Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (1966) - full transcript

Some teenagers want to obtain a boat to find a brother. When they look around a boat without permission, they find a thief who takes them on his escape. They are caught in a storm and arrive at Letchi Island where natives of Infant Island have been enslaved by the terrorist organisation Red Bamboo. Red Bamboo runs a heavy water factory to process a juice which holds off the monster, Ebirah, which otherwise traps them on the island. The young men meet beautiful but tough Daiyo and wake up Godzilla to put an end to the Red Bamboo.



Produced by

Screenplay by

Cinematography KAZUO YAMADA
Production Design TAKEO KlTA

Sound Recording SHOlCHl YOSHlZAWA

Edited by RYOHEl FUJll









Special Effects Supervisor

Directed by


Yata is not dead.

Are you sure?

Yata lives.

l've searched and searched
throughout the underworld,

but Yata was not there.

He was not there!

You heard what she said.

She keeps insisting he's not dead.

Ma'am, l understand how you feel...

but our Fisherman's Union was told
his boat was lost in the South Seas.

l know he's still alive!

The wreckage was found after the storm,
and the newspapers say -

l don't care what they say.
He's alive!

Still, there's nothing we can do.

Just forget it.
Ryota's gone to talk to them.

To who?

The authorities!

l know my brother's alive!
You gotta send another boat!

Go ask someone who has one.

So you don't believe me?

l want to see the police chief!
- lmpossible.

This is outside our jurisdiction.


l give up.
l can't deal with him anymore.

A professional reporter
can't handle a kid like that?

He won't budge.


You thought he had a good story.
You handle it.

- What do l do now?
- What's wrong?

A fishing boat was lost
in the South Seas,

and this kid claims a psychic said
his brother is still alive.

Few young people believe
in psychics these days.

Where is he?
- ln there.


The dance marathon,
an endurance test for today's youth,

is in its third day.

Over 300 dancers began the contest.

Now only 1 5 are left.

Their energy is truly amazing!


l've had it!

l can't go on.

There goes our yacht!

Forget the yacht.
My lack of endurance is pitiful.

l was too confident.

What do we do now?

We lost. Let's scram.

How about a drive up the coast?

Hey, what's the matter with you?

He's spaced out just watching.

Could l still win that yacht?

You're too late.

l really need one!

l can't figure you out.

Well, he came
all this way to see a yacht...

so let's show him one.

- There you go.
- Wow! Are they all yours?

Don't be an idiot!

lchino, that one's pretty cool.


You could cross the Pacific in that.

This is wild!

What a stash!

- lt's equipped to cross the ocean.
- Wish it were mine.

- l wonder whose it is.
- l'll show you.

Trespassing, breaking and entering,
attempted burglary.

- No, it's not that.
- Then what is it?

lt's such a cool yacht
that we just... right?

This kid's got a thing for yachts.
Came from the sticks just to see one.

No kidding.

But you're still trespassing
on private property.

We're sorry.

Stay the night,
but in the morning you beat it.

- Beat it?
- Scram. Get lost.

Now get some sleep.

Good night, sir!

ldiots! Keep it down!

Hey, wake up!

What's going on?

Don't play dumb! Where's my rifle?

- What rifle?
- ls this thing a toy?

lt broke when l picked it up.

Don't be mad.

Why, you...!

Beat it! Scram!

Clear out!

What the hell?

Are you crazy?
- We didn't do anything!

Then what's with that sail?

- l did that.
- What?

l realized last night
this was a gift from the gods.

- Stop jabbering and turn back!
- You don't turn down a divine gift.

- Do it or you'll be sorry.
- No.

Maybe we can do it.

Just show us how.

This guy knows nothing about boats.


Careful. You'll get seasick.

And now for the news.

A yacht has been reported stolen
from Hayama Yacht Harbor.

The Yahlen,
owned by American James Conway

had just been fully provisioned

for an eventual
Pacific Ocean crossing.

Did you...?

ln other news...

there was a predawn burglary
yesterday at Daikoku Pachinko.

Over four million yen
were stolen from the safe.

No suspect has been identified.

Why did you turn it off?

That racket makes me seasick.

Don't tell me you're the thief.

Shut up!

What's in that briefcase?

Just keep your hands off it!

Ryota, you still refuse
to turn this thing around?

That's right.

- Where are we going?
- To look for my brother.

- Your brother?
- Yup.



You've gotta be kidding.

Any idea how far we've gone?

How should l know?

l know we're headed south,
but not in a shipping lane.

That got me thinking.

We should cooperate for now.

That way we can figure out
how to sail this thing.

Then we can get back to land.

Good idea.

What are you making?

A skeleton key.

You have your girlfriends,
and l have this.

Let's get back
and enjoy our pleasures.

So you really are the thief
we heard about.

Do l look like a thief?

Toy rifle, skeleton key, the briefcase.
You fit the bill.

All hands on deck!

We gotta lower the sail!
- What's wrong?

Really mean-looking clouds!

Over there!

Hang on!

Ryota, watch out!

The helm's busted!

What's that?

A giant claw!

An island.

lt's an island!

lt's an island! We're saved!

Nita, get up!

We're saved!

We survived!

Yoshimura, it's an island!

We're saved!

Get up!

lt's an island! What a relief!

- You think it's inhabited?
- No idea.

What was in there?

Nothing we can use here.

Let's start climbing.

You go first.

You're the mountain climber!
- But l'm starving!

We're all starving. Let's go!

What's wrong?


l don't see anyone. Come on.

- Palm trees!
- l bet there's coconuts.

Let's go see.

l'm stuffed!

l wonder where we are.

lt certainly isn't deserted.

Judging from this,
there could be cannibals around.

Don't say that!

Let's look around.
Then we'll decide what to do.

A ship!

They can't hear us!

lt's sailing into the bay.

Let's go!

- l don't like this one bit.
- Why?

l'm not giving myself away.

That ship's coming in!

Thank you, Captain.

we've brought the cargo you ordered.

Hurry up!

And l hereby deliver
three barrels of X-1 .

Three barrels of X-1 officially received.

Hold your fire!

Return to the dock.

The giant claw!


See that?

Even if you escape, Ebirah will get you!

Take them away.


Hurry up!


Yes, sir?

Are you blind?

Send up a search balloon!

A female slave escaped.

At once, sir!

Who are you?

Wait! Wait!

Hold on!



We're not with those men on the boat.

Can't you tell?

You... us... friends.

Understand? lt's no use.

l understand. You said we're friends.

They're here!

This way!

Keep going!

This way!

We have no choice. Jump!


l'll go first.

Okay, head back!

They're gone.

Hey, there's a cave here.

l feel a draft.

That means there's another way out.

Come on.

Let's get inside.

A huge hole opened up!

What were you doing?

- lt's no use.
- What's no use?

Mothra couldn't hear me.


You mean... you're from lnfant lsland?

My name is Daiyo.

lnfant lsland?

Are there any Japanese on your island?

- There's one.
- What's his name?

Yata. He's a fisherman.

How old is he?

About 23.

He showed up two months ago.

That's my brother! l'm sure of it!

Take me there now!
- l can't.

There's no escaping here.
Didn't you see what Ebirah did?


You mean that giant lobster?

How did you end up on this island?

The Red Bamboo
brought us here by force.

Red Bamboo?

You mean those armed guards?

Who are they?

We know nothing more about them.

Many of our people
have already been taken away.

That belongs to one of our people.

He was probably killed
trying to escape.

No more singing!

Get back to work!

Mothra is sleeping.

But once our prayers reach her,

she's sure to wake
and come save us.

You should have set an alarm clock!

You shouldn't say that.

Says the guy who consults psychics.

But my brother's still alive.

You believe him?

Right now l'll believe anything.

Open your eyes, Mothra

Like a flower in bloom, Mothra

We all await you

To the blue sky

On your glittering wings

Take flight

So what now?

We wait till Mothra wakes up.

Call it a hunch, but those guys
aren't gonna leave us alone.

l disagree.

lt's clear you've never had
the cops on your tail.

Uh, anyway...
the best defense is a good offense.

First we scope out the enemy.

l agree! Otherwise l may not live
to find my brother!

Okay. Daiyo?

l'm coming too.
Many of my people are being held there.

That's three of us.
What about you two?

- Count me out.
- Same here.

What's wrong?

l'll go with you.

lt's Godzilla!

Let's go back. lt's too risky.

We oughta think of a better plan.

How do we get inside?


With this.

- Will that thing work?
- lt's never failed me before.

- So that money really was -
- You're a safecracker?

That's not important now.

l guess you're right.

A locked door gives me goose bumps.

All we have is a machete!

We'll use our brains, not weapons.

You sound like a TV commercial.

Let's go.

Keep your eyes peeled.


Let's go.

- lt's open already?
- l'm a pro.

Safecracking must be easy work.

lt just looks that way to amateurs.

Come on.

Looks like some kind of lab.

Let's see.

What are those?

They're like bowling pins.

Smoke bombs!

Could be useful. Let's grab some.


We're not shopping. Come on!

We just received
an order from headquarters...

direct from the top.

We're to boost production
by 50 percent.

lt's not mathematically impossible.

But we can't be certain
till we've conducted tests.

There's no time.

Our final glory requires action, not tests.

What kind of factory is this?

Beats me.

- Weren't you a science major?
- More like mah-jongg.

They're definitely not part
of a peacetime industry.

- That'll be a tough one.
- Quiet!

Someone's coming.

- Someone's coming.
- Quiet!

lt's open.

Get over here! Quick!

We should get out of here.

Go back!

- Why?
- lt's an atomic fusion chamber!

What a shock!
This is a heavy-water plant.

- Heavy water?
- For making atomic bombs.

Let's get out of here!

So you're still alive. On your feet.

l guess we have no choice.

Get up, everyone.


After them!

There they are!

Don't let them get away!

That way.


Nita! Ryota!

They spotted us.

lt's open!


This way!

Hands up!

Damn it! Looks like they got Nita.

l told you it was dangerous.

And Ryota's probably dead.

lf he's lucky,
he might reach lnfant lsland.

- Fat chance!
- Quiet!

- What?
- They're coming.

Get inside.

There are just three of us left.

What do we do now?

l was just thinking about that.

No more fighting for me.

What's that sound?

What sound?

He's alive!

He's still alive!

That's Godzilla's heartbeat.

Hi there!

l'm Daiyo's friend!

Daiyo? What happened to Daiyo?

She's fine. She's with my friends.

Your friends?

What's this stuff?

We make it for the Red Bamboo.

lt keeps Ebirah away from their ships.


Ebirah won't go near this yellow liquid.

l get it.

That's what the ship was spraying
as it sailed into the harbor.

Open your eyes, Mothra

Like a new day dawning, Mothra

We await you

Wipe away the evening dew

Wipe away our tears

We beg you, Mothra

My name's Ryota!


lt's really you!

l thought l'd lost my big brother!

You're alive, just like that psychic said!

- You came looking for me?
- That's right.

The Red Bamboo almost killed me!

What's the Red Bamboo?

The enemy.

Our enemy.

They're from Devil's lsland.

Those they take away never return.

Search Zone K!

This way!

They're closing in.
They'll find us sooner or later.

We'd better think of something.

Let's wake up Godzilla.

Come again?

Let's wake up Godzilla.

That would really
send them scrambling.

- We can't do that.
- Why not?

They're secretly building
atomic weapons here.

They'll destroy the world.
- So will Godzilla.

No, Godzilla wouldn't do that.

l'm against it.

lf we wake Godzilla,
he'll destroy us too.

But we have an advantage.

Only we know Godzilla is here.

How can you be so sure?

They wouldn't be coming
up here if they knew.

l see. Maybe you're right.

But how do we wake him?

We'll use lightning
to give him a powerful shock.


Maybe it won't work...

but didn't you say
we should use our brains?

Daiyo, we need the wire
from your necklace.

Now we just wait for lightning.

l've got it!

Throw that yellow liquid away!

We'll make a phony batch!

Hot damn!
Now l'm using my brains! You follow?

Throw away the fruit.
Use the leaves instead.

We beg you to reconsider.

l appreciate your concern...

but l can't let the Red Bamboo
torment your people.

l must do something.

Very well.

Then use this yellow liquid
to protect yourselves from Ebirah.

Thank you.

Any message for your people?

Tell them to make
a large net and wait for us.

- A large net?
- What for?

You'll understand when the time comes.

The tide has begun to ebb.

Ryota, let's go.

lt's been three days.
Lightning sure takes its sweet time.

Yata, there's the island.


We'll go ashore when it's dark.
Let's eat something.

Look! Those clouds!

Head back!

Back to base!

Our luck has turned!

l lost my oar!

There go the barrels!

What if Ebirah shows up?

Look! lt's Ebirah!

A direct hit!

And another!

Let's find somewhere safe!

Abandon ship!

Look! He woke up!

Commander! Red alert!

What is it? A revolt?

Tell headquarters
a new monster has appeared!

There and there
we'll set two more traps.

- To catch Godzilla?
- That's impossible. l'll show you.

This is our new hideout.

Here are the traps we set last night.

We need traps all around here.

- Why?
- Use your brain!

The Red Bamboo are after us.

Oh, right. l forgot about them
after Godzilla woke up.

The Red Bamboo!

- Ryota, are you okay?
- Yeah.

lt's Ryota!

- Mr. Safecracker!
- Don't call me that! Who's that?

- My brother.
- Lower them down.

You all right?

l'm Yata.
Daiyo, where are your people?

- The Red Bamboo base.
- Let's go!

Hold it! You can't just drop in
like you're visiting friends.

- l know that!
- ls your brother crazy?

Yeah, crazy about helping
those in need.

Just what we need -
another nutcase.

We've decided to lie low for now.

You only care about yourselves.
lf someone helps me, l return the favor.

Ryota, let's go!

What now?

Might as well help 'em.
l'm a sucker for a hero.

Up there.

No loafing!

Whatever the plan,
we don't stand a chance in there.

We have to do something!

- Cool it!

We both have dangerous jobs...

but we've never intentionally
headed into a typhoon.


Headquarters has sent reinforcements.

Our air units are ready for takeoff.

We must prepare ASAP.

What about the electrified barrier?
- lt's ready to handle 1 00,000 volts.

we hear voices over a hidden mic.

Let's get out of here.

We can't leave them to die.

Who said we'd do that?
We'll wait till dark.

Then let's wait here.

No, it doesn't feel right here.

Not to brag,
but l know when l'm being hunted.

What did l tell you?

They're coming!

Spread out! Run!

This way!

You go that way!


That way!


- What do we do?
- Gotta pick your battles!

There's nothing we can do now.

Let's wait for our chance.

Move in real slow.

How do we rescue her?

Wait till he falls asleep.

Now! Come on!

What's that?

Now's our chance.

Let's get Daiyo
while Godzilla is busy with the planes.

Daiyo! l'm glad you're all right!



1 00,000 volts now!

lncrease the voltage!

Where's my brother?

Down there!

That idiot!

Yata, wait!

ln here!

Activate the self-destruct mechanism
and prepare to evacuate!


What's going on up there?

Shut your mouth!

Move it, men!

What about us?

Yoshimura, over here!

- Do your thing.
- My special skills come in handy.

Hold it right there!

lf l push this,
this whole island will be blown to bits!


Two more hours.

ln two hours...

this island will be wiped
from the face of the Earth.

Damn it!

They're clearing out.

Those bastards!

They got out!

Nita, you're safe!

Quick! We need a big net!
Daiyo, you take charge.

Ryota, come on.

- What's going on?
- This island's gonna blow!

- So that's why they all fled.
- Saving their own hides!

No, wait!
They'll get what they've got coming!

- What?
- They have a batch of phony liquid.


The yellow liquid! Use it all!

Let's hurry!

Any luck?

lt's not like cracking a safe.

Maybe you can reach.
Give it a shot.

Grab the button and turn it to the right.

l can't quite reach.

- Ouch!
- Stop grumbling!

lt's no use.

lt keeps retracting.

Damn it!

Less than 30 minutes left!

Let's go!

- Well?
- No luck.

How much time left?

Twenty minutes.

Mothra's our only hope now.

- Any luck?
- No.

lt's Mothra!

Godzilla's headed this way!

Hurry! Everyone in the net!

Everyone in? Hurry!

Hold on tight.
Don't get thrown out.

l feel sorry for Godzilla.

Run for it!

You'll be safe in the water!

Run before you're blown to bits!


He never meant us any harm.

Yeah, he even helped us escape.


That's the end of the island.

But not the end of atomic bombs.

Let's hope they're used wisely
or not at all.

Thanks for the lecture, professor.

Anyway... maybe it's time
l turned over a new leaf.

Look! Godzilla!

He escaped after all!