Ebola Syndrome (1996) - full transcript

Hong Kong 1986: A restaurant employee murders his boss and mutilates his wife, he escapes to South Africa where he rapes a Zulu-girl, who is infected with the ebola virus. In the restaurant where he now works he murders his boss and the bosses wife after raping her. He chops them up and makes them into hamburgers, which he sells in the restaurant, spreading the ebola virus. When the police come on his trail he moves back to Hong Kong and an ebola epidemic starts there.

Lily, why don't you play outside? Uncle Kai
and I are going to have a little chat.


Kiss me.

Suck it.

Put it in your mouth,

Dead motherfuckers...

Put it in your mouth!

Suck it, yeah, suck it.

Let me grab that!

You're dripping wet.

Come up here, quickly!

So horny! You need some afternoon delight?

What if your husband comes home?

That sausage is gambling his socks off,
we're the last thing on his mind.

Alright, focus. Twice slowly,
three times fast,

Two slow, three fast.

Lily, what are you doing here?

Mum is chatting with Uncle Kai,
told me to take a walk.

She's getting some on the side again?

Nam, take Lily inside.

It's not my fault, she told
me to mount her.

Asshole, fucking my wife

with a dickface like that?

Eat shit, bastard!

I'll kill you!
- He forced me, it's not my fault!

So many hot women, why you?

Fucking the boss' wife turns him on.

What the fuck did you say, you hag?

Shut up you fucker,

I'm going to Kill you, think
you can cuckold me?

Gonna crush your skull!

— Does that bother you?
— No, he deserves to die.

It's nothing to me even if you Kill him.

Nam, lift him up.

Get up.

He passed out.

Piss on him.

Now! Piss on him now!

Scram! Get up.

Get up, asshole. Get over here,
you motherfucker.

Here, on your knees!

Not me fucking idiot, in front of Kwan-Yi.

Down! After my wife?

Nam, bring me a pair of scissors.

How dare you? I'm your boss!

— Boss.
— Motherfucking smear, get over here.

Look at me.

No, I can't

Look at me.

— Pull down your pants,
— Why?

Dealing with the offending party.

— Take off your pants.
— There's so little there, boss...

If you cut it, there will be nothing left.

— Take off your pants!
— No, please no...

— Here goes, asshole!
- I'll... I'll do it.

You'll do it?
— Yes, let me, let me....

Here goes...

There'll be nothing left...

Quit it, over here.

Now, what did you say about me?

Stick out your tongue.

Let's take a little snip.
You deserve that.

Fucking gossip!

My luck, working for a limp boss like you.

Busting my balls?

No, don't!

Burning to death is pretty quick, let's go.

What are you doing?

Murderin'. What?

Producer: Wong Jing

Starring: Anthony Wong

Guest Appearance: Vincent Wan,
Yeung Ming, Shing Fui-On

Starring: Lo Meng, Marianne Chan,
Angel Wong, Cheung-Lung Kai,

Zhang Lu, Peter Ngor

Chi-kwan Ng, Shui Ting

Concept: Lee Siu-kay Producer: Amy Lam
Wai-Ha Ass.

Prod. Manager:
Tasman Chang, Shui-Ting, Ng Kin-Hung

Script: Chau Ting Assistant Director:
Keith Lo Kam-fu Ho Lin

Art Director: Ho Chi-Hang
Action Director: James Ha Chim-Si

Cinematography: Puccini Yu
Lighting: Chan Sing-Hong

Editor: Robert Choi Hung
Music: Brother Hung

Director: Herman Yau

Keep still!


Told you she has it out for me! Shoves me,
not you.

— Guess that's the way she is.
— Stop yapping and come help.

It's a
full house today.

Stupid bastard.

That Kai is really getting on my nerves.

Oh, let it go. Where else can we find
someone for so cheap? Dumbass.

Go put the money away.

Come upstairs for your salary.

Kei, your wife is always busting my balls.

— You know women.
Don't take it seriously.

— I don't know how you can stand her.
She's so mean.

Well, you don't know everything

—II know.
—What do you know?

Your dick goes all the way.
All of Chinatown can hear her moaning.

— Everyone knows this.
— That's the truth.

Excuse me.

Lily, want to go sightseeing with me?

— With you?
— We could treat it as a pre-honeymoon.

— Are you two pre-honeymooning with us?
— This sounds like a you problem.

All I know is that I'm hungry. Let's
find a place to eat.

Hurry up.

Let 's go. He is busting our yellow balls.
-Go? Go where?

There's work to do, a
restaurant to keep open.

Shut your trap.

Fucking black devil, bet you have limp
snake skin for a dick.

Come in, this place is good.

How many people?

This way.

See if you find anything you like.

— What do you recommend?
— This is a famous restaurant.

The frog rice in particular, I
have it every time.

— Here's your tea.
— Ew, gross.

Please enjoy.

Fucking bugger. You let the
whites crush your balls,

And turn around and bust mine.

What are you puttering on about?
Take the pig inside.

— I don't eat frog.
— What would you want then?

What are you doing? Come
through the back door.

Cut the shit, the lock is broken.

Stupid like a pig.

— Have some tea.
— No, no.

— Are you alright?
— I think I'm going to throw up.


Excuse me. Where is the washroom?


Hey, watch where you're going!

Fuck you white motherfuckers.
Fuck your assholes.

Special sauce for you!


Why doesn't she want frog rice?
It's so good.

I don't feel well. I'm going to head out.

— What's wrong?
—Nothing, sorry.

Let me take you back to the hotel.

— I'm sorry.
— Enjoy the food.

Motherfuckers, what's so good
about South Africa...

My balls have been blue since I got here,
only self service available.

Black whores treat me like I'm white, white
whores treat me like I'm black.

I'm so backed up, I'm going to
cum through my mouth.

Are you kidding? Whores on every
street corner here.

Yeah, where?

Take that one, the blonde over there.

I hit that last night, she
doesn't see color.

Are you for real?

She only sees dollar signs, doesn't
matter who it's from.

One honk.

One honk!

One shot, one shot.



I thrust! I can't!!

I thrust you to death!

Fuck me...



I'm done.

One more, honey, one more.

No more...

— What's wrong?
— I had that dream again.

That nightmare? It's only a dream.

Maybe you're just fatigued from all the
long-haul flights lately.

I haven't had this nightmare in a year,
I thought it was over...

I said, it's nothing.

I'll take you to Dr. Chan when we get back.

Get some sleep.

I know... it's the restaurant!

Which restaurant?

— The one we just visited
— Today?

Because you saw the pig carcass?

No, the man who murdered my
parents. He was there.

You saw him?

No, but I smelled the blood.

Just the smell of blood... But
you didn't see him?

You were probably smelling the pig.

No, it was the same smell as that night.

It makes me nauseous.

Don't worry.

Take it easy, all will be
well in the morning.

I didn't order sweet and sour pork. I
ordered steamed pork patties.

Doesn't he understand Chinese?

Kai, the customer is throwing a tantrum

Said he ordered patties,
not sweet and sour.

— Wait.
— Got to remake it.

This, this'll be perfect for him. Go on!

Fuck you motherfuckers.
Those white-skinned pigs are so arrogant.

If this was ten years ago, I'd beat the
living daylights out of them.

But now we've got black sources...

Don't have to read their moods.

Well thank god these blacks are so dark,

— Couldn't read their facial
expressions anyway. — Hell yes.

We're so far out. This isn't a
cannibal tribe, is it?

Fuck you... you're shriveled and stinky.
Who would want to eat you?

Guess so... But you're juicy and fresh...

Let's hope the blacks don't kidnap you and
use you like a public toilet.

You asshole, you're tripping! Shut up!

Stop the car.

— We're here? There's nothing here...
— I got to take a leak.

I'll go with you.

What was that? Did you fart?

No, was it you?

Stop, it'll run off with your dick.

Don't move.

Don't move, it doesn't know what you are.

Stay away...

Stay there...

Fuck you! I wasn't done!

I am.

You pissed in my car?

Fuck your mother!

Start the car, asshole!

Look, it's a black girl.

She's walking like she has syphilis.

Look, her nipples are as big as prunes.

Let's stay out of local affairs.

Our goal is to buy pigs.

Yes... she looks like she's selling pigs...

You're disgusting, fuck.

Whoops, too narrow for the car.
Time to head home.

Not too narrow for us. Let's walk.

Okay, I'll be here.

Here? Are you crazy?

Who works for who here?

You only have one thing on your mind.

— Should just feed your dick to the
leopard. — Okay, okay, I'm coming.

Looks festive. Let's check it out!

— Let's get out of here.
— Just traditional medicines.

They're going to slaughter us too,
let's go.

We're here to buy pigs.

Oh, shit.


Can't you drive?

It's not turning on.

Why weren't you paying attention?

The elephants came out of nowhere!

You could have stepped on the brakes, you
didn't have to crash into a tree!

I tried!

But no luck.

Motherfucker, so fucking stupid.

No wonder my wife hates you.

What are you trying to say?

Me? An idiot? I'm the backbone
of your business!

Don't I pay you? Don't I feed you?

I pay you every month!

You call that grand a living?

I work the most and get paid the least.

Department head? Room and board? Fuck me!

These jobs are a dime a dozen!

— You think you're Ng Cho Fan? — Where do
you think you're going? The car!

— Fuck this! — Hey! The crocs
are going to get you!

— Fix it yourself! — Drop dead!


You're always busting my balls...

Calling me a brother, treating
me like a fucker.

One day you'll be begging me,
on your knees.

Fuck, she's heavy.

What big honkers...

Alright, let's not miss out. Gotta
get a dose of this!

Wow, awfully dry down here...

Oh yeah... Black African pussy!


Shit, I fucked her to death!

I hope that's a croc after him.


Let me pull out! Let me pull out!

So, you're back?

Such a smart-ass. Thought you
were walking home.

Figured you'd have it running by now.

Move over. I'm driving.

Should have said so sooner.

Kai! What are you doing? Is Mrs.
Law's food ready?

— Yes — Then what are you waiting for?

Figured I'd finish this first.

Serve her food first!

What's your problem? Fuck...

What are you doing?

Faking sick? Want me to deduct your salary?

— Give me a hand.

Get up.

Pretending to be dead?

He's alright, right doc?

He has a high fever.

I advise you take him to a hospital.

He can't go to a hospital

I have given him an injection.

If his fever doesn't come down in the next
few days this could be fatal...

If you must die, hurry the fuck up!

Stop it!

Here is his medicine.



We visited a tribe today.

Some of them were really ill,
some really ugly corpses.

Could they have infected him?

— Which tribe was this? — Zulu.


I haven't heard of anything.

But I'll look into it for you.

Did you have any physical contact?

Didn't dare, not even when I was paying!

I think you're fine then.

But just in case, I'll look into it.

Thanks doctor. Let me show you out.

Alright, I'll wait for your good news.

Get some water for his meds.

Are you crazy?

We could get sick! Stay away from him!

Get him water for his medicine.

— No. — Fine, then I will.

Don't you dare.

— Why not? — Are you fucking stupid?

He's practically dead. You
shouldn't touch him!

If he dies, you're on the hook.

Then what?

— Why? — Why not?

He's undocumented and a fugitive!

They'll lock you up for this.

— I'm a fugitive too! — What
are you on about?

Look at his dick face.

We're lucky he's still alive.

If he dies...

We'll never find anyone so cheap.

If he really dies, we'll just throw him
into the forest.

No if we do that, we do that now.

No one will eat here again if he dies here.

But he's just not dead yet,
what do you want?

Fuck it

— I'm going to hit you! — Hit me?

Fine, I won't fuck you tonight.

— Doctor...

Keep your hands to yourself! Don't touch!

Where did you knock? -Here.

Stay here.

Don't speak. Put on this mask.
- Is it so serious?

You said you went to the Zulu area
with your colleague?

Don't touch my stuff.

Did you watch the news?

I don't watch white people news.

The news reported

that the Zulu area is now an Ebola zone.

Ebola? What is it? Never heard of it.

People with Ebola first have
symptoms of influenza...

but within 72 hours after infection...

the virus will dissolve the
internal organs.

The infected person starts bleeding from
every orifice. It's terrifying!

Keep your mask on! Don't spray me.

You're saying my colleague has Ebola?

Since you were in an infected area,
and your man has symptoms,

you should take him to a hospital.

The disease survives in body fluids.

His saliva, his semen and his blood all
could carry the virus.

Even the water he drinks could
infect you if you touch it.

You and your wife should get
checked at the hospital.

So it's a death sentence!

1 in 10 million people will have
an immune system...

They'll have a high fever, but
it'll stop there.

They'll become a super spreader.

Time to get him out of here!

What are you looking at? I'll
scratch your eyes out!

Cousin? This is Ling.

I want to dump that fucker in
the woods tonight.

He's loathsome. Time's up.

Come help me.

You really hate me that much?

You really want me to die?

It's you or me. One of us must die.

Hey! Quit it!


Fuck you, bastard.

What are you doing?

Let go of me!

What are you doing?

Let me go.

What are you doing?


Let's taste this piece of pork chop.

What are you doing?

Kai, what are you up to? Stop it.

Your wife is always busting my balls.
So I'm banging her.

— Because she busts your balls? You fucker!
— Stay where you are!

You two have been busting my
balls long enough!

I'll fuck up whoever busts my balls!


If you bust my balls, I'll fuck you too!

Hubby, help me!


He harassed me!

We're okay now.

Let's go!

Go to Hell!


Run, honey, run away!

Serves you right.

It popped off...

Don't kill me. I'll do whatever you say.

Please don't.

Don't kill me.

Stand up straight.

Filthy bitch.

Spin for me.

Busting my balls for so many years. How
will you redeem yourself?

On your knees.

Why look so glum?

- Let me give you a hand.

You're such a pervert.

I beg you.

For what?

I beg you, let me suck your cock.

Alright! Go ahead!

Fucking bitch, always busting my balls...

Put some feeling into it!

Now I get why everyone likes
Taiwanese women...

Fuck off!

Get up.

Busting my balls?

What's all this ruckus. Shut up!

Busting my balls all these years...
Here's your repayment.


— Cousin, can't sleep? — Aren't you sick?

Sick? You're fucking sick.

It's a mess here.


Fucking tripping.

Fucking nosy.

Real motherfucking motherfuckers.

You work me to death, even in death.

...Kiddos and grownups.

In her debut, African char-siu bao!

Good morning, Kai.

Boss is late this morning.

Taiwan called last night. They took
the first flight out.

When are they back?

How should I know? Maybe never.

Let's get to work.

Kai, why did you make so many hamburgers?

What burgers? These are
African char-siu bao!

African char-siu bao?

Gotta be innovative, think of new products.
Stay relevant.

Kai, why are you selling hamburgers?

Not burgers, African char-siu bao.
You're a real bumpkin.

Let me get you a fresh and hot one.

Serve the regular first.

It's good. Have one!

They are very tasty. Delicious.

Taste good?
- It is very good. What is this?

Ass cheek!

You're kidding!

The Shanghainese girl was moaning
so loud last night...

— Really? — Are you serious?

Think you're off 'cause the boss is off?

We're just taking a break,
since it's empty.

I'm kidding! You should find some ladies!

Alright, you said it! Ladies here we come!

It's been so long since I've slept.
I'm fucking drained.

Where did you keep it, dickwad...

He hid you so well, he thought
I wouldn't find it.

But I'm pretty smart!

Cheer up. It's rare that we're
on the same flight.

It's been ten years, and you
were just a kid.

You wouldn't recognize him if you saw him.

Maybe it is fate that I
should find him here.

Fate doesn't exist really.

Hong Kong is so far away.

You will probably never see him again.

Don't go around accusing the innocent

I swear it smells the same.

That's some tall order.

I want to go back to that restaurant.

Will you come with me?

Sure. Let's see what's the stink.

Anybody here?

What do you want?

We're closed. Go elsewhere
if you want to eat.

We're not here to eat, I wanted to ask...

Lost? Want directions?

Are you alright?

She doesn't look well. She can rest awhile.

Thank you. Sit down.

Sounds like she's throwing up a fetus.
There's a hospital up the street.

You want me to order a taxi?
- No, thank you.

Have some tea.
- No, thank you.

Does a Chinese man named Kai work here?

The problem is...

My friend lost contact with her relative,

and she only knows that he works in a
Chinese restaurant around here.

— I thought maybe...
— I remember. Kai, right?

There was a Kai or Pai who worked here.

But he moved to another town.

Let me get you some tea.

That's Kai. I can feel it.

Are you sure?

You don't know what he looks like, how
can you be sure that's him?

He smells of blood.

He's a cook. He's probably
slaughtering all day.

I feel it in my gut, really!

— Have some tea.
— Thank you.

— Where were we?
— You said Kai moved to another town.

Yes, a Kai worked here before.

He moved to another town.

But which I forget.

Well, thank you. We'll be on our way.

Why don't you finish your tea first?

We are not thirsty.
- Have some tea. I insist.

- Sorry to bother you.

So long, suckers!

What can I do for you, sir?

Can't do anything for me, I always
do things for myself.

This is my passport.

I've just arrived from South Africa.

I made reservations for the penthouse.

Come in, Mr. Wong.

You can call room service for
anything you need.

— I'm familiar.
—II hope you will enjoy your stay.

I shall.

Here is your key, Mr. Wong.

Put it down, idiot.

— Thank you.
— Dickhead.

The penthouse is so big.
Rich fuckers are such asslickers.

Can you send me some chicks?

— Would you like soy chicken, or
Hainan-style chicken? — Not the eating kind

— I want chicks!
— Sorry, we don't have that service.

What? Such a big hotel, no whores?
Can you sub in?

Mr. Wong, I hope you had a good time.

Girls, take good care of Mr. Wong for me.

— Let me get that.

Have fun tonight!

— This is for you.
— Oh, thank you.

Enjoy yourself tonight!

Are you on a break?

Hurry up.

Good? Good, then this is for you.

— I need to get the condoms
— Get it after.

Here, I'll give you more. No condom.

What are you hiding?

One, two, three. Three, two, one.

One, two, three, four.
Slipped you an extra!

Four, three, two, one. Harder, harder.

Let me feel. So big. Like a cow.


Oh! Out of stock, cleaned out!

As you wish. You first.


Motherfuckers, I have it!
"Wind from the West".

What? Thirteen Orphans? That's not fair.

— Pay up!
— I only came to eat, you know.

Helen, what is wrong with you?
- What is it?

You're scaring me.

Quick, call an ambulance.

It's gross, Sergeant Yeung. Why don't
we apply to quit the case?

Quit if you want. This case is mine.

— I was only joking.
— Good morning.

I am PK Chung, the head of the
Pathology Department here.

I am Sergeant Yeung. They're with me.

We've found a virus on these people.

They first showed symptoms of flu.

Within two days, pink blisters appear.

The blisters will then start bleeding and
leaking a milky liquid.

More seriously, a mucus will appear.

Within 48 hours the patient will vomit,

and bleed from ears, eyes and mouth.

The internal organs will cease
functioning and begin to liquefy.

On the third day the symptoms will
become more serious.

Sorry to interrupt you.

Go and take a look at her.

Are you alright? Come and sit down.

How embarrassing.

Please go on.

On the third and fourth day...

the fatality is 100%

But there are also those who get infected,
but show no symptoms.

They become super spreaders.

This happens in one in ten million.

Sergeant Yeung, I hope the police can find
the source of the virus.

Ebola is a very infectious disease.

The more infections, the more infected.

The last night they were at work...

they had a drink with a Mr. Wong.

He even took them out.

You know his name? Has he come before?

No, it was his first time.

He said he was doing
business in South Africa.

He was very generous.

He tipped everyone five hundred.

And some he gave hundreds in
American dollars.

What is it, Sergeant Yeung? What
happened to my girls?

Is it... AIDS?

— No.
— Well, that's a relief.

— Would you recognize the man?
— Certainly.

It's part of my professional skill set.
I never forget a face!

Take her for a sketch.

A sketch? I have to get to work.

This won't take long, making good
use of your skill set.

Take a look, Sergeant Yeung.

The two chicks' belongings.

It's been sterilized. Chill out.

I'm sorry.

— Is it really sterile?
— Absolutely.

Those chicks died so fast, couldn't
even get a statement in.

Like you would have had the
guts to talk to them

— If you're so great, you go!
— Sure!

Stop barking! Let me think.

Why are we here, Sergeant Yeung?

Can't you guess why?

I found matches from this hotel in one
of the women's handbag.

What does it mean? At least one of
them has been here.

So why are we here?

Have a good trip, sir.

I will.
- Thank you.

Excuse me, Miss. I am Sergeant Yeung.

Do you have any guests from South Africa?

One moment please.

— Sir, a cab?
— Yes.

He just checked out.

— The man with the hat?
— Yes.

After him!

Thank you.

Did a man in a hat just leave?

He's just left in a taxi.

I've just received a fax from South Africa.

It's just as bad as in Hong Kong.

It's Ebola.

The source of the virus...

are the burgers from a Chinese restaurant.

A Chinese restaurant selling burgers?

They sent a fax saying so.

I suspect he is in Hong Kong now.

Go and check the Immigration Department.

Get me a list of this month's arrivals.

Yes, sir.

Sergeant Yeung, any other leads?


According to medical experts...

It's likely that the super spreader

here in Hong Kong, is the man you
saw in South Africa.

Which is to say, it's the man you told the
South African police about.

Who killed your parents.

Yes, but they didn't believe me.

If it's really Ah Kai...

then he killed three people, and
fled to South Africa,

Then killed three more there, and is
now back in Hong Kong,

along with the Ebola virus.

That bastard.

Miss Chow,

If you see this man again,

Stay away from him, because
the virus is lethal.

His body fluids,

his saliva, his blood, his sweat,
his piss...

his semen... it's all highly contagious.

Since it spreads through body fluids.

Sergeant Yeung, the man
killed my parents...

I'm just saying.

Give me back the money!

— Hey! Give it back!
— What do you need it for?

For our daughter's school fees.

If we Kill her, then there
won't be school fees!

— Are you crazy?
— You are a nut.

Fucking junkie trash, robbing your own
home, beating your wife.

I hope you get AIDS and die already!

Baby, be good. Let's go back inside.

What? Never seen a marital spat?

Har, you didn't use to speak like this.

Don't recognize me?

Fucking Kai?

You don't see me for ten years, and
that's how you greet me?

Your daughter?

Be good. Go inside.

Uncle and I are going to have a chat.

What are you here for, Kai?

You were hard to find...

I thought you were dead. Why are you back?

Don't wish me dead as a greeting...

What's our relationship here?

You disappeared and now you're back.

How else am I supposed to greet you?

I accidentally knocked a few out.

Had to go on the run.

If I'd come to you, I would have
made you complicit.

I've been in South Africa for
the last ten years.

You're my spank bank.

Shit, why are you back now?
Want to be arrested?

I'm different now! I'm no
longer Hong Kong Kai.

I'm now a Canadian Kai!

I made it myself. Do you like it?

Pretty good craftsmanship, eh?

If not, I'd be in trouble!

And I made it too!

I'm not kidding!

— Look, do you like it?
— It's beautiful!

— I'm made of them now.
— Very nice.

Keep hold of it. I don't want to owe you.

Don't be like that. Even a breadwinner
has to win for someone.

I'm already married. My
husband is surnamed Ma.

That fucker?

He's obviously trash, wanted to fuck him
up as soon as I saw him.

I'm your soul mate.

He was just subbing in for me
for the last decade.

Say no more. Let me fuck you. Come on.

You mouth stinks. If you want to make out,
make out with the toilet.

Let me rinse my mouth out.

— This the toilet?
— Yes.

Shall I buy you a dress?

Kai, I found a jacket that suits you.

Put her down and try it on.

The material is good. Nice cut.
-This is even better.

Stop fooling around, we're in public!
It's too sexy...

— It suits you well.
— Yeah?

— Baby do you like this dress?
— Yes.

Would it look good on Mommy?

Mommy would look great!

Are you just flattering me?

Do you want the jacket?

Yeah, let's get it all.

Okay, let's go.

Here, I'll carry you.

Baby, why aren't you eating?
It's ice cream.

I thought you loved it.

Be a good girl and eat it.

Good girl.

Hey! I want some too.
— You want too? You are grown-up...

No, it's mine. I don't want
to share with him.

Okay, we're not sharing

Come, we'll eat it.

Be good.

Is it nice?

— Sir, are you done?
— Yeah, thanks.

Take this too.

This is good. This one is too long.

Hard to access in a hurry, this
one is nice and short.

This one is even better.

Are you fucking kidding me?

— Sorry. Sorry. — You dickwad, "sorry"
isn't going to cut it.

Sorry, I didn't mean to.

— EXcuse me.
— Don't fucking do that again.

I'm terribly sorry.

— What a fucking loopy cone licker.
— Sorry to bother you.

You'll get us into trouble.

— Fucking busting my balls...
— Let's get out of here.

I want Har back. Give me a price.

Great, easy breezy, buy one get one free.

A hundred grand.

What are you doing? Give me my beer!

Are you crazy? What do you think I am?

Selling me like dry goods? Motherfucker!

Hey, you're the one out of line, I'm just
looking for some compensation.

— What are you saying?
— Can't I say anything.

Look, this is my wife, fantastic in bed.

Let go of me!

I'm coming! So you gave him some, my turn,

Don't touch me, you fucking idiot!

Are you done yet?
Motherfucking tripping dickwad!

Brother Kai, Kai, chill chill!
- Not saying a hundred grand is too much,

but you'll probably inject it all.

Here's three grand. Spend it on
smack for all I care.

That's not enough.

Are you going to leave? I'm going to
break you skull open!

Let me finish that, let's not
waste good stuff.

Get lost!

Don't ever come back!

— Thanks Brother Kai.
- You ballbuster!

Such a dickface. It's over now.

Miss, are you alright?

May, what is the matter with you?

Call an ambulance. Quick.

What are you doing?

What's wrong with you?

Stop, please.

Sergeant Yeung, this is Lily.

Kai is near Observatory Road.

— You scared me!
— Sorry.

— Did you see anyone pass by?
— No!

— Sorry, excuse me.
— Motherfucking nut job.

— You're still looking for your
South African friend?

— No, I don't...
— Let me take you to him.


— Miss Chow, where is Kai?
— Kai went that way!

Kai is there.

There is blood on your mouth.

It's not my blood.

You dead junkie, did you steal my needle?

Give it back to me, I know you stole it!

Give me back my needle!

How would I know it's yours?
I just found it!

Are you okay?

The suits are here!

Sign here, please.

Let's take a look!

That's all we have for the whole precinct?

— That's all we have?

— In all of Hong Kong?
— Frontline workers have priority.

— We've ordered some more.
— Wow, so cool.

Who gets these?

— Obviously those playing forward.
— I only play defense!

Kid, what's your position?


Even when it's raining
bullets we're steady.

But a virus a million times smaller than us
has you scared to death.

Take a break.

You're really something...

I'm not like this, only when I'm with you.

What are you saying?

I mean, when I jerk myself off,
it's not like this...

Come up.

— What?
— Come up.

What? What are you up to?

Let's move to the Mainland?

— Move?
— I have to get out of Hong Kong.

I'm a fugitive after all. Have to get out.

We can go somewhere else,
and fuck everyday.

Alright... at this point, I'll
go wherever you go...

— Have you seen this guy?
— Yes.

— Do you know where he is?
— At...at my place.

And now for local news.
— Baby, why aren't you drinking your milk?

Police are looking for a man named Kai.

He's 1.8 meters tall.

He is wanted for a triple-murder committed
ten years ago, his whereabouts have

been unknown since.

According to the latest information from
the South African police,

this man has allegedly killed his boss, his
wife's boss, and her cousin last

month in South Africa.

After which he minced up their bodies

to make human hamburgers.

The police and Hospital Authority have
classified this man as highly dangerous

as they believe he is infected
with a deadly virus

called the Ebola virus.

At least eight cases have been confirmed.

All those infected have died.

This man is believed to be patient zero.

Should anyone know anything
about his whereabouts,

they should avoid close contact with
him. - Don't believe them!

And contact the police.
— They're lying!

The police are just forcing my hand!

The news is all fake, don't worry about it.

Eat while it is hot. Sit down.

— Drink your milk, baby.
— Only you get me...

Stop messing around.

Eat first. Baby, eat.

Let me get something from the kitchen.

Why are you locking me in!

Open the door. Why did you lock it?

Want me to stay with you?

You're infected with Ebola.

Your intentions were bad from the start.

— Look at what you're holding!
— What? What am I holding?

Open the door, bitch. Open up.

No! I'm calling the cops!

I'll kill you, bitch. Open the door.

Open the door now. Don't go.

Dead bitch... I'll fucking kill you.

That dead bitch...


Sergeant Yeung, it's here.

You're not equipped, stay here.
Everyone else, let's go.


What is it? We're the police.

Ebola. Up there.

— Kai?

— Where is he now?
— My house, unit 3A.

Don't worry. Kid!

— He's got a knife!
— Look after her.

— Follow me.
— Come along.

Bastard. Don't.

Give me back my daughter!

— Give her back to me!
— Piss off, bitch!

Take it easy. Don't panic!
— Don't come closer!

You have Ebola, let her go!

Dead bitch! You betrayed me!

It wasn't her. It was her husband!

— Put the knife down!
— Stay away!

Come any closer and I'll kill her!

You're carrying the Ebola virus!

— We need to get you to a hospital
— I have Ebola? Hell yes!

Take it easy, put her down.

Dead fatso, come if you have the guts.

Wearing that joke of a costume...

If you get Ebola, it'll wipe
out your family.

Hong Kong's finest when it's peaceful,
looking like loopy losers when

shit hits the fan.

Dressed like fucking robots.

— You're going to catch me?
— Hey! Freeze!

Disinfect the area.

He's unstable, get a tranquilizer.

Let go of me!

That way!

Stop chasing me!

Take off your suits if you're so brave!

You asshole!

Don't come any closer.

Go away. Step aside!

— Kai, put down the knife.
— Stop following me.

— Give me back my daughter.
— Watch the woman.

Danger. Stay away.

Stay out of my way! I'm going to kill you!

Danger. Get out of the way!

Give me back my daughter.

Go away! Acting like a dog...

Go, fucking get away!

Go away! C'mon!

— Mommy!

— Mommy!
— Don't come any closer.

Har, what's wrong?

Kai, the virus you're carrying has already
killed a number of people.

Let the child go.

I didn't invent Ebola! Why
are you blaming me?

God created Ebola, to wipe out
bastards like you!

What are you looking at?

So my blood is poisonous?

Har, get up! Stop shaking.

Don't come any closer... don't follow us!

Call for an ambulance.

Take her to a hospital.

Stay away, bastard! Get away!


Freeze! Or I'll shoot!

— Move!
— Mommy! Help me!

You shot me? What about the hostage?

Stay away!
- Shoot me!

You're not afraid my blood has Ebola?

— Stay away!
— You're going to shoot?

— Freeze! — Didn't your mom teach you
anything about being a cop?

What about the hostage?

I'll hack you to death! Shoot!


Ebola! Ebola for all!

Move away. Busting my balls...

Not uncle's fault!

A poison dart? How evil...

Want to poison me?

Step aside. Run.

Have you heard of Ebola?

Sure isn't Deborah!

I'll go down with you. Stand still!


Save him.

You bastards! Busting my balls!

Ebola! Ebola!

Save him.

Give me your gun!

— Sir, someone got hit by a car!
— Go and check it out.

— Sergeant Yeung.
— Stay away.

The blood on my body is his.

I may be infected with Ebola virus.

Eat up, baby.

Then we're heading home.

Mom's at home waiting for us.

Eat up, c'mon.

Here, have some.

Busting my balls?

Subtitles: Pearl Chan