, but.
- Ain't no buts.

Except for yours in the audience.

Now go on and fix your face.

Looking like a damn disgrace.

Hey Caleb.

They're ready.

They're ready for you, Caleb.

He's a multi golden
platinum selling artist,

both in the hardcore world of gangster rap

and Christian gospel rap.

He's a newly ordained pastor

at the soon to be built
million dollar mega church,

the First Truth fellowship,
and now a bestselling author.

Here to talk about
everything in his new book,

"The Audacity of Truth" please welcome

to the "Vonda Watkins Show",
the undisputed Caleb Truth.


As you would say, lookie here, right?

I see that no matter where you go

that people love you, Caleb, right?

That's right.

Lookie here, Vonda.

The people love the God in me

and I love them back whole heartedly.

Negro, please.

That's blasphemy.

So, as you discuss in your
book, "The Audacity of Truth,"

tell me about the exact moment

that made you change your lifestyle

from all of the sex, drugs,
and violence you craved

in your gangster rap
persona and become a pastor.

Lookie here, Vonda.

I grew up hard on the streets.

It was four of us brothers.

We ain't never have enough to eat.

See, my mama was a hooker
and my daddy was a fiend.

I started slaying bags of
reefer by the age of 13.

By the time I hit my 20s,
I was popping pills with him.

Still stacking up my paper
flying weight in from Jamaica.

Caught my first case on my 22nd birthday.

In the pen I got in with
some gangsters out of L.A.

My nigga talk upon it
it's 'cause at 40, yo,

hit me to the rap game
and made myself a studio.

Ugh, if he says lookie
here, Vonda, one more time.

I can't.

Okay, I'm good on this ghetto Dr. Seuss.

I'm going to my room to
set this new cub straight

'cause he's getting a bit too pushy.

Man, quit hating, Eb.

I told you this man the truth.

The truth will set you free, Eb.

No, Cal, the truth will set you up.

This fool is a lie and
the truth ain't in him.

Man, bye.

Whatever, move.

I see I'm gon' have to
break down my rules to you,

but let's video chat because
it's too much to text.

Hey, sexy lady.

Okay, little baby.

Let me explain this, okay,

so you don't get it twisted
while we talking, okay?

Oh, I like a lady that gets down to biz.

First cougar commandment.

Let's be honest why we're here, okay?

Dick loves pussy.

Pussy loves dick.

We each have the counterpart.

Moving on.


Keep your cool.

I'm talking about cooler
than Sammy Davis Jr.

Sipping a slushy in Siberia cool.


Cooler than Snoop Dogg then.

All right.

Number three.

Eb, come quick.

Number three.

I don't come quick.

I come hard.

Hold on.

Girl, I'm on the phone.

My bad.

My home girl keeps bothering me

about some bullshit on the Vonda show.

You talking about the
Caleb Truth interview?

I'm watching it, too.


That guy is a whole clown.

Like why does he rhyme everything?

That would get on my nerves real quick.

That's just his thing, ma.

He reaches a lot of people with his music.

Me included.

Matter of fact, I got my meet
and greet VIP this weekend.


Well, why don't you get me a ticket, too,

and I'll be your escort for the evening?

Do I get a happy ending
with your services?

Well that's totally up to you.

Ooh, you know I would, ma,

but tickets sold out about
an hour after I got mine.

I mean, how 'bout you come back afterwards?

Eb, he gone be at the art gallery on.

Oh, nevermind.

It's invite only.

Once again, I apologize
for the interruptions.

Like I was saying.

You was saying I get to see
that sexy grown ass woman body

on top of mine tomorrow night.

No, I wasn't, which
brings me to number four.

Quit being so damn pushy.

If it's meant for you, you'll get it,

and stop asking me for nudes.

Ladies don't like that.

Everybody does that.

Ladies, too.

You need to let me dust
them granny panties off

so you won't be so feisty.

You saw that shower pic I sent you?

All right, don't let your mouth

write a check your ass can't cash.

You are so sexy when you're fussing.

I'm dead ass serious.



Look, I'm gon' have to call you back.


Better call me back.

I get crazy when I'm ignored.

Okay, I will, bye.


What in the actual hell do you want, girl?

Man, don't you know somebody

who can get us in that Caleb Truth party?

No, I don't and I wouldn't go to that.


Guess who's working the Caleb Truth party

tomorrow night at the gallery?

Man, how you gon' call and brag

about something we all can't go to?

I'm only going

because my job is catering the event.

That and to meet my future ex-husband.

Girl, this event gon' be lit.


Can you get us tickets?

Nobody can get tickets, girl.

They sold out.

You know what?

Let me make a phone call
and I'll hit you back.


Man, if we can get in that spot, G.

You know what?

Deontae said he was going to that.

Wait, wait, wait.

Rewind that, rewind that.

It's live TV, G.

I can't.

I know that girl.


The dreamy eyed one they just
showed drooling over Caleb?

That's Miss Glenda's daughter Ny'Kia.

Who's Miss Glenda?

This lady I met today
while I was at work.

She said that Caleb had her
daughter under his spell

or something like that.

She'd been trying to call
her and she not answering.

Well there she is on
national TV looking stuck.

Cal, she's only 16 years
old and he a grown man.

You don't see nothing wrong with that?

Eb, I know you ain't that naive.

That little girl probably fast
as hell and know more than me

and you put together and
we worked at a strip club.

She want to be grown, shit, let her.

She'll find out what to do sooner or later.

Cal, that don't make it right.

It ain't right or wrong, Eb.

It's just life.

What up?

Look y'all, I'm on break so real quick.

I got good news and bad.

Good news is I got y'all
in the spot tomorrow night.

Bad news is, y'all gotta
work the catering crew.

Oh, hell no.

It's the only way I
could do it, Ebony, dang.

My boss will act cool as hell though,

but he said he can't pay y'all,

but whatever you make in tips, you keep.

Oh, hell no 'cause I ain't no waitress.

It's the only way we can go, Eb.

Come on.

You even said it yourself,
who would pay to go there?

This way we ain't got to pay.

They paying us to be there.

Okay, I guess.

All right, cool.

Y'all just wear a white shirt,

black pants, and sensible shoes.

Oh, and be there by 6:45.

The fun starts at seven.

See, I didn't tell Jorge about hiring

his no English speaking cousins.

Hey, Louis, you about to lose
your job, comprende muchacho?

Well, look y'all my break's over,

so I'll see y'all tomorrow night.

Oh, this is gonna be like old times.

Us all working together again.

Yeah, except y'all
ain't working the poles

and I ain't working the door.

Thank you, boo.

We appreciate you.


Oh, Lord, she crazy.


So, don't tell her I'm planning on working

because you know I'm on a mission, right?

Eb, you know you can work
any room you walk into.

And what she mean by sensible shoes?

Not those.

Hey Miss Glenda, it's Ebony.

Oh, hi baby.

Everything good?

Yes, ma'am.

I'm just calling to get you a heads up

to let you know I saw
Ny'Kia on TV last night.

I know.

The whole neighborhood
been talking about it.

At least I know she's okay.

I'm on my way to Caleb
Truth's book signing party.

No promises, but I'll let
you know what I find out.

Thank you, Miss Ebony.

Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Be safe and have a good night.

You too, Miss Glenda.

Just make sure you get that out.

Take this out.

Make sure we have that.

No water.

Hey y'all.

Now I know I told this
bitch sensible shoes.

Girl, these are my sensible shoes.

I got them on sale as a matter of fact.

Yeah, I meant like
flats or black sneakers.

Them gon' hurt.

Girl you know I don't wear
no flats or no gym shoes.

Only Kate Hamptons or nothing at all.

Gym shoes.

You from the 80's, ain't ya?

So, like I was saying before
Cleopatra Jones strolled up.

All right, we having mahi mahi wraps.

All right?

Barbecue meatballs, grilled chicken,

and stuffed Gouda mushrooms, all right?

That's it.

No real food.

All the drinks are non-alcoholic.

You know like water, coffee, pop.

And all that shit.



I'm sorry.


Where you guys from?

We from fresh off a smart mouth ass

and you making me homesick.

Boy, you better shut up

and have some respect for your elders.

Man, whatever.

Nobody want your old ass anyway.

You probably would have had a chance

if you played your cards right.

Wait, turn around.

Oh, I see you went to the dentist.

You got the gold tooth.

You know it was on sale.

I couldn't resist.

Hey guys.

I'm Jorge, the catering manager.

I'm sure my girl Fe told you

about tonight's menu and drink choices.

We are serving food until it runs out.

So, if they eat it up too fast, tough shit.



Oh, I have a question.

Who are you, mamacita?

And why don't I have your
phone number already?

Oh my gosh, okay.

Keep it in your pants, greedy Gonzalez.

This is my big sister, Ebony.

Don't worry about it,
Felicia, I got this.

Hot damn, girl.

You can have my whole paycheck.



Do not touch the art.

Do not ask Mr. Truth for an autograph

unless you buy the book.

He's very, very temperamental,

so let's avoid pissing him
and his bodyguards off.



So everybody put their tips in

that big under the register.

I'm watching you guys.

Any problems, come get me or Fe.

Don't come get me.

I'm working, too.


Remember guys.

Have fun.


- Girl, your boss is loco.
- He crazy.

♪ If your bills taking over

♪ Oh God you never sober

♪ You lost, you think it's over

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Your bills pass due

♪ Your going nuts, loose screws

♪ Need to hear some good needs

♪ 'Cause you tired of hearing bad news

♪ Down to your last few

♪ Just put your last two
on pump two for some gas

♪ I know it's hard not to act a fool

♪ 'Cause you still gotta get to work

♪ You still gotta get it in

♪ Praying God make it work

♪ And bring you some money in

♪ The kids still gotta eat

♪ Got three mouths to feed

♪ Just keep faith and go at God's

Are you okay?

Runny makeup is not good for anyone.

Trust me.

Who are you?

I'm Ebony and you?


Look, I don't want any trouble.

I just figured whatever
wrong is not that bad

that you don't wanna talk about it.

Are you drunk?

'Cause there's no alcohol.

Do you know me, lady?

Damn, all up in my business.

Go serve something.

Get out of my face, okay?

Look, you don't know me,

but I see that black eye you trying to hide

and I see your young ass
can't handle your liquor.

And I know that Miss Glenda

is fucking worried sick about your ass

and you out here messing around

with a fake ass wannabe preacher

who preying on little girls.


Did mama send you here to come and get me?

'Cause you can tell her I ain't going home.

I'm sorry but y'all just don't understand.

Well make me understand.

You know, I wish my life
could go back to normal.

I really do miss mama and I wanna go home,

but we don't get along that good

and I know she means well,
but her method is smothering.

Baby, that smothering
you feel, that's just love.

Nah, you don't know Glenda like I do.

She be doing the most.

That's half the reason I left.

The other half is because Tabby.


Ny'Kia, where is Tabby?

You know Tabby?

I can't.

God Daddy said we don't talk about that.

God Daddy?

Who is your God Daddy?


That's what we call him.

This fool is off the chain crazy.

Ny'Kia, how did you and
Tabby even get to this point?

I don't know.

Met him at a concert three months ago.

Tabby won some tickets on the radio

and got backstage passes.

Next thing you know we're
on a private plane to Miami

and staying one of God,
Caleb's houses for the week.

It was fun, I ain't gonna lie.

Uh uh, wait a minute.

So, you're trying to tell me
y'all took y'all young ass

on a plane with a grown ass man for a week?

To Miami?

And Miss Glenda ain't bust
your ass when you got back?

We never went back.

Ny'Kia, that is kidnapping.

I gotta call the police.

No, no, no.

It's only kidnapping if we
were held against our will.

That's what Caleb said.

We wanted to be there but then.

But then what?

I can't.

No, no.


Ny'Kia, if Caleb did anything
to you and your friend,

you gotta tell somebody.

You cannot let him get
away with this bullshit.

Miss Ebony, I don't want
him to get in trouble.

I can't leave here.

I love him.

Baby, that's not love.

That's fear.

You can leave him and I'll help you.

No, you can't.

Nobody leaves God Daddy.

Tabby tried.

Then okay look.

Wait here.

Here's my card.

I'm not gonna push you to do anything.

When you ready to go, you call me, okay?

And I'll help you.

Tell my mama that I'm
okay and that I love her.

♪ Take you to church

♪ Your bills past due

♪ More nuts and loose screws

♪ Need to hear some good news

♪ Tired of hearing bad news

♪ Down to your last few

Hi, Mr. Truth.

Would you like to try
some of my salmon wraps?

Everyone says they're delicious.

No, but thank you, boo.

You don't like fish?

Nah, fish is my favorite
dish, but I like mine fresh.

Not old, know this.

But maybe one of them might
bite that old snapper.

They might be older than
me, but not quite as dapper.

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Take 'em to church

♪ Take 'em to church

You taste this good?

I'm not fish.

I'm all woman.

Is that right?


You like a sexy ass cougar.

Like a sexy ass panther to me.

You is banging, girl.

What's your name?

Lil Dub.

And you?

With your sexy ass.

I'm Ebony.


You are.

♪ Take 'em to church

So you pretty close to Caleb, huh?

Hell yeah.

Like his right hand man.

Oh he trusts you like that?

Sure do.

I mean we pull done pulled
off all sorts of capers.

This churchy shit, I don't know.

What you mean?

Well, I know we all got to grow up

and cut out the bullshit eventually,

but it's like he went crazy
when he was in prison.

Something happened to him.

He won't tell nobody what it is.

Oh, that's deep, baby.

But maybe he really did find God.

I don't know.

He found something.

It ain't the God that I know.

Believe that.

But it's my mans.

I don't judge nobody.

We all have done some grimy shit.

I hear you.


I see my girl.

I gotta talk to her about something.

You should take my number.

I'm trying to take you.

Now, now.

Good things come to those that wait.

I can wait.

Look, go back inside
before they miss you.

Shit, they can wait.

I wanna be with you.

Look, I'm gonna put my number in here.


Now go boy.

Bye, Lil Dub.

Bye, Ebony.

Yo, Eb.

How 'bout Caleb offered me a job?

A job doing what?

I'ma be his valet.

I get the keys to the personal car, too.


When this happen?

After his performance.

He said he liked my energy,
gave me three stacks,

and asked me to join his crew as his valet.

So, he gave you $3,000 just like that?

Just like that.


Maybe you can help me
get Ny'Kia out of there.


Nah, I ain't touching that.

Come on, Cal.

She's alone there.

But Eb, that ain't my business.

I'm trying to get paid

and obviously she wants to be there.

What girl wouldn't?

I mean it's Caleb Truth.

Shoot, if I was straight,
I'd be on it, too.

There's plenty of girls that
wouldn't want to be abused

by some sick perv using his clout

to control and manipulate them.

You tripping.

No, you tripping.

Can't believe that you even
took this job from this creep.

Why are you hating so hard on Caleb?

It's not like I'm 'bout to marry the dude.

Damn, it's just a job, Eb.

I can't believe you sold
your soul for some money.


Hey, G, I don't know where
all this hate is coming from,

but I gotta get up and meet
Caleb at his crib at 6:00 a.m.

I'll holla.


You take this job,

don't even bother.

- Yeah, I said it.
- Oh, it's like that?

Yeah, it's like that.

After everything, it's like that?

It's like that.

Aight, well fuck you then.

- No, fuck you, Cal.
- No, fuck you, Eb.

- No, fuck you.
- Fuck you.

Some bullshit.

Fuck you.

No, fuck you.

Uh uh.

Deontae got some nerve.

Let me set his young
ass straight right now.

Yo, what's up?

You reached Deontae.

Leave me a message and
I'll get back with you.

Okay, so you really need
to quit playing games.

You could of gave me that damn ticket

'cause I know for a fact
you wasn't there last night,

so you need to get your
lies together, honey.

'Cause this is a grown ass woman.


Good morning, mama.

Good morning, Lil Dub.

Still sexy.

Thinking about you all night.

Oh yeah?

Good thoughts I hope.

Some good and some real nasty,

but they was good though.

Oh really now?

I was thinking about grabbing
a little grub this morning.

How 'bout me and you have
a little breakfast in bed?

See where this day takes us.


Well, that sounds enticing.

Who bed we breakfasting in?

What you mean?

I'll be in my bed.

Got this California king.

So comfy, you ain't ever gonna wanna leave.

And where you stay?

Stay at the crib.

At your mama's house?

Nah, nah.

It's Caleb's crib.



Oh, shit.


Hell yeah.

This place is like a palace.

I can't wait to show you around.

Oh and I can't wait to see it.

I'm gonna go get fresh
and clean real quick

and then I'm gonna come
scoop you in about an hour.


Yeah, I'm down but can I meet you there?

Aight, sexy.

I'm gonna go scoop the grub
and then I'll text the address.

See you soon, all right?

Okay, boo.

See you.


Yup, just what I needed.

Sleeping pills.

I ain't even let you hit it
yet and look how you acting.

That's a damn shame.

Good morning.

Hey, I wasn't expecting
you to respond so fast.

Kind of felt like you've been ignoring me.

No, I just been super
busy with this work case.

I was gonna call you this weekend.

Hey, what do you know about Caleb Truth?

Oh, not a whole lot.

He's got a new gospel album

and it's not as blasphemous
as I thought it was gonna be,

but he's got some nice tracks on there.

No, I mean, what have
you heard about him?

Like what nefarious shit is he into?

To be honest, Ebony,
I really haven't heard anything

about him since he got out of prison.

He seems to be on the up and up

with this new church he's building.

I heard he's been working with the mayor

trying to start some youth programs.

Youth programs, huh?

Yeah, he's donated money to schools,

some other churches, and
even to the police fund.


Anything to keep the masses
blinds to the bullshit.


I know for sure that
this is not a good guy.

I can't tell you all the details,

but just trust me on this one.

See, there you go.

There I go what?

I'm serious.

This dude is bad news.

Every time you don't like the answer

or you don't get the answer you want,

you have to create some new ones

instead of just letting things happen

the way they supposed to happen.

What does that even mean, Wayne?

Okay, like with this alleged information

you have on Caleb Truth.

I mean, the guy seems
like he's at least trying

to do better with his
life, but here you come.

You don't agree with his
lifestyle or his message

and you create your own idea of him

and that from my experience
is usually wrong.

That's not true, Wayne.

I give everybody the benefit

of the doubt until proven otherwise.

Oh, yeah?

Like you gave our marriage
the benefit of the doubt

when you accused me of cheating
and it was you all along.

What are you talking about?

We got a divorce because you made detective

and you were spending all those hours

with your female partner.

I mean at the time, I may
have been a bit jealous

because you spent more time
with her than you did with me.

You was never there for me.

But somebody was there, right?

You never gave me the benefit

even though I was busting
my ass in overtime,

so you didn't have to
work at that club anymore.

And I told you that Kathy
was married with four kids,

but that didn't matter to you.

I lost the love of my life and
you lost another man's baby

and that's the real reason we got divorced.

Isn't it?


I mean, wow.

I didn't know you knew that.

It's my job to detect
when something isn't right.

I know when you're not being right with me

and as your friend, I don't
have that worry on me.

We don't have an intimate
connection anymore.

We don't?

I know I moved on.

I had to.

Later on after we broke up,
I realized there were things

I could never give you the
way I really wanted to.

Like first was a family,

and then second was, you know, my time.

I mean we discussed
having kids and all of that.

Yeah, but realistically it
would have been a mistake.

You would have been miserable all alone

with those kids because of my schedule.

You know, sometimes I think
you cheating on me saved us.

From what?

From becoming enemies.

At least now we're still friends
and in each other's lives,

but in a good way most of the time.

But we'll always be friends, right?

I hope so.

Okay, look.

I'm on a mission this morning
so I'll call you back, okay?

Oh, I see.

One of your little play dates, huh?

You know, I saw you with that boy

you were flirting with over at Felicia's.

Oh, he crazy.

I'm gon' have to put
him on ice for a minute.


Just call me when you're done
with your so-called mission.

I will, hon.

And Wayne?


We would have had a beautiful family.

I know, mami.

I know.

Hey, boo.

How you doing?

I'm good.

This is it.

This is nice.

Told you.

This is one of the masters.

- Wow.
- Nice, ain't it?

This is real nice.

Hey, mama.

If a kiss make me shiver like that,

I can't imagine what that thing do.

Don't you want to eat first
before the food gets cold?

That's what they make microwaves for.

Look at all these eggs,
sausage, bacon, toast.

No jelly.

We got pancakes, too.

Come on, go and eat it.

I don't eat pancakes.

Too many carbs, hon.

I would like toast actually.

All right.

Got just the thing for you.

I'll bring you back some jelly.

Be right back.

I found some.

Here we go.

This is grape.

I don't like grape.

Anything but, actually.


Now you playing.

I'm not.

All right, I'll go back and see

if I can find something else.

Thanks, hon.

That would be so sweet.

I'll be back before that food gets cold.

Believe that.

Hey, I got the goods, man.

Oh, that will be good.

You know what would go good
with this orange juice?

What's that?

Some vodka.


I like your style, baby.

Got some just top shelf right there.


See it?

Let's get you right then.

Not too much, not too much.

I don't know about you,
but I'm 'bout to get loose.


Yeah, here we go.





That's what I'm talking about, baby.


I think I could fall in love with you.

Mm mm.

Slow down, tiger.

You never heard of love at first sight?

I don't believe in fairy tales.

I live in the real world.

Besides, I don't even know your real name.

I know your mama ain't name you Lil Dub.

Nah, my mama named me Damien Lavelli.

See, my daddy was half Italian.

Keep that on the low.

I don't tell everybody about
my government like that.

That would explain your nice hair.

Anyone else here?

I mean, we alone but
we ain't alone, alone.

Ain't nobody coming in here

if that's what you're worried about.

Caleb is here, right?


Him and that gay girl,

they left this morning to run some errands.

But some security guards
running around here.

They in they rooms.

Probably with a couple other females.

Ain't no telling.

Hm, okay.

So, you gonna come over here

and let me see what that bad ass body do.

I swear for Lord you got
on some I wanna beat.



I will.

You just gotta be patient.

I need to use the bathroom first.

Well you are in luck.

Got one right in here.

Oh, okay.

Damn it.

Damn it.




I know we don't talk much,

but please let me get Ny'Kia outta here

before Caleb gets back.

And 86 Deontae 'cause he's nuts.

Bam, baby.

You got it.

What's wrong, Onyx?

I hate my life.

What, what happened?

Somebody try to get freaky
in the champagne room?

I just hate men.

I think I wanna try women from now on.

Girl, don't let Cal hear you say that.

And besides, who gonna pay your bills?

I'm sure I can find

some rich old white lady for that.

Or Cal.

I know she got a thing for me.

Or you can get it for yourself.

Everybody's not as strong as you, Eb.

I mean, you don't even have a pimp.

And I don't need one, hon.

Because all dancers are not hoes.

Why walk around half naked and work hard

for some clown to slap me around,

take my money whenever he feels like it.

Nah, you and Felicia can have that shit.

Yeah, well, my pimp ain't nowhere near

as crazy or broke as Black Ron.

I mean, Felicia should be pimping him out.

She makes all the bread, huh?

No, shit.

But I did hear he had a big dick though.

Look, he can make some bread on the side.

Some cake and some muffins
too if he packing like that.

Onyx, you got sick?

It's not mine, Eb.

Some dumb, drunk, stupid
motherfucker puked on me

while I was giving him a lap dance.

I should have robbed his
ass and put a root on him

while his friends was
helping him up off the floor.

For your troubles at least, right?


I knew you'd understand.


That's why you're my girl, Eb.

No judgment, just realness.

If anything ever happens to me,

I know who I'm calling first
'cause I know you're coming.

And you right.

Just don't call me collect.

Lil Dub?


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Uh uh.

You can thank me when we get outta here.

Come on, let's go.

Uh uh, you cannot take those bags.

But these are all my clothes and shoes.

Girl, you could be the flyest corpse

or you can live to shop another day.

Let's go.

Okay, you ain't have to say it like that.

Can I at least take my Kate Hamptons?

I love these shoes.

- Can you run in those?
- Yes.

Well, let's go.


What the fuck she doing here?

Thanks for the lift, Cal.

Here's a little gift, pal.

Thanks, Caleb.

Lil Dub must have some company

because that little
coop don't belong to me.

Thanks for hooking me up, Tiff.

For you, I got a special gift.

A special gift for me, God Daddy?

I wonder what that could be.

You gon' find out real soon.

Cal, I'm gonna be busy til' the afternoon.

Aight, what you want me to do 'til then?

Go for a swim, shoot
some hoops in the gym.

Just don't take or break
nothing and you'll fit right in.

Aight, bet.

Damn, Eb.

What the actual fuck, man?

Look I told you I was gonna rescue her

with or without you.

How'd y'all even get in the house?

Lil Dub, but that's not important.

Shit, well if Caleb catches us,

it's curtains for everybody.

Okay, well move out the way.

He's outside right now with some girl.

- What girl?
- Bitch.

He brought another girl to the crib?


They're out in front right now, man.

Y'all wait right here a minute.


Bitch, you worried about the wrong thing.

Say baby, why don't you
go inside and have a seat?

I'll be back in a heartbeat.

You thought it would be
that easy to leave me?

Please Caleb, let me go.

You wanna go like Tabby did?

'Cause that's the only way outta here, kid.

Lookie here.

What do you know?

It's the old snapper from the gallery show.

Who brought this bitch to my house?

I said, who brought this bitch to my house?

Where's Dub?

I don't know.

I haven't seen him all morning.

Go find Dub.

Y'all wasting time.

Tell that nigga his ass is mine.

Wait a minute.

Ain't this your peeps?

Yeah, but we fell out when I took this job.

I swear to God I ain't bring her here.

I promise I ain't know, Caleb.


Damn is he?

Is he dead?

What you mean is he dead?

Can't you hear him breathing
like a goddamn polar bear?

Wake your ass up, Dub.

What motherfucker?

Well, wake his ass up.

No, fuck that.

Come down here and get
this shit off my grass.

Check her car and tie
their ass up in the garage.

I'm 'bout to torture their ass.

Come on.

Oh shit, I don't know.

But I did find old girl purse

and a gun and some sleeping pills.

And this.

Y'all take y'all bitches home.

Take Tiff, too.

I need to be alone.

Okay, whatever you say, Caleb.

I believe in the serpent and the lion.

Mystery of mysteries and his name Baphomet.

Lookie here.

You a bad, bad kid.

How long you been planning
on rescuing my pretty?

You must think you super bad.

Coming here and try to run my pad.

You sick fuck.

She's just a baby.

Maybe I am.

Thought you might say something
more useful, Miss Ma'am.

Anyway, I found your gun and
the little sleeping pills.

Better start explaining before this shit

get too fucking real.

You scream, I'm gon' have to get mean.


Let Ny'Kia go.

She's just a kid.

Just a kid?

You should see some of the things

this ass done did.

You won't get away with this shit.

They're gonna be looking for me.

My ex-husband, the ex-cop.

You should be scared.

Wait what rhymes with scared?

Shut up.

You gon' die if you don't tell me why

you came to my crib and drugged my guy.

He was only supposed
to be collateral damage,

but he did buy me a breakfast
sandwich, you sick fuck.

It's gon' be so nice having your head

on my alter as a sacrifice.

Bam, baby.

You got busted in your head.


What's going on?

Bam, baby.

You busted in your head.

You lucky it wasn't me

'cause I would've filled your
head with lead, you sick fuck.

What the hell is going on?

He tried to kill us.

Gotta hurry.

Come on, come on.

Come on, come on, come on.

Nobody's home, but they'll
be back to finish the job.

Where is everyone?

Come on, baby, wake up.

We gotta go, we gotta go.

Oh shit, come on.

Please, please, so we can get outta here.

Cal, come on bestie.

Come on, come on.

We gotta go, come on.


Cal, wake up.

Cal, please.

Come on, come on.

Cal, wake up.


Wake up.

We gotta get outta here.

I need some keys.

Where's the keys?

Check my pocket.

Your pocket.


Come on.

Ny'Kia, come on.

Come on, come on, Cal.

Please bestie, wake up.

I just have to get this off my chest

before I get home.

It was crazy.

Tabby was getting tired of not being able

to call her mom and Uncle Gerald

and decided that she was leaving.

We planned on going together,

but I was in the room with Caleb

when she tried sneaking out.

They found her trying
to climb the back gate

and Caleb shot her in the back

right as she climbed to the top.

Tabby was still alive,

but they dragged her in the garage

and I never saw her again.

She was my best friend.

Before we met yesterday, Miss Ebony,

Caleb beat me up and threatened to kill me

if I didn't keep quiet.

So I got drunk to deal with it.

I couldn't call nobody
because he took my phone,

but I got lucky today and
broke into the locked drawer

next to his bed while he was gone.

You were the first person I called

because I knew you would come and get me.

I don't know why.

I just did.

Why didn't you call the police?

I know this sounds crazy,

but I didn't want Caleb to get mad at me

and I was scared that he would kill me

before they got a chance
to get to the house.

Well, you don't have to
worry about that anymore.

We're all going home now.

Deontae, what are you doing in my house?




What are you doing in my house?

Scream all you want.


Your neighbors are not even home.

We're gonna be gone by five.

You get me?

It's pretty good.

You got good taste.

Tell me why you've been ignoring me.

It wasn't intentional.

I've just been busy with work.


That's what they all say.

Too busy to call.

Too busy to text.

Look what you made me do.

You're gonna have to take care of it now.

Why don't I put on some new music, huh?

Get off of me.

Get off.

Get off of me.

Why, Deontae?



You home?

You say something and I
will slit your fucking throat

and cut out your tongue.

Stupid, stupid.

You sick motherfucker.

Wait, no.

It's a little late to be shy now.

I'm not shy, Mark.

I just.

I never seen you like this before.

Well I never seen you like that.

Damn Ebony, what happened to your neck?

That piece of shit do that?


Somebody else did.

I have no idea what
you doing in that job.

It's gotta be some pretty
damn exciting stuff.

I'm just glad you make it home every night.


You and me both.


Wanna have a drink?

I'll drink yours if you don't.

I'm gonna have to say yes.

A real strong one I might add.

After the day that I had, I need it.


Let's go.

This is really good.

It's strong.

Yeah, like me.

Yeah, like you.

You should have been
knowing that, but nah,

you think a man like me can't handle

the sexual shenanigans that you're used to.

Sexual shenanigans?



That's probably why you
like them boys so young.

Well, you know what I always say.

You're old enough to vote.

Then you're old enough to stroke.


Come on, girl.

You ain't the only pimp on the block.

That's my line, girl.

Mark, you know why I prefer younger men?

Because they're easy to manipulate?

No, 'cause they make me feel young.


Age is just a number.

It only matters if you make it matter.

If you feel old, that's on you.

But girl, you look damn good for your age.

Be proud.

Nah, I look damn good for your age.

But Mark, so do you.

I mean, you're so strong and I gotta admit,

kind of turned me on watching you, tiger.

Girl, you better watch yourself.

To new beginnings.

New beginnings.

I'll drink to that.

Just tell me, Ebony.

Is that that boy's car
whose ass I just kicked?



Ebony, I don't know what the hell

you been doing the last few days,

but today is the deadline
on that Lewis case.

Where are you on that?


It's fucking 6:47 in the morning.

You better be dead or dying but still-

- Yeah, well early bird gets the worms.

Speaking of worms, Mike.

You're a real piece of shit.

You know that?

Tell me something I don't know.

You sound like my ex-wife.


Fuck her.

I closed that case day before yesterday.

I didn't see anything wrong,
other than some poor old man

who's doing the best he can how he can.

He's actually disabled and
needs his claim to go through.

And that's what I did.


I'm the boss, not you.

And if you don't find him
guilty of something today,

I'm gonna have my cousin do your job

for half of what I pay you.

I need that extra two
grand bonus in my account

by five o'clock today or
I'm gonna can your ass.

I'll tell you what.

I quit, asshole.

I will be my own damn boss.

And don't ever call me again.

I'll have my new man come
and kick your pasty, fat ass.

Got it?

Okay, Miss Ebony Hustle.

So I'm your new man now, huh?

I just said that so
he can leave me alone.

I was about to say, I ain't young enough.

Nope, but you still a man.

All day, every day.

But I got to get to work.

Well, thanks for everything.

Have a good day at work.

You too.

I mean, good luck finding another job.

But still, have a good day.

Ebony Howard?


You too.



Is this Miss Ebony?

Yes, it is.

Who am I speaking with?

Oh, I'm Maggie Mathews.

I got your number from Glenda Shaw,

but I've been hearing about
you and how you took down

that evil rapper's whole
organization by yourself.

Well, not really, but thank you.

How can I help you?

I need your help finding my son.

Well ma'am, I'm not the police.

I don't want no police.

I want action and results.

That's why I called you.

Especially after you helped little Ny'Kia.

Can I think about this and
call you back at this number?

Sure, honey.

I can pay for your expenses up to $10,000

if that helps you make a decision.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

You have a good day, Miss Maggie.

Miss Ebony, there are no words

to express the heartfelt joy and love

that I honestly have for you.

And I'm so grateful for your assistance

with bringing Ny'Kia back
home where she belongs.

I hope you don't mind that I've
branded you my personal hero

and I've been telling any and everyone

about your big heart and fearlessness.

Ny'Kia is totally enamored with you

and tells everybody that
you're her big sister.

And although we just found out,

she plans on naming my first
grandbaby after you and Tabby.

Tabitha Ebony Shaw.

Once she arrives in May.

I hope you don't mind.

I took up a little donation
in the neighborhood

to pay for your services

and toss in a little extra just because.

Please stay safe and come visit us soon.

Maybe we'll meet again when Felicia tosses

somebody else through the door.

We truly do love and miss you.

Best wishes.

Glenda and Ny'Kia Shaw.

Oh, hey.

Evening to you.


Yeah, I'm good.

How 'bout you, Mr. Mark?

Oh, you know me.

Another day, another dollar.

Make you wanna scream and holler.

Oh, no.

Not you, too.

What do you mean?

You sound like Caleb Truth's ass.

Girl, please.

Don't compare me to that chump.

I can't stand his ass.

Ah, finally somebody that hates his ass

just as much as I do.

Want a nightcap?

Or are you too busy with your boy toys?

Nah, I could really use a nightcap.

All right.

I'll see in a minute.

All right, Mr. Mark.

All right.

Hey, Ebony.

Girl, you riding clean.

When you get that?

Felicia and Jorge?

What y'all doing?

We're about to get
ready to go to breakfast.

You wanna come?

Yeah, I'm trying to convince
her to be my new girl.

Y'all together?

The world ain't ready.

Uh uh.

Well, they better get ready, right mami?

Right, papi.

Well, y'all have fun.

I'm on my way to see Cal.

Oh, how is she?

You know, I heard she got
into a fight last night

with some of Caleb Truth's posse.

Something like that.

Well, we can come and visit her

after we go get something to eat.

I don't know, babe.

I might still be eating later on.


He is a mess.

What am I gonna do with him, sis?

I can't.

Lord Jesus, help us all.

Bye, y'all.

They are so, oh my god.

Jorge, get ready.

What's good, Eb?


You okay?

How you doing?


You all right?

Yeah, I'm much better.

Especially after my little stay.

Let me tell you.

There ain't nothing like
being taking care of

by a fine sister.

Are you serious?

Let me show you though real quick.


You know what?

Oh, so that's your new boo?

Girl, look, you a mess.

I can't with you.

I cannot with you.

Speaking of boo things.

Guess who I saw on my way over here?

Girl, who?

Guess who a couple?


My girl Felicia and Jorge.

Nah, I'm serious.

You lie.

I'm serious.

They a couple.

I don't know about that.

I mean, shit.

You know what though?


I guess anything's better
than the Black Ron's ass.

For real.

For real.

Girl, crazy ass Deontae.

Who, cougar cub?


What about his ass?

Girl, he broke into my house.



Mark beat his ass.

He saved my life.

Beat his ass.

You okay?

I mean, yeah.

Yeah, you know me.

I'm always good.


But what?

I mean.

Oh shit.


About time you done came to your senses.

I always liked Mark for you.

No, no.

He saved my life.

He looked damn good doing it.


I bet.

For real though.

I'm sorry about what I
said at the art gallery.

Here you go with that mushy shit.

Who cares about that shit right now?

The important thing is
we still girls, right?



You saved my life, Eb.

So I owe you mines and more.

You don't owe me nothing, Cal,

but I do owe you a sincere apology.

I'm sorry what I brought to you.

Let's look at it this way.

None of that shit would have went down,

I wouldn't have been able

to meet my little boo thing right here.

You know what?

I can't with you.

You a mess.

You know that, right?

Well, well, well.

If it isn't Thelma and Louise.

What's up, Wayne?

But we still alive though.

I mean by the looks of it barely.

Wayne, do not start.

I haven't had my coffee yet.

Girl, I never know when
to start with you ever.


You seen the news?


Oh, boy.

Check it out.


Wait what?

Mm hm.


Yeah, Ebony.

I have no idea how you manage

to leave all your
personal belongings behind

and still not get more
involved than you already are.

My purse.

My key.

My phone.

Damn, it's all at the house.

No, it's not.

I took care of that for you.

Eb, you a hero girl.

You saved that girl's life.

That's all anybody's been talking about.




Shit, Eb.

You famous.

Hey, I just need you to
come down to the station

and sign for your stuff.

I had your car towed to
my cousin Manny's yard

and you're gon' have to answer
some questions to the FBI

'cause they want your side of this story.

This crazy story.

Crazy story it is.

I just feel sorry for Lil Dub though.



Well, I'm gonna let you guys get back

to your little hen party.

I got these flowers for you, Cal.


All right, Wayne.

Well, thank you for my flowers.

Of course.

Every girl deserves flowers.

You get better, girl.

Thank you.

You did good, bro.

- See you later.
- All right, see you.

Look at this.


Looks like ex-hubby want
his old boo thing back.

I mean, we did.

We decided that we'd be
better off just friends.

Mark and I did, too.

Two of the good ones, huh?

Girl, whatever.


Miss Matthews?

This is Ebony Howard.

When would you like to meet
to talk about your case?

♪ Hustle

♪ Hustle

♪ Hustle

♪ Gain of my hustle

♪ Struggle

♪ Struggle

♪ Struggle

♪ Pain of my struggle

♪ Took pain of my struggle

♪ Turned it to the gain of my hustle

♪ Hustle

♪ Hustle

♪ Hustle

♪ Gain of my hustle

♪ Too much shit tried to shake me

♪ Too many people tried to break me

♪ Had my head hang down

♪ I asked God to save me

♪ I said God please save me

♪ God please save me now

♪ From the pain of the struggle

♪ Turn this pain to the gain of my hustle

♪ It's my job to find you

♪ And on God and them I plan to

♪ 'Cause I'm gon' hustle

♪ Hustle

♪ Hustle

♪ Gain of my hustle

♪ Struggle

♪ Struggle

♪ Struggle

♪ Pain of my struggle

♪ Took pain of my struggle

♪ Turned it to the gain of my hustle

♪ Hustle

♪ Hustle

♪ Hustle

♪ Gain of my hustle

♪ Hustle

♪ Hustle

♪ Hustle

♪ Gain of my hustle

♪ Struggle

♪ Struggle

♪ Struggle

♪ Pain of my struggle

♪ To the pain

Lookie here.

It's Caleb Truth.

And I wanna welcome
everybody to the church,

a place where you can deliver
yourself from the stress,

the strain, the drama, and pain.

All the suffering of life.

See, only God really
knows your true destiny.

Your true timeline of life.

Many people try to go the wrong route,

but you need to get back on track on God.

And I'ma get you there.

Welcome to the church.

Time to get that word.

Let's go.

♪ If your bills taking over

♪ On God you never sober

♪ You lost, you think it's over

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Your bills past due

♪ You going nuts, loose screws

♪ Need to hear some good news

♪ 'Cause you tired of hearing bad news

♪ Down to your last few

♪ Just put your last two
on pump two for some gas

♪ I know it's hard not to act a fool

♪ 'Cause you still gotta get to work

♪ Still gotta get it in

♪ Praying God make it work

♪ Bring you some money in

♪ The kids still got to eat

♪ Got three mouths to feed

♪ Just keep faith and go at God's speed

♪ If your bills taking over

♪ On God you never sober

♪ You lost, you think it's over

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ You ain't never been sober

♪ And they think they know you

♪ You gon' have to go ahead and show 'em

♪ Blessings pouring

♪ Trust God, have faith, keep going

♪ Oh, you better thank him for it

♪ He an on time God

♪ You can't ignore it

♪ Ooh, just pray, wait for it

♪ God gon' bless, you know it

♪ Watch God make something happen

♪ God bought action, he ain't capping

♪ He know 'fore it happens

♪ He gon' bless you

♪ He won't stress you

♪ He got what you lacking

♪ Pay attention, focus on
God and stop being savage

♪ Stop being ratchet

♪ If your bills taking over

♪ On God you never sober

♪ You lost, you think it's over

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ When you know you need
new directions in life

♪ Look beyond God's shining light

♪ Show you how to turn wrongs into right

♪ Protect your soul and endure the fight

♪ Allowing God to take the lead

♪ Cleanse your soul, set you free

♪ Head to church, be on your way

♪ Bow your heads and let us pray

♪ As we stand here before you in the church

♪ Ending the stress, the strain

♪ The pain which always lurks

♪ God, we need you as we
walk amongst the earth

♪ In which we rose from the dust

♪ Father, watch over us

♪ On God

♪ If your bills taking over

♪ On God you never sober

♪ You lost, you think it's over

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church

♪ Let me take 'em to church